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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
July 29, 2013

Comet ISON's Arrival Is Being Accelerated

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. It is July 29. A couple things I wanna talk about tonight. Seeing a lot of chatter on the Internet about Comet ISON, the blue star. And I posted a link earlier about Comet ISON a couple days ago. It was supposed to arrive sometime this week. And this comet is the one that is in relation to the Hopi prophecy. You guys have probably all heard this stuff back in December with all the Hopi prophecies. And this is another one. And I wasn't expecting this one until October or November of this year. But now it's being accelerated. Because I was surprised as anybody else to see these videos coming out that Comet ISON, I-S-O-N, would be visible within 5 days. Because I'm thinking, "Well, that's early. This isn't supposed to be appearing until October or November." So we're being accelerated a little bit on the timetable here. And it happens. As much as we have delays, we can have accelerations. And so, Lord knows how many delays we've had just in the last 5 years. And so, a little acceleration here with Comet ISON.

Comet ISON Is the Hopis' Blue Star Kachina and It Signifies the Arrival of E.T.'s, the Coming of the End of the World, and the Day of Purification

And Comet ISON, uh, I'll go back a little bit tonight and talk about the Hopi myth about it. But I also wanna talk about the Hopis. Not only did they have their little prophecy about the Blue Star Kachina, but the Red Star Kachina, and everything that's coming. It all relates together because all of this relates to the same stuff I've been saying for the past umpteen years. All involving the whole Sananda/Maitreya/Islamic issue. And so, gonna tie all that in together.

In Hopi mythology, the Blue Star Kachina is what this Comet ISON is. They call it ISON. I don't know why. [ISON stands for International Scientific Optical Network] But it is this Blue Star Kachina. And what this comet signifies is the coming of the end of the world. Because it's this comet, supposedly, is a kachina or spirit, and it signifies the coming of the end of the world by appearing in the form of a blue star. The Blue Star Kachina is said to be the ninth and final sign before the "Day of Purification," described as a catastrophe or a "world engulfing cataclysm" that will lead to the destruction of the Earth. Some have interpreted the prophecy of the Blue Star Kachina to be a reference to the impending arrival of extraterrestrial life.

And so, this is, basically, a sign of the impending arrival of E.T.'s. Also a sign of the destruction that's coming upon the world. And also the Day of Purification. And you'll remember back in December, back at Christmastime with all the stuff going on, their prophecies--I think that was the Mayans back at December. And they were saying the end of the world was gonna be on December 21, there was gonna be three days of darkness. This is along the same lines. Because the three days of darkness was a time of purification. And here we have the Hopi prophecy stating that this Blue Star Kachina signifies a Day of Purification coming upon mankind. And, supposedly, both...for both of these days of purification they were supposed to eliminate the wicked off the earth. And cleanse the earth of all the evil people.

Well, if you're in a religion, or a cult, that rejects Yahushua as the Son of God, then you're evil to them. So, explain their Day of Purification. Are they coming after Christians? Or are they coming after who we think are evil who are all those who reject the Son of God? You know, everybody has their own definition of who is evil. To Christians, Satanists are evil. To Satanists, Christians are evil. Who's evil to these Hopis and Mayans? And let's look at the lineage of Hopis and Mayans. They're not Israelites, folks. These branches, seedlines are from the lost, ancient civilization of Atlantis. Who got up off Atlantis; traveled up South, Central, to North America. Their lineage from Atlantis.

And so, I find that interesting that so many people bank so much, you know, time into what the Hopis are saying, what the Mayans are saying. They're Satanists. They worship Quetzalcoatl. They worship--you know, they have altars, they sacrifice humans, they're not a Christian cult--er, not even a Christian cult--they're not a belief, they're not anything Christian. And so, this is kind of in the same line with the New Agers. Because they're all together on the same beliefs. Yeah, you might call them Mayans, you might call them Hopis, then you have the New Agers. Guess what, they're all in the same line of beliefs.

They may term things differently and expect different timelines. Trust me, when you've been in the Bible Codes as long as I am, timelines mean nothing. They can be delayed, they can be stalled, they can come back later. Time is almost an irrelevant issue because the Father who created us doesn't live in linear time. And so, we kind of get abstract things like, "I'm coming soon." You know, He says that all the time. Soon. You know, define soon. Your soon or my soon. Haha! My timeline or Your nonexistent one. [laughs] And so, what you get is signs.

Hopis Say That When You See the Blue Star Kachina, the Day of Purification Is Coming, but What Blue Stars Do We Have?

And so, the Hopis are saying, "When you see this Blue Star Kachina, this comet, it's a sign the Day of Purification is coming. I don't have a problem with that particular sign. And I'll tell you why. It's because the Blue Star Kachina, which is a blue comet, be visible in the skies, uh, first we have...I was thinking, "What blue stars do we have?" We have the blue star that sits on the left foot of Orion constellation. If you notice, I can't remember the name of the star, but it's blue. And then, diagonal, up at the top right of the constellation, you have the red star Betelgeuese [pronounced Beetlejuice]. I think some people pronounce it Beetlegese. I'll go with the Hollywood name, Beetlejuice. But on the left foot of Orion, it's a blue star.

Then we also have Capricorn. Sananda's spaceship, which is huge. It's mammoth. It's miles and miles long and high. And that sits as a blue star at night. Sits in the northwest corner. I saw it the other night. It was kind of white. You couldn't really see the flashing blue. But several months ago, even last year, when it was just hanging above Ohio, up in the sky it was blue. You just saw this blue object up in the sky. And I have pictures of that and I posted them, from Brother Rich. And so, we have the blue Capricorn.

And now we have blue Comet ISON, you know. And the one thing about ISON is it crashes. And I'm thinking, "Well, you know, this is the same thing of what--," you know, we've got Shema that's gonna crash, which is the star in the east. Now it looks to be on the border of Ohio/Pa [Pennsylvania], and it's stuck there for years. And I've gone through that a million times on this show. I'm not gonna reinvent the wheel with that one. But Shema we've got at night. That's yellow and red because it's been on fire for quite a bit of time. Must be a huge rock. Then, we have that crashing. I've predicted--I'm going out on a limb--that it would crash in one of the Great Lakes.

Sananda Is Having a Hard Time Accessing the Gate, the Portals, That He Needs to Access Earth, Because of the Orgone - Watchmen Are Gatekeepers

Then we have Capricorn, which is certainly to crash. Having a really hard time trying to lower into our aerospace, I guess you could say. There's different levels of space. You can be way up, like outer space. And, you know, even the Bible refers to them as the heavenlies. It's not heavenly, it's heavenlies. There's different levels. And so, when an object wants to appear into our space, our aerospace, it has to come in lower. And they usually use portals and channels to gain access into our atmosphere. Well, gatekeeper being one of my titles, is one who watches the gates. And also a protector, defender of gates.

And so, you know, unbeknownst to most people, one of the biggest aftereffects of the orgone we've saturated the earth with is it protects gates, it can close gates. And in particular, with Sananda and his Capricorn, is every time he tries to access our atmosphere to earth, our orgone goes through the gate he's trying to use and burns him. Boils him. Saturates them. Asphyxiates them. They can't breathe. They get boils, they get hot, they get burned. So he's having a hard time accessing the gate, the portals, that he needs to access earth, because of the orgone. The Warriors have done their jobs.

Watchmen are gatekeepers. Also known as gatekeepers. You may not have known exactly what everything entails with a watchman, but they're not just bigmouths, they're also considered as gatekeepers. So, interesting. Anyway, so we have Capricorn that's gonna crash, I suspect. Then we have Shema that's gonna crash. And this Comet ISON, Blue Star Kachina, that's going to crash.

Now, the government has suspected that something is going to crash in the Atlantic Ocean for years. And every summer, they go through drills of pulling the Navy out of the Atlantic, and waiting for something to just drop out of the sky and crash into the Atlantic. So no surprise that it's gonna be July 31 soon, August 1, and Comet ISON is here. Is this the object that's gonna crash into the Atlantic? You know? Because when they're saying, uh, you know, I assume they were thinking Shema was gonna crash into the Atlantic. I'm thinking, "No, I think it's gonna crash in the Great Lakes." So what is it that's gonna crash into the Atlantic? I think it'll probably be this Comet ISON, this Blue Star Kachina.

In Revelation, chapter 9, it talks about a lamp crashing to the earth. And it talks about--actually, it talks about a comet striking the earth, and then it talks about a meteor striking the earth. So, if Comet ISON crashes into the Atlantic now, even in several months or whatever, we could have a meteor striking the earth somewhere.

Comet ISON Crashing into the Atlantic Would Be an Extinction-Level Event - Comet ISON Probably Won't Take Out New York City, but Maybe Great Britain

A lot of people talking about the government seems to be preparing for a mass casualty event. Well, that's one of them I could think of. Comet ISON crashing into the Atlantic. And this would be what they've been waiting for. The extinction-level event [ELE] they've been waiting for. Because if it crashed into the Atlantic and causes the destruction they think it's gonna cause, taking out New York City and London, that would be certainly an ELE.

Now, do I think it's gonna take out New York City? I don't think so. Because I don't think the Lord had me go to New York City last year...and by the way, this is, uh, wow, this was my, um, anniversary week, I believe. At this time last year, I was in New York City. I was there for 8 days. And we protected New York City from being overtaken by the year 2012 scenario with that hurricane that came in.

I mean, they wanted to flatten--literally put Manhattan on the floor of the Hudson River. That was the goal. And all they got was Staten Island and the New Jersey coastline. Because we protected Manhattan with a wall of orgone. It was a group of us, about 6, 7 people. We did a lot of work. A lot of work in a short amount of time. So I don't think the Lord would have us protect it from a hurricane and not somehow protect it from this coming comet, if it should dump in the Atlantic. If they really wanna try to destroy New York, then they'll do it any way they can, but it's not happening. It's not gonna happen.

So I don't think it's gonna take out the financial center, Manhattan. It may affect other areas on our east coastline. And it may very well effect London and Europe. Their scenario, years ago, was that Great Britain would be underwater from the tsunamis created if a comet hits the Atlantic. And that is why the queen bought up all that land in Denver. And they came up with the big excuse they needed a new airport, blah, blah, blah. She owns all that land. She owns that city. And that DUMB underneath Denver Airport. And that's where they were gonna relocate the Royal Family to live if this event was occurring.

I See Sheer Pandemonium in the Codes Because Their UFOs Are Crashing Everywhere - They Want to Destroy Ohio and They Want to Inhabit Jerusalem

So, I don't know if Comet ISON--when it's gonna crash. I told you last week I kept seeing a comet in the Codes, or the week before that. And, apparently, it's this Comet ISON. Because it's the only comet in the skies right now. I'm just shocked that it's so early. I did not expect this comet to hit until later this year. So it's moved up quite a bit. Because Sananda's timing--I've told you about the arrival of Sananda and Maitreya, these cosmic beings that are coming--they're basically in do-or-die mode, you know. They've gotta make things happen. And so, this is the week. This is like D-Day for them, you know. This is like D-Week.

I know what I've been seeing in the Codes is sheer Pandemonium. Because Yah's been cranking up the orgone and it's been crashing their UFOs everywhere. Now, they play with my sky all night long. I hardly ever get to see anything. I hardly ever get to see a sky. They blacken it out. They have this technology where they blacken out the sky. I think it's called the Micah Project, or the Malachi Project; one of those two. They darken out the skies so you can't see stars, planets, UFOs. You can't see anything. It's just all black when you look. You might be able to see one star and then the moon. So keep your eyes on the skies, if they're not messing with yours, because you should be able to see flashes of light. You might think, "Oh, that's a fallen star." Most of the time they're UFOs crashing. Because fallen stars don't go sideways across the sky. [laughs]

And so, I'm seeing pandemonium in the Codes. And probably moreso over by Jerusalem you might be able to see more of this. Because seems to be more focused in the Middle East. Now, they hate Ohio. They hate America. They've been trying to break through here last couple months. They keep getting their butts kicked. I don't know if they finally decided to just go or what, but I'll never just decide--well, it would be nice if they just left and didn't come back. But they'll always be coming back here. This is the most hated spot in the world right now, is Ohio. Because I'm here. The second hated spot would probably be Jerusalem. But they wanna destroy Ohio. They wanna inhabit Jerusalem. That's two big differences.

The Blue Star Kachina Was the Final Prophecy of the Hopis - The Hopis Are Linked to the Bahais - We're Looking at Last December's Events Being Played Out Now

So you got the Blue Star Kachina, the Hopi prophecy, where they had 9 signs till the end of the world. And Comet ISON, the Blue Star Kachina, was the last and final prophecy of the Hopis. What I found interesting when I was chuggling through this Hopi stuff is that the Hopis, themselves, are linked to the Bahais. Bahais. I don't know how you say it. I've done radio shows on the Bahais before. OK, the three days of darkness of Hopi prophecy was also prophesied. So they did have three days of darkness. And that three days of darkness thing's tied in with the Day of Purification.

But remember what I told you back in December. That what I saw was a Giant invasion. It was a Giant invasion. I saw Giants here. And Annunaki invasion. A terrible time. The Lord's people--the Lord would pretty much command them to stay inside. Stay inside their homes. And I told you to get ready for, you know, electrical grid failures, no electricity. Get stocked up on your orgone water and stuff like that. And, you know, it would've been crazy if it was in the middle of winter. And now we're looking at it for sometime this fall. I'm not gonna say it's gonna happen this month. I'm just saying we're watching these events closely now because they've been moved up. But everything that was supposed to happen in December, we're now looking at unfolding now. Because the Blue Star, the comet, is the sign that's all being played out again. So it's all gonna be--that route that got delayed, it's now coming back out, and it's gonna be replayed again, signalized by the Blue Star.

The Red Kachina Is Nibiru, Also Known as the Destroyer

And so... wanted to talk about the Red Star. And you can--this Blue Star Kachina, this Hopi stuff, maybe I'll post it on my list later. Just started going through a lot of the Hopi Indians and their Blue Star prophecy stuff. All kind of being related--I found it interesting that a meteor strike also being mentioned in the Illuminati card game. They talk about Comet Hale-Bopp and they have a card for the meteor strike. You know from the Bible that the comet strike hits before the meteor strike hits. The Red Kachina is known as the purifier. That's another one. The Red Kachina is Nibiru. Also known as the destroyer.

It was the first time just the other day when I seen it mentioned as this Red Kachina. Because the Hopis were saying, "Hey, look. There's gonna be a Blue Kachina then there's gonna be a Red Kachina." And it's the Red Kachina that brings on the Day of Purification. And what do we know about Nibiru? Giants. Giants. See, these Indians, and fallen angels, and tare seedlines, and everybody else can use terminologies and religions around things. But can always make sense of it because of what I see in the Codes. It's like what are you talking about all this New Age garbage. And then you'll see in the Codes that Giants are coming, the Anuks are coming. [laughs] So you have all these different religions warning about events that are coming. They just have their own different ways of saying it.

Obviously, the destroyer, which is Nibiru, another name for this Nibiru, Planet X. Because it carries a whole system with it. You know, Blue Comet ISON is associated with the whole--it's like a whole planetary system that's coming in with Nibiru. Started coming in last year. Started getting fried and reversed itself out of our atmosphere and went south to Australia for almost a year to restore itself. Because when it started coming into our atmosphere, it was getting burned by the orgone. And now it's making its way back, to come back into our atmosphere. They must've thought that they restored it enough, or maybe created some new kind of shields that they think the orgone won't penetrate. [laughs] But it's gonna come back into our atmosphere.

And Nibiru is huge. Nibiru is a huge, uh, like, three times the size of Jupiter, I think they say. And so, if Nibiru were to position itself directly in front of the sun, it could literally block the sunlight from hitting the earth. Causing darkness. That's plausible. That's doable. In other words, that can happen. So, we expected it back in December with the second sun. It will come with Nibiru, if it does. Now I don't know about what's going on with the second sun. It would've been the second sun in December. It wouldn't have been Nibiru.

The Arrival of Sananda and/or Maitreya Will Set off the Giant Invasions, Plagues, and Other Apocalyptic Events

I am seeing Nibiru in the Codes. I am seeing a Comet. I am seeing a Crashing. I am seeing Giants. And I'm seeing the Philistines associated with the Shema star. I'm seeing the Locusts of Joel. And Locusts are also just a general term for these Giants that are coming towards earth.

So, I start seeing different names for different factions of Giants. Then you'll see the Annunaki. So, we've got different factions of Giants that are gonna be invading, coming to earth. You know, I've been seeing Joel in the Codes for a while. Also the Philistines from Shema. But what's gonna set all of this off--and I've told you there's one single event that's going to set all of this off, and that's going to be the arrival of Maitreya and/or Sananda to this earth. When they appear publicly and begin their ministries--if you wanna call them ministries, because they're just agendas of death and destruction on earth--then, boom.

That's why I always said get ready. When you see these guys, run. Go hide. Get ready. Because, boom, it's gonna be huge. One destruction, one plague, one thing after the next. It's gonna be a bathtub effect and it's gonna be a whirlwind. It's gonna come quick. People aren't going to suspect it. People don't suspect that this Sananda coming, this Muslim Jesus--they call him Muslim Jesus, we call him the Antichrist--that he is the pale horse rider of the apocalyptical horses. And what comes with the pale horse rider is Death. And the forces of Hell come with him. Plagues and death.

Even in the background today with the Shema star and Sananda, they work nonstop on developing vaccines and ways of accessing vaccines to destroy mankind. [inaudible] gets on the New Age boards and, "Oh, Sananda's a prophet, but, you know, he's one of the lower-ranking prophets." And they go on, and on, and on. You know, and he channels through people. And they talk about how they wanna build a fifth dimension of light and love on earth, and prosperity. And everybody's gonna be happy and peaceful and rich. And no more worries. And a return to constitutional law and sanity. And getting rid of all the evil Satanists and their New World Order stuff. And blah, blah, blah, blah.

In the background, they all work together. They break bread together. You have the New World Order Satanists and the same Sananda crowds, the leaders, in the background, together working on these different--what appears to be different--agendas. It's almost like saying we have two political parties in America; Democrats and Republicans, you know. Most people are catching on that that's a facade because no matter who's in power, the agenda goes forward. Satan's agenda. And that's the same thing with all these different religions. The Satanists, and the New Agers, and the alien agenda, and the New World Order agenda.

And there's you know, the different mob factions that are controlling each different region and faction. They think they're all separate from each other and different, when the ones at the very, very top, they all meet together and work together on all this stuff. It's the octopus. It's the octopus symbology, folks. You have the head. And you have all the little arms that come off. Well, in the head are all the top leaders of all these different factions. They all just work together. You have a council above all them, directing it all.

The Japanese Faction Has Been Listening to and Following a False Angel Named Gabriel

So it's gonna be chaos. I just get tired of all the game-playing. I mean, it' know, enough is enough already. They act like little--and they are different factions fighting for control, but. You know, right now, the most dominant is the Chinese and the Japanese. And the Japanese have been listening to, and following, this false angel named Gabriel. They think--I don't know if they really think he's the legitimate one from heaven or not. He's the same one that goes over and plays night angel with the New Agers. You know, they'll claim to see Gabriel at night, and Michael, and Raphael. You know. They're fakes. They're cons. And it's the same thing the Japanese are following now. This White Dragon faction. They're following this fake, con Gabriel.

The Lord's archangels are not here leading mankind's factions. They're not here on earth operating to control events on the earth. You know, they don't care about our governments. They don't care about our economy. They're not involved with politics here on earth. So whenever you see or hear of someone saying they spoke to an angel, you know it's a con. It's a con. It's one of these cons. And the New Age is full of them. They love to give a religious persona to a demon and give it a religious name. They've been doing it for thousands of years.

Obama Is Paying the Chinese to Destroy America - The Android of Obama Had a Stroke

So the Chinese are being set up to be the armed forces of Satan when he arrives. Americans right now, America is actually paying for their own destruction. Because they're actually paying China and helping China get over here. Sticking them in underground bases so that they can be ready to destroy America. Yeah, Obama's paying the Chinese to destroy America. They may call it bank bailouts, or whatever fancy economic or political term they wanna use, but the real reason they're in alignment with the Chinese is because they want the Chinese to come in, giving them open-door access to America, so they can destroy America.

Obama is very antiAmerica. He's not even human, folks. The one clone they were using, the android, that one had a stroke. So now they're on clone number whatever. And I told you ages ago that one of the biggest problems with using clones and androids is that they stroked out. They stroke out and they have heart attacks and they have to constantly be replaced.

So now you know why the White House has spent millions of dollars in the last five years building this huge underground medical area right off the west wing of the White House. It's underground. It's a DUMB. They have this medical facility so they can keep pumping out clones. Because that's where the other android is of Obama. He's down there in that medical facility in the White House. While they pump out a new clone. It only takes 3 days. And they usually have several in operation at one time. So if they need to take--get one somewhere, make an appearance, so they can hide the appearance of the original clone. I mean, how many times over the years have we been fed a bunch of baloney that, "Oh, Obama's on a bus campaign promoting a book, promoting his campaign."? He's on a bus tour and the real one was in the underground base getting his brain tweaked. The computer in his brain tweaked.

We've been being played with for years, folks. For years. And I asked the Lord, I said, "How much farther? How much longer?" Because we're always--you know, if you're alert, and you're awake, and you're aware, when you see this stuff going on TV, you can't just see there and watch this silently. You're saying, "Lord, please help that thing to malfunction so people will wake up. Make it do something weird, something odd. Make it glitch." You know, something like what Judge Judy did. And everyone's thinking, you know--nobody says anything about that. You know, nobody brings it to the table, "Why are you saying Judge Judy had a stroke?" And she's clearly just malfunctioned. And some of these other reporters. There's YouTubes all over YouTube. And reporters having glitches, malfunctioning and then being written off as, "Oh, they had a stroke."

It's actually these androids amongst us. And they're all over the place. Operation Double Down's been going on for a while now. I told you about it last year. I told you in 2005 the invasion had begun. And they were starting to replace humans with soul-scalped Reptilians, and clones, and hybrids, these starseeds amongst us. You have the androids replacing celebrities, and politicians, and religious figures. I mean, ever wonder why all of a sudden, some celebrity you liked, all of a sudden they just changed? And now you're, like, you don't even know who that person is? They switch them out. If one doesn't wanna play ball and go along, they switch them out with the one that will.

Celebrities Who Don't Want Anything to Do with the Evil and Corrupt Agenda End Up Getting Switched Out or Lobotomized

The funniest thing I read the other night was this new Miley Cyrus. And a statement she made in one of these videos was, "They say I'm prettier than Miley Cyrus was." Well, who is she? Did she forget she's supposed to be playing Miley Cyrus? [laughs out loud] I just started laughing. They do tell you. You just have to have an ear to hear what they're saying. She's this new blond one with the short hair saying, "I'm actually prettier than Miley Cyrus was." And she's supposed to be playing Miley Cyrus. I mean, the real one got knocked off, so. She was switched out.

You know, a lot of these celebrities, they don't wanna go along. They don't want anything to do with the evil and corrupt agenda, and they want out. And what happens is they end up getting switched out, where they're just totally replaced, or they get lobotomized. I mean, look at Britney Spears. What more can they do to her brain? And you know who features that, is Lady Gaga. In one of her videos. Because I was watching some from Vigilante Citizen, whatever, last year or so. And she's detailing in one of these videos what they do to you. Put you on a gurney. They take you into psyche ward thing. And they give you a lobotomy. That's basically what they've done to Lady Gaga.

I hope and pray it's not what they're doing to Paris Jackson, who's supposedly in a medical treatment facility. Boy, that should send chills up your spine. Especially knowing Hollywood. Anybody being put in a medical treatment facility. Because she's been vocal in speaking out against the New World Order and the Illuminati. So when she comes out of her treatment facility, I guess we'll have to see which Paris comes out. The real Paris, who hates the New World Order, or all of a sudden, one who just goes along, has nothing to say at all because she can no longer think straight.

300 Federal Agents in Boston Were Thrown in Prison and Replaced with Clones, Look-Alikes, and Androids - Cops Are Being Replaced with Reptilians

You know, they try to control every bit of people around them. They do it through chip implants. They do it through lobotomies. They do it through death and murder. They switch people out. They switch police officers out. Federal agents. And I think this all started as an experiment back in the '90s. When they took out 300 federal agents from Boston, threw them all in prison, and sent in clones, look-alikes, and androids to take their place. Took over their jobs, their families, their careers. A lot of them ended up divorced because the wives knew something wasn't right. But for the most part, you've never heard a blip anywhere--because they control the media--about people being replaced. And that's gonna start at the top down, folks. It starts with the federal agents, because they wanna be in control of everything.

You wonder why cops are going wild? The orginals are being replaced. And what you get is a bunch of Reptilians acting like cops who don't know a thing about the Constitution. And you look at their eyes and they don't even look human. Society's going mad with their destruction of it.

And people can't tell if they're looking at a real human, an alien, a clone, an android. You could be talking to a android and not know the difference. People always wanna know how can you tell. Does it have to look like a plastic Barbie? Does it turn around and ask you to wind it up so it can keep speaking? You know, that would be the easy stuff. You can literally--I posted a video on my website a long time ago about this guy who was talking about droids. And I knew from the start. But most people wouldn't catch it probably until they read my remarks on the video. Because he never says anything outright. He was an android. The guy presenting the information was an android. You wouldn't know. They act just like humans. They have mannerisms. They speak clearly. They act just like humans, but they're androids. Robots.

Well, what I do know is the one thing that can put an end to all the madness, is the orgone. And if we don't get it out now, folks, you're gonna be hurting later, because we've had a breather. And we all know we have. Since December, we've been on borrowed time. We've had breather time. This route isn't going away. It's been stalled, it's been delayed, but it's not going away. And every day the Antichrist doesn't physically arrive on the earth, they have more time as well. To put out more androids, to steal more human souls, to further their agenda on earth. It gives them more time. All this is gonna come to a head.

The Giants Are Coming Back Up in the Codes - The Lord Will Protect His People When the Giants Arrive, but Who Are His People? - God's Told His Sheep to Prepare

Giants are back. They're coming back up in the Codes. They went away for a little while. Joel was hanging around because Maitreya was threatening to arrive. Maitreya's still threatening to arrive. Sananda threatening to just come with him this time. Instead of being a space apart, they just come together. Boom. We're gonna have Annunakis, the Locusts of Joel, chapter 1. We're gonna have--the Revelation, chapter 8 Locusts. Then you have the northern army of Joel, chapter 1. Armies from the Capricorn. You got armies from Shema. We got the north and the east.

These Giants aren't all humanoids. Some are. Annunakis are not humanoid. The Philistines, yeah, they're humanoid-looking. They're actually the tall almond-type alien races. Because we have the Si--what are they called? What were they called before? They're from Sirius. Saurians? I don't know. Something to do with Sirius constellation. You know, they're back and forth all the time. You know, that's that really dark blue, almost black-looking alien race with the big almond eyes. Look like Greys except they have that dark blue skin and black skin. Yeah, they've tried to take me out before. They don't get very far. But they're coming back again. They're always coming because they're pissed. I mean, face it, we've been frying them for years. Everybody wants revenge. Everybody wants retaliation. [laughs] So we just keep refrying them. Fry some more. Fry some here. Fry some over there. To them, it's frying. To us, it's protecting our atmosphere from them. Protecting our homes. So it's a difference of perspective.

They're mad, they want retaliation. And according to the Bible, He's going to allow them to have it. Now, He's going to protect His people at this time. His people. The ones who have been listening to Him. Do you have orgone in your yard? Because if you do, you're protected. Some people are waiting for this mysterious rapture to come. Define rapture, because I don't see it anywhere in the Bible Codes. It's not in there. It's not in the Bible. It's a madeup doctrine.

Now, what the Bible does say is that the church of Philadelphia will be protected. But that's a little ways down the road yet. So what happens now? When the Giants arrive. Prepare, folks. Prepare. Most people think, "Oh. Well, I said that salvation prayer. I'm one of the Lord's." Well, His sheep hear His voice. And they know Him and He knows them. And He's been telling His sheep to prepare. So, if you're not prepared, guess what. You're either a dumb sheep, a deaf sheep, or not one of His sheep.

Don't Ask Your Church Pastors What You're Supposed to Be Doing, Ask the Lord Yahushua Directly Because He Said He's the Door

I would suggest a lot of people take the blocks out of their ears, and start sitting at His feet, and asking Him directly what they should be doing. Don't ask your church pastors. They're a bunch of brain-dead whatevers, ask the Lord. He's the door you're supposed to knock on. Doesn't say anywhere to go down to this Baptist church, this Lutheran church, Methodist church, knock on that pastor's door and ask him. It says He is the door, ask Him. Yahushua, the Son of The Most High. You ask Him. Build a relationship with Him. Something the churches have never taught you to do. Ask Him direct. Because if you start asking the Lord direct, you no longer need these deaf and dumb pastors. And they lose your business. It's all about business. The Lord's not in these churches.

The first thing, when you sit at His feet and ask Him for the truth in all things, He'll tell you He's not in these churches. There's a few churches, obviously, described as the church of Philadelphia. Represents a loose-knit minority of people in the world today that hear His voice and do His will. Doesn't say they all meet in a four-walled church, or an auditorium, or a stadium. People who hear Him and do His will. So the whole part now is to get back into relationship and not religion. Because your religion isn't going to save you from the things that are right around the corner. But your relationship with the Lord will. Because His Spirit can guide you. He can guide your thoughts, He can guide your actions. He can nag at you to do something until you do it. He can nag your thoughts.

You don't know if it's Him, you're not sure, so you ignore it for a while, and then that same nagging keeps coming back. Time to stop ignoring it, and start acting on it. Learn the ways the Lord works. One of the ways He works is He will nag your spirit and keep telling you to do something. And when you don't do it, He'll stop for a while, and then He'll bring it back. And He'll bring it back. Eventually, He's going to stop getting your attention. He's gonna realize, "They don't wanna hear Me." They don't recognize His Spirit working in them. They're deaf and dumb sheep. And those are the ones that're gonna get taken to the slaughter. I don't see any rapture happening to them. They're the ones taken to the slaughter. We're already being slaughtered.

The Government Can Hack into the OnStar Technology in Your Car and Take Over Your Driving - In the Bible Codes, the Lord Is Called the Registrar (Record-Keeper)

Do you know, the new technology, this OnStar stuff coming out now, that they can--hackers, the government--and the reason they put this in cars and buses, and airplanes. GPSs run--they have this stuff on the cars--they can hack into the system and take over your driving. They can speed up your vehicle. They can slam the brakes. They can kill you. They can drive it into an ocean. Look at all these accidents that have been taking place. Think about the one a couple weeks ago, that journalist that was killed in California. That was a hijacked OnStar system that killed him--they killed to him [inaudible] his vehicle.

Then you look at this bus...uh, this bus accident. I think it was in Michigan or somewhere over there. And the driver said the brakes failed. People--witnesses said the bus was literally flying. 68-year-old driver. I don't think he's got too hot of a--too much of a foot of steel. He said the brakes stopped working. Well, the bus had just been--gone through a maintenance check. Well, it makes you wanna, you know, what do you wanna bet they hijacked that one and caused that crash? A bus of Christians. Wow, they would love that one. You know, you get bonus points as a Satanist when you destroy innocents. And that's children and Christians. You get bonus points for that one. And they're always looking for bonus points. A lot of the stuff that goes on around us is not accident, folks. It's designed, implemented, and carried out.

Satan's always on the prowl to kill innocents, and Christians, and believers in the Lord. And the Lord allows this to happen. Because things have to be played out. He doesn't interfere with man's will. He doesn't directly interfere with a lot of things unless we, specifically, ask Him to. And then He could be a yes or a no. Just has to play out. Sometimes things just have to play out. There's plenty of times He has told me, you know, if, you know, if I knew something was coming, and, you know, I wanted, maybe, to get it delayed, get a route changed, whatever, and He'd say, "No, this has to play out. This is gonna play out." And so, things play out.

I've had to watch a lot of things play out I would have rather not have watched play out. It would save me a lot of grief and headache. But you know what? He's the record-keeper. In the Bible Codes, He's called the Registrar. He's the record-keeper. He keeps the records. He keeps the books. He knows the things that are gonna happen. And He allows things to purposely play out for whatever reason He has.

With Comet ISON Coming in to Crash, Nibiru Behind It, and Giants Coming In, It's Not a Good Time to Be Sitting on the Fence - Get Right with the Lord

So we got the Blue Star that's coming, that's a sign that the Red Star is imminent. So we got Comet ISON coming in, the Blue Star, warning that, "Hey, Nibiru's coming. Nibiru's right behind me. Nibiru's coming in." And when Nibiru comes in, there's gonna be death and destruction. This is how you just read through the lines of all these little prophecies going out.

Now, the Blue Star is supposed to crash. This could be the event that they're getting ready for. People seeing mass-death trucks or whatever in Virginia. Well, hey, you may lose your coastline. Then you may lose half your state. Could happen, if this comet hits the Atlantic. Virginia could be affected. South Carolina. North Carolina. The coastlines all the way through the southeast. Could start up in Maine. We don't know. But does this comet--if it hits the ocean, if this is the event, then you've got Nibiru coming in. Then you've got a meteor that's gonna come in and crash on the earth. And in between this you have all these Giants coming in.

This is not looking good, folks. It's not a good time to be sitting on the fence. Get right with the Lord. Get your relationships right with Him. Think about your own mortality. And then think about what you can do for Him with the time that's remaining. Because thinking that you're gonna grow old to retire, and live in the $300,000 or $1,000,000 mansion you're building, whatever, is a bunch of hogwash and waste of time. We don't have that much time. Do things for Him on earth. You know? What good does it do you to build a mansion on earth so a tidal wave can destroy it, or an earthquake, because they've been trying to blow the Madrid forever. And, eventually, the Lord's gonna say, "OK, I'm gonna let you do it. This is gonna go." He's gonna allow it.

Seriously, folks, get your priorities in order. It's all I'm saying. Focusing on Him and what He wants you to do, and not what you want to do. And the only way you're gonna know that is to ask Him to teach you how to hear His voice, to teach you how to recognize the ways He works. Ask Him to guide your thoughts. That's the best thing. Because when you keep asking Him to guide your thoughts, you'll know all these thoughts you're getting, and naggings you're getting, are of Him. He works in various ways. He doesn't always speak to you. Doesn't always speak to your spirit. And He certainly doesn't speak to your head. So if you hear voices in your head, that's not Him. He does not speak to your head.

The Things I Talked About 9 or 10 Years Ago Make a Little More Sense Now Because You See the Events Unfolding

Anyway, folks. This week could be interesting. I know that they want the 31st and the 1st the D-Day of Maitreya and Sananda. So be it, if it is. If not, then we'll be talking about different things next Monday night. If it is, we'll be talking about their arrival next Monday night. I don't know what I'll be talking about next Monday night. But I'll be prepared for whatever that is. [laughs] You know what? When the Lord stood me up--what was it--9, 10 years ago, I knew all this back then. All of this going on now. Hasn't changed much. Just delayed. Routes changing a little bit. It's just, like, finally here. Finally here. And everybody else is catching up now and I'm not so crazy because their ears are opening and their understanding's widening. Makes a little more sense now than it did 8 years ago. You look around, and you see the events unfolding.

I Still Need Your Donations, but I Love Each and Every One of You Guys Who Are Supporting This Ministry

Anyway, till next week, everybody. Still need your donations. Keep going on with some of these missions we're working on, or working on. Getting orgone out. Getting it made. I need crystals. If you wanna donate crystals to this ministry, you can go to, or, or healingcrystals.com I like the 1-inch clear quartz crystals. Those are basically the best. Any type around 1-inch. And that's about all I need right now besides resin. Gift cards from AutoZone are great. I can go use those and buy resin at the stores. Or you can send cash and check donations. I can get that with that. I can also pay bills. Just so much.

Hate having my hands tied, on a D-Week, a D-Day, and having my hands tied because finances are so bad. This has to be the only...the only ministry on earth that's been the most effective in kicking Satan's butt and doing so quarters at a time. [laughs] Because I certainly never had a whole lot to rub together all at once. Other than the New York City mission last year. The Lord made that one nice, you know. We got our work done with [audio cut out]. I'd like to have that all the time, folks. No headaches, no hassles.

Love you guys who are supporting this ministry. I don't always acknowledge it because...privacy issues and things like that. But I love each and every one of you. And I know who you are. And so, you know, more people just need to stand up. More and more people.

Anyway, till next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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