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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
December 9, 2013

Having Technical Difficulties Before the Show


And hello, everybody.  You're live.  It's Monday night, December 9.  Having a few technical problems here, so hang with me here for a second.  Yeah, a lot of things to talk about.  I just lost my computer about two minutes before I was to come on air.  So trying to get up the things I need to have up to do this show.  Always a hassle, isn't it?  And about ten minutes before the show--the show was to start--the electric started playing, going in and out.  And I thought, "Oh, no.  I'm not gonna have a show tonight.  They're gonna mess with me."  And it was all right.  The Lord stopped them from messing with my electric.  And then about two minutes before the show I lost my computer.  So, it's always something, isn't it?  It's always something.
Anyway, I wanted to...uh...[pauses] play this for a few minutes.  I will be right back, folks.  Gonna play this for about a minute or two, and then I'll be back with you.  [Sherry plays part of the song,The Final Countdown, by Europe]  And I'm back.

Correlating the Stones of the New Jerusalem, High Priest Breast Plate, and Colors of the Rainbow


All right folks.  Couple things I wanna talk about tonight.  And it's gonna be one of those shows, probably, you're gonna wanna listen to it again and see, "What did she say?"  Yeah, it's gonna be one of those types of shows, and so.  You know, I've been going over a lot of things.  And I wish I had half the research I started accumulating 20 years ago.  Because I start fiddling around with about 15 minutes of time left.  And I've done this before.  Try to detail all the stones that are on the New Jerusalem.  And also the high priest breastplate.  How they correlate.  And the colors of the rainbow.  And just all this fascinating good stuff.  And maybe I'll have that more ready next time.  I do have some of it tonight.

There Are About 244 Constellations, If You Count the Smaller Ones Within the Larger Ones


What I wanna talk about tonight is, um, you know, there's...astronomically, they acknowledge 88 constellations in the sky.  But there's actually 122 legitimate constellations.  And there's even others that are home-base star systems attached to the constellations.  So, all in all, there's about 244 constellations, if you count the smaller ones within the larger ones.
And on top of that, there's hundreds of exoplanets within these constellations.  Even outside of constellations.  And exoplanets are a term that's been adopted to mean alien-based planets.  Where they have--where they have alien civilizations on them.  And so, just a real cluttered space.  And our astronomy doesn't teach us the half of it.  And so, I try to do that on this show.  Give you some information about what's really going on.  Either whether it's on the earth, below the earth, or above the earth.  And, tonight, we're gonna be above the earth quite a bit.
12 of these 88 constellations that they acknowledge publicly, uh, 12 of these are stargates.  And they're also known as our monthly astrological signs.  You know, the pagans kind of took that over.  It was Enoch who described how the sun moves within the gates.  And if you read, you know, Enoch, you're realizing, you know, he's talking the astrological signs, the monthly constellations.  You know, you have Sagittarius, and Virgo, and all that--Capricorn, and all that.  All that good stuff.  You know, we can't help what the pagans turned from good--turned something good into evil, and so.  And they do that all the time.  So that's a given.

Difference Between Stargates and Portals


But there's 12 stargates.  And other than these stargates, there's many portals.  And portals can be opened or closed.  Stargates are guarded.  Stargates are usually guarded by angelic forces.  Or, you know, there's always a battle for stargates between angelic forces and satanic forces.  You'll always find wars around the stargates.  


And...and then there's the portals.  Portals can be open and shut.  And these are more like, you know, if you wanna put it on our terms, they basically call stargates portals.  Uh, or basically calling portals stargates.  Because they don't even have any idea what a real stargate is.  And so, you know, on television you have the science fiction movies or shows about stargates, and they're actually just portals that can appear or reappear.  Can take you a number of places.  You really need to know your way around the solar system, the universe, to access stargates and portals.
And so, I just wanted to throw that out there because this is basically how traveling is done in this universe.  You know, you go through stargates.  You go through portals.  If you're adept at flying in the universe, which, obviously, none of us are.  [laughs]  Maybe some of us at one time.  Uh, [laughs] it really does seem like a lot of fun.  [laughs]

Only About 5 Percent of What the Churches Teach You About Angels Is Correct


But what I wanted to get onto tonight is, OK, the last couple weeks I've been talking about Yahuah offering restoration to the children of the parents who rebelled against The Most High.  I want you to throw out everything you've ever learned in the churches about how they--what they teach you about angels.  Because about 5 percent of that is correct, and the rest is hogwash.
There are a lot of angels that do procreate.  Have perfect capabilities to.  A lot of them have.  A lot of them do.  If you told an angel they couldn't procreate, they'd be quite shocked.  And probably introduce you to their families.  There are some that don't.  There are classes of them that don't.  And there are communities that do.

What Happened at the Mount Hermon Rebellion


And what happened at the Mount Hermon rebellion was angelic military forces coming to earth.  They were supposed to oversee the Father's creation here on earth, but they started lusting after the human woman.  You know, human women were looking kind of good to them.  And so, they all made a pact to rebel against The Most High and come down to earth.  I guess they felt better in numbers.  "Oh, we're gonna all do this together."  That was their pact.  "We're all gonna do this together.  And we're gonna go down to earth and take what we want."  

They didn't come down to earth and seduce human women.  They came down and grabbed them and raped them.  And so, it was a very chaotic time.  Especially if you were a female on earth.  Just imagine these huge angels coming, because angels of the Lord are very tall.  They can range anywhere from 6-, 8-, to--8-foot, 30-foot.  I mean, who knows.  They're very tall.  They vary in length.  Or, vary in heights.  And coming down to earth to procreate with, you know, pretty much tiny human women.  
But these angels--and if you read Enoch, you've read it already--were punished.  Some of them were, you know, chained in various places.  And they're punished and condemned.  The ones who instigated this rebellion.  It was more that 200 because these were 200 officers.  And if their hosts followed with them, these angel--angelic officers were the leaders, the generals, commanders of thousands of hosts underneath them.  And so, imagine 200 of them with all their hosts, you know, forces beneath them.  If all these forces joined them, we're talking about, you know, several hundred thousand of them, at the time, leaving heaven to come to earth and defile human women. 
And so, those angels were judged and condemned.  But those angels had left families.  And their families, over the years, had procreated.  They procreated.  The problem being is that these offspring [coughs] were also under the condemnation that their parents were condemned for.  And so, you know, they're all in a fallen state.  And when a body is fallen from grace, fallen from heaven, it becomes a, you know, a fallen--you're in a fallen state, that body's no longer immortal.  That body's gonna die.  And so, a soul doesn't die, but the body will.  And so, what happens is these beings could live for several hundred years and then they would just die.
And so, this has been going on over the ages with their offsprings.  And so, the Lord offered all of these offsprings a chance to be redeemed.  A chance at restoration.  To go back to heaven to be with Him.  And it was an offer.  And, you know, almost every one of them took it, that qualified.  And there was the time I first started talking about it, there was 1.5 billion, I think.
And also--then you jump over to Lilith, and all her offspring.  Now, imagine how many she's pumped out.  If you could pump out 200 offspring a day, that live, because she was pumping out 300 a day.  She, I don't know how she does it, but this is, uh, this is what they say.  That she could have up to 300--she had litters.  I mean, she just had litters.


She was having offspring with Satan, and other demonic beings, and also King Solomon.  And human men.  She's had offspring with humans.  And these offspring accumulated and have offspring of their own.  Of course, living in a fallen state because of their mother, Lilith, who never fell with Adam, but she did rebel against The Most High by not going back with Adam.  She refused to go back to Adam.

The Father Offered a Last Call for Restoration to the Angelic Offspring As Well As to All the Ones Who Have Died


And so, you know, the Lord has been--the Father has been reaching out to these offspring.  You know, I've been probably putting a bug or two in His ear  [laughs] about redeeming all these different beings, and angels.  You know, Yahushua redeemed mankind with the death on the cross and resurrection.  And there's no other redemption that was made for anything else that was fallen.  Yahushua redeemed fallen mankind.  You know, the other angels and beings in this planet and around this universe don't qualify for that.  Because it was a blood sacrifice.  It was a sacrifice for our sin.
And so, the Father has granted His own restoration to these beings.  And, you know, over the last month or two, we had all that going on with all them coming in to the East gates [of heaven], and the West, and everything else we were directing them to do.  
And then we had last call.  Because there were some holdouts that were just afraid that they were walking in to a trap and they were gonna be abused.  And so, after the original ones got settled in, we had a last call.  And then we did a call out to the universes around us where some of them had fled to get away from the Dracos and Reptilians.  We're always at war with these angelic offspring, and, uh--or, fallen angel offspring--but they were humanoids, I guess you could say.  The Nordics, the Pleiadeans, all of them just very angelic-looking, but in a fallen state.  They rebelled against The Most High and been kicked out of heaven.
So the last call, and then reaching out to them in other universes, and them coming back to be redeemed by--restored by the Father.  And also, this latest push of extending it to all the ones who have died.  Mirroring the fact that when Yahushua died on the cross, He went to hell for 3 days.  He went to Sheol.  And He witnessed.  Every person that was there from the time of Adam to the time that He arrived there had the opportunity to leave Sheol and go up to heaven with Yahushua.  This was like a resurrection.  And many of them did.  
They all had the opportunity to take the offer that was given to them.  OK?  And so, many of them did.  Of course, many of them did not qualify, or, you know, your sins, you're already being condemned and judged will keep you from being qualified.  Many of them did go.  And so, what the Father did was mirror that in the fact that He gave all of the angelic fallen ang--angelic beings and Lucifer's children that had died--He gave them a chance.  Because they're all being held in a dead angelic abode.

The Angelic Offspring Who Were Restored Were Given a Planet and They Named It Shaziron

You know, on earth we have hell as an abode for the dead that aren't in heaven with the Lord.  They go to hell.  And there's also, I guess you could call it, a hell for angels and other type beings.  That when they die, they go to this realm of the dead.  Because all souls are immortal.  Once you're created, you never just cease to exist.  There's no nonexistence.  You exist in some state.  
And so, all of those in this angelic realm of the dead, the abode that they go to, were given the chance, were given an offer to embrace Yahuah's redemption for them.  And they took it.  And--of course.  And so, you know, Shaziron went from about 6.5 billion to now it's, like, up to 14 billion.  14 billion.  
And I told you the Father had created a two-planet system to hold the 6.5 billion.  It went up to 8 billion.  Stood there for a little bit.  And one planet just wasn't enough.  They ended up--we had two planets.  And Shaziron was the name that they named their star.  They named their own planet, Shaziron.  And I told you it was located in the northeast sky.  And it's brilliant.  It's just huge.  It's huge.  
I've only seen it twice because they always cloud the skies over and I think this is a big reason why.  Especially the northeast.  If you look now, they, like, having Icemageddon in the northeast.  They're trying to hide the existence of Shaziron.  It's huge.  It makes Maitreya's little blip in the west, which is pretty obnoxious at night, it pales in comparison.  Maitreya's pales in comparison to what Shaziron looks like when it's lit up.  I mean, it's just brilliance.

I Can't Reach the Bride, but 14 Billion Fallen Angelic Offspring Have Listened and Have Embraced Yahuah's Restoration for Them


And so, this is the planet that all of those fallen angel offspring, and all of Lilith's offspring, that the Lord has put them to, it operates in 9th dimension.  It's operating in a heavenly realm.  But it is part of the heavenly realm that the Father owns, and so.
This two-planet system, which was a two-planet system, is now a 7-planet system.  Because there's just so many.  So many--14 billion.  And when I sit here, and I can't reach the Bride--the Bride, pretty much, has rejected me, and hated me, and won't listen--I go after everybody and everything else.  Which has been good for them.  Because--you know, I told Yahushua, "I can't reach them.  They won't listen."  
And, He knows.  And He knows how stiffnecked and stubborn the Bride is.  They love to hold onto the errors and their pagan ways, and pagan doctrines and beliefs.  And follow the churches more than they do Yahuah and claim that they're His.  He knows.  I'm still here for them.  I have just lost focus for them.  I mean, I'm just done.  You know, I'm just done.  And I've told the Father that many times I'm just done with them.
I'm here for them, but my focus has been on people or beings who will listen.  You know, there's a lot of--there's 14 billion angelic beings or fallen--at one time angelic, but fallen, who have listened, and who have embraced Yahuah's redemption for them, His restoration.  14 billion now.  And Shaziron has now become a 7-planet system.  It's a constellation now.  It started out as one star, one planet.  That had to get bumped to two.  And now it's bumped to seven because there's so many.

The Federation of Shaziron Is Going to Be a Crown Constellation and Each Planet Will Feature a Hue of a Stone of New Jerusalem


And so, what the Father told me He was gonna do was that it would now become a--the main star, Shaziron--and it would become the Federation of Shaziron, because there's 7 planets total. It is gonna be a Crown constellation.  And so, NASA can keep looking--no, they found it.  I know they freaked--they're freaking out about it.

See, the church will think I'm totally nuts, but NASA's all listening and tuning in because they to know what's going on up there.  They're the only ones who ever believe what I'm talking about.  They have their telescopes and they know what's going on.  
It's gonna be a Crown constellation.  Operating in heavenly realm.  The main planet is Shaziron and they'll have 6 planets across the top of it resembling the spikes of a Crown.  Each planet will have its own hue around it, featuring one of the stones as its main hue.  And the stones coming from the same colors and stones that Yahushua has built the New Jerusalem as.  And if you look at the stones of the New Jerusalem, and they resemble the stones of the high priest breastplate.  And, of course, you know, translations have know, there's some meanings that, translated from Hebrew to Greek to English, some of the meanings of what color the stones are has been lost.  
But this is how I'm kind of looking at it.  There's seven traditional colors of the rainbow, which are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.  And indigo is a really deep blue.  The really dark blue.  Where the regular blue listed is more like a topaz.  And then there's just a really dark navy blue type blue.  Really pretty.  That's indigo.  And then there's violet, which is a purple.  And these are the traditional colors of the rainbow, which pretty much correlate to the stones on the high priest breastplate and also the stones used in the New Jerusalem.
The first floor is jasper.  [coughs]  The second floor is sapphire.  Third is chalcedony.  Four is emerald.  Fifth is sardonyx.  Sixth is sardius.  Seven is chrysolite, which is a variety of turquoise, which is like a green color.  Eight is beryl.  Nine is topaz.  Tenth floor is chrysoprasus.  Eleventh is jacinth.  And twelfth is amethyst.  I think out of all those, the only ones I understand are sapphire, emerald, and amethyst.  And I said I wanna be on the top floor because my favorite stone is the amethyst.  Someone sent me a really pretty, huge amethyst.  I sit it on top of my orgone here on my desk.  Real pretty.  Beautiful cut of amethyst. 


And the thing about all these stones is they're all a variation of quartz crystals.  You know, when you look at it, the first thing you start reading in the descriptions of these stones is quartz crystal.  Variation of a crystal, quartz crystal.  Because our orgone blasters, that was the first...first time I'd ever worked with a stone.  And the Lord told me to use clear quartz crystal.  [coughs]  And that's what we've always put in our orgone blasters were clear quartz crystals.  It's a heavenly stone.
People think, "Ooohhh, you're getting into New Age stuff."  Really?  [laughs]  Well, this is biblical.  This is the Bible.  I can't help it if the New Age mimics it.  People just have their head in the sand.

When I Started This Ministry I Wanted to Just Tear Down the Strongholds of Satan - We Just Took 14 Billion Out of Satan's Hands


So, Shaziron is going to be a Crown constellation.  With six planets over the main star base, which will be the home planet, the main base.  [coughs]  Operating in the 9th and heavenly realm.  Part of the Lord's heavenly realm.  And right now, it's up to about 14 billion people, angels.  [coughs]  And these are the fallen angels' offspring that were redeemed.  And Lilith's offspring that left her.
Wow, imagine that.  You know, I kind of see a lot of justice in that.  That's why it makes me laugh.  Because she's been so busy producing offspring over all these thousands of years, and now, pretty much, probably 80, 90 percent have left her to be restored with Yahuah.  That's pretty amazing.  
When you look at it, I mean, it not only feels like, wow, time is winding down, if this doesn't show you that we're in the last days, I don't know what does.  Because, you know, the Father is just bringing everything He can back to Him, you know.  When I started this ministry 14 years ago, you know, I was--I wanted to tear down the strongholds of Satan.  That was my mantra.  That was...besides learning the truth in all things, I wanted to just teardown the strongholds of Satan.  I wanted to kick his butt.  And I didn't care if I had to run from one end of the planet to the other to do it.
And the Lord led me to orgone.  He led me into spiritual warfare praying.  And He's led me into the knowledge of things that most people just don't have, where I've been able to battle as the Lord's ambassador here on Earth.  Battle for the Father here on Earth, for Him.  And so, it's been pretty amazing.  I mean, the last month or two...three months.
You know, I know a lot of these angelic--angels that are now restored, you know, they're busy just, you know, especially today, after the announcements today that the dead would be offered restoration, just as Yahuah had offered redemption when He preached in hell for 3 days, they would also be offered it.  And so, it's just been a day of rejoicing for them.  Families being reunited.  Loved ones that have been lost.  Children, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters.  Just families being reunited.
Boy, you could just hear the heavenlies cheering.  The cheering going on.  If you're in tune.  Just so much rejoicing going on.  And cheering because the families being reunited.  You know, that's 14 billion that we just took out of Satan's hands.  14 billion.
Satan thought,  "I'm the god of this world.  I'm taking over as god of the earth."  And he's been dominating space.  He's been dominating the earth.  Thought he was just gonna take everything he could away from the Father.  And we've just taken a huge chunk of that and given it back to the Father.  [laughs]  You know, I'm just praising the Lord.  You just have to laugh.  Because Satan just thought he was gonna be all that.  Be so dominant.  And Lilith, and everybody, and all their crossbreeding and hybridizations.  And even the creatures getting a chance to leave and just go be restored on one of Yahuah's heavenly realm planets, you know.  It's just amazing.
Reaching Out to Satanists, Almost 5,000 Have Renounced Lucifer and Walked Away, and to Save Face He Creates Replicas to Replace Them


So his kingdom is vastly dwindling.  Vastly getting smaller.  Shrinking, shriveling.  I mean, who would stay with him, right?  I mean, even, just the past year, almost 5,000 Satanists, Illluminists, because, you know, I've been reaching out to them.  Why not?  The Bride won't listen to me.  Reaching out to Satanists, almost 5,000 have renounced Lucifer and walked away.
And so, to save face in all this, he's creating synthetics and droids to replace them.  So people won't notice.  Because he's killed them.  He kills them.  You know, when an Illuminati member, or the family, or a Satanist renounce Lucifer, they don't, typically, live very long to testify about that.  And that's why he kills them, so they won't, they can't.
But they're in heaven having a great time now.  And what he does, to save face on earth, is create replacements.  And he's already been doing that.  He's above the game.  He already knows, you know.  Most of the politicians, already, in D.C. know.  Have seen, have used their replacements, their replicas.  They can--"Oh, I can use this thing.  Instead of going into work myself, I'll send the...I'll send the droid.  I'll send the synthetic.  I'll send the android."  You know?
I remember one of my friends in D.C. telling me one of the most effective things I ever said in all my shows that really hit him and others was the warning that if you see a replica of you, run.  Because Lucifer's gonna kill you and replace you with that--you're training your replacement.  He's gonna kill you and replace you with that replica, that drone, that clone, that android.  Droid, whatever.  You know, you're training your replacements.  
But that's why Satan's doing it.  In case people renounce him, he needs to save face.  And so, he makes all these synthetics.  And he can control them.  I told you.  I don't know how many times I've told them, that he hates humans, he doesn't trust them, he's only used them as far as he's had to to get them to put together a one-world government ready to--that he can embrace when he comes to Earth to take over.  He's used them to build that up.  And then, he'll kill them.

I always said they'd be the first ones in the FEMA camps.  The Red Lists.  He doesn't want them around.  He hates humans.  I don't know why--and they're so stubborn.  They all think they're Lucifer's best friend because, you know, their just the evilest one on the block.  They've done all these sacrifices.  They're running all these drug cartels, and child slave rings, and doing all this stuff Satan loves.  And they think they're just gonna be friends with him.  He hates them.  He hates them.  He uses them.  He lies to them.
He lies to them more than he does the churches.  I mean, look how many lies we're dealing with in the churches.  He doesn't leave any place untouched.  OK?  He doesn't leave any place untouched.
And so, Satanists in the last year have just been--have been renouncing him and leaving in droves and numbers.  And that's why so many synthetics now are taking over the journalism, and politics, and Congress, and the White House.

In an Android, They Can Turn the Brain into a Computer, but the Rest of the Body Can Still Be a Normal Person


One of the interesting things I learned about androids was that when they create an android, they actually can use a person's--a human's soul.  Matrix will actually be--share the same body as an android.  You would have, um, what they do--and then I've talked about this--is they pretty much turn the brain into a computer.  [coughs]  But the rest of the body can still be a normal person.  You know, let's talk about the presidential debate last year when I was screaming and hem-hawing, "Look!  They're androids on TV right now.  They're not the real ones."  That's not the real--who was that--Mitt Romney and Obama.  That was the androids.  And they were blinking a thousand times a second.  And they're real skinny and nice plastic-looking like androids usually are.  Synthetics.

But they--even though they have a computer for a brain, their essence, their soul beings, still can be...share that same body with the computer brain.  That's why they're so...almost human.  I still haven't seen that show.  It comes on Monday nights now at 8.  Almost Human.  Been meaning to.  That's what makes it work.  That's what makes people think twice, "Is that a human or an android?"  Well, you can look at the skin.  It's really synthetic-looking.  It's plastic.  They're blinking a million times, so they can't take the light.  But, look, he's laughing and crying like a normal human.  How do they pull that off if it's a robot, you know, if it's a clone?  If it's a robot without a soul.
See that's the difference between a android and a clone.  A clone doesn't have a soul.  Now, people will argue up and down, but they don't.  Because these bodies are created, and taken over, and used by demons and aliens as hosts for themselves to use.  That's why Satan likes them.  If it was another real person being duplicated, do you think Satan would want anything to do with it?  He hates humans.  He wants something he can totally control 100 percent.  And the only way he can totally control something 100 percent is if he has you linked to his mind computers.  And you can be linked to that through chip implants.  Or he's soul-scalped you with one of his beings.  One of his beings has soul-scalped you.  Aliens, or demons, or whatever.  They've possessed you.  They've soul-scalped you.  They've kicked you out and taken over your body.  He only wants those around him he can control.  

I Had to Announce Shaziron and the Restoration of the 14 Billion Beings on My Show Tonight So It Could Go on the Official Record


And so, while he's busy targeting how he's gonna control everybody in every country and of the world, we've been busy targeting as many as we can to bring back to the Father for restoration.  Hm-hm!  I don't even know what else...what else I can think of.  You know?  I know the last couple months, I've given the Council of the Lord a couple of bombshells.  And I know they gave me one today.  And it's been kind of fun, but we're running out now.  I mean, I don't have anymore bombshells.  And I don't know if they do or not, but it just really seems like the time is winding down now.  You know.
We've taken a huge chunk away from him that he thought he had in his back pocket.  [laughs]  And so, it is officially on the record now.  I had to come on the air and talk about this because it had to go on the official record.  No way around it.  You know?  Everything has to be official.  Everything is recorded.  And whether people understand that or not, you know, I can't do anything about you.  But everything has to be recorded.  Has to be official.  You have to have your eyes and teeth taken care of.  And so, by announcing this tonight, as the ambassador of the Father's on Earth, is officially recorded and officially done.  It's in the books.
Shaziron, the Crown constellation.  The restoration of all these beings.  14 billion of them over the last several months.  Just in the records, officially recorded.  And so, it is done.
You know, I was [laughs] telling my friend, I go, "This is crazy."  I go, "This is getting really crazy.  You're not gonna believe but there's 14 billion of them now.  What's even crazier is I have to announce it on my show tonight."  [laughs]  And so, yeah.  I'll tell you what.  NASA knows.  Because that star in the northeast is's glorious.  I mean, it's just outrageous.  I love it.  I love it.  That's Shaziron.  I'm gonna start watching for the 6 planets to rise above Shaziron.  Symbolically of the six--of six, uh, horns on a crown.  
The Father said it'll be the Crown constellation.  And, you know, we got 89 now.  We don't have 88 anymore.  We're officially 89.  But they won't make it official.  We'll just have 245 total because they always lie about everything.  NASA hides everything up.  And I don't know--um.  I don't know, you know, if you would count a heavenly realm, include it with the rest of them, or not.  Because, you know, when you see a star in the sky, that's not a--necessarily a sun.  I know everybody--when I was little, I was told all the stars were suns.  They were just billions and billions of miles away.  And it was a lie.  Stars are not suns.  There's only one sun in our universe.  There's only one sun.  The rest are stars.  

It's the Magnetic Field and Aura of Every Planet in the Universe That Gives It the Shine That They Have


And what gives a think about a planet like Earth.  What do we look like to everybody else?  You know, in our solar system.  Our universe.  What do we look like?  We'd look like a blue star.  Well, why would we look like a blue star?  Because our our blue aura over Earth.  The aether energy that we have here gives us a blue aura.  And we would look like a brilliant blue and white star in the sky.  If someone was looking at us from a billion miles away.  They would just see us as a blue and white star.
You know, it's the magnetic field and aura of every planet in the universe that gives it the shine that they have.  And that's why they look like stars.  It's because of their aura and magnetic field around them.  And if you look at a planet, you have to think twice, "Is that a star?  Oh, no, that's a planet.  Why?  Because--we call them planets because we know where their locations are.  Not because, uh, you know, "planet" is written across the side of it and we can see it.  They look like regular stars like anywhere else.

You know, if I showed somebody Arcturus or Jupiter, do you think they'd tell the difference one's a planet and one's not.  No, because they're both planets.  They're just called--one's called a star and one's called a planet--acknowledged as a planet.  

The Summer and Winter Alien Constellations Above My House


You know, you look at these different stars in our sky, and a lot of them are home planets for aliens.  And I wanna talk about some of the main ones we're dealing with right now.  I thought that would be interesting because these are the ones I deal with every Monday night.  Hm-hm!  Always trying to cancel my show.  
OK.  So if you look above now...I have been talking about a triangle above my property.  I don't know if I've been talking about that on the radio, or just to friends, but there's this triangle there.  I've been watching this thing for a while.   There's always a triangle.  And it comes to find out that two of these alien constellations, one's known as a summer triangle, the one's known as the winter triangle.  So I just went from one to the other.  [laughs]  There's always a triangle constellation above Ohio here.  Just part of America, I guess you could say.


Right now we have the winter triangle.  Located next to Orion.  Orion's usually in the southeast.  And then you see the winter triangle, which is usually kind of lower north.  And Sirius features the black dog, the black wolf.  I've talked about that before.  I've seen that thing barking at me, um, in a spirit realm type thing.  Trying to wake me up, startle me, whatever.  It's that black viscious wolf thing.  That's Sirius.
Sirius is also known for its blue star people.  Because there's Sirius A and there's Sirius B.  There's, like, a two-planet star system there.  Which was what Shaziron started out to be.  Just a two-planet star system.  Now it's up to 7.  And Sirius A and B, they're both located next to each other.  And they're also located near the Big Dipper.  So it's someplace we can find them.
Arcturus, the Arcturians; the other one I'm always dealing with.  And these are the last star on the kite constellation in the sky.  I know it's supposed to be called the diamond of the Virgo constellation, but when I see it, it looks like a kite with a string.  And the last star on that string is Arcturus.  And these are the Arcturians.  And I don't care what anybody says about the Arcturians, these are the ugliest beasts I've ever seen.  They are, uh...they look like black praying mantises.  And there may be other different types of creatures on that star system, but they're like black praying mantises.  And they walk upright.  They are just so ugly.  Almost like a beetle that standi--a black beetle that's stands up and walks.  I mean, that's--they're just gross.  With long antennas.
And then there's the Andromedans, Andromeda, the Saurians, which are the Greys, and the Zeta Reticulans.  And the Saurians and the Zeta Reticulans are associated with Andromeda.  And the Andromedans are one of the...they're all liars.  But the Andromedans take the icing on the cake when it comes to lying about who and what they're here for.  Because all 5 of these that I've mentioned...oh, I forgot to mention Lyra.  Because they're the ones--the winter--the summer triangle is the Lyrans.  I was dealing with them all summer.  
And the Lyrans are the cat people.  They're cat people and lion people.  They have lion features and cat features.  And so, when you see people--and they make fun of this in movies where they'll show people shifting into having green cats eyes.  Yeah, that's the Lyrans.  They're also known as the Harp constellation.  The summer triangle.  They're located in the lower north.  Looks like a triangle with a big box next to it.  And there's, like, five--that they know of--five exoplanets within the Lyran constellation.  
Lyra, Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda, the Saurians, and the Zeta Reticulans Are All Noted for Starseeding on Earth, Defiling the Father's Creation


All five of these, the Lyrans, Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda, Saurians, and Zeta Reticulans, all noted for starseeding on Earth.  And that is what makes them a absolutely condemned race.  Anyone who is starseeding and defiling the Father's creation here on Earth.  And you've seen all these Starseed children.  They call them Indigos, or just Starseeds, that have groups of these things.  They're all over the Internet.  They have groups and organizations for Starseeds and Indigos.  These are half aliens, half humans.  And these are, like, some of the races they have come from.  The Lyrans, the Arcturians, Sirius, Andromedans.  And that's what makes them so abominable in the Father's eyes.
And so, when--you know, when they try to make it sound like these starseed children have so much more on top of humans, they're better than regular humans, no.  It's an abomination to the Father.  Now, His salvation reaches out to them, Yahushua's salvation, because they're half human.  They have a soul.  But they have to renounce the evil side of them, and embrace the good.  Embrace the Father.  Embrace salvation and redemption.  


And the truth is, most of them won't.  Most of them won't.  Because they're so [coughs], um, [coughs] they're so empowered with gifts that regular humans don't have that they don't wanna give those up.  They don't wanna stop using them.  Almost know, they have abilities.  And, you know, they can remote view.  They can--a lot of them can travel, astral project, remote view, go to the astral realms.  Of course, there's nothing left of the astral realms, so I don't know what they're gonna do now.  
But, yeah, we've been able to target the astral realms for destruction with our orgone as well.  This net that the Reptiles have been using to entrap people and use them as food.  Another one of our accomplishments this year.  We've had a lot of accomplishments this year.  It's like everything culminating.  You know, like, the orgone was the foundation and the base work.  [coughs]  And now we're seeing everything culminate.  And we're seeing the fruits of our work.  All our labors of all these years.
Most Indigos and Starseeds Won't Acknowledge Yahushua and Their Slave Masters Keep Control of Them from a Distance


And so, yeah, this whole starseed thing, just as every bit of bad as you've felt it was but didn't know what to think about it.  [coughs]  Most of them just will not acknowledge Yahushua.  Most of them end up having a anger, and a tendency to hate the Lord and things of the Bible.  Maybe it's because from the time they're bred they're told to hate it, encouraged to hate.  I don't know what the deal is with them.  I just don't even deal with them anymore.  I don't deal with hybrids anymore.    For a while there, I was.  And, I'll tell you, they will just wear you down.  They will wear you down and you will get nowhere, so.  
Now, there are hybrids who don't use any abilities they have and who have acknowledged the Father.  And they stay quiet about who and what they are, and that's fine.  It's probably better because when other hybrids find other hybrids, they wanna pull them into their world, their circle.  And nothing good ever comes out of that.  Nothing good ever comes out of it.  And they end up with all these Super Soldier Summits and everything else.  Indigos and Starseeds.  And they use each other as strength to pull away from the Father.  And to justify the things they get into and the things they do for their own purposes and agendas, and so.
And don't think for a minute that these hybrid kids are freed from their slave masters.  You know, if you're--if the Lyrans are down here starseeding kids, they're gonna keep control of them from a distance.  And that's what they do.  And so were the Saurians, and the Sirius, and Arcturians, and all of them who are down here starseeding.  

And I didn't even mention the Reptilians.  And those are the, you know, those are huge.  That's the whole Orion constellation.  They're everywhere.  I mean, next week, if I'm still here--I was gonna do it tonight, but I don't have time.  I was gonna go through and tell you who is what, and who's located where.  But, you know, they're everywhere.  The Reptilians and Dracos.  Not just Orion, but that their allies.  Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturians, the Lyrans.  They have allies everywhere.  Part of Satan's forces.  You know, they're all different factions.  

Not One Almond-Eye Alien Qualified for Restoration by the Father Because They're Completely Evil and Void of Anything Righteous


And whenever you run into an almond-eyed race, it's never good.  It's never good.  Almond-eye races are a total abomination.  Not one of them ever qualified for restoration by the Father.  They're just totally evil.  They're void of anything righteous in them.  That's why they couldn't qualify to be redeemed.  There's nothing righteous, and there's not one iota bit of redeemable spirit, DNA, drop of it anywhere that it would make them redeemable.  They're just unregenerate.  
And so, if you ever come in contact with an almond-eyed--and they're different colors.  There's the Greys, Arcturians, Andromedans, they're all almond-eye races.  Completely evil.  Whenever you see the almond eyes, they're just completely evil.  And so, I think I'll save--I'll have to save everything else for next week.

Getting Shaziron on the Official Record


But just what I wanted to talk about this week so we can get it on the official record was the Federation of Shaziron, the 7-planet system, the Crown constellation of the heavenly realm operating in the 9th realm.  The main planet Shaziron with 6 planets across the top of it resembling spikes or points of a crown.  Each planet having its own hue or stone color as part, uh, as its place on the Crown, and so.  And each one of these colors representing colors we would see in the rainbow, or the breastplate on the priest, the high priest, or the New Jerusalem that's coming the Lord's built.  And you can read in Revelation 22 the stones.  Revelation, chapter 21, it is; the stones, the proper names given to each of the stones of the 12 floors of the New Jerusalem.  The colors of Shaziron will be pretty much the same colors.  
So all this just being on the official record.  And the redemption of 14 billion plus, of fallen angels, their offsprings and Lilith's offsprings.  All their dead, so.  Everything coming to a wrap, folks.  The Lord bringing back to Him as much as He can as the days are dwindling down.  And those of us who are helping Him be able to do that.

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Anyway, till next week, everybody.  Yah bless.


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