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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
September 16, 2013

How to Recognize When You're Hearing Angelic Defenses Going Off

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, September 16. You're live with Sherry Shriner. A lot of things I wanna talk to you about tonight. I have a bit of a cold, so. Been battling with this the last couple days. So if I sound nasal, that's probably why.

A lot of things going on. And I made a mention of it on my Facebook list about the angelic war in heaven the other night. And I'll just start with that and just kind of lead as the Lord leads me to say things. [laughs softly] I'm usually a lot more reserved about things. And so, He just wants me to say things tonight. And so, it's gonna be kind of crazy.

All right, so, the other night. You know, I could hear angelic defenses going off around here in my house. And I used to, for the longest time, think that that was the invisible military. That they were coming here during the day with invisible equipment, and these machines, and cloaked vehicles, and all this. Because that's what I could relate to because I know they have those things.

Well, I learned along the way that angelic defenses--we often hear things in the supernatural realm--well, I do. I can't say everybody does. But if you learn to associate things with what you hear, you might be able to pick it up as well. I don't know if it's just a me thing, or everybody can learn this. But you'll often hear, like, a generator running. A humming noise. I know people have said, "I hear a humming noise." And they think the aliens are digging an underground base underneath them and tunneling underneath their house or whatever. Which is associateable because when they do that, there is a humming noise. And so, we just associate things with what we know.

A vehicle. Like you hear a vehicle coming up your driveway, but there's no vehicle. Or a door slam. You know, we associate it with a car engine running or a door slamming. That's how we associate things. But not necessarily what's going on at the time. In the supernatural realm what I've learned is that angelic defenses often sound like those things. That's why we associate them with a motor running, a door slamming, a humming. And when you hear those things, and you don't see anything around you, typically those are angels around you with defenses and they're protecting you.

We've Been Systematically Eliminating and Crashing Satan's Forces for the Past Decade Because of Orgone

And I say this because I know you guys have been hearing for years about all the stuff I go through. Well, you go through the same things because they're not just after me, they're after the whole faction of Warriors. And so, I know you guys experience a lot of the same things, if you know it or not. If you've realized it or not. Because they're not just trying to kill me, they're after the whole faction. They want everybody dead. They hate us all. We're the smallest, most effective, most powerful group that's ever been on this planet at one single time. Because we're destroying the strongholds of Satan. We're putting him on his knees.

And if you don't think that's true, count how many meteors the media has ignored. And add that to the ones they've actually announced that have crashed to the earth in the last 5, 10 years. We have been systematically eliminating and crashing Satan's forces for the past decade because of the orgone. Our orgone war that we took to Satan, you know.

It's kind of like when I started praying a decade ago and asked the Lord to show me how to tear down the strongholds of Satan and He led me to orgone. Half the time I had no idea what it was. It sounded kind of New Agey to me. "Crystals? Oh, you gotta be kidding." You know, it was so New Age to me at the time. But you know, it's like the Lord said, you know, if you have a problem with crystals and His stones that He created and put on this earth, aren't you gonna have a problem in heaven, dealing with heaven? Streets of gold, crystals, gems. Really? It's not New Age. It's just that the church ignored it. Ignored so many powerful things that the Lord put here on earth for us. And they adopted it. Well, we're taking it back. We're taking it back for the Lord.

So I got over my inhibitions, kicked it off, started making orgone. The way He showed me how. And before I knew it, I started seeing a hundred different things that orgone could do. It, you know, in my area, when the chemtrails planes were out in my area, there was a clear hole in the sky. Wow, why just my area? Because I had orgone in my yard. So I started branching the orgone out and noticed, "Hey, my whole town, city, all these areas are protected because I'm getting orgone in them." Started telling other people. "Hey, this stuff can stop chemtrails." And it's just gone on and on and on.

Had no idea, at the time, that demons didn't like orgone. That it fried aliens. I had no idea the effect and power of orgone. Comes down to one thing, and that's the breath of God. Because orgone is the very breath of God. And it puts His balance back in this earth. You know, there's has to be balance in all things, and Satan's been trying to tip the balance for a long time. And that's against the rules, so to speak. Universal rules. The rules that everybody has to play on whether you righteous or unrighteous. Whether you're good or wicked. There are rules. Balance is one of them. We're putting balance back on this planet. Putting balance back on the earth.

He's been trying to eliminate everything godly on this planet. Including the air we breathe. Turning it into a more--the atmosphere we live on, dimming the atmosphere. Poisoning our air. Poisoning our water, our food, our plants, or crops, the people, the animals. He's been trying to kill everybody for a long time. And there's a strong band of Warriors who have stood up and said, "No. We're gonna take it back for the Lord." And that's what we've been doing. And this fight has escalated, and it has escalated. Escalated, escalated.

They Have Been Trying For Years to Kill Me Because I'm the Lord's Messenger Here on Earth

You know, right now, just here in Ohio, you know, they blacken the sky out so much. There's thousands...thousands of alien ships here. They're all coming in for the final epic battle. They wanna take me out. They have been trying so hard, for years, to kill me because I'm the Lord's messenger here on Earth. And they haven't succeeded. And they go through different ideas, and different plans, and different groups, and different countries, and different militaries. Yeah, I've dealt with it all; the Lord has. Because I pretty much just say, "OK, Dad. It's in your hands. I'm going to bed." [laughs] "I'm tired. I'm going to bed." Leave it in His hands and go to sleep.

And it never ends. It's just one thing after the next. And, no, they don't learn. And, two, they don't give up. That's two of the things. The rules of their war. They don't learn and they don't give up. They just send somebody else. If one things fails, they send somebody else. It's like the worse football coaching you've ever seen. The worst coaching. You know how football coaches are when a play doesn't work and they keep running the same play. Thinking, "I'll just keep running it. Eventually, it'll work." I hate those kinds of coaches. And that's what we're dealing with with Satan. He just keeps playing the same play.

So he's trying to shake it up a little bit. You know, different factions, different countries. Got Japan here, China, Korea. All the Asian races are coming in right now. Because they're the biggest cheerleaders of Satan. They're his...their his arms, you know. They're his military strength. They're his forces because they've got the sheer numbers. You know, so what if China loses a couple, you know, tens, or hundreds, or thousands in battle. You wouldn't even notice. Wouldn't put a dent in their population. Where it would somebody else's.

And that's basically what happens, you know. We're crashing their ships all over the place. We have no idea how many people are on these starships that are coming down. There could be millions on them. Thousands. The United States has a space program they've never revealed to the public. They kind of give you crumbs. You know. "OK, we have a Space Command in Tampa." You know, they give you crumbs. They don't tell you anything real.

So all this has been accumulating. And accumulating. Ashtar Command's here. Maitreya's over in the Middle East somewhere. I think he's finally had enough of frying. I don't know. He has to rise up over there as their imam. So he's a bit occupied. While Sananda and everybody else is here. So it's amusing.

We Took Out the Real Area 51, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, This Weekend

This weekend we were able to accomplish a huge, huge mission for the Lord. In taking out their Area 51. Their real one. It's not in Nevada, folks. The real one's in Dayton [,Ohio]. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. That whole western side of the state, I mean, the energy over there is just weird, the whole thing is just weird. I noticed it a couple years ago when I was over there. We've been piddling at that border for years.

So we were able to get back over there this weekend. The Ashtar Command, they have a home base right there in Miami County, Ohio. And so, we were able to take that out, close that down. And, you know, on top of already closing Lima down. There was a huge portal in Miami. And we've been able to take that over for the Lord. And close that down from them to use. Getting Dayton, basically.

Dayton's the window dressing. You know, it's like, OK, here's the Air Force base, but everything's underneath the ground. Everybody knows that. But it's not necessarily in Dayton city limits, itself. It goes for miles underneath the ground, folks. From there to the border of Indiana. And probably past the border of Indiana. I mean, it just goes for miles. And it goes south, and north. That whole section.

And, yeah, we've got it on the eastern side of the state as well, but I'm really focusing on the western section because that's where the Ashtar Command had their home base. Right there. In America it'd be right there in the western part of Ohio. Right around Dayton. Miami County. Which is where Miami University is. So we've been doing a lot of work over there. And they're mad. They're furious.

The Lord Had Me Take Out the Bigfoot Portal in My Woods - A Whole Army of Bigfoots Were Going to Try to Take Me Out

At the same time, I've talked about this Anuk that's been in my neck of the woods the last two years. Noticed this huge animal-type thing. I just thought it was an alien. Just ignored it. Could hear it in the woods at night and stuff like that. Out working on orgone in the garage late at night or something, you could hear this thing. It was huge. It sounded like it was a thousand pounds and 10-feet tall. The way it would just step on...knock trees over, or step on branches, you would just hear huge noises in the woods. You know, like trees falling over, and branches falling, and that kind of thing. And I would just sit there at home and make orgone. I didn't really care.

But the Lord showed me how this thing--I was thinking Anuk, as in some kind of preconceived assuming thing. That looked like the Alien on my website that I posted. The Anuk there. Anuks are different shapes or sizes. It's almost like the Anuk is a nation. The Annunaki are a nation with many races within it. And so, Bigfoots qualify as the Bear part of the Annunaki. They are Anuks, OK? But they're Bears. You know, it's like saying we're Americans, but there's white Americans, there's black Americans, there're Hispanic Americans, Latino Americans. You know, we're all different races underneath one umbrella, one country, which is America. Well, it's the same with the Annunaki. There's different types and races underneath the umbrella of being Annunaki. And Bigfoots fall under there.

And, I remember, back then, asking the Lord, because, you know, it all came to a head when I heard that thing screaming the one night. And I asked the Lord, "What is that screaming?" And He told me what it was. And so, I started getting more information from him. And it kind of culminated today. He was telling me some more information about it. And so, I'm gonna tell you guys everything He told me about it. Because this weekend He had me take out one of his hiding spots there in my woods. And kept seeing that in the Codes. And I'm thinking, "OK. Big deal. I killed a Bear. I killed a Bigfoot. I came and got it." It has a hideout in my woods. It happened to be a portal that they were gonna come through. And it was gonna be a whole army of Bigfoots trying to take me out.

That's creative. Because, you know, I've been dealing with the Sirius, those black alien-type things, for a long time. And I don't really get to see them because they're not interdimesional beings. They don't really come into the dimension even though you know they're there. And especially if you're sensitive to energies, like I am. You know they're there, but other people don't see them. Bigfoots are interdimensional. And so, that's why people can see them. And so, I thought, well, that's different. A whole army of Bigfoots? Because usually people just see one. There's always just one. You know, all over the country, there's, like, one Bigfoot who's been everywhere and nobody can kill it, right? Hehe.

So, yeah, there was gonna be a whole avalanche of them here. That was their plan. That's why they have this portal. You know, it's been here for a long time. They should've done all that back when I was stupid to the whole thing and didn't know what was going on. Now that I know what's going on, the portal's shut, your plans are done. It's shut down. It's over. It would've been over either way. I mean, these aliens that think they can hit and run through orgoned areas, you know, they suffer. And all the Lord has to do is crank the orgone and it's over. You know, over for them.

What Bigfoot Hiding Places Are Like

But these Bigfoots, especially the one I was dealing with, 8-foot tall, between 400 and 450 pounds. I'm gonna repeat some of the stuff I said on my other show and then tell you the new stuff the Lord was telling me today. They hide in bushes, shrubs--like, if you walk into the--if you walk in with--if you're on a Bigfoot hunt, you're looking for Bigfoot, I don't know why you wanna go looking for them, because they can tear you apart in shreds in a second. Just because they're not officially violent towards people, they've been, typically, nonviolent creatures because they come here to spy, and get layouts of the land, and stuff like that, they're not here to be vicious and violent, but they'll defend themselves if they have to.

But, typically, where they hide is in these nests that they make of, you know, prickly bushes. Like berry bushes, how you have those prickly branches. Those are like a defense, and they'll put those on the outside of their nest. They put, uh...I'm getting a little distracted here. They bunch up a bunch of bush, and tree branches, and stuff like that. Just totally, it looks like a big mess of bushes, and branches, and trees, and shrubs.

And you can't walk through it. It's something you'd have to walk around because it's so, you know, like a big, huge mess of tree limbs and stuff, bushes, shrubs. That's where they hide. Because they can just pick those things up and hide underneath them. They don't feel all those little prickly things like we would. That's where they hide. So if you run into those kinds of areas in the woods, toss a orgone puck in them. It's what I did. Just toss orgone around it. That's where they hide during the day. Or if they have to hide at night, that's where they'd go.

Bigfoots, the Bear Race, Are Ghoulish and Evil Interdimensional Beings

They're interdimensional beings. I'm gonna explain why a little bit later. They can survive on earth or in space. And they don't have to. They can come in or out of our dimension. Where most aliens, like Greys or Reptilians and all that, they can't operate in our dimension without a body. That's why they take over human hosts. They can't survive in our dimension with the bodies that they have. And so--but Bears can. Bigfoots can. The Bear race. And I'll explain that in a little bit.

They're not nice. They're very ghoulish beings. And Ghoulish, in the Codes, is another term for demonic. Very demonic. Very evil. They're mighty. That means they're very strong. They're very big. They have a base on the moon. And we also have covered up their real constellations, which are the Big Dipper and Little Dipper. Used to be the Small Bear [Sherry means Big Bear] and Little Bear. And then they renamed it to the Big Dipper and Little Dipper. That's the Bear constellation. So if you look at it, the two biggest constellations in the sky are Orion and the Big Dipper. At least in our skies. I don't know what's going on below the equator. But Orion does dip below the equator for a couple months every year.

But the biggest constellation, to me, are Orion and the Big Bear constellation. And who are the most powerful nations on earth? America and Russia. And guess what. Orion, which is the Draco/Reptilian constellation, dominate behind the scenes of American society, and the Bears, associated with Russia, the Russian Bear, dominate Russia. So, very interesting, huh? It's kind of like putting things together behind the scenes. Because this is where I'm always at. My focus is always what's going on behind the scenes of things. Why we are the way we are. Why we're in the mess we are. Kind of where the Lord keeps me all the time.

A Connection Between the Bigfoots and the Ancient Nag Hammadi Books

So here's something back--I kept seeing--I'm looking in the Codes for today and tomorrow, things like that as usual, and I'm seeing about all the pain and destruction we just caused in Miami, and Dayton, and Lima and all that. Naturally, it always happens quickly. The Lord just times it when we leave. And kept seeing this whole thing about the Bear, and how I closed down the portal, and destroyed his little hut over there. I'm thinking, you know, "OK. I get it." You know. It just kept coming up in every single Code and I'm like, "Oh, come on!"

And so, I asked the Lord direct. I go, "OK, so what's going on? Because I keep seeing the same things, and it's no big deal. What's the big deal about killing one Bear in his hideout? And the fact that it was a portal and it could come on earth through this portal," in my words and stuff, you know. So He finally goes, "I kept showing you because I wanted you to ask Me about it." Because when I asked Him about it, He could give me some more information about it.

But what He told me was something I had learned I'd read a long time ago. And when you tend to read ancient manuscripts, you don't know if they're true or not. You just kind of, "Oh, this is interesting," and you just kind of file the information away, and, you know. You don't really know what to do with it. You just store it in your brain somewhere.

But I had read the Nag Hammadi books a long time ago. I even have them on my website, and I have a list of all the Nag Hammadi books. The whole library. And some of those books are really funny. I mean, you don't know what's true, what isn't. Because there's different accounts of the same things. And so, when the Lord started speaking to me, I started picking up and remembering stuff I had read earlier in my research years ago.

Cain, the Son of Eve and Satan, Was Not Human-Looking - Cain Was the Actual Forefather of the Bigfoots That We See Now

But one of the things He told me was that, uh--and I figured out which book this was in. This was in The Second Book of Adam and Eve []. And it talks about Cain. And Cain was hairy. He was a really hairy person. OK? And so, some of you are gonna totally reject this message outright, and that's OK. You know, all I can do is give you truth. How you accept and respond to it's up to you. Cain was not Adam's son.

And if you think you can read the first couple chapters in Genesis and get a true picture of what happened, and what's going on in the early history of the earth, the world, you're crazy. Because there's so much time that elapsed, hundreds of years. And they make it all--they shrink it all into a concise one or two or three chapters, and, boom, there was the beginning of mankind. And you never really grasp the real picture. It was never meant to be an expose, but just a quick summary.

And allegories were used. The apple in the garden of Eden. That was an allegory. The sacrifices on the altar. That was an allegory. Those were just stories, uh, hiding the real events and meanings behind them that happened at the time. Too many people adopted this apple in the garden of Eden. "He was eating an apple, you know." The real meaning and intent behind all that...Eve was seduced by Satan. And then she turned around and seduced Adam shortly after. And, amongst this drama, she gets pregnant by both beings. She gets pregnant by Lucifer, and she gets pregnant by Adam. So she has dual twins.

And we know this is possible. Where a woman can have twins and have separate fathers for each twin. I've seen it on those stupid shows on TV. "You're the father," "You're not the father." "You're the father of one, you're not, the other." Uh, yeah. It can happen. So anyway, she gives birth to Cain and Abel.

Cain, Satan's son, is not human-looking. It's this hairy creature animal-type thing. Where Abel was a handsome human-looking boy. And so, they grew up as brothers. And Cain hates Abel because Cain's jealous of Abel, because Abel's human-looking. Where Cain is just this really hairy beast. He is the progenitor, the actual forefather, of these Bigfoots that we see now. He had offspring with Lilith. And, you know, you'll hear these preachers, William Murray and everybody else that Lilith doesn't exist, blah, blah, blah. And I've been telling you, yes, she does. She certainly does. And Solomon's been with her, Adam's been with her, Cain, probably others.

But Cain had offspring with Lilith as well. And their offspring were also hairy-looking-type creatures; the Bigfoots we see. And he also had offspring on earth that they refer to as Sons of Cain, but that goes back into Mason. We're gonna get into that in a little bit.

The Secret Hidden Mysteries of the Masons Are All Based Off of Tubal-Cain, Cain's Grandson, Who Accidently Killed Cain

So they're born at the same time; Cain and Abel. Both have different fathers with the same mother, Eve. All right. So then Maitreya--remember I told you that Maitreya was a clone of Cain. Maitreya--because the Bible Codes--and it said Mirror - Duplicate. And what they do is--actually it wasn't Cain, himself, it was Tubal-Cain, Cain's grandson. And the entire secret society, secret hidden mysteries of the Masons all based off of Tubal-Cain, his grandson. And what's interesting is Tubal-Cain is the one who accidently killed Cain.

See, Cain was this hairy beast-looking thing. And he was in the field. And Tubal-Cain was in the field with his grandfather, Lamech. His father or grandfather, Lamech. And he thought there was a beast coming towards them in field. He took Lamech's bow and arrow and shot and killed the beast. Ended up being his grandfather, Cain. That story was true. Now that's listed in the book, Second Book of Adam and Eve, about Tubal-Cain misunderstanding who and what was in the field and accidently killing him. Because I know there's another version out there somewhere that says Cain's cup fell on him and he died. I read that one, too. That one's not true. The fact that Tubal-Cain accidently killed him in the field is what's true.

OK, so, we know that Cain had relations with Lilith. And they had this race of Bigfoots. What we call Bigfoots. Sasquatch. Everyone else has a different name for it. I think Bigfoot is just easier. The Indians called it Sasquatch.

Eve Was Seduced and Had Children By Lucifer More Than One Time - Adam and Eve Separated - Adam Married One of His Granddaughters

But the interesting thing about Eve--and this might blow everybody's illusions out of the water. And I don't wanna do that, but this is truth. Eve was seduced by Lucifer more than the one time. Eve had one son and seven daughters with Lucifer. And, eventually, Cain--er, Abel. Abel [I believe Sherry means Adam] had left Eve. They split up. Because Adam was tired of her disloyalty. And you'll read this in the Nag Hammadi books as well, probably in The Second Book of Adam and Eve where it talks about Adam and Eve going their separate ways. And Adam marrying one of his granddaughters. And having more children with one of his granddaughters. And that's true. Because Adam and Eve had separated.

Cain Had Offspring with Lilith and with His Sisters That Eve Had with Lucifer - Lilith Also Had Offspring with King Solomon

So, on Earth, you have Cain, who, with Lilith, and his sisters, because he crossbred with his sisters that Eve had had with Lucifer, you have this animal race on Earth and you have this animal race in space. Because Lilith's children dominate space. She also has offspring with King Solomon in space. I don't know if anybody else but Cain and Solomon, King Solomon. There could be more, but those are the only two I know. But he also had them on earth as well because of his sisters. Breeding with his sisters. He had seven sisters.

The Scribes, Satan's Offspring, Put Themselves in Charge of Keeping the Records of the Sheep to Keep Things Out

That's something you'll never see anywhere because, why? They kept women out of history, by the scribes. That's why Jesus, Yahushua, when he was here on Earth, He railed against the scribes. He hated--he condemned them all the time. The scribes and the Pharisees. Because why would you let the wolves write the history of the sheep? Because that's what the scribes were. They were wolves. They were Satan's offspring. And they were--put themselves in charge of keeping the records of the sheep. How crazy is that?

And they didn't do a good job. They kept a lot of things out. And that's why Yahushua was so angry with them and condemned them; the scribes and the Pharisees. And the Pharisees were snakes as well. And He was always warning the people to watch themselves of the poison of the Pharisees.

Paul, a Mason, Came in His Own Name and Set Himself Up as an Apostle - The Lord Has Had Me Studying Masonry and It Leads to Tubal-Cain

Did it do any good now? How many churches today base almost every single Sunday service off a Pauline doctrine or teaching or verse in the Bible? Almost all of them. Paul was a Pharisee. The very one the Lord was warning His people about. Who came in his own name, set himself up as an apostle. There were only 12 apostles, not 13. Matthias replaced Judas, not Paul. People think I'm blasphemous, and they hate me because I rail against Paul. I'm just giving you the truth, folks. He was a snake. [Bible Codes on Apostle Paul] He was a wolf in sheep's clothing. And he's spinned the churches into 2000 years of apostasies away from the Lord.

When you give up Paul's teachings, and you don't read them anymore, the rest of the Bible makes sense. The Lord makes sense, the 12 apostles make sense. Because Paul comes and boasts, "Oh, they all had it wrong. I have it right. Listen to me. Emulate me. Do what I do." Or, "Believe what I say, but don't do what I do, because--"...there's a lot of people, or folklore had it that he was a homosexual. The thorn in his side that the churches hide up.

But he was also a Mason of the day. He wasn't a nonMason. His father was a Mason involved with Roman government. Paul was a Mason. And what do you know about Masons? They worship Lucifer. And one of the biggest things they do is hide their real intention, hide who they are, infiltrate and destroy. That's what they do.

And the last couple of weeks, the Lord's had me into this Masonry thing. Studying Masonry. And I knew it was going somewhere. Going somewhere. And here it all leads to Tubal-Cain. Showing me this stuff about Tubal-Cain today. And I'll be talking about Tubal-Cain more next week because I need to get into Bible Codes on Tubal-Cain. Gonna be very interesting. Tubal-Cain was an armor--he was a warrior. He was into martial arts. He was into making weapons.

And when you study the lineage of Cain, it's not good. They were all very evil. And they lived by the sword. They stole from people. Killed people. They were thiefs, they were liars. They were everything that the Illuminati families are today amongst us. Our governments. The Satanists behind the scenes. The children of Esau, the children of Cain. Liars, thieves. In charge of the money. Murderers. Always looking to do mischief and harm. Totally what runs America today is this whole lineage of Cain.

So this is why Bigfoots are interdimensional. Because they're a mixed breed race. You have the ones that are Lilith's offspring, and the ones that were Cain and his sisters'. And Cain and his sisters' were hybrids because they had Satan's blood in them, directly. I mean, they were half human, half Satan. They have his DNA, his blood in them. And Eve was seduced by him many times.

The 12 Tribes of Israel Came Through Seth - Christians, Who Embrace the Lord, Are the Ancient Israel of the Line of Seth

People are asking me, "Where's Eve now?" I don't know. I didn't even ask the Lord that. I just know that her and Adam had split as time went on. And he had other children with one of his granddaughters. And I don't know where you would get information on that. Other that the blurb mentioned in one of those Nag Hammadi books. I don't know who they were, what races they are now, anything about it. Because the one dominant race we're familiar with now is Seth. And that's where the Israelites came through. And then you have his son, Japheth. Who they say went north, and that's today's Russians, and others. And I don't know if you can believe any of that, but that's what the standing [audio unclear] is on it now. We do know that Abraham or the 12 tribes of Israel came through Seth, through Isaac, and so.

You know, it blows your mind that most people don't even know who they are today. Because they've kept it hidden and suppressed. But you have to understand why you're the most hated and hunted person on the earth when you're a Christian, and you believe in The Most High God, and you accepted His salvation, and you worship His Son. Because the Christians...the Christians are the ones who embrace the Lord. And they embrace the Lord because of their heritage, and their lineage, and their DNA, which goes back to the Israelites and Seth. It's who we are, folks. We are the ancient Israel.

You know, when you look at America, and Australia, and Canada, and Britain, and the countries spread out across Europe, and even Russia, these were the 12 tribes of Israel. And now you're seeing a modern-day split and divide-and-conquer. They don't know who they are. We're gonna spread them around the world. We're gonna take over their countries. We're gonna satanism, and Masonry, and Tubal-Cain crap. Introduce the Babylonian sex cult and death cult and mix it all up. That's what they've done.

And now that they wanna bring about their Antichrist on earth, and they're--you know, what's crazy is all these New Agers who actually promote this stuff. This fifth dimension on earth, guess what. The only way that they are gonna have a heaven on earth is if you're gone. They just need you here to cheerlead it on. Because they wanna kill them, too. Why? Because they're Israelites. They might not know who they are, but they're from the ancient tribe of Israel.

Sections of Africa that were grafted in because of Solomon and Sheba. Ethiopia. That's where, uh, there was a race between Solomon and the queen of Sheba. There's many, over time, that were grafted in. That's why you can't say, "Oh, this whole race is the Lord's, and this one isn't." You can't say that because the bloodlines are everywhere. That's why the Lord took it out of that whole thing. It's no longer a bloodline thing, it's a heart thing.

The Whole Point of the Lord Dying on the Cross Was So Anyone Who Accepted His Salvation Could Follow Him and Be Grafted in as One of His

He doesn't know His people, today, by the color of their skin or what race or country they're from. He knows His people by who have accepted Him as their Messiah. Who has accepted Him. Who follows Him. It's no longer a DNA thing, a bloodline thing, a race thing, it is a heart thing. That was the whole point of why He died on the cross. Because anyone who accepted His salvation could follow Him and be grafted in as one of His.

That's why, today, you can see even people dead bloodline, Rh negative whatevers, accepting the Lord and being counted as one of His. It doesn't matter what kind of bloodline you have. You can be American, British, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Muslim, Arab. Doesn't matter what race you are. Doesn't matter what bloodline you're from. If you accept Him as your Savior, then you're saved by grace, and you're considered as one of His.

And that's what Satan doesn't want people to know. He doesn't want his offspring on earth, his sons of Cain and all this to know that, hey, even if you signed the dotted line, and you make a deal with Satan, the blood of Yahushua can break that contract. You can renounce Satan and walk away because you've accepted Yahushua as your Messiah. And there's not a thing Satan can do about it. He can kill you. He can destroy the body, but he can't have your soul. Your soul will go to heaven and be with the Lord if you're considered one of His.

Sometimes our sins, we have to for here on earth. People don't understand that. Yeah, we're forgiven for our sins, but guess what. When you sin, you're gonna suffer the consequences whether you're saved or not. You know? And that's what Satan does. He can destroy our bodies through diseases, and sicknesses, and things like that. And we do it to ourselves because of the way we live, our lifestyles. But he can't have our souls. When we die, we go and be with the Lord.

The Minority Searches Out Mysteries and Finds Truths - The Majority Is Apostate and Going the Wrong Way - Religion Is Dominated by Satan

So anyway, back to this. So there's a myriad right now of animals in the sky. And that's what they're called in the Bible Codes. They're Animals. That's what the Lord calls it in the Bible. Beasts. You know, one thing I find is that there's always double meanings to things. One particular word, term, phrase can have two or three meanings. And that's what the Bible calls learning the hidden meaning. And a king searcheth out the mysteries. And king is a general term as leader, or person, you know.

Terms are general. Generalized. But you could search out the hidden meanings and the mysteries that are in the Bible. It's there, if you find it, but the problem is, with a lot of people, is they start to mention things, and then the people who don't know anything, and never pray, and never do 5 minutes of research on anything know everything and beat you down to keep you away from searching out and finding truths. And then, when you find them, doubting yourself. They want you to doubt. Doubt, doubt, doubt. Doubt what truth that you have.

That's why you build a relationship with the Lord, not the people around you. If you're gonna have a spiritual relationship, then that should be with the Lord, not with other people. Who cares what they think? I wouldn't be where I am today if I cared two seconds what other people think. You have to be strong in yourself and who you are and what you know, and stay in the Lord. Regardless of what garbage flies around you.

Everybody deals with that. That's why we're a fraction. That's why we're a minority. Because the majority, all they ever do is condemn, and pound, and condescend, and wanna drown you. You know, the majority wants to feel good and happy about things. And they're always apostate, and they're always wrong, and they're always going in the wrong direction. If you've learned anything about history, and about anything reading the Bible, the majority's always wrong. If you're in the majority, something's wrong. You shouldn't feel comfortable.

I know religion is set up to make everybody think that you're in the right one and everybody else is going to hell. And every Protestant denomination church in history is like that. You've got the Baptists, Lutherans, Methodist. And they all think they're the ones that are right and everyone else is going to hell. That's why, when they disagree with their pastors, they start their own church and start up new congregations, and it goes on, and it's a endless cycle. The endless cycle. And then you have Catholics who adopted the cult of Isis, and called it Mary worship.

Get out of religion, folks. It's crazy, it's insane, it's dominated by Satan and division. Get out of religion and into relationship with The Most High God. How do you do that? You just start talking to Him. You sit at His feet. You ask Him for the truth in all things every day. You go to Him. Build a relationship with Him. Start talking to Him. You know? Just throughout the day, just talk to Him. He's there. He's listening.

Most of the Constellations Are Not the Original Ones the Lord Created - Both Alien and Angelic Forces Need to Travel by Portals

You know, all this stuff's epic. Everything in epic proportions is hitting, you know. It's getting to be epic out. Millions of animals in the sky and they all--guess what, they have starships. What we call starships. Most of the constellations in the sky today are not the original ones the Lord created when He created heaven and earth. They have been fabricated by Satan. And he has stuck starships, alien starships, home habitations, whatever you wanna call them, in place, and called them stars, you know. When we're looking at stars, half the time you're just looking at a alien starship.

But there's many amongst us. And some of the things I've been trying to teach you is how they access earth through portals. That they need portals. I know the mindset where you think that God is in heaven, and if He wants to come to Earth, He can do so in two seconds. Well, God is everywhere at one time. So He doesn't have to come and arrive. He's always here anyway. But He has His angelic forces and things like that, and they do need to travel by portals like everybody else.

There are portals, and doorways, and gateways to the earth from heaven. And also to hell there are portals, gateways, whatever you wanna call them, to hell. And there has been fights, for eons, between angels and demons, and aliens, over the rights to access, and use, and control these gateways and portals. That's what a lot of these fights are about.

When I posted my video a couple years ago, on the twin sun, second sun--I called it Enoch's planet. And, yeah, it was kind of funny. They all laughed that I called it Enoch's planet. But it's appropriate because Enoch was the one who described it. How the Lord created a planet and set it in the northwest, of Israel at that time, and, you know. Anyway, this Enoch's planet has made a descension and is coming closer to Earth. And it does so through portals. And the other night, when that huge angelic war was going on, and people on the east coast saw purple and different color lightning lighting up the sky, they were seeing the aftereffects, the effects of some of this war going on. Because they were fighting Enoch's planet coming through this portal to come into our realm.

Now, it's been here, but there's stuff that we simply don't see, like layers. When you look up in space, and you see a star, there could be several different layers, levels, between Earth and that star. OK? Or that planet. It's not like there's a direct pathway from here to there. You go through portals to get to it. And that's what this planet, the second sun, Enoch's planet, was doing. It had to--it was in our sky, because I've seen in the past year, whatever. And I've told you it's up there. But to get into our atmosphere, itself, Earth's atmosphere, it had to go through another portal.

Well, it's here now. In our atmosphere. And they know it. And that's what's drawing their attention here, because this, Enoch's planet, is basically usually situated right above my house. And the Lord has a...the Lord has a, uh, a ship for His royal armies, a planet, and that is also accompanied with Enoch's planet. And Satan knows this. And the Ashtar, and all the animals. All the--Satan's fleets. And they know that they're both here now. That they're both not just above the Earth's atmosphere, which anger them, but inside the Earth's atmosphere now. And that just infuriates them. And so, they're both here. And they're surrounding them. And it's gonna be an epic battle in the skies, folks. It's coming.

I'm the Lord's Last True Messenger on Earth and Lucifer and His Minions Know That - The Second Sun Is Here for the First Group of 144,000

And so, uh, I just sit back and wait, you know, and know, I posted on my Facebook, sometimes you're the metal, sometimes you're the magnet. And then that was a message to Lucifer and his minions. Because I'm the magnet. They know I'm the magnet. You know? I'm the Lord's last true messenger on Earth. And when I leave, I'm the last one. And He's always had one in every age. He's had a messenger stand up and speak directly from Him. And for the most part, people have never really figured out who's true and who isn't. Same thing we have today.

You know, Satan, himself, has a ship here. The Ashtar Command, the fleet, all these animals. Lilith, all of them, they're all here. But the churches hate me and totally reject me. So what's that tell you? You know? And when I leave, I'm the last messenger. But the 144,000 will arrive. And so, they're sealed on Earth shortly after I'm gone.

And so, you know, there's two different groups of 144,000. And 144,000 will be taken to this second sun. It's a temporary home away from home, folks. That's all I can explain it because heaven, itself, is quite a ways away. You can read Daniel about how Gabriel was coming to give Daniel a message and he was kidnapped by Satan's forces. It took him three days to get freed by Michael. This stuff is real! You know? Expand what you have closed your mind around. We all get assumptions that things operate a certain way, and they don't. You have to understand that, you know, a lot more to what we don't know, put it that way, than what we do know. But these are the homes away from homes. Let's put it that way. And so, there has to be a temporary place of residence. And that's what they are. But they're here. And they're for us. And so, it's gonna be epic. It's gonna be epic.

Keep Your Eyes on the Skies - I'm Here to Warn Mankind About the Alien Invasions That Are Coming on Earth

I don't know what else He wants me to reveal right now. Just to watch--keep your eyes on the skies, folks. Keep your eyes on the skies. These things are coming to happen that I've talked about for a decade. I've talked about the UFO invasion, the Annunaki invasion. These are real. And they're coming. They're coming. I mean, just because I was able to block one here in my own area, of Bigfoots, because they were gonna have an army come here and try to take me out because their [Navy] Seals never could do it. They used to send all these Navy Seals and everything else here. It was funny. Uh, yeah. Where's all your Navy Seals? At least 300, huh? And all your Special Ops military, you know. Dead, gone, kidnapped, whatever. They're gone. But you won't hear about this in the news. Might hear it on my radio show, but not gonna hear it in the news.

But they're coming on Earth. You know, the Lord's not gonna protect the whole earth from these. He protects me because I'm His messenger, and then when I'm gone, these things are gonna happen--or lifted, or shut up, or whatever. But, uh, these things are coming. And that's why I'm here. To warn mankind. There are armies of Bigfoots that will be coming on the earth. The Locusts that will be coming on the earth. Annunakis, just a huge, like I said, nation of various races. And they're coming. And they're Giants. And they're humanoids, but, uh, for the most part, like when you're dealing with the Bears, they're Bears. Grizzlies. Ghoulish. Grizzly.

Both Lilith and Adam Had Supernatural Abilities Which Lilith Retained, but Adam Lost When He Fell - Lilith Left Adam to Be with Lucifer

And then you have the Egyptian thing. Then you have all these different races of Lilith's offspring in space. Like Sirius. They're those black aliens, as opposed to being Grey, they're black. And then you have blue and purple ones. And dark green. There are--she has this gene pool. She wasn't...Lilith never fell, folks. Eve fell. Adam and Eve fell. When Lilith was created with Adam, she left Adam, but she didn't fall, so to speak. She left Adam, but she still retained all of those abilities that she was given when she was created. Adam lost them when he fell. You know what? Where do you think they get Superman from? Because they say Cain used to be able to fly--er, Adam used to be able to fly. And when he fell, he lost that ability. And he used to be able to go up and visit the Lord just by reciting certain words. He wasn't confined to just the earth.

And so, when Lilith left Adam, you know, the angels tried to get her to come back and be with him. Be his wife, or whatever you want to say. She didn't want to. She didn't want anything to do with Adam. And she started procreating demonic offspring with Lucifer. Seduced by Lucifer, who could never just leave anybody alone. And so, she has all these offspring in space. And that's all these different aliens. Various alien factions that we deal with are her offspring. But that's why she's bringing the war to me so much. Because I'm destroying her race with--her children, her offspring--with this orgone war.

But that's--I'm gonna have to wrap it up with that. But I'll be next week. We'll talk some more about Tubal-Cain, and Cain's lineage and all that, because it's dominating and smothering this whole world to death.

Till then, folks, I still need your contributions to keep going, keep the war going. I could use crystals. I can use copper wire. If you just wanna send supplies instead of finances. Certainly need finances so I can branch out and get out of this state and get some other work done. And my address is on my website:

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But until next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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