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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
October 21, 2013

The Lord Has Begun Saturating the Entire Country with Orgone

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, October 21, and you're live with Sherry Shriner. A couple things I wanna talk about tonight. Been interesting since last week. Last week I told you about our trip to the DUAB in Bethlehem, West Virginia. DUAB being deep underground alien base. And the Lord has, since then, just begun saturating the entire country with orgone. Cranking it up. Connecting the dots of all the areas orgone is in. He's gonna continue this around the world until the end of this month. It should reach saturation point of about 95 percent of the earth's circumference, at that point. And so, I guess it's up to them to figure out what 5 percent will be safe for them. Hopefully, nowhere. Hopefully, in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Kanye West Is Trying to Mimic and Mock the Son of God with His Blasphemous Yeezus Album

Anyway, so it's gonna get interesting. Because they either make their move and arrive, or they're gonna be relegated to TV commercials and stage presences. I don't know if you saw the blasphemous stuff about Kanye West. Bring his Yeebus on stage. Yeezus. I don't know what it is. But it's a blasphemous mimic of Sananda really, because it's not what Yahushua looks like. But he's trying to mimic the Son of God. And he's really not, because it's not what the Son of God looks like. He's really just mimicking Sananda. Maybe conditioning the world for Sananda's arrival.

I can't think right now if there's anybody more blasphemous than Kanye West. And I've asked the Lord to just destroy him. People can have a fit about that all they want. But, you know what? He's consciously a devil worshipper. He consciously worships Satan. And, you know, the world has it's place for everything. We have righteousness here and we have evil. But when it crosses the line into pure blasphemy and mockery, it just riles up every nerve and DNA strand I have. And I just pray for his judgment and his destruction, at that point.

We don't need him. The world would be a better place without him. Him and his whole little Satanist group; JayZ and Rihanna, Beyonce. They all kind of have their own little black rap mafia group going. And they were the ones who recruited Lebron James and that Kobe guy--I can't remember his name--into the Brotherhood as well. And so, just spreading their wickedness and evil in all directions. And I'm just certainly tired of it. Even I have a boiling point. I hope the Lord has one. Because, you know, as much as we have to deal with, the mockery and blasphemy from this group just is enough. It's enough. Enough is enough is enough.

And they consciously and willfully worship the devil, so it's not like, you know, you're praying for an enemy. Because enemies make--people who hate you just make stupid decisions and stupid choices. No, it's not that at all. It's a righteous hatred. A righteous anger. And I've heard people who consciously choose to walk the way of the...the way of the devil, and so.

There Was Supposed to Be a Default, but They Needed More Time Because of the Orgone - They're Mimicking the Holocaust Wintertime Theme

Anyway, Obama buying time last week with lifting the debt ceiling. And interesting because it was right when the orgone was--just destroyed that base. And, you know, I was really just set. OK, let's go. Let's get this going. Let's get it done. They had the world conditioned for this ultimate economic crash that was coming here in America. And the Ascended whole New Age facade can't get their act together. The orgone's destroying them, burning them. And so, they need delays. They need more time. Trying to buy more time. So they have Obama have to go in and save the day by lifting the debt ceiling till January 15.

And, you know, they were all upset, too. They wanted the default. They expected the default. It was supposed to be a default. And here we got another delay instead, and so. What interests me is the whole January 15 date because, I don't know if it's obvious to you, but it's certainly obvious to me that they're trying to mimic the whole Holocaust World War 2 theme, where it took place in the middle of winter, and all of the Torah Jews (the real Jews) were being herded into FEMA camps and on trains, and sent off to die in these camps. And it was the middle of winter. And it looks to me like they're trying to replay that same scenario here in America where they'll declare martial law and start doing roundups and herding people into these camps in the middle of winter.

It's not if this is gonna happen, folks. The Old Testament prophets have already declared--they have already warned that one of the reasons last-days Babylon, which is America, is destroyed is because they imprisoned and killed their own citizens. It's one of the judgments. There's a list of many, but it's one of them. This has already taken place. America had imprisoned their citizens and killed them. And so, all this talk about FEMA camps and martial law, it's not if, it's when, this happens. It's going to happen. OK?

And the one thing I've always dreaded the most was that this kind of thing would happen in the middle of wintertime. Because they will gladly let you suffer in the snow, naked. No clothes. Getting frostbite. No warmth, no food, no comfort. Just freezing, and misery, and death. That's what they want. And when it comes to anything they want, I'm always up for taking Plan A away and making them go to B, C, and D. I've spent the last 15, 20 years doing that. And I work hard at it. Because their Plan A's are atrocious. They're just the most hideous misery and tormenting things that only Satan could think of. He revels in this kind of stuff.

So here we go. Most likely, a lot of, uh, uh, the worst part of things taking place in the wintertime. Not--[coughs] not getting around it. It would've taken place either this winter or next winter-er, this year or early next. And you all know it's colder in January and February than any other time of the year. February's the coldest month in the year in most parts the country. So that's still on the table. That's still on the table.

I'm Seeing Iceberg Come Up in the Codes

Something that interests me, um...they must be doing remote viewing and seeing into the future, things, because sometimes I can see things later in the Codes as the Lord wants me to see them. Because it's coming up, it's getting more viable, it's got more credibility to it, it's a route that can happen. Because routes can always change. Routes always change. Not that they can, they just always do. And so, you never know what's gonna happen until it already happens.

But I am seeing Iceberg come up in the Codes. And there's been a lot of huff and puff on the Internet about FEMA Regions 2 and 3, which are the east coast states, that--some kind of false flag. Something was up with Regions 2 and 3. And Regions 2 and 3, basically, being New York City down to South Carolina, and, the whole area. Just the east coast. And here I'm starting to see iceberg in the Codes. And so--I'm no scientist, but I can assume--I've heard it before--that if a really huge iceberg broke off up in the North Pole and traveled down through the Atlantic that it would flood the east coast.

And so, that must be what they're...what they're watching for. Because I haven't seen anything else. I haven't...this is the first time I've seen something that makes sense to why there'd be such a huff and puff and readiness over FEMA Regions 2 and 3. Other than the fact that they're always trying to blow up South, uh, Charleston, South Carolina. It's always on their target list. And he fired a bunch of generals a couple weeks ago because they dropped a nuke bomb in the ocean instead of detonating it in Charleston, South Carolina where he wanted it.

And, you know, they've got, like, 10 cities on the radar where they wanna bomb--they wanna nuke bomb these cities. And this is your Commander-in-Chief, folks. Why he's not brought up and straight out questioned on these plans, it just blows my mind. Congress has to be so snowballed, and so fearful of him. I can't remember a time, until now, that Congress just had no--absolutely no backbone. No backbone. And the thing is, they just replace these things. The aliens are getting so bold in their cloning and replacing they'll just replace congressmen. You know?

We've Got to Take Down Their Ability to Replace Humans with Androids - The Obama Android Had a Meltdown

And so, that's why one of the things I was targeting was--we've gotta take down this ability of them to replace humans with androids. We've gotta de--we've gotta take it down. We've gotta destroy it. We've gotta come up with some kind of a way or a weapon that can do it. And from what I can tell, the orgone does just fine. The orgone can do it. I think it's up to the Lord whether when and if He allows it to be done.

Because I was seeing in the Codes that the android that plays Obama--not the one that was on TV lately, that's another clone--the usual one, had a meltdown. And he's in a facility. And he was, uh...pierced by the orgone, you know, he was struck by the orgone. It was causing him to melt down. And so, it can affect them that way. And I'm hoping that with this total saturation of orgone that the Lord is performing, that none of these androids will be able to perform anymore. You know, none of them will be able to operate and lead people astray.

You know, it really just angers me because, you know, yes, the Bible says that by deception Satan deceives the whole world. But it doesn't say by androids, you know. And this whole android thing just really gets on my nerves because, you know, I'd rather deal with the puppet masters. The ones that are pulling the strings of the puppets, you know. And so, to get to them, if we have to destroy all their puppets, then so be it. You know, show their own face on TV. Declare, themselves, what their agenda is. And hiding behind all these puppets, it just really angers me. It just know, they have no backbone.

So, you know, in my world, it' just do it. You do it. You, you takes guts to be in my shoes. It takes guts to be in the shoes of anyone that comes against the New World Order, or the alien agenda, or any of this, this whole freak...freak show, this freak agenda. It takes guts. And, you know what? The Lord always protects. He'll protect those He stands up to do so.

Last Night Lucifer and His Ascended Masters Were All Here in My House - Orgone Is Apocalyptic and Apocryphal According to the Codes

You know, just yesterday, last night, I was sitting here at the computer, and it just got...the air in here was so evil. You could, you know, you could cut it, it was so thick. You could just take scissors and cut the evilness. Just pure wickedness. And I'm thinking, "OK, what's going on?" You know? And, at that point, I knew Lucifer was here. I asked Dad--and all 12 of his dwarfs were with him. All 12 of the Ascended Masters. I told you there's 11, 12 of them coming. And they're all here. And, literally, last night, they were all here. In my house.

And so, I guess they wanted to see who it was who's been kicking their butts all over the place. You know. And this is the second time, third time I've had to deal with this. Because it just shocks them that such a pauper, and, living in nowhere, in a nowhere state, of no significance, no fame, no fortune, could be totally dismantling and destroying their agenda. It just shocks them and they wanna see it for themselves.

And I'm sure it just blows their minds when they see me, you know. Just this simple woman. I have nothing of value. Just focused, focused on destroying them. Why? Because they're my Father's enemies. I'm a Warrior. That's what I do. They're His enemies. And I love Him. I would lay down my life for the Lord, so, you know, if, you know, put your actions where your love is, where your mouth is.

You know, people say they love the Lord, then they wanna hide under His wings when times get tough. I say give me a sword and let me go to work. You know? And that's what I do. I grab a sword and I go to work. And the sword the Lord's given us in these last days is orgone. And we have, literally, just about brought Satan's kingdom on his knees with this orgone. It's Apocalyptic - Apocryphal. All these terms associated with it in the Bible Codes. And the mind-blowing thing is that it's such a small fraction of people involved. It's a fraction. It's not even a faction. It's a fraction. [laughs] It's a fraction of a faction. That's how small we are for how ultimately effective we are.

I Thank Everyone Who Donates to This Mission (and for the Gifts and Cards) - We, This Little Fraction Group, Are a Team and Do This Together

We're so effective, we're bringing Satan to his knees. You know, he's been protesting at the throne all week. Throwing a fit with the Father over our destruction of their alien base in Bethlehem. And then I sat here earlier this evening, and I didn't even know if I was gonna do a show. I just did not feel well. My back was killing me. I'm like, "How can I do a show when I'm just in so much pain and I can't think straight?" It was, like, "Just tell me what to say, Dad, because I can't think." [laughs] And so--and having to deal with, you know, the house being torn up and a mess. The kids painting their rooms all week. And everything being torn out. Uh, you know how it is.

And so, uh, you know, I just started thinking about our accomplishments. This little fraction. You know. And so, I started--wanted to go through and talk about some of the accomplishments we've had as a little fraction group. And this includes everybody. Because when you donate funds to this ministry, you don't know where they're going. I mean, I could be forwarding them on to other Warriors. I could be making supplies. I could be going on a mission myself or financing a mission for somebody else to go on. We just circulate it. It goes where it's needed. You know. And so, we're constantly working on something to tear down his whole network of strongholds throughout this country and around the world. You know?

And so, I thank everybody who does donate to this ministry. And for the little gifts. And the little cards. Got a really beautiful card today from Deb and, you know, it just keeps us going. It just keeps me going. And got a lot more I'm working on right now. Before the snow pounds rush. Still got some huge targets. I don't normally talk about the targets I'm focusing on till after I've done them. It's already hard enough when you've got all the aliens. I don't need human aggravation. I'm already dealing with a bunch of alien and crap when I'm on the road and doing missions. You know, I don't even need the human aggravations. So I don't announce what I'm doing ahead of time. But I thank you for having faith in me and donating so that we can get this stuff done. And then I can tell you about our accomplishments. Because, you know, we're a team. We do all this together, folks.

Orgone Mission Accomplished: Dulce Base, New Mexico

You know, one of the first bases I was ever sent to by Dad was Dulce Base in New Mexico. Dulce Base is a 7-, 8-level facility. It might be a 10-level facility with alien levels underneath it. A lot of scientists there. Traveling in from Colorado. And, you know, that base is just used for so much hideous stuff. They have humans' souls trapped in jars and vases, and we got those freed. And this is where they have the infamous vats. Where they boil humans. And the almond races, like the Greys, they don't have digestive systems. They soak in this liquid and that feeds them and provides them nourishment.

And so, it's a prisoner base as well. Where they store and house prisoners. And there've been reports where people saw these humans locked in cages like animals. They're stored in cages. And they're just taken out of the cages and they're slaughtered, and dismembered, and thrown in these vats, with water, like a sauna. It's just despicable, the things that go on in these bases.

And Dulce Base is also notorious for their dreamscape technology. Where they can interrupt your dreams. They can target you. Like zone in on your frequency. Your DNA freq--your body--personal frequency. Everybody has their own little personal frequency. That's why it's a good thing to ask Dad to change yours every once in a while. So they can't keep honing in on you. But they can interrupt your sleep. And they can plant false dreams, false visions in people. That's why you'll hear so many people say the same thing. "Oh, I had this vision," "Oh, I had that vis--"--no, you know. Yeah, it's one of these dreamscape things. And I have these articles on my website, Probably as well. This technology exists. And they've had plenty of time to perfect this stuff. Even since I've posted those articles.

Orgone Mission Accomplished: Los Alamos, New Mexico

Los Alamos, New Mexico. Supposedly the most secured facility in the world, and I marched right on it at 2 a.m. in the morning. You know, and that was, like--that's like a university. The whole setup is like a campus. A college campus. And they do a lot of hideous things there as well. I find it amusing that since we orgoned that area, that you hardly ever hear of Los Alamos again. It's almost like they just packed up and abandoned the place. Just simply just dropped out of the news as anything significant anymore.

Orgone Mission Accomplished: Fort Knox, Kentucky

Fort Knox, Kentucky. Fort Knox, Kentucky, where they supposedly store the gold, was probably one of the biggest awakenings of how evil these bases are. And it wasn't a human military base. I don't typically ask the Lord to show me, you know, human military bases, but Satan's strongholds. And what I've learned is that Satan's strongholds are mostly the DUABs, the deep underground alien bases. Although they will have--some of them will have several layers, levels, for black ops military people, and scientists, and stuff like that, at the tops of them. And then these people that work on the top layers have no idea what's at the bottom layers. And usually, what's at the bottom layers is just so disgusting. It's like stuff out of a sci-fi movie.

I remember talking about Fort Knox and how they had this brain apparatus there. And it was the first time I'd really started to learn about the brain thing. And they use these brains for various things. I know in Fort Knox they had this big brain. It literally is a big brain. That's what it looks like. And they were...they were feeding things into this brain. And somehow they come up with concoctions of plagues, and diseases, and things to unleash on mankind, I guess. Just very nasty stuff. But this was going on at that base at Fort Knox.

As soon as we targeted that base, the Lord just went to work on it right away, and pretty much destroyed the entire underground and the levels of that base.

Orgone Mission Accomplished: West Chester, New York; New York City; Manhattan; Bronx

West Chester, New York, and New York City, Manhattan, and also including the Bronx area. Huge base. And this one was ancient. This one, you know, all these bases are ancient. They existed before you and I did. They existed thousands of years. The top levels may be newer for the humans to access, but the aliens, you know, they access all the bottom levels. And so, that's why they're so ancient. They've been there for so long. And this is another area where they had one of these deep underground. They had one of these brain apparatuses. And, you know, the Lord had us there last July destroying this base. It was on fire when were were still there targeting that thing. These bases, they go for miles, and miles, and miles. And so, it could take a lot of work to take out a base.

Orgone Mission Accomplished: Bethlehem, West Virginia

Bethlehem, West Virginia. The one that we were on just--at--last week. The thing about this base was that it wasn't just an underground base. It also had their...their palace, I guess you could call it. Bible Codes calls it a palace. And the sign said Gold Palace. And it was an Indian Buddhist temple. That was their spot, you know, that was significant to them. It had great significance to them, and so. Just more enjoyment taking out something of theirs that's so wicked and evil.

This is another one of these bases where they had one of those big brains in it. One of those brain apparatuses. And the thing that was so disgusting about this base is that they actually fed the people into this brain. You know, in Fort Knox, they would feed different things--they were concentrating on different other alien terrestrial-type races that they were bringing into our earth--in our universe, in our earth--and testing them in the brain apparatus. Feeding them to the brain. In West Virginia, they were feeding humans into the brain.

And so, that was really, you know, disheartening to know. Because there--you know, I was just reading an article the other day how 650,000 Americans, just Americans a year, unaccounted for and missing. And then you read about these bases that exist. And you're just, like, "Oh, Lord. No." Telling me that these people, 650,000, that many being destroyed. Being fed into these brains and these apparatuses that Satan has set up. You know, bad enough that they're also used as satanic sacrifices for our congressmen, and president, and everybody who meets daily to sacrifice babies and humans. And they do. They meet all the time, folks. People think it's only on specified satanic holidays? No. They meet constantly. I mean, you're talking 4 or 5 times a week to these sacrifices. That's why Satan has a temple in the middle of [Washington,] D.C.

Orgone Mission Accomplished: San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio[, Texas]. San Antonio was a huge underground base. And that was a bit different. That was a DUAB as well. And that was like a designer hybrid base. Very associated with black ops as well. But also, like, if you wanted--they did a lot of crossbreeding experiments there with other alien races. Trying to create different types of alien races. Like the small Greys. They're a manufactured race. They're not...they're not fallen angels, they're manufactured to be slaves to the fallen angels. Small Greys, and so.

Yeah, and that's what they were doing down in San Antonio. Trying to come up with different hybrids. Like, maybe, say, some aliens wanted some slaves and they would crossbreed different designer breeds or whatever. I don't know. I really don't get it. But just a huge facility down there as well. And also thousands of humans being stored in cages. Seems like all of these DUABs, deep underground alien bases, the main part of it is storing humans as prisoners in them. Because they use them for crossbreeding experiments and as food.

Orgone Mission Accomplished: Omaha, Nebraska (Warren Buffett's Estate); Maine (George Bush, Sr.'s Compound)

Omaha, Nebraska. Warren Buffett's estate. He had a alien base underneath his estate. And he was actually using them for his own devices. He had alien scientists that would come up with technology that corporations needed. Different inventive ways to do things. Innovative ways. And he made a lot of money off of the inventions and technology that the scientists would come up for him and he would sell to the corporations. He made a lot of money off of that. It's how he made his millions. Don't listen to his stock market garbage.

Another one, George Bush, Sr. in Maine. The Bush compound. He had an alien base underneath his compound there. And he had scientists there. And he would use them to come up with different diseases, and plagues, and different ways of destroying the health of humans. Things like aspartame, and all the poisons and chemicals in our food today that are breaking down people's immune systems, giving them diseases. That's what he...he had all these alien scientists up there doing. Discovering new ways to destroy people and destroy their health.

Orgone Missions Accomplished: Ohio - Dayton, Miami, Lima

The real Area 51, we've been to. Dayton, Ohio. And that whole side--Dayton; Miami; and Lima, Ohio. Just huge, huge underground complex. Another huge deep underground alien base. We destroyed this one about two years ago. And the thing about this area. And so...uh, huge portals over there as well. I don't know if there's any brains there, but is that it just keeps coming up in the Codes over and over, and again, because its effects were just so gigantic. They still are angry about losing this area. And so, huge portals over there as well.

I don't know if there's any brains there, but what seemed to me is that Resort always came up. And so, this always seemed to me like this whole area in Lima, Ohio, some kind of vacation resort for aliens, I guess you could say. That's what I think of when I see it. Just some place that they all really love to go to and visit. I don't know. Sometimes I just don't get what I'm seeing in the Codes. I get impressions, and so. One of the reasons they miss that place so much. Because it was a...a resort. You know, nice. It would be like, you know, five-star hotels and stuff like that down there for them. That was all destroyed, and they're all mad it's gone.

Orgone Mission Accomplished: Youngstown to Pittsburgh to Iron Mountain Complex in Virginia

And then we've been to the Youngstown base. Youngstown base, to Pittsburgh, on into Viginia, and the whole Iron Mountain complex. All related. All hooked up together. Just one huge, massive deep underground alien base. Even the Iron Mountain complex in Virginia. Front door, I guess you could say, in Virginia, but the whole complex goes all the way to Ohio. It goes through, like, five states. Just very, very huge. And most of the people that work at these bases, the scientists and stuff, they have...they have no real idea how big these bases are that they work at.

I know there's a secret section in the Iron Mountain complex. And Bill Gates has developed technology for Lucifer. I've heard they're very good friends. Bill Gates being one of his best buddies. And they're the ones building the technology that would link people that are chip-implanted into the super computer. The name is Puvewah. I've talked about it before on my show. Would link everybody into that computer and, of course, Bill Gates behind the technology into being able to make that crossover point, I guess. He's developing getting people chip-implanted and hooked up to the machine, I guess you could say. And, who else knows what other ghastly things he's been working on? But we know Satan's whole kingdom is based on control. Just total control of every demon and alien in it. Can you imagine what he has planned for the world? And he has ghastly things planned here. And so, just pummeling, one at a time, each one of their bases.

Orgone Mission Accomplished: Raven Rock, West Virginia

Raven Rock in West Virginia. The congressional hideout. All a part of the Iron Mountain complex really.

Orgone Mission Accomplished: Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado

Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado. And Cheyenne Mountain, there's another one of these brain apparatuses deep underneath that thing. And it was always supposed to be the bunker for the president. They had set that up during Cold War. But the aliens have pretty much taken over that. They kicked the humans out. They're down at Peterson Air Force Base now. And also set up their Space Command Center in Tampa, Florida. And the white Lizards have taken over Cheyenne Mountain.

And the white Lizards are the top of the top of the Lizard chain. They're the bosses. The first time I'd ever heard of white Lizards, uh, they have a huge base in the desert of Libya. And at that, uh, you know--that was the only place I'd ever heard of them being at. They have a council there. That's where they rule over their faction from; the Lizards, the Reptilians. But now they are also in Cheyenne Mountain. And so, that still needs a lot more work. I was out there several years ago.

Orgone Mission Accomplished: Pine Gap, Australia

Pine Gap, Australia. I would say that's probably about 90 percent destroyed, if not 100 percent, right now. And that was always their portal routes to other planets. You know, they had huge portals down there. And, you know, they don't take shuttles. These ridiculous...NASA shuttles. They take portals. You know, there's a portal in Chicago in Lake Michigan. A naval base north of Chicago. They operate a portal there and that's the one Michael Relfe said he...he used when he was on Mars for 20 years. [The Mars Records]

And, you know, they have portals that they use. They don't--there's no shuttles--I'm not--it's all just a...a money-soaking excuse to keep funding the lies and the propaganda. We don't need shuttles. And they just jump around from portals. We've had our own Space Command fleet since the '50s and '60s. Possibly even the '40s. But they keep...they keep financing and pushing the lie that, "Oh, there's no gravity, there's no oxygen," you have to wear these ridiculous astronaut suits when you're on the moon, to breathe. You know, it's all just a lie, folks. It's all a lie.

You know, if you actually...uh, Mars is very inhabitable. You know, there's--I've been dealing with Mars assassins for years. They all sit up there and try to use, uh...uh, what do you call it? Their minds, um...telepathy, mental telepathy. They have these mental telepathy assassins. And different various stuff they use. You know, Babylon's very popular on Mars. We have all kinds of bases up there. And you don't need these huge, ridiculous astronaut costumes. The air's just fine. All the pictures that NASA paints over to make it look like a red desert up there, it's just ridiculous.

Orgone the Borders of States Where a Lot of Their DUABs Are - Another Way of Destroying Satanic Strongholds Is Orgoning the Water

And so, these are just some...these are just some of the bases and the strongholds of Lucifer that we've been targeting since I began this ministry, this war, this resistance, against Satan on our planet, you know, back in...back in 2000. And so, you know, it's just been a long haul. And there's many, many more places that we've been to, that we're going to, that other Warriors have gotten. I mean, I could spend three shows talking about all the minor and major places we've been to.

But the point is that we've been busy tearing down these strongholds of Satan. Everywhere there's a DUAB, there's humans being imprisoned. And so, that's why, earlier in the year, and throughout the year, I've been encouraging you guys to get the borders of your states. Because it seems that that's where they likely have a lot of these DUABs, these deep underground alien bases. They like the desert areas. They have a huge one out in Four Corners. I've been out there, too.

And they like to focus on the border area of states. That way, if their ships become obvious in one state, and it makes the media, "Oh, a UFO was seen over here," they don't put two and two together the base is just right across the border. You know, because the other state doesn't hear about what the other state's broadcasting on their news. But that seems to be the strong spots, is the borderlines of states, and so.

Also, the waters. I've asked people to stand up and focus on getting your rivers, getting your reservoirs, because they have to have water to survive. I mean, they have to have water. And, you know, there's 500 lakes in Minnesota alone. Haha! Can you imagine taking that on? And it needs to be. We need to target states, and lakes, and reservoirs, and rivers. Because if you can get the water, you know, that's what will destroy them faster than anything. Even the air, you know. All these underground bases have, uh, they have surface air into them. And so, the orgone does proliferate down and make them miserable. But also the water. Once it gets into the water, they just have no recourse. There's nowhere--you know, they have to leave.

You know, I remember driving through New Mexico on my way to Taos several years ago. And as I'm driving there, you noticed this whole Indian reservation was just abandoned. And it wasn't tents and tipis, it was houses. Of course, it looked crazy, like it was a tent place. Because they were all in different directions. Haha! There was no rhyme or reason. These houses, they would just put them--they were all facing in all directions. And it was kind of amusing. But the one thing that could clear out a reservation faster than anything is no water. You don't have any water, you gotta go, you gotta leave. And so, that's another way of just destroying and targeting stronghold of Satan's; getting the water. Taking it right to the water source. Air and water, you know.

If We Target the Aliens and Get Them Out of Our Countries, We Don't Have to Deal with Them Stealing Our People

We're they're food. They're feasting on humans. And the government and media are complicit in keeping that quiet. They've been doing that since the 1950s, 1940s. You know, keeping it quiet about alien abductions and these alien imprisonments. And, you know what? Once you're gone, you're gone. Because I've yet to see one person ever say, "Hey, I escaped from a alien base. I was being held prisoner." Really? Has anybody else ever heard one story of a person saying they escaped from a alien base? So, apparently, once you're there, you don't escape, folks. You don't escape.

And so, these people are being systematically ritually killed. And the only way we can stop the killing is to stop the aliens, themselves. Get rid of them. Target them. We get them out of our country and we don't have to deal with them stealing our people. And this goes for the entire world, folks. This is Europe, this is Africa. The Middle East, South America. Everybody has an alien problem; these fallen angels. They do the same thing in every country. That's why I encourage Warriors all over the--you know, all over the world to get busy and cover your country, because--your island.

You know, for a long time we would have one person in one state standing up to do anything. You might be the only person in your country doing anything. But you're also saving the people, you know. Tearing down Satan's strongholds and saving people.

They Don't Have an Unlimited Supply of UFO Pods, So They Don't Want to Lose Them

But this is coming's coming to monumentus proportions. You know, the Lord is gonna crank up this orgone. And I was expecting to see fireworks already. You know, expecting to see ships crashing everywhere. But they're actually being grounded. Because I was wondering, other than the obvious fact that they always blacken the skies for people so they can't see the sky, and then when we do get to see the sky, it's some holographs. They've got some kind of fake astronomy going on, and you're looking at fake holograph constellations, fake moon. We deal with a lot of their shenanigans in producing fake skies at night. So they can hide. So they can perfect their technologies. And, you know, their Micah Project on blackening out the skies.

And also just the fact that they're staying in now, you know. They're...they don't have an unlimited supply of UFOs. And I'm talking about the pods that they fly in. They don't have an unlimited supply, and so. You know, I often see in the Codes where they're recounting them, and see how many they have, and stuff like that. Taking a census. So they don't want to lose them.

Lucifer Is Going to Be Confined to the Earth During the Tribulation Period, and We Bring This Prophecy About Through Our Orgone

But Revelation 12 talks about how Lucifer's cast to the earth. And during the tribulation period, he is going to be confined to the earth. And that's one of the reasons why orgone is so apocryphal. Because we bring this about. People, you know, they read prophecies, they read the Bible, they just assume God's gonna wave His hand and things will be done. The Father uses people to bring His will about. He uses people. Just like He's using the Orgone Warriors to bring about the fact that Lucifer is cast to the earth. That he can no longer stay on earth. I know the Bible talks about a war in heaven and Michael and his angels. And what's done above, is done below. And we're able to work together.

And a lot of things are allegorical and symbolic. They do fight a lot, you know. Michael's always...always directly with the Father. Whatever He tells him to do, he's off doing. And that's why it's so crazy. I hear from these guys, "Oh, I'm Michael. The archangel," "I'm Gabriel," I'm this, I'm that. Really? You know, it's part of those projects from Dulce Base where they make people believe that they're one of the archangels or one of the witnesses.

I'll tell you, for a couple years, I just wanted to go nuts. How many guys were telling me they were one of the two witnesses. I'd get e-mails. I'm one of the two witnesses. [laughs] That was common. And I just wanted to scream. I don't hear it so much anymore. Maybe people have finally caught onto the fact they're being messed with. Their heads are being messed with with government psychology and technology. Some of the charades and games that they play on people.

But we bring about prophecy. We make it happen. We produce the conditions so that things ultimately come about exactly as the way the Lord said they would. He uses people to produce those conditions.

So it's getting interesting. Getting interesting that, you know, if you're keeping score, you know, just as much as we're tearing down their strongholds, and we're destroying and annihilating Satan's forces, when you back a cat up into a corner, they're gonna come out scratching. And that's what Satan's gonna do. He's gonna come out clawing and scratching. And start coming after the Lord's people. And that's exactly what Revelation, chapter 12 says he'll do. He comes after the woman and her offspring. Wants to destroy them. He's gonna come out clawing and scratching, folks. He's gonna want retaliation. So don't ex--you know...stay realistic, I guess. You know, prepare for things that are coming ahead, you know.

If Sananda Doesn't Arrive Within the Next Two Weeks, He Could Pretty Much Kiss That Entire Plan A Good-Bye, Literally

I'm just glad to be able to do a small part in making things so miserable to that whole agenda. And taking their Plan A's and Plan B's away. Because, if--literally--if he doesn't arrive, their whole alien agenda where Sananda arrives on earth and has clouds and his host of angels singing songs, and he wants to make this grand entrance on earth. If he doesn't do it within the next two weeks, he could pretty much kiss that entire Plan A good-bye. Literally. Because by October 31, 95 percent of this earth's gonna be saturated with orgone, and there's no way he'll pull it off then. There's no way. No way he'd pull it off.

You can already look up in the sky now and see the stars turning yellow, and orange, and red. They're on fire. The orgone's saturating and burning them. They're on fire. These are the very ones crashing in a couple weeks and the media says they're meteors. So we are making headway. We are succeeding in what the Lord told us to do, you know. We're getting it done. And we just have to keep going until He says, "OK, that's enough. That's enough," you know.

Because until He takes us off this earth, I'm gonna be bugging Him, "OK, where's the next base to get? Where's the next DUAB? Where's the next huge human imprisonment storage area at?" Because that really just...really breaks my heart knowing people are locked in cages. And then they're being tormented and they're suffering. 650,000 a year, folks, are missing. That means, you know, a lot are dying. A lot are dying. A lot being held in cages. We have to stop it from happening. We take all their bases away, they don't have any places to store them. And that's the focus right now. Just taking their bases away.

Help Me Keep This Orgone War Going - Let's Keep the List of Successes Growing

Anyway, I've got about 90 seconds left. Still focusing, folks, on the war right now. So still need, uh, if you wanna donate crystals, that's awesome. Copper wire, that's awesome. I have suppliers listed on my website at on the Make Your Own Orgone page. If you wanna buy supplies and then donate them to the ministry, that's awesome. I love that. Also finances to buy resin, buy pipes. And gasoline, getting on the road. So I still need your funding and support, folks. Let's keep this going. Let's keep the list of successes growing.

Anyway, until next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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