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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
December 30, 2013



And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, December 30. Last show of the year. And you know I was surprised enough to be doing these shows in 2013. It looked so good, and so ripe, in 2012 to just be on with something, be out of here, be on with the roll. And here we go with another year. And certainly don't see that with 2014. Too much lining up for 2014 just being a year from hell, literally, and so.


A couple things I wanted to go over tonight. Been talking with Father the last--always talk to Him every day--but He had told me last week that Lucifer's been petitioning Him constantly. That he wants me gone, and the entire orgone faction gone before he arrives on Earth. He does not want us here when they make their arrival.

And, of course, their arrival's all prescripted. I've been telling you what a Hollywood production it would be, for years. You know, they want the grandiose lights in the sky, and the angelic choirs, and all this other stuff. And, of course, we've been working hard over the years to make sure that doesn't happen. And plus we know who they are.

And the biggest threat to him is that we're all willing to sacrifice our lives on Earth for the Lord. And that makes us very dangerous to Lucifer. And the fact that we're prayers, we're doers, makes us very dangerous to Lucifer.

And we're all bigmouths. You know, I don't have--somebody said it really good on my Facebook the other day--I don't have followers. I lead leaders. Because there's not one person in the orgone faction that's not a leader, themselves. They're not followers. They're leaders. And that's the same thing along the lines of what the Lord told me over a decade ago when He stood me up. He said I would teach His prophets. I would teach His leaders on Earth. I would be a teacher to them.

And so, I'm here for leaders. I'm here for people who the Lord can depend on. People who Lucifer, ultimately, fears the most. Because they know how to talk to God. They know how to access the Father. They know how to hear from Him. And Lucifer fears them.


And he hates the orgone. He totally--they cannot function with the orgone. They put on a lot of charades to make it look like it doesn't harm them, but it does. You know, they're constantly having to switch clones in and out. Going to underground bases just to get out of orgoned air.

And Washington, D.C. is plastered with orgoned air. And that's why they use so many clones, and duplicates, and replacements for congressmen. Because they don't wanna go anywhere near D.C. They just send in the clones. And most of them are sold-out and bought-out anyway.

When you get involved with the Brotherhood--either you're born in, or you sign in (which is sell your soul to the devil)--they collect your DNA. And they know everything about you. And Satan just controls you from that point on.


Now, he wouldn't be spending all of December petitioning for us to be removed if he wasn't planning for some grand arrival in 2014. Which we know he is. And so, 2014, things could happen very quickly.

Now, as far as I know--you know, the church has been waiting on this multimillion rapture off the earth before the tribulation period. Uh, no. That's not gonna happen. There's no pretribulation rapture. That was a ploy that they set up through the Pentecostals, which is also one of Satan's religions. They set that up so that when they came, and did a mass abduction off the earth of humans, that people would just equate it as some religious rapture. That whole thing was a setup.

The Lord doesn't promise protection to His people until the middle part of the tribulation period. He says He will protect the church of Philadelphia because they've been faithful to Him. They've been truth-seekers.

There's seven churches mentioned in the book of Revelation, chapters 2 and 3. All symbolized by existing churches in Turkey, at the time. Two of them would receive His protection. The other five would not. They would go through the entire tribulation period. And the two that do--Philadelphia being the one (I can't remember the other one. I think it's Ephesus. I'm not sure), they would be protected. Doesn't say raptured off the earth, but it definitely says protected. And that would become right before the mark of the beast is enforced on the world.

So two of the churches out of five. That means there's a huge majority chunk of Christians living amongst us today who are going to go through the entire tribulation period. And it's these Christians that will be filling up the FEMA camps, and being imprisoned and tried for their faith. Because their faith is not perfect. They don't have a perfect faith in the Lord.


And so, what's a perfect faith, you know? You know, I think I'm really grasping this. The truth of it. Because I deal with so many different types of Christians on a daily basis. And the ones that are truly of perfect faith, you can say, you know, ask the Father, see what He tells you to do. You know? And they'll go sit at the Father's feet and they'll ask Him.

They've learned how to build relationship with Him. They're not religion. They're not, "Oh, let's argue doctrines." You know, send me e-mails arguing one doctrine after the next. Like, I could care less. It's not about doctrines. It's not about religion. It's about relationship. And those who have a perfect faith in the Lord get that. They get it. They understand the relationship aspect.

And we all should. But they don't teach it in the churches. They tell you to put on the full armor of the Lord, and you sing about it. But not one of them a warrior. They're not doers. They're Sunday Christians. They're not even worshipping the Father on the sabbath. They go the first day of the week. And they can't even keep the ten commandments.

Perfect faith, is just when you grasp it, you grasp who He is, what He wants. You know? Some people have the gift of prayer. And I admire that. They just--it's a talent, you know. It's a real gift. And they can just go on these beautiful prayers to the Father and stuff. And it always cracks me up because I'm anything but formal when I talk to Dad. I talk to Him every day. It's like, "What's up?" [laughs] "What's going on? Are You here right now? Are You busy?" You know, I always talk to Him like that. Because I know when He gets quiet, He's busy. But He's always here. But it's funny. We have such an informal...but He's Dad, you know. I honor Him as the Father, the King, but it's all about relationship as well. And people who have perfected their faith in Him, they just get it. They just--they get that.


And so, Satan--this little faction of orgone warriors--because they're prayers, they'll sacrifice themselves on Earth for the Lord. They don't care if they die here for Him. And that's why the Lord won't let them die. He protects them. They fast and pray, which is very powerful against Satan and his kingdom. They're doers. They'll get the orgone out. They just tend to hear what the Father has to say and how He leads, and they'll act. And so, Satan wants them out of the way.

And, interestingly enough, I was asking the Father how many orgone warriors there were. And I know--He said we're a fraction of a faction. The faction of 144,000. The first group. There's two groups. There's a first group of 144,000 that are taken up to heaven. There's a second group that are sealed here on Earth. I don't know how anybody can't distinguish that in the book of Revelation.

Anyway, there's 4,400 orgone warriors. 4,400. Out of 144,000, out of 7 billion people on the planet. And these aren't all the people that get out and huff orgone and make it. But people who support this ministry. I've always said you don't have to be a--you go out, huff orgone, to be considered a orgone warrior. If you're supporting this ministry, you're a prayer warrior in this ministry, just a part of this ministry.

So, 4,400. Which I was a little shocked. I thought, you know, that's a lot more than I thought. But he wants them gone. He want's me gone. And then they'll arrive to Earth, supposedly. Don't hold your breath. They did this last year. You know, 2012. All this Hop--uh, was it the Hopis then or the other ones? [laughs] I think it was the Hopis this year, and last year it was the other Indian race.

And all that was negated by orgone. We just destroyed them in the air. That was a lot of fun to see in the codes. Because Christmastime is always a dominant time for them to arrive. So is, you know, New Year's Eve. New Year's Day. That area of time. And then you have Easter. And then you have the summer months; June and July. And then you go to September. And then you swing right back to December. So there's always these hot times. These hot-potato times of when they'll arrive.

And so, yeah, this could be a hot week. At least get the ball rolling on something. I see NATO in New York City this week, and I'm thinking, "Why is NATO in New York City?" Why are they in New York? Are they planning something? Are they gonna blow the ball up this year? What's NATO doing in New York?" But they're there.


And one of the main things about these aliens that are coming to Earth, they want us to think that they're our creators and our forefathers. You know, there's over 1 million people missing worldwide every year, that never show up again. Every year alone in the United States, 300,000 people end up missing. That's 3 million people every 10 years. Where'd they go? Did the aliens get all those people to underground bases, cloning labs, and facilities? Probably a mixture. Sex rings. Slave trades. Cloning labs. Aliens.

Aliens harvest a lot of people off the earth. You know, there are UFO starships full of human meat lockers and storage lockers. You know, they don't just kidnap and experiment on people then send them back to Earth with stories most people won't believe. They abduct women, impregnate them, crossbreed with them.

They saturate the earth with their offsprings we call Indigo and Star Children. Most don't even go by a label. They're raised with normal families who never suspect they're raising a hybrid alien child. Because they have perfected third-party DNA. They can take the husband's, they can take the wife's, and they can inject an alien's. And have a child born that [coughs] that looks like the father or the mother, but have alien hybrid DNA in him. This is how advanced their technology is.

But friends don't do that. I mean, you've got some of these people online that want you to think these aliens are our friends. They're coming to help mankind. And they'll start naming the races. And I'm thinking, "Those are all the races that the Lord said were condemned, and abominable, and couldn't even be restored.

Last month, when 14 billion were restored back to the Father, there were the almond races--they're not qualified because they're so evil. Any alien race that is starseeding their seed on Earth, impregnating human women with their alien DNA on Earth, they're not qualified. It's totally abominable to the Lord that they would be defiling His creation.


You know, friends don't abduct you. They don't impregnate you against you will or consciousness. They don't kill you and stick you in a meat locker. They don't take you to an underground prison and put you in a cage to be used later for experiments or ritual sacrifices. They don't stalk, harass, torment, and drive you into thinking you're crazy.

Friends don't eat human babies as a delicacy. There's only two races that I know that does that; the aliens, and the Chinese. And who did I say the Chinese race was from?

Friends don't hang humans on cattle hooks and display them in meat lockers. Friends don't dismember and chop up humans so they can take body parts Jacuzzis. They put human in a vat of water, and they soak in it. It's like a Jacuzzi, an alien Jacuzzi.

Friends don't place vicious plagues on the earth and kill hundreds of millions off the earth. They're responsible for the deaths of billions over time. You think about, Earth is about 7,000 years old. Minus the flood, when there was about a billion and a half people on Earth. Since that time, we're up to 7 billion. And that's not even including the 1 to 3 billion that have been killed directly by the aliens, through plagues, wars, abductions.

Our friends don't take over food supplies of nations to poison the food so the people die of cancers, tumors, and plagues. Friends don't implement nonearthly-based vaccines to inject the public with so they carry alien genes which we call junk DNA, which is there to try to take over and subjugate human DNA.


You know, the last year or two, there's been a process going on called the Truth and Reconciliation. And they are trying to force all the truths that have been hidden to be exposed before their arrival. This was part of their master script that they developed over the past several years. They've been implementing it now. And we're in the Truth and Reconciliation phase.

So a lot of conspiracy theories are proving to be true. A lot of crimes against mankind are gonna be revealed by our politicians. Deaths that were actually assassinations are being exposed. Technology that's been hidden will be revealed.

You know, our ancient past being exposed nightly on History 2 Channel. Guys like, uh--and other channels--guys like Jesse Ventura, who are part of the Brotherhood, being stood up to reveal the truth about DUMBs and various black projects and conspiracy theories. He's there to help the agenda along. They wanna bring all this stuff that's been hidden to light. And so, they use their own to do it.

You know, Alex Jones. He's being stood up to expose the hidden aspects and real agendas of the New World Order. And he's one of them. He's part of the Brotherhood, every bit as Jesse Ventura is. They use their own people to expose them because they like to control what's being exposed. Even their own so-called Truth and Reconciliation. They wanna control what truths are being exposed.


You know, I saw a show the other night on ancient aliens on History 2. I hate watching that thing, but my husband had it on. And it was actually interesting. It was talking about emperors and pharaohs...uh, something else. Queens, maybe. Leaders. But it was talking about the ancient races of India and China. And these are the two nations I've been talking about. And so, I was interested because they were kind of being on the same lines as I was. And they took it much further. You know, they show you. All I could do is tell you. When you watch TV, they can have video and show you. Give you visual proof that these races are ancient E.T. races.

And what I thought was interesting is when they were showing India. And they were showing all these domed Buddhist temples. And their Buddhist temples resemble the Muslim temples we have today. And the thing about the domes on the temples, they also showed UFOs that existed during that time. Probably still do. And the domes on their temples match the domes on the UFOs. That's how they align with them. A lot of these temples being built by the aliens, themselves, to deceive the people with. I mean, some of these temples are just out in nowhere-land. Built by huge stones. And no human could lift 20,000 pounds. Even with heavy machinery we have today. And so, you know the aliens had a part in developing all this stuff in the ancient Middle East. And it was their children.


You know, I was looking at the table of nations in Genesis, chapter 10. Just kind of get a feel for who is what. A lot of these names it's hard to equate with. "OK, where is that today?" Some of it you can recognize right away.

But the Lord was telling me something about Canaan. And the ancient Canaanites dominated the land around Israel. And we know they were giants. We know because when Caleb and Joshua went to spy on the land, and they came back and they said, "We're just grasshoppers compared to these giants in the land." And that was Canaan.

And Noah's son, Ham, moved to Canaan. And the area was named after his grandson. And he settled--his sons--he had 4 sons, and his sons settled in Canaan and in Africa. And Noah had split the land up--east, north, south, east, west--amongst his sons. And Ham was supposed to go to...uh, west, to Africa. But went to Africa, and finagled his way over into Shem's territory, which was Canaan, and planted himself there.

But Ham's sons...two of them you can recognize, well, besides Canaan. The only one I couldn't recognize is Mitzraim. I have no idea where that would be. Phut--P-h-u-t--is modern-day Libya. Cush is modern-day Ethiopia. Canaan being the area over by Israel. And then Mitzraim.

Cush begat Nimrod. And this whole occultic foundation seems to be on Nimrod, and Semiramis and Tammuz. And Nimrod came from Cush, which was Ham's son.

The queen of Sheba, notable for sleeping with Solomon. Or, was that David? It was Solomon. It was Solomon. And that was also Sheba with a son of Cush. And he had relations with the queen of Sheba.

And Canaan, if you look at his ancestry, it's like the Amorites, which we know were giants. Then you've got the Gergasites, the Jebusites. All these names that have just fallen off over time because these were a lot of these--you'd see a lot of these giant races that filled the land, that Caleb and Joshua had to deal with.

See, what happened was Ham's wife and his daughters, when they went into the land of Canaan, which is a alien-fertile area, because it was tons of alien stargates in that whole Middle East area there. You know, Lebanon, and Syria, and Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia. That was just, like, a alien hotbed, at the time. With lots of stargates and portals. And they found this landing area just in Lebanon, alone, you know, just for UFOs. His wife and his daughters were impregnated by angels that were falling at the time.


Angels have always fallen. They're not held in heaven with a gun to their head. The door isn't locked. Angels can leave if they want to, and when they want to. And so, even after the flood, more angels fell. And they impregnated Ham's daughters, which began these giant races all over again.

Now, over time, you know the story about how Caleb and Joshua went in and destroyed 20 cities of giants. And then you never hear of giants anymore so much after that. That doesn't mean they stopped leaving humans alone. But what they did was they kind of--they took it underground. They were able to identify the giantism gene.

And so, when they eliminated the giantism gene, they were able to assimilate their seed in society without being noticed and detected. Because before, they just were stand-outs, "Oh, they're giants." "Those are alien-human kids." "Those are the Nephilim." "Those are half-and-half." And they were able to take out that giantism gene. And now they starseed amongst us and you can't tell the difference.

You know, you can't tell if it's--you know, it could be the entire NBA having fallen angel DNA. Look how tall they all are. Or it's just a defect in the bloodline that still exists to this day. All of our blood is tainted. All bloodlines are tainted. You know, in the days of Noah, Noah and his family, they weren't righteous [I believe Sherry means "perfect"--transcriber] as in sinless, they were righteous in that they were the only ones left with pure human DNA. And that's were we're getting to the point now.

You know, I just asked the Father earlier, I said, "We've got almost 7 billion humans on the planet," and I asked Him, "How many are really humans?" How many out of 7 billion today do you think are real humans? Because not only do we have starseeding and crossbreedizations--crossbreeding, with all these Starseeds, Indigos, people that don't even take labels, but they have alien abilities. Out of 7 billion people, 4 billion are human. That was over 3 billion are not even considered 100 percent human. Over three billion people on this planet. I was, like, "Wow."

Because, you know, back in 2005, He had told me the invasion has begun. And people always expected the outward invasion. The one where the aliens show up and flash their lights, and shoot their beams, and plant themselves above cities. And you have all these Hollywood movie scenarios going on. It's been happening quietly behind the scenes. And they've been slowly assimilating, and taking over human society. Three and a half billion not even 100 percent human.


Now, I knew cloning was really big. Cloning has--you have to understand that the Chinese clone, the Americans clone, the Germans clone. Everybody clones. Everybody has their hands in cloning. But the aliens do, too. And theirs are the best. Theirs last the longest. They have technology that alows them to breed humans and clone them, that makes them more efficient.

Humans who try to clone, make human clones, they don't--they're not as durable, and they don't last as long. And I've heard that from everybody. A good human clone's only gonna last 2 to 3 years. And that's without--if they start having health issues.

And so what happens, when you're a human clone...and I've called people out before and said, "Hey, that's a clone. That's a replacement." And you can always tell. They do this with celebrities and politicians. And even religious leaders today. They have no soul. And people argue, "Yes, they do have a soul." No, they don't. Any kind of soul they have is what their mind tells them to think that is from the previous person they were cloned from. Because they download all the memories. They have no conscience, no inhibitions, and they're easier to control. Of course, you put a chip implant in them and you can control them. You know, they're like remote-control helicopters.


And the thing about some of these androids amongst know, you clone somebody and the cloning part doesn't start to go so well. They're kind of losing control of the clone. It's kind of doing awkward things the wrong times, not acting human. And so, what they typically end up doing is opening up the person's head. And you can see scars from the back of their head. From the bottom of one ear, all the way under the other ear. They slice them open. And they literally put these, like, brains, computers, these computer brains in these clones.

And these computer brains can mimic a human perfectly. They can laugh, they can cry, they can get mad. They mimic all human emotions. But they can also be easily controlled through manipulations of that computer brain. Told what to say when. Told what to do.

And they always have handlers. You always have to have people in close proximity who are watching and controlling these clones so if they get out of order, you take them to a rehab where they undergo fixing. They're rehabs. That's a code word they have is rehab. They go into rehab. That's what they did to Britney Spears because she kept rebelling against the Illuminati. So they pretty much gave her a lobotomy and they control her now. And they said, "Oh, she's in rehab." They do this with the MKULTRA sex slaves. The kids that are born into it and want out and can't get out. They rebel against them. That's what they do to them, if they don't kill them outright.

You know, they tried to kill Britney Spears, but for some reason, the Lord's keeping her alive. Because she's not one of them. Miley wasn't one of them either, and they replaced her. Look at that inhibited-less, no-conscience clone that's replaced her. I been yelling about that one all year.


And so, the huge thing now is this transgender craze. Turning boys into girls and girls into boys. And, of course, when they wanna start a huge trend, they start it in Hollywood and let it trickle down to society. And so, you have celebrities, huge, big names, who will do this to their children. Look at Will Smith, Will and Jada Smith, turning their boy into a girl, and their girl into a boy. Brad and Angie, their daughter, turning her into a boy. Gwen Stefani, turning her cute little boy into a girl.

This transgender craze is going to heat up. Because it's the whole part of Baphomet, where he has--where he's hermaphroditic, and he's both sexes. And Lucifer can also--he's a chameleon. So he can morph as a male or a female. And these Illuminati, Illuminists who want to show their loyalty to Lucifer, they'll pick on features and aspects of Lucifer and that's what they'll highlight. That will be their ministry to Lucifer, you know. That's what they'll do to keep their fame and fortune and stuff. They'll sacrifice their children.

So this is gonna get huge as we get more and more into next year. More transgender. More replacing. Outright replacing of humans. Replacing them with clones. You figure right now almost 50 percent of mankind is a clone or a hybrid. That's pretty scary. And I mean, ask yourself, "Why does China need the world's largest cloning facility when they can already man an army of 300 million in a heartbeat?" Are they cloning girls for wives for these soldiers? Is that what's going on? Or just replacing their whole population with clones so they can control them?

In India, another hotbed for cloning. Because a lot of times they do clone women because they don't have a history. They don't have families to go back to. And a lot of men will hire female clones as their mistresses, and their mates, and their servants and slaves. So they can just keep them at home taking care of their homes, than have to worry about all the baggage that a normal human woman would have with having kids of her own, family of her own and stuff like that.

And I was told that the clones are numbered on the backs of their necks and on their wrist, so they...they used to clone a lot of women. That's how they would mark them. And that's why you always see a lot of Indians, they have that big gaudy jewelry on their wrist, and they wear the scarves, and stuff like that. Because they hide the numbers.

I don't know what they do in China. And I don't know what they do in the rest of the world. You know, in America, you know, it's just so good, you can't even tell. I mean, they could put them on national TV. Two clones in a presidential debate and nobody knows it. They think they're humans. That's how good it is.

Would you know if you were working...would you know that the person in the cubicle next to you was a clone? Probably not. That's how good they are. It's not because you're stupid, it's because they're good. We don't always know what to look for. And their technology changes so fast. It's so meticulous now.


Anyway, a couple things I wanted to mention. They cancelled my show last week for me. [laughs] Sabotaged it. And there was things I wanted to mention. And I ended up posting it on my Facebook as it was.

I wanna talk a little bit more about Lilith. You know, in the beginning, there was Satan, Adam, Lilith, and Eve. You know, the churches will tell you Lilith never existed. And they throw thousands of years of past and present history under the bus just to ignore her existence. That's basically what it is, because they don't understand her. So they ignore her and say she doesn't exist.

And that kind of ignorance runs rampant in the churches today. And that's the way they like it. You know? For those of us who prefer the truth in all things, we prefer the truth. You don't have to sugarcoat anything for us. You don't have to throw anything under the bus. We'll just go under the bus and grab it, you know. We wanna know what the truth is. And so, this is why we sit at the Father's feet.

OK, if we're gonna understand the end days, we have to know the beginning. What's the beginning? You know? And that's something He always told me. If you wanna understand the last days, then you have to understand the beginning. And none of us understood the beginning. It's all been kept from us.

And see, over time, you finally get--you start to get pieces of the puzzle. You know, the Lord always gives truths in parts and pieces. A piece here, a piece there. And you start to put pieces together. You know, they always said Lilith is a myth. She's folklore. She's just a ancient myth of Hebrew history. Uhhh...OK. But, then why is there so much information on her? Why, you know, why does she--why is she in the air, why is she the Queen of Heaven, why does she have so many alien offspring. Where are these aliens coming from? Are they fallen angels? Or are they actually offspring of something else? You know?


[pauses} Hang on, folks. [pauses] I don't know why people go in the chat room just to cause problems. I shouldn't have to deal with this. [pauses] All right, so. [pauses] Anyway, um [pauses]. All right.

Back to what I was doing. All right. Satan's dominating faction, as we know, consists of the Dragons, the Reptilians, the large and small Greys. Some people throw the Mothmen in there. The Mothmen are kind of a mixture. A demonic mixture of demon and Reptilian, of Dracos. I'm not really sure. I think that's his hell personification aspect is a Dragon.

The snake and dragon monikers of Lucifer are personified as the Dracos and Reptilians. They'll tell you that the Dracos are just Reptilians with wings. And that the older, more noble aliens, the large and small Greys are Lilith and her children.

Lilith, herself--see, I never knew exactly what happened to Lilith after she was created and left the garden and wouldn't go back to Adam. And, turns out that, if you read the folklore, the myths, which have more truth in them than our history books, she went to a lake. And she started procreating.

I think she was a...I don't know if she was procreating with Lucifer, or hermaphroditic herself. I don't know what happened. Sher starts procreating all these offspring. But folklore has it she could produce up to 300 a day.

And so, as part of her punishment, a third of her offspring would die every day. And she was also, at the time, cursed. She lost her looks like Lucifer did when he fell.

He was a beautiful angel. He was beautiful. He was gorgeous. And he was cursed into a ugly reptile. And, of course, they personify him as Baphomet and all these other monikers they give him. But he's really just an ugly reptile. Reptilian. Dragon. Probably like a Draco. One with wings.


Lilith was cursed as a frog. To look like a frog. And so, you have these tall Greys with the bulging eyes. That's her! I was actually floored to put that together because I deal with Greys all the time around here. You know, they hit and run. It's a hit and run thing, because they can't stand this area. I mean, Bigfoot was even here and he was screaming down my driveway. And a UFO had to come rescue him. Because of the orgone here burns them. But they tend to try to hit and run. And so, I'm always dealing with Greys.

And I hate Greys. They have the weirdest aura you could ever imagine. And they have this cricket noise sound. But that's Lilith. You know? I told you I deal with Lilith all the time. I just didn't put two and two together she was the Greys. And so, she's like the chief of frogs, I guess. So, the queen of frogs. Queen of the Greys. Because the Reptilians and Greys are always together. And who's always been together from the beginning of time? Satan and Lilith. Lilith left Adam for Lucifer. Eve left Adam for Lucifer. Adam's just striking out.

But Lilith wasn't bound to Earth as Adam was. She could live in space. She fell before Adam and Eve's...her only sin was that she wouldn't go back to Adam. Eve's sin, other than the fall of mankind, having sexual relations with Lucifer, procreating his seed on Earth.


When you look at the ancient part, though, the history, it's all over the place. You have one of Eve's daughters, the one that was Cain's favorite, her having relations with Lucifer and creating an entire existent race that's on the earth today, which is the Indians.

You have Lilith and Adam. Lilith went back to seduce Adam after she wouldn't even go back to him. Went back. Seduced him in a fallen state. Ended up procreating the Asian races we have on Earth today.

And when these go--these are the seeds, the foundations of the largest races on Earth we have today is India and China. And all the variations off of them. You know, when you look at Genesis 10, the table of nations, it'll tell you where Noah's sons went. Tell you their lineages.


People are saying, "Where is America from?" We're from Japheth. Japheth; the Russians, the British, the Americans. You could pretty much say all of the white nations, Japheth. Because they're all listed in his lineage. Gog, Magog, Kittim. Kittim is Britain. And America's an offshoot of Britain. So is Canada and Australia.

And then you have Shem, uh, probably, I don't know, the Hasidic races in...--now, we know Abraham was from Shem. He produced Terah. Terah was Abraham's father. So, the Hebrew, the Israelites were from Shem. And you have all their mixing of the seedlines. Everybody. Then you have the splitting of them all at the Tower of Babel.

So, it's very interesting when you just wanna get back to the--when you get back to the who are we, where did we come from stuff. What I find more interesting is, you know, the preflood era. You know, that's where my head's always at; preflood era. You know, it's like a Who Did What. [laughs] Who Did It. [laughs] All these races.

And you know what? The History Channel's not even hiding it anymore. They're showing you, "Look, aliens, extraterrestrials built this, and they built that." And Buddha was known as a E.T. And they would come down from the skies and build them temples. You know, they're just blowing it all out there for people to see. You don't have to believe me. It's out there. Look at the archaeology. All the proof you need.


And so, what happens when all these aliens, this Ashtar Command, these 'terds, Ashterd Command, comes down to Earth and says we're your creators. Say, "Oh, no. India and China go over there. You're gonna have to go to the east. We will soundly reject you in the west. Our Creator is The Most High God." And He's even their Creator because they're even 50 percent. I mean, they--Adam's daughter, Adam's daughters. You know?

So Satan can't ever claim that he's created anything on his own. Or Lilith. Because they couldn't do anything without already recreating something the Father had already created. That's how I was able to find those loopholes that were able to restore 14 billion of fallen angels and Lilith's offspring to the Lord. You know? It's not that it couldn't be done. It's just that nobody'd ever thought of it. And when you piss me off, and I'm sitting her at my desk and I can't do my show because I've been sabotaged, and the church won't listen to me, all they wanna do is argue doctrines, I think of other things to do. And when I asked the Lord to lead me, He does. So it's really kind of amusing how it all works out.

Yeah, piss me off some more and see what else we can accomplish for the Father. I know my days are numbered. I've been waiting for a long time for that one. A long time. I have no qualms about it. I just want people to know, to have enough sense, and they don't. That's what's scary. To have enough sense to know that they're liars, and they're deceivers.

I mean, people today ask me about Lord Rashayel [I believe Sherry means Lord RayEl --transcriber]. Seriously? If people asked me about prophets today, if they're false, how are they gonna get it when aliens come, cosmic beings come, Jesus comes, a tall alien comes claiming he's Jesus of the Bible, and Maitreya comes and claims he, you know, his assistant, and they perform anybody gonna be able to withstand that?


Because I'll tell you what. Hardly anybody reads the Bible today. People don't read the Bible. And you know what? There are the Lord's people out there that have made it for no excuse because you could go online and read the Bible. I know some boys and girls don't even know what it is to pick up a book. It's pick up their eReader.

Well, you can go to You could read the entire Bible. There's all kinds of Bible Gateway software programs out there where you can read the Bible online. You have no excuse. You know, a lot of people thought, "Oh, that's great. It's online. I can read it." But you know what those people did? Took your excuses away. That's what Father does. He dots His i's and crosses His t's. There's nobody now that can go to Him and say, "Well, I couldn't read your Bible because I couldn't get access to it."

You got a computer? You got a iPad? Got a eReader? You could've read it online. You could've read it enough to know the truths that would've kept you from the deceptions that'll come. That's the whole point. You could've read it enough to know who He is, and His Son, so that when the fakes came, you would recognize them for the fakes they are. [cough]

See, the closer you are to the Father, the more you know your own parents, your own family, your own siblings. When someone comes around lying about them, you know it's a lie. Because you know your mom and dad. And when someone's lying, you call them on it. You it's a lie, you don't fall for it. And, see, that's why relationship is so important. Because when you know who the Father is, and you know who the Son is, you know, when people start lying, and saying things that aren't true, you're gonna know they're not true.

But see, we go to that huge problem again. Nobody reads the Bible. And so, when these deceivers come, they're not gonna know. And we're not gonna be here to say, "That's a liar, that's a deceiver. Go through my archives, read my transcribes." Nobody's--you know. We may not be here. We may not have access to computers at that time. Creates a dilemma. Because all the dumb are just gonna get dumber. And the problem is they're just gonna get deceived. They're gonna get deceived.

When they start calling down fire from heaven. And healing people of all these infirmities. That'll be a big one. I bet it's all clones they just have all set up. [coughs] They're gonna be able to produce miracles. The Bible says that. It says by deception Satan deceives the world. That's how good he is. If it was bad deceptions, it wouldn't deceive anybody. And so, yeah. [coughs] It gets scary when you think about what people are gonna be going through.


Anyway, time's almost up. Still need donations to keep things going, folks. I mean, everybody's busy. Everybody's broke. All that kind of stuff. But I still need to pay bills. So I need help. I know there's a lot of people that aren't broke, that give their money to the wolves every week. Stop supporting the wolves and start supporting the truth.

People ask, "How do we know you're a true prophet?" Ask the Father. That's how simple it is. Ask Him if I'm His. You know, I've been shot at, I've been poisoned, I've been run off the road. They've been trying to kill me for over a decade. I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for Him.

Why am I on the White House Top Ten Kill List? Top Five Kill List. I've been on the White House kill list since Bush and Cheney were in office. And I'm still alive. Why? Because of the Father. Why do they wanna kill me? Because they know I speak the truth. And it scares the crap out of them. Because they can't control me.

And they get mad because I expose so much info. They like to control the info they expose. If they wanna expose info, they'll stand up their Alex Joneses, and Ron Pauls, and Steve Quayles and everybody else. And Jesse Venturas. And that way, they can control what's being put out there. They can't control me. I'm a loose cannon. Lone Wolf Radical. I don't even know what my Secret Service name is now. It changes every six months.

Ask Him if I'm His. Ask the Father if I'm His. And stop supporting the wolves and start supporting this ministry. It's all I ask.

Anyway, folks, maybe be back next week. Maybe we'll see what's happening. They've been on a crunch lately to cancel this show, so. I know 2014's gonna be crunchier.

Anyway, till next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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