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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
June 24, 2013

The Global Reset and Global Islam Agenda Are Parts of the Ashtar Command's Agenda

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night. I'm Sherry Shriner. A couple things I wanna talk about tonight. I know everybody's kind of buzzing about the global reset about to take place. And I've been--talked about that before on my show. Because it's part of the...I don't know what you wanna call it...the Ashtar Command's agenda. Because the Ashtar Command's agenda is also the global Islam agenda. And we're gonna see emergence of all these different agendas into one.

There's gonna be like, a four-way merger. There's gonna be the New Age movement, the New World Order, Islam, and, um, I would have to say, the Zionists in Israel today. Not the Messianic Jews, not the real Jews, the fake ones. But you're gonna see somewhat of a merger of all these different factions clashing together, coming together.

When you look at all the different parts and pieces--and I've been juggling with them over the years, and I've been displaying the routes that I see in the Bible Codes, and teaching you things the Lord shows me--you start to see the see pictures of the puzzle. Now it's all coming--all the pieces are coming together. And s o, over the next couple months is when we're really gonna start seeing a lot of this emerging stuff take place.

The Book of Daniel Speaks About a 10-Nation Confederacy - We're Looking at a 10-Nation Islamic Confederacy, Not European

In the Bible Codes, I'm seeing the arrival of Sananda. And very quiet on Maitreya. This is because Maitreya's been having issues. They're both being blocked. They're both having trouble just arriving to Earth. Now, only one of them, only Sananda is expected to arrive with angels. And he's expected to arrive on the east side of Damascus. And I was reading through literature on Islam that I thought that was interesting. Because I knew Damascus was a stronghold of the Ashtar Command. Because they've always said that--in they're writings, they speak of Damascus and how their council would be in Damascus and stuff. And so, now you have all this war going on in Damascus.

Lately we've had--last couple years--we've seen uprisings in Egypt, in Libya. Started back with Iraq. Now there's one in Turkey. And what you're seeing is this coalition of Islamic nations that are gonna be brought together to serve as th e Antichrist's 10-nation confederacy. The Bible talks about the Antichrist having a 10-nation confederacy. For years, the church wannabe-gurus, prophetic gurus, have talked about how this was the European Union. And they've tried to tie all of these erroneous things into that.

We're not looking at a European 10-nation confederacy that the Antichrist is gonna rule from, we're looking at a 10-nation Islamic confederacy. The nations around the Mediterranean Sea are Muslim. And this is what the Antichrist is going to use as his power base. And so, we've already been seeing some of this already getting put into play. Libya didn't want a thing to do with it. Neither did Egypt. They were ov erthrown. Turkey is next.

And remember what Daniel says about this 10-nation confederacy of the Antichrist. Three are plucked up by the horns. And the other seven just follow in. And what we're seeing is the three being plucked up by the horns; Libya, Egypt, and Turkey. And the others will just follow in.

And so, thought that was interesting with that being played out right now. Also with Iran. There's two huge sects amongst the Muslims. And th at's the Sunnis and the Shiites. And right now, from what I can tell from the Codes--'cause I usually like to use the Codes as a basis for what's going on, where the truth is. Because there's as many beliefs in Islam as there are amongst the Protestant churches. I mean, there's 500 different denominations just within the Protestants. Probably a thousand. The same thing happens with Islam. There's different denominations.

And one thing I'm not gonna do is use Islam terminology to describe things because I hate it when people do that. It loses me. When I start hearing foreign language being used, I loses my focus. I don't speak foreign languages. And so, I'm keep ing everything English on this show. And so, I know that there's proper terms that are used. I'm not gonna use them. I'm gonna speak in ways you can understand what I was talking about. And just put it out there, for it is what it is.

We're Seeing a Revival of the Ancient Ottoman Empire Emerging

We're gonna start seeing this global jihad start taking place. And right now we're gonna look at it happening in the Middle East. Eventually, ev erything you've heard that you thought was crazy, "It'll never happen," that's gonna happen, eventually. So what I wanna focus on probably tonight and the next couple weeks on this show is Islam, and what's going on in prophecy in regards to Islam. Because Islam is a beast. It's not just a religion, it's a political movement, it's a man, it's a system. It's what the Bible is prophetically speaking about and warning us about. And so, that's why I'm gonna start paying more attention. 'Cause this is the route. This is the route that's appearing.

You know, people who study prophecy, they're not always wrong with their beliefs and opinions. It's just that routes change. And when routes change, you have to change with them. You can't stick to an old route that's no longer in play. You know, I used to always say, when I would look at Bible Codes, you would always see two or three different routes for the same thing. Things that could happen if we go down A, or we go down B, or we go down C. And that's just saying when you have a prophecy, there's different roads to get to the same place, to make the same things happen.

And so, this is what I'm gonna be focusing on because this is definitely where it's at. And, you know, I was looking at some research earlier, and, you know, everyone expected a revived Roman empire with the Germans, and the Nazis, and the reichs, and all this stuff. People seem to ignore that the sixth world empire was the Ottoman empire, with the Turkish empire. If there was a revival of the Ottoman empire right now, it wouldn't be what it used to be because it used to be a multiculturalization of different nations. Today it would be strictly Muslim nations. So if you looked at the Ottoman empire in regards to all being Muslim nations, if you looked at their flag, it's a crescent moon with the star, which is the same flag of Islam today. The crescent moon and the star. And this was the same flag of the ancient Ottoman empire. We're seeing a revival of this empire emerging.

What Does the Muslim Savior Save Them From?< /div>

And so, what we're gonna do is we're gonna focus on what's going on in the Middle East. Because, eventually, once he establishes--once the Antichrist arrives, this mahdi arrives, their long-awaited savior that they're waiting for--and the thing that always got me was saving from what? A savior saves you. What does their savior save them from? He doesn't offer them eternal life in heaven. It's not his to give. They have no hope after death. I think the only thing they get is maybe a purgatory, and that's where they come up with this crazy 72-virgin thing. But they don't have hope for eternal life in heaven like the Christians do, that the Lord gives us.

So here's the--the whole thing about their long-awaited savior--which is a totally oxymoron because their savior is going to come and correct all the injustices and oppression in the world. OK? Injustices and oppression. When you think of the world today, which nations are the most oppressed and have the most injustices? The Muslim nations. They're the most oppressed there are. You wanna talk about injustice? Look at the Muslim nations, how they treat their women, how they treat their children, how they treat their people. They're oppressed and they're injusticed. They're just saving themselves from themselves.

Aren't these Muslims the ones banging down the doors of Europe, and Australia, and America, and Canada trying to get away from their oppressive home countries? Coming into our countries, enjoying the freedoms they have here, and then demanding we turn into a Muslim nation. Why? So we can all be miserable together?

The Koran Was Written 600 Years After the Bible Was Written and Bits and Pieces Were Manipulated for Their Own Purposes

So it's kind of funny when you hear about Muslims talking about their long-awaiting savior (which saves them from nothing), is gonna come and restore the world of all injustices and oppression, when they're the ones who oppress their own people. You know, in America, and in Europe, and in Australia, and in Canada, there's injustice in the justice system. You can see inequality. But for the most part, we celebrate human rights in these countries, which the Arabs do not. So it's kind of crazy to me, some of their beliefs. You just wanna bang your head against the wall. They need saved from themselves, basically. But they wanna spread this to the whole world.

And one of the craziest things a bout what they believe is that they believe that the Jews and the Christians corrupted the Bible. Really? The Koran was written 600 years after the Bible was written. So who corrupted what? They took bits and pieces of the Torah and of the Bible, itself, and created this monstrosity abomination called the Koran. And they call this the holy book. Isn't it crazy? These are people who still believe that Ishmael was Abraham's and Sarah's son, that he was their favorite son, when Abraham had put Ismael out with the concubine out in the desert. And Isaac was his son. That's through--the Jews came through the line of Isaac. Ishmael was no longer in the picture after that. After Sarah became pregnant and had Isaac, Ishmael was pushed out in the desert. That's the whole Arab nation came from Ishmael.

And they also take bits and pieces and twist and manipulate them for their own purposes to make this Koran. They use the one verse--one of the descriptions of their mahdi, their coming awaited savior, is he's the rider of the white horse. Now, there you go. The rider of the white horse. They took that one directly out of Revelation, where it talks about the rider of the white horse in Revelation, chapter 6, but they forget the rest of the verse. Who says he has a bow, but no arrows. He's not a warrior. It's a bow with no arrows. He does not use conventional war weapons.

And what is the biggest thing about the mahdi that's coming? About their mahdi that's coming? He's going to lead an army from the east. And this could be either Iraq or Iran, depending on which Hadith you wanna read. He's gonna lead an army of horsemen with black flags who are going to conquer Jerusalem for the Muslims. And they're gonna stick their black flags in the Dome of the Rock, and establish Jerusalem as their main center of belief and worship.

OK. Well, don't you think that if the Israeli army saw an army of horsemen coming, they would just get out their tanks, circle the city, and blow their horses to bits? [laughs] ;I mean, seriously. Or their airplanes? Then their airplanes just, like, shoot up an entire army of horsemen? You really don't know what to take seriously or not when you get into this, because it's so crazy. They'll live and die by what the Koran says. I don't even think they can make--they don't make sense of it. They'll just die for nothing. Really, seriously, they're gonna overtake Jerusalem with horses? Horses and black flags. Interesting. You know, you just shake your head.

The Koran Writings State That the Ark of the Covenant Will Come from Lake Tiberius and Be Placed in the Dome of the Rock

But one of the things that struck me as I was reading all about this coming Islamic prophecies is the fact that the Dome of the Rock will become the most holy and worshipped place on the earth. Now, right now, with Jerusalem's only number three on the Arab list because they have Mecca and Medina. And Jerusalem is third. Well, now it's going to become number one. It's gonna become their central focus. Why? Because Satan wants Jerusalem. So they'll go to Jerusalem, the Dome of the Rock. Well, now, imagine this. Because part of their prophecies is that when the Muslim Jesus comes--and they do believe in two Jesus' coming; the Muslim Jesus and the Jesus of the Bible. But they believe when the Muslim Jesus comes that he's going to brin g out the Ark of the Covenant out of Lake Tiberius, which goes the Ethiopia plans. That's part of the New Agers, I think, and the Rastafarians that say that the Ark of the Covenant's in Ethiopia.

The Koran writings, or Hadith, whatever you wanna call it, state that the Ark of the Covenant will come from Lake Tiberius. And the Ark of the Covenant will be brought to Jerusalem and placed in where? The Dome of the Rock. Not a rebuilt Jewish temple, but the Islam Dome of the Rock. Now if I--if I really believed--and this certainly would qualify for the total abomination of desolation to see the Ark of the Covenant put into an abominable dome, a Muslim mosque, the Dome of the Rock. This alone, if this were to occur, would be the trigger that would wake up the sleeping Jews in Israel to get out of Jerusalem, to get out of Israel, to flee, to exodus Israel, get out of Israel.

I've written an article on The Abomination of Desolation []. And I stand by that article. The thing about this is, first of all, the Ark of the Covenant's fake. So it's not holy. It's a replica. Abominable because it's a replica. If it was the real Ark of the Covenant being put into the Dome of the Rock, I w ould laugh because it would probably blow it up. It would probably kill every person that touched it on the way to the Dome of the Rock. This is not the real Ark of the Covenant. This is a replica. It's a fake. Just like the one they have in Ethiopia, it's a replica and a fake. They just wanna pull them out. Fulfill someone's prophecy somewhere. Because there's prophecies everywhere about this Ark of the Covenant. And they're all dealing with these replicas that they have.

Sananda, Maitreya, the Real Jesus of the Bible, and the Antichrist in the Eyes of the Muslims

So if you see some of the things that are coming, and trying to make sense of this, I just wanna hit my own head against the wall at times. Because in order for some of it to go as planned--and everybody already knows Maitreya is the egghead. He's the dark, curly-haired guy. He's the egghead. He hides it by wearing the turban. Sananda, on the other hand, looks like Jesus of the Bible that they painted, Michelangelo painted and said this is Jesus of the Bible. The Jesus of the Bible is the Antichrist to the Muslims. So what are they gonna do when this Jesus of the Bible who looks like the person the Christians accepted as Jesus arrives and says he's the Muslim Jesus? He's Sananda. He's Isa. They refer to him as Isa. The New Agers call him Esu. Esu Immanuel. Th e Muslims refer to him as Isa. The Christians call him Jesus. But he's going to arrive as Sananda, as Jesus.

It just--when you look at the two characters, and you look at our Bible prophecy, and there's a--flies in the face of what the heck is going on now. Because the Antichrist is the one who comes and builds a coalition. He is a political genius, an economic genius, a military genius, a warrior, in all sense of the words. And when you look at Maitreya and Sananda, you would have to think, "Well, that's Maitreya because he's a warrior." He's gonna be the military leader, the political leader, the economic leader. But when I look in the Bible Codes, it's Sananda who's leading the econ omics. It's Sananda who American Satanists claim is the Antichrist. They don't refer to Maitreya as the Antichrist, they refer to Sananda as the Antichrist.

So, literally, if Sananda was the Antichrist, which even the Muslims will say the biblical Jesus is the Antichrist, and this Sananda coming, they would reject. They would reject him. The churches would reject him because he's Muslim. It's gonna go crazy. Now there has to be a third being. The third being will never arrive. And I'll tell you why. Because in the Koran, in Islam beliefs, you have the mahdi, which is the long-awaited savior that's comng, saving themselves. Can't even save them. Look at their own nations. Then you have the Jesus, the Muslim Jesus that's coming.

And the third person is the biblical Jesus, who is, to them, the Antichrist. The biblical Jesus, the God...the Son of God of the Jews and the Christians is the Antichrist. And he won't arrive until the battle of Armageddon. That's one of the reasons they'll get all the world's nations together at the Valley of Megiddo. Because they're gonna say, "The biblical Jesus is arriving. Here comes the Antichrist. Let's go get him," and they all go. Get their militaries together and they all go to the valley because they know the biblical Jesus is arriving in Jerusalem.

So with that figure out of the way, we still have the other two, which is their mahdi and their Muslim Jesus. And from what I can tell...or I can't tell, in the Bible Codes, is how the other one arrives. Which leads me to believe they probably come together. I don't know which one yet. I'm holding out on that one. All I keep seeing is the arrival of Sananda in the Bible Codes. But it's the arrival of Maitreya that the Muslim world is waiting on. He's the mahdi. He's the warrior, the economic guy. The one Iran's been preparing the way for.

The Shiites Are More Correct About Last-Days Prophecies Than the Sunnis, but Our Government Supports the Sunnis

You know, most of the Muslims today, they're divided up in two major groups; the Sunnis and the Shiites. And if you look at, from where I'm standing, with the New Age agenda, and the Hadiths, and the Koran, and their beliefs, and their authors, it's the Shiites who are more right than the Sunnis. I'll probably have a list of Sunnis after me now. [laughs] The Shiites are the ones that are more correct about last-days prophecies than the Sunnis are. But look at who our government supports. I mean, is this crazy or what? Our government supports the Sunnis. I think Obama's a Sunni. But it's the Shiites that are closer to the truth of last-days events.

If you look at it that way, why are we building a Green Zone in Iraq? Which is twice the size--it's huge, it's like a city, huge palace there. It reminds me of those movies TBN [Trinity Broadcasting Network] used to put out about last days prophecies. Can't remember the name. About the rapture and all that kind of stuff. And how the Antichrist lived in a palace out in the desert, and pretty much by himself. That's what it reminds me of. The Green Zone in Iraq.

They could easily be working on training an army to fulfill the prophetic part o f the black flag army from the east. 'Cause if you look at Israel, on the east of Israel is Iran. Iran and Iraq are east of Israel. To the north is Turkey. To the south is Sudan. And to the west is Libya. How many times have you read scriptures "kings of the north," "kings of the south," "kings of the east." And what do these Masonic prophetic gurus in America today they tell you? "Oh, the kings of the north are Russia. And the kings of the south are Egypt. And the kings of the east are China." They have everybody here so messed up in mistruth and errors. Americans won't recognize what prophecy's taking place when.

They Want Destructions and Distractions Here in America for the Arrival of the Mahdi in the Middle East

And they're so busy trying to strike up earthquakes and tsunamis here in America right now, they've had one weather false flag after the next. Right now it's quiet for some reason. It'll pick back up. They want America distracted. Because when all this starts taking place in the Middle East, they don't want Americans to understand what's going on. And, trust me, most probably won't anyway. Even without destructions. Most won't know what's going on. And they don't pay attention. But they're gonna cover their backs. They want destructions and distractions here in America for the arrival of the madhi in the Middle East.

And this is what is coming soo n. This is what I've been harping about for years. What the Lord pulled me into, this alien agenda, ten years ago. Because it's all at the doorstep. It's at the door. The arrival of this Maitreya and Sananda; the mahdi and the Muslim Jesus. You know, it's no wonder they've blown up Damascus right now. Makes you wonder, "Why bother?" You know, it's one faction fighting and trying to prevent Sananda coming.

Sananda is supposed to arrive east of Damascus. I don't know the exact town name. But he's supposed to arrive with angels. His hands on angel wings as he descends to earth. Well, right now, they're having a little bit of trouble with the Capricorn over in the Middle East, because the Orgone Warriors in Israel did a heck of a job, and Americans traveling to Israel and visiting doing a heck of a job getting it orgoned. So the orgone has saturated air in the Middle East. It's even got it at Mecca. It's hilarious. [laughs] Because one of the other prophecies is that the mahdi arrives first, and then the Muslim Jesus arrives at the time of prayers, and the mahdi offers this Muslim Jesus, you know, the floor to pray in front of all of them or whatever. But he stands behind the mahdi and prays. This is how the Hadiths go in the Koran.

Heads Up on the Coming Madhi and Muslim Jesus

And so, the mahdi's already here and establishing his army, his base. And when he's establishing this black flag army from the east, which we know is Iraq and Iran, that is when this Muslim Jesus will arrive, this...what the New Agers called Sananda, so. They're gonna be a little busy over there. People are always, you know, "I wanna go on vacation this summer. Should I leave town? Should I do th--." You know, I can't tell you what to do and what not to do. And things might get really hairy in the Middle East and be nothing more than a heads up to everybody in the west that, hey, it's time to bunker down. Because the two I've been warning about have now arrived, appeared, whatever you wanna call it, in the Middle East. It should be a heads up to everybody in every other nation that all hell's about to break loose.

That should be a heads up. Everybody should be digging in, finding someplace to go. If you live in an apartment building, getting out of buildings. They won't be safe 'cause of the earthquakes coming. The earth-shaking that's coming. The coastlines--the tsunamis that are coming. It'll be a heads up to get prepared, 'cause things are gonna get rough. Why? Because not only is their major plan to spark wars against every nonMuslim nation on the earth, but the Lord's judgment is gonna come on earth. You're gonna be seeing the beginning of the day of the Lord because they're here . Because they're here. His judgment's gonna come on earth.

So this is all we're waiting for, actually, is their arrival and getting a heads up on these two characters. And they're supposed to arrive and come and correct everybody's misinterpretations about who they are and what their role is. So, it doesn't really matter if you get details about them wrong or right because when they come, they're gonna correct everybody. [laughs] So, it doesn't matter how much research you do [laughs], how right you are or how wrong you are. It doesn't matter because they're gonna correct everybody. Get everybody on the same page. Throw lots of money around. Because one of the prophecies of th e mahdi is everybody loves him. Oh, hey, he's taking Sananda's money and giving it to everybody, why wouldn't they? [laughs] And they're gonna correct all the errors everybody has.

The Vatican Created Islma to Be a Counterpart Against Judaism and Christianity - Allah Is Just Another Moniker for Lucifer, for Satan

OK. Well, you know, they can sit over there and do whatever, but we need to prepare here in America and in Europe. Especially Europe , because they're gonna come after them first. One of the biggest things they do is global jihad. Holy war! Jihad! It's gonna be everywhere. And I assume they'll hit Europe first just because it's closer to them than America is. And so, jihad is going to be everywhere. War, war. As they try to take over the world for Islam. Yeah. The savior of what? [laughs] For what? We're peaceful nations. Other than the military machine the New World Order Nazi regime has control of. If you got rid of the Satanists that run America and Europe, you wouldn't have wars in the world today. It's all over the Zionists who control the money and the New World Order regime that wants it. The Nazi regimes. And all of the Satanists that control Israel, America, and Europe, and Britain. Get rid of them, we would have peace.

So, why are they coming after the nations? Why doesn't this self-proclaimed mahdi savior of the world just go after the Satanists that are destroying it? 'Cause they want your soul. It's not really about saving anyone. It's about conquering and destroying, and killing. They wanna eradicate the Lord's people off the earth. And that's the whole reason Islam was created to begin with. They wanted a religion, a counterpart to Judaism. Something that could rise up alongside of it so that in the last days they could spark World War 3 in the Middle East, and it would be an Arab and Jew war.

And so, the Vatican instigated this whole thing with Muhammad and his wife. His wife worked with the Vatican. And you could see all this stuff. It's on YouTubes on the Internet. Chick Publications has tracts on it about how Muhammad's wife worked with the Vatican. Was instrumental in trying to convince him that he was a prophet. That he was receiving visions. And this is a guy who very sincerely said, "I'm not a prophet. I'm possessed by demons." And everyone said, "Oh, no, no, no. You're not possessed by demons. You're a prophet." Created this whole Islam abomination. And that's what we're dealing with today. Because they wanted a counterpart against Judaism and Christianity in the Middle East. So now they got it. Now they have it. Now they have it. So this is going to be what's coming in the mixture of all this craziness from space with the alien factions. Because they're all believers in Allah.

Now, if aliens are terrestrial beings, meaning there's only two types of beings in space; terrestrial and celestial. If you're a celestial being, you're an angel. You live in heaven with The Most High If you're terrestrial, you're fallen, or your parents are fallen and kicked out of heaven, therefore, you're terrestrial beings and you live on spaceships, and starships, and moons, and stuff throughout the universe. You're terrestrial beings. All these terrestrial beings worship Allah. They don't worship God Almighty, they worship Allah. Because Allah is just anothe r moniker for Lucifer, for Satan. You'd think the Muslims would figure that out. But they haven't. They worship Lucifer. Islam, the whole New Age agenda. "Oh, we're gonna ascend. And we're gonna transform into the 5th Dimension." Hehe! They worship Lucifer, too. All those beings worship Allah. Who's Allah? Lucifer.

Obama, Since He Became President, Has Been Behind the Scenes Helping This Global Islamic Agenda - The Muslim Brotherhood Is Basically the Leader of the U.S.

So there's gonna be a war. The very minority, Christians on the planet who worship The Most High God Almighty, against those who worship Lucifer. Coming to a head. Coming to a major head. But we're gonna have time to prepare. Maybe not so much time. If you consider this. America, since Obama became president, has been behind the scenes helping this global Islamic agenda. They helped take over Libya and Egypt. Probably behind Turkey right now, the uprisings in Turkey. They're helping the Muslim Brotherhood establish this 10-nation Islamic confederacy.

Now, what if one day we're all expecting some kind of di sclosure where Obama reveals that aliens and UFOs exist. Really? [laughs out loud] What if his real disclosure was the fact that we're no longer abiding by the Constitution, we're trading it in for sharia law? Do you think that would create some civil war here in America? If he just up and decided to announce, "The Constitution's no longer valid. I'm now proclaiming that this nation is a Muslim country. And we're gonna follow sharia law." You think that would rattle a few people's feathers? And what's stopping him? He's a sole supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. Not a sole supporter. He's racking up the Cabinet with fellow Muslim Brotherhooders.

Bu t this is the kind of stuff that could take shape very quickly. This is the kind of stuff that could happen quicker than you think. 'Cause I've always said, you know, the Bible talks about the last-days Antichrist is the leader of Babylon. Who's Babylon? The United States. Who's the leader? The Muslim Brotherhood, basically. He could transfer his position of power over to Maitreya or Sananda. And they might take it in the guise of the United Nations, whatever. Then that makes that leader the Antichrist. But I've always said that that route was there. And it looks more and more like the route that's going to be taken. Unless they fiddle around and pull Obama in some other way. I don't know how they could. I don't know where he would fit. And so, it just seems to me that he will relinquish the power of the United States over to one of these Islam beings, characters that are coming, so. &n bsp;Which would make us a Muslim nation, a Muslim country.

China Is the Military Arm of Allah - You Need to Prepare and Be Able to Defend Your Homes and Families Because They're Coming After the Patriots

And if you think that's crazy, China is the military arm of Allah. They're his forces. And if you look at who owns the debt, who owns the media, who owns everything in America right now, it's China. They're the military arm of Allah. Ha! Their leaders follow Allah, too. So you can see almost every angle. We're gonna be totally boxed in by all these Luciferian worshipers. They just call it Allah. They call him Allah. And so, there's a lot of war, lot of trouble coming to the Christians and believers in America. 'Cause we're gonna be believers without a country. Because they're going to hand over America to this jihad without even a war taking place. He's just going to hand over the power and authority of America over to the Muslims.

So, I know it's not a pretty picture. That's why you need to prepare. You need to orgone your areas. You need to load up on guns and bullets. Be able to prepare and def end your families, your homes. 'Cause they're coming after the believers. You've been hearing for so long, "Oh, they're coming after the bigmouths." Really? Well, who are the bigmouths? They're patriots. Patriots. Not all patriots are Christians. But all Christians are patriots. All Christians have a love for their country. That's why they're coming after them.

You know, it initially started where they wanted to make a list and hunt down the initial 144,000 the Bible talks about, and it just became so expansive to include everyone. Because they couldn't detail exactly who was on the 144,000 list. So it just grew into millions. And they started coveri ng all the bigmouths. Anyone who came against them. Anyone who came against Lucifer, their administration. And that's, basically, how they look at it. You're either with Lucifer or against him. Because they all look at it as, "We serve Lucifer." You know, they're not there--they're not in places of power and prestige in politics for themselves, they're there to serve Lucifer. That's how they look at it.

If You've Invested in Foreign Currencies, Don't Cash Them All In, Hold On to a Lot of It - When the Muslim Jesus Arrives, Joel's Army Will Be Right with Him

So this global reset that's coming, people need to be really wise, and take the money, and dig in somewhere. 'Cause the dollar's gonna crash, first of all. I mean, the dollar's gonna crash. So anybody who cashes in all your dinars, or whatever country's money you've invested in in these currency wars that are coming, don't cash them all in. Not all at once. Because when the dollar crashes, all that money you just cashed in and got's gonna be worthless. Hold on to a lot of it, and then wait till the dollar rebounds, and then get back into the market and cash them in. It's gonna cause a huge market instability here. A huge dollar crash here. It's what they're preparing for.

And so, you know, people wanna get all distracted with that stuff and I'm thinking, you know, we've got the skies filling up with Annunaki. We've got the Sirians in the skies. We've got the Japs [Japanese] and Chinese in our skies. And Russians. We've got all these things going on. And the Lord's judgment coming. Joel's army. When you see Sananda, this Muslim Jesus arrive, Joel's army's gonna be ri ght with him. And that's the invasion of the Locusts. I mean, it's gonna get ugly, folks. I've been warning when this Sananda arrives, he represents the pale horse. The Muslims might call him the Muslim Jesus, but he's the pale horse rider in our Bible. Death and Hell come with him.

They've Been Cloning Middle Eastern Women for a Long Time

It's gonna be a global push for RFID chip-implantation. And that just demonizes people. &nbs p;'Cause when you realize--you look at the Middle East and all these people. And they've been chip-implanted for a long time. And they've been cloning these Middle Eastern women for a long time. Because they use them as slaves. House slaves, and sex slaves. It's been going on in the Middle East for a long time I've heard. It's easier to clone them because they don't have history baggage. Families to deal with and stuff like that. They can just be used as slaves.

Look at these people that are chip-implanted, because, I mean, right now, if you work in Dubai or any place in the Arab countries, you have to be chip-implanted. They take the rectal scans, or optical scans. [chuckles] Rectal? That's probably next. Hahaha! Optical scans, iris scans. We're being demonized and don't even know it. And it's these chip implants. And the one thing I've noticed is that people that are chip-implanted are very uncomfortable around orgone. Because it burns them. It burns the chips that are in them. It makes--it burns them. It heats them up.

This Whole Zombie Pandemic That's Coming Is Caused by Rabies - There's Going to Be a Huge Chip-Implanting Going on When Maitreya and Sananda Arrive

I'm always looking at ways to defend against everything that's coming our way. And it always comes down to two things; the orgone and bullets. With orgone you can make orgone water so you can defend against the zombie attacks that are coming. I mean, my son went and saw the movie the other day. And he comes home and he tells me, "Oh, the zombie pandemic was started by rabies." And I'm thinking, "Rabies? What, are they listening to my show?" I've been saying that for a while. Because the aliens have rabies. The aliens are carrying the rabies virus. They get a reaction to the orgone. And it causes them to have rabies. And this whole zombie pandemic that's coming is caused by these rabies. This is as displayed in World War Z, the zombie movie that's out right now. 'Cause I see that in the Bible Codes. I see how they have rabies. And they're gonna be biting humans. The humans are gonna carry it from this rabies bite that they get from the aliens.

And another thing going on when they do arrive is just a huge chip-implanting that's gonna be going on. I see RFID in the Codes all the time. Chipping, chipping, chipping. It's constant. That's gonna be a huge part of the agenda of this Maitreya and Sananda is chip implantation. That's why Obamacare demands chip implantation. They're all working together, folks. They're all gonna merge into this one-world political and military and religious machine that's all wrapped up into Islam. It's all wrapped up in Islam. & nbsp;It's all gonna come together, and they're all gonna work together for one goal, and that's global Islam. Even the New Age movement's merging that way.

You know, when I'm seeing in the Codes how this Maitreya and Sananda and these fallen angels all worship Allah, I was floored. I'm like, "What!? What do you mean they're allied with Allah? What!?" They're allied with Allah. They worship Allah. That's all gonna merge together.

Sananda and Maitreya: Who's On First and Who Will Be What When They Arrive - They Laugh at the Stupidity and Gullibility of People Who Accept Their Lies

Anyway, I'll be coming out more next week as I take on this whole global Islam issue because this is going to be the beast. The beast from the earth and the beast from the bottomless pit. The bottomless pit, folks, is space. The abyss, it's space. Who's coming from space? Sananda. Never says how Maitreya arrives. I mean, his ship was towed in from Mars. [laughs] They towed it in the last end of December 'cause it couldn't make it here on its own. It was already on--it was burnt up, destroyed. We did that a couple years ago, the orgone. And so, they towed Maitreya's ship in.

He's appeared on earth before. He's just a--he has pictures of when he appeared in Kenya back in 1978. Now, Benjamin Creme has been his mouthpiece for years, and Share International has been his organization. They've been frontrunners to the coming of Maitreya for years here in America and in Europe. And they've embraced him as the Islam mahdi. And then this Muslim Jesus as Sananda, so. This is what we have to work with, and this is what I see as I try to make sense of it in the Bi ble Codes, and so.

You know, it says the Antichrist is the son of perdition from--the beast from the bottomless pit. And the bottomless pit is space. That would make it Sananda, so. And then Sananda would have to be the one that arrives first and establishes a 10-nation Muslim confederacy. I guess when we actually see one with our own eyes, then we know exactly what they're doing and where to pick up. [laughs] I guess that's how all this...assumptions and summarizing and assuming before it all happens. Who's gonna do what. Because they can change like they always do. At the slip of a hat, change roles, change looks, change costumes, whatever, and so.

But this is where the Lord has me right now. You know, it is Sananda's Capricorn that's trying to make it into the Middle East and is being burned by the orgone. It's not Maitreya's, it's Sananda's, so. I still believe, too, that this Sananda is the Antichrist. I'm just trying to wrap the job descriptions, I guess you could say. Because if he's the Antichrist, then it makes Maitreya the False Prophet. It makes Sananda the one that comes first and aligns this 10-nation Islamic confederacy. He's the military and war genius.

You know, when you see either one of them, you can't think--the word "genius" does not come to your mind. [laughs] When you see either one of them. Yeah, they're giants. They're tall. They're very tall. Sananda's very effeminate-looking. Very skinny, very tall. There's nothing glamour about him. Yeah, he looks like the pictures that they painted of Jesus of the Bible. And I've already told you that's not what Jesus looks like. It's just what the churches accepted that he looked like. It's not what he looks like. And then you have Maitreya with the egghead, the turban, the whole nine yards.

It know, I don't see genius when I look at these If you wanna call them men. I don't see genius. They're deceivers, they're liars. They laugh at the stupidity of people. They laugh at the gullibility of them. They laugh when people buy the garbage they spit out. They have a good old time. It would be like sitting in a satanic ritual somewhere in the White House and how they all laugh about the stuff they put out for the American people to consume. "Oh, can you believe we told them that? Haha, they believe it. Hahaha." They all sit and laugh in a good ol' boys club. That's what these beings are like. There's nothing integral about them. They have no integrity. They have no real character. They're not standup people. [coughs] So, anyway. It's what I'm gonna be dealing with.
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Mission Montana Is Still On - They Hate When I Tell People to Make and Distribute Orgone for Protection - People with Orgone Will Be Protected from Joel's Army

Meanwhile, Mission Montana is still on. I still wanna make a ton of orgone and get it out to Montana. So I still need help for that. I need financial contributions so I can stock up on supplies that I need. And if you wanna mail in orgone and pipes just so I can forward it on out there, I'll do that, I can do that. Some of you have. But that's wh at we need. We need to stay busy and keep doing what the Lord has us doing as we get to the finish line here.

Because, you know, [laughs softly] I think once these beings arrive, people will probably frantically be preparing and trying to get ready to get their areas orgoned. Because it's the only thing I know of, even in the Bible Codes, they're really furious about the orgone. Because it gives people protection. That's one of the things that I teach that they hate. And I see it in the Codes all the time. They hate it. They hate it. They hate the fact that we have any kind of protection against them.

And also the fact that Joel's army, the Locust army is sent down to earth and to torment mankind for five months, but people with the orgone are protected from it. They're mad about that, too. And it's ultimately the orgone that destroys and crushes all of the Locusts that are sent here. But it will take five months. And so, I think, once people start seeing what I've been talking about with their own eyes, it's gonna be a frantic time. Anyway, until that happens, still need donations to keep going. And keep building up walls and protecting people. So you can send that in. My address is on my website. Most of you know it, its

Sherry Shriner
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Carrollton is C-a-r-r-o-l-l-t-o-n. Carrollton, Ohio. I just know I gotta get busy. Keep busy and stay busy. Been kind of quiet. I assume it's going to be quiet for another week. And so, you know, July has always looked perky in the Codes. &nbs p;Could see some action in the Middle East. But like I've said, once you see action in the Middle East, it should be a heads up signal to everybody in the west it's time to prepare.

Anyway, till next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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