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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
October 7, 2013

The Draconid and Orionid Meteor Showers in Relation to the Constellation Orion

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it is October 7. A few things I wanna talk about tonight. I guess the Draconid shower begins tonight. And then on the 21st is the Orionids. I have to laugh when I see these because when I saw Orion in the Bible Codes, and the Dracos coming in, and then they try to make these meteor shower days--which are on my radio show days, mind you--they try to make them sound like they're coming from separate places. With the Draconids, the Orionids. They're both coming from the Orion constellation, Orion.

And Orion is, basically, the largest Reptilian and Draco, Draconian, constellation in the sky. And it's a home place for a bunch of their starships, and their home planets, and their home moons, and stuff like that. It's, basically, where Satan's constellation is; Orion. And it's the largest one in the northern hemisphere. About 9 months out of the year. For 3 months, during the summer months, it dips down into the southern atmosphere. When it's wintertime in the southern, below the equator. And then it comes back up about September, October for the northern atmosphere, and so.

I found that interesting because [laughs] I can't imagine who's left that isn't here already that's coming in. I mean, I keep seeing all these animal planets, and all these different factions, and everybody that wants to come in. And is coming in with Sananda and the Ashtar Command. And Satan and everybody's coming in, you know. Everybody...everybody is frying in space, and so. You know, there's not gonna be a whole lot of time left, folks. In fact, we're just whittling away at the calm before the storm. It's actually the calm before the huge freak-out show begins. Because when the veil is lifted, everybody's gonna see these things that I've been talking about. And it's not a pleasant sight.

We Will Start Seeing a Lot More Bigfoots on Earth

I was reading, earlier this week, where Obama and the government shutdown drama going on, where they're closing the state parks. First thing they do. Close the state parks. Like, really? Is that really a drain on our budget? State parks? I mean, seriously? And, you know, one of the things that's coinciding with what I see in the Bible Codes is that Bears, a lot of Bears coming. Bigfoots.

And I've been talking about Bigfoot the last couple of weeks because they kind of come and go on my property here. I was hearing one last night when I was out in the garage making orgone. I could knock on trees. You know, they have this thing where they, "I'm over here." I think they typically travel in pairs. Otherwise they wouldn't be giving the "I'm over here" signals, kind of speaking to each other. And so, you know, other than, you know, hearing branches tumble over like they're twigs, you really, probably, wouldn't know that they're around.

But they're coming around and the thing is, I think we're gonna start seeing a lot more of them on earth. And I know people have thought they were, you know--there was tall brown ones and there's black ones. And I think we're pretty much dealing with the black faction now. The black Bears. The black Bigfoots. And they're just as ugly as the brown ones. And they're just as big and strong, and all that. Just a different faction.

And, typically, when I see the color black, Nibiru is involved with it. And also Sirius. If you look at Sirius A and B, and the Acturans, kind of blackish creatures. Of course, they're not Bears. But one thing I've learned about all these different animal factions, all these different alien factions, is that they all blend in together, you know. You know, they don't...they don't just separate according to factions. They'll switch loyalties. They'll join other groups. And so, you'll often see various alien factions together under one roof, so to speak. And that's--so you never know exactly which...which ones you're dealing with.

And not that it matters. Because they all just need to die. [laughs] We attack them all the same way. It's not like any of them have more favor over another group than another one, to me. They all just--they're all fallen. They've all been cursed by the Lord for their sins and abominations against Him. And they all need to die, and so. It's the Lord's judgment on them. They wanna come to earth, they're gonna face our judgment. And, of course, the Lord gave us a defensive weapon, and offensive weapon, called orgone. And it's panning out very nicely against these creatures. It's burning them, it's frying them. It asphyxiates them. They can't breathe. Destroys them.

These Animals Think They Have to Hide, but I Know They're Here in Ohio to Try to Blast Me Out of My Little Humble Abode

You know, I was looking at a picture, and they're talking about, "Oh, look what ISON did to Mars." And, you know, it's the orgone in space that's destroying these animal planets, these animal sanctuaries, and their strongholds. And in Revelation 12, it talks about Satan being cast to earth and the stars falling with him. And that's what I've been talking about, folks. These animal planets, what I call them, animal planets, alien planets, whatever--starships, home bases, whatever you wanna call them, they mimic stars in our sky.

When you look up at the sky at night--of course, if you go anywhere near me in Ohio, you're not gonna see a sky at night because they have this canopy thing up and they blacken it out, so you can't even see a faint star. All you see is nothing. All night. They just darken the sky.

They have this net, like, this canopy, set up. And it's all technology that they use so that I can't see what's going on in the skies at night. It's OK. I got the Codes. You know what? I got the Father. I can ask Him. I don't need to be able to physically see what's going on in the skies to know. You know, I can always ask Dad or I can always look in the Bible Codes, you know. I always know what's going on whether I can see with my physical eyes or not. I know I'm surrounded. You don't have to hide it. I know it.

They all come into Ohio. They wanna blast me out of...out of my little humble abode here. They tried it back in April. And they're back to try it again. I know this stuff. I'm fully aware. But they think they've gotta hide, you know. It makes them feel better or something. Trying to be sneaky. Trying to cloak their ships or whatever. They act like I don't know or something. I don't know. [coughs]

But the pressure's on. The pressure's on. They wanna arrive to earth and begin their agenda. And I've told them, "Get it started." I don't know what's stopping them. They want me gone first. But they're running out of time. The more I have time on this earth, the more I'm gonna take the war to them. Take it to their front steps, back steps, side steps. Every step they've got, I'm gonna go after. I'm going after Satan's strongholds.

You know, I was telling my son, out in the garage tonight, you know, there's people who sing about being in the Lord's army, and there's people who are. Who get up off the couches and do something. They are in His army. We're His Warriors.

I'd Like to Thank Those Who Have Sent in Donations and Crystals - If You Have Pipes, You Need to Be Pointing Them in a Northerly Direction

Like to thank those who have sent in donations and crystals. I always need crystals. Somebody sent in 15 pounds of the 2- to 3-inch crystals. And those are awesome. That'll--that's covering a bucket blaster I'm making. And so, I certainly need more so I can get [coughs] more bucket blasters going. And they take about 15 to 20 pounds of crystals. I mean, these power buckets that I make, three pipes, I mean, they're just outrageous with supplies.

And I also have a trip planned. Been working on that. Be doing that in a couple of weeks, and so, I need finances for that. I hate having my hands strapped. I mean, I could've been gone last week on doing something for the Lord. And I couldn't even leave the driveway. You know, especially times like these. Because it's just so ripe. They're all just coming in. You know, they're coming in by the fleet.

You can usually watch the weather patterns. Because, usually, when they start coming in, they use storm fronts to cloak themselves behind. And so, you can literally just watch these fake storm fronts coming in. This contrived weather. And you know that they're following the clouds in, and which directions they're moving in, and where they're heading. And they'll also be piling up in the northern skies right now. And so, if you have pipes, that's where you need to be pointing them. At the north, northwest, northeast. They're all kind of piling up in the north. I like to have them in every direction. And, you know, hitting their strongholds at the same time.

Ebola in the Bible Codes - Weird Flesh-Eating Diseases Can Be a Result of the Satanists Trying to Initiate the Zombie Virus Through Water

You know, all this stuff with [Washington] D.C. is just a bunch of drama. And they're buying time. They're trying to buy time. You know, if you look at Saturn, Saturn was destroyed last year. Mars destroyed this year. And I actually see Mars come up in the Bible Codes.

And one of the other things I saw coming up in the Bible Codes that kind of raised by eyebrows was Ebola. And Ebola is a really wicked plague. That's when, basically, your organs just become liquified. And you see people have this, like, a black oozing liquid out of their orifices.

I don't know which country that's coming out of. I've seen that off and on throughout the year. I often see that. Sometimes they're testing their various weapons that they're coming out with against us, you know. And so, they'll pick, uh, you know, their favorite's to go to eastern Europe or Africa. You know, they tried their zombie weapons out there, and see if they work. And their other plagues, and see how they do. Trying to perfect them. So then they bring them to America and try to unleash them on us.

And so, sometimes when I see it in the Codes, it's not that an outbreak's gonna happen, it's just that they're working on their weapons. Like how they're gonna loose it on us. Are they gonna do it through chemtrail planes, or vaccinations, put it in the water supply.

You know, the water supply one has been a alternative to the zombie virus. In fact, they tried to initiate that through water. And so, you're seeing people come up with weird flesh-eating diseases just from going into a river. And that's basically from Satanists trying to perfect their different avenues of unleashing these plagues on us.

The zombie one hasn't worked as well--it doesn't work here. It'll work in Africa, when they try it. And Russia and eastern Europe. Places that don't have a lot of orgone in them. And then when they come to America and try to unleash it here, they have all kinds of problems with it. And they can't figure out why they have problems when it works every place else. So, it's because America has a lot of orgone here.

The Tribulation Is Coming to America Because We Have the Beast as Our President and It's on His Agenda

America's saturated with orgone. That's something that's gonna be--work in our favor. And it has, so far. But it's not gonna stop everything. I mean, look at the pale horse. Talked about it last week. When he arrives, he has the authority to kill two billion people. Two billion. That, alone, could wipe out every man, woman, and child in the United States. We have, what, 300 million here. And he's gonna have the authority to kill two billion?

And if you look at the Scriptures, I was reading Revelation 17 right before the show, the first thing they're gonna do is begin their war on the saints. And what've we been seeing already? George Soros backing Muslim terror groups in Africa to go after Christians.

Yeah, that's how they work, folks. You know, they got their people with some money that can back groups, pay mercenaries to go and kill Christians. Blame it on Muslims, blame it on terrorists, when it's just all these freaking Satanists setting up all this stuff. Always working in the backgrounds. It's always the people with the money. So watch the people with the money. Like Soros, and Rockefeller, and the bankers. Because they're all tied with Satan. They're all tied with Satan. And that's the biggest reason the Lord's judgment comes down on this world. Is because of their ruthlessness in coming after the Lord's people.

I don't see any rapture here, folks. Americans get so complacent because they go to the Beast churches, and they're told that, you know, "Oh, the rapture's gonna happen and we're gonna be taken out of here before the tribulation begins. Really? Where's everybody else's rapture? Why is a Christian in China, or Africa, or Europe, or Russia, why are they inferior to Americans? Why do they get afflicted and we don't?

Got news for you. It's coming to America. It's coming to America. Because we have the Beast as our president. And he's already been starting. He's already got his agenda, and he's checking it twice.

TBN Is a Beast Network Because the People on it Set Themselves Up as Christians and Lead Christians Astray

You know, if you look at Revelation, chapter 17, it talks about the fall of Babylon. And I know, if you've been watching the Beast Network, TBN [Trinity Broadcasting Network], your head is filled with scenarios on how all this prophecy plays out because Jack Van Impe says so, or Hal Lindsey says so. You know, the Lord pulled me away from all that years ago. Years ago. I was a huge prophey student. I grew up on it. I had all the books, all the videos.

The Lord pulled me away from all that. Because that's not the truth. They don't even have it in them. A bunch of Masons. They worship Satan. It's on the Beast Network. [Bible Codes on TBN] You have to be approved by Kenneth Copeland to even have a show on the Beast Network. Which means you have to be one of them. Because he's one of the top Beasts of them all; Kenneth Copeland. [Bible Codes on Kenneth Copeland]

Him and Benny Hinn [Bible Codes on Benny Hinn], Joel Osteen. Paula White. You guys think any of them are good? You think any of them really love the Lord? They don't. Not ours. Their Lord is Satan. They worship Lucifer. And they set themselves up as Christians to deceive and lead Christians astray.

Seeing Scarlet Beast Coming Up in the Bible Codes - We Have a Muslim, Islam Antichrist Coming from the Bottomless Pit

I don't know how many times I've grown up hearing, "Oh, America's not in prophecy." Really? Because that's funny. Because when I read the Bible, and I ask the Lord to teach me what the truth is, I see America all over prophecy. America's Babylon. And 17 and 18, they teach, "Oh, chapter 17 is the Catholic church, it's the Vatican. And chapter 8 is political Babylon, that's America. You know what? It's America through and through. And if you read chapter 17, which is why my eyebrows has been raised, because I've been seeing in the Codes Scarlet Beast coming up.

Scarlet beast. What's the Scarlet beast?

4 And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:


It's a woman. And she's the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth. And she is a

18 ...great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

Now, I'm sure some of you have probably done research or seen articles on the Statue of Liberty and what that represents. Most people don't realize that the beast hateth this woman and burneth her with fire [verse 16]. The beast hates the woman and burns her with fire.

And the beast, you read in Revelation, chapter 13 [transcriber note: I believe Sherry means chapter 11, verse 7],

7 And...the beast...ascendeth out of the bottomless pit

What's the bottomless pit? That hell? That the center of the earth? You know, according to the Bible Codes, bottomless pit's an Abyss. A space. This space. Comes down from space.

And the ten horns that this beast has are ten kings that serve one hour with him. And I've talked to you about how when the Antichrist comes, and he builds this 10-nation confederacy from the Mediterranean nations. The Bible talks about it. These are Muslim nations.

We have a Muslim, Islam Antichrist coming from the bottomless pit. And I've been warning you about this Sananda for a decade. Longer than that. And his sidekick, Maitreya. And these two, together, will destroy and burn the woman with fire. They're gonna burn and destroy America. They're gonna come here and rule from the United Nations, and then they're gonna turn and burn it with fire. Destroy America.

13 Years Ago, the Lord Started Teaching Me the Alien Aspect of the New World Order

And that's what I see in the Codes. Just confirmations, one after the other, that a decade ago, over 13 years ago, when the Lord pulled me aside and said, "I wanna show you this part, this aspect, of the last days." Because I was getting so embroiled with the New World Order, itself. "I wanna show you this part. The alien--,"--what I called the alien agenda. And He started teaching me that part of the aspect of it. And I started putting up websites, and doing radio shows, and everybody just thought I was crazy.

Now look where we are. Our skies are full of alien ships. The bottomless pit. The abyss. Full of alien ships. And they're gonna come crashing. And they are coming crashing. Thousands--you can't even keep up with all the YouTube videos. Thousands of ships crashing. Every day, every week. They're calling them meteors, everything the media can come up with. They don't even report the half of them. They're gonna be cast from the sky onto the earth. Whether they survive is up to them. They survive their crash landing.

They're Closing Our National Parks and I Think It's Because They Want to Hide the Bears There

So a lot of them have been coming here already. You know, I've been hearing for a long time they've been stocking up Giants everywhere. The Middle East. Underground bases. And now they're closing our national parks. And I think that's because they wanna hide the Bears there. Gonna be putting the Bears in the national parks. I wouldn't be surprised, if you watch the media, and more and more people that live around national park areas start reporting seeing Bigfoots. Something we'll have to keep our eyes on, I guess. See if my hunch is correct.

Guess What the Giants Plan on Eating When They're Cast to Earth

Very hard to store Giants in underground bases because they eat so much. You know, these things are 10-, 10-feet tall. And, you know, 800 pounds, however tall, you know, they're very big. They eat a lot. And that's the thing. These animal planets, these aliens, these starships that are above us, some of them are huge. Some of them, you know, they're 50, 100 miles long. They're huge. That's not even how tall they are, that's just how wide they are. Some could hold thousands, tens of thousands of aliens. And they have to eat to survive. And drink water.

When you're in a fallen state, Adam and Eve, when they were created, they didn't have to drink any to survive because they were created with angelic bodies. They were in a righteous state. When they fell, then they had to learn how to work and cultivate the land for food because they needed food to survive. These angels, these fallen angels, are the same way. No matter whether they kept their alien form or not, depending on which rebellion they fell in, Satan's or the other angelic rebellion. Two different rebellions. They have to eat to survive because they're in a fallen state.

So they have to eat. Well, guess what they eat. Do you think they're vegetarians? They want you to be a vegetarian, because, to them, humans who are vegetarians taste better. So they want you to be a vegan. They want you to be vegetarians. So when they abduct you off the streets or out of parks, or wherever they go abducting people...millions missing every year. You won't hear about that in the media. But you see, you know, almost 300,000 kids a year on milk cartons. What about all the adults that are missing. And this is around the world. Millions are missing. Where do they go? They're food. They're gonna put a freezer on some ship somewhere. And these scout ships, these UFOs, they're just scout ships. To come down and abduct people and take them up to the starships themselves. But that's what humans are. They're food to these aliens.

So imagine when these aliens are cast to earth. Revelation 12, when Satan's cast to earth and the stars fall with him. Guess what they plan on eating? You know, the thing that happened back in Noah's day was they would--these Giants, the Nephilim--they would eat so much that there wasn't any animals left. You know, they went through the animals, and they would start eating the people. And 98, 99 percent of the humans on earth at that time had tainted DNA because of all the crossbreeding.

I mean, people have the wrong picture. They have a general picture of what it was like in Noah's day. You know, when it says that only Noah and his sons were found righteous in the Lord's eyes, they were the only ones left with pure human DNA. Everybody's DNA had become contaminated with crossbreeding. With Giants commingling with human women. And then on, and on, and on, everybody's bloodline getting contaminated. And they were wicked. They had no love for the Lord. They were all wicked. That's why the Lord destroyed the earth. Started over with just Noah and his sons.

Read the Book of Enoch for a More Accurate Portrayal of What the Early Days Were Like

If you've never read the book of Enoch, you need to read the book of Enoch. I love Enoch. He really gives a more accurate portrayal of what the early days were like compared to a few blurbs here and there in the Torah. The first few books of the Old Testament. That was never meant to be a portrayal. It was just a short summary of things. We've never had the full portrayal of what things were actually like.

And the Lord always told me, if you wanna know the end, you have to know the beginning. OK, what was the beginning like? And from what I've learned, very horrid. It went from good, to really bad, to reeeally bad. I knew the Lord destroyed the earth and started over. And guess what. We're in the last days, and it's gone bad, and it's gonna get really bad. And then, guess what. He's gonna destroy the earth and start over. He'll destroy the earth by fire this time. The first time, He destroyed it with water. And the second time, He destroys it by fire. And that's coming.

Obamacare Will Force Everyone to Get a Chip Implant, Which Will Have a Kill Switch, Change Your DNA, and Allow Demons Access to Your Body

But the most pressing thing on our doorsteps, and you see it over and over again, is the persecution of the saints, that's coming. The beast does it. Scarlet beast. They're all coming. They all have big plans to persecute the saints. Kill them off the earth. And they do it in backward ways. They do it in vaccinations, flu shots. Agendas.

Look at Obamacare. It's gonna force everyone to get a chip implant. And guess what. These chip implants have kill switches on them. So once you get this chip implant, you're literally at the mercy of the government not to kill you. So guess what they get to say. "Behave or else." And, to them, what's behave? It's to do evil. Do evil. That makes them happy. Being wicked makes them happy. Being righteous and good does not make them happy. Become a Muslim, become a Satanist. That makes them happy. To be a Christian and believe in The Most High God? No. That's kill-switch material. Refuse to follow their agenda like little worker-bee robots? That's kill-switch material. And guess what. Most of us are kill-switch material.

And these chips can change and alter your DNA. You know, they can allow for access for demonic and alien entrance into a person's body. It takes over their body.

Obamacare Will Allow for Forced Home Invasions by the Government

You know, if this Obamacare thing passes, it's like the total kill-switch on us as believers as a whole. They might as well just start coming after us with their shotguns because you can kiss America good-bye. Life as we know it is over at that point. And so, the Republicans are standing up against this bill. And the Democrats are fighting for it. You know, if it was about healthcare, probably wouldn't be much of an issue.

But there's nothing--the majority of Obamacare, the bill has nothing to do with healthcare. It's everything else surrounding it. It's chip-implanting. It's the forced home invasions. You have to allow the government into your home and search it whenever they want. What are they looking for? I don't know. What, are they gonna start doing orgone inspections? Look for people's orgone.

Very little of it has to do anything with healthcare. If you don't buy healthcare, you can face a fine and go to jail. This reminds me of stories I've heard of Germany where they're forced to buy healthcare and people can't even afford to feed their kids. Didn't have money, as it is, and now they're gonna be forced to have to buy this healthcare government. They didn't have money to eat. Starving. Wait till it comes to America.

So the Republicans are fighting against this to delay it. And, of course, they're being blasted in the media. The Liberal media and everything else. Trying to buy people time. I really doubt it's what's going on. If I know anything about the government, they portray one thing while they're doing another behind closed doors.

You know, they're getting ready for the global resets, and the coming NESARA, and sharia, and this Muslim Jesus that's coming. And it's gonna be a mess. They're buying time because I'm still here and they're mad. They want me gone.

It's Really Funny When Aliens Run into Orgone Walls Where They Didn't Expect Them to Be and End Up Crashing

Need to keep getting the orgone out, folks. You know, they try to map where it is. And so, they know which routes to avoid. And so, what's really funny is when Warriors go out and just throw up a wall of orgone across a particular route, or highway, or a road, that they're not expecting, and it takes them by surprise when they fly over that area and run into orgone. That's why they--so many of them are crashing. [laughs] Because they end up in areas they didn't expect orgone to be.

How to Put Up a Really Good Wall of Orgone

To put up a really good wall of orgone, get about 50 or 100 pucks, and just drive down a side road, or a major route, and put one every mile. One every half-mile or one every mile. And that'll put up a solid wall of orgone. And that saturates the air.

And the one thing about orgone is it always emits. It never quits. It's constantly emitting positive orgone energy. Once you put it out there, it's emitting. If somebody picks it up and puts it in the garbage, guess what. It goes to the landfill and it emits. It works from the landfill. It's constantly emitting.

I also like to mix it up. I like to put magnets in them. I like to put magnets in the orgone. Especially the tops of pipes. You can become real creative with different types of orgone you make. Put extra copper in it. Copper pennies. You could put magnets in it.

I Would Really Suggest You Sit Down and Read the Book of Revelation and Pray for Understanding

Scarlet beast. And the main players right now, we have Sananda, Maitreya, and Obama. Not the real Obama. The droid. The android. All three working together.

If you guys have never sat down and read the book of Revelation, it's really not that long of a book. I would really suggest you sit down and try to read it and pray for understanding. I mean, I've probably read the book of Revelation a million times since I was 9-years-old. And when you're 9-years-old and you're reading a beast rising out of the sea, with 7 heads and 10 horns, you're, like, "Wow." It's just something out of a Japanese cartoon. Haha!

And then when you start to get more understanding that everything's symbolic, and you learn what that is--because everything in Revelation's answered somewhere else. In one of the Old Testament prophets. One of the minor prophets and their books.

You can always figure it out. It takes a little bit of research and study. You become a student of Bible prophecy because you're always learning. So you're just like a forever-student. You never get to the point where you know it all. Because when you think you know it all, what you're gonna keep learning is that you don't know it all. The Lord'll always show you something new.

There's levels, there's layers of truths underneath layers and layers of them in the Bible. Layers. And that's the same way that I've learned how He is in the Bible Codes. There's layers. Layers of meanings. Layers of understanding. That's why you need His Spirit of discernment. To discern the truth. To discern what's true and what isn't. Most people spend more time asking about money than they do discernment, when they pray to the Lord.

You know, when you don't ask for material things--when you ask for spiritual things, then you're in alignment with His will. That's what He would rather us do, because He already knows what our needs are, and He isn't one who--He'll give you what you need. You're not always gonna have what you want. He'll give you what you need. Shelter, food, clothing. But when you pray in alignment with His word and ask for spiritual things, He'll give you abundantly.

When You Ask the Lord for Spiritual Things, You Have to Stay Persistent Because He Wants to Know That You Really Want It

Discernment, wisdom, knowledge. The truth. I ask Him for those things every day. And those things, He gives in measure. He'll give you a lot one day, and a lot another day, or you'll have to wait a while and then He'll increase it later. That's why you always have to stay persistent with Him. You have to stay persistent. Because He wants to know that you really want it.

And when you start to pray for the truth in all things, you're gonna bite off more than you can chew. Trust me. At first, it's really hard. Because, at first, He's going to shake your world. He's gonna knock you upside down by revealing a truth to you that you need, at that time, to know. You need to know a truth about something, and it's gonna rock your world. And then after that, and you get over that, nothing else really phases you as much.

I think that pretty much goes the same way for everybody. Because He always knows exactly what you need to hear first. And then after that, the journey becomes much easier and nothing phases you after that. You just start to learn and all the pieces of the puzzle start to fall together. And everybody's different on their path. The Lord has everybody at a different place. A different level.

Most People Will Never Realize That They Don't Know Anything, Because They Think They Know What There Is to Know

And we all work together. The Lord's people are supposed to work together as a family, but we don't. We don't. We all fight. We bicker. All the backbiting, and the gossiping, and the hating dominates. Dominates the Bride. Dominates them. They're hateful to be around. That's Christians, folks. The church. They're hateful to be around. I don't wanna be around them. And so, that's one of the biggest things we'll have to get through--break through.

You know, when you go to heaven and...then everybody loves everybody. Because certainly on earth, it's not that way. So much backbiting that goes on. And hatred. I deal with it all the time. Constantly. That's why I'd rather be by myself. With my front line of Warriors, people I can count on, and just go after Satan. Go after his strongholds. To me, that's peaceful.

That's more peaceful than having to deal with church Christians. It really is. Because they're sandhuggers. They don't want the truth, but they act like they got it all. They act like they know everything. They don't know nothing. They don't even call the Lord by His real name. And you can't tell them anything. It's easier for me to just take on Satan every day, than it is to deal with most of the Bride. And it's a tough life. It takes a tough person to do that. It takes a tough person to go after Satan every day because, you know what? He comes right back at you. Most people couldn't deal with it. Most people couldn't walk in my shoes one day. I don't talk about the half of it. I just laugh and go on.

I figured out why I'm here. What my job is. What I'm to do. And I'm in a place where most people will never reach because of the situations they're in. They're too proud to realize, "I don't know anything. I'm gonna have to throw everything out and relearn everything all over again." Most people will never do that because everybody thinks they know what there is to know and think they're correct. What they've learned in church all their lives is the truth, and everybody else was wrong.

You know, if you're in religion, you're so far removed from truth, there's no help for you. Because the Lord isn't about religion, He's about relationship. And until you realize that, you'll never be on a true path or journey of truth. You'll never be on that path. Break away from the mold, the mind control, the religious control, and learn that it's about relationship, and then the Lord can use you. The Lord can work with you then. Some people just never grasp that. It's relationship, not religion.

A Lot of Delays Going on While They Fight Amongst Each Other and Die from the Orgone - They May Arrive Without Ever Having a Disclosure

Anyway, folks, this month could be a very much of a hotpool as last month could have been. A lot of delays going on. A lot of bickering back and forth with the factions. A lot of them dying. I see them counting and recounting their ships. [laughs] Just let them. [laughs] Because by the time we're through with them, there won't be any to count. We just keep going. We just keep moving.

People ask me, "What's next? What do you see? What's next?" I don't see anything good. That's why you just keep fighting and keep moving forward, folks. Preparing.

Earthquakes? Check. Foreign troops on our soil? Check. Alien factions? Check. You know, it's like a sesspool. It's ready to blow up. Everything's stirring in the pot. It's all here. Until they make a move, I can't really say much at this point. Waiting, and waiting, and waiting. It's--the ball's in their court. They need to make a move. They need to do...uh, pull a card, I guess you could say. And, as decisive as they are, they're all still fighting.

But you know what? While they still fight in the background, their ships are crashing, and their lifespan in space is getting really, really short. So I'm sure we're gonna start seeing some decisive moves from them. Probably some kind of disclosure. The way it looks, they're gonna arrive without even ever having a disclosure because there's gonna be no time for that. They're gonna get to the point where there's no time to prep the public, they're just gonna be here. You know, there's not gonna be time for formalities. "Let's have a alien disclosure." "Oh, look. Here they are." They're gonna run out of time for that. But we could look for that. It's something you could look for, is for them to have some kind of disclosure before they just land on our doorsteps. Because that's what they're gonna do.

If You Thought the Planet of the Apes Movie Was Fiction, It Wasn't - Stay with the Lord, Under the Shadow of His Wings

Another interesting aspect is Planet of the Apes. Boy, how many of you thought that was fiction? Raise your hands. [laughs] It wasn't. Planet of the Apes. That is the Bigfoots I've been talking about. Kind of go together. We're gonna have a planet full of them. Yeah. It's a melting pot. Our planet is going to become a sesspool of every wicked thing, literally. Because they're all gonna come down from space onto our earth. Get your orgone out if you don't want them camping out in your front yard. And orgone water, acid water, they don't like it.

I don't know how to tell you to prepare psychologically for this stuff. Most of you guys will be ready. My choir will be ready. Everybody, it's gonna be the freak-out hour. It's gonna be a time of amazement and, "Oh, my gosh, they were right." You know, they're gonna realize that the things you were warning them about, and the things you were telling them, were true. But it's gonna be too late for all that. It's not gonna be about who was right and who was wrong. It's, "How do we get through this?" "How are we gonna survive this?"

Stay with the Lord, folks. Those He loves He will hide underneath the shadow of His wings. It's where most of us are right now. That's the only reason we're still alive. Because He's been hiding us under the shadow of His wings.

The Fallen Angels Are Just Beasts, Animals, to the Lord

Anyway, folks. Yeah, do some studying of Revelation 17, the scarlet beast. Because it's the same beast as the first beast of Revelation 13. They just go hand in hand. All these Beasts. Because, to the Lord, that's what they are. Beasts. Animals. And that's what I see in the Codes; Animals. Animals. Aliens. Fallen angels. Whatever you wanna call them, they're animals. They've lost their status as angels. They may have once been angels in good standing with the Lord, but they fell. And now, to Him, they're just beasts. They're animals.

Nibiru Is Not Wormwood - Nibiru Is 10 Times the Size of Jupiter

Comet ISON, mm, Nibiru. Nibiru's having problems. Nibiru is pretty much an ambulatory planet right now. Came in last year. Got burned by the orgone. And flew back out away from us. And now they're coming back in. And ISON and all these other comets and meteors that are part of the system that's coming in with it, you know, you look on YouTube and they call everything Nibiru. Everything's Nibiru. Nibiru is a huge red planet about 10 times the size of Jupiter. So, unless you see that on a YouTube, it is not Nibiru, but something else. Nibiru is a hhhuuge planet.

The Capricorn is blue. And it's also huge. And it's very tall. It is a light blue color. That is Satan's ship. I think I read somewhere it was like 300 miles long. I wouldn't doubt it. But it's very light blue. It's very tall. Wide ship.

Nibiru is, like, 10 times the size of Jupiter.

The second sun is Enoch's planet.

And then you have all these other different ships coming in. Planets, satellites, moons. Different names.

I don't see any comet right now of significance. Maybe next month.

Nibiru's not Wormwood. It's one of the...the biggest fallacy I see in YouTube videos was Nibiru being Wormwood. It's not Wormwood. Could you imagine if a planet 10 times the size of Jupiter would not crash into a river and poison the water. It would destroy the entire planet. Nibiru is not Wormwood. Wormwood is a--it's a comet, it's a meteor. It's gonna crash into the earth, yes, but it's not Nibiru.

Chew the grass and spit out the hay when you watch all these different YouTube videos. Chew the grass, spit out the hay, folks.

I Need Your Continued Funding for the Missions I Have to Do, Strongholds I Have to Destroy

Anyway, I need your continued funding, folks. A lot of trips to do. Missions to do. Hate having my hands tied. Bases to get. Strongholds to destroy. I need to be on the road, folks, in a nutshell. And I can't do that with the limited funding that I have.

A Lot of the Judgement Won't Necessarily Start Until After Sananda Arrives - Have Your Bug-Out Bags Ready, Find a Safe Place to Go

A lot of the judgments won't even start, necessarily, until after...after Sananda arrives. Like I said, once he arrives, head to the hills. Get your bug-out bags and go. Find a safe place. Because, literally, Hell comes with him. He is the leader of Hell. And everything bad you ever heard about the tribulation period'll begin at that point.

Anyway, till next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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