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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
October 14, 2013

Obama Is Holding the Country Hostage to Pass Obamacare

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, October 14, and you are live with Sherry Shriner. A couple things I wanna talk about tonight. I don't know how long I'll do the show. I haven't really felt well today. Back's been hurting a lot, so. But I did wanna do the show. The Lord wanted me to do it, and I'm here to do it. And I'll get through it.

Couple things, uh, hm-hm. I don't even know where to start. I guess with the easy stuff. OK. So, Obama orders all federal workers to make life as hard as possible on Americans, and so. So you're seeing the parks being closed, monuments being blocked off. Just little things to anger people, you know.

And the EBTs [Electronic Benefit Transfer] crashing over the weekend. People not being able to use their public assistance cards to buy food. I think that was, like, 29 states or something. And they said it was a computer glitch, and I'm just thinking, "Yeah, right. It's part of his program to make life as difficult as possible."

They're trying to get under people's skin. He basically is holding the country hostage to pass Obamacare, which orders chip-implantation on everybody. And it also orders everybody to have to buy a health insurance policy, which most people can't afford to buy groceries, and now he's forcing them to buy healthcare insurance.

It doesn't say what happens with those who are already on Medicaid and getting free healthcare. I imagine that they will be the first ones to have to line up and be chip-implanted, and get vaccines out the ying, and flu shots. Because they'll be the first ones that are, I don't know what you wanna call it, lambs to the slaughter. I mean, look at how many people lined up, pregnant women lined up to get those flu shots, whatever, and they lost their babies. And, you know, we're screaming, "Don't get the shots, don't get the shots," and these people just line up. Because they don't listen. They don't listen. And so, I'm sure they'll be the first flooded with cancers, and tumors, and the kill-switch chip-implant that Obama wants everybody to have. They'll be the first, the ones down, is what--you know, the first ones to go, basically.

And, you know, they all ran. They all ran. This weekend there was a mass exodus out of the country. Anyone who's anyone, is gone. I mean, they're all gone. Obama took off to Hawaii. He's been there for a while.

The Android of Obama Is Melting - There Was a Human Storage Facility in a Huge Ancient Alien Base Located in Bethlehem, West Virginia

What I find interesting is something I keep seeing in the Bible Codes. And that's that his android is melting. And I've talked about this droid of Obama's that they always pull out to give speeches and battle it out at his debates and things like that. This thing is melting. And so, they have it in a underground bunker.

And I was thinking, "You know, if this android's suffering problems with meltdowns, what about all the other ones?" Because our Congress is just full of them. They send these androids in while the real senators and congressmen are sitting at home or whatever. And, you know, they send the androids in to do the work.

And everybody has an android. I mean, everybody's--you know, TV personalities, celebrities--they have androids made of everybody. So if somebody doesn't walk the line, they can be replaced by their android.

And it's gonna get interesting. And I bring this up because of something the Lord was telling me earlier today. And I'll bring that up in a minute. I want to talk about something else first. This weekend I went on a mission. Not too far from where I live, actually. Over in West Virginia. I Wheeling, West Virginia there's a little quiet town called Bethlehem. And when I first saw this, I was like, "You've gotta be kidding me." You know, there's actually a Bethlehem, West Virginia? There's a town called Bethlehem?

And come to find out, over time, that there was a human storage facility, a huge base, located in this little town. And it's a very ancient alien base. It's ten levels deep. It's almost as ancient as Fort Knox or Dulce or any one of these DUABs. They're DUABs, deep underground alien bases. And then they have the military come in and make newer levels on top of the older levels that the aliens inhabit. And so, you might have one, or two, or three levels at the top of that base that the military uses, or the black ops uses, or, in this instance, the Satanists use. Because what they were doing was storing humans there.

And, you know, there's a lot of people that disappear. Families disappear. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world disappearing a year. And this is one of those bases where they would store these missing humans at. And what they do is they use them for their satanic ritual sacrifices. The aliens will use them for food. Scientists will breed them for experiments, hybridization, things like that. Because I kept wondering--the Lord kept telling me it was a storage facility. And I'm thinking, "What exactly is storage?" Last time I heard storage, it was, like, Dulce. And they would take the souls of people and put them in vases. And there was just walls lined up with these vats, or vases, or some kind of jars. Whatever you would want to call them. And they would hold souls of people in them.

They've had this Frankenstein science for a long time. Where they could switch souls out. They could actually put a human soul inside of an animal. They've tried this with dolphins. It was some kind of dolphin project, where they would, literally, put human souls inside dolphins. And I don't know what other animals they've tried, but, yeah, this Frankenstein science has been around for a while.

You Could Become Trapped in the Astral Realm with Your Soul Unable to Leave Earth When You Die

Most of us tend to think that, you know, the Bible's pretty clear-cut; when you die, your soul goes to heaven or hell. But truth of the matter is, there's a lot of people who never make it to either place. They get trapped. And you could become trapped on a astral realm. An invisible realm that surrounds us. And I refer to it as limbo. People refer to it--when they see these beings--as ghosts. You could become trapped in limbo on a astral realm. And they also have this science where they trap your soul and put it into a jar.

And they've talked about this net, this canopy that the Reptilians have put over the earth. Trapping people, trapping their souls from being able to leave earth. And, you know, it's one of these things where if you're a believer in the Lord and The Most High, to get escorted by angels to heaven is a real treat, you know, when you die. It doesn't happen to every Christian that dies. Not all Christians get an escort straight to heaven. And some of them end up getting trapped in limbo.

And so, there's a lot of things that happen that people would outright reject and whatever. And they--and listen to me when I say, "I don't care." All I do is speak the truth. I don't care if people accept it or reject it. It's there. It is what it is. Whether people can't explain it to themselves, or reason it out--there's a lot of things...a lot of things, a lot of truths that we can't wrap our minds around and, you know, we don't--we didn't create this universe. We just live on it. And we're not God, and we don't know all things. And that's why truth is a journey and you're on a path, learning new things all the time.

And I've talked about ghosts. I think I did a show last year around Halloweentime. I know I did a interview. And whoever I did a interview with, they were asking me about ghosts, and trapped spirits, and things like that. And these things do happen, folks. They do happen. And so, anyway, when I think of storage facility, that's what I think of. But also the fact that, you know, people are held in cages.

The Lord Told Me That a 200-Mile Radius Area Around Bethlehem, West Virginia Would Be Saturated with Orgone

And I remember last year at the G20 conference that was here in America, the things that were going on with that. And I told you guys, you know, on the Facebook we were doing prayers and stuff to sabotage their ritual meetings. And there's was, like, 20 countries over here, but they bring their ambassadors, they bring their escorts, their personnel. Things like that. So, probably, 60, 100, 200 people. And when you go to these satanic rituals that they have before the G20 would even start, and during the G20 as well, they have required rituals where they all go. And I know last year, they were required--each person was required to kill three people a person. So imagine each ambassador, these top G20 countries, required to kill three people apiece. And this happens every year. And this happens at all their conferences. This isn't just this one.

And so, we did our best to sabotage those rituals. They were having a ritual meeting at Camp David and all these--and we did very well in sabotaging them. I heard that half of the rituals and the meetings didn't even take place because of the sabotaging that was going on. We were able to thwart a lot of that from--a lot of their success--what they would consider success--from happening just because of our warfare prayers and sabotaging everything we could think of.

But bases like this is where they would get them from. You know, they hold them as prisoners there. Then they bus them out, truck them out, to wherever. Where they're gonna be victims of satanic sacrifices.

And so, the Lord led me to this base with another Warrior. And it took us two days, but we pretty much sabotaged that entire area, that entire base. We were at a couple of parks in the area. One of them was just so full of evil, you could practically cut it with a knife, it was so thick. And I don't know what kind of a park it's used for. I seen a sign, "Ohio University Laboratory," and I'm thinking, "Yeah, laboratory for what?" And the only thing there is a farmhouse and woods. You know. So, a lot of these places just simply up to no good. It covers for the ghastly things that they do.

So we were able to take all these out. The Lord told me by Wednesday a 200-mile radius area around this little town of Bethlehem in Wheeling, West Virginia would be saturated with orgone.

In the Bible Codes I Had Seen "Palace" and It Turned Out to Be a Buddha Shrine in Bethlehem,  West Virginia

And another interesting thing that I saw when I was there, we were going down this gravel road, not really anything significant, and saw a sign for The Gold Palace. And I'm thinking, "A gold palace in the middle of nowhere? Yeah, let's go find it. Let's go see what this gold palace is." So we drove down. Found this gold palace. The road dead-ended right into it. And in the middle of, like, nowhere, in this small town of Bethlehem, West Virginia, there's this Buddha shrine.

And this thing was huge. And it had these--you know how they have the gold domes and all that. And it was just all Buddha stuff. It was something straight from India. Straight from Shangri-La. And I look over in the parking lot, and I see these rich Indians dressed in nice attire, and the women with their dresses, and all that, you know. Some kind know, and I just--you know, it reminded me of India. Something straight out of, uh...straight out of there.

And I just laughed because in the Bible Codes I had seen Palace. And so, I knew that the Ascended Masters--I call them much different terms when I speak of them to other people, but the New Agers refer to them as Ascended Masters--I knew that they had a palace there. I could see that in the Codes. I thought it was underneath the ground. I had no idea it was this Buddha shrine out of nowhere. So I thought that was amusing.

Probably some kind of an entrance, also, to the base. Because if you look at this town, the whole thing is like a huge gully. I mean, West Virginia's nothing but mountains, right? And it looks like a huge valley through that area. And who would know that underneath that huge valley, gully, whatever you wanna call it, is a ancient alien, 10-level base? I mean, seriously. Those people that live there obviously had no idea.

And so, we were able to just destroy all that area. Glad to see all of it, just by Wednesday, be completely saturated and destroyed. And not just that area, but a 200-mile radius around that area. That would pretty much include a big chunk of Ohio, and Pa. [Pennsylvania], and West Virginia, and just surrounding states. Because a 200-mile radius is--Wheeling is right on the border of Ohio and West Virginia. Right off the Ohio river.

The Lord Is Going to Crank the 200-Mile Radius of Orgone Up to 2000 Miles and the Aliens Will Consider It as a Plague from Heaven

And even so, on Sunday, the Lord is gonna crank the orgone up to 2000-mile radius. So, starting off at 200-miles on Wednesday, which totally just takes out the entire area of Wheeling and that whole area. And then on Sunday it's gonna reach to 2000 miles.

And the Lord told me He's gonna do a new thing on Sunday. He is going to connect all of the areas that have orgone in them. In other words, every state and country that has orgone in it, He is going to connect all these areas together, it's almost like just connecting all the dots, and put a huge swath of orgone from one area to the next. Something He hasn't done yet, and He's gonna do. And so, there will just be, like, huge, don't know, a huge layer of saturated orgone air just from one state all the way through it to the next, connecting all the orgoned areas together. So I thought that was really cool.

And one of the outcomes of this, and I thought it pretty much explained why I kept seeing some of the things I was...I was doing, er seeing in the Codes, is that they're gonna consider it as a plague from heaven. Because, to them, orgone is poison. Orgone causes them to get boils. And if you can imagine--if you saw George Bush on TV a couple years ago, he just looked haggard and terrible. He had boils all over his skin. And they said he was suffering from some kind of disease or whatever. And just old age. People thought it was old age spots. And I got confirmation that it was indeed boils that were on him and he was being affected from the orgone.

A lot of them now, especially Sunday on, when the Lord does this new thing and starts connecting all the orgoned areas, are gonna be affected by the orgone. And so, we might start seeing a lot of people start getting boils on their skin, and hives. Some of the effects I've seen, you know, aliens and evil people have that are--get affected with our orgone, maybe getting really angry, maybe holding their noses because orgone--we don't smell it, but evil people do. It has a atrocious odor to them. Pretty much how we feel when we smell brimstone. Fire and brimstone, that rotten egg smell that aliens have that's really nauseating. Well, orgone is really nauseating to them, so you might see people holding their noses or gagging at the smell in the air. Or breaking out in hives and boils.

What Will We See Happening to Androids, Hybrids, and Aliens When the Lord Cranks Up the Orgone?

I'm assuming that, hey, you know, if just the amount we have in [Washington] D.C. is causing the android Obama to melt, imagine on a more national and worldwide scale what it would do to all the other androids and all the hybrids that are among us, you know. Is it gonna cause them to melt? Are we gonna have a global meltdown? All these androids melting?

What about people that can't take it and begin to shape-shift? Are we gonna start seeing people--these aliens that are--been hiding in human bodies--we gonna start seeing them shapeshift out in public? I mean, it could make for some interesting conjecture at this point. But He's gonna be cranking up the orgone worldwide. And so, this is gonna be interesting. Just sit back and enjoy the show, basically. And watch and see how it affects most people.

Now, I don't imagine, in my town--I mean, this place has been saturated for years, and, you know, it's pretty much just normal people here in my little town. I can't imagine on a larger scale. Because most of the aliens hide in cities. If you watch the Men in Black series, that's pretty much how, you know, a lot of it is. They run their own businesses, they hide in cities, their little pizza shops, and stuff like that. That's what they do. Starbucks. That's their favorite little coffee shop. They put nanites in the coffee grounds and people that ingest that are ingesting nanites into their body and it's just nasty.

But it should be interesting come Sunday. To them it's a huge plague. Maybe that's why they're running. Maybe they know that this plague is coming and that's why they're running and hiding. Because they've talked about the event that's coming. And when I think of an event, I think about Sananda's arrival. You know, on a global scale, coming to earth, arriving like he's Jesus of the Bible. With his angelic host singing hymns and spiritual songs, no doubt. Trying to persuade the people of the world that he's this, just this great religious leader or whatever. Yeah, I see that in the Codes, and I just gag everytime I see it.

Also, with UFOs arriving. These huge UFOs. If you watch the V series, they showed all these UFOs arriving and hovering over cities. That very well could happen. That very well could be part of this event that they're expecting to happen. I mean, that's basically why they packed up and left Dodge. Because, you know, they expect these things to happen this week.

They're Just Going to Let the Government Default

Tney expect our economy and the rioting to just get out of control when people realize, you know, on the 17th there's really not gonna be any help. They're just gonna let the government go to bust. They're gonna default. And I've talked about the government defaulting before. Only, it was delayed and delayed. And, now here we are facing a default again. And this time, they're basically saying, "Yeah, go for it. We don't care. We'll default the economy." Because it's time. And it's time for new radical changes. And that's what it takes. Radical...radical, uh...things to happen to bring about radical changes. And people aren't gonna like what they're seeing. The economy crashing. People losing their jobs.

Right now, the way it is, um, you know, who would've thought the government shutdown was gonna affect fishermen in Alaska. But I was watching this Deadliest Catch thing and they had flown to America to do a speech to Congress. Because they can't get the licenses they need to fish. You know. More burdensome bureaucracies. I mean, here we have all these androids in Congress making rules and laws, and they've never held a fishing pole in their lives. You know, I--that's one thing that kills me about government. You know, you have all these government bureaucrats making farming rules and fishing rules, and they're not, they're not familiar with either one. You know, you always have people making rules that they know nothing about.

Obama Ordered a Nuke Bomb Be Dropped on Charleston, South Carolina, but the Military Generals Refused, and Dropped It in the Ocean

So, anyway, this could get interesting. You know. This week is one of those weeks where anything could happen. It's almost like an open door. Because our leadership is gone, governments are hiding. They're waiting for the contact to happen. For the event to happen. You know, Obama ordered a nuke bomb be dropped on Charleston, South Carolina. And the military generals refused, and dropped it in the ocean instead, and they were fired. People should--where's the Tea Party? People should be having an uproar that the order was given by Obama to nuke Charleston, South Carolina.

And I've been warning for years that that's been a target of theirs to nuke Charleston, South Carolina. On Obama's list, he has 10 to 20 American cities. They wanna nuke these cities and have the Chinese come in and take over them. And they're not going in to help people. They're not going in with first aid kits. They wanna barricade the cities, keep everybody inside them unable to leave. They want you to die. They're not coming in to restore order, they want you to die. Keep the radiation in the city. Keep all the people in there that are sick and affected and let them die.

So that was their plan. And they're bringing in all these Chinese. And they're in underground bases hiding for these very events to occur. So, these are some of the things they've had planned and pretty much why they've left Dodge. Why Elvis has left the building. They want chaos. They want radical changes. Because he's getting ready to announce that America's no longer a Christian nation. I mean, he's already announced that. Where was the outrage, huh? He's gonna announce that we're no longer under the Constitution, that we're going to be under sharia law. And there's gonna be an outroar when he does that. And he knows that. And that's what they want. They don't care anymore.

True Israel Has Many Generations and Nations Involved with Them - We'll See Some Kind of Contact Take Place Before the Destructions

They don't care about white Americans or white Europeans. They want you dead. They want you dead. People just don't get it. Why do they target these nations? Because they're the lost tribes of Israel and they don't know who they are. They wanna get rid of the true Israel. True Israel. They want them all to die. Satan's targeting.

You know, the war has been on against Christians for a long time. Against Israel. And Israel has many...many generations and nations involved with them. The black nations are involved. African nations are involved. Israel's pretty expansive. And I find it interesting that a lot of these corporate CEOs, a lot of them--people asking me, "Where are they running and hiding?" A lot of them been buying up land in Africa. Because, for some reason, they must think that they're pretty safe in Africa. When crap hits the fan around the world, that they're gonna be safe in Africa. And a lot of them, you know, Nestle CEOs and everybody, have been buying up land in Africa. Because that's...that's where they plan on running.

You know, Obama runs to Hawaii. And this would be a good time for Nibiru to just come in and sink the place, I think. Soros also has an estate on a private island. Um, yeah, it would be a good time for Nibiru to come in and rock and shake things up. And the Bible says that the islands would sink. That would be a good time. And Nibiru is coming in.

But, you know what? We're gonna see an event take place, some kind of contact take place, before the destructions, and the pole flip, and all that. Those are repercussions. Those are effects from having this event. Because, you know, when these Ascended Masters arrive, when the Antichrist arrives to earth, and the False Prophet, what the Bible refers to, people are gonna hopefully recognize them for what they are. But the earth definitely will. The Lord definitely does. And His judgment is going to come on the earth because of their presence here.

When I Saw in the Codes "Fake Astronomy," I Just Laughed - They're Going to Make Their Global Presence Known

You know, I keep harping over and over again that when the pale horse rider arrives, Hell arrives with him. Literally, the forces of hell. If you look up in our skies, there's so many fake constellations. And these stars are not--you know, they're starships, they're alien ships. I was laughing, talking to a friend the other day, saying, you know, there's all these little fake constellations. I finally got to see the sky. I think that's the first time in months I had a clear sky and I could see stars in it. And they were so fake. It was just--and then, when I saw in the Codes Fake Astronomy, I just laughed. Because I knew. It was just confirmation that, you know, all these little constellations above my house were just fake. They were all just starships trying to act like they were in constellations.

And I've been putting out--I put out another bucket blaster in my yard and I'm just shooting holes straight through that canopy. And, you know, I've got this huge portal over here that I've opened. And I've got, you know, people on both sides of me trying to run transducers, and trying to turn the POE, positive orgone energy, that I create here, into negative orgone energy. And it's a constant battle here, folks. It's just a constant zoo. You know. I have a lot of fun messing with them as well. Because at the same time this place is such a zoo, it's also--you couldn't ask for a more peaceful place. I mean, it is peaceful here. Despite the fact that it's always a zoo.

There is a Bigfoot running around in the woods somewhere. And, you know, I have a feeling people are gonna start seeing a lot more Bigfoots. And especially once this contact event happens. It's gonna be crazy. And I don't know exactly what's gonna happen. You know, I see Aerodrome in the Codes. And I know that's a really big UFO. Like, almost V-status ship kind of thing. Where they're gonna come and make their global presence known. It's gonna be worldwide. And, you know, I don't know if we're gonna get little warnings ahead of time, or it's just gonna happen, or, you know. All I can say is get the pipes made. Get the bucket blasters made.

There was an article on Before It's News [website] where they were talking an aerodrome that was gonna hover above Cleveland, and I just laughed. it's, like, they would want to do that just to send a message to me. Usually if anything happens in Ohio, they're typically trying to send some kind of message to me, which I typically don't get, because I'm really not much of a Satanist decoder. It's, like, just tell me straight out. Because I'm not going to guess what you're trying to tell me. So just tell me straight out. Because I'm not gonna guess, and so.

Usually it's something, like, in your face. Like, "Your orgone's not bothering us. Look, we're hovering a ship right above Cleveland." OK, bring it on. You know. Bring it on. Let's see. You know? Bring one right over here above my house. You know?

If Lucifer's Such a Nice Guy, Why Are All the Satanists Running to Hide?

So it's gonna get interesting with the Lord cranking up the orgone all the way around the world and connecting it in huge swaths and lines of orgoned areas, with a huge contact event planned. I don't know when they're coming. I just know it's planned. And I know, the Lord's doing His thing as well. So that should be interesting. I'm more anxious to see what this, uh...what this plague from heaven--how it affects all these androids among us. All these fake humans among us. All these shape-shifters among us. They're all gonna be affected by the crank in the orgone that the Lord's about to do, and so. [laughs softly] Should be interesting.

You know, it almost begs the question, if Lucifer is such a nice guy, why are all the Satanists running to hide? Why are they all running to hide from him? They know he's coming. Why are they all running to hide? You know, they do all this brazen and gutsy stuff. You know, they kidnap children and adults out of parks, and streets, and malls, and stuff them in underground storage bases. And pull them out to kill them at sacrifices. And then when Lucifer arrives, they all run and hide.

Well, we're not running and hiding, you know. We're gearing up for the battle. We've been gearing up for the battle. We're ready. You know?

To Force a Famine in America, All They Would Have to Do Is Shut Down 3 Major Distribution Centers - People Should Be Getting Prepared

I remember somebody from the government telling me a while ago that all they would have to do is shut down three major distribution centers in America. They could shut down to force a famine in America. Just shut down three major distribution centers. And we could have a famine here in America. And so, that's something that should be on everybody's minds. Getting prepared for distribution centers being shut down, nothing to buy at the stores. People should be getting prepared. You know, bullets and orgone. Lock and load, and have your orgone. Have your orgone water ready.

98 or 99 Percent of the Population Is Infected with Something from the Products They Eat or Drink from Large Corporations

There was something somebody had sent out about these documents being released from DARPA. And I was looking over them. And it was talking about 98, 99 percent of the population was infected. And they were listing corporations like Nestle, and Pepsi, and Coke, and all these--a couple other corporations that were putting something in their products that when people ingested them would infect them. But it wasn't saying what they were infected with. But it was almost like, uh, I remember when they told me that the zombie virus that so many people, millions of people already had it in them, but they couldn't find the catalyst to activate it.

You know, it's like they got all these people to get infected with the zombie virus, that it was laying dormant inside them, but the catalyst to set it off and trigger it wasn't working. And they had to find a new--that new trigger. You know, they're looking for that trigger that would ignite it in all these people that were carrying it. Had it dormant inside them. So reminds me of all the vaccinations, and flu shots, and stuff, because that's pretty much how they get it inside of people. And they could just lay dormant. You know, cancers lay dormant in people 20, 30 years and then develop the cancer. You know, and people wanna, you've had it, you know, family lines or whatever. No, it's from the vaccines. And it's some rare family disease and blah, blah, blah. All their excuses and lies.

I remember X-Files having a show on that, too, and I was really surprised when I saw it. I should've paid more attention to that series when it was out. And they were talking about how all of these--they had whole shiploads of vaccines that had been tainted with certain diseases and cancers, that had been given to people. And there was some kind of a warehouse where they had a listing of what shiploads went where and stuff like that. I thought that was really interesting.

They just come out and tell you, right in your face, what they're doing. And people think it's fiction. People think it's just entertainment. Just fiction. And they tell you right to your face what they're doing. You know. That they're always creating money. And it's always, "Oh, to thwart the counterfeiters." The biggest counterfeiters of our money is our own government. You know, I can remember when Bush gave money plates to the Arabs so they could print off American dollars. I mean, seriously? The only people you have to worry about is our own government. Printing some counterfeit money. And then they try to make it--blame it on Joe Schmoes and, you know, small-time criminals or whatever. Yeah, right, you know.

But they print off new money. And then people find new ways...find hidden messages, hidden targets [printed on the money]. Their hidden plans of what they're gonna nuke next, destroy next. Whether it's gonna be a tsunami, or a earthquake, or a nuke. And those things are coming.

Satan Is Not Sitting in Hell, He Reigns Above Us in the Skies Through Starships and Planets

Yeah, I've been looking at a tsunami of starships, alien ships for a long time now. People haven't even noticed that one. Some have. A lot of them have been crashing. A lot of them. Thousands have been crashing. Because they hit the orgoned air. And, also, they're hitting carbon and methylene in the air. And that's affecting them.

I have a feeling, when the Lord cranks it up on Sunday onward, that what we've seen before was just an appetizer. We're gonna start seeing a lot, a lot more of the sky falling, literally. Just the stars falling out of the sky crashing to earth. And in Revelation 12, it says Lucifer's cast to earth. You know, folks, he's not...he's not sitting in hell. I know the churches always want everybody to believe he's sitting in hell miserable. He reigns above us in the skies. And he does so through starships, planets. He governs.

Yeah, he's got palaces everywhere, and offices everywhere. He rules in the skies, and he rules on earth. But it's a lot different than people imagine. Especially when he just takes a human form and walks among us, you know. Stop in at the queen's jubilee as a female, enjoy the show. Have an office and work out of Wall Street. Yeah, he does this crazy stuff. And people don't think it's true. And they think TV shows and movies that would depict it are just crazy. But it's actually very real.

We're Going to See Radical Things Happen to Bring About the Radical Changes That They Want

So, yeah, they do have plans to nuke cities. To cause mayhem, cause destruction. Because we're gonna get radical changes, and it's gonna take some radical things to happen to bring about those changes, you know. They always talk about the New World Order bringing peace out of chaos. They just bring more chaos out of chaos. I guess that's a matter of perception. But they're about to start a lot of chaos to bring about the changes that they want. And a lot of people are gonna get caught in the middle. Get a lot of rioting in the streets. A lot of chaos.

And these are the things they're prepared for to bring about the changes that they want. Because when Satan rules the world as Antichrist, you know, they want their own little global Disneyland, their own little garden of Eden here on earth, with him as boss. That's the plans. And so, everybody, every country's, gonna have to acclimate and change to be brought into the global economy in a worldwide political system, a worldwide religious system. It's gonna cause a lot of chaos amongst the countries. So, that's what they're prepared for.

But at the same time, you know, you gotta laugh. The Lord's also preparing. And gonna crank up the orgone. And we're gonna see some action. Start seeing a lot of these demons and aliens amongst us just go into meltdown mode. So, it'll be interesting the next couple weeks to see what happens.

Obama Was the Perfect Catalyst to Destroy America

I know this week is wide open. It's why they've all left. Have big plans for Thursday the 17th. The country could default. And I'm pretty sure that's what they want to happen. The country defaulting. So, government shutting down everything. It could get really ugly, folks, so. I know everybody's always waiting. Yeah, something ugly happens, but then something happens where the government delays it. Like last year, they stepped in at the last minute and raised the debt ceiling and prevented all the chaos they had planned. And put it off till this year. And then now here we are again. Everybody's waiting for them to just delay it and things to get back to normal.

And, you know, folks, we're gonna get to the point where, all of a sudden, normal's not gonna exist anymore, normal's gonna be gone. Normal's just gonna leave. It's just gonna be gone. And we're gonna be faced with hardships and pure chaos and anarchy. And believe me--and wondering what's going on with our country, what's happening to our country. It's because a bunch of Luciferians have been controlling it for so long that they're finally getting their plans to destroy America in place. And they're finally beginning to see the fruits of their labors; to destroy America.

I mean, Obama was the perfect catalyst, to put it--as president, because he hates America, he's not American, he's always been an enemy of America. And so, they get all the mindless, sleepless drones, Americans, zombies, to vote him into office. Fix the voting anyway. It's all a bunch of lies. Get him in as elected president. Fake history. Fake family. Fake name. Fake person. Fake I.D.'s. Fake education. Everything about him is fake. His whole resume's fake. And bring in this thing to be the catalyst to destroy America. That's what we have. Except, right now, he's in a meltdown in a medical bunker. [laughs] Guess they're gonna have to pull another one out, get another one going.

I've always heard that they don't last long and they're unreliable; the androids and the clones that they make. I heard it takes three days, once they have someone's DNA, it takes three days for a clone to be made. Three days. So it really doesn't take much time to keep recreating Obama. Keep recreating him over and over. As many as they need to prop this thing up as president. Very hard to kill somebody, too. Because even if they had killed one of our presidents in the past, they could just prop up a clone. Nobody would know, you know.

These charades have been going on, you know, for 20, 30 years, folks. This isn't something that's just popping up, it's just something people are finally getting aware of how long it's been going on, and so.

I Remember in the Codes the Admonition to Not Believe What You Were Seeing on the TVs and News Reports

You know, and the media will go along and hide with whatever they're told not to report or to hide. I can remember the Codes, you know, back in early 2000s with the admonitions not to believe what you were seeing on the TVs and what they were reporting. Not to believe it. And, now with technology, people can pull apart news stories and see how fake they are. That they're orchestrating news stories using actors and everything else. False video footage. And saying, "Oh, this is happening over here," and it's totally false.

You can't believe what you see on TV. They lie, they make it up. And I remember seeing that years ago. It's why I don't pay a whole lot of attention, especially to network news. Especially since I know that on the weekends, the network executives all meet together and they plan the news events for the following week. So they're already pulling video footage and stuff like that to trump up their false news stories. They plan the stuff on the weekends, and then that's what we're watching for the next week. And that's how contrived it is. That's how fake it all is.

Enoch's Planet, Which Is Not Nibiru, Might Make a Visible Appearance So People Can See It - Nibiru Is an Arm of the Lord's Judgment on Earth

So, anyway, folks, just keep an eye on the skies. I think, Enoch's planet, the one I've been talking about--the second sun--for a long time, might make a real visible appearance so that people can see it. I know everytime you turn around, they call everything on YouTube Nibiru. "Oh, here comes Nibiru," "This is Nibiru," "That's Nibiru." Nibiru is a huge red planet, so there's no mistaking it. It's about 10 times the size of Jupiter.

And when that thing comes, a lot of destruction's gonna happen on earth. And, yeah, it comes--there's a whole system with it. There's the comets and asteroids and things that are gonna be cast to earth. Earth will get hit. With a comet and a asteroid. Shortly after the Antichrist arrives and begins to rule on earth. A lot of things are gonna happen. It's gonna be one destruction after the next.

And Nibiru is an arm of the Lord's judgment on earth. And as that thing comes to earth, as the Lord hurls it towards earth, it's gonna cause a pole flip and all kinds of destructions. You can read the trumpet and bowl judgments in the book of Revelation. Those things pretty much all brought on by the presence of this huge Nibiru planet coming in. And that's the Lord's judgment on earth. That's his judgment against the wicked.

You know, a lot of the judgments coming, judgments against the wicked. And let's not forget that the Old Testament prophets warned that last-days Babylon would imprison and kill their citizens. And we haven't really--we haven't seen that yet with the FEMA camps rolling yet. Well, we're going to. So people need to be mindful of that. That, yeah, these FEMA camps are gonna be open and in business. They're gonna be killing citizens here in America. That's one of the reasons the Lord judges Babylon and destroys it with fire. Because of what they did to their citizens, so. Things still on the horizon. And they're very gruesome, folks. People need to prepare.

Your Continued Donations Help Me Get the Ancient Alien Bases That the Lord Reveals to Me Where They Are

Anyway, still need donations so I can keep getting these ancient alien bases that the Lord reveals to me where they're at. And to be able to go off and hit the road as needed. I never give much warning of when I'm going, I just go. The less talking I do, the more peaceful they seem to--the trips seem to be. Well, they did mangle my car up pretty well on this one. Trying to keep me from going. But that didn't work. I'll need some repairs to it, but, you know, I got my work done for the Lord.

And there's more underground bases to get. You know, I don't particularly target all the military ones, but I will target the ancient alien ones that the Lord shows me. Because those are the ones that are the most hideous. They have nothing good in mind with their bases. They...they use them to destroy and tear apart humans. Destroy families. Destroy lives. And I'm glad to go after those and shut them down. Even if it is just releasing the souls of all the people who died and whose souls were trapped there and those souls can be released to the Lord.

In the Bible Codes, the Lord Refers to Us as Precious, Loyal, Dependable, Reliable - This Is Most Effective Ministry on This Earth

It just never ends, folks. So, you know, I don't understand why this ministry, alone, isn't the most wealthiest ministry in the world considering the work that we do in tearing down the strongholds of Satan. Freeing the captives, destroying their plans, destroying their agendas, destroying their strongholds. You know, it's been a decade and...longer than that, and we haven't stopped for a month. We haven't stopped for a second.

If I can't go somewhere, I'll send somebody else. And I'll be able to give them the orgone to use while they're on their trips. You know, we're a team. This is a team effort. We're a faction. We're a fraction of a faction of 144,000. A fraction. Very small. Very small number. But we're loyal to each other and we work as a team. We work very well. And we're all ages. All ages. All races. All nationalities. We have one thing in common. We love the Lord. And we hate Satan and we seek to destroy him. And that binds us together. Just a tight little fraction.

In the Bible Codes, the Lord refers to us as Precious. We're precious to Him. Loyal, Dependable, Reliable. And who else does He have? If we don't do it, who else is gonna do it? Who else does He have? He's depending on us. And we haven't let Him down.

We've been slow, but, you know, our hands are tied. We're not rich. Nobody is. And the people who are rich, for some reason are supporting the wolves. I mean, I've been waiting for years for the rich ones to start donating to this ministry, to this cause, to this war, to this resistance. And they've yet to do so. It's the poor supporting the poor, is what it's amounted to. We need the rich people to show up, finally, and wake up. And just donate 50[,000], 100,000 dollars. So we can stay busy, stay on the road, send others on the road. It just hasn't happened yet. I don't know why.

The most effective ministry on this earth. Nobody else is tearing down Satan's strongholds. Not like we are. What are they doing? We're not a ministry of just talking and singing, we're a ministry of doing. We're producing fruits.

Anyway, folks, I wanna thank those who have donated. Who did make the mission I went to over the weekend possible. I need continued donations to keep going. I know things are rough for people. They're always rough here.

"Put a Bucket Blaster Here"

But it's gonna get bad. You know, if we start seeing global UFOs hovering. It's almost like a target, "Put a bucket blaster here." Haha! You know, it cracks me up because I know, when you go down side roads and you see no tresspassing signs, those are like arrow signs to us. "This way." "This way." [laughs] Gotta love it. "Go this way." But that's what we need to be busy doing. So when they do arrive, we can get bucket blasters and everything else underneath them. Blast them out of the sky.

Anyway, till next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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