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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
October 28, 2013

I Don't Think They've Pieced Together Yet That It's the Increased Orgone That's Causing All the Atmospheric Problems They're Having

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night. I'm Sherry Shriner. And it is October 28. Wow, who would've thought we'd lasted this long without some kind of event, right? But there's a few things I wanna talk about tonight. There's a lot of stuff going on. It's been an interesting...interesting month, and so. To backtrack a little bit, I said, two weeks ago, that the Lord was gonna connect all the dots of the orgone. He was gonna increase it up to 20,000 miles around the world by the end of this month. And we have, what, maybe four days left of this month. Three days after today [coughs] and it's gonna jump to 20,000 mles, so. That's pretty spectacular because they've been feeling the pinch already.

I don't think they've really pieced together yet exactly what's causing all the atmospheric problems that they're having. Well, you know, we started this resistance war a decade ago. And they've had plenty of times to dot their "i's" and cross their "t's" on what we're doing. I don't hide anything. [coughs] My shows are free. My transcribes are free.

I Put Up a Webpage Showing Who Was on the Ashtar Command Council with Lucifer

So there's a couple things I wanted to mention. And kind of dots the "i's" for me. You know, I'm always looking for information on particular things that--things going on in the background. And, you know, sometimes it's information the Lord wants me to have then and there, sometimes it's maybe later, sometimes He's not giving it to me. But He gave me a lot of info last couple days, and so. Kind of clears things up for me. And so, I'm gonna talk about those things tonight.

By the way, I put up a webpage on the Ashtar Command. Remember I put one up years ago. And they told me to take my pictures off my website of them. And, of course, I refused. And so, they went into my hard drive and deleted them off my hard drive. And so, I've had a blank page up all these years of their pictures. Well, I decided to go around digging and see what was on other websites. And a lot of them are pictures I remember having on my own page, and so.

I wanted to get you a picture together of this Ashtar council. You've heard me talk about it before. A council above the earth that rules over the earth. And they have their offspring on the earth. I have a article at The Watcher Files, 13, uh, 13 Illuminati Bloodline Families. I even have that on the Ashtar page. And they do have their own seed and offspring on earth. And it's through them that they operate. So it gives them a legal connection to earth. Gives them legalities to operate here, and so.

I went ahead and gave you who was on this council. Lucifer and his 12 dwarfs. There's 13 of them, total. Of course, Lucifer plays both Lord Ashtar and Sananda. He plays both roles himself. And he can play more than one person at a time. This is nothing for him. He's a very powerful being. And so, that's nothing for him. He's coming to earth as Sananda. And I've been warning people about that. And they're here. They're in our skies, and so.

If you go to, I have all of the council members listed. I have pictures of...depictions of what they look like, what people have seen, or whatever. Various depictions of what these beings look like. Azazel, Lilith, Eve; the most notables on it, if you ask me.

Azazel, a Watcher First Mentioned in the Book of Enoch, Was the Firstborn Son of Lucifer and Lilith

Azazel, first mentioned in the book of Enoch. And he is...of course, when people hear the names, the churches--especially church folk, when they hear Semjaza, and Azazel, and all these names, they automatically think they're just all names for Lucifer. There's other people in his kingdom. Not everybody is Lucifer. Not everybody is Satan. There's other people. And Azazel is one of those other people.

Azazel was the firstborn son of Lucifer and Lilith.

There Were Two Different Creations of Women, and the First One Was Lilith, Created Out of the Dust of the Ground

Now, you've heard me talk about Lilith on the show before. There's preachers that'll say she's fiction, doesn't exist, blah, blah, blah. Maybe she should go sit on their laps and convince them she's alive. I don't know. But she is--she's very much real. She was the sixth-day creation with Adam. If you read Genesis, chapter 1, the Lord created man and woman out of the dust of the ground. And then, you flip a chapter, end of the chapter it talks about how then He put Adam to sleep and took out a rib to form Eve.

Well, which one is it? Were they created out of the dust of the ground, or was Eve created out of the rib of Adam? Well, the answer is, there's two different creations, folks. And the first one was Lilith. She was created out of the dust of the ground with Adam. And she had no connection with him. She did not like him. She ended up leaving him. They tried to get her to go back to him. She totally refused. And at that point, she's become this mythological creature in folklore. And she actually lives in space. Has millions of offspring in space; demonic and alien-type being creatures. And she likes to come to earth and pose as a goddess.

Eve Was Created Out of the Rib of Adam, but, Like Lilith, She Ended Up Leaving Adam, and the Lord

And then you have Eve. And this is a--that's a topic most churches wouldn't touch with a thousand-foot pole. I don't even think anybody knows. I asked the Lord about her, myself, and this is why I have the information on Eve. Because He told me about Eve. I've been going back and forth with Him for two years on this. You know, most people can't even believe Paul was false. What a scoundrel Paul was. They're certainly not gonna believe Eve left the Lord. So it's not up to me what people believe, I just give the information.

She plays--she--well, let's go back to her history. She was the one created out of the rib of Adam. She ended up also leaving Adam. She was beguiled in the garden of Eden. [coughs] In other words, she was sexually seduced by Lucifer. And the whole apple thing was just allegory to illustrate this relationship [coughs] that she had with Lucifer.

Well, she ended up getting pregnant and had Cain. Then she got pregnant with Abel. [coughs] Well, Eve literally is the mother of all living. And that's what the name Eve means. Well, so later on, the years go. And Eve ends up leaving Adam; getting seduced by Lucifer again. And she leaves Adam. And she leaves the Lord. She becomes one of Lucifer's lovers along with Lilith. And she has children by him.

And I've talked about Cain before, and how the Bear race, Bigfoots, are related to him, his lineage. And I've warned before that Eve would be coming with Sananda, posing as Mary, mother of Yahushua, mother of Jesus. [coughs] She plays the role of queen of heaven, Ishtar, Athena. She plays various roles. And that's typically what these beings do. They play various roles. I mean, spirit beings can play anything, morph into anything.

I Heard Eve Out in My Yard Yelling at My Dogs the Other Day - Maitreya, Eve, and Lilith Are Very Much Around Us

And Eve, I don't know how Satan preserved her, or she died and then he, uh--except throwing her in hell, because hell is his. He just elevated her to a high status. I'm not sure how it worked with all that. Never got into that with the Lord. But she's very much a part of this whole Ashtar Command council. I know she was out in my yard the other day yelling at my dogs. Heard her voice. I didn't get to see her, but I heard her voice. I doubt I would've gotten to see them anyway. They usually cloak. So you can hear them, but you can't see them. Well, she's very much a part of this whole Ashtar Command council that's into play right now with this whole New Age alien agenda. Something the Lord led me into years ago.

And so, I have depictions of Adam and Eve, er, Eve and Lilith, on this page. Uh, and they were all three here the other day. Maitreya, Eve, and Lilith. And, of course, they weren't in their deceiving forms, but they're very much around us, folks. And always wanting to cause mischief and mayhem, spy, figure out who I am, how do I get my info. Very curious, very angry. You could say a huge part of this universe that is very angry about the things I expose on this show. And if they weren't truth, then why would they waste their time, folks? Why would they waste their time? Because they know I give the truth. I'm the Lord's mouthpiece on earth.

A 3-Level Underground City Below D.C. - The Three Main Cities of Lucifer's Agenda Are Washington, D.C.; Buckingham Palace, and the Vatican

So, anyway, there's things I wanted to clear up also because, know, I've known for a long time that there's an underground city under D.C. And anyone who's visited Congress knows there's a underground subway there that they travel back and forth to their offices. But it goes much more sophisticated than that. There is three levels below Washington, D.C. And it's on these lower levels, sealed off from the public where they have their temple and altar set up for Lucifer, for Satan. There's secret elevators located on each level that take you down to the next level.

So, if you're only familiar with the top level, you're not aware that there's secret elevators on the other levels below, that's the level then you'll ever know about. It's really very secretive. It's not widespread knowledge. But there is three levels below D.C. Most are aware of the top two levels. And not realizing that, yes, there is a third level below D.C. In fact, the three main points, three main cities of Lucifer's agenda right now, the one aspect of his agenda, the New World Order, is Washington, D.C., Buckingham Palace, and the Vatican. And if you look at these three cities, they're like the points of a pyramid. The top and the two corners. And Buckingham Palace has ten levels below. And then there's three levels below the Vatican.

I've been exposing Buckingham Palace for years. How they're not human. It's a Reptilian monarchy that rules. And they eat people every day. They're Lizards. They don't eat flies, they eat people. And underneath all three of these cities they have human imprisonment areas there. They have, like, jail cells, prison cells on these levels. And this is where they...they store people to hold them for food and sacrifice, and so.

There's a Medical Facility at the White House Used for Cloning and Maintenance of Clones - Obama Has Had 21 Clones Since He Was a Teenager

Recently, the last four years, five years, they've been working on an additional--what they call an additional bunker at the White House. You might've seen some pictures on TV about the noise and the mess taking place. I think it was on the...I don't know which wing it was...uh, it was off one of the wings. The east or the west. And what they built there was a medical facility. And this medical facility is being used for cloning, and--not just outright cloning, but also the maintenance of clones. It's where they house them. Where they groom them to become clones for the physicians they're being clones for.

Obama, himself, has had 21 clones, since he was a teenager. And they've had many years to perfect making doubles of him and controlling him. Each clone is given selective memories of the person they are creating. They can split DNA. They can create its brain. The clone, himself, when he's created, has no idea of his real existence or how he came about. They're controlled by their brain. Like a computer. And so, they can have selective memories, selective DNA. And a lot of these clones have numbers on them on their wrists or the backs of their necks.

A lot of them look like Barbies, you know. Clones are just Barbie-perfect, you know. Barbie-perfect clones or whoever--you know, they're always just--the skin is plastic and perfect, and they're real thin. Just Barbie clones.

I've Seen in the Codes Where the Obama Clone Is Melting

And I know for a fact that about two weeks ago I'd seen in the Codes where Obama was melting. And they had him in a facility. The android playing Obama had just come apart. And orgone was affecting it. And, I guess, at that point, they got rid of all three of the clones that were playing Obama. And now he has a new one. So there's a new Obama now.

And so, I thought it was kind of funny because these clones are very controlled by their handlers. And his handlers being the bankers. Ultimately being Rothschild, and Rockefeller, and Lucifer, himself. And so, I was reading this article. Benjamin Fulford sent it out. He said something like Obama was going to Putin for help. I laughed. know, he's an android.

The real Obama, if he's still alive, has no say in anything. They keep him hidden. Because the androids are the ones they bring out to give speeches and be seen. The Secret Service, like I've always said, I get confirmation on that, they're used as controllers. They're handlers, basically, for the aliens. You see the public consumption side where Secret Service is used to protect the president. In the inner circle, in the top part of the chain, they're more enforcers than they are protectors. They're there to enforce that Obama reads that script verbatim. Or that...that nobody...uh, nobody distracts it or does something to malfunction the android, I guess you could say. They're enforcers.

Buckingham Palace Has Ten Levels - William and Harry Were Murdered Shortly After Diana Was - The Royal Family Is Totally Reptilian

At Buckingham Palace, you know, there's ten levels there. And that entire Royal Family is nothing but a mockery and a facade. None of them are even human. They've all been replaced. I've had it confirmed so many times when it first came out and then revealed that William and Harry had been replaced. And they have been. Right after Diana's death. She was murdered. The boys were murdered and replaced shortly after.

So, the ones you see now, they're just total Reptilians, folks. And they're grotesque beings. They--it's the most despicable facility I could ever think of. I mean, if you think Dulce Base is bad, I mean, I--you can't even imagine what's going on under the ten levels of Buckingham Palace and the deep underground bases there.

D.C., Buckingham Palace, and the Vatican All Have Water Access to Them Because Satan Travels a Lot By Water

And if you notice, D.C., Buckingham Palace, and the Vatican all have water access to them. D.C. sits on the Potomac River. Buckingham sits on the Thames River. And the Vatican sits on the Tiber River. That's because Satan travels a lot by water. He's a seaman, a sailor, a navigator. He travels a lot by water.

And I remember seeing the fact that even in New York City, which is on the Hudson River, that they have these submarines that they use. Underwater vehicles. And he could go directly down the Hudson River, shoot underneath Manhattan, straight over to the United Nations. Doesn't even have to go all the way around and loop his way back up to the United Nations. He...he could--he has some kind of access where he can shoot just underneath the ground and go straight to the U.N. from the Hudson River.

I've Noticed That Demons, a Lot of Times, Hang Out at Water Sources

And I've noticed that demons, a lot of times, hang out at water sources. I don't know what the Bible talks about. There's a lot of them cast into the deserts, and the forests, and they certainly inhabit water areas.

The Biggest Trade in the World Isn't Drugs, It's Humans

And, you know, all three cities are temple locations for Lucifer. They have the underground cities. And their prisoners are often transported to other countries, so if they did happen to escape, they would easily be found because they would have to seek help from locals just to get home. Especially if you're in a country where the other people don't speak your language.

Trading humans and prisoners is big business amongst the world. These humans that are abducted in America, alone, they're 650,000 abducted a year. Can imagine how many Chinese, Indians, how many Asians--third-world countries--how many of those people disappear. These humans are used as sacrifices, as food. They're used as experiments. They're put in sex slave trades.

A lot of them are given drugs, or have their brains tampered with so they don't remember who they are. They're given false memories of who they are. They'd never find their way back home.

And the biggest trade in the world isn't drugs, folks, it's humans. It's humans. It's this underground human prison trade. And who runs and controls it? The G20 nations. They run and control the largest business in the world which is human smuggling. And like I've said, tens and thousands are sacrificed every year on satanic altars. The Royal Family eats thousands, alone, every year.

You know, they killed Diana to shut her up because she was exposing them. She told her friends. And she meant every word of it, that the Royals weren't human. That they were Lizards. They were afraid of her coming out more and more and exposing them. And so, after her death, Prince William and Harry were both killed and replaced because they questioned their mother's death. They knew she was murdered. They didn't believe the paparazzi lies. And, as it's coming out, the paparazzi were really just intelligence agents who were there to help in the death of all of them who were involved.

The Saudi Royals in India Clone Women as Household Slaves and Sex Slaves

All the Jews and the Saudi Royals continue to work together to cause battles and conflicts. The Saudi Royals in India are huge in the sex slave trade. In cloning women as household slaves and sex slaves. They force these women to have head coverings because--and they can use Islam as an excuse for this--because the head coverings will hide the numbers on their necks, of the clones. And also jewelry and bracelets. You'll see Indian with thick jewelry on their wrists. It hides the numbers on their wrists.

And the reason they like using cloned women is because they don't have a history. They don't have a brother or husband looking for them. They don't have families. They don't have anywhere else to go. All they have is that person whose house they're imprisoned at, they're enslaved to. And this is dominant. I'm not talking about a few rich people. This is a lot, a lot of women being cloned and used as slaves amongst the Muslims and the Indians in India.

The Real Purpose of the Fake War in Afghanistan Is to Keep the Giants in the Mountains and Caves Until It's Time for Them to Come Out

Fake war going on in Afghanistan right now. I've been told that the real purpose is to keep the Giants in the mountains and caves until it's time for them to come out. And I've told you that space was unloading Giants from the starships and their homeworlds wherever. The Bible Codes refers to them as Philistines and Locusts. They've been coming to earth by the thousands. Their ships are on fire. Space is getting uninhabitable. And so, the military's basically creating this false war in Afghanistan. You know, it's not just about drugs and pipelines. But also about intimidating locals to stay out of the mountains. And hiding these Giants so the rest of the world doesn't know that they're there, they exist.

The Brits Have Control of the Ancient Sumerian Stargate in Iraq

Ancient Sumerian stargate in Iraq was protected and to be activated. I think the British have secured that. They have control of that.

If You Want to Know What Their Plans Are for America, Look at the Movie Series of The Matrix

America, their ultimate goal is to become depleted and become a slave society. There's cities in the astral realm they want to emulate for here in America. And it doesn't surprise me, because when you look at Agenda 21 and you look at all the forced chip-implanting that's coming, that's gonna turn people into mindless robots. And then you always have Hollywood giving out blurbs of info; what their plans are. And if you wanna know what their plans are, look at The Matrix series. Didn't really surprise me when I heard that one because it just fits; The Matrix series for here. That's basically their plans for America. They want America to be one of these Matrix cities.

If a Celebrity Refuses to Join the Brotherhood, They'll Be Killed and a Clone of Them Will Be Used in Their Place, Like with Miley Cyrus

Operation Double Down. I talked about the clones, the doubles made, and used as blackmail to force humans to obey the Death Cult. It's called the Death Cult, or the Illuminati, or the Brotherhood. If they refuse--and what they do is, they make clones of just about everybody. And what they do, if you're in a position of fame and fortune, is they'll introduce a clone of you.

And most of these stars and celebrities, everybody know that they have a clone, a double. That this has been done to them. And they'll blackmail these celebrities to become agenda whores to promote the New World Order with all their symbols and stuff. And join the Brotherhood and start participating in all these satanic sacrifices, and rituals, and killings. And if they refuse, then they'll kill the original person and they'll step the clone up in their place. They'll use the clone in their place.

And so, I thought that was interesting because I've been saying for a while how Miley Cyrus was replaced. And I found it interesting because I was watching this YouTube video interview with Miley Cyrus. And she said--and I heard it with my own ears--she said, "Even my friends think I'm prettier than Miley was." And she was supposed to be Miley. She's doing an interview as Miley. So they slip up. They're not all that perfect. And so, well, I thought, "Well, there's confirmation. Right in your face." "Oh, even my friends think I'm prettier than Miley." Haha! And she's supposed to be Miley. She's the replica. She was a double. The real Miley was replaced.

So I didn't want to spend too much time on Hollywood because it's always the same-o, same-o with Hollywood. I just felt bad for Miley. She's been on my heart for a long time because I knew, years ago, I can be very energy-sympathetic and I could feel her just wanting help. Reaching out, wanting help. Trapped. Alone. Just wanting to be set free. And they've destroyed her, and so.

The Rockefellers Are Related to the Rothschilds by Blood - George Soros Just Took Over the Satanic Cult That Runs New York City

Got some confirmation on Rockefellers controlling New York. I know that's not a big surprise to anybody. They control Wall Street, the banks, the real estate. Anyone else, like the Mob in New York, they're just a crime syndicate that runs beneath the Rockefellers. They don't care about them. The Rockefellers are related to the Rothschilds by blood. They're bloodline to each other, which makes one of the Rockefeller a bastard child of the Rothschilds. That's true. That's all true. I know there's...there's information out there on the Internet. I've seen it and I haven't paid much attention to it, about David Rockefeller. How he was a bastard son of the Rothschilds. And he was, and so all that's true.

Another reason why America and France are kind of entwined to each other. Because of the Rothschild and Roth---uh, Rockefeller connection. The Rockefellers also deal directly with Lucifer. Especially being in New York. And I've told you Lucifer has an office there. And he has access via Hudson River, Atlantic Ocean, underground water bases. He can also just fly in on his UFO.

George Soros is a puppet of Rockefeller. He actually just took over the satanic cult that runs New York City, which is the most powerful in the country. Was always run by David Rockefeller, and as he started getting much older, George Soros took over. He's the high priest of the group in New York. And they meet at St. Patrick's Cathedral. For their sacrifices and stuff, they meet at--in the lower levels of St. Patrick's Cathedral. [coughs]

The Ashtar Command Council Members

Let's see. So I'm gonna jump back here for a little bit and talk about the Ashtar Command because this is the most pressing thing that's in front of our faces right now is what's coming. You know, I talk about what has been and what is. And we see the what's comings.

The Ashtar Command council rules above the earth. Controls the humans on the earth through their offspring and their seedlines on earth. And they rule over earth via Eve's line. Eve meaning "mother of all living." She's also a very active member of the Ashtar council.

Venus is one of their stomping grounds. Also Mars and Saturn, and Shangri-La. The council's made up of 13 members. Lucifer being the 13th. Lilith and Eve part of the council. Maitreya, Sananda, Saint Germaine. Eve plays on the council as Lady Magda. I'm not sure which name Lilith takes. I doubt she just uses her name, Lilith, but if there's another woman on there that'd be Lilith.

Then there's Hatonn. There's Korton, Monka, Soltec, Azrael, Azazel, Inca, and Uriel. And they also have a Raphael. But I don't think Raphael is on the council. I think he's just part of the Command. Someone they pull out and use to deceive gullible New Agers with messages and appearances, and trying to keep them in line.

Stargates Located on Mount Hermon, in the Dome of the Rock, and on Mount Sinai - The U.N. Has a Facility on Mount Hermon

And I got a heads-up with a confirmation that stargates located on Mount Hermon and in the Dome of the Mount, both being stargates. Also Mt. Sinai being a stargate. And these are portals. Stargates are nothing more than portals that allow non-earth inhabitants access to earth. If you're coming in through space, you have to--you access earth through these portals.

And I guess the United Nations has a facility on Mt. Hermon to try to gain control of the stargate that's there. I guess the pope owns it. Pope infiltrated and controls it, but it's a U.N. facility. And the pope, himself, is just a puppet of Sananda's. Very tightly controlled. As is Obama and the queen. And the pope. They're all just very...all controlled by the Ashtar Command through Sananda, and Saint Germaine, and Maitreya.

All of the Big Banks Will Be Owned by the Chinese - The Banking Cartel Is the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and Lucifer

J.P. Morgan Chase being sold to the Chinese lately. They already own Wells-Fargo. They probably got their claws in the Bank of America. They're gonna own all of the big banks. It's going to be the Chinese.

The banking cartel is the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and Lucifer. Their cartel is much bigger than what you'd think of. You talk banking cartel and you think of the Bush cabal, Clinton, and that whole New World Order cabal, cartel, crime syndicate, whatever you wanna call them. But they're actually just a faction underneath Lucifer's elite, themselves. His elite are the Rothschilds. And it's Rothschild who keeps control the triad of D.C., Vatican, and Buckingham Palace. It's the Rothschilds and Lucifer that control those three.

Lucifer Had His Puppet Children and Offspring Build the New World Order So He Could Tear It Down

Another aspect of their agenda--and this is the one that's coming out now more and more--is the aspect of uniting the rest of the world in coming through alliances built by them. You're hearing about brick-to-brick nations. China, Japan, Asian nations, the Muslim countries. They can work their alien agenda through both routes.

But, remember, when you look at Revelation, chapter 13 and it talks about the arrival of the Antichrist, he's going to build a 10-nation confederacy. And this alignment is the one he works through. This new 10-nation confederacy, and these are kings of these countries that reign with the beast for one hour. And one hour is allegory for a very short time--symbolic. It means a short time. And we know from reading prophecy that the beast will rule on earth for three and a half years.

And so, he's not gonna come in and rule through the Vatican, or D.C., or Buckingham Palace. Which makes me think, by the time he does come through this secondary route of the Islam nations, that those other countries are pretty much gonna self-destruct. They're gonna be destroyed. And that's exactly what he's been leading them to do; the New World Order. You know, he had these pawns, his little puppet children and offspring, build the New World Order so he could tear it down. That's all he's doing. He had them build it up so he can tear it down. And it's kept all these fools amused and busy for their entire lifetime so [audio unclear] such a great service to Satan. And they're just pawns. You build it up so you could tear it down.

There Is a Canopy Over the Earth That the Reptilians Put Up to Capture Souls - If You Astral Project and Leave Your Body, You Can Be Captured

Some interesting news the Lord was telling me earlier today. And I've talked about this canopy over the earth. And never really quite understanding what this thing is. A canopy over the earth. Well, apparently, there's this canopy, and it was put up by the Reptilians. And it covers the whole earth. And they use it to capture souls.

And there is a soul-catcher machine on the moon. I've actually talked about this before on my show. And they capture those who go into the astral realms. If you're dabbling in the New Age, or dabbling into astral projection and that type of thing, leaving your body at night when you're supposed to be sleeping, and going into the astral realms, you can be--actually be captured. Because this soul-catcher machine on the moon shoots out beams. And, you know, we don't see it here on earth, but I guess you can see them in the astral realms. And if you get hit by these beams, they're like vacuums. And it sucks you up into this machine. And what they do then, is they imprison all these people this way. And then they put them into confined realms. These prison realms. And then they go after them as prey in those realms.

And so, what happens to your human body. Well, you either die in your sleep. But what, 9 times out of 10, is gonna happen, probably higher than that, is that while your soul is snatched up in the soul-catcher machine, your body is going to be then soul-scalped by an alien or demonic being. And they are gonna take over your body. And take over your life here on earth as if they were you. This is what they do.

They Use Transcendental Meditation to Catch Souls, Imprison Them, and Take Over Their Bodies - India Is Used as a Religious Entrapment

And the Lord really alerted me to something about Transcendental Meditation and this whole agenda that the New Agers have of yoga and meditation. And the reason this is so, uh, promoted, I guess you could say, because they use TM, Transcendental Meditation to catch souls and imprison them and take over their bodies, you know.

If you look at the two biggest nations on our earth, which are China and India, and I told you a long time ago that these were Cain offspring. That these nations were--belonged to him. They were his children.

India is used as a religious entrapment. They're not strong militarily. They've never been technological geniuses. They've never--you know, for the oldest nations on earth, they don't rank at anything. I mean, it's just a third-world country, basically. And this is why. Because their goal, their job is to promote the teaching of false god--goddess worship and gods, and also this whole meditation thing. Hinduism, Buddhism, even Taoism. All these -isms are ways of Satan. That's the first red flag.

But that's what India does is they trap people. They trap them. They get them to think, "Oh, I'm gonna go into a state of ecstasy. Then I'm gonna go off into the 5th dimension," and whatever they do there. I don't know. But what happens is their soul gets trapped when they're out there, and then a demon or alien takes over their body here on earth. So it's a big capture agenda, basically. Capture-and-possess agenda.

China and Japan Are Allies of the Ashtar Command - Lilith Could Have Litters of Up to 300 Demonic Creatures a Day

And then China will be used as Satan's military forces. And they're already being used. China and Japan, allies of the Ashtar Command. And I know Japan has starships up in the sky that Ashtar's been using because their ships have been burning. And that princess from Japan, I don't--whatever her name is--I don't remember. Yeah, she talks to--I think it's Raphael or Gabriel or som--she's so deceived by all that. She thinks it's real. And she's being played. So deceived. And so, they're allies of the Ashtar Command. When you think about the sheer scope of the millions of people.

And, you know, India's always been big into Buddhism, and Hinduism, and meditation and stuff. Even China and Japan all heavily have--into religions--well, maybe not China so much, because they're athiests. But Japan and India, really promoting this meditation.

And that's why, because you have to loo--you look at it from Satan's view, and people like Lilith who have millions of offspring on earth, because she could have up to 300 demonic creatures a day. But she had litters. She didn't have, like, one child at a time, she had litters. And part of her judgment was that a third of her offspring would die. Every time she gave birth, a third of that offspring would die. Well, she still has two-thirds. And so, over time, that could equal into the billions.

But they can't operate on earth. You know, they're etheric beings. You have to understand, Lilith never fell. She refused to go back to Adam, and so disobeyed the Lord in that way. But she still has the body that she was created with. When the Lord created her and Adam out of the dust of the ground, she still has that body. And so, whatever body that was, probably more of a angelic-type body.

Because after the fall, the Lord had to retrofit Adam and Eve's bodies to live outside the garden of Eden. And then they were required to have water and food to survive. When they were in the garden of Eden, they had angelic bodies with very, uh, you know, huge gifts. They could do a lot of things. Angelic abilities. So pretty much angelic-type beings. And then when they fell, that changed. OK.

They Deceive People into Giving Up Their Bodies in the Astral Realms Through Meditation

So Lilith, technically, never fell. She just disobeyed the Lord. Disobeyed everybody. Wanted to do her own thing. And so, lives in space. It's where she's at. She's not burning in hell. She's not...she's in space. And she has offspring. And these offspring are looking down on earth. Like, earth looks like a pretty good place they wanna come and live and hang out. And they can't operate here because they don't have bodies for earth.

You know, angelic bodies and human bodies are just two different dimensions. It's like apples and oranges. And so, what they do is they fool all these people. They deceived them to give up their bodies. You know? You sit around and get all these people to go off into la-la land, and head off to the astral realms at night, or through meditation, thinking they're gonna go meet their Ascended Masters or higher conscious--or whatever that garbage is they spread. Either way, they get them out of their bodies so they can take over their bodies. And then they take their souls and go throw them in a confined area in the astral realm.

And this happens. This is widespread. This is huge. I mean, the Lord told me that the biggest business in the world was the trading of human souls. It wasn't drugs. It wasn't fast food. It wasn't corporations. It's trading souls. It was--it's humans.

One of the Reasons for the Destruction of Babylon in Revelation 18 Is Because of the Commerce of Souls

And if you look at Revelation, chapter 18 it talks about Babylon. And one of the reasons for her destruction is because of the commerce of souls. The commerce of the souls of men. The trading of souls.

They don't even talk about the other aspect that whole--all that entails. It's also the stealing. And they sell, and they barter. You know, exchange human prisoners amongst them. I know there's bases up in Alaska that are used as holding grounds for prisoners that have been abducted. Humans that have been abducted from China and the Asian countries. And like India. And they're brought to bases in Alaska. And they're held there until they're sold and then shipped off elsewhere to whoever buys them.

I mean--and our military runs these bases, folks. This is how despicable the whole thing is. And this is why it's never been busted. Like, a journalist doesn't stumble on a base and report a story. He would be caught and killed. This stuff would never see the light of day because the government also owns the media. Satan owns everything. They keep things quiet. But this is the kind of things that happen.

And they're all involved with it. Every nation. Everyone thinks that Russia's standing up and all of a sudden being the good guy. There's no good guys, guys. There's no good guys here on earth. None. There's nobody that's really out there looking for the good of the people.

The Canopy That the Reptilians Put Up Is Coming Down - They're Losing Their Foothold in Space

So, anyway, I just wanted to give you some "i's" and "t's" tonight. Who's doing what. What has been, what is, what's coming. By the end of this week, by Thursday, orgone-saturated air is going to reach up to 20,000 miles an hour [transcriber: Sherry means a 20,000 miles around the earth]. That's a lot of burning, that's a lot of death, for these aliens above us crowding our skies.

Also, tonight, with their canopy coming down, they can no longer use their soul-catching machine on the moon. I don't know what else that all entails. I'm sure that this canopy--the Reptilians put it up. That's Satan's homegrown group. I'm sure that has a lot more reasons for its use. Maybe it was containing all the chemtrails that they spread on earth, and keeping them down here so it doesn't dissipate in space. I don't know. But this canopy thing that I just talked about is coming down tonight. It's all coming down. So they're gonna lose that. And they're losing their foothold in space because their ships are going to catch fire, burn, and crash. If they don't want to catch fire, burn, and crash, they're gonna have to go find that 5 percent of the earth's circumference somewhere where orgone is not going to [audio cuts out], so.

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And, Lord willing, I'll be back next Monday night with whatever else information He wants me to reveal.

Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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