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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
November 4, 2013

I Actually Got to See the Sky Yesterday, and It Was a Zoo

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday, November 4. And you're live with Sherry Shriner. Couple things I wanna talk about tonight. Yeah, it's been a busy weekend. Some really long nights. Hm-hm! I'm trying to play catchup today with just getting some sleep and stuff like that.

But I actually got to see the sky, shocking as it was, yesterday. And it was a zoo. It was a zoo. I don't know how anybody misses these huge trawlers. They've gotta be a mile wide, these triangular-shaped trawlers with the red lights on them. And they patrol particular patterns. If you watch them, they just repeat the same patterns over and over.

The Ascended Masters Are in Alignment with the Japanese

I was also looking at the Japanese starship in the west. And I know a lot of people think that's Venus, but, folks, with the earth tilting on the axis the way it is, purposeful or not, what they're doing to earth, planets and stars aren't lining up where they're supposed to be. And so, what they do is they stick starships to mimic, "OK, this is where Venus should be, we'll sit here." I asked the Lord several times if that was Venus or what it was. And He kept saying no. Every time, He said it was a star--Japanese ship, and so.

I had seen it in the Codes where these Ascended Masters are in alignment with the Japanese, and working with them to be able to fulfill their facade agenda on earth. Coming from space, these cosmic beings and Ascended Masters. And coming to save humanity. And that whole charade. They've been trying to do that forever, it seems.

So it's was really funny that there's an article at from the And it says Evil Aliens Banned From Approaching Earth--But The Ones Already Here Are Here To Stay. It's because they can't leave earth. And, I'm gonna read what it says because it's really short. It says,

It is said that dark aliens cannot approach the Earth any longer because of two things: (1) prohibition from Light forces and (2) the rising energies that prevent their approach.

Some investigators have doubted that these statements are accurate. Most people who know little about aliens, if told aliens were coming, would immediately think they will be dark, as recent newspaper articles have demonstrated.

But evidently this is not the case. Let me give a few remarks from our sources on why dark aliens can no longer approach the planet.

And this is from Hatonn, who says,

“The light grid around the planet prevents any civilization with dark intentions from being anywhere near Earth.”

Well, that would include every terrestrial in space. Because they're all fallen beings. And so, it's funny that they're finally acknowledging, number one, light forces, and number two, the rising energies that prevent their approach. Because orgone is both. Orgone is a healing blue light. And the rising energies referring to the aether orgone, the positive orgone energy that we emit from our orgone blasters, our orgone products, our pipes, our blasters. They emit into the atmosphere.

They Are Gonna Get Hit Hard This Week in Asian Countries and India

And I've been talking about how the Lord was going to connect all the areas with orgone, and how the orgone would reach 20,000 miles peak circumference around the earth, out of 25,000 miles that the earth's circumference is. The orgone would reach a 20,000-mile peak. And so far, it has reached this. 100 percent of our land mass has been saturated by orgone.

They are gonna get hard this week in Asian countries and India. It's gonna be affecting that area pretty hard this week. Some of the things I've been seeing in the Bible Codes is Sarcomatosis, which is the outgrowth of fleshy tumors on your body. On people's bodies you see outrageous, obnoxious, huge tumors growing off of people's limbs and faces. Sarcomatosis being more the medical term name for it. So I'm seeing this coming up.

And I'm also seeing Scabies, which is a usual term that comes up with orgone and how it affects evil beings and aliens is scabies. They break out in boils.

Ebola Coming Back Up in the Codes - A Lot of These Starships Are Actually Traveling Laboratories for Chip-Implantation Experiments

Also Ebola coming back up. And that comes in and out of the Codes. Because there's also some kind of starship. I don't know if the name of it is Ebola, or one of the things they produce inside of it is Ebola. See that coming in. Because I've been watching...I've been seeing this other ship coming in. And it's a facility. And what it focuses on is vaccines and plagues and things like that.

A lot of these starships have purposes for existing. They're not just home bases for aliens or whatever. They actually are traveling laboratories, I guess you could say. And I know that there's one--it was in our atmosphere last year. I don't know if it's still there. If it was burned and crashed already by the orgone. But it had the blue and green lights on it. And that one was used for abducting people. And then, also used for experiments on them, and things like that.

Most of their experiments are gonna be based on chip-implantation. Chip implanting is a huge...probably the largest agenda on Satan's list, and how he controls people. He's not omniscient, he's not omnipresent. Very dependent on technology and chip-implantation to control the people who work with and for him, and the people in his own kingdom. Satan rules above, below, and on the earth. [coughs] And that's how he does it.

The Sign of Jonah That the New Agers Refer to Is Actually Just an Alien Starship - This Is International Meltdown Week, So Pray, Warriors

I've been getting articles on the sign of Jonah. I thought that was kind of amusing. Because the one thing New Agers are good at [coughs] is taking scripture and just twisting it all to heck. Twisting scripture to heck and making their own interpretations out of it. And I was seeing this in the Bible Codes. This sign of Jonah that they've been referring to [coughs] is actually just an alien starship. Pretty much the same thing ISON is. It's just a starship. [coughs] They're gonna start attacking my chest so I can't speak.

And I've asked for all Warriors to celebrate this week as International Meltdown Week. Not actually celebrate it, but pray daily so that all of the clones, androids, and synthetic beings around us will just melt down. And there was a video posted on my Facebook the other day of Al Roker freezing live on TV. They've been using an android of him. And he just went into a glitch and just froze. And so, it was really amusing.

And they're so prevalent among us today, posing as humans, that the only way you're gonna wake people up is if people actually see this stuff with their own eyes, and so. You know, when they do live TV, they have, like, a five-second delay built in to all the networks so that they can stop anything from actually hitting the TV if they want to. They have--they can cut the reception or whatever.

But with today's technology, once people are running video cameras, and cell phones, and stuff like that at events, and if something happens, they can catch it. And so, YouTube becomes very useful. And so, you know, for nothing else than to wake the sheeple up who are so asleep and refuse to believe the things that we've been talking about for years, things that are happening on our planet. It would be nice if they were able to see for themselves, you know, Congress freezing up on TV, or all these androids going into freeze mode.

Looks Like Congress Is Going to Be Killed and Replaced with Androids or Clones

I find it interesting--I mentioned Congress getting on an airplane--they were all put on an airplane under the excuse of everybody going to Florida to attend a funeral. And I was reading on a website that they had still had not returned home by Sunday. And, you know, when I read that earlier, that they were gonna do that during the week, I just thought, "You know what? They're putting them all on there so they can all be killed." They're gonna be replaced and killed. Replaced by androids. Clones, and so.

I don't know if this plane ever returned with our Congress. But, most likely, the not--the ones who we see from now on, in Congress, are going to be synthetics, and clones, and androids. It was getting pretty prevalent before they decided to put them all on a plane and kill them all at once. So it's even gonna be more prevalent now, I think.

The Canopy Over the Earth Is the Astral Realms - There Are Huge Cities in the Astral Realm Above Every Major City in the United States

I was also reading about concerns of the weakening magnetosphere. And I don't know if--I've been talking about that canopy over the earth that the aliens had put over it. And I don't know if that was what you would consider the magnetosphere--how that affects that. I'm sure it does because they've kind of built a cage around earth with their canopy. They've kind of enclosed earth by this canopy. And I didn't realize at the time that this canopy is astral realms. It's the astral realms.

You know, I've talked about them off and on over the years, but this canopy is indeed these astral realms. And, you know, every night, you know, New Agers go there. They, they...they, uh, what do you call it? Use astral projection to go through the astral realms where they're tied to their cord to earth. And they go up into the astral realms. Also hybrids, every night, pretty much. Half alien, half human hybrids have abilities to go in and out of the astral realm at will.

Aliens have this ability. They had a device on the back side of the moon. The soul-catcher machine. And it would go into the astral realms and abduct people out of the astral realms. So, all kinds of stuff going on. And, um...anyway, the orgone has been rupturing this astral realm. And, from what I understand, the whole thing is being torn down. It's been in the process since last week. It's being destroyed. And that whole cage is being destroyed, and dissolved, and torn down, and so.

That was just huge, when I realized it was the astral realm, because, you know, in the astral realm, they have these huge cities. Just like we have here on earth. And they have cities above every major city on earth. I mean, every major city in the United States they have a city in the astral realm above it. It's almost like Satan's mimicry of earth. He has one in the astral realms. And all that being destroyed now. It's like a--I don't know if that's his playground or what it is, but it's all being destroyed. And that's a huge part, central strongholds, of Satan, you know.

We've just been targeting one after the next. Each and every one of his strongholds. And the Lord just keeps showing us more and more. And as He shows them, we get them. You know, we go after them. It's been pretty shocking, and pretty amazing. The success we've been having.

It's Seems Like So Many Beings in This Universe Have a Misguided Perception Who and What Lucifer Is

So a few things I wanted to mention. Especially since I deal so much with things that, you know, I don't really talk about on the radio show. A lot of things going on in the background that I don't talk about. I don't mention very much. But I wanna explain a little bit. Kind of backtrack for those who listen to this show, and, for the most part, are my haters. They're not supporters. They don't listen to my show because they support the show, they listen to my show because they're haters. And they wanna see what I have to say next. And that's probably the bulk of the listeners of my radio show.

But it seems like so many beings in this universe have this entirely misguided perception of who we are, who Lucifer is, who and what he is. And you know what? The Bible says that Lucifer was once one of the highest-ranking angels of heaven. And he rebelled against the Father. Started a mutiny against Him. And left heaven--was cast out of heaven, and so.

You know, the Creator, the Father, gave Lucifer thousands of years to repent for his mutiny and rebellion. And he refused. Lucifer would not repent. And it's almost [audio unclear] the story of the prodigal son. Where the father waits for the prodigal son to return home. Only, in the story, the parable, the son returns home, and the father gets to celebrate his return home. But in reality, Lucifer refuses--he refused to return home. And the Lord, being as mercy and as patient as He is, gave him thousands of years to repent. If not millions, and so.

You know, during that time, he had time to implement his own type of kingdom, I guess you could say. When Father replenished the earth, and created Adam and Lilith in the garden of Eden, Lucifer was in his fallen state at that time. And that is where we get the creation of the garden of Eden and we begin the book of Genesis in the King James Version.

But they leave out everything that happened before that time. If you look in Genesis, chapter 1, it says the Lord replenishes the earth. He recreates the earth. You can't recreate something that wasn't created once before. The earth had existed before and it was destroyed. And it sat empty for thousands of years. And then the Lord recreated it, replenished it. And then created the garden of Eden. And then His first creation was Lilith and Adam. He created Lilith and Adam out of the dust of the ground. When Lilith left Adam, He then put Adam to sleep, and created Eve out of his rib.

You see, there's so much, when Moses penned the Torah. Genesis, chapters 1, 2, and 3 where just a glossover of the thousands of years that had expired, had transpired already. It wasn't some kind of detailed view of the things that had gone on and happening. And if you're a truth seeker, and you love the truth, and you ask the Lord for truth in all things every day, one of the most exciting aspects of this journey, being on a truth journey, is finding out preAdamic Adam and Eve days. What was going on. What was happening. Because the Lord always said if you wanna understand the end of the days, the last days, you have to know the beginning.

Why Do You Think Yahushua Always Railed Against the Scribes and Pharisees When He Walked the Earth?

You can't understand the last days unless you know the beginning. And most people have no clue what was happening in the beginning and how it affects us today. And why the churches leave out the books of Enoch out of the Bible. And other books; Jasher and Jubilees. And books that the Lord, Himself, referred to when He was here and walked the earth.

Why do you think He always railed against the scribes and the Pharisees in the New Testament? He always railed against them. And they were the two major parties of the Jews when the Lord walked the earth, Yahushua walked the earth. They were the main--they were the majority of the leadership of the Jews at that time. You know. If you put that into perspective today, uh, if He were to arrive today, our scribes and Pharisees would probably be the councils and the leadership of the Catholic and the Protestants. And Him just arguing against both of them. And calling them a bunch of apostate liars and wolves. It's what they are. That's, you know, identical to what they are today to what they were back then.

Our leaderships, our councils, are always manipulated and infiltrated by Satan, and liars, and wolves. And he always railed against the scribes because they penned false history. And that's what we deal with today. You know. Our scribes, our historians, our transcribers, giving false information. Giving us lies. Leaving out the truth.

If you look at America's history today in our school books, it's lies. They don't give you the truth. They give you what the people in charge want you to [audio cuts out]. And so, it's the same way with these thousands of factions that Satan has created with Lilith and others that we deal with today is terrestrials in space. Known as terrestrials. There's tens of millions of them. And that's how we have so many different factions of aliens. That's why we even deal with aliens from the earth today.

I Wanted to Reach Out to All Those Who Work with and Have Been Deceived by Lucifer - No One Is Too Big, Wicked, or Evil to Be Forgiven

But he doesn't just rule the terrestrials. He also rules here on earth through the 13 Illuminati families, the bloodline families. And these kids are brought up in MKULTRA and mind control programs from the time they're born. And if you've ever seen the genealogical charts online, how all of our politicians, and religious leaders, and celebrities--how they all seem related. You know? And especially with those that are in Europe. And everybody just cross-related. "Oh, he's the cousin of him, and he's the cousin of her." And everybody's just related. Because they're all from the same bloodlines.

And they train them, from the time they're born, to be controlled pawns for Lucifer's agenda on earth. And that's why they get to be the ones to rise to positions of power. They get to be the politicians. They get to be the presidents. They get to be the actors, and the singers, and the preachers on TV with megachurches. They get the fame, they get the fortune, they get the media publicity. It's always coming out of Lucifer's controlled bloodlines.

And there's a lot of people seeking and starving fame and fortune that will sign the dotted line and sell their soul to Lucifer. But one of the aspects of the whole thing that...I wanted to reach out tonight to all of those who work with him, basically. And who have been deceived by him. You know, no one is too big, too evil, too wicked to be forgiven. The Father understands all the control, the torture, the imprisonment, the fractioning of their minds. And there's no one He won't forgive that comes to Him and seeks forgiveness.

The Children of the Angels Who Fell Have No Idea Who They Really Are

Even in the terrestrial realm. Thousands of years of these angels having offspring. Another reason why nothing about UFOs and aliens ever makes sense to the church because they preach angels can't procreate. They take one obscure verse, in regards to a particular group of angels. There's many groups of angels, folks. Angels do procreate. That's why--that's what got them in trouble. It's why we have Giants. It's why we have hybrids. They do procreate.

And these angels who fell, and became apostate, and kicked out of heaven with Lucifer, a lot of them were not judged immediately. They were judged in the sense that they lost their angelic looks. Lucifer became a snake. His home community became Snakes, Reptilians, Lizards. In fact, they're far more than just him. But his offspring as well, at that point. And they had children, and they had children.

And you had the angels who fell at Mount Hermon. Book of Enoch describes an angelic rebellion where 200 commanders of angelic host met, and signed a pact, and agreed to fall to earth to procreate with human women. And they fell with their host of angels that fell with them. That could've been tens of thousands of more angels. And their judgment--all of their offspring was destroyed in the flood. They had giants with the human earth women. Their procreation turned out to be giants, where we got the giantism gene.

And so you have Lucifer's rebellion. You have the Mount Hermon angelic rebellion. You have two different rebellions. The KJV [King James Version] tells you about Lucifer's rebellion, but it doesn't go into detail. Also doesn't go into detail about the angelic rebellion on the Mount Hermon. Enoch does. And you have all these angels involved, thousands of angels. And a lot of them were not judged and cast into hell. Some of them were. Some of the leaders were judged right away. Chained and cast into hell, or in places of torment till further notice, till further judgment would be pronounced on them.

But, like Lucifer, his judgment, he was condemned. But his judgment was delayed into the future. He's not been cast into the lake of fire yet. He's still given a lot of time to rule and live on earth. And many others were given time as well to rule with him. Reign with him.

And all these beings have offspring, folks. They all have offspring in space. And then those children have children. And it goes from generation, to generation, to generation. And these offspring have no idea who they really are. If you look at some of the history that they've made up for them online--and I can't get very far reading it--they talk about Enlil and Enu, and these two different Anuk factions and kings and all this. I can't follow any of that. Because it's all garbage.

The Father Is Offering Restoration to the Children of the Fallen Angelic Beings of the Rebellions

But these children who have been deceived and lied to about who they are and their heritage, don't they wonder who the angels of God are? Don't they wonder why they're not like them? Why they can't be like them? Well, the Father is opening the door to all these terrestrial offspring generations. He's opening the door to them. And just as Yahushua offered mankind redemption here on earth with His shed blood on the cross, so that mankind could be redeemed, the Father is offering a restoration to these terrestrial children, these terrestrial beings that have not been judged. Their parents have been judged, but these offspring are guilty by association, have never been personally judged yet, and He's opening the door to them for restoration.

But the requirements are that they be repentant of their parents' sins, and that they hate evil and wickedness, and that they do know evil and wickedness. And so, there is a door opening, it's open right now. And He is calling out to all of these, what we call aliens, around the earth, around the world, around the universe, that if they want to walk away from Satan's kingdom, renounce Satan, and live good, and righteously, and noble, and honestly, that He will restore them. He will give them restoration.

Who Am I? I'm the One with the Authority to Give You This Message - Those Who Want Restoration, Go to the North Gate or Call Out to the Father

And, I know a lot of people wondering, "Well, who are you?" Who am I? I am the one with the authority to give this message to you. I am the one with the authority here. I can give this message. And the Lord has me giving you this message.

And He wants them to go to the North Gate. Go to the North Gate, or just seek Him, call out to Him. I don't know how He's gonna work that. Maybe He's going to send angels to you to help you escape where you're at. I know there's many factions of aliens in space that hide because they're tormented and abused by Satan and they hate him. You know, the Lord is giving you a small window of an opportunity to renounce Satan, and walk away, and be restored into the Father's kingdom.

And so, for those who want restoration, He's told me to tell you to go to the North Gate, or to seek Him. And this is the North Gate of heaven. To seek Him. Call out to Him. And He will send angels to help and direct you.

This Small Door to Restoration and Redemption Won't Last Very Long - When Judgment Begins, That's It, No More Second Chances

And this is a small door opening. It's not gonna last very long. So people must decide now who you're gonna follow. You know, I was talking to people over the weekend. I said the war is getting to the point where it's very decisive. There is no middle ground anymore. People have to decide which side they're gonna be on. If they're gonna be on Lucifer's, or if they're gonna be on the Father's.

There's gonna be no more middle ground. Especially once the door is shut, there will be no redemp--no more...uh, redemption for mankind available, there will be no more restoration available for other beings. Judgment begins. And when judgment begins, that's it. That's it. There's not gonna be anymore door openings, and second chances, and last-minute chances, things like that. Judgment begins. And when judgment begins, that's it. No more opportunity. And judgment is about to begin on this earth. You know? Judgment's going to begin.

Only By the Hand of God Has the Aliens' Arrival Been Delayed - Orgone Is the Very Breath of God and It's Destroying Their Strongholds

You know, they've been trying--Satan's been trying to bring his ship. And it's here. I don't know where it is. They hide it. I can see in the Codes their plans. And how they wanna arrive as an Assembly. And I can imagine this is some kind of a fleet of ships to earth. Because it says the whole world is the audience. The whole world will watch them arrive. They'll arrive in huge fleets of ships, or whatever agenda. But it's almost daily in the Bible Codes about what their plans are and what they're attempting to do. And only by the hand of God have these things been delayed.

You know, the orgone burns them, blocks them. It delays them. [coughs] The orgone does everything I've ever claimed it does. The orgone is the very breath of God, Himself. [coughs] Wicked beings can't stand to be around it. And they're burning in space. It heats them up. It boils them. It's going to destroy their strongholds in space. It's already destroying their strongholds on earth.

There's going to be nowhere to run. There's going to be nowhere to run, for them. They put their money into false hopes of deep underground bases. Or going to third-world countries or south of the equator countries. And building their fortresses there. While they allowed the western nations to be demolished and destroyed. But there's gonna be nowhere for them to run. You can't run and hide from air. It's the very air you breathe. And we not only control space right now, we control the air this civilization breathes. It the Lord's air. It's His breath, folks. How can they run from God? You can't run from God.

The Father Showed Me Two Hugely Famous Illuminati People Who Renounced Lucifer, Were Killed, but Are Very Happy in Heaven Right Now

His punishment and judgment is on mankind. It's already started. It's not gonna stop. It's just gonna get bolder, and bigger, and bigger. He's reaching out to mankind to repent and renounce their sins. Walk away from Lucifer. Illuminati children, repent and walk away from Lucifer. Terrestrials--beings, who have been locked in this myriad of lies and abuse for thousands of years from Lucifer and all the different lies, renounce it. Go to the Father.

You know, there's many in the Illuminati that are renouncing Lucifer, accepting the Father's salvation. In fact, I know of two very hugely famous people that have died and gone to heaven because they accepted the Lord. And that's why they were killed. Because they renounced Lucifer. And people would be shocked because these same two people are plastered all over our televisions today. Because the androids took their places. They were replaced by androids and clones so that Lucifer could hold up the facade that all is well, when the truth is, many, many of his closest pawns that he thought he had control of have renounced him. And so, they've been killed and replaced.

But you know what? They're very happy in heaven right now. They're very happy. The Lord showed me two of them and they're just--you could see the looks on their faces. The joy and the freedom. Because they're no longer under such control, such tight control, and the torment that they put these people under that follow and serve in Satan's kingdom. There've been many...many politicians in the past several months.

A Huge Testament to the Power of God, to the People Who's Main Job Was to Kill Me, Is That They Couldn't Do It

And a lot of people get affected by the very fact that, you know, some of them, their main job was to destroy me. Coming up with plans and ways to assassinate me off the earth and they couldn't do it. They couldn't do it. They couldn't kill me. And that's been a huge te--that's been a huge testament to a lot of these people of the power of God.

So if Satan wants you to think he's God, think again. Because Satan is just a created being. He's just a created being. He doesn't--he doesn't create anything. He recreates. He recreates something God has already created. And the people that are in the close [audio unclear] in the know circles, they know he's not God. They just didn't want to worship the one true God because it was always one of their duties to blaspheme the true God daily.

I mean, it's required of all Satanists to blaspheme the Lord daily. And people say, "Well, how can they get away with that? The Bible says the Holy Spirit would strike them dead." No, the Holy Spirit--blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is only referring to those who were once filled with the Holy Spirit. And then denied, and rejected, and renounced, and rebuked the Holy Spirit and walked away. You know, then the Holy Spirit would strike them dead.

These people have--were never once filled with the Lord's Spirit and one of His. They play like they are, on TV. You have the megachurch facades. The Joel Osteens and all of them who are coven-sanctioned members of satanic groups, and then, on Sundays, go hold megachurch services. Yeah, check the roster of the Houston satanic groups. Joel Osteen's one of them. And they all are. You have to be a registered satanic member to lead a megachurch. That's practically in the TBN rules. Trinity Broadcasting Network is The Blasphemy Network, folks.

Everybody Says They Have the Truth, but Just Ask the Lord, Himself, to Reveal the Truth in All Things to You

Get away from religion, folks. And one of the hardest reasons a lot of people have to why they reject God, is because they've been shown, from the time they were children--and they've been taken on tours of the vaults in the Vatican City--have been shown books, have been shown scrapped out pages, and information of how the Bible was manipulated, how information was left out, how info was put in, how it was manipulated, how all the religions of the world were fabricated, put together, how they're all lies. Well, lucky for us, our salvation with the Lord doesn't depend on how much we know, how much we read, how much you can quote, how much you do right or wrong. Our salvation is based on our relationship with Him.

Relationship. I have been preaching that for a decade now. Get rid of the religion, and get into relationship with The Most High God. And just seek Him. Do the things He says.

You know, people wanna send me their materials about their interpretations of scripture and dogmas. And I have no interest. You know, I've read the KJV a million times from front to back. I'm 47-years-old. The first time I read the Bible from cover-to-cover I was 12. I know what it says. And I don't have to have man's interpretation. I had to deal with that for 25 years before I discovered, "Hey, why don't I just ask the Lord, Himself, for the truth? Because everybody says they have it. This guy over here says he's got the truth. And this girl over here says she does. And that guy says he does. And this church does. And that religion does. I'm just gonna start asking Him for the truth direct."

And so, that was my--that became my purpose. Just asking Him every day for the truth in all things. And you can make that yours. Just start asking Him every day for the truth in all things. Let Him reveal the truth to you. Your salvation, and your relationship with the Lord shouldn't be dependent on someone else's description of who or what He is. Ask Him yourself. Ask Him directly. Build a relationship with Him. Accept His salvation through His Son, Yahushuah. Everything else, you can learn sitting at His feet.

You Satanists and Extraterrestrial Beings Have Seen the Power of God with Your Own Eyes - This Your Opportunity to Change Sides

And I know that there's no one else who has seen--that can recognize what--because they've seen Him with their own eyes--the mighty power of God, like Satanists have. And like extraterrestrial beings have. Because they deal with the Lord's angels constantly. And, you know, they gotta wonder, "Who is that--who are those angels? They're beautiful, they're powerful. They have so much authority. Why are we enemies? Why can't we be like them? Why can't we go live where they live?"

You know. And they're told lies by their parents because it's always the cycle of lies. The same thing happens on earth. You've been--your parents were fed lies, and their parents were fed lies. And it just keeps going. A like I've always said, break the cycle. Put your foot down. And say, "Enough is enough. I'm not gonna believe this just because my mom said to believe this, or my grandma said to believe this, or we've always believed this in our family."

Break the cycle of apostasy, folks. Break it. Not just you, but also nonhuman beings. Yahushua was our Messiah, our salvation, and the Father is calling the nonhuman--the terrestrial beings to Himself right now. The door is going to be closed and judgment's going to begin. And so, your opportunity to change sides, and renounce Satan, and walk away, is going to close quickly. Because judgment is coming to this earth.

"Are You Here to Kill and Destroy Satan?" - Satan Has an Allotted Time to Rule Here on Earth, but the Bible Doesn't Say How He Gets to Rule

You hear all the time about the New World Order agenda and Agenda 21 and how they're gonna kill, you know, 6 and a half, 7 billion people. Well, you know, if you're reading the same book I'm reading in the book of Revelation, the last days, the great tribulation, that's the Lord's wrath on mankind. It doesn't say anything about Agenda 21 and the New World Order. It's the Lord's wrath. So even if they failed, and gave up, and walked away from Agenda 21, guess what. The Lord's wrath's still coming on the earth. As when Satan rules the earth for 42 months, he gets his allotted time. Because I've had people ask me, "Are you here to kill and destroy Satan?" I can't. I can't kill Satan. He's alotted to rule here on earth.

But I can target all of those around him. Where does it say, in the book of Revelation, that, oh, the Ashtar Command and Satan's council of 10 or 12 gets to rule on earth with him? It doesn't. In fact, you know what? The only guarantees he gets is that he gets to rule on earth for 42 months, which is 3 and a half years. The Bible gives the Antichrist and the False Prophet an allotted time to rule. So Satan gets to have a buddy with him. The Antichrist and the False Prophet is what the Bible calls them. And he also gets 7 kings. Talks about 10 kings, but, uh--10 kings, but 3 are overthrown. So, you could get rid of three and just say seven. So these are actually the only people that are promised roles in that last 3 and a half years of mankind. Besides the two witnesses that'll be here on earth. Let's just stick to the human factor.

So you have the Antichrist and the False Prophet, and his 7 kings that rule with him for one hour, which is a small space of time. That's it. That's all he gets. Seven kings and a buddy. Because he's gonna play Antichrist, and he gets his False--his False Prophet, his deputy, whatever you wanna call him. So, that's 9 people. And he has how many in his kingdom? He's got millions.

Well, guess what. Every one of those others are fair game for death and destruction. The Lord's not gonna protect them. He'll protect Lucifer, because Lucifer's promised an allotted time of space. Lucifer can whine and holler about how he gets, you know, protection for--or he doesn't actually get protection, but he gets to rule, with his buddy, and the 7 kings. Doesn't say how. He could rule from wheelchairs. He could rule in a breathing mask. With aspirators. Doesn't say how.

So, you know what? As an angelic warrior, I find it very interesting that there is so much available to us. As a warrior here on earth, we can war against every other being in his arsenal. [laughs] And that's a huge arsenal. Above, on, and below the earth?

"What's an Angelic Warrior? - Orgone Is an Aetheric Energy so, You Can Call Us Aetheric Warriors - The Lord's "Hockey" Faction in the Codes
You know, people ask, "What's an angelic warrior?" Many of you are waking up here on earth to what your calling is. And if you have a devoted, special love for the Father, and a righteous hatred for Satan, and you actually do something about it, you don't just sing about it on Sundays, you live it, you breathe it, you seek to tear down the strongholds of Satan, you come against him in spiritual warfare prayers daily, and you're getting busy with what the Lord's let us--how we can defeat his strongholds with the orgone, then you're most likely and angelic warrior here on earth, just waking up to what your calling is.

You know, orgone is an aetheric energy. And so, you could call us aetheric warriors. You know, I've seen other people's interpretations and groups of what they think aetheric warriors are. Or what their descriptions or prophecies of aetheric warriors are. But those aren't Yahuah's, the Father's, true, great aetheric warriors. That's us. That's the Orgone Warriors. The orgone He showed us to use to tear down and defeat Satan's strongholds. Because it's our orgone that he showed us, that is doing that. Nobody else is tearing down his strongholds like we are. You know, there's mimics, there's groups that mimic us. And they're nothing but lies and duplicates. The real thing, the real aetheric warriors are Father's Orgone Warriors.

And you know what? Not all of the Lord's Elect people here on earth are warriors. But they are, every one of them, lovers of truth. And they seek Him daily. And His warriors, I can tell you what, we're a faction of the overall--what the Elect group is. But we live, we breathe, just dreaming, and thinking, and implementing Satan's destruction here on earth.

It cracked me up seeing somebody's interpretation of aetheric warriors. And I'm thinking, "They talking about us?" And it went on to describe some cultic group. I couldn't even--I'm thinking, "What!?" No, we are...we are the true aetheric warriors. You know, and there's so many different names for this faction that's pulled together. This last-days army that's pulled together to defeat Satan and his strongholds. I like the Hockey Faction. [laughs] I saw Hockey in the Codes. I bust up laughing. Hockey pucks. Hockey faction. [laughs out loud] Yeah, that was...that was a good one. Sometimes the Lord just cracks me up.

But we're the most effective. And there's a lot of different names for us. People put two and two together.

Your Parents Rebelled Against the Lord and Left Heaven, but If You, Their Children, Seek the Lord for Forgiveness, He Will Accept You into His Kingdom

And so, there's not time for a lot of things. You can hear the crunch. You can hear the footsteps of just sheer destruction around the corner. And exasperation and desperation from Lucifer, himself. Because his kingdom is crumbling around him. His people are renouncing and leaving him. And to hold up the facade, he's having to replace them with androids and clones. Yeah, all is not as you think it is. He isn't as all-powerful as you think he is, folks.

And so, a shout-out to all those stuck in the endless cycles of MKULTRA programming in Illuminati seedlines here on earth. Seek the Lord for forgiveness. He will accept you into His kingdom. You have not been banned. You have not been left behind by Him. Doesn't matter who you are, or what line you were born in, or what's been done to you, or what you've been forced to do. He will forgive you. Just seek him.

And, you know, He wanted me to call out for an opportunity for all of the factions in space that have no idea who and what they truly are. Your parents were apostates. Your parents rebelled against God and left heaven. And you're guilty by association because you're their offspring. Well, the Lord will forgive you for that if you want to repent, and renounce your parents' actions and apostasy. And seek the Lord for renewal, and restoration, and forgiveness.

And, like He has said, go to the North Gate. That opening will be short for a very short time. So don't procrastinate. Don't keep putting it off. The angels will help you. They will protect you. And sincerity--the Lord knows your intents. Don't think you're gonna play Him. It's not gonna happen. Sincerity.

He already knows that there are thousands, perhaps even millions. Because they call out to Him. They hate Lucifer. And they call out to the Lord for help. And He has heard those cries. And He is responding to that, for a very short time. Giving them an opportunity. And if you can't get to the North Gate, just call out to Him, and He will send angels to you.

You Would Be Surprised at Who and What Listens to This Show - They Know Who I Am

I know it sounds crazy. For those of us on earth who are sitting here listening, we're like, "What is she talking about?" But you know what? My role as ambassador and mouthpiece for the Lord goes beyond just grizzly realm things, at times. There's things I deal with I just can't usually talk about on the show. But sometimes I have to because you would be surprised at who and what listens to this show. They know who I am.

Yes, those in space have Internet access. Who do you think we got it from? They're very in tune with what goes on here on earth. What else do they have to do? Earth is like, uh...uh, it's the main act. It's the main act on the stage. And there's a lot of wickedness that goes on here. Humans being sold as slaves, as souls, as numbers. And put in slavery rings. Sex rings, food rings. And you know what? Just so much wickedness and evil.

And that's why the Lord's angelic warriors live and breathe. Seeing the end to all this wickedness. And we're busy trying to destroy it every way we can. And you can't use physical weapons. The Lord doesn't. You know, we're in a spiritual war, and we [audio cuts out] to fight in this war. And orgone is a spiritual weapon.

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Till next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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