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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
September 30, 2013


The Dominant Dates in the Codes Seem to Coincide with My Radio Shows


And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it is September 30. It's been an interesting night because it's's one of those days. It kind of goes with October 1. And one of those dominant dates in the Codes, along with the 7th and 8th. I find that usually the dominant dates in the Codes coincide with my radio shows. I don't think that's a coincidence. I think it's when it just draws a lot of attention, because they certainly hate my radio shows, and they're always planning things to try to sabotage my shows.


But there's a lot of things going on in the background. And, you know, I was, like, you know, talking to Father earlier, "What am I supposed to talk about? There's more I can't say than what I can say." And, you know, people ask me that all the time. I did a radio interview, or show, yesterday, and people wanna know, "What do you see in the Codes? What do you see in the Codes?" And, you know, it just kind of stumps me because there's so much going on that most people just don't understand unless you're part of my choir and you're listening to my show every Monday night. [laughs] You're the only ones who get it. Nobody else gets it. And so, you know, I usually feel more like my hands are tied when I talk to people that are swirling around the drain, and just keep swirling, yet they never go down the hole to see what the truth is.


People Get Excited About Making Money by Cashing in Foreign Currencies, but Most of Them Won't Survive to Spend a Dime


Uh, but, you know, there's tons, thousands, of so-called meteors in the last couple weeks. Truckers talking about it constantly. People seeing it. Our media pretty quiet about the true numbers, true phenomena of what's going on. And I told you guys several weeks ago, you know, that, you know, they were being drawn to this region, drawn to this state. And sure enough, you know, they're just crashing everywhere.
And, you know, Sananda's getting ready to make his arrival on earth. Him and this Maitreya. People think it's just New Age hogwash, but it's actually part of Satan's agenda, his end-time agendas, the script, the plan. They're a huge part of it and I told you, you know, years ago, that even Obama was aligned with Sananda. And back in the last elections last year, I never had any doubt Obama was gonna rewin his, uh--be reelected. Because he had so many agreements and pacts already with these cosmic beings that are coming. These fallen angels. They're nothing but aliens. They manipulated human-looking bodies to take over. [coughs] And they've got their script set.


You know, one of the things I wanna remind you is people get all excited about, "Oh, a global economic reform," "Oh, we're gonna make money off this currency deal because third-world country currencies are all of a sudden gonna be worth more weight in gold and America is gonna crash. But, hey, that's OK. We'll get rich off playing other foreign currencies. Cashing them in." And the thing is, people aren't understanding that it doesn't really matter if you're rich or poor when your country's destroyed. Most of them won't survive to spend a dime. You know, there's so many huge things coming [coughs] that you won't be able to buy one day's peace with all the money you think you have in your bank account that they can just steal in seconds.


I See in the Codes How These Fallen Angels Work to Create the Chemical Combinations That Go into Our Vaccines


You know, in Revelation, chapter 6, and I talk about this all the time, because this is what I see so much, folks, in the Codes, that are coming. This pale horse rider. It says,
6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A----um, uh, that's the black horse. He's coming with the pale horse. Maitreya's coming with Sananda. I wanna [coughs] focus on Sananda. Verse 8,
8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. His name is Death, and Hell follows with him. In other words, Sananda is Death. He is a death angel. And I've been warning for ages that it's Sananda, himself--because Sananda is Satan--who is behind all these vaccines.


You know, I see this in the Codes about how these aliens, these fallen angels, Satan and his minions, Hell--how they work to create the chemical combinations that go into our vaccines. And then they transport them down to earth to the pharma[ceutical] companies who then distribute them to the public. And that's why I've been screaming for years, "Stay away from vaccines. Stay away from flu shots." Because you're just putting alien garbage in your bodies.


They Want to Attack the God Particle Gene in Every Human as the Satanists Have Amongst Themselves


And what do they wanna do? They wanna change your DNA. They wanna make you into a mindless robot. They want to attack what they call the God Particle gene in every human. And as crazy as it sounds, it's actually, in a roundabout way--just difference of--change of terminology--very real. It might sound fiction to you. Because perhaps some of the terminology just kind of throws you off. But every person is born with God's imprint in the very molecules that make up their body. In the very molecules. Life is in the blood. So this "God Particle" is going to be in your blood.


And it's all these particles that make up your blood that the Lord has His signature in. These particles. And what they do is attack the certain ones--I don't know exactly which ones they are. I'm not a chemist. I'm not a scientist. They're trying to attack that certain particle in our blood that has His imprint on it. And how I know this is effective, and that it can be done, is because they do it with their own.


If you look at Satanists today, they're so wicked and so evil, they have, successfully, almost expunged anything of the Lord that used to be in their bodies. They've almost successfully expunged anything out that was ever of Him. And that's why they are pure wicked, evil beings. That's why they can do what they do.


You know, we call them demon-possessed and soul-scalped. And that's all true. But it's also true that there's something to all this blood-drinking, and the sacrificing of the innocents, and the things that they do, that corrupts their own body and DNA. I mean how many human organs can you eat, how much human blood can you drink, without it ever affecting you? And, of course, it's going to affect you. It does, them. Look how evil and wick they are.


From What I See, Things Are Going to Be Accelerated - There Will a Total Alien Invasion on This World and the Veil Will Be Lifted


But Satan is coming and he's death. He is the king of death. He's going to cause all this death and destruction. And Hell followed after him. And if Sananda's getting ready to make his entrance onto the world scene, then guess what's loading up in our skies because they follow with him. It's the fallen angels. It's all these different alien factions.


You know, you look at Revelation, chapter 8, and we have a lamp/comet falling on the earth, and also an asteroid. You look at Revelation, chapter 9, we have a 200-million Locust army coming from the extreme north. That's the Joel army. Then you have the one in Revelation 9 that's 200 million Locusts out of the Euphrates.
And I know what so-called Bible gurus preach. And they say, "Oh, that's the Chinese." No, it's not. In Revelation, chapter 9 it's referring to an alien, demonic army that arises. And that's the king Abaddon. And I've been seeing his name come up in the Codes to where you would think, you know, it's almost like, "Wait, wait, wait, wait. That's too early. We have so much time before that's supposed to happen." Not! The Lord always said things would happen in ways we don't understand. And from what I can see, things are gonna be accelerated and happen so quickly. And I've warned you about the bathtub effect. Where things just start happening really quickly once they get on a roll. And that's exactly what's gonna happen.


There's Sananda and Maitreya--and the more I see it, the more it looks like they're just gonna arrive in a pair on earth. They're gonna arrive about the same time. Because he's much more dominant in the Codes than Maitreya is. Hell follows with him. It comes with him. So what's that gonna mean? It's gonna mean a total alien invasion on this world.


You know, is that the time the veil will be lifted? Yeah. We're gonna see them for what they are. You're gonna see every ugly imaginable creature, that you can't even describe, on this earth. And they don't like humans. They only like humans because they're food. They eat us. They hate humans. And all these little humanoid-type factions that have been masquerading as the friends of mankind, you're going to see, quickly, how friendly they're not. That you were played by all their charades. Because all they wanted to do was get a foothold on earth. "Oh, we're coming to help mankind." And then once they're here because so many are welcoming their arrival to come help mankind, they turn around and destroy it. And it's exactly what they plan to do.


Sananda's Arrival Is Any Day Now


Yeah, we have Locusts above us. We have every...every faction that the Bible describes, above us. In fact, I see Joel, the Joel northern army. Everyone says, "Oh--"--these self-described gurus talk about the northern army being Russia. You know, if you look at the terms northern, it's the extreme sides of the north, it's talking a location in space. It's not talking about on the earth.


There's going to be a huge alien invasion from space. And if it's coming up in the Codes now, we probably have less than a year...a year to two years, max. Because when I start seeing events in the Codes, they usually happen within a year or two. And I'm seeing all these things. So I know Sananda's arrival is imminent. It's any day now. I know his big kick was to kill me off the earth before they arrived. And that's why they're bringing in all these alien factions. Trying to draw the armies into Ohio because they figure man can't take me out, they'll try alien armies. And they're crashing trying to get here.


Eventually they're going to be chased out of the skies. And that's our job. Burn them out of the skies. That's what we've been focusing on. And that's what we're doing. We've accomplished that. They're crashing by the thousands. But that's not gonna stop them from implementing their agenda on earth. People need to prepare.


Read My Article on the Destruction of America


You know, I was looking over an article I wrote 8 years ago, probably, and it talks about the destruction of America. If you haven't read my article on the destruction of America, then you need to. [The Destruction of America in One Hour] Because what destroys America? If you read Joel, chapter 2, it's the great northern army. If you look at the Bible Codes, it's this Giant army, this Locust army, that comes from Nibiru. [Bible Codes on Nibiru - Planet X] Nibiru. And we all know that's coming in.


The Government Shutdown Gives Them a Good Excuse to Take Off for the Rocks and Dens


And then you look at Revelation, chapter 6, and the next big thing is an earthquake. A global earthquake. And the kings of the earth are hiding in the rocks and the dens at the time this earthquake happens. And don't you think government shutdown, like they've announced for tonight, whatever, gives them a good excuse to all take off to the rocks and dens. They'll say, "Oh, we're in meetings. We're fighting over the budget," and Obamacare, and blah, blah, blah. Send the clones in to negotiate. It's already scripted.


I Don't Think People Grasp the Significance of How Terrible It's Going to Be - About 2 Billion People Are Going to Die from Alien Brutality


This next couple weeks has real significance, next couple of months, has huge signficance on the fate of mankind. Because when the wrath of the Lord starts on earth, they lose control. You know, they think when Sananda arrives, which is their leader, because it's Satan...when he arrives, that they're gonna have control of the earth. And they have big plans to wipe out and destroy saints off the earth. And they're already underway with that. And it's gonna get worse. It's gonna get much worse.


But there's also gonna be plagues here. Ghastly plagues are gonna increase. And some of the ones we've already seen that have basis to be an earthly plague--because it's not a earthly-based plague, it's something brought in from the aliens to us. Morgellons, and these flesh-eating diseases. People getting infected by them by just going in water, rivers, lakes, oceans. Coming out with flesh-eating diseases. There's gonna be a lot of ghastly plagues. Death, and Hell follows with him.
And you know what it also says? He has power over the fourth part of the earth to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and with the beasts of the earth. With the beasts of the earth. They're not talking about a bunch of dog packs or wolf packs running around. We're talking about fallen angels. We're talking about aliens. The Beasts of the earth. The Lord's always called them animals, beasts. Because, to Him, that's what they are.


You know, when I look in the Bible Codes, I see Buffalo, and Bison. Dracos, Lizards, Snakes. We got Bulls. Bulls just another name for the Annunaki. The Bears. Different types of beasts and animals. These are the different alien factions. The Beasts of the earth. They live on the earth, below the earth, above the earth. And when Sananda arrives, he's bringing them with him. So they're gonna be on the earth with us, folks.


And they have power to kill a quarter of those on earth. Now, if there's 7 billion people on the earth today, or 8 billion by now, I'm not sure how many, that's 2 billion people that are gonna die just from alien brutality. Their murders and their outright brutality. 2 billion people. That's quite a handful, wouldn't you say? I don't think people grasp the significance of how terrible it's going to be. I just get shell-shocked. You know, I just--and I have to deal with this all the time. And you still never get used to seeing it. You don't get to the point where you become insensitive to it. It always bothers you. Because you know so many people are going to die.


And, you know, when I see Philistines, and Giants, and Locusts, Almonds--I've seen these aliens, and they're huge. And the ones that aren't real huge, the smaller ones, they're just plain ugly. You can see them. And if you think their auras are--you're not gonna be affected by seeing them, think again. Because they have the strangest auras around them that--if you're the type of person that can walk into a room and you can feel and sense evil, or someone walks up to you and you can feel their spirit, you can feel if they're evil or good, then just being around these beings are really going to nauseate you, because they just have auras I can't even...I can't even explain. There's nothing like on this earth. It's almost like just a total different frequency makeup of these things. Like, "Get away from me." I don't even wanna be around that thing. I want my peace back. Go back in my own little corner of the world enjoying my peace. "Don't disrupt my peace."


2 billion people, they're gonna kill. That's a lot of forks and knives, don't you think? That's a lot of stocking in freezers. That's a lot of assaults. And the scary thing they're coming to America really soon. It's gonna be starting. It's coming to America.
And if you don't have orgone out now, and your orgone water made, God help you. Because I know that so many Christians are waiting for the rapture. Nothing bad's gonna happen until the rapture happens. Because they're so stupid. They're so arrogant. They have believed these so-called prophecy gurus their entire lives, and have all their faith in a rapture that's gonna take them off the earth before the alien invasion hits. Really? Where does it say this in the Bible? Where does it say that a rapture happens before a war here in America? Or before the Chinese take over America? Or before aliens do? People have their heads in the sand. They like it the--they like it in the sand.


I Believe That People Will Be Able to See Areas That Have Orgone in Them - Head for the Blue Aura Areas


Be prepared, folks. Because one of the things I do think that's gonna happen is that all of the areas that do have orgone in them are gonna light up like a blue aura. We were talking about dimensions colliding, veils lifting, and everything else. I believe that, just as much, that you'll be able to see, you know, aliens, and people for the aliens they are, if they're humans, and all that, that you'll be able to see auras. And I believe that the areas that have orgone in them, people are gonna be able to see because they're gonna have a blue look to them. Head for the blue areas. If you don't live in a blue area, you better find one if you wanna survive and not be attacked by aliens and Giants. Because the blue areas will be protection zones.


You Can Ask the Lord to Use Their Anti-Orgone Machines and Devices Against Them


You know, one of the things that bothers me the most is when I see this technology that they've been coming out with. It doesn't work. Not that well. But if it does, it could mess a lot of things up for us. You know, they have this thing that they call--it's called a transducer. And I've been able to use this transducer, so far, to my own benefit. The Lord's benefit. Because what this is, it's a DOE machine. Dead orgone energy. And then the Japanese and the Chinese, one of the two, created this thing. They got one buried under the ground in D.C.


And it's supposed to suck in all the POE energy that we put out. The positive orgone energy. And it turns it into DOE energy. So they can--it doesn't affect them. So they're trying to combat all the POE energy we've put out there. And the reason I know it doesn't work is because they all hate D.C. And not just because of the drama, but because of the orgone that's there.


And so, if the orgone is burning and it's working like it's supposed to, then, obviously, their machine doesn't work. And also because you can ask the Lord to cause their machines to read out...uh, to read wrong. You know. To take the POE, the positive orgone energy that's supposed to switch to DOE, and crank it up a trillionfold instead of turning it into DOE. And you can do a lot of things through just warfare prayer. And so, you can attack their devices in that way. To make them work in the opposite effect that they were meant to


You don't have to get real technical when you ask the Lord things. Just ask Him to come up against their technology and devices that they're trying to use against us and make it work for Him. To use it for His own glory.


They Have a "Rewinder" with Which They Can Go Back in Time and Find Where We've Put Orgone - The All-Seeing Eye Is a Camera


And they have this other thing. And I don't know exactly what it's called, but it's a rewinder. It's what I see in the Bible Codes. It's a Rewinder. And I've always wondered, for years, what is this rewinder, eraser? You know, it's called Rewinder and Eraser. Those are the two things I see. And I imagine that eraser is that handheld device they have. Because they use this on their own MKULTRA slaves. Where they can erase memories from that person. Out of their--they just
point this thing at them, click,'ve seen it in Men in Black, where they just erase somebody's memory so they don't remember what just happened to them.
Yeah, they actually have that device. Jesse Jackson had one. He was giving it to somebody. He was gonna go pimp out Sarah Palin. They don't even hide this stuff. Henry Makow had a whole article about it. But that's what they do.


But, anyway, to this rewinder thing. They can go back in time. The all-seeing eye. Everybody assumes that the all-seeing eye is Satan's, that it's Lucifer. But what this all-seeing eye is, it's a camera. It's actually a camera. And this thing records everything on earth. And you're wondering, how can a camera in space, like a satellite, record every event on earth? Record all the people and everything that--all at one time?


But it needs a lot of work. It needs a huge network to make this thing work. And I remember, a couple weeks ago, when I started getting into the whole mess with fiber optic cables. Do you remember why it's optic? Why it's optical? Isn't that seeing? Isn't that visual? Optical/visual? There's something to these cables that they put up everywhere. You know, they're replacing old electrical lines with fiber optic cables. These cables are just kind of replacing all of our old electrical cables. It's part of the spy network that they have.


You know, they...they reach out, it's like a spider web around the world, with all their spy tech. If you have phones in your house, TVs, computers, anything digital, alarm clock, these are all part of their spy tech. They have wireless little cameras in everything. These chips. And it's all plugged in to this, This all-seeing eye network. It records everything on earth.


Well, what I was seeing is they're gonna try to use this thing to go back in time and find where we've put orgone. You know, it's like, you know, I have personally tossed thousands of orgone pucks just out of my hands. Across this country. And they can go back in time, with their spy network and their database through this all-seeing eye network, and try to figure out every placed we've put it. And actually watch video of me putting orgone everywhere. It's just like sitting and watching TV. And then what they can try to do is pinpoint the exact locations [coughs] so that they can then go out and scoop it up, pick it up, get the orgone off the earth.


And that one really bothers me. Because you know what? I've done a lot of work, and everybody else has, too. People have done a lot of work in putting this orgone out. And being able to sit back and enjoy the rewards as we watch these UFOs crash everywhere daily, knowing that we're taken out a huge chunk of Satan's kingdom.


I've Been Asking the Lord to Destroy This Whole All-Seeing Eye Spy Network and I Need Other Warriors to Join in with That


And so, I've been asking the Lord to destroy their spy network. This whole all-seeing eye network. [coughs] So that when they try to detail and find Warriors and, you know, when they've possibly put out orgone or something, that they derision, that they can't find it, that the Lord just makes the orgone invisible. And so, I need other Warriors and Prayer Warriors out there to join in with that because we all need to be asking the Lord to protect our work. To destroy their devices being used against us.
You know, they wanna find the orgone. You know, I wouldn't be surprised if there's some kind of proclamation made, and people start searching counties and roads for orgone. Good luck. You know, if somebody told me they were gonna go just anywhere I've been, and start finding orgone to pick it up, I'd say, "Good luck." Good luck. Good luck trying to find it. I could even go back to a play I've orgoned eight years ago and remember where it is. You know, it's not like it's sitting out in the open. Sure, sometimes they end up out in the open and people do find them. Big deal. For everyone you find, there's a thousand you don't. They're buried, they're planted. Good luck. But it still bothers me that they'd even attempt to come against us trying to find it. You know, let them die. Let them burn and die.


Babylon City Will Rise Out of New York City, the United Nations Building, Where Sananda Will Solidify His 10-Nation Base of Muslim Nations


The biggest thing about it is the Old Testament prophets talk about how the king of Babylon is going to start a world government out of Babylon City. And how, you know, the leader of Babylon is known as Lucifer. And everybody attributes that to Obama. Because he is leader of--the king of Babylon. He won't be always. He is going to hand over the reigns of the power of this country to this Sananda that comes. And I've warned about this route years ago. That the king of Babylon, whoever it was, would hand over the power of the country to this being representing the U.N.--probably, most likely. Because the Babylon City is not talking about D.C. They're gonna rise out of New York City, the United Nations building. This is where their whole financial system, their whole agenda rests on, is owning and controlling the money of the world.


Yeah, this whole global reform, reset, that's coming, that everybody's waiting on, originating from Wall Street. From New York. From the U.N. And this is the seat of power from where the Antichrist will rule from is the U.N. You know, prophecy gurus wanna give you a different picture of what to expect when the Antichrist rises, like, "Oh, you know, he'll be in Jerusalem. He's gonna go to Jerusalem." That's much later, folks.


First he's gonna come and solidify his base. And Obama's already helping him do that. Because, you know, it's sharia, it's Muslim, it's the beast, it's Islam, it's Saturn worship. It's everything about Islam. Because Allah is Satan. Allah is just another name, another term, for Satan. Yeah, it's the moon god, his personification, but it's also Satan--another term for Satan. Just like Sananda is. Sananda and Allah, they're both one and the same. They're one and the same. And they're Muslim. They're Islam. They'll be preaching Islam.


He's gonna solidify his 10-nation base of Muslim nations. And he's going to reign over the world for a short while with these ten kings...ten nations, seven kings. I know people always think, "Oh, they're gonna break up the United States in ten regions. And there's gonna be a leader in each region." [laughs] Yeah, I've seen it all. Our government tries to make that happen. They try to appease the Bible crowd. So they break up America into ten FEMA regions. Because they think that's prophetic. [laughs] I've always gotten a laugh over how they actually try to make prophecy happen, but, you know, they always miss the boat. Because they don't know what they're--they don't know what they're doing.


They train these pastors in the cemetaries [semenaries], and then put them in churches to become self-professed prophecy gurus, and then somehow think that they...they have a spirit of discernment? To discern the word? Uhn-uh. They don't. That's why they love me, but hate me. They plot, daily, to kill me. But they need me because they need my wisdom. They need my knowledge. Because I'm the Lord's mouthpiece on earth.


They Love to Name Themselves After Biblical Characters


So Sananda comes. Let's get the picture here. OK? Let's develop a little picture. This cosmic being arrives from space. He looks like Jesus. He has this heavenly choir with him. And he comes to earth, and all of a sudden, boom! All these aliens are coming with him. And they're eating people. They're tearing their limbs off of them. They're tearing them apart.


And, meanwhile, this Sananda is more interested in going to the U.N. and setting up shop--of course, he's already there all the time anyway. This is all for show. But they set up base and begin their agenda. And, pretty much, Saint Germaine, this other figure that's pretty dominant amongst these freakzoids, is the one that runs the economic shows. The one that really manages the money and economics, and all this. NESARA and all that that's coming about. That's usually under the umbrella of Saint Germaine.


But, you know, Jesus is gonna arrive with Eve and people are gonna think, "Oh, it's Mary. It's Mary, His mother." Really? He's gonna arrive with Eve and this Maitreya. And then there's Saint Germaine. There's 11 total. OK? There's 11 total. And sometimes when I see biblical names associated with them, my eyebrows just cringe. Because they love to take biblical figures and name their own aliens, or whatever, their own characters that they develop, after biblical figures.


So don't be fooled, folks. If you see them talk about Michael, or Raphael...they love to mimic Raphael. In fact, the Japanese worship this fake Raphael. And then this--the leader of the Ashtar Command--this...what's his name? Ohhh, Habadon or something. I can't remember. It's on my website. [transcriber note: Sherry means Hatonn] They call him Michael the Archangel.


You know, I would really die, but they might just do it. Have an Elisha and a Enoch. And mimic other biblical characters. There's going to be 11 of them together. I always see the number 11 in the Codes.


So they're gonna arrive. They're gonna make their home base, which was supposed to be America, but we've kind of taken that away from them because they can't stand to be here. They can't breathe here. But what they're gonna find, they can't breathe in Iraq either. And they can't breathe in Israel either. Because we saturated the world with our orgone. We have it in Iraq. We have it in Israel. We have it in Africa. We have it everywhere. Because while they were busy denying the power of orgone, we were busy getting it out. And now it's coming back to really bite them in the butt because it's killing and destroying them.


Yeah, Hatonn. That's his name. Hatonn. The one they like to call Michael.


The Green Zone in Iraq Was Supposed to Be Their Palace for Satan, a Lizard Zone


They have the Green Zone in Iraq. And this was supposed to be their palace in the desert. This was supposed to be a Lizard Zone. Where these Lizards would go. Their palace. It's why it's a Green Zone. It's a Lizard Zone. A Reptilian Zone. Satan Zone. Palace for Satan. He has one there. Right now he typically likes, they like, the cave of Machpelah. I don't know how you pronounce it. Cave of Machpelah. I believe it's the cave that Abraham's bones were put in. But, it's southern Judah. It's in Israel. It's in the mountains of the desert in the south. That's kind of like where they're hanging out now, I believe. Because I think they're pulling the strings on earth directly from some kind of association with that area and with that cave. I think they're staying in it.


It's Hard for Warriors in Israel to Get the Deserts Because a Lot of Israelis Don't Have Cars


The Negev Desert. Been seeing that a lot in the Codes. The Sinai Desert. That's why I was calling out to the Warriors to get orgone in the deserts out there. It's really hard because a lot of Israelis don't have vehicles. They don't have cars. It's not that big of a state. I think it's 12 miles from north to south. A lot of them just take public transportation. So it's really hard to get out of Israel. You'd literally just be on foot.
And it makes a lot of sense when you read Matthew 24 and it talks about the Jews fleeing Israel, to pray their flight's not in the wintertime. Because a lot of them would be on foot. They don't drive. And they'll be running to Jordan as refugees for safety when the abomination of desolation takes place and they finally realize what's going on. They wake up and realize.


And, you know, these are the Torah Jews in Israel. I don't know if--you know, maybe a lot of these Satanists that worship the Talmud wake up and realize, "Hey, this Talmud's satanic. It's not the truth." I don't know. I don't have much hope in people waking up. I'm beyond that point. So, surprise us. Surprise me. You know? Maybe they'll wake up.


But there's gonna be a lot of...a lot of immediate dangers and destructions, that happen immediately, while the Antichrist is setting up his governmental base here. Pulling things together. And people are, "Oh, look. It's--Jesus is here. Jesus is here." And the people that have an ounce of knowledge are shaking their heads. Because they know it's the Antichrist. Not the real Jesus of the Bible.


If You're Not in a Blue Orgone Zone, Then Prepare to Move to One, or Make Your Own Orgone So You Don't Have to Leave


Prepare, folks. If you're not in a blue [orgone] zone, then prepare to move to survive. So it'll be much easier to start making orgone and getting your areas covered, than to have to leave and move, just to survive, to find a blue zone. Now, I'm going out on a limb on that. But my limbs are usually almost always correct. And I'll probably come back next week and say, "Oh, here, I found it. I got confirmation." I give you a jumpstart in knowledge on it. Because I know I'm...I know I'm right.


So get the orgone out. And not just any orgone will do. It is the prescription that the Lord gave me ten years ago, that I have on my website, It's very easy to make. And even if you screw it up, it still works. The only way you're gonna screw it up is not getting the glue in the resin right. And that's OK. Just throw it out there. It'll set up.


And if it doesn't really set up all that great. It'll eventually dry up and work anyway. The resin just puts pressure on the coil, so that the crystal inside the coil produces the aether energy. The resin produces the pressure on it. And so, if it doesn't look all that pretty, you know, that's all right. It's just the resin that looks ugly or it didn't dry out, but it's still putting pressure on that crystal and it'll still work.


Put it in your yards. Put it in your bushes. Your gutters of your houses. Put it in your neighbor's gutter. Put it down the street in their gutter. They're never gonna find it in gutters. Especially when you live in suburbs, and you're, like, "Where am I gonna put it that nobody's gonna see it?" Put it in the gutters. Put it shopping centers. Throw it up on the roofs. Bushes, ditches, trees. Trush me. You want your area to be a blue zone. Because you don't want to have to leave it.


And I've spent a lot of time, and a lot of other Warriors have, orgoning highways and side roads so that transportation doesn't break down--doesn't have to break down because they can't safely get from A to B. It'll be part of the blue zone. Just protected areas. I've been in deserts, and forests, and parks. So if people have to leave the cities and run into the woods, they'll be protected.


Just look for blue auras, folks. Just look for a blue aura. The blue light. If you see a blue light, go to it. That's a blue zone. Protection. And that's one thing that really angers them. That we had the foresight a decade ago to prepare for this time and actually set up protection areas.


And, you know, this is something I wanted to do years ago. I set up--I put a notice on my Watcher Files appealing for money so that we could buy land and set up a protection area for the Lord's people. And, of course, other than one or two people donating 20 or 50 bucks, nobody--everybody laughed. Everybody thought I was crazy. But the Lord always knew my heart. He knew I wanted to set up protection zones for the Lord's people. And it didn't occur to me until maybe two or three years ago that that's what exactly this orgone was doing. It not only destroys Satan and tears down his strongholds, it sets up protection zones for the Lord's people at the same time.


You know, this orgone has been like 101 prayers all answered in one weapon. It simplified everything I've ever asked for and wanted to do in the intents of my heart. With one little weapon. One little thing. Orgone.


People Think I'm Nuts and Most People Are Going to Die Because of Their Pride and Their Own Arrogance - Just Ask the Lord If I'm His


So, we have ghastly plagues that will be on the rise. Ghastly, ghastly plagues. More of this flesh-eating stuff. More Morgellons stuff. More stuff we can't even...we don't even know of yet. It'll be new. Stuff that's never been seen on this earth before.
2 billion people he's gonna have authority to kill. He's gonna have authority to kill. We can't--we can't even stop that. That's his--he's anointed for it. When the Lord anoints you for something, you're appointed. You're allowed. You're permitted. He is going to be allowed to kill approximately 2 billion people on this earth. And there's not a thing anybody can do but decide that it's not gonna be you. It's gonna be somebody else, but it ain't gonna be me.


Protect yourself and your families, folks. Stay away from the things that they work through. They work through corporations. They work through--which includes fast food restaurants. Because they--it's corporate. It's corporate-owned. They work through the corporations. They work through pharma. They work through drugs. Yeah, they own all these drugs that are on the streets that people get hooked on. They're behind all that.


Make sure you have orgone in your kitchens to cleanse your food when it sits there. Orgone in your refrigerators, your cars. You're gonna be very dependent on orgone just to survive, folks.


People think I'm nuts. I wish I was. It would be much more saner than to have to stare reality in the face of what's coming, and know that most people won't listen to you just because they think you're nuts. Most people are gonna die just because of their pride. And their own arrogance. All people have to do is ask the Lord who I am. That's all they have to do. If I'm the Lord's.


People say I'm an alien. [laughs softly] I've heard that one. Uh...claim all these lies about me. Stupid things. You know, I really don't spend two seconds of my time on any of it. It's a waste of time. You're always gonna have haters and detractors. And Satan out there whispering in people's ears. That's why I just tell people to ask the Lord. Go to Him yourself.


I'm Not Here to Hunker Down Try to Survive, I'm Here to Fight the Aliens and I Need to Stay Mobile


Another thing is this. A heads up to people who just feel confused about the things that are coming, and lost. We're here to fight. If you're a Warrior, you're here to fight. Because, you know, I've been [audio unclear] with the same thing. Well, if I have to start bunkering down and getting ready for these alien invasions, I'm gonna need a base, and all this food, and supplies. And then it occurred to me. You know, I'm not here to try to survive. I'm here to fight them. I need to be mobile. I need to be able to hit and run. I need to be able to make orgone and move. Make orgone water and fight back. Can you see a bunch of these water squads? People just going around with orgone water attacking whole troops of aliens and Chinese soldiers just with water guns?


We're here to fight. We're not here to hunker down and try to survive. So just a heads up to the Warriors out there, probably in the crossroads wondering what the heck you're supposed to do when all this happens. I'm just giving you a heads up, reminder. We're Warriors. We're here to fight.


You know, I know a lot of people spend thousands of dollars on prepping and all that, and whatever, that's fine--whatever the Lord leads them to do. But if you're like me, it's, like, I just can't do that. I can't sit here and worry about trying to survive. I need to worry about how I'm gonna get supplies so I can keep destroying them. Hm-hm. We're Warriors. We're not wimps, we're Warriors. We make it possible so everybody else can have time to prep and save up and do the things that they wanna do. [audio cuts out] Marines. We're the best He has, folks. Let's make Him proud.


I Need Your Contributions for the Missions I Have Planned - I Need Really Big Crystals, If Anybody Wants to Donate Them to This Ministry


Well, till next week, everybody. [audio unclear] 90 seconds left. I still need your contributions. I've got missions planned to hit the road. And I have no money to do anything. So, I need financial contributions so I can get supplies and get on the road. People wanna donate large crystals, 2- or 3-inch sizes. I need some really big ones. 4- and 5-inch crystals. I need big ones. If anybody wants to buy some, donate them to this ministry. Even the 1-inch crystals and all that, so. Anything you could do, folks. Greatly appreciate it. Just keep this war going.


Till next week, everybody. Yah bless.
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