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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
September 23, 2013


There Are a Lot of Parallels and Dualities Because Certain Things in the Codes Can Relate to More Than One Thing


And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And a couple things I wanna talk about tonight. I can't get in the chat room. So, hope you guys behave yourselves in there. [laughs softly] I don't typically, um, can get in there. I like to see the Warriors in there, but I guess I'm lucky to be on the air at this rate.
A lot of things going on. It's kind of like a crunch period we're in right now. The next three weeks seem to be pretty telling. And I've been seeing this stuff back and forth, back and forth, back and forth in the Codes. And then felt led to go in different directions as well and do some research on different things. And it helps to put all the pieces together. And it makes sense of things that I see in the Codes, and so.
You know, there's a lot of parallels and a lot of dualities. And the dualities are what get me the most because, you know, certain things in a Code can relate to more or one events, two or more things. And so, it's very time consuming. You have to be very analytical with this stuff. And I just tend to spend a lot of time in analyzing and asking the Lord about things.
Satan Is Coming to Earth as Sananda
And so, a couple things...I don't wanna tell you everything. Some things I've been talking about already. But there seems to be, you know...the fact that they wanna blow my place up is growing again. It's been. I know, if you listen to my show, about three or four months ago, right before summer, right when summer was starting, they hit my house with some kind of laser beam. I don't know what exactly it was. I know it was from the Capricorn.
And, as you know, the Capricorn is Satan's ship. Also known as Sananda. And he is Satan, himself. This is one thing I've struggled with. I was told this by the occultists, themselves, that Sananda is Satan. And I'm thinking, "Well, you know what? The Bible says that the Antichrist and the False Prophet are chained and cast into the lake of fire. And Satan, himself, is chained and cast into the abyss. So it has to be three different beings." Now, I don't know how it works, but Satan is Sananda. And I think it's just one of these dualities to where when the Father came to Earth through His Son, and--to die on the cross---Satan comes to Earth through--as Sananda.
And so, I don't know if you can grasp that, but that's about what's happening. They actually are two different beings. Two different types of bodies. Satan, in his original form, was a beautiful angel. Then he fell. Was cast out of heaven. And then he was cursed. He was--lost his beautiful angelic form and became a cursed ugly-looking creature.
And he's a chameleon. He can transform and possess any kind of a body that he wants to. He can possess a snake, speak through a snake. He can be an old lady. He can be a young lady. He can be a man. He can be an athlete. He can be an animal. He can transform himself in any form he wants to. He's not limited to one certain technical body, but his original form, his literal body, is a cursed creaturish-looking body. But from that body, his home base, I guess you could call it, he can transform himself to look like anything and be quite the charmer.
Satan Is Coming Back to Try to Kill Me and This Time He Has a Missile - They're Surprised My Area in Ohio Hasn't Caved in from Their Fracking
And so, you know, the drums have been beating the last several months. They've tried to come up with various ways to kill me off the earth. And it's just never-ending. And I mentioned some of them on the air. [coughs] I'm still dealing with the chest cold, so. Hopefully I don't lose my voice by next week. But he's coming back. And this time he has a missile.
And so, there's a lot of going back and forth right now. [coughs] And seems like they wanna do some type of dual false flag attacks, that are coming up. Hoover Dam is coming up. Wanna blow up the Hoover Dam. [coughs] They wanna hit this state, Ohio, with a nuke bomb. They wanna create an earthquake. And so, there's various things that I'm seeing in the Codes in regards to Rattling, and Shaking, and Bombs, and what I'm starting to think is one of these duality terms, is the term Leprosy, is a description of people suffering from radiation effects.
And so, it's pretty much in retaliation. Now, they are very angry that there's a huge pandemic going on right now that for most people doesn't even exist because they don't see it with their own eyes, they're not astute, they're not paying attention. But the orgone war we started a decade ago has reached epic proportions. They're crashing all over the place. And for years the media called them meteorites crashing. And more and more people now are starting to see the sky lighting up at night.
And what I've learned is that when these alien ships enter into a heavily-saturated orgoned area, they'll blow up. They'll literally just catch on fire and blow up just from the orgone-saturated air. And this has caused quite a pandemic with a lot of them dying. And so, they want retaliation, retribution. And so, they want to destroy my home state. Particularly my area.
Now, another thing that they've done, which is pretty--takes a lot of planning and ingenuity--this shows you how far their lengths will go. The place I live, Carrollton, Ohio, has been built on top of a lake. It's underneath the ground, water underneath the ground. We're, literally, on top of a lake. We've had water here, good water here. And so, they've brought in the fracking. Oil companies have come in and started their fracking. And what they've been doing is drilling all the water and gas out of the ground here. And so, it leaves this whole area libel at any time to just cave in. And you wonder why all these sinkholes are happening.
And I'm hearing it from their own mouths. I heard it from the horse mouth, itself, one of them, that they're surprised the area hasn't caved in yet. Because they're taking so much out from underneath the ground that it just becomes a hollowness, and that's what caves in. And so, they're so desperate, they're draining as much as they can out from underneath the ground here to cause it to cave in.
They're Trying to Create an Earthquake and It Could Be the Great Earthquake Described by the Sixth Seal
They also wanna use weather weapons to create earthquakes. And I've been telling you about the [New] Madrid earthquake and how they've been trying to blow that off. And this is over a year now. And they've been purposed trying to blow that off. And I never thought of it much. I gave it some thought as to being the great earthquake as described by the sixth seal. And I thought, "Well, it could be." Because if you look on a map, the actual Madrid fault zone goes all the way over Canada to the other side of the world. It very well could be, and affect the whole world if the Madrid Fault Line blew. Very huge.
Or the fact that they just create some kind of an earthquake here in Ohio. Because I see the Crashing, the Gigantic Noise, the Uproar. All the terms related to earthquakes, the term Quake, coming up for this possible event.
And so, it seems like, uh, you know, you've been hearing a lot on the Internet about a major false flag event coming October 1, October 2. And they're bringing in the Russian troops and all this. And these are NATO troops. This is what I believe it's for. It's this earthquake. Because as I'm looking in the Codes trying to pinpoint a date--and I've always told you it's almost impossible to pinpoint dates. Especially any one date for an event. Because they can be delayed or even cancelled.
Just because you find a Bible Code doesn't mean it's a "thus saith the Lord." It can change. What I see in the Codes every day can change the next day. Their routes, their plans. And if somebody was planning something, it's gonna be in the records. Doesn't mean it comes about, but it's written in the records. And that's why I find it. Because that's what I do, is I go through the Lord's records. That's what decoding the Bible Codes are.
And, uh...hmm, the date I am finding for this possible earthquake--I don't know if it's going to be across this country. I seem to think so. I saw [George] Soros' name in it and country. So he's got something to do with this. But September 30, October 1 was the two dates. Now, if it's September 30, October 1, that means it could happen at night or in the morning of October 1. Probably in the morning. Probably be about October 1 in the morning sometime. From my guessing, based on that kind of a date.
And so, yeah, everyone's looking for the false flag. This could very well be it. This earthquake that's coming. I know it affects Ohio. I don't know if it affects other states. I don't know if it's the Madrid. But that's a tentative date right now for this to go off. This is a plan. This is a plan that they have.
Satan Wants to Drop a Nuke Bomb on My Head for All the Destruction of Their Ships
Hoover Dam, I don't know any kind of a possible date on that. It just started showing up. Seen it a couple times today. Maybe a couple times yesterday. And usually, when something first hits the Codes, it takes a while. And so, I don't know if it's just something they're throwing in and gotta hurry up and rush and do, or something that's gonna build over time. It might be something they have a couple months from now.
Usually the most dominant events in the Codes are the ones--because they're happening next. And so, as they get closer and closer, you'll start to see other events coming in the back door. And you'll start to see new terms being mentioned. That's because they're the events coming up behind the dominant events that I'm looking at. Well, the dominant events that I've been looking at, especially for the last couple months, is this retaliory attack against Satan who wants to blow up my house. Literally just drop a nuke bomb on my head for all the retaliation, all the destruction of their ships.
And I've been talking about the skies and how they're loaded. And they've been moving in for the past several weeks. Just so many different alien ships in our skies right now. And we went to battle last week and closed one of their main portals that they were using on the western side of the state. And I spent some time last week talking about what a sesspool that area is. Dayton, Miami, Lima, Toledo. That whole side of the state. It's one big alien sesspool. Dayton, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base being the original Area 51. They kind of distracted people with Area 51 out in Nevada. But the real one is right in Dayton.
And I know that there's portals also up in Lake Michigan. Just outside of Chicago. Literally across the water. There's a Navy base north of Chicago and they are in tuned or aligned with whatever operate this portal that's out in the water at Lake Michigan. So there's a lot of portals. I believe there's one in Lake Erie as well. And these portals can be really hard for us to reach because we don't have a boat. We can't get out in these lakes and put orgone pipes in the lakes and try to shut these portals down. Because we just don't have access. We don't have boats. We don't have--know anybody with them. We just don't have access. But if they're on land and we find out where they are, then we can get to them and close them down. That's not a problem, and so.
Eve Will Arrive with the Ascended Masters Posing as Mary - The Feast of Ingathering and the Gathering of the First Group of 144,000
One of the things that the Lord's been leading me to, and, you know, He told me this several years ago. And it was one of these things like when He first told me that Paul was a false apostle. It just blew my mind. In fact, I was so angry for a whole year, I just walked away from everything. And I wasn't doing a radio show back then. I had just started praying for the truth in all things. I was fasting and praying. And really just wanting to find out what the truth in everything was. So tired of being lied to. So tired of the churches. So tired of all the different opinions, and beliefs, and everything. And when He told me about Paul being false, that just blew my mind. Paul was my favorite out of anything. Always read his books. Always had everything memorized.
And so, when He told me, a couple years ago, that Eve was part of the Ashtar Command fleet, this--Satan's elite--this council that rules above the Earth, the New Agers call it the Galactic Command, I just thought that was outrageous. And I think I mentioned it on a show about Eve returning with Sananda, and Maitreya, and then playing Mary. And then I just kind of dropped it. And I go, "Oh, it's probably just Lilith," you know. You know Lilith's a demoness. Probably just her. And so, I dropped it for a long time. But the Lord has brought me back to that. Because she is returning. And some of the stuff He's revealed to me lately, even since the last show, about Eve, has just blown me away.
And this is a reason I love fasts. Because whenever I fast, the Lord will just bless me with info and carry me through the entire week and just add on and on. He'll lead me into a direction, or give me more of something I need. And as you know, last week was the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur feast, uh, fast. Right now, we're currently in the Festival of Ingathering, which is truly a unique and interesting festival. It's Ingathering. I know most people call it Sukkot, and Tabernacles, and all that, and they put a lot of focus on all that. I think they're missing the main focus, and that's ingathering. The Feast of Ingathering.
And it seems to play dominantly with the fact that there's people who could be leaving this earth soon. I'm not gonna call it the rapture like the churches do, because the Bride isn't leaving, just a small faction of them are. A small group. And so, um...but it being an Ingathering week makes it even all the more interesting. And right before an earthquake kind of fits in with what I have believed about Revelation, chapter 6, the sixth seal. And that the first group of 144,000 would be taken right when the leaders are hiding in the rocks in the caves. And this great earthquake comes. And it seems to fit right into what I'm seeing in the Codes.
But some of this stuff that I know people won't be prepared for is the fact that when these Ascended Masters--what the New Agers call Ascended Masters--I've called fallen apostates deserving of hell--arrive to Earth, portraying that they're gods--and we know them as the Antichrist and False Prophet--Mary will be with them. But Mary is Eve. It's actually Eve.
The First Few Chapters of the Bible Give Us Allegories about Adam and Eve, Lucifer, and Lilith
Eve fell away from The Most High God. And He's been taking me back into time to the garden of Eden and showing me events that happened there. And so, I've really been into this, uh, a lot more interesting aspect of studying, because I really get tired of just the same old alien stuff all the time. I won't even watch a alien show on TV. It kills everybody in my house because I want nothing to do with the alien shows. So sick of them. I did deal with them all the time.
But this part about her is really fascinating because her and Adam--she was seduced by Satan in the garden and she had Cain. And then she was seduced by Adam and she had Abel. Now, I talked about this last week. I have a whole website on it; You guys can go research this whole union between Eve and Lucifer, Satan, at
Everything in the Bible that we read about in Genesis, especially in the first couple chapters, is just allegories. An allegory is a fairy tale kind of picture-painted way of saying something to hide the real hidden meanings of the event that occurred. And, certainly, in the first three, four chapters, five, of Genesis, we get allegories. You know, people just have this preconceived notion that the Lord created the earth in six days, rested on the seventh. Those six days--a day is a thousand years. It took six thousand years to create the earth. And when He created man, Adam and Lilith, on the sixth day, Lilith rebelled against Him. She was the first woman created. They were created out of the dust of the earth. And it says man and woman were created out of the dust of the earth. That was Lilith.
Within a Small Space of Time, During the Sixth Day, After Lilith Left Adam, The Lord Created Eve - A Day of Creation Was a Thousand Years
Now, before Adam fell, Lilith had left Adam. But within that thousand-year time, within a season after Lilith had left Adam, is when the Lord put Adam to sleep, took a rib out of his body, and created Eve. So now she became bone of his bone, and flesh of his flesh. This was within a season within the sixth day. I know a lot of people like to call it the eighth-day creation, because it was a totally separate creation, Eve was a totally separate creation from Lilith. But it was actually within the six days. He said it was a season. He told me it was a season, which means a space of time. Small space of time.
Correlation Between Eve and Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Well, Eve eventually left Lucifer [Sherry means Adam] as well. She also, like Lilith, got seduced by Satan. She had Cain with him. And she also had seven daughters with him. Now, what was peaking my curiosity was that in the Codes I often see terms like Snow, and White, and Chamber. And I'm thinking, you know, "What is this stuff?" Whatever. OK, snow. They're gonna make it snow to suppress the orgone. And, I mean, yeah, it's white. You know, I could always, you know, put my own two cents in when I'm analyzing Codes. Until the Lord just finally slapped me upside the head to give me the true meanings.
What does that sound like, really? I just put it together earlier last night. The whole thing that He was trying to tell me. Because I couldn't understand how can it be Eve in space with these Buffalo. Because that's what the Bible Codes call them; Buffalo, Bison. And it's always referring to this elite alien group, the fallen angels of Satan. How can she be with them? How could she still be alive? She fell. She became immortal. Unlike Lilith. Lilith never fell. She still retained the body she was created with, albeit she probably lost some of her powers. But she still retained the body she had. And so, she can live in space. And that's what she does. And most people refer to her as a demoness.
I know the early Jewish tradition refers to her as the horned owl. And a demoness at night who preys on men and children. Responsible for SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. And all that's true. All that is Lilith, the demoness of night and all that. That's true. She has many offspring in space, which equals various alien factions in space that are horrid and ugly-looking.
But then you have Eve. How is she living in space, because she has a fallen human body? Well, if you look at Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, it was like a light bulb going off in my head. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. There's seven daughters. Symbolizing her seven daughters. And Snow White ate a poisoned apple. And then she...they put her in a glass coffin--the dwarfs did because they didn't know--they didn't know if she was dead or whatever. They just put her in a glass coffin. And then a prince comes and kisses her, and she wakes up. And that's pretty much the story. But very symbolic.
Where do they get this stuff from? Where do you think they get it from? You know, they have all these hidden truths that they've kept from us. They have them in their books. They've got these books. They keep them from the general public. But they know what the truths are. And they give it to us in crumbs through fiction format. I've always said there's always--you know, always look at fiction twice because they're always revealing something in fiction. You know, a lot of these movies we see, we think they're just entertainment. They always reveal something.
And so, I asked the Lord about it. "Was she really sleeping in a chamber? Did she sleep in a chamber thing? A coffin? Did they put her to sleep? How does that work?"
And you have to remember that Adam lived to be almost a thousand years old before he died. Now, Methuselah was the oldest living soul on earth. He died when he was a thousand years old. Methuselah was Adam's grandson. Adam, himself, died around 900 years. Somewhere between 900 years and 1000. You have to remember their bodies were in a fallen state, but back then they lived a lot longer than we do now. Before the flood. The pre-flood era, they lived a lot longer. And so, Eve had plenty of time to accomplish her wicked ways, which she did, in the early beginnings of mankind. And then they could put her to sleep for several, you know, a thousand years or so, however long, because now she's back with us. You know, it's like the prince kissed her and she woke up. She's with us now. She's coming back.
So as odd as it is, Satan was allowed to do that. The Lord allowed it, I guess. And that's how it's being accomplished. But they also knew where Adam and Eve were buried. And they were able to clone, go get the DNA, from Adam and Eve. And so, not only having Eve waltzing around with Satan in space, we also have, probably, offspring from cloned unions between Eve's DNA and Satan's, and Adam's DNA and Lilith, or whatever. No telling what kind of creatures are the offspring of that hybridization. And Satan's all about crossbreeding and hybridizations. He's all about it. He's always doing it.
Throughout the Ages, Eve Has Been Worshipped as Ishtar, Queen of Heaven, Inanna, and Isis
But some of the other things that raised my eyebrows about this whole thing with Eve is how much she's been worshipped throughout the ages. Eve is Ishtar, the queen of heaven. She is Ishtar. And as you know, Ishtar is the fertility goddess. And the goddess of war and lust. And also the pagan goddess that the churches celebrate at Eastertime, which is Ishtar, which is all about the fertility goddess, Ishtar.
Our Easter is so pagan. What does the Lord's resurrection have to do with Easter bunnies and fertility eggs? And bunnies don't even lay eggs. I mean, come on, folks. You know, that's one of the worst--the worst--pagan traditions I think they ever accepted into the churches. The church should be celebrating Passover, an anointed feast and time given to us by the Lord. And, instead, they're celebrating the fertility goddess, Ishtar. And it's the same thing that happened with early Israel in that they would stray and start to follow and worship Ishtar.
She was also known as Inanna, and Isis, Isis worship, Ishtar, queen of heaven. And her symbol is the eight-pointed star. And what I found interesting about that is the eight-pointed star is the symbol of Venus. The morning star is Venus. And that is Satan's planet. That's his, like, make-believe heaven Disneyland. That's where I said there are people who often talk about having near-death experiences. That's where they're taken. They're taken to Venus because Satan has, like, this--this playground, this, like, fake heaven set up there.
And he still has a union with Eve. And she's aligning herself with that union by wearing his star. And that's become her symbol. Because these two are still together. They've had, probably a lot more offspring together than we know about. Probably just since she even left Earth. But she is still with him. And she's gonna return as the queen, uh, er, er, the queen of heaven, as, uh, as Mary.
She's depicted in the Catholic churches--she's been depicted all through the ages, and all the various stages of occultism and paganism, she's called Astarte. She's basically behind a lot of the Idol worship that Israel kept getting involved in. Also with Molech, the owl. Those seem to be the two biggest forms of worship. And who was signified--symbolized by the owl? Lilith. They seem to be the two biggest forms of worship that always led Israel into idolatry.
But she had a son, Tammuz. Some say it's her son. Some say it's her lover. But in the Catholic churches they portray this fake Mary and Jesus, when it actually symbolizes Eve and her son Tammuz.
And so, all this goes back into ancient folklore. And there's a lot of truth mixed in with lies, obviously. There's a lot of drama put in. To dramatize things. Make it more entertaining or whatever. And so, you have to just go through and, you know, try to grasp the truth and ignore the junk, is what I say. And discern from the Lord, "OK, is this part true? Is this true? What's true about this?"
The Ones That Rule Israel Today Are the Sons of Cain - The Lord Railed Against the Scribes Because They Started Hiding and Rewriting Things
And one of the things that He led me to this week was that, um, how everything has been so hidden and stashed away; our past history. Because from the time the apostles were still alive, when they were still alive is when what we call the Brotherhood, the death cult, the Illuminati, the ancient--back then--that ruled through Rome and then--the Jews back then--the sons of Cain, were the Talmudic rulers. Always pushed the Talmud over the Torah. That's how you can tell. They're the ones who rule Israel today; the sons of Cain. Talmud vs. Torah. A real Torah Jew's not gonna worship the Talmud. Filled with satanic filth, if you've ever read it. I have articles, and a breakdown of what it's sayng, on my website, Um...I lost my train of thought here.
But she's...she's returning as the virgin mother. And it's Eve. It's not Lilith. It would be easier to digest if it was Lilith. Because basically what we have is the fact that since--oh yeah. Back to where I was.
From the time when the apostles were still on the earth, and this death cult took over the scribes, were all sons of Cain. That's why the Lord railed against them all the time. And they started hiding things, and rewriting things. And the biggest thing is the rewrites. And the manipulations of what--of the truth of what books were available, what books were out there. Because I'm reading Nag Hammadi books. And I can tell that they, you know, they got their hands on them. They're rewrites. Because they're mentioning terms in Nag Hammadi books that are modern-day terms that they didn't use back then. And so, there's ways you can tell that it's a rewrite. And trust me, they got their hands on everything. I don't think we have anything that's available to us that's in its original...original,
People ask me all the time, "What Bible should I read?" Well, you know, might wanna go back to the Geneva. It's a lot more accurate than the manipulations they did on the KJV [King James Version]. The Lord didn't speak in British English. Doesn't speak now in British English. The demons adopted it. The demons love to speak in British English. The Lord doesn't speak in British English, and so. The KJV can be very hard to read for some people. And that's a huge reason why.
But even, you know, all the books we have now you can read five different books on the book of Adam and Eve, the life of Adam, Cave of Treasures. You know, all those earlier books. Jubilees. The book of Jubilees is one. And they've all been manipulated. They've all been--they've all had the scribes after them rewriting certain parts of them. There are truths in all of them, but there's a lot of nontruths as well. That's how they did it. They just kind of spread it everywhere.
And that's the one thing the Lord always told me about truth. It's a little here, a little there, a little here. Not one place, you know, not one person has all of the truth because it's so scattered and fractioned. It's fragmented. Everywhere. A little bit here, a little bit there. And that's why I've always looked at it as a puzzle. And you take little pieces and you try to put this whole puzzle together. And we can't always do a lot with what we have, because what we have has been rewrites and manipulations. Coverups.
Enoch Is One of the Best Books You Could Read, but Why Did the Church Take It Out?
You know, the Lord said if we wanted to know what was gonna happen at the end of the days, we needed to know the beginning. You can't understand the end if you don't know the beginning. And so, that's why I had to spend so much time going back and trying to figure things out, what happened at the beginning, because all of these things that the church has covered up and hidden are right in front of our face now. Because we are in the last days.
You know, Enoch's one of the best books you could read. Why'd the church take it out? Their official KJV version has no Enoch, but in the Ethiopian version of the KJV there's an Enoch. In the Catholic books there's Enoch. Enoch explains a lot of things about the early time of man. And the churches don't want you to understand it. That's why they can't answer questions. You know, when the Lord called the Pharisees vipers and offspring of Cain, sons of Cain, they don't have an answer for that. What they say is angels don't procreate. Really? Since when? There are groups of angels, especially the ones that serve the throne area, that don't procreate and have children. But there's many other ranks and classes of angels that do.
Lucifer was an angel. He was an archangel. And he could procreate. He had a union with Eve. You know, they didn't have a problem when 200 of the chief angels went to Mount Hermon, and signed a pact, and tens of thousands of their followers, their armies, fell to earth with them. And they all procreated with human women. Took whom they chose. Which means they just grabbed them and raped them. And then we had a Giant problem on the land because of the union between human women and these angels, resulting in Giants.
And that's the difference between demons and aliens, which aliens are fallen angels. Demons, when these Giants died, they weren't fully human, they weren't fully angelic. Their souls became demons--known as demons. They were cursed to roam the earth. And so, that's the difference between what demons are, and between aliens. Demons are the spirits of the dead Nephilim, the dead Giants that were on the earth. And there were thousands of them.
And people always say, "Well, the flood would've wiped them out." Really? Then when Moses led the Israelites across the desert, and they came to the promised land, he had sent Joshua and Caleb out to spy on the cities they were gonna be overtaking, and they came back and said, "We're the size of grasshoppers compared to these guys. They're giants." These cities were Giants'. There was 20 cities of them. Giants, huge. And that's who Israel had to defeat to reclaim the promised land, when they left Egypt. And that was a long time after the flood, don't you think?
Perception. People just assume things. And then when you say something, they're like, "Oh, yeah. You're right." Don't put yourself in a box. Always be open and available to hear truths.
We're in a War Between Adam and Eve and Their Offspring; the Wheat and the Tares
But anyway, back to today. To now. Because Sananda and Eve, keeping their union alive, will be returning to Earth. Tammuz, their son, it think it's--could be this Maitreya that's coming. That's coming to play Maitreya. He has something to do with Cain. He's, uh--today's race, sons of Cain, the Freemasons and the Illuminati, they all claim that they're sons of Cain. They're sons of Tubal-Cain because Tubal-Cain means Satan's offsp--er, Cain's offspring. Big reason why they worship Tubal-Cain in Freemasonry is their forefather of Freemasonry, they worship Tubal-Cain.
Because I told you last time, last week, who Cain was. He was a hairy...hairy beast. His race with, uh...with Lilith is what we refer to as the Bigfoots. The Bears, the Grizzlies. One of the largest constellations in the sky. It's not just a constellation, folks, it's a home base. A lot of these constellations in our skies are just not little suns hanging in the sky for our enjoyment and entertainment at night. They are home bases for these fallen angels, these aliens that fell from heaven and live in space. They live in space. They live under the earth.
Satan has temples everywhere. Saturn, he had a huge temple on Saturn. And that one is aligned with Islam and the fact that he plays the god, Allah. Venus, another one. He has temples on all the planets. Under the earth, it's Shamballa. A city in India. Eve also has some kind of offspring in India. I think she has offspring everywhere.
But that's the whole gist because we're at a war, literally, Adam's race against Eve's race is what it comes down to. The wheat and the tares. Adam versus Eve. And if you look at it, the occultists have always told me, "Well, the New World Order's matriarchal. We have a mother." Hello? It's not Lilith. It's Eve. She is the mother of Cain's race here on Earth. She has stayed with Lucifer throughout this time. And the godly line, through Adam and Seth, has remained their nemesis and their number one enemies since the beginning of time.
You know, Israel, Jacob was blessed. Isaac was blessed through Jacob. But Jacob had the 12 tribes of Israel. And these are Adam's people. When I look in the Bible Codes and I see this...this faction of pe--group of people--group of His Bride on Earth that the Lord is so pleased with, that is very special to Him, and you'll always see Adam associated with them. I couldn't figure that out. You know? Why is Adam always--because we're Adam's. We're Adam's kids. We're Adam's people. We're the Lord's people. And then you look at the evil, wicked amongst us. And you see Eve associated with all that. Now Eve is the mother of both, obviously, because we have Eve's blood. She was our mother. But we are more or less Adam's offspring on his side, and she has her side which is the evil ones.
And so, interesting that all this comes down to a war between Adam and Eve, their offspring, their lineages. The wheat and the tares growing together. The Lord said, in Matthew, He told the angels to let them grow together. And then when it's judgment time, the tares would be separated from the wheat. The tares would be gathered up, taken, and burned. So that's where we're at.
If you wanna know how after the flood that Eve's line, wicked line [coughs] comes through the flood? Through Ham's wife. Noah and his sons were perfect. They had perfect human DNA. Their wives did not. And the mere fact that it was Ham's son, his offspring with his wife, that the Lord cursed because of Ham's sin, there was something going on with her bloodline. With her. And there's a lot. I could get back to the...back to Noah's sons, but I won't. It just tends to make a lot of people angry. [laughs] Gets them where, you know, [coughs] all boils back to Seth versus Cain, Adam versus Eve.
I've Been Trying to Pinpoint Where the Garden of Eden Was
I've been trying to pinpoint where the garden of Eden was. If you read different books, they give you markers and signs to different places. [coughs] Some books will lead you to believe that the garden of Eden hovered above Jerusalem. Others will believe that it was at Mount Hermon. The northern part of Israel, and the mountain--northern part of Israel. Others would have you believe it was in Jordan. That Mount Sinai, the holy mountain, was the actual mountain where--the garden of Eden was once on top of Mount Sinai. But I've been trying to piece together all these different things. You'll also hear about the southern of Iraq. [coughs] Which is the cradle of civilization. And that just makes the most sense to me. I try to go by some of the things I see in the Bible Codes and Bazra comes up a lot. And also Kuwait.
Most of the depictions have the garden of Eden on top of a mountain. And in southern Iraq and in Kuwait there are mountains. Then you have the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers as being two of the dominant rivers that float south of the garden of Eden. There was four rivers total. And the Tigris and Euphrates being two of them. Of which Iraq has both the Tigris and Euphrates.
Now, you figure, since the flood, landscapes have been changed. River routes have been changed. A lot of things have been covered up and hidden so that people just couldn't figure things out. And that's what always makes me the most angry. You can't figure it out. It's hidden. You really gotta dig and figure things out.
One of the things that struck me, even back in 1990 when George Bush called for a New World Order and a war in Iraq, was the first thing they wanted to do was get a hold of the gate of Eridu. And I believe it's this Eridu gate, which was this ancient stargate, is the one that was in Bazra, Iraq, which is the southern part--southern tip of Iraq. The Britains took over Bazra and guarded that gate. So there's a gateway in Bazra. And there's also a gateway in the Euphrates River, somewhere. There's a portal there.
Now, remember I told you that angels, the Lord's angels, and Satan's (bad ones alike) use portals to access the Earth. And so, knowing that these areas have portals, and it seems like all of the early pagan religions started right there in Mesopotamia, which is the fertile Persian Gulf area region. Which used to be fertile. It wasn't always desert like it is now. Judged, and cursed, and condemned, and all that. It was much different way back then.
And then you have that gate. That stargate there in Bazra where Satan could have access. He always was coming to the garden of Eden to harass Adam and Eve. And also when they got expelled from it. Always trying to deceive them. And that would've been his access point. You know, even from ancient Babylonian mystery religions, and you have this springing up of Ishtar, and Inanna, and Astarte, and all these different names that were given to her. And they came out of that one certain area where she would have been. Where she would've lived. Eve would've lived there. Because her and Adam, that's where they had their beginnings.
And that's where she began multiplying with Lucifer's children on Earth. Would've been in the same area. Before they started branching out into other parts of the world. That area is the hot spot. Where everything began. So, I found it interesting. Just digging back and going through things. And you gotta remember that they lived much longer than we do now. And there's just so much that's been kept hidden from us. So many truths. But once you can grasp the real war of good and evil--you know, the Lord says what happens in heaven will happen on Earth. What happens above, happens below. And Satan also adopted that same symbolism; what happens above, happens below. They do that with the Baphomet sign and their occultic signs. Because he just copies and mimics everything the Lord does and says.
Eve, Not Lilith, Will Be Returning with Sananda, and Maitreya May Arrive Posing as Tammuz
But, yes, we have a war between the Father, God, and Satan, Lucifer. And on Earth, it's between--it comes down to the humans, between Adam and Eve; their seedlines. The wheat and the tares. To culminate. She's gonna be arriving. And that's why you're gonna see this woman with them. And you're gonna think, "Oh, it's Lilith." Because I told you it was probably her. I didn't wanna have to grasp the whole Eve thing, but the Lord's taking me back to it, so I'm gonna have to. Because it is her. And she's gonna be with Sananda, who's coming as Jesus of the Bible. And that's Satan. That is Satan. Sananda is Satan.
And then you have Maitreya. Which is another one. I think he's probably playing the role of Tammuz. And then you'll have Saint Germaine. There's 11 of them that are coming. There's a whole 11 of them. So it's gonna be quite a group. And when they arrive on Earth, they wanna arrive in songs, and hymns, and spiritual songs announcing their arrival. Mimicking angels from heaven and all that good stuff. Because all Satan can do is mimic, and lie, and make a mockery of righteous things. And that's what they'll do when they arrive.
They Know I Am the Lord's Qualified and Anointed Mouthpiece on Earth, and They Don't Want to Arrive Until They Kill Me
But it's just around the corner, folks. Seriously, they are just waiting to kill me before they arrive. They want me dead before they arrive. And they're just coming up with all these different various ways, because I am the Lord's last messenger on Earth. I'm His last mouthpiece. Anointed mouthpiece. There's a lot of people who claim they are. But I am the qualified one because my bloodline goes back to the King David. I am a daughter of David, literally. And they know this. They know what my bloodline is. They know I'm qualified. And I've been stood up in this position on the Earth for the Lord.
And they don't wanna arrive until I'm gone. And they're not gonna stop, come hell or high water. Create a earthquake, drop a nuclear missile on my house, whatever it takes. It just keeps going on, and on, and on. Because they want me gone so they can arrive. They're waiting. They know I'll be sitting here pounding the drums. [laughs] Railing against them. And it shames them. And it makes them angry. And that's why they want it gone. They want it eliminated. They want their biggest archenemy on Earth eliminated. And that's what the Bible Code says. When it comes to me and Satan, it says I'm his [audio cuts out] number one enemy on Earth.
Anyway, folks. My time is up. I'm being reminded I have 90 seconds left. So I will be back next week. Lord willing. And until then I need your continued donations. Kind of hitting the rock bottom here. I didn't even have the funds to go to do a mission in the Mothman Festival in West Virginia over the weekend. [audio cuts out] without funds, folks. I should always have funds so that I can just hit the road at any moment's notice needed and get something done for the Lord. So continue, please, sending donations so we can keep our war alive against Satan. We're the most effective on Earth against him, folks.
Anyway, until next week, everybody. Yah bless.
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