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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
November 25, 2013

Shema in the East and Maitreya's Obnoxious "Lamp" in the West

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner, November 25. A couple things I wanna talk about tonight. I was trying to get a look at the sky out earlier, but it's all blacked out. No big surprise. Even the obnoxious Maitreya ship in the west isn't appearing. I have noticed Shema making its red ball appearing in the east. Probably wondering what that flickering red and orange star is in the east. And I'm pretty sure that's Shema.

And you've got Maitreya's obnoxious lamp in the west. I'm not sure what that thing is. It's not a planet. It's not a star. It just says lamp. The Bible Codes refer to it as a Lamp. And so, that's why I always call it the GE $10,000 [transcriber note: I believe Sherry means 10,000-watt] light bulb contraption. That's what Shema used to look like. And we start blasting it with orgone pipes and killed the thing, now it's just a yellow, and red, and orange flickering ball. It's stuck in the east. It can't move.

And so, now we have Maitreya's lamp in the west. And, pretty sure the Japanese had something to do with that. I think they put that together and gave it to him. Probably hoping our orgone wouldn't affect it. But either way, it's in our orgone-saturated skies. So, if the ship, itself, doesn't get affected by it, the aliens in it will, and so. Either way, they can't win.

So I assume they're probably gonna try to make their arrival this Christmastime. As early as possible. Christmas always being a heavy go-to date for them. They wanna mimic the star of Bethlehem that announced the birth of Yahushua. And so, they're using this fake lamp in the sky to announce the arrival of Maitreya.

Maitreya Is Teaming Up with the Elders, the Council of Ancient Dracos Who Are the Real Circle of Power in Satan's Kingdom

And, of course, he's dominant in the skies right now. Teaming up with what they call the elders. Their noble ones. And I've talked about these ones before. About there being a Star Wars city underneath the desert of Libya. And, literally, the Star Wars movie, when it depicts the city and the council, and all that stuff in Star Wars, it was supposed to be a literal copy of this city underneath the earth in Libya, in the desert there. And this is where the old, ancient Dracos are, and, guess you call them White Lizards. What most refer to them as. They've seen them. And they're white-skinned. They're what they refer to as the noble ones, the elders.

And I've talked about this council above the earth that rules the earth. These elders have a lot to do with that. The Ashtar Command whole thing that the New Age bought, hook, line and sinker. This Galactic Federation. The Ashtar Command with Sananda and Maitreya and all them.

These are just the front people, while the council, the elders, the White Lizards, are the real circle of power in Satan's kingdom. Pretty much how D.C. is run. Everything is a mimic. Satan mimics heaven as close as possible. And then he mimics the governments on earth to his style, as close as possible. And so you have a ruling elite in Washington, D.C. above everybody that's there that you don't see.

And they're not well-known. They don't get the limelight, the media attention. They don't seek it. They wanna stay hidden. And that's how these White Lizard noble ones are the same. And they put everybody else in positions of power to be the ones that are recognized and known. The president, vice president. You know, chief of staff, stuff like that. Those people are just the mouthpieces. They don't really have the power in D.C. It's all very controlled by the inner top circle that runs D.C.

Ben Bernanke Is the Satanic High Priest and Mouthpiece of Satan in Washington, D.C.

And, of course, the satanic group that his there. They're all involved with satanism. It's a prerequisite to be anywhere high in D.C. And from what I was told, it is the chairman of the Federal Reserve who is the high priest of the satanic group in D.C. So that would be Ben Bernanke. And that's why you see them switched out very little. I mean, you can have the same chairman through a couple presidents. Because he's the high priest. He is the mouthpiece of Satan in D.C. The high priest is. And so, he runs the top inner circle of D.C.

The Satanists Wear Charms to Protect Themselves from Each Other

You know, every city has a group. Chicago, L.A., Houston, Denver. Every city has a satanic group that rules that city. And so, pretty much just breaking down how his whole kingdom works. How it's run.

And they're all, you know, they're divided. They all--they don't get along. It's not like going to Sunday school. I mean, they wear charms of protection to protect themselves from each other.

Because I remember one time hearing about how they were wearing these, uh, I think it's the...some color bracelets. I don't remember if they were pink, blue, or green. [Red string (Kabbala)] But they were wearing these bracelets. And supposed to be some kind of kabbalistic charm that would keep them safe from--and I'm thinking, "Well, who are they...who do they need to be safe from? Because Christians aren't hunting down, trying to beat them up and kill them. So who are they afraid of?" you know. They fight amongst each other. Especially the witches. The witches will try to kill each other to be the highest reigning witch in the country. And I'm sure the Satanists go at it the same way as well; the men, and so.

Is Azazel, Satan's Son, Coming in on Comet ISON?

Either way, what we're looking at this month is the arrival of Sananda and Maitreya. Got two comets now, riding together. Comet ISON and Comet Enche just entered the picture. And ISON, I-SON, Satan's son. And so, I'm thinking, "Is that Azazel? Is he coming in? Is that Azazel's ride?" Because, you know, because comets are just ships. And so, I think it is. I think it's Azazel. And Enche, they spelled it E-n-c-h-e to throw people off, but it's actually E-n-k-i. And you can Google this on the Internet. And he is an ancient demigod of the Anunnakis. There was Enki and Enu, Anu, however you wanna pronounce it. And, coming in with Azazel. So, interesting.

Comet ISON, the Blue Star Kachina of the Hopis, Signifies an Alien Invasion in the Last Days of Mankind

Still gonna be right now that Comet ISON is this Blue Star Kachina of the Hopis. Signifying a alien invasion in the last days of mankind. And this is the same thing I've been warning about. This is the same thing I wrote my book about back in 2006. I mean, this is everything I've been warning about and talking about throughout the years. And I've warned about this time.

And there are three days of darkness coinciding with Joel and a mass cleansing murdering on earth. Where they just go through and try to eliminate millions of people. And I'm sure the Lord's people are on their target list. And I've told you to stay home those three days, because it will be a really, really horrid time on earth. They'll have free reign to kill people. No electric, no lights, nothing. So, just three days of darkness. And that's part of their plan. Cleansing of the earth.

Once Sananda/Satan Arrives, He Will Jump Right Into Forcing Everybody to Get Vaccinations for One Thing or Another

And you're gonna see their agenda kick in and start moving very quickly once they're here. There's not gonna be a whole lot of time of lullabies. "Let's all love each other and build our kingdom here on earth." From what I can tell, Sananda/Satan is going to--and he already has--jump right into the needles. Syringe is always dominant in the Codes. He's gonna jump right in to forcing everybody to get vaccinations for one thing or the other. Could be flu shots, vaccinations. They'll implement a plague and then claim they have the answer, get their vaccine.

He's a scoundrel. This Sananda/Satan is a real scoundrel. And I've been warning for years, he's the one behind the vaccination program. They're the ones that come up with all these vaccines. And they've been perfecting different plagues that they can throw out on mankind. Krokodil, these flesh-eating plagues that are going on just being some of them. They have been developing different types of plagues and diseases for a long time into these flesh-eating diseases. And [coughs] you know, he's gonna implement it pretty fairly quickly. The flesh-eating and, you know, just this whole vaccine stuff.

Gallows Popping Up in the Bible Codes and Beheadings in Revelation 13

Also seeing something else popping up in the Codes that raised my eyebrows was Gallows. Means they're gonna start persecutions fairly quickly, too, when they arrive. Because we know that the Bible talks about, in Revelation, chapter 13, those who refuse to worship the Beast are beheaded.

Now, it doesn't say those who refuse to accept his mark in or on their right hand or forehead, it says those who refuse to worship the Beast. Because there's going to be a time-- and you'll wonder and notice why you can't even get a burger in a fast food joint now and not see a TV--there's gonna be a time where there's gonna be enforcements of, perhaps, when they flash the picture of the Beast on the TV and everybody has to bow to the monitor or something. It's gonna be very difficult for Christians and patriots, and beasthaters to be in public because if you refuse to worship the beast, they will kill you on the spot.

And so, a lot of people gonna have to flee the cities and stay out of stores, and maybe get the timing of when these times are where they force people to worship the beast, so you know not to be around any kind of TVs or cameras or anything, but that's a little bit down the road. But, you know, that's coming. And, you know, if it's coming up in the Codes, I know it's here. It's ready to go. And you see in the Internet, and they're talking about gallows being delivered to military bases. And, of course, we've been hearing that one for years. But seeing it popping up in the Codes now really perks my eyebrows because they're really gonna start implementing his programs hard when they arrive.

The Ten Kings That Reign with the Antichrist Arise Out of the Nations Around the Mediterranean Sea

Now, you might think there's going to be a three-and-a-half-year period of somewhat peace as he begins to build and develop his 10-nation Islam confederacy with Islam nations. Nations that are around the Mediterranean Sea. What nations are around the Mediterranean Sea? They're all Muslim, folks.

You know, the churches have everybody snowballed for a hundred years. Talking about how the European Union was the ten kings that reign with the Beast for one hour. And then they'll talk about, "Oh, the United States is broken up into 10 FEMA regions." They're always trying--our government's always trying to make prophecy happen. But it's a little bigger and above what they can do. And certainly above their understanding. I--you know, it kills me when a bunch of Satan freaks try to understand what the Bible's saying when they don't have the Holy Spirit with them in guidance. So they have no truth. And so, they're always shooting in the dark, aimlessly trying to figure something out.

The ten kings that reign with the Antichrist arise out of the nations around the Mediterranean. And these are Muslim nations. And so, they're gonna reign with the Antichrist for one hour. The chiefs of these nations. Presidents, whatever you wanna refer to them as. But they'll be a 10-nation coalition, 10-nation confederacy. An alliance. Ten nations. And it's these Muslim nations that are around the Mediterranean. These Middle East nations. It's not Russia. It's not America. It's not Hawaii and Japan. It's nations around the Mediterranean. And those are Muslims.

And so, you know, it's all gonna commence very quickly. You know, there's two arguments of camp. One saying there's a 7-year tribulation period, and one saying 3 and a half. And I've always felt, yeah, there probably is 7 years, but most people won't even know when the 3 and a half begin and end. The first 3 and a half. [laughs] Because it's just so elusive. Because the Father has always said things are gonna happen in ways we don't understand.

And another twist to the puzzle is there's so many layers of truth beneath what's being said on the front. When you start digging, looking at scriptures, and you're seeing symbolism, you know, what can we take as symbolic, and what can be taken as literal. And then there's different layers of truth upon truths just within one scripture. And so, things can go various ways. And something can be fulfilled in itself. And you don't recognize it.

I Would Believe That Obama Was the Antichrist, Too, If I Didn't Know What I See in the Bible Codes

I know a lot of people believe Obama is the Antichrist. And I would be in that camp, too, if I didn't know what I see in the Codes. And that's, you know, that he works very closely with the Antichrist. He works very closely with Satan, and Maitreya, and Sananda. And so, I believe he's just going to give the power of the United States over to them. And I've always said that for years now, one of the routes. Because the Old Testament prophets always said the leader of last-days Babylon, the leader of the last-days super power on earth, which is America, would be the Antichrist. And so, if he hands the power over to Maitreya and Sananda--the power of the United States over to them--well, then that certainly means he's standing down and one of them would step in as the leader of Babylon, fulfilling the role as Antichrist. And so, it can be played a number of ways.

But Obama certainly is a sellout. He certainly is aligned with them. You know? And he's always tried to play two sides, four sides--he'll make up ten sides to one thing. He can't commit to any one thing. He won't commit. That's why he's so haphazard in all of the decisions he makes and the things that he does. But if you look at his [coughs]--if you look at his White House, it's turning very much into a Muslim Brotherhood. Bringing in the Brotherhood. And it's these radicals that will bring about the changes necessary for the Antichrist to rule on earth, and so. So just a heads up on that. Because all that coming in. All that coming up to play.

They Had a Practice Arrival This Weekend, and the Audible Part of It Was a Complete Disaster

Would certainly be watching December 25 and the week after because that seems to be [coughs] their focus every year. One of their dates. They also have Passover. And so, you'll hear me sound the alarms around then. And then they have September and you'll hear me sound the alarms around September. And, of course, July. They just have these dates every year. The same time periods every year. So if they don't come at one, they can come at the other. You know, there's like four times a year where it's just such a huge blazing green light that they're going to arrive. And you never quite know exactly which one they're gonna use until they up and do it. Until they just up and arrive. You know?

They're not set to any one route, committed to any one route. But they will try them. I mean, they were trying this weekend. They actually had a practice. Bible Codes called it an Audition. But they had a practice of arriving. And I guess it was a complete disaster. It didn't go anything they wanted it to. Didn't go as planned. Having problems with their audibles.

I remember years ago I used to laugh about how they were gonna use one of the, uh...oh, what is it? of the American spaceships. Um...[laughs] space stations. There it is. And they were gonna beam, audibly, like, have a huge microphone up there announcing the arrival of, uh, I don't know if it's Maitreya or Sananda, to the earth, but I would assume that would be Sananda because the first Beast is just supposed to show up during Muslim prayer times. That's one of their prophecies. And you don't even know if he's gonna abide by a Muslim prophecy because there's, you know, a hundred different Muslim sects all saying different things. But that's you know, one of the routes.

And so, amusing that the audible part of it was a complete disaster, because of the orgone-saturated air. And, you know, we've really made a huge, a huge difference in last-days events. I mean, you guys just have no idea how effective, and how damaging, and how huge the orgone war has been against them. You know, I've got Libya on my heels now. I've got the whole council underneath--underground city on my heels. And it's, you know, it's just amazing how effective it's been.

The Lord Has Adopted the Orgone Warriors as a Specific and Precious Fraction of the 144,000

And I was talking to the Lord about it earlier. And I was looking at the two different groups of 144,000. And I wanted to kind of mention that tonight. And talk a little bit more about the two groups and the angels born here in the flesh, in general. Because that seems to be the biggest confusion among people understanding these two teachings that I've always had. Something the Lord led me to years ago when I first started praying and asking for the truth in all things. Because I just got so tired of all the church charade stuff. I just knew there wasn't something right with all that.

And so, I'm gonna talk a little bit about that tonight. Probably just go ahead and get into it because, you know, something about the whole orgone war thing. And I've always laughed and said, "Hey, you know what? We're just a tiny fraction. There's not a lot of us." And there isn't. There's not a whole lot of committed Orgone Warriors out there, but they've done a lot of work just within the handful that they are. They've done incredible, incredible work. And even people that have never...never been able to go out and throw an orgone puck, they maybe financially supported the ministry so that we could. You know?

And so, we've all been a team putting this war on. Very small in number. The Lord recognizes it as a fraction of the 144[,000]. And the reason it's called a fraction is because we're so small. But He has adopted us as a specific and precious fraction. Something separate, but with inside the 144,000. Because He didn't expect it.

You know, this wasn't prophesied. I asked the Lord, you know, this is like one of those curveballs. And you'll see them every once in a while come up. You know, something new. Something new is happening. And this is one of those things. And this faction is very precious to Him, you know. And then so, they've kind of adopted us as our own little group within the 144,000 Elect.

And this is the group that Satan does not stop, day and night, trying to eliminate. I think every Orgone Warrior dealing constantly with surveillance, government harassment. Just in various things. Because you're being targeted because they hate the Warriors. And the thing about the Warriors is the Lord's not allowing them to die. He's not allowing them to be killed. He's keeping us all alive. And that irritates Satan.

You know, I've been on the top ten assassination list of the White House for ten years now. And they still can't get me. And I'm up to number 2 or 1 now and they still can't kill me. And you know what? All the other Orgone Warriors are the same way. They've been trying to kill them. They can't kill them either. You know, the Lord is protecting His 144,000 and especially this tight little knit group of Orgone Warriors. And this is the one he's coming after. If you read in Revelation, chapter 12, he's coming after the Orgone Warriors. And when he can't get us, he goes after the rest of the Bride.

There Are Two Groups of 144,000 and the One in Revelation 14 Is the 144,000 Elect, the Angels in the Flesh Sent Here from Heaven

And, you know, most people--I know the churches teach that--they go straight to Revelation, chapter 7, and they say there's 12 thousand from each tribe and all this. And they misconstrue scriptures. They misconstrue everything. You know, there's two different groups. One described in Revelation, chapter 7 and one described in Revelation 14. The one in Revelation 14 is the 144,000 Elect.

And I've told you many times, the Elect and the Bride are two separate groups. The Elect are part of the Bride, but not all of the Bride are part of the Elect, because there's only 144,000 Elect. And these Elect are also called firstborn and firstfruits. The Elect firstborn and firstfruits all refer to this one group of 144,000 people. And these people, alone, are angels in the flesh. They were sent here from heaven to live on the earth in the last days.

And that's what separates them from the other group of 144,000, which is not referred to as the Elect, they're just referred to as 12,000 from each tribe of Israel. OK. And if you'll notice, in Revelation 14, the Elect, the Lord writes His name in their forehead. For those who remain on Earth, they're not redeemed until after the tribulation period. They'll have a stamp. A seal of God is stamped in the forehead by an angel on the earth. They don't leave the earth.

The First Group of 144,000 Will Be Redeemed Off the Earth, and This Could Be Coming Up Any Day Now

But, the 144,000, the first group, the Elect, they leave the earth. They're redeemed off the earth. And this is coming up. Could be tonight. Could be tomorrow. Could be any day. The rapture of the first group of 144,000, the Elect, this is all over the Bible Codes. This is like com--this is, like, where is it? It should've--you know, this is one of these events that is just like Satan's arrival. Many different dates for it come and go, and they're still here. Because the Lord will take it on His timing. Uh, take them on His timing. But I can tell you that it's so close, you can taste it. Everything is prepared for their departure. I've had a hand in that. And I can tell you things are prepared for the departure of the first group.

The Second Group of 144,000 Will Be Redeemed After the Tribulation Period

And when this group goes--and you need to read my article, Yahuah's Armies: The Two Armies of 144,000 []. When they go, America falls. When they're in heaven, and they're getting the Lord's name written on their foreheads, and they're learning the song of Moses, this is when the three angels of woe sound their trumpets. And America is destroyed while they're in heaven. Now, when they leave, shortly after they leave, within a season, short timespan, the 144,000--angels will go out and seal 144,000 on Earth, 12,000 from each tribe of Israel. So you have one group leaving and the other group being sealed on the earth. They are redeemed after the tribulation period. Probably when the two witnesses are killed and lying in the streets and they arise to heaven, I believe that the 144,000 will go with them at that time.

People Can Operate in the Office of Someone Else, as I Operate in Enoch's and Moses' Offices

Another thought is that these two witnesses may not be who we've all assumed or thought they would be. One thing I've learned in the Bible Codes is that people operate in the office of someone else. Like, if you're a lot alike somebody, you can--you operate in the office of that person, you know. Enoch always shows up on my Bible Codes because--I'm not Enoch, I operate in his office. I did a lot of the same things Enoch did when he was on Earth. Moses shows up in my Bible Codes. Why? Because Moses was a leader of Israel. And in the last days, I'm a leader of Israel.

And so, you can operate in the office of somebody, male or female, doesn't matter to the Lord in the least. The only sexists are the ones in the churches. Certainly not the Lord. He doesn't play sex favorites. Doesn't have any difference between, with Him, with male and female. They're both on the Council of heaven. Not just a male Council. There's females on that Council. You earn your stripes with the Lord, folks. And it doesn't matter if you're a male or a female. You earn it.

And so, uh...where am I? The one group's going. The one group will be sealed here. And then the two witnesses will arrive. And these witnesses, like I said, they--I always assumed, because of my church upbringing, my years, and years, and years of Hal Lindseys and Jack Van Impes and prophecy-pounding, that they would be Enoch and Elijah, but watch for two people to arise working in the office of Enoch and Elijah. They could be working in the office of, and not those two patriarchs, themselves, returning.

Now, I know it would be a lot more exciting--and I told the Father this--it would be so much more exciting if those ancient two patriarchs did appear, wearing sackcloth, the original sackcloth, and walk the streets like we've seen in prophecy movies and stuff. It would be so much more fun that way. Because, you know, when the Bible writes it out as literally as it did in Revelation, chapter 11, you accept it all as literal instead of symbolic. And that can be a mistake you make when you decide what's literal and what's symbolic. And then the truth is there somewhere in the middle. [laughs]

I guess we're gonna find out. That's all I'm saying. Because, you know, Father always says things are gonna happen the way you don't expect them. And so, you have to have that willingness to accept truth no matter how crazy it seems, you know. Sometimes it takes a while to grasp truth. I've been there, done that. Taken me a long time to grasp some truths He's revealed to me over the years. I get mad. I get upset that I was so deceived and then led down the wrong roads. And then some things just seem so far out there. Like, wow. And then a lot of it's just, you know, fun. It's like, oh, it's a lot of fun that way. Bigger grasp. Grasping more things, more concepts.

Most People Don't Understand Who Israel Is - All These Western Nations Are the Original Israelites

And so, anyway, you know, all these things are merging. All these things are coming to a head. You know. You've got all this drama going with the New Age and Satan's arrival. Then you have the Elect leaving Earth. You have the second group of 144[,000] being sealed on Earth. You have the two witnesses that will be arriving. You have the destruction of America and all this. I know that's the last thing you wanna hear. But that's, you know, that's a big part of Satan's plan. That's why, you know, we've had one president after the next just sign over everything of America to the U.N. or China. Because America represents everything they hate. And that's Israel.

I should do a whole show, just trying to pound it in your heads, on who Israel is. Most people don't understand. There's people you can't trace your bloodline because it's 2013. Guess who you were back in the day. You know, 500 B.C., 1000 B.C. when your generational lines were being created and formed. Because every one of these western nations--Europe, Australia, America, Canada, Germany--all these western nations are the original Israelites. The ten lost tribes of Israel.

We're Ruled Over by the Jesuits, an Army of the Black Pope - The Black Pope Is Sananda/Satan's Position

And I wish people could grasp that because, you know, when you think about it, you know, back in the day, we were the slaves in Egypt. We were the slaves in Egypt. And guess who our Roman oppressors were. The Italians. The Romans. The Italians. They were our oppressors. Put things into perspective a little bit. And now you think, "Wow, well, who runs America today?" The fake Jews, the Khazar Jews, or the Jesuits? Who are the Jesuits? The Romans! Hello! It all starts to make sense when you just sit back and start putting things into perspective. And you're thinking, "Wow." You know?

And we were in Egypt as slaves griping about having to give up ten percent of our income. Because I think it was about ten percent. And they were screaming they were slaves. And we give up how much now? 35 percent? 40 percent? Outrageous numbers for taxes. We're slaves again. We're slaves all over again. And who's our oppressors? The Romans! The Jesuits!

We're ruled over by the Jesuits, and they're an army of the Black Pope. Black Pope rules the world, folks. That's Satan's position, himself. Now, they throw a human in there for the facade of it, but that's Satan's position. You ever wonder why Sananda spends so much time at the Vatican? Well, that's why. You know, the Black Pope's him. That's his position. Getting everything ready. Worldwide rule.

That's why you're seeing the Pope holds the deed, the title, to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Why does the pope hold the temple title to Jerusalem? The Temple Mount in Jerusalem? You know? That's where they wanna set his--it's where Satan wants to set his throne on Earth and rule as the Antichrist. Of course, he's not gonna call himself the Antichrist. He's gonna call himself God. He's gonna have the world worship him as God. And he wants to set up his throne in Jerusalem. And it's the pope who is paving the way for that. Because that whole position belongs to Satan.

Mary Was Not Catholic, She Was a Jewish Girl Named Miriam

You know, it's the simple things that need to just jar people. Make them think. You know? You know, look at Catholicism today. You know. Mary, her name was Miriam, and she was a Jewish girl. Her name was not Mary. And she was not Catholic. And when you tell that to a Catholic, it's almost like a deer in the headlights look. And then you see the light--it's like a light bulb going off. It's like, "Wow, I didn't think about that." You know? It's one of these things. It's just putting all the pieces together in a puzzle, folks.

Get Out of Religion and into Relationship with The Most High God - The Offer's on the Table to Accept the Lord's Salvation

People have been so deceived by religions. That's why I always say get out of them. Get out of the religions and get into a relationship with The Most High God. And He doesn't care how bad, how evil you've been. He will forgive you for anything you've committed and He will embrace you as one of His own.

I've seen the worst, of the worst, of the worst, of the worst accept Christ, accept Yahushua as Savior. And then, boom, sometimes not even ten days later, they're killed. But guess where they're at. They're enjoying themselves in heaven. And guess where we're at. [laughs] We're still here. They're happy and having fun in heaven after spending their years killing and sacrificing people, and doing all these ghastly deeds. And the Lord just forgives them and shows them His mercy and grace. And embraces them. Salvation's opened to all, folks. The offer's on the table. You can take it or reject it.

Those the Lord Knew Before They Were Born Were Actually Specific People Sent from Heaven to Fulfill a Specific Role

You know, I want to--I only got about 15 minutes left. I want to get into this one aspect here. Because people get some things confused. All right. People read Solomon and different prophets in the Bible, and because of verses like this, Solomon said in Proverbs 8:22,

22 The LORD possessed me in the beginning of his way, before his works of old.

Proverbs 8:23, Solomon says,

23 I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning, or ever the earth was.

Jeremiah states, in 1:5, the Lord says to Jeremiah,

5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

So before Jeremiah was even born, the Lord knew who he was. And he anointed him to be a prophet to the nations. Isaiah says the same thing. He says, in Isaiah 49:1,

1 Listen, O isles, unto me; and hearken, ye people, from far;

Now, he's talking to America right here, the isles.

The LORD hath called me from the womb; from the bowels of my mother hath he made mention of my name.

And he says, in 49:5,

5 And now, saith the LORD that formed me from the womb to be his servant, to bring Jacob again to him, Though Israel be not gathered, yet shall I be glorious in the eyes of the LORD, and my God shall be my strength.

These prophets testifying that the Lord knew who they were before they were born. How is that possible? And so, everybody thinks, "Oh, the Lord knew you before you were formed and before--" No. There are a group of people throughout the centuries, throughout time, that the Lord has sent from heaven to be born on Earth to fulfill a specific role. They were put here on Earth to fulfill a specific role.

The 144,000 Firstborn Are Angels That Were Created in Heaven with the Lord Before the Earth Was Even Recreated

And right now, there are 144,000 around the world that were put on Earth, just like these prophets, to perform a specific role. And that's why they're called the firstborn. Because the firstborn are the angels that were created in heaven with the Lord before the Earth was even recreated. They existed back pre-Adam-day. That's why you'll see a lot of people online, and it's like they have this angelic name. They'll go by their angelic names.

And I know some people look at it and go, "Oh, that's strangeness. How do they know what their name's gonna be?" They figure when we go to heaven we're gonna have new names. Because it talks about the Lord giving us a new name on a stone or whatever. Because these angels know who they were in the past. The Lord has told them their name. Who they were in the past.

You know, it talks about the Elohim--being the Elohim in Genesis, chapter 1. These were all these angels. We were all there, with God, when He recreated the Earth. We were all there when it happened. You know? The 144,000 on Earth, we're thinking, "Man, I wish I could remember that." "Man, I wish I could remember a lot more than I do." You know, ask the Lord to help you get lucid, and remember. Remember the past.

The Only Rapture Will Be That of the 144,000 Elect - The Lord Will Protect the Rest of His People, on the Earth Somewhere

But it's these 144,000 that are gonna be leaving soon. They're going to be leaving soon. This is not a huge worldwide church rapture. This is just the Elect, the 144,000 Elect. You know, these rapturists, pretrib rapturists can keep going on, and on, and on all they want to about a pretrib rapture, and then it's gonna be midtrib before they figure out they're still here.

The Lord says He will protect the church of Philadelphia, which is symbolic for those who are faithful to Him. Which would pretty much comprise a lot of these pretrib rapturists now. That He'll protect them. Doesn't say He's gonna redeem them off the Earth, like He does the first two groups of 144,000. It says He redeems them. Yeah, I don't see any redeeming of the church. He protects them, on the earth somewhere.

And we also know that the Lord will protect the Jews during the tribulation period in Petra, in Jordan. The designated place for them. Well, where is His Petra in America, and Canada, and all these other countries where the Israelites are? True Israel. Real Israel. He has places of protection for them, too. And so, you know, you don't have to worry about that. He'll get you there. If you qualify, He'll get you there. [laughs] You know, I know people get all antsy. [audio unclear] I'm gonna get a million e-mails. And I don't answer any of them, so don't send them. I'm too busy. [laughs] Maybe I'll mention something on a show if I get a lot of the same questions.

Spend Your Time Doing Something Good, Something That Matters, Producing Fruit for the Lord

But He'll protect the church of Philadelphia. All these people. And like I said, pretty much all these church rapture theorists waste all their time trying to figure out when they're gonna be raptured off the Earth. Uh, you know, spend your time doing something good. Spend your time doing something that matters. Work on building the kingdom of God. Work on producing fruits for the Lord. Do something good.

You know, people just wanna spend their lives arguing doctrine. Who's right, who's wrong. I have no interest in that. I have absolutely no interest when someone wants to get into doctrinal debates with me. None. Zero. [laughs] I don't wanna debate and argue with people. It's not worth the time.

All of the pieces in the puzzle will all be put together. In one day, when we're all in heaven. Until then, do something else more valuable with your time than trying to pick arguments and debates, and just being haters. You know? I won't even deal with haters. And those are the fellow Christians that call themselves Christians who just wanna hate about everything you do and teach. Waste my time with it. Spend you time doing something for the Lord. And not backbiting with the brethren. I see that in the Codes all the time. Backbiting. Backbiting. He hates it. He totally hates it. Backbiting amongst the brethren.

Ever Wonder Why Some People Are Just Born Evil? It's Because They're Satan's Vessels That He's Allowed to Put on Earth

I wish I had more time because I'd like to go through these more differences. But you need to read my article, Angels in the Flesh [], because it explains a lot. Explains a lot about how the Lord can use, uh, send His vessels of honor to be born on Earth to fulfill His calling, just as the same way Lucifer does. Lucifer can have his own chief and prince of demons or whatever--he can have them born on Earth. And the Lord even talks about, in Jeremiah, er, no, David does. He says, in Psalm 58:3,

3 The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies.

In other words, they're just born evil. Ever wondered why some people are just born evil? That's because they're Satan's vessels that he puts on Earth. He's allowed to as well. You know, the Father does it and he does it. You know. It's balanced. If good's gonna be allowed to do it, then evil's allowed to do it. Because everything is balanced on Earth. And it's part of these--kind of like the rules of the game that you learn. That this whole thing we're playing here, this chess game, checkerboard, puzzle, whatever you wanna call it, there's rules. And balance is the key. And you can get into legalities. That's why, when you're arguing with, you know, as an ambassador, I can hang up Lucifer on legalities, and so can the Father, because there's rules to the game. And both sides have to honor them, and so.

Lucifer Doesn't Care About Losing Millions, or Even Billions, of His Forces - Lucifer Doesn't Care About Anyone but Himself

You know, as an ambassador here on Earth for the Lord, I deal with a lot of things. And so far, nothing has been a bigger waste of time than actually having to deal with Lucifer, himself. He doesn't honor any deals. He lies about everything. He watches his people be destroyed and doesn't bat an eye. He doesn't care.

You know, and it's like what I told somebody last week. That's what you get when you serve a narcissistic leader who cares about nothing but himself. He doesn't care about losing millions, or even billions, of forces. He doesn't care about it. He doesn't care about losing his biggest cheerleaders on Earth. He'll just replaced them with a drone, a droid, a robotoid, an android, a chip-implanted cloned robot. He'll just replace them. He doesn't care about them.

He doesn't care. And see, that's the biggest thing. All these Satan-worshippers, they spend so much time and energy into doing rituals to get and maintain fame and fortune. And they think they're buddies with Lucifer. And the thing is, he hates them all. He hates them all. He doesn't care if they're destroyed. If they die. Hehe! He hates humans. And you can't pound that hard enough and far enough into these people's skull that he hates them. He doesn't care about them.

The Father, The Most High God, Loves and Embraces All Who Come to Him and Make Him a Priority in Their Lives

And then you have the Father, who's built this massive heavenly realm. Who loves, embraces, all those who come to Him. It's just mind-blowing about people deciding the decisions they make, which side they're gonna be on, and which god they're gonna serve. You know, because you're born to make a choice. You gonna serve the Father, The Most High, or you gonna serve Lucifer? Anybody else is defaulted to Lucifer.

Because when it comes to the Father, you have to make a conscious decision, I'm going to serve Him. I'm going to serve the Lord. You have to make that conscious decision. And you have to make Him a priority in your life.

With Satan, he doesn't care. You know. He gets everybody on default (and he knows it) that doesn't make a conscious decision for the Lord. You know.

The Original Hebrews Were White-Skinned, Pale Face, and Ruddy, but There Were Many Grafted In - It's Not a Race Thing Now, It's a Heart Thing

So it's a war. You know, and this war, it goes on daily. It goes on daily. The only time it gets quiet is when they're plotting and planning. They're plotting and planning false flags. Or more ways that they can kill people. They specifically wanna wipe out every white person on the planet. Every white person on the planet. I'm not racist. I'm just telling you want their plans are.

They don't like a lot of the other races either, but if you look at who the Chinese are, and who the Indians are, oldest races on Earth, 1.5 billion Chinese, 1.5 billion Indians. Then you have 1.5 billion Arabs. And if you counted all the western--all the white nations, it would probably be another 1 billion. Those are the oldest races on Earth. The Israelites, the Arabs, the Indians, and the Asians. And the Israelites and the Arabs are related. They're cousins.

The true Israelites. Not the fake ones there now. Not the fake. Not the dark-skinned, dark-haired. Those weren't the original Israelites. The original Hebrews were white-skinned, pale face, and ruddy. They look like Europe. They look like America. That was the original Hebrews. The Israelites. And then they snuck in the Jewish terminology, brought in all these fake Khazar Jews, Ashkenazi Jews. Take over Israel as it is today. Those aren't the real Israelites. Those aren't the real Hebrews.

But there are many grafted in. Don't get me wrong. There's many, many grafted in. Doesn't matter. It's not a race thing now, it's a heart thing. If you accept Yahushua as your Savior, it doesn't matter if you're red, purple, brown, white, yellow. It doesn't matter what color you are. He will embrace you. It's not a bloodline thing anymore, it's a heart thing. That was the whole thing of the new covenant with Israel.

In the Old Testament, you had the old covenant. And it was based on the bloodlines of Israel, the 12 tribes. In the New Testament, you have the new covenant with Israel, and it's based on a heart relationship with the Lord, you know. And His salvation was available to all.

If the Lord Is Going to Restore Angels' Children and Lilith's Children, Do You Think He Is Going to Limit His Welcome of Those on Earth

Now, some people will yell at me and say, "Oh, no. He only came for the lost sheep of Israel." And it's like, well, you know, define sheep. [laughs] It could be anybody. You could take any verse out of context. You know. Well, when I talked to the Lord and I'm going after, uh, getting angels restored from angelic rebellions that don't even exist on this Earth. And then I'm going after Lilith's kids to be redeemed into heaven. Uh, you know, if He's going to redeem and restore all of them, you think He's gonna put limits on who He's gonna welcome into His kingdom of those on Earth? I mean, seriously?

His salvation's open to all--look how many Chinese people die every year for accepting the Lord. Look how many Chinese are killed. Look how many now, uh, Soros-backed murders in Africa, going after the Christians. Going after them because, one, they're Christians, and, two, because they're Israel. You know? A lot of Africans are from the--Solomon and, uh, uh, what was her--queen of, uh, whatever over there. I can't think of that. But David also had black wives from Africa. And so, yes, there are black lines grafted in to Israel. It's not a race thing, folks, because I know I'm gonna get all these haters on my Facebook coming after me. No, it has nothing to do with color, but the original Hebrews, themselves. And now it's a heart thing.

The Next Thing to Look for Is the Redeeming of the 144,000 Off the Earth

So, you know what? Not a whole lot of time left, folks. And I know I say this all the time, but I'm shocked that we even got to 2013. You know, when the Lord taught me how to read Bible Codes back in 2001, uh, you know, it looked like it was gonna be World War 3 in 2009. And so, it's kind of like an extended...and in the Codes I see Prolonged. Prolong. He prolonged our time here on Earth.

But right now, next thing to look for, regardless of whether they come or not, look for the redeeming, the rapture of the Elect, the 144,000 off the Earth. That's what I'm looking for. Whether Satan makes up his mind to return this December or not, their leaving could be at any time.

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Anyway, folks. Still need your support for this ministry. Still got a lot of things to do. A lot of bills to pay. Tends to get low this time of year because people are busy with holidays, but don't forget I need your support for this ministry. I can't do it without you. I am 100 percent listener-supported.

Anyway, folks. Be back next week. Till next week. Yah bless.


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