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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
September 9, 2013


Did an Interview with Paul Jamieson and James Weston Russell Saturday Morning

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, September 9. And you're live with Sherry Shriner. A couple things I wanna talk about tonight.

Did a interview Saturday morning with Paul Jamieson and James Weston Russell. Some of you might remember that James Weston Russell--he was a guest on Daniel Ott's show last year on The Edge AM. And, of course, he claims he's Brad Pitt's son.

And, supposedly took a DNA test to prove that he was and all that. And so, I've been talking to him last couple of weeks. And decided to start doing radio shows. So I'll be posting that website link, that interview link on my website sometime this weekend. So if you missed the show, you can listen to the interview.

Maitreya Could Arrive as the 12th Imam Sometime During the Morning Prayers

The skies are loaded, folks. And one of the interesting aspects is I've told you how UFOs and their ships, they travel through portals. And that these portals can be shut down. They can be overtaken. Constant spiritual battles between the angelic and demonic realms, and alien realms, on portals, which is also referred to as gates, gateways.

And so, he wants a battle this week. I've told you about the alien planet, the animal planet on the west border of Ohio. And that is one of the Ashtar Command's fleets.

If you've heard me refer to Maitreya as an egghead...and this particular animal planet was full of eggheads. I believe Maitreya, himself, right now, is over in the Middle East around the Temple Mount area. I think that their prophecy states that he's to arrive during the prayers. Or during...yeah, during the prayers. And so, that's a particular time to watch for their 12th imam, their last imam to arrive. Sometime during the prayers. And, of course, they have them three or four times a day or whatever. I would imagine it would be the morning prayers. I'm not sure, I don't remember when I talked about on that? But they're getting ready. [audio unclear]

They're Angry That They Can Smell the Odor of Orgone in the Green Zone

Now I know that they're angry because the Lizard zone in Iraq, the Green Zone, our military built them a huge palace there. They said it rivals anything that's been built anywhere. A huge palace. And they built that for the Ascended Masters that are going to arrive. Of course, they said they built it for the U.N. But, yeah, these Ascended Masters arriving--what they call themselves, Ascended Masters--what the New Agers call them--they'll be taking over New York City as well.

And Germaine is usually there at the U.N. building. He's usually the one in charge of these G-2-0, G20 economic meetings. And so, getting ready, folks.

And I've done a lot of work in New York City. And even the little work we've got done over in the Middle East seems to have been very effective because from what I can see, they're angry that the orgone can be felt, even smelt, by them, in the Green Zone. Now it's not something that we smell, because we don't often smell energies. It's kind of like a invisible odor to us. We can feel darkness, but you usually don't tell energies by their smells.

Well, Reptilians hate the smell of orgone. To them it smells very, very putrid. Now if you've ever smelled--we're able to smell a demon from hell. Or if you've heard of other people refer to meeting aliens, being abducted by aliens, they'll tell you that they have a putrid smell. That they smell like sulfur. You know, sulfur is that rotten egg smell. And it's nasty.

Well, to them, our orgone smells. A very putrid smell. They can't stand it. When they come to my house, it's just very putrid to them. They can't stand the smell of orgone. Very putrid. Very...very bad odor. And so, very funny.

They Try to Keep Orgone Out of the Public Information Domain So People Won't Know That It's Effective

You know, I used to kid around that they'd walk around with masks on their face and stuff when they arrived. And some of the things I've always seen is Aspirator. Especially in regards to Sananda because the world is so orgoned and he's very allergic to it. Aspirator could either be a face mask like you see Darth Vader [in the Star Wars movie] wear, or a inhaler, like an asthmatic inhaler. So I'm not sure which one it's referring to.

But one of the things that orgone-saturated air does, makes it very difficult for them to breathe. It asphyxiates them. And so, it makes sense that they would...they would probably be very reliant on asthma inhalers while they're here. And if you see them chugging on inhalers, you'll know that the orgone--there's orgone in the area affecting them. So that should be amusing. They'll probably--something they'll probably try to hide. I know they try to hide a lot of things to keep it out of the public information domain. They've been trying to do that with orgone for years. Keep it out of the information domain so people won't know that it's effective. That everything I've said about it is true.

And so, they refer to me in code terms so people won't know who they're talking about. They have a codename. Everything is coded by them. And they simply dispute anything I say, to their lower echelons. So that they won't believe what I say or take it seriously. At the same time, while they all tune in and listen to my show. So it's pretty much an endless cycle with how they all work.

We Need Warriors to Orgone a Park Near the Ohio/Indiana Border - The Real Area 51 Is at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio

But we've been able to effectively go over there and hamper that portal on the western side of the state. Now, there is a park over there, and it's on the Indiana side. Anybody who lives in Indiana--and I know we have some powerful Warriors over there who have already done a lot of work through that state--there's a park across the border of Miami County, Ohio. If you look on a map of Miami County, and you look at Oxford, Ohio--because that's where Miami University is--if you look straight from Oxford University--er, Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, straight across to over the Ohio/Indiana border, there's a park there. And that park needs a lot of orgone in it.

And so, we need some--we need Warriors to head over that way and hit that park in Indiana. It's been on my mind since we were able to get over to the western border and do some work. Still need more work done there. So I still need donations and funds so that we can get back over there and finish our job.

You know, that whole area is just a crucial area. I know Brother Richard Brown's posted videos before on how Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio has always been, and it still is, the legendary Area 51. It still is. Area 51 in [Las] Vegas is pretty much a distraction, I think. I mean, I know that there's a dual base. There's a combined scientist and alien base in Area 51. And you know what? There's hundreds of those. There's hundreds of them.

The base out in Vegas happens to be one where they'll try new technology that they--air technology that they get from the aliens. They build their own UFOs and different fighter jets using alien technology and all that stuff. And they'll build them. And they'll test drive them out there at the Area 51 in Vegas.

But the real Area 51 where they store aliens, dead and alive, and do much more horrid things, is at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton. And so, that's where so much of my time the last couple of years has been spent. Chipping away at that eastern side of the state.

Giants Were in the Base That We Took Out in Lima, Ohio - The Aliens Harass People on One Side of a State Border and Hide on the Other Side

Because remember what I told you before on this show. DUABs and DUMBs, deep underground alien bases, deep underground military bases, they like to build themselves on the borderlines of states. And so, that way--and there's huge ancient ones on the western side of Ohio. Just ancient, archaic bases. The ones we took out in Lima, Ohio had been there for thousands of years. And those were huge bases and very important to the alien agenda. Not so much technologywise, but because that was kind of like, uh, I think of it as a resort base. Like, you know, someplace they would go to, like we would go to vacation resorts in Hawaii or Mexico or wherever. People who can afford that kind of thing.

I think--you know, I don't know what kind of bases they are, but I know that Giants were in those bases. Probably still are, but suffering because the orgone started taking them out almost immediately when we were in Lima early last year. It's one of the missions the Lord had me on early last year. And so, you know, that one also being connected to Miami.

And they're just have Lima, and Miami, and Dayton, all on the western side of the state. Just a huge area. And then what they do, folks, is they put themselves on the borders of states so then when they want to be seen, or maybe they're accidentally seen or whatever, they do all their flyovers and things like that on the Indiana side. So even though they're on the Ohio side, they're harassing the people in Indiana. And, see, if Indiana media would pick it up, uh, you know, they just come back home to the bases on the border of Ohio, and Ohio media never hears about it. And that's how they hide.

And they do the same thing on the other side of the state. The eastern side of the state where we have Shema trapped. On the border of Ohio and eastern Pa. [Pennsylvania] Huge bases there from Youngstown, Ohio all the way to Pittsburgh. And I've been chipping at that for years. It just seems like you saturate one area and then you have to turn around another year and get another area. So, you know, it just all connects. Eventually just all connects like a puzzle. But the base on the eastern side, I mean, it just goes on and on because you have the, uh, what is that? The Allegheny Mountains in Pa.? And they also have Iron Mountain attached to that whole mountain range in the Virginia side. And it's just a huge, mammoth underground area on the eastern side of the state.

And you know what? I know if I went to any state, it would be the same story that if you pay attention to the borders, that's where the bases are. And so, that's why I started Border Wars. Started encouraging that earlier this year in January. And I'd tell you, if you're going on vacation, you know, take a trip around your state, hit one border at a time if you can't do it all at one time, to put a orgone puck--one every mile--around your state on the borders. And, you know, I like to take pipes and things like that. Just saturate areas.

Throw little pipes--Marianne makes these really cute 4" pipes. And those things are really easy to just lop anywhere. You know, and I might ask her if she wants to sell them on the site. Make it available to you guys. We took hundreds of those to New York with us. And they're just little 4" pipes, but they're so effective. They go in anywhere, you know. They're skinny. They're like a [coughs]--like the 1-foot batons that we make and sell. These are the 1" x 4", and so. Very effective.

Change the Frequencies of Your Orgone to Make It More Difficult for Them to Find It with Their Detectors

And what I like to do, I like to mix orgone, like make one batch normal, make one batch with magnets, make one batch with copper pennies. I know I ordered, like, 500 pre-1982 pennies off of a website once. And so, you have original copper pennies. But it changes the frequency of them. We don't think of it as much because we know magnets will increase the power of crystals. And copper will do the same thing. Copper increases it. But whenever you change it from the original formula, it changes the frequency of that orgone.

It still keeps it positive orgone. But, you know, you've got the Chinese, and the Japanese, and everybody, and the Russians trying to come out with POE detectors. And, you know, they fly over my house all the time, and they have these detectors on their airplanes that will go off and buzz when they fly over to let them know how much orgone is in this area. Or that there is. Alerts them to the fact that there is POE in this area. And they're trying to map out areas around the country, around the world, wherever where there's a strong presence of POE. Positive orgone energy.

But if you change the frequencies of the orgone--because they have it set to look for one particular frequency of positive orgone energy. They won't actually pick up the other ones is what I'm thinking. I don't know. I'm not a scientist. Everything I do is basically actually very simple because I'm not that smart. [laughs] But other people can actually put a scientific significance to the things that I do.

I See in the Bible Codes All the Time That Orgone Is Biblical and Effective - The Lord's Little Orgone Warrior Faction Is on the Right Track

You know, I see it's biblical all the time in the Bible Codes. I see how effective it is. I see how the Lord, Himself, feels about it. I see how they feel about it. And then, so I know we're on the right track. I know we're on the right track. If we're just precious to Him, this little Orgone Warrior faction, we're just so precious to Him. Because, you know what? There's a lot of people, a lot of Christians who love Him, and sing praises to Him, and they'd die for their faith. And they're good-hearted people. The type of people that would give you the shirt off their back. He has a lot of good people that worship and love Him in this world. But there's very few that are willing to put their lives on the line and stand on the front line daily and take it back to Satan, just try to destroy Him, you know, fight against him for the Lord, to stand up for Yahushua against Satan and all his minions.

You know, it's taking a step beyond just praying spiritual warfare prayers (which are awesome). And like I said, warfare prayers are our first defense. Our Prayer Warriors are our first line of defense. Prayer always is. But then you need your stand-up Warriors behind that. And the army's made up of many different levels. And, you know, Orgone Warriors, they take a lot of flack for the things that they do, you know.

Any kind of a Warrior that becomes a threat to Satan gets attention. And I'm not talking about little demons in an area, because any Warrior of the Lord's is gonna know how to put a demon under their foot in Yahushua's name. They literally suffer physical body attacks. Constantly. You know, their health gets disrupted. Their sleep gets disrupted. Their houses become zoos for technology that we don't even know exists, but we have to learn how to combat. So you just pray general warfare prayers and hope it covers something. Covers everything the Lord needs to stop what's going on.

We learn as we go. We learn on our feet. We're not learning on our butts. We're not learning on our backs. We're learning on our feet how to fight back and how to survive. And the Lord honors that. And He keeps us alive. He protects us. His angelic warriors and guardians, they protect this little faction. You know, they've kept them alive. They've all been on hit lists to be killed, and they're all still alive. You know?

Satan Focuses on His Enemies, but the Lord Focuses on His People - Focus on Your Relationships with the Lord, Not on Your Sins

When Satan wants to know who his worst enemies are, you know where he goes? The Internet. And he looks and sees who supports my ministry, who supports my lists, supports my radio shows, who posts what on Facebook. In the Bible Codes, Facebook is called Day Book. And so, lest you think the Lord isn't paying attention to every little thing, think again. It may come in terms that we find funny or don't recognize right away, but He pays attention to what every person is doing. Especially those who call Him His.

He doesn't focus on our enemies, folks. We focus on our enemies a lot because they're in our face a lot and they're bothering and annoying. But He focuses on His people, His children. You know, one of the biggest things concerns to Him is security. And I joke with Him a lot about it. But He's Dad. You know, He's Dad. He's worried about your security. Keeps His kids safe. That is His number one thing. And so, I always kid Him about it because, you know, moms and dads, it's so typical of how a dad would act.

And sometimes we just want things like things a--like things a mother would think about that a dad doesn't, you know. And try to rib Him on that. I try to have some fun with Him, because He plays both roles, you know. And so, you know, it's all part of relationship-building, folks. And He doesn't take it personally. He doesn't get mad. He laughs. And that's what building a relationship is. And I've tried to tell you guys, when you have a relationship with the Lord, it's about relationship, it's not about religion. It's not about what you get right and what you get wrong, or I would've been a hundred feet underground a long time ago because I can't ever seem to get the feasts right. You know, my heart is there. I would love to be able to learn all of the feasts and how to properly keep them. And I think I get a little bit better every year. But I'm far away from perfect.

And you know what? He's not sitting there with a ledger, keeping notes, with a baseball bat, ready to hit me over the head because I'm not doing something right. He's not like that. I wish people could get a tenth of His personality that I get every day just talking with Him and kidding around with Him. You know, because it's about relationship, folks. And so many people get wrapped up in their sins. "Oh, I did this, I did that. I'm just so far from perfect." Really? Well, guess what. Yahushua died for our sins. So, if the Lord doesn't think about them, why are you spending so much time thinking about them? That's usually Satan. That's Satan. He wants to keep you ineffective by making you think of past sins and dwell on past sins. And that's Satan. That's certainly not the Lord. Certainly not Him.

So people need to get over that. You need to forgive yourself for being such a sinner because the Lord saved you from that, so now move on. Take the next step up and move on. Move on. Learn how to build a relationship with Him and talk to Him. Ask Him to teach you who He is. Ask Him to teach you how to hear His voice. Ask Him to teach you the different ways He works.

And it's not easy. You go through a learning process where you'll think, "Oh, I'm hearing the Lord," and you realize you're not. But you know what the good part about learning is? Then you realize what's not His voice. So the next time you start to hear it, and you already got fooled once listening and following to a particular voice, you know that's not Him. You know not to listen to it.

You know, it's a learning process, folks. We've all--you know, I've been there. People at higher levels in their relationship have all been there. It's just important to get on the ladder. Taking steps up.

Our Astronomy Is a Lie - Movies Are Revealing That Things We Thought Were Myths and Folklore Were Actually True Stories

You know, a lot of people would be shocked if they just learned simple things, simple truths. Number one, our astronomy is a lie. Our astronomy, everything that Rockefeller and the Rothschilds have told you in our textbooks is a lie. They lie, lie, lie, lie. Because they wanna keep you in the dark.

You know, I went to see this teeny-bopper movie over the weekend. My daughter dragged me to it. I'm sure parents can relate to this. We do it because we love them, right? But, you know, it wasn't too bad. What was it called? Immortal Element or Mortal Element, or something like that. One of the lines in the movie that caught me, caught my attention, was they were kind of making fun of mythological creatures in stories, and one of the lines was, "It was all true." "That was all true."

They're telling you stuff in these movies. And I've always said to watch out for movies because they always tell you something, reveal something. They're saying, "Hey, that was all true." And this one movie's about these shadow hunters in New York City. And I think Brooklyn or the Bronx, somewhere over there. And about these kids that go out and they kill demons at night or whatever. Sounds like something I'd be doing, you know. No wonder my daughter wanted to see it.

But they were called shadow hunters. And it was talking about Johann Sebastian Bach and how he was a shadow hunter. And I thought, "Isn't that interesting," because they came out with a movie last year talking about Abraham Lincoln and how he was a vampire hunter. And now they're coming out with Johann Sebastian Bach. Talk about how he was a shadow hunter. How he was a demon hunter. And he learned how to make music. And we all know the powerful--the power that music has. And certain chords mixed together would drive demons crazy. And so, he would put these musical arrangements in all of his pieces that he created. And so, if you really wanna drive demonic entities crazy, I guess you could just play some Bach music.

But I thought that that dropped line that they put in there was so telling. "It was true." "It's all true." Because there's so many things that are true that people think are just fiction. You know, they think, you know, all of it was fiction. Mythological creatures of the past, they were true. A lot of stories from the past that people thought were just folklore, because we're told it's folklore, they were true. Things that were hidden, swept away, kept from the people.

A Lot of These Constellations That We Have Are Actually Alien Bases - Different Cultures Play Up to the Different Personifications of Satan

You know, when you look at the sky--and one of the biggest things about folklore is, you know, having your own constellation in your name and being put up in the sky, and blah, blah, blah. A lot of these constellations that we have are actually alien bases. If you look at the Bear constellation...and they tell you, "Oh, stars are mini suns," and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. They're alien ships.

Remember the Lord was telling me about Bigfoot. He said, "Yes, they have a base on the moon." And there's a living place--habitation, whatever--base on the moon. And they also lived in several different places. [audio unclear] said, "Hey, check out this Bear constellation. [coughs] And I just laughed, because I knew at that point where they are. Bigfoots; the Bears. Bear constellation. They cover a lot--because if you look at Orion, Orion is the main dwelling place of the Reptilians and the Draconians, the Dragons.

Remember I told you--I mentioned this on the Saturday morning show. You know, Satan has different, various personifications. And so, certain cultures play up to different of those personifications. [coughs] And you have the western nations who have pretty much adopted the Reptilian, the Reptile, the Snake aspect of Satan, of Lucifer. And you'll see the Reptilians who are working in the background and in charge of our government, our politics, our entertainment, the secret societies, the occult groups. All run by the Reptilians.

And then you have the Asian nations who adopted the Dragon side, personification of Lucifer. The Bible talks about--refers to Lucifer as the Dragon. The great Dragon. Britain has also adopted the red dragon symbol on their flag and symbol (coat of arms), and so. But it's hugely dominant amongst the Asian nations; China and Japan. They all worship the Dragon. The Dragon races. They worship the personification of Lucifer as the Dragon. Where we worship (the western nations...the occultists and the Satanists--I can't say we because I certainly don't) worship the Reptile side of Satan.

And then you have India. And all their umpteen gods. Muslims used to be the same way. They used to have all these umpteen gods. And that's how the Middle East dominantly was back in the day. Those cultures had umpteen gods. These demigods. These supernatural half human and half demonic beings that would be worshipped amongst the Middle East nations.

When Muhammad came on the scene, he said, "OK, let's..."--they had 356 gods at the time, narrowed it down to one, Allah, which was the moon god. And I don't know if you've noticed, I think tonight Venus aligns with the moon, with, like, the perfect Islam symbol tonight. Naturally, they started earlier today, clouding out the skies so they'd be good and black for tonight so you wouldn't see anything. I'm sure there's all kinds of rituals going on in the Chinese and the Muslim nations right now because of this sign...symbol being given tonight with Venus on the inside of the moon. That crescent-shaped moon and star thing that they worship. Probably last night as well, because 8 is a huge number for the Chinese. Maybe it was last night and not tonight, I didn't get my nights mixed up. But either way, always trying to hide the skies so you can't see at night.

The Orion Constellation Is Dominant with the Draconians - Obama Has Signed Treaties with the Ascended Masters who Are the Assyrians

But if you look at the Orion constellation, the belt and the feet, Betelguese, and then the blue one on the bottom of his foot and, you know, they're alien ships, folks. And even within the belt, the belt is portals, it's gateways. There's even more into the constellation, itself, that you just can't even see from the earth. But if you look at the Star Wars trilogy movies, you know, with the Darth Vader, the Darth Vader is like the Draconian that I used to see when I was a kid. Thing was about 12-foot tall and pure black.

A lot of people call them the shadows. You know, shadows are demonic beings. And they're usually short. They go from 2-foot to 5-, 6-foot. They're just kind of black shadows and they...they seem to dance around at night, hum around at night in people's homes, and hover above them while they're sleeping, and they give them bad dreams and stuff like that.

And these Draconians are certainly not demonic beings, they're alien beings. There's a difference. And so, either way. The big ones are Satan's generals. They're his chieftains. Your rank goes by height in his kingdom a lot of times. You're ranked based on height. Big guys, the gatekeepers. You hear about people having near-death experiences and being taken to hell, and they run into these big, black Draconians guarding gates, guarding doorways, things like that. Pretty fitting.

That whole Orion constellation is the one that's dominant with them. And I just mention that because I've seen it in the Codes, you know. We've got a president who is signing treaties with hell. With these fallen ones. These aliens which are nothing more than fallen angels. He signs treaties with them. Has signed treaties with the Orion bunch. Also, the Assyrians. And the Assyrians are the Ascended Masters. Back to the--what I've been referring to as the New Age--what they refer to as Ascended Masters; Sananda, Maitreya, Germaine.

Sananda Is an Assyrian - Assyria Is Modern-Day Iraq - The Lord Detests the Idea of People Buying Iraqi Dinars Because It's Satan's Money

You know, Sananda, himself, is one of Satan's personifications. And he's the one who the churches adopted his picture and hung it up in the church and said, "Oh, look. This is Jesus." And that's actually Sananda. That's Satan, himself. Satan personified in human form is Sananda. And the Bible Codes refers to him as an Assyrian. And Assyria in modern-day terminology is Iraq.

And, you know, back when this global reset funding thing started, I could feel the Lord's detestation in buying Iraqi dinars or even telling people to buy them. He didn't like the dinars. I knew that. And, of course, He says things like a father would say, "You won't need them," "You don't need it," "Don't...," you know, "Don't waste your time," whatever. Typical things you would expect a dad to say, because I tell my kids the same thing when they bug me for something. "You don't need it," you know, "You already have so much, you don't need it." And He's the same way.

But He does like the dongs. He doesn't mind the dongs. I've noticed that He doesn't really have an anger towards the dongs; the Vietnamese dongs. And so, that's what I've been promoting on my website, Facebook, for Christians, for people who can afford to go, you know, take 80 bucks and go get a million dongs and wait for the reset to happen. And then you can make profit off of that. He doesn't mind the dongs.

And I couldn't understand--OK, so if dongs are OK, and if dongs are Vietnam, why is there such a detestation for dinars? And then it occurred to me, because that's literally Satan's money; Iraqi dinars.

Ethiopia Is Going to Be a Stomping Ground of the Ascended Masters

Because they have their Green Zone palace in the--in Iraq, outside of Bagdad, wherever it is. That's one of their main playgrounds when they arrive. The area will be Iraq. They perfectly plan on taking over and dominating Iran.

Also Africa; Ethiopia. Maitreya has supposedly made an appearance in Kenya back in 1978 and stuff. But I was reading somebody's analysis of the photos and how they were Photoshopped. And so, it was pretty crazy. And it is true. Because if you do look, it's all these people sitting there like they're at a...somewhere, maybe a...a church or whatever. They're all sitting there, and all of a sudden, you know, Maitreya's standing in the middle of them and no one's looking at him. They're all looking somewhere else. Hello! So they pretty much act like, in all those pictures, that he's invisible to them. And so, thought that was interesting.

But either way, Ethiopia's gonna be a stomping ground of there's. You also have the fake Ark of the Covenant over there they wanna pull out and take back to Israel. And that's somehow supposed to give them some kind of credibility that they're actually legitimate angelic beings from heaven. [expresses disgust] But all this is set, you know, to go off. And, of course, Sananda is gonna be pushing Muslim, Islam theology. And so, uh...and Maitreya is just a puppet. Even though I believe he'll arrive first.

Obama Is Funding Syrian Terrorists to Attack Christians in Syria

But that's what's going on pretty much. And Africa, you know, we've known this for the last couple of years, where George Soros was funding Muslim terrorist groups to go through these countries in Africa and attack Christians. And they're brutal. You know, they rape, burn, chop them up, destroy them. They're persecuted and killed just because they're Christians.

You know, where's their rapture, folks? I always hate the arrogance of America who always thinks they're gonna be raptured before any bad thing happens here. And you look at the death and destruction that Christians around the world suffer. My heart just goes out to them.

But Soros was responsible for all that. He spends all of his billions on how to destroy the Lord's people. And now we have our own president, Obama, funding Syrian terrorists to attack Christians in Syria. And so, that's the biggest thing over there is, you know, were they fighting against the evil and corrupt government? Are they fighting for liberty? For constitutional change? What exactly are they fighting for? Because their fruits are that they're destroying good people. They're just going after Christians. They're destroying good people.

You know, they can't hide their hatred for the Lord's people. And yet, they call themselves a peaceful religion. And this is coming to America. This is our president, folks. You elected a Muslim as president. And he's been working with the Muslim Brotherhood every day since he's been elected. And he's also controlled by the Russians.

Igniting Race Wars Here in America Has Always Been a Russian Project - President Obama Wants to Establish Sharia Law Here in America

So you have a communistic Muslim...I'm starting to sound like Martin Luther now. Communistic Muslim leading the people. Martin Luther King. Same thing. Controlled pawn by the Russians. All of the black videos have been pawns by the Russians to ignite racial wars here in America and cause instability. That's why they've always stood behind that aspect of causing instability in America and race wars. That's always been a Russian project. A Russian game. They're part of their agenda.

President Obama would like nothing better than to officially destroy and stomp out the Constitution and establish sharia law here in America. That's what he wants to do; sharia law. You almost have to laugh. I mean, could you imagine Hillary Clinton putting on a burka? [laughs] Or even some of the Lizards in Congress. Nancy Pelosi, and Janet Napolitano, all walking around in burkas? [laughs heartily] And they don't even wear them.

You know, you look at pictures of these Muslims when they come to America, they don't wear their sheet garb, they don't wear their Muslim garb. They look like normal Americans. I mean, you know, they're not Americans. They're Syrians, and Saudi Arabians, and everything else, but they don't wear their garb over here as, you know, Muslims.

It's all a charade, folks. It's all a charade. And they've been working on these scripts for years. And that's why their lies crumble so far and so bad for the reasons that they wanna go to war. Like Iraq, and Afghanistan, and Syria. Because they're just lies to begin with. And so, when the president gets called on the carpet, "Hey, you said this and this, but that doesn't make sense," do you think he cares? Do you think any of them care? Because it's just a lie anyway. "Oh, that lie didn't work. Wait, I'll think of another one. I'll get back to you with another one."

Some of Their Real Reasons Why They're in War Always Go Back to Spiritual Wars or Alien Faction Wars

They never tell you their real reasons why they're in war. And some of the true reasons go so far beyond your own comprehension you could never imagine it. And it's almost always--always goes back to spiritual wars or alien faction wars. Wars between alien races. And they use the human pawns on earth, that they think they control, to fight their wars for them. You know, you've got the Russian Bears, signified by the Bear. And the Bear being one of the largest constellations in the sky. The Chewie, the Bigfoots that have been on the ground.

There are also Anunnaki. My friend wasn't wrong, who said it was Anunnaki that was in my yard. That is true. It's a Bear Anunnaki. It's a Bear Anuk. There's different factions of the Anunnakis. And they do have a Bear--Bigfootlike, Bearlike faction in the Anunnaki. And I told you their home system is the Taurus constellation, signified by the bull. All of these different constellations are just symbols signified by the race that inhabits them. I mean, these are all fallen angels.

One of the Biggest Lies of the Church Is That Angels Don't Procreate - Fallen Angels Depend on Technology Because They Lost Their Powers

You know, angels were created immortal. And one of the biggest hoodwink lies that the churches have propagated over the years, and why people can't grasp truths, is because they told them angels don't procreate. Well, some don't. Temple angels, the ones that are in the temple, they don't procreate. If you're an angel that works in the royal palace of The Most High, they don't procreate. But there's other angels and factions that do.

And when the angels fell...on,'s in Lebanon, uh, Mount, uh...starts with an H. Somebody give me a heads up on this. Mount Hermon. Those 200 angels that signed an agreement and said, "OK, we're gonna go to Earth and procreate with human men and leave heaven, they were leaders of factions of 10,000s of angels apiece. And so, hundreds of thousands of angels could have fell at that time, not just 200. The 200 were the leaders. We're not given a number of how many followed them. Point being that they not only procreated with human women, but they can procreate amongst themselves as well.

And remember the Jewish writers. They didn't think women were important for history, and so, they never--they didn't record women. Women and children were not recorded. We're amazed...or it's amazing that Mary's lineage is recorded in, I think it is Luke. Because they never recorded anything about the women. Satan hates women. You know, they're always the ones kicking his butt. He hates them. Even today, they're the ones dominant kicking his butt. Most of the Orgone Warriors faction, the dominant Warriors are women. He hates women.

But the part of that is is you don't get the real truth of history either. He likes to make women seem like they're unimportant. He suppresses them. So people can't know the truth of things that have happened since the beginning of time. People don't understand Lilith and her role. They think Lilith is a myth, doesn't exist. I've heard television preachers say, "It's a myth. She doesn't exist," when Bible says she exists. I see she exists. I deal with her freaking kids every day. She has offspring all over space. Don't tell me she doesn't exist. You know, it's stupidity that drives me nuts.

But these angels procreate. OK, so they don't die, they're immortal beings, and they procreate. You know, over time you can have a lot of kids. You can have a lot of kids. And they do. And our skies are full of them, folks. Different constellations. They don't look like angels when they procreate because a lot of them, as judgment for falling from heaven, leaving heaven, leaving their first estate, was that they lost their angelic looks, they lost their angelic powers, and that's why so much of Satan's kingdom is dependent on technology.

And what I have found is that alien technology, uh, is very, um...uh...what's the word I'm looking for? It can be affected by our orgone. Put it that way.

Different Odd-Looking and Huge Starships Coming In and Orgone Affects Them All

You know, there's a pyramid ship, starship coming in in the shape of a pyramid. I've been talking about Puvewah. We've been talking about the Black Knight. This camera. Space camera that travels in a east to west trajectory. It's only one other object in the universe that travels east to west and that's Venus, so that ought to tell you where this object comes from. And we know Venus is Sananda's, Satan's home planet. So this camera, this eye in the sky thing--and then there's this pyramid object shaped thing coming in. And I'm already seeing in the Codes that orgone's affecting it.

Orgone already affected the Islam Cube that was coming in. This big, black cube spaceship. People of SoHo, people have gotten pictures off of NASA. SoHo pictures and sites of this black Cube by the sun.

And then there's Comet ISON coming in. And then you've got Nibiru. And all these different objects. And the Lord said there's various objects coming in. And they're not necessarily just round balls. They're different geometric shapes, folks. You know, we've talked about the Capricorn 2 which is this huge cigar-shaped ship of Sananda. The thing is 30 miles long or 300. I don't remember what it is. Some of these ships are very, very huge.

Then you have the Cube, and the Pyramid, the Black Knight which looks like a sausage. And if you look at the thing, you go to the website and look for that Black Knight article, that thing looks like a sausage flying in the sky. And then there's gonna be other--there's a tombstone one out there that's in the shape of a tombstone. Different oddly-looking starships coming in. And these starships are huge. They hold millions of fallen angels. They have vehicles that they use to travel in.

And the one thing we've been finding out over the years--I said we always learn on our feet, learn as we go, because we just keep going, learn on our way--is that orgone affects them all. Even Air Force technology. They had to ground some of their whole fleets of the newest fighter jets. Anything based on alien technology is gonna suffer with our orgone.

Our Military Forces May Have to Go Back to Prealien Technology Days Just to Get Planes in the Air They Can Fly

I wouldn't be surprised if we don't start seeing some of our military forces going back to prealien technology days just to get planes in the air that they can use, that they can fly. Because everything's so dominant in this digital alien tech, that when it hits orgone-saturated air, orgone fries it. It literally disrupts it from being able to function. And so, uh, hmph, that could be interesting.

And I've noticed a lot of the military planes that fly over here are always the real old, ancient stuff. You know, not this new fighter jet stuff. I always see the old stuff, you know. I'll ask the Lord, "OK, who's that? Is that American or Chinese?" And He'll say, "Oh, it's Chinese." And it'll just look like a regular white plane, you know, making noise.

Now most of our crafts today, especially with antinoise technology, where they can just fly in stealth mode, you never even know a plane's over you. They can hover. They can do all these things. The real technology that we have. So you know if you're sitting in your house and you hear a plane go overhead, that's really ancient technology. [laughs]

Our military truth be known, they have UFOs that can fly thousands of miles an hour. They can get to Afghanistan and back in a hour and a half. They can get to Afghanistan and back in a hour and a half. I know that. Maybe it's round trip or one way. I'm not sure. But that sure beats what they put the normal military through. Having to get on commercial planes and spend all day flying in the air, and at multiple points, and gas up. You know, it can take you a day or two just to get out to the Middle East from here. With the technology they have, they can whip people over there in a hour and a half. You know?

We're Going After the Technology They Don't Share Publicly, with Orgone - I Encourage People to Make Pipes for a Huge Punch of Orgone

Anyway, it's that kind of technology that they refuse to share with the public, make available, because they wanna keep it for themselves. You know, if you're not gonna share it, we're gonna destroy it. And we are. We're going after it. And how do you do it? You just get orgone out. Make orgone. Get it out. You know? I would encourage people to make pipes. 5-foot pipes. 2-inch by 5-foot pipes. Yeah, it costs a good chunk of money to make those, but well worth it because those things pack a huge punch in the atmosphere. Huge punch. Especially if you put it in a bucket. Make it a bucket blaster. Huge punch of orgone straight through the atmosphere.

The Stars of Heaven Are about to Fall and Thousands Could Strike the Earth Head-On - Get Away from the Coastlines

And considering the stars of heaven are about to fall, Revelation, chapter 12, you know, you can think of that as literal or symbolic. Stars of heaven being angels, aliens, or all of these starships that have been posing as stars in our skies all these years. And the astronomers saying, "Oh, it's a constellation," when they're freaking alien starships. You know, if all those started to crash, that would be some huge destruction. [audio unclear] They will. Because the Bible says they're going to. It's just a matter of time.

And if they hit the oceans right, yeah, that's gonna cause some turbulence, don't you think? That's gonna cause some tsunamis around the coastlines of the world, don't you think? Don't you think the Lord's been warning His people for years to get away from the coastlines? And not just because of HAARP and their ability to create the earthquakes, or the fact that our world's about to go through a pole flip. And Isaiah warns of that. Says the world's gonna rock back and to like a drunkard.

Yeah, so we've got all these starships about ready to fall out of the sky. Where do you think they're gonna go? A lot'll be hitting the waters. A couple of them are gonna be hitting the earth. The Bible, Revelation, chapter 8 talks about a lamp, a meteor, and, uh, a comet and a meteor striking the earth. And so, that's only two compared to the thousands that could definitely strike the earth head-on. So I believe the other ones will just hit the water. And you never know because the Bible also talks about a bowl judgment of hailstones. Huge hundred-pound hailstones, whatever. And those could be chunks off of these starships that break up as they're crashing in the atmosphere because they blow up in the orgone, and hitting the earth. The remnants of these starships.

I don't know how anybody could deny it. I don't know how they could deny it. I mean, we've been watching for the last several years. [audio cuts out] they all crash. All over the place. People getting videos. The media's calling them meteors. And you know they're UFO starships crashing all over the place.

Anyway, folks, need your help and support for this war. If you're not supporting it, then get off your butt and support it, because we're the most effective faction on this planet in tearing down strongholds of Satan. And we need your help. We also need you to join us as a Warrior.

Anyway, until next week, everybody. I'm running out of time here. They're, "You've got 60 seconds left." [laughs] I don't wanna shut up. Sometimes I just get on a roll and I just wanna keep going. [laughs] But I'll be back, maybe next week, folks. I knew there was gonna be a fight here this week. So, my eyes are open. I'm paying attention. And I'll be ready, you know.

Anyway, till next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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