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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
July 8, 2013

The Ascended Masters Really Want to Arrive This Week During Ramadan

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, July 8. And you're live with Sherry Shriner. A couple things I wanna talk about. Losing all kinds of my Internet access and stuff like that. But I got in on the phone line before the--I lost my Internet, so. I don't even know if you can hear me. I can't see if the chat room is up, going live. I can't get on the Internet. I can't load pages. I can't do anything. So, I'm just gonna go in limbo and trust that I still have some kind of a connection with this broadcasting tonight.

You know, I knew this was coming. I could see it last week. They were gonna disrupt my radio show tonight. And it's really no surprise. Today starts Ramadan, the Islam holy month. And they really want to arrive this week. And I've spent the last two radio shows talking about Islam, and preparing people for these beasts that are coming, and the spread of global Islam. It's a viable route. It's one they're going on for now.

Japan Is Being Led Around by a False Angel Who Calls Himself Raphael - Japan Very Much Involved with Trying to Sabotage My Radio Show

I know Japan...Japan's being led around by a false angel who calls himself Gabriel--or not Gabriel, Raphael. Gabriel's another one that likes to appear. And these are false angels, folks. These are not real heavenly angels from The Most High's throne. And, you know, they like to pull these out. Satan likes to pull out a false Michael the archangel, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel. He mimics the archangels, and so. I see this over and over again in the Codes. That Japan is being deceived by them.

No surprise that Japan very much involved with trying to sabotage my radio show. Sananda would like nothing better than round 2. To come to my house and blow it up. Shut me up for good. And this has really been their stumbling block the last three months. Because they really wanna take me out before they implement their Islamic agenda here on earth, before they implement this global reset, before they arrive here on earth. And, you know, they still haven't got it through their head in the last three months they've probably lost a million, if not more, of alien beings. And thousands of humans. All conspiring together to take me out. And it's not gonna happen. It's not going to happen. They can't kill me. They can't get this through their head. Very protected. And the only time I'm leaving is when the Father says I'm leaving.

And right here--right now, I'll be here to announce the arrival of the first and second beast, the Antichrist and the False Prophet, Maitreya and Sananda. And so, they may as well just get on with their agendas 'cause I'm not going anywhere. You know, I'm gonna be here to announce their arrival.

Sananda Has Asthma - He's Very Allergic to the Orgone

One of the amusing things that I've been seeing is that Sananda, who also looks by this--goes by the name Jesus Esu Immanuel, he's very allergic to the orgone. And I've been seeing him with Asthma. With some kind of Inhaler. Probably Albuterol. I don't know what they--I don't know if they make alien Albuterol. But he has some kind of Aspirator for breathing. I've also seen Face Mask. And so, this is gonna be really funny when this supposed--in the Muslim religion, this Sananda coming is the Muslim Jesus. In the Christian religion, he's the False Prophet. But it's gonna be really funny for whichever side of the world you're on, to see a supposed Ascended Master, messiah, rescuer, whatever you wanna call him, with a face mask on. Almost reminds me of that Star Wars character, Darth Vader. So, that'll get amusing.

Are We Having an Invasion of Vampires?

This month's interesting. Because this week is a very interesting week. It's kind of active. And then it gets quiet as Ramadan starts to roll on. And then towards the end of the month, the 22nd, which is two Mondays from now, because they'll be trying to sabotage that radio show. And then you've got the 25th, 27th, and the 31st, that whole week, period of days there, seems pretty interesting in the Codes. One of the things I saw on the 31st was Blood Sucker Ambuscade. And I'm thinking, "What is that? Are we having an invasion of vampires?" 'Cause I've seen Epidemic and Pandemic in the Codes. And it hasn't clearly stated what that is.

You know, we've had rashes of times when there's been eons of UFOs crashing to earth. And people are seeing meteorites crashing to the earth. And other than crashing their UFOs, you know, I haven't seen what this epidemic, this pandemic is that's coming. Rabies has come up before. It hasn't come up lately. The zombie virus, I don't expect that right now. That hasn't really been coming up. Hasn't been a problem for the immediate timeframe we're in. All of these things will hit terribly once they're here. But I'm trying to just focus on the month of July right now.

I've Seen the Babylonian God, Marduk, in the Bible Codes

Interesting that I've seen Marduk in the Codes. And sent this...posted a letter to my Facebook list because there was some action going on last week with Obama, and Clinton, and Bush, Jr. all heading to Africa. And I couldn't figure out--"Well, what's going on in Africa?" One of them's arriving. Because I knew...Sananda and Maitreya, their base is gonna be Ethiopia. It's gonna be in Africa. They're gonna branch out from there. I don't expect them to arrive in America or Europe. They're gonna arrive in the Middle East somewhere. And sure enough, with Marduk showing up in the Codes--I was looking at this article posted on the Internet that Marduk had descended to earth from the alien spacecraft, and that he was over in South Africa, Ethiopia. And so, I had no problem believing that because I'd seen that in the Bible Codes. And so, I thought it was interesting.

Marduk is associated with the planet of Jupiter. He's a Babylonian god. He was known as Baal, or Lord. And if you're a Christian, you've heard Baal millions of times, referenced in the Bible. He's one of Satan's demigods. But the problem with most everyday Christians is that they think Satan is just a moniker for all these beings. That all these different beings are just Satan. They can't grasp the idea that there's many different demigods who serve underneath Lucifer, who are inferior to the reign, and power, and rank of Lucifer, but they serve him.

And what they do is they would go out and create religions and deceive the masses. And this is what they did in the days of Noah. This is what they did in our early days. And this is what they've been doing in our day. But they mask themselves, they hide themselves in Hinduism, and Buddhism, Islam. Have seen various demigods showing up in the Bible Codes lately, such as Allah, and Marduk. Abaddon. You're familiar with Abaddon. In Hebrew he's known as Abaddo, and that's destruction, that's the angel that comes down from the bottomless pit, which is space, and has the key, and opens up the abyss. And you can read about it in Revelation, chapter 9. Have seen Abaddo in the Codes. Just various beings--the Marduk, Maitreya, Sananda.

Various Alien Ships Coming into Our Skies - I Believe the Armies of Allah, the Moon God, Are the Bears from the Moon

And then we also have various ships coming in. And I can't even keep up with them all. We have Capricorn. We have Shema. Nibiru. We have the black cube. We have different ships coming in as well. Our skies are clouded. They're clouded. Tons of Anuk coming in. I believe the armies of Allah are the Bears from the moon. Because if you remember, Allah is the moon god. And his armies are from the moon, and they're the Bears. Remember I told you that the Bigfoots were from the moon? They're his army. They're associated with Allah. And so, they're crowding our skies right now. They're in our skies. You have the almond alien races with the almond eyes. The Grey aliens. And then there's the black ones who are the Sirians, and--the Saurians, whatever you wanna call them--from Sirius. Different colored almond races. They're in our skies. Then you have the Annunaki. The Anuks are here.

Everybody's coming to play their role. Everybody has a job to do. Everyone's going to be anointed and appointed to do something. When does all this hit? You're literally gonna see hell hit the earth when Maitreya arrives. He should be arriving first. He has different monikers in the Codes. He can be difficult to catch. But one of the names he always goes by, you always find him in is Cain. You can always find him under the name of Cain. And I used to make fun of him and call him the hatchet man. And that's still true today. Hatchet man. Because he's very violent-tempered. He should be arriving first to gather Iran's army to go up against Israel. And at the time when he's gathering Iran's army is when Sananda will arrive to join him.

And so, these things will be taking place over in the Middle East. That should be any time. I don't think they'd be doing much of building armies during Ramadan. So this'll be their holy month. I don't know what they do. I don't know if it's like every day's a sabbath or what. I don't really understand Ramadan. It's just a holy month. I remember a couple of years ago it was during the month of November. So, apparently, it floats around on the calendar. But it's a month of prayers, which, they do a lot of prayers anyway. To the moon god, Allah. And his forces which are Bigfoots, Chewbaccas, Chewie--what was his name on Star Wars? That's what they are. 'Cause they fly spaceships. They're very intelligent beings. I think his name was Chewbacca. I don't know. Chewie. But that's what they look like, the Bears. I've talked about this race before.

That's who mankind's up against. 'Cause that's Allah, that's--you know, like I said, these different demigods have their own forces, have their own followers, create their own religions. And Satan doesn't care. He just sits back and he runs it all. He's the master of it all. But he doesn't run and create all the stuff on his own, he lets his lesser minions, the people underneath him, go out and cause havoc on earth by creating false religions and anything to try to replace Yahushua here on earth. And so, this is what we're up against. This is the kind of things that are going on right now.

The Capricorn and Nibiru, Mimas, the black cube. Those should be visible in our skies anytime now. I'm not sure yet how to point out Mimas and the black cube. How would you see the black cube in space? Unless it's very obvious. They blacken out my sky 98 percent of the time so I can't even see the stars. Capricorn is in the northwest. And if you'll notice I've posted on my Facebook about the Satanist Kanye West and Kim Kardashian naming their daughter North West. Because Sananda, to most in the occult today, to them, he is Lucifer, himself. He's one of the personifications Satan takes is the person, being of Sananda. And so, interesting that Satanists would name their daughter North West. That's where his ship is. So these things are just coming ahead.

Their Attacks Have Been Nonstop Here Trying to Take Me Out - If We Can Saturate the Air with Orgone, We Can Possibly Block Beams from the Death Star

Hasn't stopped since April. Their attacks have been nonstop here. As you know, they blew up my house with a EMP [electromagnetic pulse] weapon last month. Yah deflected most of the brunt of it. But it did knock out my appliances. Had to go replace all of those. But that's about as close as they've gotten in months. And they're all involved. You know, every weekend...seems like every weekend I've been dealing with a different country. Russia, China, Japan. Allah will be coming. Sananda's Ashtar Command was here last weekend. Today, and in two weeks, probably, pretty much this entire month, Obama will be with Sananda trying to take me out and watch my death in the skies. It's good old occultic party time for all them. And they're just gonna keep losing more and more of their forces. They clearly don't get it, and so.

You know, I wish some of this stuff could just become so visible that people could watch it like it's on TV. Like, just get a camera with access to film all of this. Get it on YouTube. But they cloak, and they hide their identities through extreme clouding. They blacken out the sky with their Malachi Projects so people can't even see the stars. They load it up with clouds so they can hide their ships behind it. They cloak their ships a lot of times.

You know, they've been pounding this country from north, south, east, west with rain. They're trying to ignite earthquakes, soften the ground up to create massive earthquakes. They're also drowning out pretty much crops and gardens. The ability to feed ourselves. I mean, think about it, folks. Maitreya is the black horse rider and he is famine and inflation. It's what he represents. Then you have Sananda, the pale horse rider, and he is Death and Hell follows after him. And that's why I've always said when he arrives, I see a Locust invasion right around the corner. The Giants from the extreme north that Joel, chapter 1 and 2 talks about. Everything's gonna hit at once. Trust me. I've been saying it for years. And when it finally does, I hope you're prepared.

Orgone water. Orgoning your areas. These are the kinds of things you need. Bullets might help with the NATO soldiers and Russians and Chinese in our streets. But when you're trying to fight dimensional beings like vampires or aliens, Giants, terrestrial beings, you need orgone water. And you need to orgone your areas because they don't like the orgoned areas. It burns them. Burns them. Suffocates them. They can't breathe in it. Imagine feeling like you're on fire and at the same time you can't breathe. That's what it feels like to them. And the Lord can crank it. We have it from one end of this globe to the other. North, south, east, west. I don't care what country you're in, the Lord could blow orgone to it. Because we have strategically placed it all over this world in almost every country. And all we have to do is ask the Lord to crank it up and blow the winds. And He can blow His aether energy all around this world.

And they're just now getting a taste of it. Japan, China. Allah. [laughs] Nibiru. They've been dealing with it for a while. Mimas has been dealing with it. Mimas being the Death Star. I don't know what else to call it. I call it Mimas. That's what they called it in the Star Wars movie, the Death Star. I think another name for it is Pubewa. I think that's another name. But this Death Star is here as well. And then if we can get the orgone to saturate the air, we should be able to block beams coming from the Death Star. Different types of beams that can destroy and debilitate people here on earth. So it'll be interesting to sit and watch all these things unfold over the next month.

Are Clinton and Obama Going to Africa to Meet Babylonian Deity Marduk?

I was gonna read this article [Secret Space War III: Marduk Lands in Africa? ],

A very strange trip to Africa during the last week of June 2013 for the last three American Presidents.
In the June 18, 2013 issue of the Africa Review (Kenya, Africa),

And Kenya's always coming up in the Codes.

a very interesting story detailed expected intersecting visits of both former President Clinton and current President Obama to Senegal, Africa (1).
This alone has not received any suitable explanation other than the flimsy reason that they were there to commemorate the “Al Cia Duh” bombing at the US Embassy in Tanzania.

They all had excuses to go.

...Clinton is expected in Senegal hours before the arrival of...Obama.

They all had rendezvous there. They all mask their reasons to be there. But they all met there to be with what they think is Marduk. Could be Marduk, could be Maitreya, or Sananda, because that's their stomping grounds.

Now, Marduk was a Babylonian deity, a Sumerian deity. King of Babylon. And that would be Iraq. So he's not particular to the region of Africa like Maitreya and Sananda are. So, interesting.

The Fake Jews in Israel Today Adopted the Six-Pointed Star of David Which Is Really the Babylonian "Luciferian Hex"

This talks about the triangle. If you've ever wondered what the triangle is.

The upward facing triangle is Annunaki fallen angel blood of the Nephilim, the “great men of old”

The Bible talks about.

and the downward facing triangle is the blood of the earth woman. Merged together they form the six pointed star, called the hex or the Babylonian “luciferian hex”, a symbol of Annunaki/human hybrid bloodlines anointed by lucifer.

And as you know, the fake Jews in Israel today adopted the six-pointed star as the Star of David. They never had a Star of David, folks. It was in 1948 when World War II was contrived by the U.N., and the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers. They all conspired to put Israel back--the Jews back in Israel. And so, the whole Holocaust and Germany was conspired with Hitler to kill off the Torah-believing Jews, so that all the Talmudic fake, Satanist Jews could take over power and leadership of Israel so when they handed them the state of Israel, the power of the state belonged to the Satanists. All the Talmudist fake Jews took over. And that's what we have today. We have the fake Talmudist Jews leading Israel today. They're not Bible/Torah-believing Jews or even bloodline Jews. They're fake. And that's what the Bible talks about in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 about the fake Jews.

But there's a remnant of real Jews in Israel today. The whole thing being about Annunaki bloodlines. And I've talked to you about how, and who and what, the Illuminati bloodlines here on earth are today. We have those--the 13 Illuminati bloodlines, the humans here on earth. Satan's control here on earth through his offspring and children.

It Seems That Many People Are Waking Up to the Fact that Obama, Other Politicians, and Elitist Overlords Are Clones

I was reading an article about genetic engineering. You know, it seems like many more people are waking up to the fact that Obama, and many other politicians and elitist overlords, are, in fact, clones. They're organic robotoids, doubles, clones, and synthetics. I've talked about Operation Double Down. The breeding programs in underground bases where they're mixing various DNA, creating leaders. We have a hodge podge of stuff going on. But when you look up the underlying theme it stays the same. To destroy human DNA. Pure human DNA. And if you look at some of the work others are doing about transhumanism and genetics, they're stating that the goal was by 2045, that every human on this planet would be a transhuman. That means you're part robot, part computer, part machine, part human. And don't do it. If they have the time, they'll do it. The Lord's gonna stop it. They only have 7 years of rule once they begin rule on earth. So they're not gonna be able to complete their agenda. But they're going to try to cram it in as much as possible with the time they have.

If You're Drinking Starbucks Coffee, Stop - If You Don't Cleanse Your Body of the Chemicals and Microchips, the Sludge Will Build Up and Take Over Your DNA

You know, they put nanobytes in Starbuck coffee. If you drink Starbuck's coffee, stop. Stop. You might as well go outside, hold your coffee cup up to the air when they're spraying chemtrails, and drink all the crap that's in the chemtrails. 'Cause that's what they're putting in Starbuck's coffee. And they're loading it in chemicals, microchips. And people are digesting this and putting it in their bodies. And if you don't cleanse your bodies, those's almost like a sludge and they're going to build up in your body, and slowly take over your DNA and your body. And you're gonna become machine just through all these smart chips and nanobots taking over.

Now, you can cleanse your body by eating vegetables and fruit and becoming alkaline. Because cancers, and nanobytes, and all these bots and bytes and everything else that wanna take over your body, they thrive in acidic environments. Acidic meaning you eat a lot of fat food, you eat unhealthy processed food, you're drinking Starbucks, you're drinking soda pop, you're putting that aspartame in you, over-the-counter medications with NSAIDs. All this stuff works together to destroy your DNA. So if you keep your body alkaline with rinsed and cleansed, preferably organic, fruits and vegetables, keeping yourself alkaline will cleanse all that garbage out of your body that you've gotten into there.

They're Replacing All of Our Well-Known People through Operation Double Down - When Families See That Something Is Wrong, They Replace the Whole Family

We have to start paying attention. Because they're poisoning our air, our food, our water. If that isn't bad enough, they have Operation Double Down going on. I've talked about this. How they're replacing all of our well-known people. Anybody you see on TV. It's gonna get to the point where every person you see on TV is a replacement of the original that used to be on TV. Celebrities, journalists, religious figures. If you're on TV, you're gonna be replaced. And they're only gonna promote their own synthetic human. You already saw it with Judge Judy, different reporters on CNN, breaking down. "Oh, they're having a stroke." Really? You're gonna see it a lot more. Because this is They Live, in 2013, if you ever watched the movie, where all of a sudden, the veil is lifted and everybody that you thought was human was actually a alien. And this is what's going on now.

We've had soul-scalping going on. Replacement and walk-in. We have walk-ins come in, where alien hosts come in and take over human bodies. Happens to celebrities, journalists, politicians. Politicians don't even have to show up for work. If all of Congress wanted to stay home for a day, no problem. They just send their clones in to work for the day. And nobody notices anything different. And they do do that, because they stay away from Washington as much as possible because we have it so bombarded with orgone that they can't stand to breathe the air there. So they send in the fakes, the synthetics, the clones, the droids. [inaudible] with D.C. The droids give press conferences. The majority of people don't even know. They don't recognize the difference between a droid and a human. It's very hard to tell. 'Cause they're very good at replacing and duplicating humans with droids.

You know, it's like science fiction in Hollywood, where you see two people laying on gurneys next to each other. And it's actually like a computer where they download--they take the one human on the left, and they put tubes and wires from his brain to the synthetic, pseudo-created human on the other gurney, and they download all the memories that the one human has, out of his brain, and they put it into the other being. And then when that being wakes up, they bring it to life, would turn it on, turn the switch--I don't know what they do. But he wakes up, they turn the switch on for him, and he can act, talk, walk, dress, sing just like the human that was on the other gurney beside him. He can replace that human. He has all the memories that human had. So he can, literally, take over that human's life. He could assume his cars, house, his bank records, whatever. Go home.

Yeah, wives realize there's a problem after a while. [laughs] But they can fake it for a good while. They do have problems with families recognizing something's wrong. And so, what I heard has been done is they replace the whole family. If they're gonna replace the mom or the dad, they just go ahead and replace the whole family. So that know one's talking about, "Hey, something's weird. Something's going on with these people. They're not the same." They replace the whole family. And then they could just move them. They could, you know, move them. Move them away from neighbors so neighbors don't know anything different.

We're Fighting, with Orgone, Against All the Technology Satan Is Using - We've Been Changing the Frequencies of Our Orgone to Keep Them from Honing in on It

But this is what they do, folks. Operation Double Down. It's in full speed. If it's so dominant now, do they really think it's gonna take till 2045 before they have the entire world in the palm of their hands, and transhumaned, and being replaced into synthethic human beings? This is what we fight against, folks. We're fighting against all this technology that Satan is using and we come up against the strongholds of Satan.

You know, years ago, I started praying and asking the Lord to show us how to tear down the strongholds of Satan. And it became an orgone war. Because I found orgone, the Lord led me to it, taught me how to make it. Had 101 uses. Could tear down all of the strongholds that I've known about. But, yet, I don't know how...I don't know how it affects these androids, synthetic humans. I've heard from hybrids that they don't like the orgone, but I don't know if it negatively affects them. You know? I don't know. But it's all we've got. It's all I've got.

And I've been trying to mix it up a little, the frequencies of orgone, because, you know, they can hone in. Everything's run by energy. And if you put up a energy device, the orgone, it would show that it's producing energy because orgone is a constant emitter. It emits positive orgone energy. If you change the frequency of it, they can't hone in on any one frequency. And how you do that is by mixing up your--when you're making orgone, putting magnets in it, putting pure copper coins in it.

You can change the frequencies of the orgone so they can't hone in on any one type of thing and try to use some kind of energy shield honed in on a specific frequency to block it. That's what they try to do. They think they have these devices that can hone in on a specific frequency to block a specific frequency. And so, we've been busy making orgone with magnets in it, and copper. Making stronger or lesser, you know, magnets or copper coins to change up the frequency so they can't just hone in on any one frequency and try to block our orgone.

We've Got to Get Orgone with Various Frequencies, Extra Copper, and Extra Magnets, Everywhere to Attack This Whole Synthetic Empire They're Trying to Create

So this is what...I don't know how effective it is. I don't know how effective it's gonna be against--maybe that's what made Judge Judy break down on national television and they had to hide her and say she had a stroke. The reporter in Los Angeles. Maybe they stepped into orgoned air and it affected them. I don't know, you know, I live in the country, I don't live in the city. A lot of times I don't see the fruit of our work. How effective it is out there. But we've gotta try. And so, people living in the cities gotta get busy. Get busy. Hit the devil's strongholds and their hiding places. Their workplaces. Their places of worship. Their homes. We've gotta get orgone with various frequencies, with extra copper, extra magnets, whatever, everywhere. Targeting networks. Targeting the television networks, the cable networks where they do their filming. The people behind the scenes. In front of the cameras.

You know, if we could attack this whole synthetic empire they're trying to create, then maybe people would actually start to wake up and actually believe that, yeah, we do have a problem here on earth. We've had it since 2005. The Lord told me, back in 2005, the invasion had begun. And this is back when they just started taking over human bodies, soul-scalping. Now look how advanced it is. They're creating synthetic humans. You know, imagine having a synthetic husband. Your husband being synthetically recreated, and having this droid come home, you know, and you wouldn't think he's your husband (or wife). They have all the memories your husband and wife would have, but there's something different about him. He seems like a robot. He's got that plastic Barbie skin. You start noticing different things that it's not quite right. So where's your real husband or wife? What did they do to them while you're stuck with this robot pretending to be your husband and wife?

So it's gonna be a real problem, folks. They'll think I'm crazy. Well, they thought I was crazy ten years ago. The problem with me is I've been way ahead of mankind. Always been ahead of what they're doing. And so, two or three years from now, you'll be listening to this broadcast and it won't even be news. It will already be in play. These are the things that are coming.

Got Orgone and Donations from Everywhere for Mission Montana - Keep Up the Border Wars and Put Up Orgone Walls Around the Borders of Your States

Anyway, still working on the Montana Mission. Got some orgone from the east coast, the west coast. Donations from everywhere. We still need a lot more, folks. Still need a lot more. I realize people are on vacations and it's summertime. This is always one of the worst times of the year. It's also usually the most interesting time of the year. It's summertime. Shema could be crashing at any time. And I'm still waiting for that one. I know Maitreya's still trying to fire that up because that was always supposed to be, in their own prophecies, that the Shema star would signal his arrival. Benjamin Creme and others have always talked about that. And we pretty much destroyed Shema, so they wanna fake it and rebuild it, whatever. They don't have time. So, I don't know what he's gonna do with Shema. I look for it to crash. I don't know when, but I look for it to crash. I know it's on fire. It's been on fire for years. Stuck in the east.

So while we have time, we still need to be busy on missions and getting our states. I posted something earlier this year on Border Wars []. On going out and putting up orgone walls around the borders of your states. Because on the borders, it seems, where the underground activity is. Where they put most of their underground, deep underground alien bases. Typically on the borders of states. So that if they're flying out of one state and going into the other, they can't pin which state they're originating from.

The borders are sesspools. And so, this is where, if you want a orgone mission, there you go. Get the borders of your states. It's where they hide. And they hide in mountains. In waterways. If you orgone water, all these underground DUABs, deep underground alien bases, they survive off of our water sources on earth. And if you orgone it, it becomes poison to them. You could take out whole alien bases just by getting orgone in the water, on the surface water of earth. So we gotta get busy, folks.

I Need Crystals, If People Want to Buy Them and Send Them to Me - I Need the Money to Buy Resin and to Ship the Orgone

And don't forget to support and donate to this ministry. 'Cause I've got a ton of bills to pay, and supplies to get. I've been trying to ship orgone out to various Warriors as possible. My hands have been tied. Trying to help Montana right now and getting request for help from other areas. And right now my hands are tied, and so. I need crystals. If people wanna buy crystals and have them mailed to me here in Carrollton, Ohio, I could appreciate that. Clear quartz crystals. Very, very low on crystals. I'm good on shavings, but very, very low on crystals.

And also needing to buy resin and have the money to ship this stuff. Shipping's outrageous. Ever try to mail a box from the Post Office, you know how outrageous it is. Flat Rates that seem to increase every single year. Over $12, almost $12.50, just to mail a medium size box, and so. Very expensive. Especially when you can't get that much product in one box. You gotta mail out multiple, multiple boxes, and larger boxes. So I need help with all this, folks.

I need a huge boost in our finances and in our supplies, while they're still parting the skies over here, trying to take me out. It's a zoo. It's a zoo, folks. It's what happens. The Lord has appointed me to be His announcer here on earth, His ambassador here on earth, His mouthpiece. I have a lot of anointing, and I have a lot of work to do. So I need your support and your help, folks.

Anyway, be back next week. Same time, same place. Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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