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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
August 5, 2013

Yah Battled with These Cosmic Beings All Month to Block Their Arrival by Cranking Up the Orgone

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday, August 5 and I'm Sherry Shriner. And a couple things I wanna talk about tonight. Mind is just going back and forth last couple hours, you know, on what to focus on tonight, what to talk about. Just been in and out of so many various things all week long. Going over here, going over there, getting into this, getting into that. [laughs] So it's really just gonna be one of those shows where I probably just jump from one thing to the next. Because I just have so many different things on my mind.

We're still waiting. Seems like there's...there was a huge delay in July. Because I told you that was their hot month for these cosmic beings to arrive. This Maitreya and Sananda. And so, Yah wasn't having it, and He battled with them all month long. Cranking up the orgone, frying them. If you could see the Codes, it was just amusing. And the sheer terror and pandemonium amongst them. Because they're seeing the hand of God in action.

And, you know, the one thing they share more than anything else is death. Because death, to them--they understand eternity very well, and judgment. And they want to live. They're afraid to--literally afraid to death to die. Put it that way. So, you know, it terrifies them. And so, it's been a battle all month as they try to arrive to earth. Try to come through various portals, various ways. And, you know, Yah just blocks them. He cranks up the orgone.

And so, the month of August I'm not seeing a whole lot of difference. Not seeing very much difference from the month of July with them trying to arrive.

It's Almost Like This Whole Satanic Elite Is Just Waiting for the Orgone Warriors to Leave

Now, if you remember very previous shows I said September 10, September 11 were dominant dates of theirs. And this is their Elul; 10th and 11th. And their Elul 10 and 11th is our August 15 and 16th. So I wanted to clarify that tonight in case--you know, they're really pushing for the 15th and 16th of this month. And something happens and you're taken by surprise because you expected it the next month in September. You know, Hebrew months and English months are two different things.

But I've also noticed in the Codes that when something doesn't go off on a Hebrew date, they'll bring it around and try it on a English date, you know. And so, that's why I've always said trying to put dates on things in the Codes is almost near impossible. Because you're working with two different calendars. And you're working with events that can be delayed or prolonged. I'm seeing Prolongation in the Codes an awful lot. Being prolonged. Who's being prolonged? We are. We are. I thought that was what was interesting because it's almost like this whole satanic elite is just waiting for the Orgone Warriors to leave.

Now, I find it amusing that even the pagans have this whole thing on the coming etheric warriors. And I haven't put a lot of time and attention into that. But what is it--what their version of that is, maybe I should say. I haven't put time and attention with their idea of what a etheric warrior is. But sometimes they grab concepts and they'll get the concept right, but then they twist it all to north, south, east and west, and back. You know, and add a bunch of garbage into it to fit their own ideologies.

Well, you know, what's aether? Aether's orgone. That's what orgone produces. Aether energy. The Lord's breath. It's the Lord's breath that powers the earth. It's the living life force of the earth. It's His breath. Another name for it is aether. And so, you know, I always see how orgone is so apocalyptical. And I've been telling you guys, and I put down words on the website at The terms I've found in the Bible Codes in regards to orgone. Because people always ask me, "Where's orgone in the Bible?" Well, where's the computer in the Bible? Where's chip-implanting? Where's EMPs [electromagnetic pulses]? Where's EMFs [electromagnetic fields]? Where's ELFs [extremely low frequencies]? Where's the instruction on how to protect ourselves against all this wi-fi high-tech satellite weapons they have they're using to attack us?

The Lord Always Raises Up a Person in Every Age to Lead His People - He Stood Me Up to Lead His People in These Last Days

You know, the Lord always gives His people what they need in the time they need it. He always raises a person up and--to lead them. He's done that in every age. If He's the same yesterday, and today, and forever, then why would He change? Why would He stop? He has stood somebody up to lead His people in these last days. He stood me up 10 years ago. And we've done an awesome job. As slow as we are, because funding's always been an issue.

I really done care about popularity and numbers. You know, I'm not here for the majority. I've always understood that. Because the majority's always apostate. The majority's always falling off the edge, and the limbs, and the left side, and dealing with garbage. There's always a minority, a remnant that the Lord always keeps aside to Himself. Keeps them away from the apostasy, or pulls them out of it, because they can hear Him, and they're seeking Him. And He always has a remnant of people He can work with through every age. And that's where we are today, and that's what He has today. He has us. It's a small remnant of people who get it. Who get it. They just get it. I make sense to you. You don't know why, but I do. Because you get it.

Because you're one if His. You're one of the remnant. The ones He has set aside to be His Warrior, to do exploits for Him in these last days. People always think that stuff's down the road. You know? Oh, they're waiting for this huge rapture, and then the people that are left here and become Christians, they're the ones who do the exploits. [laughs] I like it how all these. These rapture theorists, everybody else always rewrites scripture to satify their own ideologies.

Satan Has Been Trying to Kill the Lord's True Warriors on Earth Because They're a Threat to Him - The Satanists Are Ashamed of Their Failures Against Us

You know, Satan's not waiting for the church to leave. He's waiting for the Orgone Warriors to leave. Because they can't kill us. And you know why he can't kill us--because he's been trying for years? Ha! It never stops. It never, never stops. If you've lived in my shoes for two days, you'd understand, perfectly, what I'm talking about. And you'd wonder how I've stayed sane all these years. How I've dealt with this, how I've put up with this. Constant, constant, constant I-want-her-dead-now derivatives, commandments. [laughs] Their constant assaults on me, to kill me. And not just me, but the other Warriors. The other ones that have stood up for the Lord. And they don't even know the half of it. And I don't tell them either. They don't know the half of it.

Satan has been trying to kill and destroy the Lord's true Warriors on earth. Because they're a threat to him. The church isn't a threat to him. He doesn't like them, but they're not a threat to him. The Orgone Warriors are the ones crashing his ships. We're the ones who are taking control of space. You know, they always thought they could control earth through space because they have weather weapons. But we have our own weapons. We can stop and combat their weather weapons. A bowl of vinegar can combat their weather weapons. You don't wanna believe in orgone, or the Lord, Himself, get a bowl of vinegar outside and see what that does when a tornado's heading your way.

The Lord gives us a way to defend ourselves. We can beat all of their multitrillion dollar technologies with the simplest of things. And we've been doing it for years. And He's been trying to kill us for years. And the truth of the matter is he has failed, and it's the biggest secret amongst the elite. In fact, they're so ashamed of all their failures against us, they won't even call us by name. They have codenames so that those in the lower echelons of the ranks of the Brotherhood, of Satanist groups they're in, and everybody else down the ranks don't know that they--so they can hide their failures. And they'll dispute my claims. Everything I say, they'll dispute. But they know I'm right. They know I'm right. That's why they listen to this show.

Every Time They Say They're Coming, or There's a Route Where They Could Arrive, They Don't - How Could Anybody Purposely Worship Lucifer?

So here we are. August 5. August 15 and 16th should be a doosie if that's the real, evil 10 and 11. But nothing's gonna happen. [laughs] You know? If it does, fine. Bring it on. But every time they say they're coming, every time there's a route in the Codes where they could arrive, they don't. They're stopped, they're blocked, they're burned, they're fried, they're crashing. But it can't go on forever, folks. And the one thing I really don't wanna have to deal with is going through this for another winter. I really don't wanna deal with this. Not in November, December, or January.

And the truth of the matter is, if we go this month to the middle of next month, and you don't see their ugly faces arriving on earth, then we're gonna go through this all again at the end of December just like we did last year at the end of December. I really don't wanna go through that. So, everything's in the Lord's hands, right? Always His. I don't have much say on the timeline. Things don't speed up because I tell them to, or slow down. We could affect timelines by our actions, but we certainly have no power and authority to speak it, although He does. And He listens to the things we request of Him. He can crank up the orgone, or He can slow it down. He can completely stop it from emitting any type of energy.

You know, they've spent so much time trying to combat it. And they think they've come up with this device that can neutralize POE orgone. I don't know how long it's--this charade's gonna go on. You know, may allow them to have--think they have, minimal--so much success over it just to get things done. Because, apparently, they need our help. [laughs] You know, at the same time that the watchmen and the prophets are here to warn people of things to come, and things happening, know, when you're sitting in my shoes, my chair, two months ago we won this whole thing. So why do we have to even continue another day?

You know, it's like saying "checkmate," and you're playing with your best friend and they're whining because you checkmated them, so you take back your previous move, and go back a few steps in the game and pick it up from there. So you have a little bit longer in the game instead of checkmate. That's basically what we did to them last April. Just a couple months ago, we checkmated them. We've checkmate. And we had to give up things we had obtained so that we could continue playing the game. Because it wasn't time to end the game.

They're losers. How could anybody purposely worship Lucifer? It just amazes me. So we're letting them play. The Lord's allowing them to play. He is the record-keeper. And things happen for His reasons. And Lucifer's whole existence is because He allows him to have one. His whole existence. The Lord uses Lucifer for His own purposes on earth. Lucifer isn't a god in his own right. He's a fallen angel. He's a fallen angel. He's allowed to do what he does, and kept on a leash, to serve God's own purposes. So he goes around and tries to persuade and bribe as many people as he can away from the true worship of the one Most High God, so that all these people who refuse to worship The Most High will just end up in hell with Lucifer. That's his whole purpose. So whatever it takes--bribes, fame, fortune, greed, whatever--whatever it takes, he'll bribe them so that he can obtain their souls.

Nothing They've Planned Has Gone Off - There Are Countries in the Middle East That Are Being Protected

So here we are. In the middle of another, probably, hotbed of activity. Because, you know, the Capricorn is trying to arrive in the Middle East. How the embassies closed this weekend. Haha. How do embassies close? A lot of setting up for, "Oh, we're gonna fire a kill shot." Really? I didn't spend two seconds talking about it. Did you hear me talking about it? Nothing they've planned has gone off. Nothing. Nothing.

There are countries in the Middle East that are being protected. There's a few they'd like to destroy. But the Lord won't allow it. So I don't know if they're gonna carry on--I really don't think so--from what this week's plans were--they're gonna carry it out into this week. I haven't been in the Codes that far ahead. Somewhat. A little bit. But I'm not worried about anything I've seen. Because every time I see anything going on, it's being blocked. It's being blocked.

Where Are We in Prophecy? Somewhere Around Their Arrival and a Huge Global Earthquake - A Council in Heaven Assigns Tasks to People on Earth

Where are we in prophecy? Probably somewhere around their arrival and a huge global earthquake. Now, eventually, the Lord's gonna allow the Madrid quake to cease from being blocked and allow it to blow. That's all this rain's about. Softening the earth to get earthquake faultlines to go. Eventually He's gonna allow that to happen. It must not be of too much significance because He really doesn't have me spending much time, if any, on the significance of this global earthquake. Because most of my attention has been on Revelation, chapters 8 and 9. Now, maybe it's because He has stood up other people to deal with the sixth seal, the global earthquake. It's not my assignment.

And, you see, that's what the Lord does. He assigns His people. People don't understand how He works. People get adorned. You know, when they anointed kings in Israel, they poured--the priests--poured oil over the person's head to anoint them as king. Well, there's a council in heaven, and when they want something done on earth, they anoint a person. They assign them the task. They have a lottery. They'll choose available names of people that could possibly do whatever task it is they need done, and then they choose, they decide one person out of the list of names. Who they're gonna go to for a particular job or assignment they want completed.

And people who complete these assignments, they never know. They never know. They never know it was directed from heaven, itself. They don't know it was actually them behind it. That it was the Lord that anointed them for the task. They have no idea, they just do it. But then other people have no idea why they wouldn't do it. Why they refused. You know, the Lord's telling somebody to begin a prayer ministry or open up a prayer list or a prayer website or something. And He's been nagging at them for a long time to do it and they've refused to do it. Well, eventually He's gonna stop asking and go to somebody else.

You know, it would be so much easier, don't you think, if He said, "Hey, this is what I want you to do." But that's not how He works. And part of being His children is we have to figure that out. We have to figure out the ways He works so that when He's working, we recognize it. That's what relationship-building's about.

We Weren't Commanded to Be Religious People, We Were Commanded to Be Righteous - Why Do People Hate God?

You know, there was this scripture. It really--this part of aspect that really gets on my nerves. It just annoys me to no end, when I hear the Paul--the hiss of Paul, this snake, hissing in the churches today. Because it comes to my mind about--we were commanded to be righteous people. We weren't commanded to be religious people, we were commanded to be righteous. Now, what's righteous? The biggest thing about being a righteous person is to be lawful. To be a good person. That you're a just person, you're a righteous person, you're a lawful person. You obey the law. You follow the law. You do what's right. How hard is that for people? Is that really burdensome?

Why do people hate God? Why do they hate Him? What has He done to deserve such hatred? Because He tells people to be good, they--He tells people to be good. He wants you to live a good life. So people hate Him for that? I mean, seriously? His Constitution would be the ten commandments. Is that so hard to keep? That burdensome to respect your mom and dad, and not to lie, and not to cheat, and not to steal? Is that too much to ask? Is that really burdensome that He commands us just to be good people? And, you know, lawful, when it would be used in the Bible, it's under His law, the Torah law. To be lawful. Observe His laws.

You know, in Romans 3:10, uh, I remember how the churches always spew things around because of Paul. Let me see what it says. It says,

[Rom 3:10] As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:
[Rom 3:11] There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God.

Really? They always take that part out of context because they wanna drill it in your heads, through mind-control techniques, that there is no righteous. There's a lot of righteous. In fact, as it is written, he was quoting Psalm 14:1-3 when he said that. And what the Psalm 14:1-3...what's it talking about?

Psa 14:1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

He's talking about fools. He's not talking about righteous people, the Lord's people. They're talking about there's nothing good about fools, foolish people. It's almost like a self-defeating game. People will stop trying to do good and be good because, "Hey, the Bible says, Paul says there's none righteous. We can't be righteous." That's so self-defeating. That's a tactic Satan uses. Self-defeating attitude. The Lord says if our righteousness doesn't exceed that of the Pharisees, nobody would see the kingdom of God. Who were the Pharisees? That was the leading party of the Jews in the day. They were the scribes and the Pharisees.

We're supposed to strive to be like Him, which is righteous. Noah was found righteous. Abraham was found righteous. Job was found righteous. A lot of people have been found righteous in the Lord. And that's what we're to strive to be. To be righteous in the Lord. And to be righteous in the Lord is just to be right in the Lord. To be right, to be correct, to be lawful, to be just. Be a person of credibility. Of ethics, of morals. Somebody who follows the ten commandments. It's really not that hard. And yet, because of these simple commands and lessons the Lord gives us about living for Him and being good people, the majority of the world hates Him and wants to kill Him.

They Encourage Us to Think, but They Discourage Us From Having Faith - God Doesn't Need Test Tubes to Create People, Satan Does

I don't see Satanists in the Brotherhood, which encompasses all of the governments of the world...I don't see them doing rituals to bash Allah, or Hindu, or Buddha. They do them to bash God. They know He exists. But they'll deny and reject Him to anybody else. Their whole idea of a New World Order is one where people use science and philosophy to think over religion. To get rid of faith. You know, the Bible says without faith, it's impossible to please God. Because He wants us to have faith as young children. Just believing in Him, you have to have faith. Childlike faith. And the whole point of many of their cults, their secret societies, Freemasonry being the major and the biggest, is to get people to freethink. To turn everything into reasons of logic and science.

Oh, you can think as much as you want, and they encourage it, but don't have faith. Don't blindly believe in anything. And, you know, the Bible doesn't tell us to have blind faith, it says have childlike faith. We don't have to have blind faith in anything. It's obvious we were created by Him, there was a Creator of heaven and earth. Even the scientists who created the Big Bang Theory don't even believe in it themselves. They just wanted an alternative not to have to acknowledge one true creator. They wanted a way out. And now they're gonna come up--they're gonna come out with intelligent design. And tell us aliens created us in test tubes, and then left the earth, and now they're coming back to check on their experiment. [laughs] If you hear ministers even start touching that one with a ten-foot pole, run. Run.

We were created in the image of God. Created out of the dust of the ground. Woman was created out of man. Nothing was created in a test tube. He doesn't need them. He speaks things into existence. Satan needs test tubes. Remember that.

The Amphibious Beast - There Are People Amongst Us with Three Different People's DNA in Them or Maybe Even a Plant or Animal

I wrote an article, couple years ago, on the Islamic beast, The Amphibious Beast []. I was looking at that earlier and it occurred to me...the amphibious beast, the beast out of the sea. What creature would be amphibious and a beast out of the sea and fulfill prophecy. Reptilian, maybe? You think? Reptiles are amphibious. A Reptilian. Because we know out of the bottomless pit is space. And the other one, the beast out of the sea, literally, could mean one of two--either literal or symbolic. Literal water being a Reptilian creature. And out of the sea as well as the mass of people, the sea of people. That's how some people like to interpret that. Out of the masses, out of the nations will arise a beast. And he's a Reptilian creature. That's who we're waiting for; the False Prophet and the final Antichrist.

I think it's funny, because when I ask the Lord, "Is he the Antichrist?" "Is he the Antichrist?" You know He's gonna give, "Yes," because so many of these people are antichrists. And He already said there were antichrists in the world. Back in John's day. When John penned it, there were many antichrists in the world. We're looking for the final...the final one that would stand to arise and blaspheme His holy name.

I think the Old Testament prophets make it clear as the leader of last-days Babylon. Who's the last-days Babylon? The United States. Will it be Obama or someone who takes the authority of this nation away from Obama and that person becomes the leader of Babylon? Only the U.N. could do that. So it would have to be--it could be either in the U.N. It's gonna be either one, folks. It's gonna be either one. So we just gotta sit and wait for all the stones to fall into play. Have to act like they geniusly save themselves from destruction, so they can even continue their agenda in space and on the earth, because they were all checkmated months ago. Would've been a "game over." The Lord's allowing it to continue.

Maybe it's so they'll learn. I don't know. From what I've seen, most of the people are so far gone, that are leading the governments of this world, they're not even human. So how are they ever going--for those of you who are more patient than Job--how are they ever going to come to a repentance and turn to salvation when they're not even human? We're being ruled over by androids and robots. And chip-implanted droids. And this DNA mixing that's starting to come out in the news, "Oh, look. We can add a 47th chromosome, and another strand of DNA. We can take two people's DNA and mix in a third." And they're finally telling you what they can do. But which they've been doing for a hundred years. They've been doing this stuff for ages. In their laboratories and their bases; the DUMBS. Hybridization and crossbreeding.

There's many kids and adults amongst us today that walked amongst us who would never know who or what they really are. They don't know who or what they really are. They know they're different. They don't know they've got three different people's DNA in them. Maybe even a plant or an animal. That they're some kind of crossbred design from an underground base. Been adopted out into a family to see how they grow up into society, how they operate, how they live. If they make it. How their creation turned out. All kinds of this stuff going on, folks. The days of Noah.

Noah was found righteous in the Lord's eyes because he was the only one left, not just with a sincere belief in his Creator, the one true God, but also the only one with pure human DNA left. Him and his children, his sons. His sons. People always say, "Well, did we get contaminated DNA if all the humans were killed off the earth and Noah and his sons were righteous?" Because their wives weren't. Remember, they took their wives with them. And so, we have serpent seed DNA springing back up, even after the flood. Serpent seed DNA. That has to be the number one--one of the most hated doctrines they--that they totally detest and wanna stop from being preached. Because it exposes them.

In fact, if you really wanna know who "they" are, you study Cain and Esau. The Bible talks a lot about the children of Esau. That's who most of them are today that we're dealing with. Esau. The children, offspring of Esau. These13 Illuminati families; offspring of Esau. And they know who they are. They don't care. They're proud of it. It's everybody else who fights you about the truth. And they'll try to suppress it, but it doesn't anger them. They know who they are. They call themselves sons of Cain. They're proud of it. and - Soon They'll Make It Illegal to Bash Muslims on Social Networking Sites

Right now it's a war between the Talmud and the Koran. Everything always comes down to two sides of a war that they try to instigate. I have two websites, and Read through both of them. Talmud Blasphemy will tell you about the lies of the Talmud. Islam Lies will tell you about the lies of the Koran. And yet there's a huge push for global agendas that would have either the Koran leading or the Talmud. Fake Jews against fake Muslims. It's basically what they are because the Muslims today aren't the Muslims they were thousands of years ago. They don't believe in the same god their forefathers did.

Remember Muslim's [Sherry means Moses'] wife was Arab, and her father helped Moses when he was leading the Israelites. Would give him advice and help him with organizational structure and his leadership over the Israelites. He wasn't a Satan-worshipping Allah freak. That stuff came when the Vatican introduced it. And soon they're gonna make it illegal to bash Muslims on social networking sites. You think our Facebooks sites are getting under their skin? [laughs] A little too much truth for them to handle? They think we're being disloyal. It's blasphemy to Satan to say bad things about him. I don't care what they think. Satan's a scumbag.

People Aren't Always Wrong When They've Warned of Something That Doesn't Happen

Anyway, folks, about two more weeks. Two more weeks of failures. And then we'll probably have a reprieve of silence for a while. And people aren't wrong. When they see things and they become watchmen on the wall and they raise the alarms, it's because the Lord tells them to. He wants His people forewarned. Maybe there was a EMP attack that was planned and it was gonna hit the earth. Maybe it was delayed at the last second. It was knocked out, it was blocked. People aren't always wrong. It's just that weapons are used to take things out. People don't understand that aspect. People don't understand spiritual warfare, and the aspects of warfare that we have, and the things we can do. They don't--they just don't understand that.

Too Many Coincidents with Bus Attacks Lately - OnStar Satellite Technology Is Being Used to Take Over Control of Vehicles and Kill People

They're planning because they're desperate. They need death and destruction. And one of the things, as the orgone cranks up and kills more of them, they're gonna ramp up their tactics against mankind and come against us and kill us. I mean, how--it was, uh, too many coincidents with bus attacks lately. And all these buses, the one in Indianapolis, there was one in Africa, these buses that all of a sudden lose their brakes, and they crash, and they're full of people, how much you wanna bet they all had that new OnStar satellite technology that was on the vehicles.

They don't have to be activated. I really don't believe you have to activate those technologies for them to take over the controls of your vehicles. Hijack and take over control. Once the chip is there, they can turn it on themselves to gain control over your vehicle. They can drive your car, your bus, your airplane via remote control access with chip implant technology they have today. And they can crash it. They can disable it. They can kill a lot of people by doing that. But we're gonna see a ramp up of death. Because they want more death.

The Zombie Plague They're Able to Start in Africa or Eastern Europe Is Unable to Work Properly Here in America Because of the Orgone

Watch for some weird plagues to rise up. They've been trying to spark the zombie plague. From what I can see in the Bible Codes, the orgone is very painful for zombies. And so it's probably counterattacking the zombie plagues they've been starting up--trying to start up. There's a lot we don't see. There's a lot we don't hear about. I just kind of have to follow things as I see it in the Codes. A lot of the zombie plagues, they test out in Africa. A lot of them they do. In eastern Europe, they test them out over there. And then they bring it over here and it ends up being some different plague. It doesn't react right in our atmosphere as it does over there. You know what I think? It's because our air here is so dominated and saturated with orgone, it changes the composition of their own plague. But they're still not gonna give up. Well, they're never gonna stop. They're never gonna give up trying to come after us.

The Satanists See the Lord's Hand Against Them More Clearly Than the Lord's Own Believers Acknowledge It Working for Them

Stay steadfast in the Lord, folks. Be counted as righteous. Be counted as one of His. Only a fool says there's no God. Especially the very ones that know better. They see His hand against them very clearly. Moreso than His own believers will acknowledge His hand working for them. I mean, people always say, "Well, I think the Lord's paying attention." [laughs softly] "I know He's watching." But they don't always get that physical assurance that, yes, He's with you every day, yes, He sees you. He knows what you're doing. He's very much involved with your life. The Satanists see Him very clearly when they try to attack His people. He won't allow it. They see how He works clearly. No questions, no doubts. He protects His children. He protects His own.

I Don't Know If They're Going to Arrive This Year, but They're Trying Really, Really Hard

Don't fall for all the garbage that's coming, folks. All the garbage. Cosmic garbage. Islam garbage. Bahai garbage. New Age garbage. Just stick to the truth and the one simple message of Yahushua's salvation. Just stick to the truth. Stick to the basics. We haven't missed anything. We haven't forgotten anything over the years, the decades. We have all the truth there is. They want to introduce truth to you and tell you that, "Oh, look what we discovered. A new truth." And introduce new things to the churches. Finding new artifacts. And all of that's part of their Blue Beam Project agenda. All that's been preplanned. So that people will accept this Sananda and Maitreya that are coming. Don't fall for it.

I don't know if they're gonna arrive this year. I know they're trying really, really hard. I know they're in our skies. I know Annunaki are in our skies. The Sirians, Sirius, Saurians. I don't know what you wanna call them. They're in our skies. A lot of them. The Locusts are in our skies. The Locusts of Joel. Waiting to just--waiting for their signal to hit earth. We're in apocalyptical times, folks.

I Thank Those Who Have Sent Donations - There Are So Many Others Who This Broadcast Reaches Who Could Stand Up and Help

Anyway, still need your donations and your help to keep this ministry running. Couple months of nice weather left. A lot of things that need to be done. But I do thank those who have sent in donations. I thank you very much. And for those who have never donated to this ministry, it's time for you to stand up and help out. It's always the same people, over and over and again, who have been constant supporters. You've always been a huge help. And I love those--I love each one of them. Know them by name. But there's so many others who this broadcast reaches that could stand up and help.

If I didn't need help, I wouldn't ask. I wouldn't waste--I hate it. I hate having to ask. I wouldn't waste my time on it. I don't know how these people get on TV and spend entire broadcasts asking for donations and stuff. I don't know how they do it. Because I just can't stand that aspect of it. I can't stand it. But the truth is, you can't be on the air without donations either. I mean, everything takes money. Everything takes expenses.

The Lord Told Me to Pay Attention to the 15th of This Month - Country of Jordan, You're Welcome

I don't know what I'll be back talking about next week. I really have no idea. The Lord told me to pay attention to the 15th of this month. Next Monday will be the 12th. Next Thursday is the 15th. So there must be a lot of things going on over the next two weeks that He wants me to pay attention about. We started out earlier this weekend. Jordan is welcome. Jordan wasn't hit with nuclear bombs over the weekend. You're welcome. Thank the Lord.

Anyway, until next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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