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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
August 12, 2013

Almost Every Nation Is Putting Their Crafts Up in the Skies to Test the Orgone

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night. I'm Sherry Shriner. And it is August 12. Who would've thought, huh? All the way into August 12 of 2013. Figure how many long, long delays that we've actually struggled through. A couple things I wanna talk about tonight. Been looking at various things this week. The Codes are the same. I know the Lord asked me to pay attention until the 15th of this month. There's been a lot going on, but it's pretty much been the same-o. We've got the Anuk. We've got Sirius. We've got everybody in the skies.

And you can look out, and you can see UFOs everywhere. I mean, I don't know how people just don't notice. They zigzag all over the place, and up, down, sideways. They go, they stop. Or these fake stars that come into the night and move into position. You can watch them moving into position at sunset. Or they're dimming yellow. Yellow and red lights.

Another one is the trawlers. And these are the ones that are pretty easy to find. Most people think they're airplanes because they're flashing red lights. Well, trawlers flash two red lights, but they're silent. There's no noise to them. And they stay along a predicted path. You know, they'll have, like, a route that they stay on. And above my house it's a oval route. And they'll trawl my property all night long. I call them trawlers.

And these are the ones most people think, "Oh, they're just airplanes." Well, watch them. Because airplanes come and go. Airplanes go from A to B. They don't encircle themselves around a particular area. And with airplanes you can hear the motor. You can hear a hum. Airplanes flash white lights. White and red. There's various ways you can tell these crafts apart in the skies. And I don't know of any of our airplanes that can stop, and then move again, and then stop, at will. Zigzag up and down, sideways. Crash out of the skies.

Usually when I hear of people watching the skies and they say, "I see one crash." I could usually see that in the Codes, because it's usually pure terror and pandemonium for them. For every one of theirs we see crash, a thousand have crashed we didn't see. And a lot of that's been going on the last four or five months. Just sheer terror and pandemonium for them.

And I've seen almost every nation getting involved. You know, every nation putting their crafts up in the skies to test the orgone. And they're trying to come up with ways and devices to where they can block our orgone and come up with shields against our orgone. And so, you know, I don't know how much the Lord will allow that to happen. Maybe He'll sit back and allow them to have fun with that and think that they're gonna have some kind of success with it. The orgone is His. He can crank it up at will. He can crank it up, or He can turn it off. And what we've been seeing lately is Him just turning it up. He's been cranking it up. When He cranks it up, they start crashing out of the skies.

And so, kind of derails their plans to get set up right now. Delays them.

Maitreya and Sananda Seem to Want Us Off the Earth Before They Arrive, but We Will Be Here to Announce Their Arrival

They've been trying to push this global reset through. Their prosperity funds, their NESARA agenda. Dismantling the puppets of the old New World Order. The Federal Reserve, Treasury. Trying to dismantle all that and set up their new agenda through the alien agenda is what I call it. And all that's kind of been taking place in the backgrounds.

But a big part of their failure has been the fact that Maitreya and Sananda just have not arrived in the Middle East yet. And I would keep my eyes on over at the Middle East. That's where they'll show up. They've been expecting them. They've had secret meetings with the world leaders. They do all the time. They meet with them a lot. World leaders also meeting with [coughs] another being called Saint Germaine. I've had my websites on these beings forever. and [coughs] All this working in the background for years. And trying to come to the forefront now. But they're running into trouble, and so. [coughs] I knew they would do that tonight. As soon as I start talking about their agendas, they make me cough.

But like I said in the last show, I don't know why they don't just separate things. [coughs] You know, go ahead and start their new economic policies and then bring in their beings taking credit for it. But either way, they seem to want the biggest cheerleaders against them off the earth before they arrive. And it's not gonna happen. It's not gonna happen. Number one, we're here to announce their arrival. So if we're gone, we're not here to announce. [laughs] They're gonna have to live with it. They're gonna have to deal with it. I know I sound like a broken record to the choir that listens to this show, but it's pretty much the same stuff over and over again. And I probably go in circles. We just go in these month-long circles. Satan keeps thinking that if somebody else takes the charge, then things will happen in his favor. And it doesn't matter who's in charge. Doesn't matter who comes.

You know, the Lord has a set way of doing things. And those are the way things are gonna happen, and so. I don't even know what to say about it anymore. I just shake my head. They need to just move on. Get going. Move on with your agenda. Don't be worrying about us, because we're not going anywhere, we're gonna be right here. Just move on with your agenda.

The Destruction of Our Country Through the Satanic Agenda of Multiculturalization - When People Wanted to Join the Israelites, They Adopted the Lord's Ways

Another thing I was noticing is the sheer destruction of our countries because of the satanic agenda of multiculturalization. And multiculturalism was spread into the New World Order agenda by the Talmudic Jews. And what they were trying to do was undo what the Lord did at the tower of Babel, and that was separate the races. The Lord separated the races. He gave them each a different tongue and he separated them. And now Satan seeks to undo what the Lord did.

And this is why you're getting so many nations with open border policies. Illegal immigration. Or the governments, themselves, flying in, voting in thousands of immigrants from other nations. And they come into your country, and they bring their gods, their strange gods, and their foreign idols, and their foreign beliefs, and they set up their homes in your communities. And then what happens? Civil wars break out. I mean, just strife. Look at Detroit. Detroit's almost taken over by the Muslims. And now the Chinese wanna move in. So this is gonna be interesting.

But you have this everywhere, in every nation now, where all these different immigrants from other nations form their own communities. They have their own sections in all the cities. But that's what destroys the background--the foundation of a nation is this multiculturalization.

You know, back in the day, when people wanted to join the Israelite community, the Jewish community, they adopted the Jewish customs and the Lord's ways. They weren't allowed to bring in their foreign idols, and their foreign gods, and their pagan ways. They adopted the Jews' ways, their beliefs. And they assembled themselves in with the community. Multiculturalism would've never stood. That's been a big part of the New World Order agenda to destroy the nations.

When the World Can Watch a Presidential Debate and Not Realize They're Watching Androids, That's How Good Our Cloning and Crossbreeding Capabilities Are

And now you're seeing more and more of the crossbreeding. And the hybridization that's been going on. And they've been doing this for 50 years. They've kept it out of the public's eye. People seeing pictures now. And they talk about how horrid it is and stuff. They're just trying to break you in. I mean, people think that our cloning abilities and crossbreeding capabilities are still at the level of some of the misprints you see on social media sites and on the Internet of a cow being born looking like a human and everything else. I could tell you it's way more advanced than that. Those pictures are probably the very early, early initial stages. Because it's way more advanced than that.

When the world can watch a presidential debate and not realize they're watching androids, that's how good it is. When you look at President Obama, and he's giving a speech, and you're not even looking at a human, and the world can't tell the difference, that's how good it is. Politicians, religious leaders, most of them have been replaced. Most people can't tell the difference. That's how good it is.

Satan Rules His Kingdom Through Technology - Being Linked in to Satan's Hive Mind Computer Through Chip Implants

Satan wants everything in his kingdom under control. He's not a god of omnipotence. He's not omniscient. He's not all-knowing. He rules his kingdom through technology. And when you rule a kingdom through pure technology, that means, in our understanding, chip implants are used, computers are used. And this is how they do it. They use chips and implantations. And they're all connected to a mainframe computer. And this is what we understand as the hive mind. The hive mind.

But you can't have your own individual thoughts. You all work under a collective hive mind. You do as you're told. You don't do what you think, you don't say what you think, you do what you're told, you take orders. This is their ultimate soldier. This is their ultimate person, soldier, in Satan's kingdom. When all you do is respond to orders. You have no feelings. You have no empathy, no compassion, no love, no hate. You're just completely indifferent. And all you do is respond to orders. That basically is the hive mind mentality.

And so, all these beings are plugged into this computer. And this computer actually exists. It is, actually, a starship, a planet, whatever you wanna call it. A satellite, a small moon, a starship. It actually exists in our aerospace. Our space, our heavenlies, our skies. And you might hear about people talking about being linked...linked in. That means they're controlled and linked in to this...this, uh...I don't know what you wanna call it--starship in the sky. This computer was in it.

I don't know if the Matrix [movie] series was exposing this or not. I know they expose a lot about the astral realm, and cities in the astral realm, and things like that. I didn't pay enough attention to the series, itself, to know if they were actually...actually exposing this all-seeing eye type machine, which is this...this hive computer, I guess you could call it. Everybody's linked into it.

I know hybrids today struggle to get unlinked from it. Because until you're unlinked from it, you don't control yourself. You have no real control. You're like an open access point. Demons can access you. Alien beings can access you. You're like an open portal, basically. Because this link that you have to this computer gives them access to you. You're linked in. And so, you're like an open portal to evil beings and everything evil that can overtake your body. It can use your body for whatever purposes they want to. And you have no say. They just push you out of the way.

See, you have to realize that our bodies are a shell for our souls. They're just bodies. Our bodies, they live, they die. But your spirit, your soul lives on. And at death is when your spirit, your soul is separated from your body. And you go to either heaven or hell. Some get trapped and they become ghosts among us. And that does happen. There are souls who do get trapped in between heaven and hell. They don't make it to either one. And they get trapped on this dimension, but--or, on this earth plane--but they're not in our dimension because they're in soul form. You can only operate on earth if you're in a physical body. You're a 3-D being. When you die, you become either a 4th- or 5th-D being. Depending on if you're going to heaven or hell.

Puvewah Starship Is Where the Hive Link Computer Is - Hybrids Created from an Underground Base and MKULTRA Victims Are Linked into the Hive Computer

So this whole...this whole starship thing, a good friend of mine a lot time ago gave me a name for it. And she told me the name of this hive link starship was called Puvewah. Puvewah. I don't know if that's the real name. Something close to it. Close enough. One of those things. Puvewah. But this is so central to what's going on today, folks. I wasn't even planning on talking about this tonight. I don't know where this is coming from. Ha! [laughs] He always does this to me. He leads me off on these rabbit trails. I'll plan on just talking one thing and do a 180 [degree turn]. So, tonight we're gonna talk about this. So, OK.

This planet, this starship. Some of these alien starships are so huge. Often when I say starships, I'm not talking about a metallic ship like Star Trek. I'm talking about a huge planet. Not a huge planet, but a huge rock that has been carved out, and there's thousands of alien beings with inside of it, and it mimics a star when you look at it in the sky. These are starships. And there's thousands of them. And we crash them and catch them on fire. Look at Shema at night. It's barely hanging on, it's so pathetic. It's been on fire since 2008. But that's how durable these things are. That's how big they are. Starships.

I mean, if we can look at them from earth, and they look like a star to us, they've gotta be huge. They've gotta be pretty huge, don't you think? And so, they're called starships. Probably like big meteors. Like some of these meteors that are like 100 miles long, and 200 miles wide, whatever. These huge rocks. It's probably closer to a starship without the shine. You know, there's no shine to the meteor, it's just like a big rock. It's probably what a lot of these starships look like. Because they mimic stars. They have that white light they emit from them. I don't know if that's manufactured. Most likely. Some technology to mimic being a star.

But this one is called Puvewah. And this is where this computer is that links people into it. And when you're a hybrid, created from an underground base, you're linked to this...this mainframe computer, Puvewah. This hive computer. This hive link. And when you join Satan's kingdom, when you sign the dotted line, you sell your soul to Satan for fame and fortune, and whatever, you get linked in. When you're an MKULTRA victim, usually these start as from the time a person's a small child, they're linked in.

The Mark of the Beast Chip Will Link You Directly into the Hive Mind Computer on Puvewah - People Will Think They're Just Joining an Economic Program

And now you'll understand why his whole agenda is so focused on chip implantations. Because the chips will get people linked in to this hive mind. Now, the Lord has stopped a lot of these implantations that they put in vaccines, in flu shots, and things like that. Those are chip implants, but they're used for various things. These chips are tied to, linked to computers that are on the earth. So people that in underground bases can watch you, can harass you, target you. Whatever their agenda is, you know, on earth-based programs.

But when Sananda and Maitreya come, these cosmic beings, in Arabia, in the Middle East--the Antichrist, as we know it; the Antichrist and the False Prophet--they will enforce worldwide chip implantation, which is a direct link to the hive computer, the hive link, this Puvewah starship. It will link you directly in to that computer. Their chip. And this is the beast mark that the Bible talks about in Revelation, chapter 13. Talks about how no person can buy or sell without the mark of the beast. And this mark of the beast can be a chip implantation or a tattoo with a chip on it, barcode. And it's gonna have his name, his number, or his image. Either one. Either way has to be implanted on or in your right hand or forehead. It is this particular chip--and it doesn't have to be any bigger than a grain of rice, folks. It's not even that big. Probably the size of a quarter part of a rice. Very tiny.

It's this chip, the beast chip, the beast mark, the mark of the beast that will link you in permanently to the hive link computer in Pubewah. And there is no taking it back. There is no getting out of it. There is no chopping off your hand or taking a knife and digging it out of your forehead. Because it's...the chip, itself, at that point, is your link in. It's, legalistic. It's both symbolic and legalistic. You're joining Satan's kingdom on earth. You're joining--I don't think it's gonna be so bold for people to think that. They're gonna think they're just joining an economic program. Or they're becoming part of a better world for humanity. You know, whatever lies they come up with. You have to join it. You have to be initiated in.

You know, Satan doesn't come out and tell you it's a Luciferian initiation. New Agers will tell you, "Oh, we have to become one with the Ascended Masters," "We can all become gods." They're gonna be good lies. I mean, it doesn't really take a good lie to deceive millions of people right now. Because there's billions of people on this planet that are following really bad lies. And they're deceived by them. And so, some good ones are coming. Imagine how many that's gonna deceive.

And once people get this mark of the beast, they damn their soul for eternity at that point. At that point. Because, symbolically, you're initiating into Satan's kingdom. Legally, you're forfeiting your soul from the Lord to Satan. So it's legal and symbolic. You might as well be writing your name on a dotted line. The only difference is you can't renounce it, you can't repent of it, it's done. It's all legal. Every "t" will be crossed, every "i" dotted. It's legal. Satan owns your soul from that point on.

The Significance of Why Satan's Trying to Chip the Entire World and Hook Them into the Hive Link Computer

And at that point, when you accept that mark in/on your right hand or forehead, you become a permanent link to this hive computer, this hive link. And you're body is just going to become a portal to every wicked thing. To every wicked thing. And they could just take your soul and cast it into hell. Because, legalistically, you already belong there, you've just joined Satan's kingdom. And hell is his kingdom. And that's where you go when you die. They could just cast your soul into hell, and take over your body, and operate in your body on earth as you.

And they already do this to a certain extent. We see it among us every day. Politicians, celebrities, religious leaders who've already signed the dotted line. And have already gone to the point of no return as far as the Lord is concerned. And we're allowed to be overtaken. They were so evil and so wicked they're allowed to be overtaken and killed. And now the entities that operate through their body are not even human. But you think they're human because, hey, he's been around for 50 years. He's a politician, or a religious leader, or a celebrity. You recognize their face. You recognize who they are. Not realizing the soul of that person's long been gone and replaced. I mean, just imagine that happening to billions of people on this planet who become hive-linked into the computer and become instant access portals to demonic and alien beings.

There's a huge significance to why Satan does what he does. And I've said he makes no sense. He doesn't, most of the time. But I'm telling you the significance of why he's trying to chip the entire world and hook them into the hive-link computer. It's always represented by the all-seeing eye on the pyramid. The all-seeing eye. He wants you to think he's watching. He can't watch. He's not omnipresent. He uses technology. His all-seeing eye would be a chip implant or a computer because that is how he regulates and controls everything in his kingdom.

See, chip implants can be customized. There's numbers on them. Probably not visible to the naked eye because some of these chip implants are so tiny. They're like nano. But they're numbered and then tracked in computers. So they know who has what chip, or what chip belongs to what person. They can catalog, and categorize, and classify every person on the planet based on the one particular chip that they have. No two chips have the same numbers. And they do this already. They've had a lot of practice. But it's become a global menace. It's going to become a much larger global menace when the Antichrist and the False Prophet, which we call--the Antichrist and False Prophet to arrive on the scene and step up and begin this total global domination agenda. It's gonna be in your face constantly.

They're Coming After the Christians, They Already Own Everybody Else - TBN Preachers Will Deceive Christians into Being Initiated into the New Kingdom on Earth

Don't drink the Kool-Aid, folks. And there's only gonna be a remnant that will be spared and protected. I mean, the first thing they're gonna do is come after the Lord's people. Read Revelation, chapter 12. They come after the remnant, the woman, the woman's offspring. They're coming after the Christians. They already own everybody else. It's the Christians that they don't control. And they'll use everybody else to come after the Christians. And that's why the Lord will protect His people. But He also allows His people to suffer through persecution. There's always a remnant for everything. There's a remnant that will go through persecution. There's a remnant that will be hidden away and protected. There's a remnant that will be taken off the earth. There is a remnant that will be left on the earth. There's always remnants. The Lord's people are always kind of divided up into groups, factions, branches.

But that's gonna be their number one agenda is coming after the Lord's people. Especially those who refuse to join Satan's kingdom. He can't force you to, but he can bribe you to. He can entice you. He can seduce you. And that's his biggest thing now, how he has built his kingdom, is by seduction. He appears as very charming. And this is things I've heard from people who've met him. And you just wanna gag when you hear these things. But he's very charming. He can appear as anything. He can appear as a man or a woman, or whatever he wants. I mean, he's a chameleon. But they seduce you, will take care of you, will give you whatever you want. "I'll give you half of my kingdom." You know, didn't he promise that to the Lord on the mountain there when he tried to tempt the Lord. He'll use whatever he has. He seduces and he bribes.

And that's what he'll do to the churches when they arrive. They will seduce and bribe them into joining this kingdom of god being established on earth. And you better believe these TBN [Trinity Broadcasting Network] preachers--Benny Hinn, Copeland, all of them--will be promoting the False Prophet and Antichrist as God and His Son on earth. I mean, they will go off the charts promoting these two beings and deceiving Christians into being initiated and joining the new kingdom on earth.

These Satanist Preachers Will Not Open Up a Bible and Start Reading Revelation 13 to Their Congregations - They've Taken Over All Religions at the Top

They're not gonna open up a Bible and start reading Revelation, chapter 13 to their congregations, folks. That's not why they're in the positions of power and authority that they're in. Because, see, these are raving Satanists. They're already sold out to Satan. And what they do is seduce people into their lies and into believing their doctrines that they teach and preach. Because they know by doing so they're pulling people away from the real truth of what the Bible says. They're master manipulators at twisting scripture. They've been doing it for years. They have a whole network.

They're very good at what they do now. How many people now are still into the prosperity gospel teachings? Or the Illuminati that established the Pentecostal religion, or the Mormonism religion, or what's happened to the Catholic religion, or what's happened to the Protestant religions, or the Muslim, or the Jewish. They've taken them over at the top and destroyed them all, and manipulated, and twisted, and squeezed the truth out of them. And it trickles down to the people that buy and believe the garbage that's being put out by them now. The Lord pulled me out of the churches. He said He wasn't in them. He's not in them.

We're gonna have all these cheerleaders. The World Council of Churches, no doubt. Which, by the way, the Satanists own the entire thing. No big shock. That'll be promoting the Antichrist and False Prophet. They won't be calling them the Antichrist and False Prophet. That would be hate speech. They will be calling them...I don't know. Maybe they'll call them the two witnesses from heaven. Maybe they'll call them Yahushua returning to earth. Because Sananda looks like what the churches believe is what Jesus looks like. It's not gonna be very hard to say, "Oh, look. That's the Jesus of the Bible," "Look, He's on our church bulletin," "He's out in the hallway, out in the frame on the picture in the hallway." They've been posting pictures of Sananda for years. So when Sananda arrives, the churches are gonna be acclimated to him already. And they're gonna think, "Oh, that's the Son of God. That's Jesus." Ugh!


The Only Rapture Is the Group of 144,000 That Leaves the Earth and the Church of Philadelphia That Is Hidden Away and Protected - Read the Bible Yourself

Seduction, folks. They're going to seduce them. All I know is the churches preach a big rapture is gonna happen before all that happens. It's another one of Satan's ploys. The only rapture is the group of 144,000 that leaves the earth shortly before. And the church of Philadelphia that is hidden away and protected during this time. Now, there's seven churches in operation at the time. Only one church is hidden away and protected. That means out of maybe, if there were 100 million Christians--200 million, divided by 7, and that group would be hidden away and protected. One group of them. So about 20 million. The others are still here. That's really not much of a noticeable difference to say, "Hey, a huge rapture just took place." [laughs]

Do you think they'd notice that a group of brethren are missing? People would just claim that they were taken off and killed in the FEMA camp. And that's gonna happen to the others. They are gonna be rounded up, persecuted, taken to FEMA camps. And then you're gonna hear the other brethren saying, "How could the Lord allow that? How could the Lord allow that? Where's the rapture?" There's gonna be confusion all over the place. Because so many people are buying into so many apostate doctrines right now that when things start to happen, they're gonna be in amazement, and wonderment, and lost, and confused as to what they believe from what they've been told.

People need to sit down and start reading the Bible themselves. Because you're accountable for your own soul. You know, you can't stand on the judgment day of the Lord and say, "It's my pastor's fault." It's your fault. The Lord said to knock on the door and to come to Him. He didn't say go to your pastor. People go to churches to fellowship with other believers. Learn your meat from the Lord, Himself, directly. Don't count on a man or a woman to teach you from the pulpit. They can guide you, but learn your real meat, your real source of food, and strength, and information from the Lord directly, Himself. You learn to sit at His feet, and you ask Him for the truth in all things every day. You ask Him to lead you into the truth. Because if you're sitting in a church, and all you're getting is doctrine and religion, you're not learning anything. All you're getting is mind control. Spiritual mind control. And becoming a church robot. A doctrine robot.

Nibiru Is Here, but It's Ambulatory - The Very Presence of Nibiru Causes Each One of the Trumpet Judgments to Begin

So there's gonna be a lot of different things happening all at one time. You know, Nibiru's here. It's in our skies. I see it in the Bible Codes. I see Ambulatory. It's ambulatory. The beings in it are weak and sick. You know, the orgone's all but almost destroyed all of them. But it's here. It's the presence, itself, of Nibiru, because the planet is so huge, that regardless if the beings inside are dead or alive--the planet is so huge and it brings it's own small solar system with it, that as it comes into the presence of earth, it's gonna cause much destruction, because it's so big. It's gonna cause earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes to go off. It's gonna cause weather destruction and catastrophies like we've never seen. A virtual earth flip. A pole flip.

And right now, that thing is on a leash. And the Lord is holding it back. He's holding it back. Because that thing will be unleashed when it's time. When is it time? The sixth seal. The sixth seal, folks. Global earthquake, and then there's silence for a space of half an hour, and the trumpet judgments begin. And guess who brings the trumpet judgments in. The very appearance, the very presence of Nibiru causes each one of those trumpet judgments to begin. We're still waiting for the arrival of the other two horsemen; the pale horseman and black. And once--and they're the Antichrist and the False Prophet--and once they arrive, everything's gonna commence. It's gonna happen very quickly.

The Delays Are a Blessing in Disguise Because More People Can Come to the Lord and More People Have Time to Build Fruit - We're Not of This World

Everything's already set. The stage is set. All we're waiting for is the curtain to rise. And I know we gripe about, oh, you know, going through all these delays. It's is a blessing in disguise. You know, you're always reminded to be careful of what you ask the Lord for. Because sometimes you don't really understand and realize what exactly you're asking Him for. Because as we sit and wait for the curtain to rise on the prophetic stage, more people can come to the Lord, more people can have time to build fruit.

You know, I wanted to read John 15 tonight. John, chapter 15 talks about how we're not of this world. And how we are all just branches. He's the tree and we're all different branches on that tree. And the reason He's left us here is to build fruit for His kingdom. To build His kingdom. And He's not building a kingdom on earth, He's talking about His kingdom in heaven. He'll build a kingdom on earth later. But right now we build fruit in building His kingdom in good deeds, good works.

Everybody has different things that they're assigned to do. That they're called to do. We're not of this world and that's why Satan hates us. See, this world is all we'll ever have. That's why it seems like the wicked get away with so much and have so much fun. They get all the fun. They have all the money. They have all the property. They do all the sinning. Most of the sinning. The evil things. Evil and wicked things. And it seems like nothing ever stops them. And they boast and they brag about how they get away with their murders and their plots against the Lord's people here on earth. Because they never stop plotting and planning how to kill Christians. Whether it be bus accidents, car accidents, plane crashes, cancers, they're always plotting and planning how to kill people off that are Christians.

And it never seems like they ever have to answer for anything. They seem like they just get away with everything. And the governments all pass legislations to hurt the poor more, and more, and more. Enslaving them to taxes. They literally just legislate the life right out of you so you can't even enjoy life anymore. You don't even enjoy living anymore. Constant plotting and planning against the Lord's people. But they never consider their demise. You know, they're gonna burn in hell for eternity. And the Lord's told us this isn't our home. Our home is in heaven with Him. And our home will be with Him for eternity with Him. When He creates a new heaven, a new earth, we'll be with Him. This isn't our home. We're just passing through. So they get theirs now, we get ours for eternity. We get to live with Him for eternity. We get to have a little fun without all the evil.

See, right now, these evil people, they don't have any peace. You know, if you're in a Illuminati family, it might look like it's all fun and money. They have no peace. No happiness. They're constantly reminded of what's awaiting them; an eternity in hell. They forfeited their souls to Satan and then they're going to hell. They're constantly reminded of that. They don't have real peace. And they're commanded, they're required to do all the evil that they do. But they don't stop either, because they don't wanna lose the money, the fame, the fortune that they have. So they keep doing what they're required to do to keep it. And what they're required to do is to kill the innocents off the earth and to destroy the Lord's people. It's all wrapped up in an eggshell--nutshell--with that.

Harming, sacrificing, butchering little children. Enslaving, killing off, destroying, tormenting the people that they govern. Because all governments are involved with this. They're all involved. But this is their eter--this is their life, this is their world now. And when they die, they pay. They go to hell.

Why Do the Wicked Prosper Around Us and Always Attack Us? - The Tribulation Is About Removing the Wicked Off the Earth, Not the Righteous

We're passing through. We're the Lord's people, trying to be lights in a dark place. And then we leave. And we'll be rewarded for eternity. We won't even have to deal with these evil and wicked people anymore. And everybody struggled with this. Job, David, Jeremiah, Isaiah, all the prophets of the Old Testament. They all struggled with, "Why do we have to live amongst all this evil? The wicked always prosper around us. And then they always attack us.

This has gone on since eons of time, folks. We're not new to this. They were all surrounded by the Satanists of their day. They were all surrounded by the Masons, and the cult leaders, and the New World Order agendas of their days. That's what they had to deal with, too. And that's what we have to deal with. Nothing new under the sun, folks. There's nothing new under the sun. This time, it will just end in our day. Their clock finally stops. The Lord will end Satan's time on earth. That will happen in our day. The end of days. The last days. Because up until now, it's just been continuous cycles. It's just been cycles of time. We've had to live in the presence of evil and wickedness. Of overpowering and their domination.

But the tribulation period is about removing the wicked off the earth, folks. It's not about removing the righteous. It's about removing the wicked. The Lord will remove the wicked off of the earth. And He is going to remove every last one of them off of the earth. That's something else the Lord's been bringing to my mind a lot the last two weeks, is the wicked are removed off the earth. And the Lord will use His angels to remove them. Literal or symbolic. Angels in heaven or angels on earth. So that's what's gonna be the interesting part.

I've Been Doing Bible Codes for Years and We're at the Point Now Where It's Just Hit Reset and Repeat - We're in a Prophetic Loop Right Now

And there's a lot of studies I wanna start getting into. And I may start spending a lot more time in writing. Because it's, you know, this month comes and goes. And they haven't reared their ugly heads. And they're gonna throw us in delays for the next umpteen months. I am not gonna spend every waking hour in Bible Codes trying to decipher the same stuff over, and over, and over again. I am going to move on into writing, and to really exposing truth, and nuggets of truth that the Lord can reveal to me.

I've just--I've been doing this for years--Bible Codes for years. And we're at the point now where it's just hit repeat and repeat. And reset and repeat. It's going in circles. It's like a loop. Prophetic loop. We're in a loop right now. Same thing happening over, and over, and over again until it breaks--something breaks the loop. They're here, they're dying, they're crashing. They're trying to arrive, they're crashing. They refuse to arrive because they have boils on their skin, so they don't look like gods. So then they have to heal so they can appear like they're gods. And they have to design new bodies. And--because the deception has to be good, you know. They have to come like they're Ascended Masters, you know. And so, their problems go on, and on, and on. [laughs] And I'm not gonna sit here because the--you know, nothing's gonna change.

Eventually the Lord's just gonna cast them on the earth. It's gonna be the end, done, time's out. They're on a time clock. So if they wanna spend their time in a loop, so be it. But I'm not gonna sit here know, decipher Codes day in and day--that's a lot of work to do what I do. A lot of time.

People in Other Countries, You Need to Get Busy Getting the Orgone Out or They Will Become Safe Havens for the Aliens - I Need Your Help to Boost My Finances

What I will continue to do is getting the orgone out. Because that's what's destroying them. It's the orgone that's burning them off the face of the earth and destroying them. People in other countries, you need to get busy. Because if you don't get your country covered in orgone, they're just gonna come to yours to stay. Because they're gonna be safe there. It's gonna be a safe haven. And as much as Russia seems like it's stepping in and saying no to the New World Order, that entire country is a huge safe haven for these alien beings because there's no orgone over there. I don't know of anywhere in Russia where there's orgone. Eastern Europe, yes. Russia, no. Thailand, yes. It's all over Europe and little spots.

You know, we have a Warrior here or there. Huge responsibility to be on the back of one person in one country, but sometimes that's what it comes down to. Sometimes that's all we have is one person in one country. Or maybe a handful. In America, thou--we have a couple thousand. We've had a lot of help here in America with American Warriors. And believers who have stood up. We'll need people around the world. Because if you don't get your countries, you're going to become a safe haven for every evil, wicked thing that's going to be coming out of the skies. I'll talk about that next week.

Anyway, folks, I thank you for your donations to keep this ministry going. Still a long way ahead from seeing green. Spaces to breathe. And that's where I need to be. I would like to get 5,000 orgone blasters made and stored so I can send them out on a whim as needed. And so, I need your help, donations. I need crystals, copper wire, and resin. I just need finances. I need a huge boost in my finances, folks. And I'll thank you ahead for that.

Anyway, be back next week. Time's running out. Yah bless, everybody. Until then.


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