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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
November 18, 2013

Lucifer Is Angry That I'm Pushing This Whole Ashtar Council Facade

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Sherry Shriner on Monday night, November 18. Well, folks, are we waiting for their arrival? Are we preparing for a showdown with Satan and his forces? [Sherry plays a few seconds of the song Kashmir by Led Zeppelin...]

Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face, stars fill my dreams
I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been
To sit with elders of the gentle race, this world has seldom seen
They talk of days for which they sit and wait, all will be revealed

Don't be fooled by the cute and cuddly appearances, folks. You know, it's all window dressings and lies. Saw something funny in the Codes the other day. About how Lucifer's angry that I'm pushing this whole Ashtar council facade. And you know what? They started it. They started it years ago with the New Age movement. Trying to lull [audio unclear] themselves in. Presenting themselves as these Ascended Masters and stuff. And so, I forced the issue. If he's gonna put it out there, then perform it.

A Council Runs Lucifer's Kingdom for Him Because He Is So Inept and Incompetent

And so, it should be amusing. Because there's a council that runs Lucifer's kingdom for him because he's so inept and incompetent. And they stay hidden in the background. And I've talked about them on this show before. It's the white Lizards, the albinos. And they live in an underground city in the Libyan desert. They've also been see at NORAD in Colorado. I told you a couple years ago how they chased the humans down the road to Peterson Air Force Base, and the aliens had taken over NORAD.

This December Is Going to Be the Same Facade as Last Year at Christmastime - It's Maitreya's Ship Shema That We See in the Sky, Not Venus

And pretty much, since then, you know, I told you this December was gonna be the same facade as last year at Christmastime. It was just gonna be a hit the rewind button, we're gonna go through all this again. And that's basically what we're going through.

You see the star in the west. And I posted on my Facebook site the other day that was Maitreya's ship. His starship. It's not even a star. In the Bible Codes, it's called a Lamp. And you'll hear me, how I used to mock Shema and talk about how it was a 10,000 [-watt] GE [General Electric Company] light bulb. And that's basically what this new star is in the west. It's a lamp. It's not, you know--it's a lamp. It's light bulbs. It's some kind of huge lighting structures. And it looks like they keep adding sections onto it. It keeps getting bigger and bigger.

And people wanna argue, "Oh, that's Venus." Well, you know, Venus is way far, more southwest now. And the earth's wobbling. Our total sky being a lie right now. What they can do is they can shift things around and then put their fake starships in the place where you expect to see planets and stars, you know. It's all shifting around.

And so--and if you'll notice, there's nothing to see in the night sky but Maitreya's starship. And that's the whole point. Because one of the main prophecies that they have of the New Age agenda is you will see his star in the east. And so, I realize it's west here. And I'm no genius, but I'm wondering if it looks east from China and the Middle East. If they see it in their east. We see it in our west. I mean, obviously. I'm wondering if they see it in their east. Because these're the ones that he really has to fool.

I mean, he's not gonna fool a lot of Americans. And all they have to do is change things around and lull the New Agers back into their pockets, and so. It's gonna get interesting because that's one of their main agendas. And they're coming soon. I can see that. And, you know, last year they had open green lights. Off and on this year. They always have them. But they're running out of time. They're running out of time.

I don't wanna spend an incredible amount of time on that tonight. I wanted to get into some other things. But that's what's going on now, you know. They're getting ready to arrive. Their arrival.

In My Father's House Are Many Mansions

A couple things that I wanted to just sit back and hit on some truths that most of the churches ignore. Things that the Lord's been showing me all week. And I've been getting into a lot of stuff of just how things are, you know. And I don't know about you, but when I first became a Christian back when I was little, one of my favorite verses was in John, chapter 14, verse 2. And it says,

2 In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.
3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

And if you look at the...there's layers of meanings in this verse, "In my Father's house are many mansions." We can limit this and think, "Oh, OK. There's these huge mansions." There's 7,000, 10,000, 15 square foot--15,000 square foot mansions or whatever.

But if you take this back a little bit, "In my Father's house," actually being His own heavenly realm, we know that the angelic realms--there's about 5 or 6 angelic realms, a house being another name for universe. It says house--er, mansions in His house. [coughs] There are mansions in this universe. There are planets in this universe.

Most people don't grasp the concept. I know when, you know, the whole time I was growing up, you always envision heaven being something totally different. That all this is underneath heaven, and heaven is a top floor, way above us, and that's heaven. It's up on this top floor, and this whole universe thing, this whole abyss thing is below it or whatever. That He reigns above. We always hear He reigns above. Heaven's above. And it is. It's a higher dimension. It's a higher realms.

Earth Is Only About 7 or 8 Thousand Years Old in It's Present State, but It's Been Replenished, It Was Previously Destroyed

But it's also set up just like, very much like, our own present solar system. Now our solar system has been in a fallen state. Earth is in a fallen state. And I've talked about, in my article, In the Beginning [], a little bit about pre-Adamic civilization and how things were, how things existed before Adam was created. You know, the earth wasn't created, it was recreated. It was replenished. It existed at one time. And then it was completely destroyed. And it sat empty and destroyed for a long time. And then the Father recreated it. And then created the garden of Eden and set Adam and Eve in it.

So, pre-Adamic times, you know, archaeologists and historians, nobody can agree exactly how old the earth is. Some think it's millions of years old. The churches believe it's only 7,000 years old. And it is only about 7 or 8 thousand in its current state. In the state it's in now. It's existed before, it's been destroyed, it's been replenished, recreated. And so, that's why you're gonna find so many different things when you go digging around. In our soil, in our mountains, in our oceans you're gonna find different things that don't make any sense. Because it's been around for a long time.

The Churches Want to Brush Off Things They Can't Explain - There Are Strange Creatures That Once Existed, and Some Still Do

You know, people wanna think we're just gonna brush this whole dinosaur thing off. That that didn't exist. You know, churches tend to brush things off they can't explain. Or these animals that once existed. Or fairies and mermaids. And all these things that the churches can't explain, they just brush off and act like they don't exist. That it's all fiction.

And what have I been screaming, for years? That there's really no such thing as fiction. We get all of our truths from somewhere. From something. We're not that imaginative on our own. All of these things have existed at one time. Some of them still do. Yes, there is a mermaid race. Yes, there were fairies. Fairies were connected somewhere along with the Reptilian faction, I believe.

Satan Created His Own Beings and Animals Through Crossbreeding, Such as Cavemen, Dinosaurs, Pigs, and More

Satan created his own animals for a long time. He was crossbreeding and experimenting. I've told you about the missing link between the Neanderthal, and caveman, and Adam, and why they'll never find it.

You know, when the Lord gave him a space of time to repent when he rebelled against the Father, it was thousands of years, folks. It wasn't just a couple days, a couple months. He gave him 2,000 years to repent. And during that time, Satan was trying to become god. But the closest thing he could get was taking something God had already created and recreating it and crossbreeding it with something else. And that's why you have the dinosaurs and a lot of these animals that the Father, Himself, did not create. In fact, some of them are still on the planet today, such as the pig. You know, the Father didn't create that. And it was other things that He didn't create that are still here.

And so, Earth's history goes far beyond what people are led to believe.

At One Time, Our Solar System Was Made Up of 12 Planets and Jupiter Was Where the Throne Room of God Was

At one time, our solar system was a complete system and there were 12 planets. And Jupiter actually was, at one time, the throne room of God. It's where the throne of God was. It was Jupiter. That's why people say, "Oh, it's a star that fizzled out." And they have all these explanations for why it's a 90 percent gas planet now. And it's in a fallen state now from what it used to be.

But this is where they get the mimicry of calling this Jupiter Yahweh. You know, you've probably heard it, or seen information online about, you know, how you refer to the Father as Yahuah. And they say, "Oh, that's Yahweh. That's Jupiter. That's the false god." No, that's the mimic of the real one. The real one's Yahuah. The false one, they call Yahweh. And they associate him with Jupiter, because back when, back in the day, Jupiter was actually the throne room, throne place of God; the real God. And now it exists in its fallen state.

A lot of these planets, part of an angelic community way back. It's used to be--like I said, it used to be a heavenly realm. They used to be angelic communities. And the planets revolved around Jupiter. And, you know, Enoch states, our planets today don't move. Their all in a fallen state. The sun moves around the planets. But if you listen to our astronomers, and our scientists, and our textbooks, they'll get out the little rings, and they'll show you how the planets rotate around the sun. And that's not truth, that's not accurate. The sun moves in and around the gates and the planets. And so, a lot of things existing in a fallen state since that--since Lucifer's rebellion.

The Place the Lord Yahushua Is Preparing for Us Is the New Jerusalem

But the Lord said, Yahushua said, "In my Father's house, I go to prepare a place for you." And what He's been preparing--and you can read about it in Revelation, chapter 21, 22--is the New Jerusalem. A huge cube. I guess you could call it a star planet. And it gives you the dimensions. It's 1500 miles wide by 1500 miles high. And it has 12 gates. Three on each side; north, south, east, west. And it has 12 floors. And on each floor is the name of an apostle. And on each of the gates is the name of an apostle.

And I found that interesting, because we move away from everything being centered around, you know, the 12 tribes of Israel, and the 12 sons of Jacob, to the 12 apostles. Because this is the place that Yahushua is preparing for His Bride. You know, I've talked about Enoch's planet. And Enoch's planet was a--I call it Enoch's planet because he was the one that revealed it, had told us that, "Hey, there's a planet, there's a place in the north--between the north and the west. And the Lord's preparing a place for His people there. And so, these are all the people from preresurrection. From the time when the Lord died and rose again. All of those people from that time, earlier, the preresurrection believers and saints from Adam on, when they died, their souls went to this planet, this place in heaven that was prepared for them by God.

And so, you're gonna find people there like Abraham, Moses, Issac, Adam, Enoch, the Old Testament prophets, David. You know, just all of the Old Testament saints and the greats, you know, would inhabit this planet, this heaven that the Lord created. He cracks up that I call it Enoch's planet. He always laughs about that name. And when I name all these other new ones coming out, He always cracks up. "What are you gonna call this one?" "What are you gonna call that one?"

But Yahushua's cube, His new Jerusalem, is the place where He went to prepare for His people, for His Bride.

Rewards and Ranking System in Heaven

And I was talking about the 12 apostles with the Lord. Because, you know, throughout the New Testament, you hear about the Lord talking from the least to the greatest, you know. And there always seems to be those who do a lot, to those who do very little, if anything. There's the least and the greatest.

And I've been talking about how there's a reward and ranking system. You know, when you die, your time's over on earth to produce anymore fruit for the kingdom of God. And that's our mandate on earth. You know, if you're a believer in the Most High, then you're supposed to be building fruit for Him. You know, building His kingdom. Earning fruit. You know?

And when you die, the record books are open. People call this the judgment seat of Christ. But it's not a judgment of condemnation like the Great White Throne judgment. It's the Judgment Seat of Christ in where you are rewarded for your faithfulness on Earth to Him. And some people will be rewarded very much, and some will be rewarded very little.

And some who think they're gonna be rewarded very much will learn that they're gonna be rewarded very little, because they spent all their time building their kingdom on Earth, their palaces on Earth. You know? And so, they're not gonna be rewarded with them in heaven. You know, they spent all their time chasing after material possessions here on Earth.

The Lord Hates the Commercialization of His Name

And, you know, the one thing that the Lord hates the most more than anything is commercializing His name. You know, they think they can make a ministry and a lifetime out of writing books and creating videos and selling them, you know. If you look at all these megapreachers on TV, it's what they do, it's their living. They're commercializing the Lord's name and they make their livings off that. They say, "Well, I don't make the salaries of preacher, but I'm making my millions off my books and my videos." Yeah, they're commercializing His name.

Can you imagine--I mean, I can't even imagine--if I decided to charge for all the info He's giving me all these years? And said, "Look, the Lord just described heaven to me. Buy my book if you wanna know what it is. You know? I can't imagine. You know, because what He tells me, I tell His people. You know.

When He anoints you for something, if He anoints you as a messenger, or an emissary, or a rabbi, a teacher, that's an anointing, and you're responsible for that. You're gonna're gonna account or that. You have to account for that. What are you gonna do? Say, well, you know, "I put it in a book and tried to sell it. They wouldn't buy it, so it's their fault they don't know what--they don't have the information, they don't have the knowledge."

You know, it isn't gonna work like that. You know, these people are not anointed. They're not appointed by Him. And there's nothing that they have to say that I would think would be worth paying for. Because it's not from Him. It's from their own wisdom, their own thoughts.

And so, there are rewards. And you are rewarded. And you are set at different levels of service in heaven based on your faithfulness on Earth. Did you follow His commandments? Did you observe His sabbath and His feasts? Were you a generous person? Were you compassion--uh, did you feed the poor? Did you clothe the poor? You know. All of these things, you know, that the Lord accounts to Him, service to Him, you know.

Most people don't have the mindset of--"Well, you know, I go to church on Sunday." That's fine. Did you observe the sabbath on Saturday? Because that's the real one. Uh, you know, what are you doing with your time? You know, there's a Proverbs that says a rich man shares his food with the poor, you know. A wise rich man shares his food with the poor. Service to Him. You know, doing things for Him to build the kingdom.

The Judgment Seat of Christ Is Going to Be a Huge Time of Guilt for a Lot of People Wishing They Had Done More for the Lord

I was talking about the least to the greatest because He talks about how on each level of the foundation is the name of an apostle. And there's an apostle's name on each gate of this New Jerusalem, this new heaven. And, so I asked Him, I said, "Well, who's the greatest apostle? Who gets the 12th floor? Is that the greatest floor? Is that the top floor? You know, the top floor in heaven." You'll hear me kind of kid around about that.

Amethyst, one of my favorite stones, is the dominant stone of the top floor in heaven, 12th floor. And each stone, if you read in Revelation, it talks about how each floor is also represented by a stone. Not just apostle's name, but a stone. And so, the amethyst is the dominant stone on the top floor, 12th floor, the 12th level.

And so, He gave me a rundown of the least to the greatest apostle. Because, yeah, they are ranked, too. If His people are all going to be judged and rewarded for their works, there is a certain level of rank and honor that you receive as well. The work you get to do during the 1000-year millenial reign, your service to others while you're serving the Lord in heaven, serving Him, is all determined based on what kind of a believer you were for Him on Earth, what kind of a follower you were for Him on Earth.

And, so I wanted to go through and give you the 12 floors in the New Jerusalem. The least to the greatest of the apostles. I can imagine standing at the judgment seat of Christ and He assigns you a job, He assigns you a floor in heaven, a level you get to live on. And, you know, the biggest thing about the judgment seat of Christ is really gonna be guilt.

People are gonna feel so terrible that, you know, "I should have done more for Him when I was on Earth. I should have just did more," you know. "I should've donated by money feed the poor instead of making satanic nonprofit organizations rich," because that's all they do. They use those to fleece the people. "Donated to local foodbanks. And just did more things for Him. Help spread the word," you know. "Buy Bibles, hand them out." You know, just doing good deeds. Acts of kindness. You know, acts of kindness. And when people say thank you, just say, "No, don't thank me. Thank the Father. Thank the Lord." And then share the Lord's gift of salvation to them or something. You know.

So it's gonna be really just a huge time of guilt for a lot of people wishing they had done more, they had done something. You know.

The Greatest to the Least Apostles and the Floors of New Jerusalem Named After Them

But the top floor--I'll go from the greatest to the least. Unless you guys wanna start from the bottom to the top. I don't know how you wanna work that. Gee, which one should I do? I'll do from the bottom...the bottom to the top. How's that? We'll go from the least...the least-ranked apostle to the greatest. And I'm not doing this to put the apostles on the spot, I'm doing this to make you think. Because everything we do on Earth matters. It means something.

And some of you just don't rack up anything. You know? You're Sunday Christians. During the week, they're sitting on the couch. And on Sunday you go to church. And then on Monday you go back to the couch and just your corporate lives or whatever it is. You know, you have no thought of producing fruit for the kingdom of God and doing things here on Earth that can get you rewards later in heaven. You have no thoughts of eternity and eternal life.

So, the first floor in this cube, the new heaven, the New Jerusalem, that Yahushua has gone to prepare for His Bride--the first floor is Thomas; the apostle Thomas. And you'll recognize Thomas. He was the doubting Thomas. He was the one that wouldn't believe Yahushua had resurrected from the grave. He demanded to see proof. And the Lord showed him the nails in His hands, in the palms of His hands, and then Thomas believed.

And then, after all that, after being doubting Thomas, he never produced much fruit for the kingdom of God. Even as an apostle. And so, he is the bottom floor. Where all the people go that, yeah, they'll profess a belief in Yahushua, but they don't produce any fruit. They don't really do anything for the kingdom of God. They believe, but they don't produce much fruit. They'll be on the bottom floor with Thomas.

And the second floor is Simon the Canaanite. The third floor is Bartholomew. The fourth floor is Thaddeus. The fifth floor is Phillip. The sixth floor is Andrew.

The seventh floor is Matthias. And Matthias is the one that replaced Judas. And so, he came in. He was the last person anointed as an apostle. And he came in with the rest of the time he had before they killed him--because all the apostles were killed--and produced a lot of fruit for the Lord. He's above six other apostles. He produced a lot of fruit for the Lord.

Uh, where are we? Uh, let's see. One, two, three, four, five. Sixth floor, Andrew. Seventh floor, Matthias. Eighth floor is James. I think that's James, the son of--there's two James'. And this is James--I think he's the son of Zebedee. Uh, ninth floor is Matthew. I love Matthew. The book of Matthew is one of my favorite books. The tenth floor is John. The eleventh floor is James. And James and John were brothers. And they were cousins of Yahushua's; James and John. And the twelfth floor being Peter.

And--the greatest and the least from Thomas to Peter. The least, Thomas, to the greatest, Peter. And that's how they're ranked. Notice there's no Paul. [laughs] What have I been screaming about for a millenia already? Paul is not an apostle.

Paul Didn't Qualify, and Nobody on Earth Today Qualifies, as an Apostle According to Acts 1

Another thing that gets under my skin is these ministers online claiming to be apostles. You know. That's really big in the Pentecostal churches. All these people appointing themselves titles as apostles, and they don't qualify. You know, to qualify as an apostle, you had to have walked with Yahushua when He was alive on Earth and then witnessed His death, His resurrection. Those were the qualifications as stated in Acts 1:26, I believe it is. First book of Acts--first chaper of Acts. [transcribers note: see Acts 1:12-26]

Paul didn't qualify. And nobody on Earth today qualifies. Because nobody was with Yahushua during his ministry and then saw Him after His resurrection. Nobody here witnessed that. And so, there was no open office of apostle. There's nobody who can claim to be an apostle today. They're liars. They're just deceiving themselves. Trying to make themselves bigger than what they are. You know, you can always tell when people appoint themselves to positions. And it's not the Lord doing it, they do it themselves.

The Satanists Who Run Islam Had a Plan to Bring the Black Cube Starship Over and Hover It Over Jerusalem

And so, this is how the new heaven will look like. Right now, all the believers who die, post-resurrection, from the time Yahushua arose from the grave and ascended up to heaven, all those people from that point on, the post-resurrection believers and saints, they go to Enoch's planet, but then they will be transferred over to the New Jerusalem. I'm sure the Lord's completed with it now or whatever. Maybe He just fills it up shortly after He brings it to Earth. Because He will...He will bring it toward the Earth and it will hover above Jerusalem.

And this is what the Muslims are trying to mimic now, you know. They have this huge black cube. And they hide it behind the sun. You've probably seen pictures of it online in various places. Soho pictures. There's a huge black cube. And we've burned it, you know. The orgone's destroyed it. And they had plans--it's a starship. It's actually intelligently controlled. It's just in the form of a cube instead of, you know, some of these other shapes they have, like cigars and other things that they have their starships in the shape of.

The Muslims had a--Islam had a plan...not the people, themselves, but the Satanists who run it behind the scenes. Allah. They were gonna bring this starship over. And it's the same one that's in Mecca now. It mimics that one. The temple in Mecca where they march around it. And they make their pilgrimage to Mecca. I think they have to do it once in their lives or whatever. And you watch videos online where they just march around this cube, you know, in a big circle. The big deal in Mecca. Marching around this spaceship.

And that's what they're supposed to mimic because, you know, they're whole facade with Allah, um, Maitreya coming, and Sananda, and Allah--they all worship Allah. Which is not the true God. It's the moon god. The cube god now. [laughs] This cube is a spaceship. And they were gonna hover it above Mecca. Above Israel. Mecca's in Saudi Arabia, but they were gonna bring this thing over and hover it above Jerusalem or whatever. Trying to mimic Bible prophecy, you know.

And so, we've been working against that. You know, you wanna build fruit on Earth. I can't think of a better way than just loving the Lord enough to go after His enemies. And seek and to tear down their strongholds. You know? Definitely catching that thing on fire is, you know. And a huge accomplishment. Right now, we've pretty much got Satan's kingdom on their knees with the orgone burning all of their strongholds. Burning them. They're frying, you know.

We scream about the delays, but we're actually the fault of them. Because they can't arrive to Earth because they're covered in blisters. You know, the orgone gives them scabies, crashes their ships. You've been watching their starships crash for, you know, the last seven years and eight years. And now it's getting really dominant. They're crashing all over the place.

How Do the 144,000 Fit into All This?

But back to some of this other stuff that I wanna talk about. Now, I have a article on the two groups of 144,000. [Yahweh's Warriors: The Two Armies of 144,000] How do they fit into all this? Well, you know, the churches preach--because they just assume and mix things together--that there's one group of 144,000; 12,000 virgins from each tribe of Israel.

First of all, these are not all males, and they're not all virgins, as you would think sexual virgins or whatever. Sexual terms are often connotations for religious terms. These are 12,000 people from each tribe who have not been defiled by apostate religions here on Earth. They've been true to the Lord. They're truth seekers of the Lord. And so, 12,000 from each tribe. And they're from around the world. They're in every country. They're on islands. They're everywhere. They'll be appointed from everywhere. Every nook and cranny of the universe. That is the second group of 144,000. And they preach and witness the Lord's salvation during the tribulation period.

The first group of 144,000 is the Elect. You know, the Bible talks about two groups of people. It talks about the Elect and it talks about the Bride. And although the Elect are a part of the Bride, the Bride is not part of the Elect. The Elect is a distinct group of people. Because the Elect--and I've talked about this in Angels in the Flesh []--the Elect were formed from the foundation of the world. They already existed before Earth was even created.

They were angels in heaven. They existed as angels in heaven. And when the Lord created Earth, and it started to be populated, some of these angels would come on Earth and be born on Earth as humans, to fulfill whatever it was (job) that the Lord wanted them to do. You know, they were born with a calling. You know, He said He knew, uh, who was it, Jonah or Jeremiah from the time they were in their mother's womb because he was an angel returning to--from heaven, being born on Earth to fulfill a calling for the Lord, to fulfill a purpose. Just as Yahushua was. You know.

So the Elect, there's 144,000 of them. They return to the throne, from where they came, you know. They all came down from the throne of God to live as humans on Earth. They will return to the throne of God. The 144,000 of Yahushua's Bride, 12,000 from each tribe of Israel, they will serve in the temple in the New Jerusalem day and night with Yahushua, when He lowers it on Earth and we begin the millenial reign of Christ on Earth. After the earth has been destroyed and recreated after the war of Armageddon, the New Jerusalem will descend to Earth with the Lord's Bride. And there will be a temple inside this New Jerusalem, and that's where the 144,000 will be. They will serve Yahushua at the temple.

And so, if you read Revelations, chapter 7 and, I think it's 14, you get a better glimpse of these two groups. And I break it down in my articles on the 144,000. The two groups of 144,000. One being the Elect. One being the Bride. And the Elect will leave before the Bride is appointed here on Earth. And the Bride's appointing is actually coming up, uh, you know, sooner than much later. I know it's probably not on the thoughts of most people's minds. Because we just seem to be waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the ball to even get rolling for the seven-year countdown to begin. But it's gonna commence. And I've told you to watch for the arrival of Sananda, the cosmic--the New Age Jesus, and Maitreya. You know.

The Nonchristians Who Know How Satan Works, Know I'm Legitimate, but the Christians Mock and Hate Me

When I talk to people who are not necessarily Christians, but they're big fans of the show, the thing I hear the most, the reason how they knew I was legit, even though almost every--well, you know, the majority of Christians are not my listeners, they're my haters, they reject most of the things I teach and say, while the Satanists all listen to my show. You know, I've always spoke about the irony of that.

And it's because they knew I was legitimate when I knew Sananda and Maitreya were going to be the last two Beasts of the last days. The biblical Beasts. Antichrist and the False Prophet. Because their pictures are hanging up in the satanic underground churches today. You can go to the ones in Chicago and you'll see a picture of Sananda and Maitreya, and the queen, and the pope, you know. They've had these pictures up for years. So everyone was floored. "How, did you know?" You know, they want to know if I was a Satanist, if I was born in a Illuminati family. I go through the wringer of questions. I knew because that's what the Lord told me.

And another thing was about Paul. Paul being a scoundrel. Paul being a false apostle. Because they, you know, they figured they had Christianity on that one. That's why they have no respect for the churches and stuff. They know the lies that they implanted into the Bible that the churches embrace as truth, you know. They know Paul was one of theirs. [Bible Codes on Paul] He wasn't a legitimate apostle. He was sent in to destroy Christianity. And it was one of the first websites I put up exposing Paul. [] And so, those two things alone have floored them. You know. And the things I've said over the years that have been dead-on accurate, you know.

You know, and I've told the Father, "You know, I've tried to wake up Your people. They hate me. They mock me. They say bad and evil things about me, you know, behind my back all the time. They spread lies. I've tried. You know? And so, you know, I've gotten busy doing other things."

Since I Can't Reach Those Who Refuse to Hear, I've Gotten Busy Going After the Lord's Sheep of Different Flocks

I can't reach the stiffnecked and those who refuse to hear. And so, I've gotten busy the last couple weeks going after His other sheep of different flocks. You know. There's a passage in the Bible that talks about "I have sheep of a different flock." [John 10:16] And that really hit heart--really came home--hit home. We had the opportunity to offer the Lord's redemption to all the fallen angels from the Mount Hermon angelic rebellion. You know? That was the rebellion that took place after Lucifer rebelled. Lucifer didn't have anything to do with this rebellion. It was just all these angels who wanted to come to Earth and procreate with human women.

And that's what caused all the Giants to be born on Earth. And why the Lord destroyed it with a flood. Because of all the mixed hybridization. Noah and his sons were the only humans left on Earth with pure human DNA, because it had gone on for so long everyone besides them, their DNA was corrupted by mixed alien DNA. From these fallen angels. These angels who fell and were raping and causing human women to get pregnant and give birth to Giants. And the cycle would go on, and on, and on.

But the children of these angels who caused all this, because they had offspring, and they had offspring, and they had offspring, you know, weren't even around during that time. They weren't even around when their parents rebelled and ended up being--ended up falling from heaven and stuff. And so, the Lord forgave them for this. And, you know, it was their choice to go back to heaven, or be redeemed, restored, whatever you wanna call it. And 1.5 billion of them did. Every one of them that qualified for redemption. Some of them didn't. Some of them were just beyond restorable, redeemable, because they were just so wicked. And there were about 2 and a half billion that didn't qualifty. But the ones who did, every one of them went. And so, I talked about that on my last show.

I Made an Appeal to the Father for Restoration for Lilith's Children and 4.6 Billion Have Now Been Embraced by the Lord as His Own

And then, over the last week or so, you know, at the time when we went after the children, the offspring of the angels who rebelled, I had made an appeal to try to get Lilith's children. You know? They're guilty by association, too. They're born from a evil woman who fell. Why can't we offer it to them, too? And then the Father had said no. The Council had said no. But I found a loophole to all that. I'm not gonna get into the loophole, but there was two things that had to take place. They had to determine if the loophole was valid. And if the loophole was valid, how they were gonna act on it.

And I could tell you that I won this time. I won with the loophole. And so, over the last week, we were able, uh, I didn't have anything to do with it. Because I made the appeal. I didn't make any announcements to them or anything. The Father took care of that. The angels took care of that. And it was Lilith's offspring. There were--like I said there were 7 billion of Lilith's offspring in space and 4.6 billion qualified. And so, you know, I had made an appeal that, you know, they could go to the South and the West gates. And, in just a matter of a week, a matter of a week, 4.6 billion went, left the abyss, left Lilith's realm, and are now living in heavenly realms, and embraced by the Lord as His own.

And, so that's justice. You know, that's justice. You know. She's been pumping out these offspring for thousands of years. And now, you know, they've embraced the Father, you know. And they're in heaven with Him now. And so, they'll have their own place to live, you know, just as the restored angels, their offspring, their children, have their own place. And heaven's getting bigger, you know. It's getting bigger. Gonna be more mansions being built in His house, the house. All these various people.

I had no idea what I was gonna call Lilith's...all these offspring of hers. And so, I've just kind of called it the Animal Planet. You know, they're humanoid and there's some that aren't so human. Just a mixture. And so, I just kind of refer to that one as the Animal Planet. And the Restored Angel's Planet, the RA. And the EP [Enoch's Planet]. You have the EP; the RP, the Royal Planet; the RA, the Restored Angel's Planet; the AP, the Animal Planet. You know, you have all these...all these different houses, these mansions in the Lord's house, His universe, you know, His realm, His heavenly realm.

The Planets in Our Solar System That Lucifer Reigned Over Were Destroyed, and the Moon Used to Be One of the Planets

And so, just to try to give you an idea. Break down some of the illusions. You know? [audio unclear] I had to get through some of my own to start embracing the truth of things. You know, when Satan rebelled, the Father moved His throne. He left. He moved it. And Jupiter became a cursed planet. And all the other planets became cursed planets.

And, you know, at the time of judgment--you know, Satan was allowed to carry on with his charade for about 2,000 years, I think it is. And he was allowed to carry on for quite a while while the Father waited for him to repent. He never did. And then the judgment was set. And once the judgment was set, all of the planets that Lucifer reigned over were destroyed. And they were destroyed with hailstones of fire. Some of them, that's why you see--the moon, today, used to be one of the planets. Used to be a heavenly planet in the angelic community.

When the Lord created the Earth, recreated it, the moon was brought in to be the moon. A night light. And you'll see pockmarks all over it from the hailstones of judgment. Same thing with Mars and the other planets. The reason there's so many craters and pockmarks on them is because of the hailstones of fire that destroyed them. They used to be heavenly planets. A part of the heavenly realm. And Lucifer just defiled them all.

And, of course, the change of order. There was a change of order. No longer rotating around Jupiter. Just, you know, things were in a fallen state. Things were changed completely, and so.

The Lord Has a Council of 24 Elders That Satan Mimics - Satan's NESARA Agenda Is Not Going to Work, but He Has Failsafes in Place

There was a, um...the Lord has a Council. And you'll read about it in the book of Revelation. He has the Elders. 24 Elders that sit around the throne of the Father. And they bow down, and they worship Him, and they praise Him. And they're referred to as the 24 Elders. And so, naturally, Lucifer has his own council set up underneath the earth. They're the White Lizard faction. The albinos. Considered very noble amongst Satan's faction, all those in his faction. To all of them, the White Lizards are the noble ones. I just call them the Ancients. And they operate and run Satan's kingdom as the council. And he calls them the elders.

You know, he doesn't do anything original. He mimics everything about heaven, and everything the Father did. Only, he can't...he can't make it work. You know, you can' can't, can't even entertain heavenly concepts with wicked people. You know? That's why this whole economic program, it's never gonna work for one month. His whole NESARA agenda, none of that's gonna work. You can' can't run economics based on willingness, and trust, and faith, and things like that with people who are wicked and greedy, you know, and that kind of thing. You can't do it. It's not gonna work. He wants to push this facade, this, "Oh, we're gonna build the fifth dimension kingdom of heaven here on earth. We're gonna build God's kingdom here on earth." It's not gonna work. It's destined to fail. It's not gonna have a chance to work.

And so, he doesn't even need it to work. He doesn't need it to work because he has his failsafes in place. You know. He's gonna destroy all the humans. Replace them with droids and robots. Chip-implant all the humans that are here. So that the ones who haven't been killed and destroyed can be remote-controlled by computer because they've got control of the chip that you're implanted with. Total, total control of every human on the planet is his agenda. And it's the only way he can make his kingdom work because he's not omniscient, and omnipresent, and all-knowing like the Father is. He has to count on technology and communications.

There's a Cloning Facility in Space, a Hybrid Starship

And so, you know, it's a huge showdown. And pretty much them against every human on the planet. You know. Every human on the planet. It's been going on in the Middle East for a long time. You know, I was alerted a couple years ago to all of the, uh, all of the cloning taking place in the Middle East and countries like India and a lot of these Arab countries.

And I seen in the Codes where there's this cloning facility in space. There's a starship over there in space. And there's one--there was one here in America as well. I seen one up in the sky and I asked--you know, the thing had lights. You could see blue, and red, and green lights. Asking the Father what that was, and He told me that was a hybrid starship. They tinker with mankind's DNA, and aliens, and crossbreed and mix. And then they implant it in women and, you know, women think they're pregnant by their husbands or boyfriends or whatever, and they're actually having hybrid kids. And that's what they've been doing in China. And in the Middle East. They've got a ship over there.

And one of the things that orgone's been able to do, with the saturation of orgone worldwide--because it's now reached 100 percent landmass, we've reached critical mass with orgone--is that it's affecting the entire ring around Earth. I told you how it was saturating the astral realms, and destroying the astral realms. Taking down that net that the Reptilians had put up over the earth. It's taken that. It's destroyed that. And it's going after the ships that are in the immediate canopy and realm above Earth and around Earth. It's targeting all those [audio cuts out] alien ships being destroyed. And so, just one more success after the next, folks.

And I've got this lady telling me 90 seconds. So, anyway, yeah, as we head into the holiday--pagan holiday seasons, gonna get more and more into their announcing their arrival and their agendas and stuff. So, it's gonna be the same as last year.

Until then, still need your donations, folks. Got bills to pay. Got projects to do. Got missions to run. And I can't do anything with my hands tied, you know. You know, this is the Lord's ministry on Earth. Number one ministry in the world, and I have to worry about getting the electric bills paid and everything else, and it's just ridiculous. So I need your support.

Till next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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