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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
November 11, 2013

Giving a Shout-Out to the Offspring of the Angels Who Rebelled at Mount Hermon

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, November 11, and I'm Sherry Shriner. A couple things I wanna talk about tonight. I started talking last week...gonna give a shout-out to all the offspring of the angelic rebellion as detailed in Enoch, chapter 1. The angels who met on Mount Hermon, and made a pact together, and decided to rebel. And, you know, the churches kind of lump that rebellion as Lucifer's, and it's not, it's a separate rebellion.

And when these angels were judged, they didn't lose their looks. When Satan was cursed in the garden of Eden for his part in the fall of Adam and Eve, part of his judgment was he lost his looks. And he was forced to crawl on his belly in the dust of the earth. And that had different meanings as well. Allegorical as well as specific for the animal snake that he had used.

But, in reality, the term that was used in Hebrew was nachash. Literally means a hum--a snake, as in a trait as of a person being a snake. It wasn't a literal snake. And, of course, being forced to crawl on his belly meaning that they would be forced to eat to survive. And, of course, what do they eat? They eat the dust of the ground. Now, what's the dust of the ground? Many terms refer to as humans, themselves. And so, that's why there's such a phenomena of people waking up to the fact that we're...we're on the food chain. Ha! For these terrestrials beings, these...Satan's faction, in particular.

Now, the other angelic rebellion, the one that took place at Mount Hermon, they were never--they didn't lose their angelic looks, number one, and number two, they weren't cursed to live off the dust of the ground like Lucifer was. They weren't forced to have to eat humans to survive. And they don't.

And these--this particular angelic race has progeninated throughout the centuries, over thousands of years. And most of them, I'm not sure how long a terrestrial being lives once they're born. I don't know if it's hundreds of years, thousands of years. I can't--I don't even--can't even begin to know. But they don't even remember. I mean, their--what their original parents did, and why they were born into the status that they were born. I mean, who they really are. They--I doubt they ever really knew exactly who they were and where they came from, you know, as you can attest firsthand.

Everybody's lied to about their history. Everybody. I mean, you could go to school history books and read all the lies about how America was established and founded. And the same thing goes to every country, you know. And it's just--history's always lies. History's always written by whoever has the money to control the printing of the textbooks. And so, pretty much the same thing with them, you know.

1.1 Billion Beings Have Headed to Heaven's North Gate for Restoration - There's Nothing to Be Afraid Of, the Father Is So Merciful

And they weren't evil, wicked beings. That's why there always seem to be such a conflict between, you know, what you would term as Telos, underground city. The tall white race, the tall white ones. And Pleiadeans, and Nordics, and all these other type, humanoid-type angels. They lost their angelic powers, but they still remained humanoid-looking. And they're tall. They're, you know, 8-, 9-, 10-feet tall, whatever. They're a tall race. But many of them about a quarter of a billion, about 250 million, had switched sides, had left their race to join Lucifer's faction.

And so, currently there is about 1.8 billion of them in space. And so, I reached out to them to be amnesty, to basically be forgiven and restored back to heaven where their parents' originally from. If they...if they, to be under the rule of Yahuah. You know, He's their Father, He's their Creator, there's gonna be rules, obviously. And, uh, just the way heaven's run. And, so far, to date, our estimates are that 1.1 billion...1.1 billion have headed to the North Gate to be what I guess you would call a restoration, to be restored, to be amnestied in back to the Father's kingdom.

And so, you know, for the rest, I think, maybe about 4 or 4 and a half...4, uh...450 million, maybe, that are hanging out, there's nothing to be afraid of. I mean, I know Lucifer wants them to think that they're being lied to, and we're gonna abuse them, and all this. And, you know, the only person that abuses people is Lucifer, you know. We're not out to hurt anybody. Just basically offering forgiveness and allowing them back into the Father's kingdom. I mean, He's that merciful.

I mean, these are the many generations down of the offspring of the original angels that fell, and this is their offspring, and so. And the angels that fell have already been judged, you know. They've been judged and they're wherever the Lord put them. You can read about it in the book of Enoch. And these are just the offspring. These are the guilty-by-associations. And these are the ones that the Father is offering His restoration to, and so.

Very awesome. Very awesome, I think, that 1.1 billion have responded. I don't--I never expected that many in a million years. I mean, I just never thought that many. There were that many. It's, like, just get them all. Let's get them all out of Lucifer's control and his grasp.

You know, space is a zoo. In the Bible Codes, it's described as a Barn. Just so many different races, and factions, and terrestrial-type beings. And Lilith has a good hand in that one because she is basically the queen of space. She's the mother of all of them, practically. She had relations with King Solomon. And there were others. And she had offspring with him. And if you read Song of Solomon, where he talks about his relationship, I think that is with the queen of Sheba, also vague reference to Lilith. And so, very interesting. But...yeah, 1.1 billion.

Orgone Has Saturated 100 Percent Land Mass - Comet ISON and Hopi Prophecy of the Blue Star Kachina

And right now, it's gonna start cranking up this week. I was a little distracted last week with other things going on in relation to my ambassador role here on earth. Had things to take care of with that. And it seems that this week is back in focus with the orgone saturating our aerospace. The kings of the earth already very angry. Orgone has saturated 100 percent land mass. And they're starting to feel the effects. They've already been feeling the effects, and so.

Boy, if you don't see the writing on the wall by now. I see the time clock just flying by. Hehe! And so, hehe, it's gonna get interesting. As I said on the previous shows. Especially back in--back in the summer people were asking me about Comet ISON back then. And I, you know, I just, you know, I was shocked to even see it in the Codes back then. And I told you then it wouldn't become dominant until late in November or December. That was the scheduled time. There was a lot of premature talk back in the summer months.

See, it's really not scheduled until November or December, and so, here it is, coming back up in the news again. And talking about how, I think, it's by Thanksgiving or something. It's gonna be the closest point to the sun that it would get. And then it'll swing around the sun and [coughs] be seen by everybody on earth. And, you know, like I said from the start, this isn't a comet. This is nothing but--it's a alien ship. This is one of their--one of their--part of their charades. Being Sananda's charade and the Ashtar. And preparing for his whole arrival thing.

The Hopi prophecies. People are bringing those up. In Hopi prophecy, the Blue Star Kachina is a spirit that will signify the coming of the end of the world by appearing in the form of a blue star. And it's supposedly the...the final sign before the Day of Purification. Described as a catastrophe or a world-engulfing cataclysm that will lead to the destruction of the earth. And then, of course, there's some who have interpreted the prophecy of the Blue Star Kachina to be a reference to the impending arrival of E.T.'s. Of these aliens.

And, you know, that kind of says it all. Because, this whole Blue Star thing is basically saying, "Look, when you see this Blue Star coming," which now they're saying is a comet. It's actually supposed to be a spirit that will signify the coming of the end of the world in the form of a blue star. Now they're saying, "Oh, hey, look. It's Comet ISON and ISON's turning blue." And, uh, whatever. You know, whatever.

Sananda's Starship Capricorn and the Blue Star Kachina

But, interesting that kind of just picks up kind of like, right at--right in the halfway mark of, you know, the book of Revelation. "Look, when you see this sign, boom, the world's over." And what have I been saying? When Sananda arrives, boom, it's over." And--when he physically arrives. And, interestingly enough, his Capricorn ship is blue. A huge blue spaceship. It was visible here in Ohio over the summer months. In fact, Rich has posted pictures of it hanging up above Ohio. I don't know what other states or countries could see it, but we could see it here.

And I think it's, like, you know, 300 miles high or something like that. I can't remember the outrageous numbers I heard about this starship that Sananda has. And--also blue. It's a pretty blue. And so, that could easily, that could easily be, be mis--be thought of as a star. To say Comet ISON's a blue star, and it's, you know, floating, shooting around the galaxy like a UFO. I don't think there's any doubt these things are ships because they're kind of--what they said about the last comet was intelligently controlled. That was their way of saying, "Hey, there's drivers in this thing?" They're driving it. It's not just wandering aimlessly around. And these comets typically are carriers. Bison, uh, Bison carriers, alien carriers. Alien ships.

And so, either way, folks, you know what? I can't even stand the thought of having to go through another year. Because, first of all, December is my most hated month of the year. I hate December. I cannot stand all the Christmas drama, all the paganism. We went through it last year with, "Oh, no. Here we go...," who was it last year? The Mayans? Just trying to debunk all their stuff. And then you had the second sun, and the three days of darkness, and the purification. All that was supposed to happen last year. And the orgone prevented it, and stalled it, and was crashing them all over the place.

And so, here we go, fast forward, er, yeah, to the present, which is now. And Christmas season is coming upon us. And here we are again with all the Sananda drama. You know, I just, ugh. You know, if I had my own starship, seriously, I would leave earth for the next two months. I'd, you know, I just hate it.

We Have an Electrical Grid Practice Coming Up - When It's All Said and Done, I Expect It's Going to Come Down to the Last Week of December

And so, we have an electrical grid practice coming up. A drill. And this thing is kind of twofold. I think it's supposed to happen this week, isn't it? Like the 13th or something, the 15th? This thing is twofold. Because it could either go live. And, you know, they can use this whole thing for the--a time for the Ashtar to prepare to come to earth or whatever, and then crash the grid so they have their three days of darkness. Or it's just practice for when they do it Christmas Day or the day after. Shortly--sometime around the 25th of December.

So it's, it's one or the other. this point, I'm thinking it's probably practice. Um, you know, but...whatever. And you can't pin dates. Because--you can pin timeframes, because they change their minds all the time. [coughs] You could never say, "Oh, they're gonna arrive on this date." Because they would delay it just to--just so that date came and gone, you were wrong. I mean, that's how [coughs]--that's how petty they are. But also because the orgone is destroying them all. And it's burning them.

And so, I have a feeling, when it's all said and done, it's gonna come down [coughs] to the last week of December just like it was last year. And then we're gonna be stuck in America, in the middle of wintertime, with three days of darkness again, with people with no light, no power, no heat. [coughs] And that's what I was afraid of last year, and that's what I'd be afraid of this year. It's just a low-blow, don't you think? To attack people in the middle of a cold winter. People that live in the southern states aren't too worried about that, but I'm thinking Midwest and the east coast. Half of this country, at least, affected by a cold winter without lights or heat. It's just a low-blow by them, to do it in the wintertime.

The 3 Days of Purification May Be a Time When the Lord Tells You to Stay in Your Home for Three Days

But the three days of purification--and I've talked about this a little bit over the years, and I've warned the Lord's people, there may be a time when the Lord tells you, "Hey, stay in your house. Do not leave." And this three days of purification would be that time when the Lord says stay in your homes, don't leave. Because what they plan on doing is unleashing their entire zoo of aliens on earth and just eliminating people off of it. Just killing people. It's gonna be a mass annihilation.

Now, I don't know what they're telling their followers. They'll probably say, "Oh, we're just ridding the earth of evil." Who do they know, and how do they know, in darkness, because the electrical grids are down, how do they know who's evil and who isn't? And they're not unified, to where you could actually say, "OK, look for this particular person, this kind of life"--they can't discern. You know? So,'s gonna be chaos. It's gonna be a zoo. And so, that would be the time you'd stay in your house, for at least three days. And who knows the repercussions after that? And so, you know.

I don't wanna spend a lot of time tonight on the show talking about their little three days of mayhem. But just be aware that that's what they're working toward. And it's, you know, that's gonna be part of our Christmas drama this year. And, of course, the arrival of Sananda, which is Satan, and his little blue Capricorn ship. As far as I know, we pretty much destroyed the ship. Maybe that's why they're switching it to Comet ISON and saying, "Look. Comet ISON is the Blue Star Kachina." Because we've pretty much destroyed the Capricorn with the orgone.

Even Though Americans Are Israelites, the Second Coming of Yahushua Will Be in the Literal Land of Israel and Sananda Will Mimic That

And another thing about the whole thing is that this doesn't make prophetic sense in the least for them to arrive in America. I mean, you know. That's like saying the battle of Armageddon would be held in America. You know? I mean, Yahushua's second coming of Christ--the second coming of Christ when Yahushua returns to earth, will be in Israel. The literal land of Israel. Even though all the people of Israel are here in America. Because we're all Israelites. He will land in the literal land, because it talks about how His foot will on the Mount of Olives, and there's an earthquake, and stuff like--gives graphical signs to let you know he's landing in the literal land of Israel. So why wouldn't Sananda mimic that as being--if he's trying to come mimicking Jesus of the Bible for the Christians?

And another thing is sure, you know, certainly the Muslims aren't gonna buy it. Because the Muslim prophecies state that he would arrive during the time of their prayers, and all this stuff. Which Maitreya would fulfill for the Muslims. And he'll fill that in the Middle East while Sananda arrives over here in America? Seriously? You know, that's one of the things in the Codes that just throws me off. It's, like, why would he arrive here? I don't get it. You know, other than wanting me dead, I can't understand why he's focused so much on Ohio. And, you know, why don't they go focus on their little land in the Middle East and get their charade going.

The Bible Codes Refer to Sananda's Arrival as a Manned, Staged Production

And one of the things I see in the Codes, which is funny is Staged and Manned. I mean, because this whole thing about him coming is all staged. It's an Alienwood production. Alienwood [like Hollywood]. It's all staged. It's a manned, staged production.

And the least we can do is--those who say that they love the Lord--is to try to sabotage it. And that's what we've been doing, and so. [laughs] I mean, seriously, do you want to sit and watch Sananda coming through the clouds, with his robes and his angelic host, as long as they can fake it, acting like and mimicking like he's the Son of God? I mean, how many of us can stomach that really? And so, I think the least that can be on anybody's mind as a real lover of the Son of God would be, "How do we get this idiot out of the air?" You know? [laughs] "How do we stop the whole charade?"

And that's why my point has always been let's just stop Plan A and make them go to Plan B. And Plan B, same thing. I don't know, maybe he's gonna show up and appear on Nancy Grace or something, you know. Start doing his CNN rounds, you know. Start doing little interviews on TV. And, uh, [laughs] you know, "I'm Sananda. I'm the Son of God." People aren't gonna buy that either. But they're not gonna buy your charade in the sky either.

Be Prepared - Don't Be Caught Off Guard - With No Electricity, This Week Would Be a Perfect Time for the Government to Go After Those on the Red List

So he's really between a rock and a hard place. Which is why they need 3 days of purification. So they can try to target and hound where the Christians are. And the bigmouths. And it would be a perfect time for NATO troops and the government, working in alignment, of course, with their little Red List, going after everybody on the Red List.

And with no electricity--and you better heads up for this week, too, because you better be thinking about it for this week, too--with no electricity, you can't warn each other, "Hey, government's doing roundups." You know. Everybody's Internet's down. No way to communicate. They could decide to go ahead and begin the roundups now. And what did William Cooper say? Was it William Cooper anyway that said that 6 weeks before martial law, they would begin roundups, Red List roundups. And if you look at it, this week would be about 6 weeks before Christmas. Which is--would be their D-Day.

And so, yeah, it could just be a big excuse to begin roundups this week. Just saying. Don't be caught off guard. Lock and load. You know, be prepared. Have flashlights. Have oil lamps. Have headlamps. Have your guns locked and loaded. And I was reading an article the other day. It said 1 in 4 women in America are now armed. [laughs] I laughed. I got my concealed carry earlier this year. And I can't--I haven't carried a gun once. I could if I need it. That's the reason I got it. I could carry it if I needed to or wanted to. I just don't, you know. I just haven't, and so.

But it would be a good time to think about carrying a weapon when you start seeing visible appearances of aliens on this earth, and ugly, grotesque beings, beings from hell, that type of thing. Yeah, that'd wake you up a little bit, won't it? And all the Christians would be like, "Where's the rapture?" [laughs] Don't get me started on a pretrib rapture. Ha! Anyway. So, another route of theirs.

We Could Knock Them Back from Plan A All the Way Down to Plan D - Why Do They Keep Changing the Design of Our Money?

Let's talk about Plan A, knocking them down to Plan B. We could knock them all the way back to Plan D. I mean, this could get that amusing. And if they've already announced it on our dollar bills--I'm not even sure which denomination it is showing the Grey alien, the tall Grey alien dressed in, like, royalty. OK, so that's a real picture of what the Ashtar Command looks like without their manipulated human-looking bodies. Because they are tall Grey aliens.

But also the fact, um, uh, just kind of a heads up that this event is coming. I mean, have you ever wondered why they keep changing money? Because they keep saying, "Oh, we need to change the money because of counterfeiters. Well, the biggest counterfeiters of our money is our own government. I mean, come on. I've told you about Bush, Sr. giving the Saudis printing plates to our money. They could print as much as they wanted. He just gave them printing plates. So the biggest counterfeiters is the government, itself. It's not you and me and the small, average person.

They keep changing the money so they could hide more clues. So they can say, "Look. It was in your hands every day. We told you the truth. It was right there in your hands every day." Because most people handle money in one way or another every day. It was right there. All you had to do was look for it. You know. And so, clever people are starting to look through the money and putting it together in the right wrinkle and the right fold, and saying, "Look what's here. What they're revealing now." And that's why they keep changing the money. Because they keep, you know, new events come up, and routes change, and new plans come up, they hide it in the money.

So, uh, yeah, Sherry doesn't sound so crazy after all, huh? I'm not so crazy after all, am I? Now our own government's printing aliens looking royalty on our money, you know. People gotta wake up. I'm just way ahead of you. That's the problem. I've been patient. I've been very patient.

Only a Fraction of the Church Will Be Taken and Hidden, Not Raptured

All right, so, at this point, you know, in the game, in the war, right now we're looking at MAD. It's MAD. It's Mutual Assured Destruction, at this point. OK. But it changes. Because, what's the Lord say? In Revelation, chapter 3 He says He will take--which is the symbolic church of Philadelphia, not some literal church in Philadelphia. It's symbolic. And you can read it in chapter 3. Talks about those who have loved Him, and followed Him, have been faithful to Him, loyal. He will protect those. This is really what the churches think of when you think of a pretrib rapture. It's that protecting of the church of Philadelphia.

But the problem with the churches is when the Pentecostals introduced that whole pretrib rapture thing, that kind of swept everybody under this rug and said the whole church will be raptured. No, they won't. It'd be a fraction of the church. A fraction will be taken and be hidden. Doesn't say they're taken into heaven. It just says they're taken and hidden.

It Would Be Interesting to Take a Trip to Jordan and Petra to See How Many People Are Already Starting to Camp Out There

And then, when you look at the Jewish prophecies, it talks about the Jewish people--once the abomination of desolation starts, and Jews fleeing to Petra, which is the rose red city in Jordan. Also where they filmed Indiana Jones. And the rose red city of Petra in Jordan is basically in a desert canyon.

I bet you if I, uh--and I was thinking, you know, "How does one take a tourist trip to Jordan without getting killed?" Is it safe for tourists? I know Jordan's kind of always been, uh, um, more polite to nonArab people than anybody else. It would be interesting to go on a trip there and see Petra. See if, uh, how many people are already starting to camp out there. [laughs] Christians looking for a place to go from America to get out of, uh, get out of here. I wonder if they're camping out heading to Jordan and to Petra. It would be interesting to know.

I've never been out of the country, so. I'm not even sure I could get on a plane, if I'm, like, on their no-flight list or something. [laughs] I wouldn't, uh, didn't have too much luck in an airport several years ago, but that was because I had a knife on me and it was hidden in my purse. And they didn't like that too well. But I still got on the plane to Texas. I don't think that put me on a no-fly list. [laughs]

You know, I've been carrying knives on me since I was 16-years-old. And so, it's no big thing for me to have a coat on or in my purse and there be a small knife or something. I mean, it's not like I'm gonna whip it out and use it and carve somebody up. You know, I usually just have it because we always need a knife, you know. Especially when you have kids. I always have a knife in the car because they're always buying those toys with those hard plastic tie things on them they had to cut off and stuff. Always just had it around, always been handy, and so. I'm not a violent criminal. [laughs]

But anyway, at this point of the stage, maybe I'd go to Jordan for the month of December and enjoy the weather out there. I'm sure it's nicer out there than here, in December. Maybe get their Maitreya show, while everybody else gets the Sananda show. Because I don't think the people in America are gonna get the Maitrey--the--I know the people in the Middle East are gonna see this Sananda show, like Americans will. I think this is just for America. A big facade. A big Alienwood production they're putting on just for America. Because, really, the UFO highway around the world runs east to west. That's why there's so many, you know...east to west. Look in the east, look in the west. That's the UFO highway. It's the middle of the highway that runs all the way around the earth.

If they wanted to arrive so that the entire world saw them at one time, they would have to arrive, uh, um, what is it, like, 6:30 in the evening. Everybody's on the same time zone for one second or whatever. Either way, they would have to arrive from the north. They would have to arrive north. Not east or west. And right now, all the action is east to west. You get all these alien ships. These huge ones in the west every night. And east if you're out west. [laughs] Depending on where you are, it's west or east, right? So they would have to descend down from the north, if they wanted the entire world to see it. I don't know. I'm not a scientist.

If The Electricity Goes Out This Week, Have Your Guns Locked and Loaded, and Do Not Let Them Take You to a FEMA Camp

But, uh, hm. Anyway, be talking more about that, but, you know, like I said, this week, if your electric goes out, you know, have your guns locked and loaded. And do not be taken. Do not let them take you to a FEMA camp. You know? If you have to fight to survive and defend yourself and your family, do so. Because you do not wanna be rounded up and taken to a FEMA camp.

There's a Triad in the New World Order Alien Agenda with the Queen, the Black Pope, and Rothschild

Uh, anyway, um...mmmmm. Look through my notes here. Um...oh, what the Lord was telling me earlier. Um...[big sigh]. I was thinking about the, know, every night there's, like, a triangle of stars over my house. Like, "Here she is." [laughs] It's a solid triangle. "She's right below the triangle." It's like a marker. [laughs] And it's been doing this for months. And, uh, and so, I was looking at the triangle. There's, like, a triad in this whole New World Order alien agenda. It's like, the queen, the Black Pope, and Rothschild. And I'm thinking, "OK, it's, uh, you know, I've always heard it's a matriarchal society. Because they're all from Eve's seed, which was Cain. And Eve, herself, because she left Adam and joined up with Lucifer. And they all consider Eve as their mother and stuff. And so--and Cain as their father.

Um, so, you got the whole woman thing represented with the queen. And then you have the Vatican. And the Vatican represents the Black Pope position. It's really like Pope Francis and all them. They're not--they're irrelevant. They're about as important to the charade of things as, like, Obama is to politics in America. He doesn't make any choices, he doesn't make any decisions, he's just a pawn that says what they are. And that's what the pope is. He's just a pawn. He has that whole council of Cardinals behind him that are the real policy makers, that are the agenda-pushers.

And he doesn't even have the power. The power has come down from the Black Pope. And the Black Pope is a secret position. Their office is located down the road from the Vatican. Van--what's his name--Kolvenbach used to be it. Then they put somebody else in the office because everybody found out it was Kolvenbach. I've never...I've never once believed that that new guy was actually it. I've always felt Kolvenbach just kept--they were just trying to blow smoke and throw everybody off Kolvenbach's tail. I still think he's it; the Black Pope.

Sananda Is Always Either at the Vatican or the Mormon Temple in Utah

And either way, that's where Satan really rules. I mean, Sananda's always there. He's always at the Vatican. And, so why--you know...why would he be at the Vatican? You know, seriously. Because he's...that's his throne on earth. And that's exactly what the pope calls the seat he sits on; the throne. And so, uh--he says it's God's throne on earth or whatever. Because Satan, if you want--it always kind of goes between the Vatican and the Mormon temple in Utah. And, uh, I know I chased him out of Utah. I pounded that area pretty good with orgone.

There's a temple underneath...underneath the Mormon tabernacle there. And there is a throne of gold for Satan in that little sanctuary-type thing they built underneath that temple, and so. Kind of goes back and forth between the Mormons in Utah (used to) and the Vatican. And probably staying more towards the Vatican. And so, you have that position.

The Queen, the Black Pope, Rothschild Mimic Lucifer, Lilith and Azazel - Lilith and Weeping for Tammuz

And then you have Rothschild. Where does Rothschild come in? Rothschild's like the son. He's like, uh...he's like the progenitor of the seedlines on earth. You know, because if you look at all the power families, the power brokers, the money families, they're all related to the Rothschilds. You know, Rockefeller's a Rothschild. And what these people do is they have bastard children everywhere. I mean, they just go out, and, um, they go to strip clubs, they...go wherever. They don't care who the woman is. If she's rich or poor. They have them everywhere. They have bastard kids everywhere. And then they watch these kids grow up. And they keep very tight control over them. Not themselves, directly, but the aliens that been with their groups and whatever.

It's like Clinton. He grew up. He was a Rockefeller kid. Rockefeller bastard kid. And nobody knew. He grew up in Arkansas with a woman who, you know, and very humble, whatever. Nobody would've thought he was a Rockefeller. That's what they do. They have kids everywhere. And then they kind of guide them and steer them as they get older and they put them in positions of, uh...positions of influence. You know, like, how do you get a crack-smoking homosexual, uh, even in college? And let alone Harvard, or Columbia.

And they guide and steer, and they pay for your education so that you can get where they want you. And Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar. And, uh, you know, they guide--the point of what I'm saying is that it's all controlled. They--so that all these people in positions of power today--influence--all go back to the same bloodlines. You know. There's no surprises. There's really no chance of somebody that's not one of them getting in a position of influence. It's all controlled. They control it.

And, so that's Rothschild. He's like the son on earth. So you kind of have the mimicry. You have the queen...[audio unclear] then you have the queen, you have the Black Pope, and you have the son, which is Rothschild. And it kind of, uh, kind of mimics Lucifer, Lilith, and Azazel. You know, I was trying to think, you know, they always used everything, as above, so below. Try to mimic everything. That's what their whole Baphomet thing is. That's what pyramids are. Because they [audio unclear] the other side of a pyramid inside the earth, it's supposed to go the opposite direction. So, as above, so below.

Lilith, Lucifer, and Azazel. Azazel was their firstborn son. Now, someone told me I'm wrong. That the firstborn son was allegorised as Tammuz, who we know as Tammuz in allegory. Fictional allegory. His real name was Liam, uh, Liam, L-i-a-m. And there was something weird that happened. I think Lucifer was going to try to possess Liam's body because Lucifer is a spirit. He's a...has a angelic body. It's a fallen, cursed angelic body. But nevertheless. He's a angelic spirit...body was. And so, he was going to possess Tammuz' body so he could have a human body on earth. His own human body. And it blew up. He blew the kid up. Because Satan is very...he has a lot of power. A lot of, a lot of angelic power. And the human body couldn't contain him. And he blew him up. And so, you have the weeping for Tammuz thing because Lilith was very...very upset. Very distraught about the whole thing. She loved that little kid, I guess.

There you go, Satan. Destroying somebody else's kids. Just always destroying. It's what he does. And so, anyway, so we have this kind of allegory mimicry thing here with Lilith, Lucifer, and Azazel, through the queen, the pope, and the Rothschilds, you know. Thought that was interesting.

Lilith Also Had Offspring with the Other "Trees" in the Garden of Eden - Lilith Has 7 Billion Offspring in Space

And, you know, at the time, when Lilith left Adam, as I've said, she's like the mother of space. She has billions of offspring in space. She also had offspring with the other "trees" in the garden. You know, trees are a metaphor for people. And so, she also had relations with--not just with Lucifer, but with the other trees in the garden. Because they had, you know, they're all out of the garden now. They're all just kind of...actually he was probably still in the garden at the time because she left him. He wasn't kicked out of the garden. It was Adam--it was Eve who got him kicked out of the garden. So he's still in the garden. She had relations with all the other trees that were still in the garden.

And so, you think how many now? I mean, how many thousands of years since all this started, the beginning of time? She has 7 billion in space. I asked Father the other day how many she had. 7 billion. 7 billion. So you're looking at 1.8 billion just of the humanoid angels from the angelic rebellion on Mount Hermon. Then you have 7 billion of Lilith's kids. And Satan's. It's just--now you can see why space is a zoo. Why in the Codes I'll see Barn. Because a barn holds various types of animals in it. That's what our space is. It's just--in the Bible Codes, they're called Beasts, they're called Animals. Because to the Lord, that's what they are. They're beasts.

Interesting thing, the Antichrist is called a beast. He's referred to as the beast. And if you'll notice, you'll recognize the play on words. Beast is a nonhuman. He's a nonhuman. Not human, folks. I think the churches need to pick that one up and run with it. I've been screaming that for ten years now. No, they don't listen to me. They're supposed to be. You know. The Lord told me I would train his prophets and his preachers. And they don't listen. Some do. But, anyway.

There Is a Human Barry Soetoro, but It's Not Obama

The beast. The nonhuman. And what have I been saying about Obama since 2008 when he stole the election from Hillary Clinton? [laughs] He's not human, folks. Not human. You know? There is a human Barry Soetoro, but Obama is not. There's--people don't realize Barry Soetoro and Obama are two different people. And right now, this Obama is multiple people because there's multiple androids that keep replacing the android that malfunctioned before it. And so, it kind of keeps going with the android thing and the cloning with Obama. There is a real Barry Soetoro. And he's hidden away. He's--you'll never see him. He's not the one in power. They stole his story. They stole his...his, uh, attributes and things like that. And attributed it all to this Obama that they propped up. So, very interesting with that. That's a show in itself.

Celebrities and the Illuminati-Owned Media

Uh, what else? Um...uh, I was watching, um...I don't know if you guys ever watched that Inside Edition stuff. You know, these Illuminati-owned media channels. And they always seem to try to focus...whoever they're focusing on, you know, sometimes it's just amusing. And you look--watch this garbage. And, like, OK, who are they...who are they punishing, who are they propping up? Because they use their media channels like that. To either punish their people to keep them in line, get them back in line, or prop them up. OK?

So they've been...they've been propping up this fake Miley forever. Because she's fake. And they need a replacement for Lady Gaga and Madonna because they're getting older. And Madonna's a little busy now because Jim Carrey is no longer the high priest of the satanic cult, Death Cult in Hollywood, so Madonna has taken over. She was supposed to build her own group out there, but Jim Carrey went AWOL [absent without leave]. And so, Madonna has taken over that. Stepped in. And so, yeah, you know, it's like, "Where's Jim Carrey?" Have you seen him the last five months, folks. You know? Kind of AWOL, don't you think? And so, they kind of put the focus on other celebrities to try to figure out the messes that they're usually in. The other ones. And so, hide the...hide the dramas. What's really going on.

They've been focusing on the black mafia crowd; the JayZ and the Beyonce. Because, you know, they're--at least they're somewhat human. Somewhat. I said that loosely. And the fake Miley. Because she went AWOL, too. That's not the real one. Also, you know, with the whole double down thing, where they're replacing people en masse. And think about it, folks. They've been perfecting this since 2005.

We've Been Watching the Human System Crash and the Alien One Rising and Taking Over, and No One's Noticed

If you haven't read my article, The Invasion....Has Begun [], it's a short article, you need to read that. Because this is, you know, the Lord gave me that word in 2005, and it's now 2013, and they have...they have perfected their tech beyond belief. I mean, if you look at Bush, and he had that--Bush, Jr., the cowboy. [audio unclear] the cowboy. [audio unclear] the Codes. It's funny. He had that box on his back because the androids used to be controlled by those boxes on their backs. And they said, "Oh, it a microphone." No, you know what? They put the microphones on your belt, you know. And your tie. And so, you know, most people just go back to sleep. They don't think about--question anything. But now they don't even need those boxes. They don't need the boxes.

They can--a testament to the Mitt Romney and Obama debates. Because those androids were handled perfectly. Without boxes on their backs. That's how good their technology's getting. And, you know, it's almost like a whole...whole remote control Congress-type thing now. Everybody's just remote-controlled. Because they're androids. They're not even human. They don't even have congressional meetings anymore. Is there a purpose? Is there a reason? Do they have White House staff meetings anymore? Is there a purpose? Is there a reason? Because whoever's controlling all these androids can just rubber stamp whatever they need signed, whatever they need...whatever they need passed, whatever they need done.

They don't--they're not--they don't need humans anymore. They can just--they're staying behind the curtain, shouting their orders. And, of course, this is all charades coming down from, you know, the triad; the queen, the Black P--the pope, and Rothschilds. And so, you know, literally, we've been watching the human system crash and the alien one rising and taking over, and no one's noticed. Because the alien has assimilated into the human society as humans. You know?

International Meltdown Week - We Need to Start Exposing Who the Controllers Are by Name

And so, we had--last week we had International Meltdown Week. And good for them that they have 10-second delays on TV now. So they can hide the reporters having malfunctions on there. The Al Roker thing still a classic. I gotta put that one on my website. And also, they stayed home. You know? They did. They--a lot of them stayed home. I'll have to ask Rahm Emanuel about that one. [laughs] Stay home this week, Rahm? Have a nice vacation? [laughs] Him being associated with that for some reason. For some reason. You know. Mossad having a meltdown in public wouldn't be good.

But, yeah, they have their safeguards in, and so. But I was still hoping that someone somewhere would catch something on phone video or something at a mall. Because they're not just assimilated in the media, and Hollyweird, and Washington [D.C.]. They're everywhere. They're amongst us. In society. And so, I was hoping someone somewhere would get a good shot of something, and so. I don't know.

Maybe we'll just have to make it an entire month and see how many politicians take off out of the country. Maybe that's a good way of getting rid of them. [laughs] Right now, they're basically useless anyway, right, because they have no power to stop anything, steer anything, control and influence anything. They're...all that's being systematically taken away from them by the controllers and the androids.

We really need to start maybe just exposing who the controllers are, you know. People say, "Oh, it's the bankers," "Oh, it's the Rothschilds." I wanna see the man behind the curtain pulling the puppet strings, you know. The men. I think that's--I think that would be amusing. The next stop to go. Start exposing who the puppet holders are. And I'm talking about names and people. I'm not talking about, "Oh, it's the Vatican," "Oh, it's the queen," "Oh, it's the Rothschilds." No, I'm talking about names, people. You know, Rothschild's been gone for a long time, so has the queen and the pope. You know, they've been gone for a long time. So what are we dealing with now? A bunch of clones? Everybody knows the queen's a Lizard. She doesn't even hide it.

Death Cult in Hollywood - Michael Jackson Was the High Priest in Los Angeles for a Long Time

Already 10:55. Ah, this show goes quick. But anyway, I wanna talk about Death Cult, for a few minutes, in Hollywood and how it runs so that people can get an understanding. When you hear the term Death Cult in Hollywood, the Death Cult is a group of Reptilians and other factions of aliens working together to condition and prepare mankind for their arrival here.

And you always hear about the Jews and Hollywood. And who are the Jews? We're not talking about the real ones. We're talking about the fake Khazar Jews. The same ones that the Talmud satanic worshippers of today in Israel. They're not real Jews either. And you have them working with the, uh, you know, the Mob in Hollywood. You always have the Mob everywhere. And these Illuminati families. But ultimately these very powerful Reptilians that control that sect in Alienwood (in Hollywood). And they're in--they control the Brotherhood that's there. You'll see JayZ and all them promoting the Illuminati and the Brotherhood. And that's all part of the culture there as well.

You know, Michael Jackson, he was the high priest in L.A. for a long time. I know people don't wanna hear this, but he...he was the high priest and he renounced it and left. He got out. He wanted out. And so, for 20 years they tried to kill him. He was, like, the high priest up until, like, his mid-20s. Before he--he wanted out. He wanted out. He wanted no part of it anymore.

I don't know what changed him. I don't know if he just woke up from his mind control he was under. But he left. And didn't want any part of it. And so they--it took them 20 years to kill him, but they finally got him. It's what typically happens to people who join and then want out. You know, Miley wanted out. She would never join. She was forced in to begin with from the time she was born. And they killed her. And, you know, Brittany has been allowed to live, but, you know, Lord knows what they've done to her mind. Lobotomized her. She looks like a...a robot now. "Yes, ma'am," "No, sir," you know. Same thing with Lady Gaga. Her family, long-time Illuminati Brotherhood ties.

But now, stepping in to replace--well, there was Michael Jackson and then--I'm not sure if Robert Shapiro took over after Michael Jackson. He's just always been a second hand to Jim Carrey. Robert Shapiro very high up there. He might be Madonna's second hand. I don't know how they do it when a woman runs the Cult. Because usually it's the high priest and the high priestess. But with Jim, it was Jim and Robert, and so, that was two men. And so, now you've got Madonna running high priest--[audio cuts out], and I don't know who her...I'll assume Robert Shapiro stayed in. But either way, things still going on, carrying on in Hollywood.

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Anyway, till next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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