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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
September 2, 2013

They've Been Sabotaging My Shows and Not Letting Me on the Air

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, September 2. I'm Sherry Shriner. I haven't had a show the last couple weeks. They've been doing a number on sabotaging them and not letting me get on the air. And tonight wasn't any different. Wow. What a hassle. Amazed to be here. But it feels good to be here. Haven't been on a couple weeks. And so, haha, hopefully I won't have any problems throughout the show.

I can't get in the chat room, so. I usually don't go in there anyway, but I do like to see what--browse--look at it every once in a while. But that's all right. As long as I can get through and get on the air I'm good, and so. I'll take with what I can get, you know.

The Next Two Weeks of September Are Agenda-Filled - We've Been at War with Syria for the Past Two Years and Damascus Is Already a Ruinous Heap of Rubble

A lot of stuff going on. And you know what? The next two weeks of September are just, you know, agenda-filled. Because this know, they have their arrival dates. They have, you know, March...and July...and September. And I told you in July, "Hey, you know, this is a really wild month. If nothing happens, watch September." And if nothing happens this month, then we've got December. And so, they kind of jump every four months with their nonsense. And so, they're really going to be picking it up the next two weeks.

They're kind of in a battle right now. It's a faction war going on. The alien agenda wants to establish NESARA, and move on with global reset, and getting rid of the Federal Reserve, and all that other stuff. And you can see all that in my info, And the other agenda is desperately trying to hold on to what they've built. And so, they're threatening to bomb Syria and do all this stuff. Trying to stall the other agenda's stuff, and so. It's just back and forth right now.

And, you know, we've been at war with Syria for the past two years. You know. We've been on the ground for the past two years in Syria. So why now they're trying to make it public--"Oh, we're gonna go to war with Syria," and blah--we've already been at war with Syria. Been there for two years.

So I don't know what they're pulling now, but it's already a heap of rubble. And that's exactly what the Bible said Damascus would be in the last days. And it was one of the last standing prophecies because it was the only city--ancient city--in the world that was still standing, that had never been destroyed. And so, when people would see that scripture, it would amaze them. "Damascus is gonna be a ruinous heap of rubble?" And that's exactly what it is now if you go by the pictures they're showing of what Damascus looks like, and so.

Damascus is also a hotbed. It's where the Ashtar Command--where their leaders, their Ascended Masters, wanted to arrive. They wanted to arrive out of Damascus. And I know there's all kinds of so-called prophecy gurus who will say that the Antichrist is coming out of Damascus, and he's Syrian, and blah, blah, blah. Yeah, he is planned to come out of Damascus. But if Plan A doesn't work, he's always got Plan B. And just because he's coming out of Plan A, if he did come out of Damascus, doesn't make him Syrian, because he's not. He's an Ascended Master. He's one of these cosmic beings that's arriving. And so, you know, they're not like us. They're not humans. They've manufactured bodies.

Radio Show Hosts Who Thought I Was Crazy to Believe in UFOs and Aliens Now Have Them on Their Websites

People are gonna have a rude awakening to what the real truth is going on around us. And all we can do is chip away at the blindness that just envelops people. They refuse to see, they refuse to hear, and all you can do is chip away slowly. I've been at this for a decade. And much easier now because, you know, all the radio show hosts who refused to have me on their radio shows years ago, because they said it was crazy to even believe in UFOs and aliens, now they have them on their websites. Ha! So we've come a long way. Even though they don't give me any credit. Their eyes have been opened to it, and so.

We have come a long way. Trust me. I mean, back when I put up, it was just, uh, it just shocked a lot of people. And now it's just, you know, one of the age-long websites on the Internet that's always dealt with this kind of thing. So people know where to go for info and for truth, and so. And it's growing. It grows all the time.

I've Been Dealing with a Bigfoot in My Area for Three Years

I was reading in the paper the other day--I kind of talked about this a little bit on my Facebook list earlier in the week, and noticed they were having a local area meeting on Bigfoot. Saying Bigfoot's in the area. And so, some of you know it as Yeti or Sasquatch. So I laughed when I heard about it. Because, you know, I've been dealing with this thing for three years. But I was told it was a large animal and that it was an Anuk, an Annunaki. And so, I've never said a whole lot about it, you know, because I'm always being harassed by this stuff. People might--you know, I just don't always say everything that's going on around me or around here. And people just think you're nuts. They can't even handle the little things.

And so, [laughs] this Annunaki ends up being this Bigfoot. I asked Dad about it, and it's this Bigfoot thing, and so. You know, I've been dealing with this thing for three years. I could give them an earful, what this thing does, and so. I was kind of laughing about it. Talking to Dad about it. Because, you know, when I go outside at night, even if I'm sitting on the back deck, or if I'm in the garage working, making orgone, especially when I'm alone, this thing makes itself very visible--or not visible, but noticeable. Makes a lot of loud sounds.

I have not seen it eye-to-eye. I never expected to. You know, I just figured it was an Annunaki. So I never expect to see these things because they're dimensional beings. It's like they can make noise in our dimension, but they can cloak and hide themselves so you can't see them. And that's the same thing that this Bigfoot can do. He can cloak and hide himself. They choose not to. They choose to remain in this dimension. If they have to go interdimensional, they will. But then it kind of negates whatever they're here in this dimension to do. And so, that's why they typically don't.

Bigfoots Can Cloak Themselves and Go Invisible

The one around here is about 8-foot tall. Somewhere between 4 [hundred] and 500 hundred pounds. This thing is a beast. I remember standing out on my driveway one night talking to another Orgone Warrior, a friend of mine, and it was like it was up in a tree. And the tree branch came crashing down. It sounded like a tree falling over it was so loud. He could've just been doing one of his things. Because he did it a couple weeks ago. They go up the smaller trees. And to us they're, you know, pretty good size. To them they're probably nothing. And they just pick them up out of the ground by their roots. I mean, that's how strong they are.

So he likes to make incredible noise. They like to make noise. Like to let you know they're around. They also like to get up in them. And it also reminded me of that, um, what movie was that? one where the alien would get up in the tree and then it would cloak itself. And had this invisibility cloak outfit on. Everybody thought that that was fiction. It looked like some kind of glass or mirror kind of outfit this thing would wear. And then it would disappear.

I can't remember the name of the movie off my head. But I remember laughing at the time because that suit had actually been borrowed by the CIA. It wasn't fiction at all. In fact, there's not a whole lot of things--there's a lot of truth in our so-called fiction movies that you can pick up as you watch them. But they reveal it in plain sight and people don't believe it. So that's why they get away with half their stuff.

But these things will get in trees despite the fact that they're 800--or 8-feet tall, 450 pounds. They'll try to make like they're a rabbit and get up in a tree, I guess. I don't know. But they also can just knock them over.

Another thing is, um, they're interdimensional beings. Where they can cloak and go invisible or stay visible.

Bigfoots Are Always Associated with UFOs - Bible Codes Refer to Bigfoots as Ghoulish Grizzly Bears - They Spy and Map Out Landscapes

I was talking about this strange screeching and screaming noise at the end of my driveway a couple weeks ago. And my son and husband went and took off down the driveway with shotguns. And shortly later this UFO seen flying low over the area, and so. They're always associated with UFOs.

And like I said a long time ago when I was talking about Bigfoot, I remember that joke I made: What do you call a baby Bigfoot? A Littlefoot.  They're very--these are the Bears from the moon. This is not a, uh--you know, in the Bible Codes they'll refer to them as a Ghoulish Grizzly Bear. Some of the terms you'll find in association with them. They're also Bearlike. This is the bearlike race that's from the moon.

And I've talked about Bigfoots before. And, you'd wanna think, like, Chewie from Star Wars. These things are very intelligent. They fly their own crafts. I know a lot of these UFO researchers, they'll--they've associated UFOs with the Bigfoots being in the area. And that's because they dropped them off. These things get dropped off. Like this thing was dropped off on my property back in 2011, and it comes and goes since.

And what they're used for is they spy and they map out landscapes of the area. And so, they're mapping out an area, getting a feel for the landscape, and they're used to spy. And so, I guess you could call them scouts. They're out scouting around. They're not territorial like a typical bear would be because they come and go. You know, they don't tend to hang in one particular area. They're dropped off to fulfill and mission and that's what they do. So they come and go.

Typically, what they do during the day is they hide. They come out at night, moreso. And what they do is they'll knock over trees, or knock down tree limbs, and then they'll hide in the brush of that tree or tree limb. They kind of like make a hut. They'll knock a tree over and then crawl up into the branches to hide that's laying on the ground. That's what they'll do. Or they'll make a hut of fallen-over trees and hide inside of it. They camouflage themselves by the branches of trees. Whether they have to knock them over or what. Knock over just a couple branches or knock over the whole tree. But that's where they hide during the day.

I wouldn't suggest going on a UFO hunt looking for them. They're not nice. They don't like humans. They don't make animal noises we're familiar with. They're very demonic. It's otherworldly noises that they make. Even when they're screaming and screeching. Because this thing was getting burned up by the orgone here. Haha! So it started screaming. And the ship that had dropped it off could hear it screaming. And so they were coming to rescue the thing. See what was going on. That's why my husband and son saw that UFO.

Bears and Other Aliens Have Staked Out Parts of the Earth for Themselves to Operate in the Background

But they're very intelligent beings. And they can navigate around the universe just as much as any other alien race can. And so, they have a base on the moon and several other places. I wasn't told where these other places are. But what I've always found interesting is that in the way background of who controls what on planet Earth, who thinks they do, because we ultimately know that The Most High, the Creator, controls everything. But these different fallen angel races, that we call aliens, have their turf as well. Because they've been here longer than we have. They've been here thousands of years. And so, they've always kind of stuck in the background and have staked out parts of the earth for themselves that they operate in the background with.

The Asians have always been dominated by the Dragon. And countries will let you know who dominates them. Because the Asians have always had the dragon symbol. South America's Quezalcoatl. And those are both Satan. The Bible refers to Satan as the dragon. And that's basically who they worship--the Asian races. They worship the dragon, which is Satan.

Then you have European nations and America. And that would include, you know, Canada, and Australia, and New Zealand, and then these other European-type nations. And they're dominated by the Reptile. And when Satan was cursed in the Garden of Eden, he was changed from being an angel to a reptile. And so, this is where we have the Reptilians from. And this is what is dominating our country right now, trying to establish a New World Order in the far background, is this Reptilian race.

And so, obviously then, you have a big chunk of property on earth, which is the Russian Federation, and here we have the Bears. The Bears. Russia. They tell you who dominates them. The Russians, the Bears. That's what I was laughing about a couple years ago. When I--When it finally--light bulb went off and hit me in the head. And I actually got confirmation on it. And that this Bear race dominates Russia. This Chewie race. This Bigfoot race. The Yetis. They dominate Russia in the background.

We've got Reptile Lucifer and the Reptilian faction behind the background of America. And then you have the Dragon for the Asian countries.

Portals Are Very Important

And so, you know, recently, Marduk, who is the chief, the king of the Annunakis, was in Africa. You heard about Bush and three other presidents going to Africa for supposedly these meetings, or whatever their excuse was. But they pretty much dominate the Middle East; these Annunaki. The ancient Sumerian portals that are there. The Egyptians, and Iraq, and all these ancient, very ancient, Middle East places where there was portals there.

And portals are very important. I know people don't put two and two together because there's too much thinking. Those who like to learn things will be able to put it together. But you have to realize that in the universe, when people are traveling at, you know, mach speeds, warp speeds, whatever you wanna call it, they travel via portals. And so, if you wanna access different planets, different places, whatever, much quicker to do so through portals.

And they're like doorways into our airspace. Otherwise, it's blocked off. You need doorways, you need portals to get from one place to another. You need to be able to go through the doorway. Walk down the sidewalk and through the door of that place. And basically, that's what these portals are, is long sidewalks, is a long pathway to get access onto the planet or star. Or whatever it is that they're trying to get access to. And earth has portals all over the place.

Angels in the Flesh, Gatekeepers, the 144,000, and Spirital Warfare - There's a Literal War Over Portals and Gates

And another term for watchman is gatekeeper. And there's a lot of people--I've talked about angels in the flesh. My article, Angels in the Flesh. Angels that have been born on Earth to be alive during these times. And other times, but I'm gonna focus on these times. And a lot of them were gatekeepers. That's why they're watchmen. Some of them were prophets. You look at the 144,000 that the Lord talks about being sealed on earth. And He also talks about 144,000 being taken off the earth.

There's two groups of 144,000. The church has always thrown both groups into one and said, "Oh, there's only one group of 144,000. 12,000 Jews." Well, you know what? I really highly doubt you'd find 144,000 literal Bible-believing Jews in Israel right now. They're all fake Jews over there and they're Satanists. If they worship the Talmud, they're Satanists. A real believer of The Most High would spit on the Talmud. They would not be confused by the Talmud.

That ought to tell you who are the Jews that it's talking about. 12,000 from each tribe. We're all over the world. We're scattered. Americans don't know who they are. You know, the Joseph tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh dominate Great Britain and America. And then you have the other brothers. The Danites of Germany. And there's France. And there's 12 tribes of those 12 brothers, and they represent nations among us today. They're not talking about the Satan-worshiping Jews in Israel today.

And there's also the first group of 144,000, the Elect, because the Elect are different than the Bride, they're different [inaudible], different group. The Elect are those who were sent to earth to be born here during these last days. That's why I wrote Angels in the Flesh. And it's typically these ones who are keen on warfare.

And what I was getting at is gatekeepers are also part of a watchman's job in that these portals are gateways. And so, if you're a watchman of the Lord's--and most people don't even realize what all that entails. They think it's just sounding the alarms. And for the most part, that's what it is, but when you get into spiritual warfare and start learning the intricacies of how we fight in the spiritual realm, you'll realize that there's portals and there's gates. And they can be opened, and they can be closed, and they can be blocked.

And it's a literal war over portals and gates that angels or Satan's minions, forces, can use to get in and around earth. You know, it's always a war, folks. People don't see it, but it's--because it's there. They don't see it visibly. They don't--out of sight, out of mind. But if you're a warrior, then you're most likely already involved in warfare prayers, and doing things to tear down Satan's kingdom already. Most people can't get past the physical, in-your-face stuff like just throwing orgone around and burning them. Because it destroys Satan's forces. We've destroyed thousands. He's always counting and recounting how many he has left. Especially ships.

They Recruited Military Pilots to Fly UFO Alien-Looking Ships to Make It Look Like They Had a Huge, Dominant Force Here

You know, I know last year they wanted to do a worldwide assault with UFO ships. And they didn't have enough to make it look like they were a huge, dominant, threatening force from thousands of miles away in the universe, blah, blah, blah. You know how they are. And so, they were recruiting Air Force pilots and everybody else, other countries, to fly UFO ships, to resemble looking alien, to make it look like they had a huge, dominant force here. They didn't have enough numbers. We were crashing them all.

We destroy whole nests of aliens, especially the Greys, in our deserts alone. You know, I've heard several times about how in the Arizona desert we've been able to fry--we've fried and killed a nest of Grey aliens. And this is just from orgone, folks. They have bases--there's a huge base in Indiana, not too far from Indianapolis, you go down the earth about 20, 30, 40 miles. I don't know how deep it is. Very deep. And they have tons and tons of UFOs that the Greys flies.

God to Satan: "And Dust You Will Eat All the Days of Your Life" - The Stars in These Constellations Are Basically Some Kind of Alien Abodes

They're above our earth. They're inside our earth. They're under our water. Because they don't leave our universe, folks. Part of that curse that Satan was given, in Genesis, chapter 3, when he was told that he was going to crawl on his know, if people look past the metaphor of what that means, having to crawl on his belly--because everybody knows he's not being literally forced to crawl on his belly...uh, they feed, they have to eat. They eat us. They eat humans. We're their meat--we're their meat supply. And so, we're their food source. The dust of the earth. They crawl on their belly, eat the dust of the earth. We're the dust of the earth, folks. So they can't travel too far away from earth. They have to be able to access their food source.

And so, that's why they stay in our universe. And you'll see them in fake stars--they call them starships--around us. They'll assimilate into constellations. They'll say, "Oh, look, this is a constellation." Really? Well, what is that constellation? Because if you look at Orion, a case in point, and you're looking at these stars in Orion, and they're all...they're all Draco homes. That's where the Dracos live, and Reptilians. They're all together in the same faction. And you look at the Sirius star systems, Sirius A and B, and those are aliens factions. I deal with them a lot. The black almond-eye-type race. These stars and star systems, you know, I've always said our astronomy is a lie. Everyone of these constellations, the stars in them, are basically some kind of alien abodes. They're alien starships.

And they also mingle inside these constellations. They'll hide within them so people can't find them. But they don't--you know, how do they really hide it now when we know Betelguese in Orion is a Draco planet, and, you know, all these others, starships, moons, whatever you wanna call them. Different factions have different constellations. You know, there's over, probably, a hundred different, two hundred different alien-type races amongst us. And we don't even deal with the half of it. We just pretty much deal with the ones that we've seen or been in contact with. Some of them don't have anything to do with earth. They'll stay inside the earth or whatever. Some of them have revolted against Satan and sought redemption back to The Most High. I've dealt with those before.

The Bible Codes Refer to Aliens as Animals - Each Alien Race Has a Different Way That It Communicates

But there's two different types that we're being hounded by. We got the humanoid type; the Nordics. A lot of New Agers will--they think the ones in Mount Shasta are just, "Oh, they wanna help humanity. They're our friends." Haha! You know, they have just as much as their own agenda to take over earth as the literal, ugly Reptilian factions and animal-shaped factions. You know, the Bible Codes refers to them as Animals because that's what they are. To the Lord that's what they are. They're animals. When you hear them, they don't make humans' noises. They don't speak English, French, or Italian, or something. They growl and they make animal noises. And they speak telepathy to each other.

You know, if you've got a Bigfoot in your yard, some of the stuff he does, he knocks on trees. It's like a tree-knocking. And they scream, and they screech. And they have putrid, offense odors to them. And if you have Greys, they try to mimic crickets. You know, they'll stand on the edge of your property to hide. Because they're all cowards. And they'll make noises like crickets. You know, each race has a different way that it communicates.

Like the Different Almond-Eye Races, They'll Align for a Common Purpose - Sananda Is the One Behind the Global Reset

I don't know if all the almond races are that type--they call them almond races because in the Bible Codes they're referred to as Almond Eyes. Like the Greys, they have those big almond eyes. Well, there's other different types of alien factions that are orange, or blue-skinned, or black-skinned, and they have the same type of almond eyes, and so. And they all come from different places, folks. They don't live together. They all don't like each other. But they'll align together. They'll align for a common purpose. Like, "OK, let's take over Earth. It's time to take over it. We've been hovering over here for 6,000 years. Now let's take over. Now that we've got the green light, prophecy's gonna be fulfulled."

The Lord uses them for His purposes, folks. He uses them. Satan thinks he has all this control on Earth. He's only allowed to do what the Lord allow--gives him access to do. I mean, he's not allowed to step a foot beyond what the Lord doesn't allow. So that's kind of like where we're at right now is in the final days of one regime ending and another one beginning. And you'll know the other one's beginning when you see this Sananda and this Islam mahdi arrive. Because these are the Antichrist and False Prophet. The two most notable characters in Bible prophecy, ever, that everyone has been waiting for. When they arrive, hell arrives with them. I mean, it is pale horse, black horse, time to hit the rocks of the mountains. Seriously. You know. And it's just gonna turn really, really bad in a really, really short time.

And they're the ones--this Sananda is the one behind the global reset. He's coming with all these carrot-waving bribes. You know, he's treating us like we're all a bunch of rabbits and he's gonna come waving carrots, and bribe you to enter their new kingdom on earth that they're gonna establish. And, you know, all these prosperity packages, prosperity funds. You're gonna start hearing a lot of New Age terms. Because, trust me, New Agers have been waiting 20, 30 years for this. And when you get on the financial boards, you're gonna run into them. Always talking about their prosperity funds, and prosperity packages, and then NESARA, and how this is a gift from God.

And, you know, right now, the gift from God we have is the calm before the storm. People are so mad that the global RV [revaluation] hasn't happened, but this is actually the most peaceful time we're gonna have. Because once it does happen, it's pure hell on earth. I mean, literally, Satan is Sananda. And so, when he arrives, and his forces arrive with him, it's not pretty. It's one destruction after the next.

I See in the Bible Codes That This Joel Army Is Above Us, Waiting for the Green Light to Come Down Here and Begin Their Destruction

You know, Joel, chapter 2 talks about an army from the north that the Lord uses to come and judge Israel, which is America, and the European nations, and all of these people spread out around the earth here. He uses this northern army to judge his people. Now, where is a rapture, if we're being judged? We're being punished because you remember the Lord's fair and just, and He's gonna punish His church before He punishes the rest of the world. He's gonna punish His own people for their hypocrisy, and blindness, and deafness. And they're coming up against His anointed all the time. People who try to teach them, and warn them, and wake them up. And revile, and hate, and lie about you. That's their appreciation and gratitude you get.

But read Joel, chapter 2. I have a whole article on it. [THE SHARED VISION OF JOEL AND JOHN THE LOCUSTS (A Locusts and Scorpions Update)  also ] You know, it can be very symbolic in the fact that it just heads to Jerusalem. I'm not stupid enough to think so. It would be nice. Because they're right above us. I see it in the Bible Codes. This Joel Army, they're just waiting for the green light to come down here and begin their destruction.

Revelation, chapter 9, the Locusts out of the pit, the abyss. They're above us, too, waiting for the green light. And they're Giants. These are Giants. Even considered a Giant and he's only 8-foot. And that's probably one of the smaller Giants. Because Enoch talks about Giants being 30- and 33-feet tall. And we've seen those Giants' skeletons. Steve Quayle has pictures and photographs of--and other people have documented photographs--of these huge Giants that they have dug up from the earth. Validates and confirms what Enoch was saying.

Now, I was told that they've dropped off 12,000 (somewhere around 12,000) Giants in the Middle East. Turkey, and probably Afghanistan, and some other country. There was a couple countries mentioned. And they also read that online somewhere. They're the ones who said it was 12,000. I've been telling you for the past 5 years they've been dumping off Giants in the Middle East. In the mountains. And, supposedly, our military's had run-ins with these Giants. And these Giants are huge. They're 9-, 10-, 12-feet tall. And when they found the one Giant's hideout, they found military uniforms. He'd been feasting on the military. That's what they do. It's what they eat.

People Who've Always Thought That I'm Way Off the Wall, Welcome to the Wall - There's Too Much Evidence to Deny What's Been Going On

And so, people who've always thought that I'm way off the wall,...welcome to the wall. Because it's in your face now. People can't deny this stuff now. There's too much evidence out there. You know, sometimes it just takes one person to tell the truth and stand up and not budge. And then others will stand up and start exposing, and revealing, and confirming what the truth is, you know.

Especially the government. They can't stand not to be in control of people, and control of the information that comes out because they want their own spin on it. And so, they'll establish their own radio show host. They'll establish their own alternative news networks. So that they can control. They'll look like they're the ones where the information's coming out. You know, the Glenn Becks, and the Alex Jones, and the ones who get all the money, and all the air time, and all the notoriety. And the ones with the most chains around their necks. You know.

And you look at the real truth-tellers who no one can control, and you can barely pay the bills week to week. And that's the truth. Because when you're in a world dominated by Satan, they hate the truth-tellers, literally. They wanna kill you. They've been trying to kill me for a decade, folks. You know, just before this show there was some kind of...some kind of noise. Sounded like it was all the way down the driveway. Maybe 200-feet from my house. I don't know if it was fireworks or gunfire. I don't even know if it was a UFO. I don't know if it was just somebody lighting a [inaudible]. But it just never stops, folks. It never stops. And I'm still here. Still here.

You know, this place is a zoo. It's a zoo. I can look out at night and there's all these yellow and red starships on fire. They come in when they're white, you know. They're white. And, "Oh, look. I'm a star." A couple days later it's yellow and on fire. [laughs] The orgone air traps them and then burns them. [laughs] A lot more of these coming in now. It's almost like being surrounded by idiots. And, you know, there's gonna be--something's gonna happen, eventually. Something's gotta pop. I don't know if they're gonna blow up my house again or what. They blew it up back in April. They hit me with a lightning strike and just about blew the place up. The Lord wouldn't allow it. But it fried all the wires in my house. Just literally. I mean, this place has needed a lot of work since then because all the wires were fried. But they're coming back.

When the RV Hype Is Going on, the Codes Show They're in UFOs Above My House - They Want Me Gone Before They Do the Global Alignment

And it's interesting that, you know, they start the RV-pounding. "Oh, it's gonna be this week. It's gonna be this week." They've missed all their opportunities the last several weeks to kill me. They have failed. And now this week I can just sit and watch their dates that they're gonna be here. Because every time they start pounding the drums for an RV, I can see in the Bible Codes they're here in Ohio. They're above me in the sky. They're coming back for attempt number 1 million 500 trillion.

They're not sitting in desks in banks working out the bureaucratic work. They're up in UFOs in the sky watching this place. Trying to figure out ways to destroy me here. You know? And that's what I see in the Codes every time I see this RV hype going on. It's like, they're not in desks, they're in UFOs above my house. It's what I see. And so, it's very aligned, they want me gone before they do the global alignment. But it's not gonna happen. I keep telling them, go ahead with your agenda. Go ahead because you're not're not gonna get anywhere coming after me. How many more troops do they have to lose? I mean, seriously.

Don't they realize with a flip of His pinky The Most High God can destroy all of them? And they know He's here. They know--maybe that's what the draw is. Maybe that's what the attraction is. They know Dad's here. They're all coming to see Dad. At a clear distance. I don't know why they bother because He could just bat an eyebrow and pull them right out of the skies. You know? So it's gonna get interesting.

I Don't Think They Will Get Anywhere on 9/11 with the Plans They Have - They Choke Me When I Get into Material They Don't Want Exposed

And 9/11, big date of theirs coming up. 9/10, 9/9. Seems like next week could be really interesting for them. But like I said, I don't think they're gonna get anywhere. Not with the plans they have. They're gonna have to go to their Plan C's and D's if they're gonna implement anything. Because their Plan A's were knocked out a long time ago by the Orgone Warriors. [coughs] They have no Plan A's. I don't know why they keep pushing them. They know it, I know it. They're gonna have to go to B, C, or D.

Now, what's funny is they wanna arrive over--you know, they're supposed to be coming in as these Islam mahdis. This Muslims mahdi, whatever. So arriving at a prayer time would be good. Arriving during their Ramadan thing would've been greater. They missed that one. But the whole thing with that whole agenda is centered around the satanism of that Islam and the Black Cube. And the spaceship that coincided with the Black Cube that they have in Mecca that they march around. The little spaceship that--I don't know what they think it is. It's burning. They're scorching, they're boiling, literally, in space.

And their little Disneyland palace in the Green Zone in Iraq. Yah has cranked up the orgone we had in Iraq.  And has blown it over there to burn their butts. And so, it's almost amusing that almost every plan that they had has been able to be disrupted. I still see them...ah, Predator was the movie. I still see them--see, if I had access to my chatroom, I would've known this an hour ago. The alien I was talking about that cloaks, you know, with that invisibility suit was Predator.

Anyway, they still have plans of arriving in Ethiopia, because that's where their fake Ark of the Covenant is. And Sananda, when he arrives, wants to pull this Ark of the Covenant across the deserts of Israel, I guess. I don't know what his idea is. I don't know what his plan is. But that's--Ethiopia will show up because of that.

Negev Desert showing up in the Codes. I know they're hiding out in the Negev. Also southern Israel, what is that, Judea? The mountains of Judea? They hide out in there, too.  They're not in northern Israel. You would think they were in northern Israel. But from what I can see, moreso they're hiding out in southern. Either way. When they're not there, they're over here. Because I still see them over here.

They're trying to attack my...trying to keep me from speaking. Which is usually the case when I start getting into material they don't want me to expose.  They start choking me.  And that has been annoying. But you know what? That's been, like, something I've had to live with for the last eight years. And so, I'm beyond being used to it. I know it can be annoying to listeners, but you know, it doesn't seem like anything ever really stops it, you know. I think the Lord just allows it because...for whatever reason.

When Satan/Sananda Arrives, the Veil Is Going to Be Lifted and The Aliens No Longer Have to Hide

Anyway, um, oh, yeah, knew it would that part. I knew they'd be pissed because they don't like being exposed. And talking about the Bigfoot race, the Bears, the moon race. You know, exposing them really makes them angry. They don't like the exposure. Most of the alien races, they think humans are stupid. And they hate them. But they don't want exposed by them either. And so, that's why they try to stay invisible and they hide. And they stay in the background. And then when Satan arrives (in the personification of Sananda), there's no more hiding. Because he brings his forces with him. And this is allowed. So they no longer have to hide. The veil's going to be lifted.

There's a veil around us. And it separates the spiritual supernatural world from us; the dimensions. Between 3rd and 4th dimensions. And when Satan arrives in our dimension, you know how they keep talking going on and on about their New Age bliss crap about the 5th dimension? No, because a angelic dimension isn't obtainable by Satan or any of his followers. Anyone who rejects Yahushua, the Son of God, will never obtain a angelic dimension. And definitely counted 12 dimensions. They can't get any higher. They want you to think they can. You know, that's why they call themselves lightworkers. Because they try to mimic angel beings. The fact that they're the Lord's angels, they try to mimic them. Or His followers who are filled by the Holy Spirit and led by the Holy Spirit. And they mimic that by channeling and referring themselves to light beings, lightworkers.

But when he arrives, the 3rd and the 4th dimensions are going to be...become basically one dimension. You're gonna see aliens, and demons, and all this garbage that's a part of Satan's kingdom.  And there's none of them that can even obtain a higher status because they're already judged and fallen beings. So how--you know? They can't obtain anything higher.

And it's not theirs that they can earn. I mean, if you were going to obtain anything, you would have to from The Most High, Himself. Even His believers are restrained on earth by the fact that we can't just morph into angelic bodies and leave Earth. We're restrained on Earth by having human bodies. And they're restrained by the fact that they have fallen angel bodies. You know? They got those ugly, hideous creature-type bodies. And what they do is manufacture giant humanoid-looking bodies. And then they possess those so then they can look somewhat humanoid.

The Lord's Angels Do Not Have to Operate by Night

You know, when this Sananda comes--and he's just a tall Grey alien in a human manipulated, created body. And some of the other ones that are really big among that crowd, like Uriel, and Gabriel, and Raphael, and Michael. They always refer to the archangels, uh, they have their own demons that they've named after the archangels. And then they want people to believe that those are the real heavenly archangels, and they're not. They're not.

The Lord's angels do not have to operate by night, folks. If you're ever getting nightly angelic visitations only, that should be a tipoff you're being deceived and manipulated by Satan's agenda. Because if the Lord wanted to send an angel to you to speak to you, He would not wait till midnight. OK? He could do it any time of the day. In fact, in biblical accounts, when the angels came to the earth, it was during the day.

You know, I know CIA's always had all these nighttime operation programs that they have. You know, goes beyond dreamscape manipulation. It goes into also false visitations by demonic and alien beings posing as angels, but really just figures. And they've been doing that for ages, when the thing is, so many people are gullible and they fall for it. "Oh, I had a visitation from Michael last night." Really? [laughs] Or, "Uriel spoke to me."

I See in the Codes That Japan Gets Mad When I Expose That They're Listening to Alien and Demonic Beings Posing as Archangels

You know, it's almost sounding as bad as Japan. They really think that they're being led by archangels. And it's--hello. And they're getting all mad because I'm exposing the truth and trying to wake them up that they're listening to alien and demonic beings posing as angels. And they don't wanna hear that. They don't wanna hear the truth, you know. And they get mad when I expose that. I see it in the Codes. But that's what I do. I expose the truth, folks. I'm not here to make people happy. Just expose the truth. And it is what it is. Whether you're mad or happy, I don't care.

And then the same thing with China. They've been aligning with Japan, because they're the--pretty much the military forces of the Beast. When he arrives, they're gonna be aligned with him to institute his economic program on earth. Apparently, it's not that heavenly, folks, if you have to have military forces here to institute it. Why would we need guns and shows of intimidation and threats if something was good? Huh? Why would you need all the mean, hard, heavy stuff if something was good? And so, this ought to be a tipoff warning to a lot of these people this stuff coming in, this global reset and this new economic program, isn't everything they're telling you it is. It's not everything you think it's gonna be. What they do is give you the carrots, the bribery stuff. They don't tell you all the stuff coming in the back door behind it.

We're in Delay Mode as They Stall for Time Looking for a Place to Arrive Where They Can Breathe in Our Atmosphere

So it's pretty much where we're at right now. Kind of like in a delay mode. As the factions fight it out. Because they need to prolong the drama as well, because, you know, their ships are burning, their palaces on earth are burning. They need a place to arrive. They need a place to go. They can't take being in the earth's atmosphere. And how're they gonna come claiming they're gods when they can't even breathe in our atmosphere? [laughs] And so, as they try to figure this out, they need prolonged drama. The other side to fight and keep the drama going. To stall, to give them more time. To give them time.

They also have it set up to where if this drags on into the winter, then we'll have Comet ISON in November. And they've already--coming out with videos on that. I told you weeks ago that that thing's nothing but an alien starship. And now they're coming out with videos. People are actually getting it on their telescopes. It's, like, what is this thing? It's not a comet. It's like three different pieces. It's like a huge starship, and so. So you can go to YouTube and type in Comet ISON and start looking at that because it's exactly what I said it was. It's a alien starship.

And ISON is not Nibiru. Some people are saying, "Oh, it's Nibiru." And they call everything Nibiru. Everything's Nibiru. If you don't know what it is, just call it Nibiru. That seems to be the status quo now. Second sun? Oh, that's Nibiru. BDS [Brown Dwarf Star]? Oh, that's Nibiru. They call everything Nibiru.

So, they'll have that to play with in November because, you know, we always have one of the ancient native races and their ancient prophecy things to pull out for December. Last year it was the Mayans. And this year it'll be the Hopis. So you always have that. Because, you know, the month of December's another date for their arrival. And they've always liked December 25 because of the whole mimicking thing. Mimicking Yahushua's birth and the star of Bethlehem. And we were able to destroy their mockery star of Bethlehem, which they called Shema. It's on fire. It's on the border of Ohio and Pa. [Pennsylvania] Been sitting there for years. It can't move. That was their agenda to mimic and mock that. So maybe they'll come up with a different star or planet to be their Shema for that charade. I don't know. But looking that far into the future, that's probably, most likely, what we'll be dealing with up until then.

You know, I just see all these ships coming in. And they're coming in and they've been here for a long time. But now they're becoming more and more noticeable. It's like, you know what? This stuff is--something's gonna explode soon. Something's gonna pop. Something's gotta pop. Something's gotta give with all these ships. And he can't keep losing numbers. Not that he cares. I guess I could say, you know, whatever. And Satan does the most insane stuff, you can't make sense of it. You can never sit and try to figure out why he does what he does. Because he makes no sense. No sense.

Keep Covering Your State Borders with Orgone Because That's Where All of Their Important Bases Are

Anyway, folks. Still need your support for this ministry. I'd like to get busy. More busy. Covering more states. More borders. Been trying to get you guys to cover the borders of your states since January. Because that's where they put all their stuff. That's where all their...their important bases that they have, their DUABs and their DUMBs, they put them on the borders of states. It's like they'll have--look at the western border of Ohio. They have all their underground stuff on the Ohio side, but it's the Indiana side that experiences all the harassments and visible appearances of the UFOs, the strange lights and all that. It's always Indiana that sees all that stuff. But their bases are on the Ohio side. That's how they do things, folks. You know.

And then we've got a starship over there on the western border. And it's already fried, and boiling, and hurting, and aching, and in pain, because the orgone over there. That's why we need to target the borders of our states. Because that's where they hide their stuff. It's where they hide their bases. And they hide them on one side of the border, and they operate on the other. So the other state's dealing with all this UFO activity. But they don't put two and two, "Hey, their bases are right next door."

Anyway, yeah. So, still need funding for that. Continue on with our work on the orgone. 

Need Your Support - Crystals, AutoZone Gift Cards, and Funds to Pay the Bills Will Be Appreciated - Together We Can Help Fulfill Bible Prophecy

And everybody out there, you need to get orgone in your countries, in your states. Because this is the calm before the storm. Literally. This is the calm before the storm. I don't know how long it will last. For me, I'd be happy if it was over tomorrow. But this could drag on. Drag on to Christmas. Drag on to next year. Until then, we have time. We have time. So that when these forces do come, we literally help fulfill Bible prophecy. Especially with the Locusts, because we kill them all in five months. What, do you think the Lord just--they just disappear? He just takes them back off the earth? No. No, we'll be able to destroy them with our orgone in five months. But we have to make that happen.

We're literally making prophecy happen with a lot of this stuff we do. People don't realize it. Because they don't understand how the Lord operates. But I do, and that's why I'm here. So we need to get busy. And still need your contributions and support so we can keep busy. And I also need crystals. Somebody wants to send crystals--somebody did send crystals from another country. I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you very much for those who have. And, you know, gift cards from AutoZone are great because I can go get resin. Somebody sending gift cards from AutoZone. I can get resin with those. And, of course, funds and finances so I can pay the bills. Keep computers running. I go through those like a dime a dozen anymore. It's always something.

Anyway, folks, I'll be back next week. Hopefully. Be a little bit easier than it was tonight. I have no idea what I'll be talking about. I never do. But that's the fun part about this show. You never know what the Lord will reveal.

Anyway, until next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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