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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
July 22, 2013

Satanic Significance of Star of David Alignment and Super Moon Monday

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night. I'm Sherry Shriner. Today is July 22. I didn't have a show last week. I've missed a lot over the last few months, so we'll just trudge along. [laughs softly] As the storm rolls in for tonight. It's almost like clockwork.

A couple things I wanna talk about tonight. This week is a really occultic week. And it was kind of funny because I was checking the Before It's News website earlier tonight before the show started. The headline was a Woman Gives Birth to a Monster. I'm laughing. I'm thinking, "Are they talking about William and Kate's baby?" [laughs] Another monster Lizard in London. Imagine that.

Trying to figure out the numbers on that. Let's see. They announced it was born on 4-24 and born on 6-22-2013. Tonight is--today is some kind of occultic David, uh, Star of David alignment. And it's supposed to be a sign, supposed to be a significance of several stars or planets aligning. What I saw in the Codes was pretty funny because, you know, the original Israelites never had the satanic Star of David. It's nothing but a pentagram. Completely occultic star. And adopted by the satanic Talmud Jews that dominate Israel today. So the whole thing is satanic significance.

And, you know, I was looking in the Codes on it. And it was talking about how, you know, aliens are often called Bison or Buffalo in the Codes. They're the ones who are the top-ranking. The ones really running the show behind the scenes right now. And they were moving their starship into alignment. [laughs] I'm thinking, "This has to be the Star of David thing. They have to move their own starship so it can present a facade, illusion of some kind of planetary star alignment. It's kind of funny. But that's basically what it is.

And this is supposed to be some kind of a sign to herald something that's to come. The arrival of the Antichrist. The church thinks it's the rapture. You know, whatever. But what I can see, pretty much, is the arrival of Islam's Maitreya and Sananda. And so, that's what really the whole focus is this week, is their arrival. And they're really struggling. We're really destroying them with the orgone. And the Lord's just having a field day cranking it up as He wants to. And it's burning--it's frying them. You know, all I see it their own destruction. They're frying, they're boiling, they're burning up. And so, it'll be amazing to see anything ever take significance. Their actual arrival, actual presence here on earth. Because they're suffering so much in the background.

And so, today being the last full moon of the year--I think they call it Super Moon Monday. The Lizard baby being born in London. Significance there. I don't know what the significance is. In their own factions, I guess. Because all these different satanic groups have their own factions. And they all think they're the chosen one, they're the big one, you know. It's such a facade. Satan leads them around by the nose. I don't see any significance in it, on a prophetic level or anything like that.

The Majority of People Are in Apostasy - A Minority of People Hang on to What the Truth Is and Are Effective in Tearing Down the Strongholds of Satan

I know the Masons want you to think that the Antichrist is gonna form a 10-nation European confederacy and this is the alignment the Bible talks about. And it's not. It's not a European confederacy the Bible talks about. It's talking about nations around the Mediterranean Sea, and those nations are all Islamic. They always want you to look in one direction while they work in another. You know, it's like they throw off--they want you to be distracted with errors. So you can't see the truth of what's going on. And they do this in everything.

And so, you know, the church is all enthralled in, you know, 10-nation European confederacy, a literal temple being rebuilt in Jerusalem, the rapture. They're enthralled in all these erroneous doctrines, so that they can't understand the times they're in. And they never will because they're in apostasy. They're apostate. We don't have a 2000-year church age, we have a 2000-year apostasy age. And I think, in the future when people look back at this time, they're gonna be appalled. Because they thought it was such a good time of the church and of the Lord. And it's filth, it's apostasy, it's errors.

You know, as true as the first day the Lord created man, to the end, is that there'll always be a small remnant of people who are true to Him. But the majority fall into apostasy. And today is no different, folks. Most people today are in apostasy. Very small remnant hanging on to what the truth is, hanging on to discover what the truth is, and even seek what that is. So, a very--minority. A minority. And I find it amusing that even a minority of the minority can be so effective in tearing down the strongholds of Satan and his kingdom.

You know, I started the orgone war back in 2003, 2004. And we've been effective. We've been effective. You know, the last three months, I've not had a day where something has not been going on. Some kind of warfare here in Ohio. They're on a do-or-die mode right now. They want me dead before they bring in their Sananda and Maitreya. And so, they are not sleeping. It is going nonstop around the clock. There's always something going on. I can hear angelic defenses going off constantly. And if not that, it's they're sabotaging e-mails, sabotaging my Internet, my electricity. It just doesn't stop. And, literally, since April 15 it's been a day-by-day.

But as they spend all their time trying to harass me, I counterattack, I fight back. And it was funny, because somebody just sent me an e-mail asking what I thought about HAARP, and I go, "Yeah, I just asked Dad to destroy it the other day." And now it's down. No, I have no thoughts on it. They were asking me what my thoughts were on HAARP being down. You know, they use that thing constantly to send storms here. I got tired of dealing with it. I asked Dad to destroy it.

From July 20 to August 3, Very Heavy Ritual Days

So it's constant war, folks. Constant, constant war. And we don't have to sit back. You know, I'm getting a lot of new listeners because I keep getting the same types of e-mails lately. And so, tonight I'm gonna talk about fighting back and what you can do. And I know I've done this kind of show before, but, apparently, these people have not listened to my archives. because I keep getting the same questions.

But I'm gonna give you a heads up on this week, the significance alone. Posted it on Facebook a couple weeks ago that July 22, 23rd, 25th, 27th, 31st, August 1 and 2nd being the most dominant dates in the Bible Codes for months. You know, I could look ahead in the past, back in January and February, and look ahead, and say "Hey, last week of July's gonna be dominant."

And there's a lot of things going on. It's a very occultic week. From July 20 to the 27th it's on the satanism calendar list as a week of sexual and blood rituals, abductions, preparation & holding for sacrificial victims for Lammas Day (the last day), human sacrifices, sexual orgies. August 1 is Lammas Day. So this week they will be abducting, kidnapping. Usually infants or adults. I know it's kind of [inaudible], but they prefer infants. Young children. If they can't get those, they'll go for adults. And these are to be blood sacrifices. And then on August 3, more satanic revel. So, from July 20 to August 3, very heavy in satanic circles. They're gonna be busy doing rituals and parties, I guess you could say. Nice way of saying bunch of sexual orgies and everything else taking place.

When You See Obama and Celebrities All Pushing for a Particular Thing, That's What Satan Wants

And so, they're gonna be busy this week, all these Satanists. And they've been busy trying to push Satan's agenda. You know, when you see the industry, satanic stars, leading the way in trying to form public opinion, they're usually standing up and pushing Satan's agenda, doing what they're told. They wanted a race war with this whole Trayvon Martin thing, so you had Beyonce out, you had Jay Z out, you had other stars trying to rattle the waves to get people angry. They wanted riots, they wanted a race war. I'm glad people didn't fall for that. You know, for the most part, people didn't. They tried to make it looked like, "Oh, we're gonna have all these riots and stuff." It was such a setup. The whole thing was a setup.

When you see Obama and celebrities all pushing for a particular thing, that's because that's what Satan wants. Satan is saying, "Promote this. Do this. Do that." And they jump to his tune. And that's another reason, you know, all these satanic celebrities, this Kanye West, and Jay Z, and Beyonce--people need to stop buying their garbage, stop going to their concerts, and turn your back on the Illuminati. Just say no to the Illuminati. We're sick of the scum. We're sick of--we don't worship Satan here. We don't want him here. Because, basically, if you're supporting these industry artists, you're supporting what they believe, and that's Satan. They worship Satan. They're Satan worshippers. You need to stay away, turn your back on Hollywood, until they get the message that, "We don't want your crap in our face. We don't want this garbage in our homes and on our radios."

Kanye West's album he put out is just pure filth. It's pure satanic filth. And they should get backlash, not rewarded. The public should have a huge backlash against these industry artists who do nothing but push Satan. So this is their week, folks. They have a whole week of satanic stuff lined up. And I'm sure they'll be traveling back and forth to each other's groups and cities, and stuff like that. They just disgust me. They're just all such satanic, evil scumbags.

It's Bohemian Grove Week, Where All the Politicians of the World Go and Rape Babies

Also Bohemian Grove week outside San Franscisco. Where all the politicians of the world go and rape babies. And have their own satanic parties going on out there. It's a boys club in Bohemian Grove, literally. A lot of pedophilia that goes on there. And these kinds of things are demanded in political circles. Pedophilia is a huge part of what Satan demands if they wanna keep their positions, their fame, their fortunes. Pedophilia and butchery. Killing of the innocents. Raping and killing them. That's what it's all about. That's what getting fame and fortune in this world will cost you. That's what will be required of you. To rape and butcher innocents. And our own presidents flock there every year. And politicians and journalists. It's really just one of those places where you would ask the Lord to just drop a bomb on the place. You know, drop a bomb. Blow it up. Set it on fire. Let's take this country back, take the world back for the Lord. So sick of all this satanic stuff. So this is a dominant week.

UFO Ships Are Dropping Pods Full of the Zombie Virus, So If You See One, Don't Go Near It - Zombie Pandemic Will Most Likely Come from Chemtrails or Pods

And another thing that I posted about something I read on one of the New Age sites. By former white hats. And they're talking about if you see UFO ships dropping things, to not go near them. That they are pods full of the zombie virus to be released and activated worldwide. And they're stating several of their own factions are working at hunting down the pods. So, apparently, they have these pods being sent out from UFO ships full of the zombie virus pandemic. And they're dropping them on mankind. And what this former white hat person is saying is if you see a pod, don't go near it. If they're dropping things out of it, don't go near it. Run.

And they've been trying, for ages, just to ignite zombie pandemics. And, you know, they're coming out with movies, World War Z, trying to prepare people for that kind of thing. Two movies in a row, same plotline, different actors, about the White House being blown up. And that's a no-brainer. I told you years ago they would blow up the White House. Trying to prepare people for what they're planning. They're telling you what they're gonna do.

And so, there's various ways. They've tried water contamination to spark a zombie pandemic. They've tried food contaminations. That was the whole thing down in Florida. The guy, they said he was bath salts. It really wasn't. It was something he ate at a party that they had contaminated with this virus. Try to see if it would be effective. Because he wasn't a drug abuser. He was, basically, by all accounts, a good Christian man who had just stopped at a party, on his way home or whatever, on the beach. And then he ate something that got him sick. And that's when the whole thing started. Him ripping that guy's face off with his mouth. They're trying various ways.

What I can see in the Bible Codes is that a zombie pandemic is most likely gonna come from air. It's gonna come from the air. It's gonna come from chemtrails. And so, it could also qualify to be pods. Because pods are in the air and they can shoot things out of pods. So, yeah, I do see different types of pandemics coming ahead.

Comet ISON May Be Same Thing as The Hopi Indians' Blue Star Kachina Which Is Not Scheduled Until the Fall Months - Our Orgone Delays These "Space Gods"

Comet ISON--I don't know if it's Comet ISON I was seeing, but I was also seeing a comet coming in. And I think that this Comet ISON is the same thing as the Hopi Indians' Blue Star Kachina. And the Blue Star Kachina signaled destruction. And so, that's not scheduled for...uh, once you start into August, September, we're gonna head into the fall months. And so, you know, if we don't see something physical and visible this week with the Islamic space agenda--because it's all being combined right now--then we're gonna be pushed off into delay hell probably until December, when we go through another Christmas scenario type thing. You know, last Christmas they were all set up. Had the Indian prophecies going. Had the perfect timelines, the portals, the gates. Everything was set, and then, boom, nothing happened. Why didn't it happen? Because we stopped it. We sabotaged it. We stopped the whole thing.

And so, what I was saying on the list this week is, you know, we could stop it again. But the problem with keep stopping it is we shoot ourselves in the foot because, you know, you just keep delaying the inevitable. Eventually this stuff's gonna happen. You just keep delaying the inevitable. But it's our job, and so we just do what the Lord asks us to do. We do what He asks, and what He does with the results is up to Him. And so, you know, if, you know, somehow they manage to go ahead and show up this week and embarass themselves because...they're never going to be able to arrive as the space gods that they think they are. We crash their ships, we boil their skin, we fry them. They can't breathe. They need inhalers and face masks to breathe in our atmosphere.

You know, this is the problems they're facing. They try to arrive in our atmosphere, and the Lord cranks up the orgone, and it chops them. It literally just--it rattles their ships. It shakes and rattles their ships so bad that it destroys them. It's just like a bumpy craziness. I mean, when I sat and watched Capricorn come down a month or two ago, it was just crazy watching it zigzag in the sky as it was coming down. [laughs] You could tell it was crazy. Crazy. And this is what happens to them. And the Capricorn still isn't close enough. Still needs to get in closer, and the sky is just incredibly hard for them to get through.

Nibiru Is Definitely in Our Sky and Should Be Visible

Nibiru should be visible. People should be able to see Nibiru from the sky right now. It's visible. You know, I can't see anything, so. They blacken my sky out. So anybody else who could see a starry night, look Nibiru because it should be visible in our skies. That definitely is in. And there's other ships that are in. I can see Sirius gearing up again for another attack here. You know, Sirius has been here two or three times already. And each time, Father's pretty much kicked their butts and sent them packing. [laughs] And they're coming back for another one. Another butt-kicking. Working with the Anuks. It just doesn't stop, folks. It doesn't stop.

How the Hebrew Month of Elul Correlates to Our September 11 - Whatever They Had Planned for July 22 Was Stopped, Blocked, and Sabotaged

So, we've got this week, July, up until August 2, August 3. Because I told you about the September 9/11 date of their arrival. Well, the September used is Elul. And Elul, in the Jewish calendar, is from, I think it's August 16 until, like, the second week of our September. And so, Elul, our 9/11, basically be, I think that's August 16. I need to recheck that. But it's somewhere in August, itself. It's not in the month of September. Not our month of September. It's actually in the middle to the--or end part of August, our August. And so, that is another heavy date for them. But, I'm not seeing anything happening. I'm seeing whatever they had planned sabotaged just like today.

They had some kind of significant thing to happen on the 22nd and I never could figure out what it was that was supposed to happen. I just knew it wasn't gonna happen. [laughs] I could see that it was stopped, and blocked, and sabotaged, and so. Hehe! I never could figure it out what it was, but it ain't gonna happen. Maybe tomorrow. 23rd comes up. 23rd, 25th, 27th. Actually the most dominant date of this month is the 31st, and so.

It Will Be a Faction War for the Next Couple of Months - Obama's Islamic Faction Shooting to Take Control, This Week, Over the Global Finances

Yeah, I'm really looking at this week as do-or-die week for them. It's their D-Day. If they don't get it off, it's just--you know, they're off the pot. You know, it's--at this point, it's crap or get off the pot. Either that, or we're just thrown into delays into December. And at that time, you know, there's gonna be continual warring between the factions because, you know, there's different groups, satanic groups, that want to lead this world into the end times. And they don't agree with each other. They don't like each other.

If you'll notice--and I always thought it was amusing that Madonna and others, they wear these bracelets for protection. Well, who's after them? What, are they afraid of Christians? Are we gonna attack them with a Bible? Are we gonna ask if we could pray for them or something? What are they afraid of? They're not afraid of us. They're afraid of each other. Because they kill each other off. They attack each other. Satanists are not friendly towards each other even though they're all Satanists. I mean, it's not like going to church. Not like one of our churches. Everybody sits down to praise the Lord. And they go, sit down, praise Satan, and then plot who they're gonna kill next so they can gain their position or power. I mean, that's how they are, and so.

It'll be a faction war for the next couple months. And I don't think either faction wants that. I know the Islamic...Obama's Islamic agenda, his faction, really shooting to take control this week over the global finances. And a lot of stuff going on in New York in regards to moving gold out of the banks. And so, I thought that was interesting. Removing the gold out of the banks. Getting ready for a global takeover. And so, there's gonna be more and more of the same infighting that we've been seeing. But like I said, you never know what's gonna happen until they actually do it, and so. Just keeping an eye on that. Should be interesting. It's the biggest light, I guess, or breath of air we've seen since...I don't know when. Christmas, maybe, when all that was sabotaged. And then dates coming up, end of February, end of March for global resets and all that being delayed. Those dates coming and going. And this week being no different. This week could come-and-go.

They Want a Mandatory HIV or AIDS Test - Do Not Allow Them to Put Needles in Your Skin - They May Use Contaminated Needles to Infect You with AIDS

And we're still in lala land, you know, as Obama tightens the noose around people. You know, I'm seeing the RFID agenda and that's not gonna stop. Now, I was reading something about how they wanna make everybody take a mandatory HIV or AIDS test. Do not allow them to put needles in your skin, folks. Stay away from any types of shots or even allowing them to take your blood. Stay away from vaccines. From flu shots. Their agendas against mankind are hideous. They're not trying to protect you. You know, I could just imagine the--"Yeah, we're gonna test everybody for AIDS," and using contaminated needles and infecting people with AIDS. That's what they would do. That's what they would do. Because they all work nonstop to find various ways to destroy mankind.

They don't wanna help you. I know I'm speaking to the choir here. But there's just so many with their heads in the sand. "Our government wouldn't do that." "Our government wants to protect us." Really? We're, like, the only country in the world where GMOs are allowed right now. And the American people won't stand up and fight against it. Every other country in the world can see that they're designed to destroy and kill the people of their nations. And America's no different, being these GMOs are going to destroy and kill every person on this planet if we don't stop it. Especially this country. Obama has no love for this country. None of them do. Their job is to destroy it. Destroy the country, destroy the people. Hand our military power over to the Antichrist. Which will subsequently be Sananda, or Maitreya, or Obama, depending on which way the route goes. It's gonna be one of those three people.

You know, our Antichrist is Maitreya. Their Antichrist is this Sananda. The leader of Babylon, according to the Bible, is the Antichrist, so who's gonna lead Babylon? Which leader is gonna take leadership control over Babylon? That's the Antichrist. So, anyway.

If You're Hearing Voices, You're Not Crazy - Most People Have Chip Implants - How to Fight Back Against the Demonic or Human Voices Speaking in Your Head

Getting a lot...a lot of e-mails from people hearing voices, being attacked all the time. Moving into apartment buildings, being chased out of them, their homes, hearing noises. You know, and I just can't--I just don't even reply to all these because it's like hit play, and repeat. And, you know, I've heard all this stuff a billion times. No, people aren't going crazy. If you're hearing voices, you're not crazy.

Now, people you talk to will probably think you're crazy. Because the majority always does. They don't understand what the minority of people will go through. Chip implanting causes this. Also psychotronic warfare. I went through that myself when I moved next door, and they use weapons to send signals into your home, and it recreates noises and mayhem. Now, you can hear bowling balls running down your hallway at 3 in the morning. I mean, this is what they do. Hahaha! The door slams, the yelling, the screaming. All this stuff. Audible voices.

Most people have chip implants. And I have a page on my website, How to Detect Chip Implants [], and getting neodyme magnets, putting them on your skin, then flipping sides, and leaving them on for, like, 6 hours at a time on each side of the magnet. And that's--you know, you have to stand up and fight back. Because I hear from people saying, "I can't take it anymore," "I just wanna kill myself." That's what they want you to do. But you know what? It doesn't take much. All I did was sit here and ask the Lord to destroy HAARP beyond repair. Boom. Done. Sometimes He'll honor a request. Sometimes He'll be, "Not now, maybe later." And I know a lot of people have asked the Lord to destroy HAARP. And you know what? They got their "later." He said, "Not now, later." And guess what. He honored a lot of people's prayers by destroying that thing.

And so, it's always in His timing. But we can fight back. I mean, if you're hearing voices, you're being harassed by demonic voices, ask the Lord to bind those demons and cast them into the abyss. Tell Him if they're humans behind it--ask Him--to fry their equipment beyond repair. Ask Him to fry their equipment. Ask Him to find--go--send angels to go into all their strongholds, all their hideouts, and any person who is targeting equipment or attacks against you, for Him to destroy. And He will send His angels out to do exactly the things you ask Him to do.

You don't have to put up with voices speaking to your head. Shut that down immediately. Don't ever entertain a voice in your head that's not your own. Shut it down. Ask the Lord to bind that being and cast it into the abyss. And if it's a human, ask Him to destroy the equipment they're using against you to access you with. You have to get proactive. You have to stand up and do things. And all it is is just sitting and asking the Lord to do things for you. Most people just get--they don't know, they're not aware, or they just get lazy. They have to be told a hundred times. Sometimes we just need to hear it a couple times. Sometimes it's just good to hear the same things over and over again.

Get Proactive and Learn to Protect Yourself Physically and Spiritually

But people need to get--people wanna get active. Because, you know, finding peace, you know, in a wireless world's gonna be very difficult. Because their equipment and their level and style of attack is so fine-tuned now. The apostles back in the day had no idea the things we would be facing in this time. They would have never been able to explain it. I mean, I see things in the Codes that I can't explain to people. "How do you put that in words?" Can you imagine what the apostles were trying to do, looking ahead into the last-days era. They couldn't have possibly described what they saw. Depending on how much the Lord showed them.

And so, you need to--you're gonna learn new things. I get tired of people, "Well, that's not in the Bible." Well, computers didn't exist when the Bible was written either. [laughs] All these people, they're just self-defeating. Self-defeating attitudes. You know, a lot of things didn't exist for the apostles to prepare people 2000 years down the road, and so.

You can use Mylar blankets over your windows to keep out satellite attacks, psychotronic attacks. You can use the Mylar blankets. You can use mesh and Faraday cages. You can use--orgone will deaden it. I use orgone in front of my computer monitors and my TV. Outside my home, inside my home. If I didn't have it outside my home, my home surely would've been blown up years ago. I've had to move around several times, but seems like every time I've moved somewhere, that it was almost blown up by a satellite. Instead of getting the shattering, all you get was the loud noise. You hear the loud boom. And the Lord would stop the actual shattering, itself, and so.

You know, you're just constantly having to fight, to fight back, you know. And voices are the easiest thing. I mean, that's the easiest thing. I deal with literal satellite EMF [electromagnetic frequency] attacks from space. Voices are nothing. So you guys need to shut the voices up yourself. Ask the Lord to bind and cast them into the abyss. Whatever's speaking to you, rebuke them, command them not to speak to you. If you hear laughter, it's probably humans. Ask the Lord to fry their equipment.

See, we're being attacked not only by demonic entities, but by the military. Because they can access you through the chip implants that you get. You know, you can go to a doctor's office or dentist's office, get your teeth worked on, get a shot, and you're gonna have chip implants to deal with at that point. And that gives the military access to you. They sit on computers in underground bases and have access to you. All these chips are numbered. And so, they simply figure out who you are by accessing the chip that you've been implanted with. And they can figure out who you are and your physical location at that point. And so, they have you in their database. And so, that's when you have to get proactive and ask the Lord to destroy all access to you from computer chips, to destroy their computer accesses to you. And you shouldn't be hearing things that are probably coming from underground and military bases.

Neodyme magnets. Put them on points where you think an access point is for a chip implant. Ask the Lord to deactivate and malfunction the chip implant, itself. You can ask Him to put a shield around you that nothing can penetrate. You know, you can do it as thick as you want. Just an impenetrateable shield that nothing can penetrate. You could make it a hundred miles thick. Ask Him, whatever His discretion is.

Stay Away from GMOs - Do Metal Detoxes - Go on a Three-Day Oatmeal Fast as a Poison Detox

Put a shield over your home. I've made them a trillion miles high so that the storm systems wouldn't work. They're always engineering storms to move in their ships here. And it just annoys me. They're trying to soften up the earth as well with all the rain and storms. They're trying to create earthquakes. They wanna blow the [New] Madrid Fault Line. They wanna create earthquakes in certain areas. So they're softening up the earth, causing all this flooding.

They're also trying to destroy the food supply. Remember, I told you they would force famines. That famines coming were gonna be force-created. And they can easily just shut down distribution centers, too. And that's what they plan to do. Also destroying farmland so that they don't produce crops, can't produce food, you have to buy government GMO [genetically modified organism] food. And what's in the GMO? Stuff that'll destroy you. They're targeting human DNA. They wanna change your DNA. You know, they may not be here in physical presence--this Ashtar Command and their leaders, Maitreya, and Sananda, and Germaine, and all the others--but they work behind the scenes, folks, orchestrating all of this stuff. They work behind the scenes and orchestrate everything.

So you need to fight back. Stay away from GMOs. Do body cleanses from metals. Keep metals out of your body. Because what they do is accumulate--some people aren't singularly chip implanted. What I think is happening is that they're getting an accumulation of these nanobot chips that are so small that you can breathe in the air through chemtrails, and I think they're just accumulating in people to the point where, um, that it's becoming overpowering.

You know, imagine, if you will, a bunch of little nanobots, like a magnet, finding each other inside your body and then growing, and taking over your body. That's what I think is going on with these people because, you know, it's almost like you're dealing with people who would be classic examples for schizophrenia, only they don't have schizophrenia. That's not a mental disease that they have, it's actually created from all the metals in their body, all these chips. So you need to do metal detoxes.

And, you know, when I was going through poison detox years ago--and every once in a while I have to go through this to get all the poison out of my body, because they purposely poison my food and coffee and stuff all the time. Oatmeal. Go on a three-day oatmeal fast. Just eat oatmeal for three days.

How to Deal with Wi-Fi (Wireless Communication Technology) Attacks - Get a Rock Salt Lamp - Keep of Variety of Frequencies of Orgone Around

If you're frying from wi-fi--most people don't realize the effects of wi-fi in the house. Just having a computer on, they access the computers all the time. They send wi-fi EMF transmissions through your monitors all the time trying to kill you. Turn your computer off. If you start getting sick, and you feel like you're dizzy, or getting heart attacks, you're getting lazy, you're getting tired, turn it off. Walk away from it, go outside, you'll see how much better you feel. Leave your house, leave your apartment, you'll see how much better you'll feel. It's that wi-fi that they're accessing and using in your apartment to target you with.

I was just reading on some site. I think it was that medical site, Natural News, whatever it's called. Talking about a rock salt lamp. That if you put these things in your houses, they actually attract all the wi-fi to them, and it deactivates them. Rock salt lamps. Go to Amazon and look those up, folks. They're not that expensive either. I was looking and they were, like, 20 bucks, 15 bucks. Another one was some kind of cactus plant.

Or just get orgone. Sometimes orgone, they can signal and target a particular frequency of orgone. And so, it's kind of wise to use various different types of frequencies in your orgone. Like, put extra pennies in some, put magnets in others. Keep a variety of frequencies of your orgone so they can't just target any one kind and try to combat it. And so, that's what I do all the time. That's the only reason I have any break at all. Wi-fi's not usually a problem I have to deal with, but I know a lot of people that do. You need to get the orgone. Especially in front of your monitors. And your television sets. Also in your kitchens, electrical lines. That's how demonic and dimensional beings will travel. Through electrical lines. And huge access points are usually a person's kitchen, because people have so many appliances and things plugged in. Unplug them. Put a lot of orgone in your kitchen.

Go to and Learn the Basics of How to Fight Back from Being Attacked - If You're a Child of God's, You Have Power and Authority Over Satan

I put some links on my website at Frequently asked questions, the warfare prayers, warring against the wicked. And all of these links. Invaluable information on prayers that you can do and ways you can fight back from being attacked. You know, these are just, like, 101 attacks because, you know, we all go through them. And the better you get at fighting against them, they just coming against you with more stuff. That's when the Lord will have you by His hand, Himself. That's what He does to me, and so. Start with the basics here, folks. Learn how to fight back. Because really, if you're being hounded by voices and stuff, that is like a Harassment 101 in Satan's kingdom. That's baby stuff to him. And these people wanna go kill themselves because they get so sick of it? It's so easy to stop. It's so easy to get rid of. It's so easy to fight back against. Just learn. Read the links on my website,, and you can learn how to fight back against them.

You know, the biggest thing you can do is just asking the Lord to break their equipment and casting them into the abyss. And just keep doing it. Don't suspect that you ask one time, He's gonna do it, boom, it's gonna be gone. You have to stay persistent because they're always changing equipment to use against you. You break one thing, they bring up another one against you. Ask the Lord to break that. It might be a daily thing. You know, they send their powerful demons in to harass you, and you ask the Lord to bind them and cast them in the abyss, and they send lesser ones. Ask Him to bind and cast them--they'll get tired of losing demons. You have to show them that, "You're not gonna mess with me, because I'm not gonna take your crap." Hehe! And they'll back off. But you have to stand up.

If you're a child of God's, then you have all the power and authority in the world over Satan and his kingdom. Because that's what the Lord gives us as His children on earth. You have to use it. You know, Satan's not gonna look at you and go, "Ooh, there's a Christian. I better run." [laughs] No, you're like a magnet to him. He's like, "Ooh, I'm gonna have some fun." And he wants to see what you know, or what you're gonna do." Most Christians do nothing but whimper and cower, and drop on the floor, let Satan dance all over their heads. Stand up, use your authority that you have in the Lord as His child, and make Satan run. Put him on the floor cowering in fear.

Thank You for Sending in Donations to Help with Mission Montana - Continue with the Border Wars

Anyway, I wanted to thank people. Thank you guys for sending in donations to help with Mission Montana. Not as much as I'd like to get out that way. But we have been able to send several boxes of orgone out that way. And so, I just thank everybody for sending in donations for that. Still working on that one. Like I said, there's still a lot I would like to send out that way. Just so much out in Montana. And especially on the border of Idaho. And, for some reason, also a target of FEMA. [inaudible] It's probably a base out there. Usually on the borders of states. Remember, I put a--I was talking about Border Wars. How they love to put bases on the borders, state borders. And that's why people need to get their whole borders of their states. Because there's always bases on these borders. And so, we need to target those in every state. Right now, particularly targeting Montana and Idaho. And so, I'll need your continued help for that.

I Need 1-Inch Clear Quartz Crystals - AutoZone Gift Cards Are Good

I need crystals. Somebody wanna buy crystals and donate them to the ministry and send them here, that would be hugely appreciated. I usually buy them at You can get the 1-inch clear quartz crystals in bulk. Send those. Get about ten pounds, twenty pounds, whatever. One or two pounds. Whatever you could do. I'm good on shavings right now. But what I need is crystals.

Somebody sent me a gift card for AutoZone. That was great. I liked that. To go buy resin with that. AutoZone gift cards work. Those are good. Go get my resin. Also just finances as well. So, like, sending in your financial donations so I can ship things out, get the bills paid, things like that. Still need your help with all that, folks.

The Bible Codes Show That They're Infuriated by the Protection That Orgone Gives Us - We're a Precious Minority of the Lord's People, and So Effective

I know people are busy. And they're trying to enjoy their summer amongst rain and drought. One or the other depending on which side of the country you're in. But Satan doesn't sleep and we've gotta get stuff done while we can. Get protection areas up. That's one thing that I always see in the Bible Codes that infuriates them, is the protection that orgone gives us. And so, we gotta keep these areas going. Keep protection areas up. When you orgone an area, that's gonna be protection area. And so, you know, you can put up walls. Get a map out of your area. Put up walls. One orgone puck every mile or half-mile. If you're out in the desert, one every two miles. And this'll put up walls of orgone protection around you. And, you know, just grid your area in. North, south, east, west. Do a circle. Do a box. Do a square. Do a triangle. It doesn't matter. Grid areas in. I've done walls all the way across this country. I've done walls from New York to Las Vegas. It's a lot of work, folks, and it's a lot of money. So always need contributions.

You know, I've always felt like the pinnacle, the final nail would always be when they finally admit...when they finally admit that it's the orgone that's destroyed them. I see it in the Codes all the time. But I also see that they dispute it. You know, they're telling their inklings it's everything, anything but the orgone. One of these days, they're gonna have to admit that it was the orgone. Don't know if I'll be here or not for that, but that's...that'll be the pinnacle, I guess you could say. The last thing that I'd ever need to hear. I don't even need to hear that. I just think it would be amusing. I already know they know. They just won't admit it. I guess it would just be amusing to hear them admit it.

All they do is fight against us. Fight against me. Send their droids out on the Internet to attack, and mock, and discredit, and lie, and keep people away so that people aren't joining and waking up. People aren't waking up to how to stop Satan. He doesn't want people learning that. He wants people to stay asleep so he can continue attacking them and destroying their health, and their family's, and they can't figure it out. They don't know why. They don't have any answers.

We can fight back. We've done so, and we'll continue to do so, whether it be 100 or 100,000 people. That would be a--100,000 people would just be incredible. Because I could think of 100. I couldn't even think of 1,000. Very minority minority. Precious Minority. That's how I see it in the Bible Codes. Just a Minority, a Remnant of the Lord's people. So, a very small number. And that's what we are. And just so effective. So effective.

We Need to Get Busy on the Warfare Prayers - They're Using the Next Two Weeks of Rituals to Build Up Power So They Can Physically Arrive on Earth

Anyway, folks, be back next week, I assume. [laughs] I don't really know. Next week is--let's look at the date...depending if they have their way or not, let's see. Next week's the 29th. So we're not gonna get hyper until the 31st. It's a Wednesday. And then, oh, look. Thursday and Friday is August 1 and 2nd. And the 3rd. The next two weeks, folks, from today all through next week. Wow. We really need to get busy on the warfare prayers. And I'll have Brother Rich post them on my lists and on Facebook. Because they're gonna be doing a lot of rituals. A lot of satanic stuff over the next two weeks. And we need to turn that loosh that they're trying to create for Satan, that power, we can turn that negative energy they're trying to muster up and create, and turn it into positive energy for the Lord to use. Basically stealing from Satan, converting it, and giving it to the Lord to use, and so. This takes it away from Satan. It's taking it away from him. It's like taking candy from a kid. Taking candy from a baby. Taking his power away. Keeping him powerless.

You know, he uses all these rituals to build energy. Because that gives him power. But when you pray, you can take all that power away. And that's what we're gonna be doing the next two weeks and focusing on. Because I know he's just using these next two weeks to build up power so they can physically arrive on earth. And, you know, when they physically arrive on earth, it's pretty much over at that point, folks. You can pretty much just start doing your prophetic countdowns at that time. The global takeover for Satan, and Allah, and Islam, and sharia, it's all connected. It's all connected with these cosmic beings. The whole New Age global NESARA agenda, it's all connected together.

And so, really we either go through delays for this to happen, or it actually happens. Either way it's inevitable. It's inevitable either way. But we'll do what the Lord wants us to do. Because no matter what they're gonna do, because eventually Satan does get to rule on earth for 3-1/2 years, 42 months, He doesn't say how. It doesn't say if he has to rule from a palace made with gold or from a wheelchair. [laughs] From being a flamboyant speaker to having to have a face mask on or a inhaler just to breathe here, you know. He doesn't say how. And so, these are the variables I'm having fun with. Taking away his power, his authority here on earth. Changing the makeup of things.

And just because he gets to rule doesn't mean his forces get to rule with him. We can take all them out. We can destroy them. And we've been, by the tens of thousands. We've been busy. And people who support this ministry, you're a part of that. You know, just because you don't see things with your physical eyes doesn't mean things don't happen and they aren't recorded, because I can see those in the Bible Codes, so.

Those Who Haven't Been Supporting This Ministry, and Have the Money to Contribute, It's Time to Stand Up and Help

Anyway, till next week, everybody. Yeah, please continue to support this ministry. Some of you just need to get off your duffs and support this ministry. You've got a lot you can contribute; you don't. Or pleas for financing just fall on deaf ears. So many just listen to this show to--for info, for intel. And they sit and laugh, and they plan their agendas around everything I say. Time to stand up and help.

Anyway, till next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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