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January 6, 2014



And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. It's January 6, the first show of 2014. If you can even believe we're still here at all, this time. But here we are.

And it is a brutal one out today. It is freezing. And I find it kind of amusing, because I was looking at the Anuk ship in the southeast of here. Which is right on the western border of West Virginia. And that thing looked like it was burning. And I know they're freaking out and mad over that. And we have this huge Arctic air storm front coming in. Probably trying to save the thing.

They still believe that if they suppress the air with cold air, it'll suppress the orgone, and so. You know, I just asked the Father to change the matrix of the orgone so that it penetrates cold air, you know. So we'll keep doing that.


Every year, the Lord gives me a message about the year ahead of us. And I get a lot of e-mails. People asking me, "Did you get a message this year?" you know. Every year, after New Year's--of course, it's not the Jewish new year, but it's our new year. We're in slavery to the--we're in abidance to the Gregorian calendar. So it's our new year. And so, every year, we just talk. And He gives me a message on what to expect for our new year the next year.

And this year He told me there would be a lot of changes. It would be the year of changes. Things that will change life as we know it. Because we're entering into the prophetic last days. And things are gonna change this year.

You know, last year, I believe He said it was a year of fire. And all year it was just UFOs crashing. And, you know, we were just burning them out of the skies all year. To where the media can't even ignore it anymore. I mean, eventually they're gonna have to break this year and say, "OK, they're not meteors. They're UFOs," or whatever. I think they'll finally start coming out. Because they're gonna start displaying their hatred towards us more openly this year, I believe. And so, they're gonna have to break out of their mold of lying to people, and start telling them what's going on.

What they wanna do is make them hate us. Garner people's sympathy so they hate us. Yeah. OK. Whatever. And so, this is gonna be a year of changes. And it's gonna be a year of turbulence. It's gonna be one of destructions, one after another. And Father said it's gonna sap the energy of most of the people and lead them to despair. So it's just gonna be changes, and destructions, and turbulence.


A lot of deceptions coming. He said, "People will either recognize the deception that are going to come or they'll embrace them and damn their souls. Those who recognize them will be in much sorrow and despair for loved ones they can't reach. It will be a time of separation for many because you cannot serve two masters. And when you cleave to one, you will abandon the other." And basically what He's warning about is the deceptions are gonna rise, start to rise this year.

And, you know, I've always warned about the Ashtar Command and all these cosmic beings. These New Age ambassadors that are coming to Earth. And people laughed and said, "Oh, you're crazy." And this is gonna be the year where they start to make their arrival on Earth. And what this is gonna do is it's gonna cause a lot of strife and hatred between marriages, and in families. Because some will be warning, "No, that's not the real Jesus of the Bible," and somebody else will be saying, "Yes, it is!" [laughs] You know how that goes.

You know, I was looking at it from this point, you know, orgone warriors are so used to the hatred, and mockery, and the bitterness all the time, from family or friends, and, you know, to have this to deal with, too, trying to say, "No, that's not the Jesus of the Bible. You know, these are Satan's people." They're gonna come charming. They're gonna be charming. They're gonna perform miracles. And people are gonna fall for them.

They're gonna quote scripture. And if you ever look at the scripture they quote, they always misquote it. So it's going to be a lot of arguing and fighting. It's gonna reach new levels, Father said. And Satan's hatred towards light and righteousness is gonna burn brightly this year. He's gonna seek to destroy and discredit all of the Father's people. There is going to be a war against Christians. And it's gonna start this year.

And the Father warned that it's gonna reach new levels. So that many will be persecuted and die for their faith in Him. "And yet, even many will be astounded that this is happening here in America. But there will be no justice for those who are harmed and killed."

You know, the Bible warns about the last days as a time of lawlessness. What's lawlessness? It's no justice. There's no justice. They're gonna turn the other cheek--they're gonna turn the other way when Christians are being persecuted and killed. And they're already doing that. I mean, look at all these Soros-funded wars in Africa to kill Christians. And this has been going on all over the world. And this year, it's going to start in America.


There's gonna be an increase in hatred of biblical morals. And those who adhere to them will be considered as enemies and dangerous to the new America. And this is the new America they're trying to create. Elevating evil and wickedness. And eliminating biblical morals and those who adhere to them.

They want evil and wickedness in the streets. They want it in America. And you're gonna start seeing it more and more promoted by the celebrities. Watch the celebrities. Because they're Satan's biggest cheerleaders. They're gonna start promoting a devaluing of America. And you're seeing it already with Utah voting in same-sex marriage. Now it's been halted. But you're gonna see this everywhere.

Look for it--you know, look for the legalization of drugs. You know, they're talking about marijuana now. Look for that to arise. And look for the homosexuality marriages to arise. And you can't even watch network TV now you're not inundated with the Modern Family-type shows, or all these homosexual-promoting shows. They want God out of America. And so, you're gonna see a crunch on that. You're gonna see the persecution of His people.


The Father warned that, uh...He said, "My people will recognize the times and begin to look for places of safety away from the cities and congested areas." Yeah, you need to get out of the cities, folks. I've always warned about that. And especially the coastlines. He said the roaring of the oceans would become alarming this year. "Stars will fall out of the sky. And the people will be amazed and in terror. And seeking Me or falling away from Me. It will be a time of trying of one's faith in Me."

So, while some are seeking the Lord, others will be falling away from Him. Their faiths will be challenged. Stars will be falling out of the sky. And you know that we've seen this over the last several years, but I think it's gonna hit new levels this year. And the roaring of the oceans. I mean, if these stars in the sky are falling into the oceans, it's gonna inundate the coastlines. With tsunamis on the coastlines just taking out cities.

He said, "The earth will shake in anger at the presence of the evil ones. Worldwide terror and destruction will come, child. Those who stay under My wings will be safe in the storms. Those who are led by Me, and can be led by Me will be led to safety. But many will fall under persecution for the trying and testing of their faith because they haven't been perfect in Me. They haven't perfected their faith or their relationship with Me."


He says, "The nations will rock. The earth will crumble." He says, "My people will need to listen for Me, and stay within Me. And not be swept away at the rising evil and wickedness and lawlessness." We need to focus on Him. And to stay under His wings.

The foundations of America, and many other countries, will be destroyed this year. Old philosophies will arise. Old religions will be revamped and already have been. And those who don't know the Father are gonna be swept away by these old religions.

He says, "It will be a time of sorrow for many who are Mine." You're gonna see loved ones falling astray to this old--there's nothing new under the sun. It's just satanism redesigned in New Age terms. You know, just plain old Satan-worship, devil-worship, either straight out to you through satanism, or they disguise it. And their New Age fifth dimension la-la lands and religions. And that's what they're gonna bring to the world. And many are gonna get deceived by it.


And so, His basic message is this is a year...this is a year of changes, turbulence, chaos, destruction. He says the earth will shake in anger at the presence of the evil ones. Worldwide terror and destruction coming.

Which means they're coming, folks. They're gonna be here this year. They're going to arrive. This is--finally no more delays. We expected this years ago. And I don't even know why last year was delayed. I mean, when you look at the year. But look at all the victories we had, too. You know, it seemed like a wasted year just so they could have a setup year. Because they can't get organized with things.

I spent the entire year...I spent the entire year fighting against the government, from March of last year. This constant war. Constant. And not necessarily the government direct, but all the alien agencies that work through them as well, you know. Constant all year long. And 14 billion being redeemed from Lilith and the fallen ones that were throughout our universe and space, that the Lord gave a chance to be redeemed back to heaven. 14 billion back to the Father. That's huge. So it wasn't a wasted year. [coughs] We actually accomplished very, very much despite all the persecution.


You know, there was about a month my house was in shambles. Just from being hit by lightning beams from the Capricorn. Just about blew my house up. I'll tell ya, the guy that fixed my furnace didn't believe the whole house wasn't blown up. And it was by the Lord's hand. His protection. Go through a lot of persecution and a lot of attacks. I go through so much styff I don't even tell you the half of it. To me, what's normal, would probably send somebody else packing and leaving the country. Not just the state [laughs], the country. [laughs] I just deal with so much it's just so normal for me.

There's things the Lord allows because, first of all, Satan is allotted time on Earth. He's allotted 42 months to rule on Earth. And so, you can't destroy Satan. And so, he's always gonna be peckering at you, if you piss him off, and I do that on a regular basis. But you can go after his forces. And when you do that, that makes him mad. [laughs] So you're gonna be dealing with all them. Those are easy, very easy to shut down.

Now, how do you shut off Lilith? I haven't, you know, figured that one out yet. She's just--hits and runs. Runs her mouth for a while and runs.


But there's things I wanted to move on and talk about tonight. Because I've been talking about our past, you know. And the Lord always said you can't understand the last days unless you understand the beginning. Because the churches have swept so much under the rug that if you're sitting in a church today, you're never gonna hear one-tenth of the truths I reveal on my radio show. Because, out of sight, out of mind, for them.

You know, they...they don't think to the past. The Bible doesn't say much about it. So they don't even think to sit at the Lord's feet and ask Him what the truth in all things is, ask Him about the beginning. Because the church just sweeps it under the rug. And anything they can't explain, they ignore. Or they say it doesn't exist.

But I find it fascinating. I like learning about the way, the beginnings of our times. Because, see, this is where a lot of deceptions are gonna come in. You know, when Satan's Ascended Masters, when his generals arrive on Earth--they're actually his offspring--when they arrive on Earth, they know the Bible front and back better than most people.

Now, I've been in arguments with a couple of them. And I know when they're misquoting scripture and stuff because I know the Bible. But most people are gonna get swayed by them. And they're gonna start believing all the lies they put out. And they're gonna start planning all these fake archaeological findings. And that was all part of the Blue Beam Project. Where fake archaeological findings would be found. But they're gonna use this as evidence to try to prove that what they're saying is true. And, apparently, they're going to be very good. They're gonna be very good at their lying. Liars usually are. They've had thousands of years to perfect their lies.


So, I was asking the Lord, "OK, let's go back to the--right at the beginning. The garden of Eden, you know. Where was it? You know?" Because if you Google anything on the garden of Eden, and you've seen over the years on the Internet, as I have, probably, how everyone's always hyped over the garden of Eden being in Iraq. You know, they claim, "Oh, it's in Iraq, because of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. And that was the fertile Mesopotamean area." And they go on, and on, and on about how it's in southern Iraq or located right in Turkey. That's their hot areas for the garden of Eden.

And so, I went on that train for a little while. And I started looking at it. And something kept nagging at me. Because years ago, I read the book of Jasher. And I read Jubilees. But I think it's--I'm pretty sure it's Jasher. Because Jasher talked about the garden of Eden. And if you read the book of Jasher, it sounds like the garden of Eden's south of Jordan. Somewhere over by Africa. And so, it really threw me off, you know.

I'm thinking, "OK, this sounds like it's south of Jordan. And this other stuff sounds like it's in southern Iraq. Maybe it's even in Kuwait," you know. And I'm looking. You know, see what's going on in Kuwait, you know.


But there was something a couple years ago that happened that really raised my eyebrows. And if you remember, it was a huge international incident where all these nations were sending ships to the Gulf of Aden.

And the Gulf of Aden is right at the--the Red Sea runs right into the Gulf of Aden. It's right there by Saudi Arabia. Southernmost tip of Saudi Arabia. And it borders Africa. And I knew there was a stargate there from all the attention that was being brought. And I called out to anyone, basically speaking to the air, at that point, of anyone who could get pipes, orgone pipes over to the Gulf of Aden and dump them in the ocean. I'm thinking, "Well, maybe there's somebody. Maybe somebody's listening."

There's a lot of people listen to my show that I have no idea who they are. You know, if I look at my stats, weekly, on my show, it'd say, "200 people listen to your show." But then you look at the lists and it's almost a million, for three years. That's not bad. So, obviously, the stats are being messed with. I've always known that.

I'm thinking, "Well, maybe there's a group out there." I know there's these humanoid fallen angel groups that hate the New World Order. They hate Satan. And they were involving themselves with humans on Earth. Mixing in groups like Comm 3. That was a group that had contacted me. Wanted me to join them. And I asked the Lord about it, at the time. This is, like, back in 2004. Way, way back. No, not way, way back, but so many years ago. And the Lord said no because these same humanoid-type beings were infiltrating these human military groups. And then, at the last minute, they would betray them. And there was a lot of that going on. And so, He wouldn't let me be a part of any kind of groups.

He didn't want me to be a part of any groups, any organizations, any churches. He didn't want me a part of anything. He just set me by myself, to be alone, and raise up an army. Wake one up to get busy for Him.

But I'd seen one of of the women that was part of that Comm 3 group. She was huge. She must've been 7-foot-tall. And I'm thinking, "Well, maybe there's a group out there that's actually legit. And it turns out I was right. Because the Lord told me, when I asked Him how many orgone warriors there were, He said 4400. And I was a bit shocked, because I'm thinking, you know, 4400 warriors, if they'd all sent 1 dollar a month, we could've had the world covered in orgone already. You know, 5 dollars a month, 10 dollars a month. Man, my bills would've been paid. I could've been on the road at least two weeks a month on orgone missions.

And I'm thinking, "Wait. This sounds like too many people. This is just too much. 4400?" And so, I knew better, because I know how things run by now. Like, OK, how many are really human out of the 4400? [laughs] Because I just knew, at the time, I've just always known, that there was fallen groups getting involved. That there was fallen angels, THE humanoids, that were getting involved with the orgone war. I just had that feeling. And those usually come directly from the Lord because I knew they were out there getting the Gulf of Aden. I just knew they were.


And so, He told me about 2500 out of 44--4,400 orgone warriors were fallen. Fallen angels. Fallen angels that had just become redeemed. Remember, last year, several weeks ago...actually it happened several months ago, with the redeeming of the fallen. The Father gave them a chance to come back to heaven. Found a loophole to redeem all of them. And He did so. He gave them the opportunity. And they were a part that left. They were a part that grabbed it and ran. I mean, they just--they're gone now. So there's, like, probably, 2400 human orgone warriors left right now. And so, that's a little bit easier for me to grasp, you know.

I knew there were groups out there that were keeping hidden. And there still are. Out of the 2400, you know, I hear from maybe the same 25, 30 that actually support this ministry financially, out of 2400 warriors. But that's where it is.


And so, I don't even know how I'm getting on rabbit trails. But--oh, yeah, OK. But if you look at the map, and I'm looking at Tigris and Euphrates, and I'm thinking, you know, in Genesis, it talks about 4 rivers. And, uh, let me see if I can find them. It says in Genesis, chapter 2, verse 10 [NIV],

10 A river watering the garden flowed from Eden; from there it was separated into four headwaters.
11 The name of the first is the Pishon; it winds through the entire land of Havilah, where there is gold.
12 (...onyx are also there.)
13 The name of the second river is the Gihon; it winds through the entire land of Cush.
14 The name of the third river is the Tigris; it runs along the east side of Ashur. And the fourth river is the Euphrates.

The problem with this is that Gihon River, the Gihon River is mostly gone, but a little portion of it is left in Ethiopia. And the Gihon River used to flow down the middle of the Red Sea, going through the Sinai Peninsula to the Mediterranean Sea and down through Ethiopia. Had a long travel--of course, the routes have, no doubt, been changed today because of the flood.

The Pishon River ran east to west across Saudi Arabia from the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf. The Pishon runs to modern-day Kuwait. And the Hidikel [Tigris] and Euphrates rivers both run through Iraq. And Euphrates also goes through Syria, while the Hidikel goes through Turkey. So there's no way that the garden of Eden, even with the flood and the restructuring of land, was in southern Iraq. When you've got rivers running east to west across Saudi Arabia, and then all the way down through Ethiopia and Africa. No. There's 4 rivers that came out of the garden of Eden, and they just split.


And what the Father showed me...let me see if I can find where I was at...was that, originally, Africa and Saudi Arabia used to be just one big land mass. The Red Sea was just a river. Now it's more like a huge river. It's a sea. It's a sea. It used to be a river. But that has split a lot wider now. And you can--when you look at a map of Saudi Arabia and Africa, you can tell how it was, just looked like it was split by an earthquake or something. Or the river just became, uh, the water from the Mediterranean started flowing down more and filled that up, and it became a sea instead of what it is, became what it is today. Instead of used to just being a river, now it's this huge Red Sea in the middle between Africa and Saudi Arabia.

But He told me that the garden of Eden is under the Gulf of Aden. And if you look at the Gulf of Aden, it's underneath Yemen, right above Somalia, Africa and right underneath Yemen, which is Saudi Arabia. It's right by the Arabian Sea. The Red Sea empties down into the Gulf of Aden, and the Gulf of Aden empties out into the Arabian Sea. And I knew there was a stargate in the Gulf of Aden, because of all the commotion that was going on down there. And I remember asking the Father, at that time, several years ago, about the Gulf of Aden.

Very well, easily--in the Hebrew language, an X is a numerical letter for A or E. It could be the Gulf of Eden very easily. Gulf of Eden. Gulf of Eden, Gulf of Aden. Same thing. It's the same thing. They always change things in the English language.

But back then, the land mass wasn't as split as it was. The Red Sea was just a river. That was just a large land mass. And the four rivers just branched out and into the garden of Eden. Now, Eden is a region. You know, it was a huge region. And at that time, it was nobody else on Earth. It was just Eden. This area the Lord called Eden, and He put the garden east of Eden.

And if you look at Jordan today, the oldest city there, still in crumbles, but the oldest area, at least, is Edom. E-d-o-m. Edom. And that's where the Edomites were from. Because I was looking at Basra, because, like, the two oldest cities in the world, the one is Eradu in southern Iraq, and the other is Basra, which is now known Busaira in Jordan. It's actually spelled B-u-s-a-i-r-a, Busaira, in Jordan, southern Jordan. That whole Middle East area--Africa, Saudi Arabia, the Middle East--was probably Edom. What the Father referred to as Edom.


There's a garden of Eden. Right now, if you wanted to find it, you wouldn't. It's under the Gulf of Aden. [laughs] And so, this whole area makes much more sense when you read about the locations in the Bible and the description in the book of Jasher.

What's interesting about southern Iraq and why it gets, "Oh, the garden of Eden's in southern Iraq. It's by the Persian Gulf," blah, blah, blah, that was actually the hotbed and the starting point of civilization for the Sumerians. If you'll remember, Adam--er, Abraham was told to leave Sumeria. And that was Iraq. That was a whole area there of Iraq.

Eradu was down off the gulf. Now it's--because of, you know, time, the city, itself, looks like it's a distance away from the gulf, but it used to sit right on the water, Persian Gulf. Or it used to be over that way. And it's a ancient stargate. There's also a ancient stargate in Basra. There's a ancient stargate under the Gulf of Aden, because there was a stargate in the garden of Eden.

There's stargates littered all over Africa and the Middle East. Because that's where the cradle of civilization began. And if you read the history of the Sumerians, sounds a lot like the Morivians, they claim that their ancestors came from the sea. And if you Wikipedia Eradu, you know, you're gonna hear a lot of garbage from the New Age crowd about Enki and all this stuff that they go on about. And I never really paid them much attention to it, because it's just all demigods, space alien brotherhood kind of thing. But if you look at Eradu, like, the first city ever built on Earth, and what they did was they started building their temples. And they littered Iraq with all these ancient temples. They claim they're from the sea, but, you know, there's--if they were from the sea, they wouldn't need stargates to the heavens. Which is why you have stargates. So they could travel into the heavens.


And so, watch these Ascended Masters when they come. They'll try to say, "Oh, we created mankind. And our garden was in southern--," you know, "The garden of Eden was originally in Babylon, which is southern Iraq." Now, that whole area's always been deeply pagan. Deeply satanic--satan-worshipping. They worship Satan and one of his demigods. Enki was one of Satan's demigods. He has many demigods. And these are beings that come down and they become worshipped by mankind. You know, the Chinese past, India, Japan, they're all littered...their whole ancestries are--go back to demigods.

So this is basically the cradle of where Satan's fallen developed their cities and presence on Earth. So what, you know, the Lord's not gonna put His people, His garden, in the middle of that nonsense.

You know, when Cain was cast out of--er, when Adam and Even were cast out of the garden, and Cain murdered Abel and the Lord sent him off--put a mark on his forehead and sent him off, and he's, like, "Well, you know, everybody else is gonna kill me." Who was he talking about? Who was he talking about that he needed protection so he wouldn't be murdered? From all these other cities that were already being built and going on. Because the first thing Cain started to do was build cities. How'd he know to do that? From the example of Sumerians gave him.

Sumerians weren't human. You know, we have civillizations littered with the gods from space coming down. And I say that sarcastically. Look at the ancient Egyptians. They were actually the Martians. They were from Mars. Who's from Mars? Who's the big demigod from Mars? Maitreya. You know, every planet and every major area has the demigod. Like Venus, Sananda takes that one. He's a demigod of Venus. The morning star. He's the mimicker of that. He's the mimicker of Lucifer. When Lucifer arrives in somewhat human form, if you wanna call these Ascended Masters in human form, he'll be Sananda. He'll play Jesus of the Bible.


You know, in Ephesians 6:12, Paul didn't always get it wrong, because he just quoted. Things he did get right, he quoted from other prophets. He always quoted David. But it says, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, the authorities, the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms, in heavenly places.

We don't wrestle against flesh and blood. We're wrestling against Satan's kingdom. And in his kingdom, he has rulers, authorities, powers of this dark world. He has chiefs. He has councils. They have federations in space. You know, it's very spread out, it's very vast, it's full of many different factions. He just sits, kind of off to the side, while all these other rulers, and authorities, and spiritual forces in the heavenly realms rule over everything and fight over everything together.

You can read, in the book of Daniel, where Michael, was, uh, what was it--Gabriel was sent to give Daniel a message and he was detained and Michael had to go free him, so he could get to Daniel. And I could hear Christians, "Well, that's just not possible. How could Satan's people hold up an angel?" [laughs] You know, these wars go on all the time, folks. Step out of the box. Open your mind a little bit. There's always space wars going on between the angels and Satan's people. Just as there is on Earth.

And he has his chieftains, who become demigods, and people worship them as God. And Lucifer doesn't care, because it all falls under his realm and authority.


Which brings me back to something interesting that's gonna be becoming more noticeable this year, which is Nibiru. And what I stumbled on with Nibiru, and asked the Father about, is that, OK, I told you about how I had a vision and just knew somehow that this woman was a queen of Nibiru. She was about 7-foot-tall, the deepest black I've ever seen, and wearing red, just real royal gown. Just real royal-looking. Very queenly-looking. And I knew she was from Nibiru. She was angry that we captured thousands of her forces and wanted them back. She didn't get them back.

But the king of Nibiru, which would probably be...look about the same as her, probably very tall, the deep black, very kingly, guess who he is. I was floored when I figured out the role he's coming to play. Because he's coming to Earth to play a role. They all have their little roles. He's coming as Allah. He's Allah. He's Allah. You know, when you look back at the day, before Muhammad, the Arabs, at the time, were worshipping 360-some-odd gods. They had 360 gods they were worshipping. And they thought, "We need to become more like the Jews, and just worship one god." This was before they decided to hammer out the Koran with all the blasphemies and all the screwed-up history. And so, Muhammad chose the moon god, which is Allah. But it's the Nibiru moon god, which is Allah. So I thought that was crazy. He's associated with the moon and Nibiru.

Now, Nibiru is all of Lucifer's chieftans that had helped him rebel against the Father. Back in the first rebellion. Before the angels fell to Earth and impregnated women. Lucifer's rebellion against the Father.

Lucifer's planet was blown up. That's our photon belt. Nibiru became an imprisoned planet and cast out of the solar system. And now it's coming back for the last days. Because Allah's gonna have a huge role to play. I mean, look at all the Muslims that are worshipping Allah. And the Ascended Masters all worship Allah. So this is gonna get interesting. It also makes a lot more sense why you have all this, uh, the black Muslim brotherhood groups rising, and this whole black-type-mafia thing that's rising.

It's always kind of been there in the background, especially with the Panthers and all that stuff. But you've always had these black Muslim groups. And that's where it stems from, because Allah is black. So that should be interesting with this coming. And now his moons are already...are coming in. They've been coming in the past year. They've been crashing and burning.

You know, I was looking at one code and it was talking about how they were angry that we crashed and burned a comet, and I'm thinking, "I haven't even heard of any comets lately." Maybe they're still mad about ISON. Maybe they're just trying to push the facade that ISON still exists or something. I don't know because it was like this week I was looking at codes for this week, and they're mad about us burning up a comet; the orgone warriors. And I'm thinking, "What comet?"

So all these things are still coming in with this whole system of...that's coming in on the tail end of Nibiru coming in.


And Nibiru is mostly a debilitated planet right now. I mean, they're just so, like everything else in space, dying and depleted. Because the orgone just burns, and burns and debilitates them, you know. And orgone saturates space. And the only way to get away from it is to go deeper into outer space. But then it takes them, oh, you know, a while to come in to get to Earth. Even though they travel through portals and stargates and things like that, it still can take a while to travel. They like to be right up on Earth. And if you look out at the night sky at night, you'll see how close they are. These ships are closer than stars. I don't know how people ignore this. "Oh, that's Venus," "Oh, that's Jupiter," "Oh, that's--," you know, sometimes they are, but most of the time, they're not. These alien ships are brighter than our planets.

The one in the southeast from here, the one on the western border of West Virginia was brilliantly white, when they'd show it. They usually blacken out the sky so you can't see anything. And now, when you look at it, it's shrunk like a dust ball of red and yellow. It looks like it's on fire. It looks like Shema, which is still in the east, hanging above the border of Ohio and Pennsylvania. And sometimes you can see where they--they're turning the lights on to that, trying to restore it. And then, other times, it still just looks like a red and yellow fireball.

And in the northwest, I actually got to see it the other day. This is only like the third time I've ever gotten to see it; you can see Shaziron. And this is where the 14 billion, where the Lord put them, on their own planet. They named it Shaziron. And it is just brilliant. It is just...when it's lit up, it makes Maitreya's facade star in the west pale by comparison. It's just huge. Beautiful.

We're surrounded by different types of moons and planets. And these are, you know, Satan has his forces in the heavenly realms, and so does the Father. But that's one thing that the churches will never, never, never hear--you'll never hear anything about it from them. Never. Because there's a truth you only get when you sit at the Father's feet.


And I've explained to you how ancient heaven was before the...before Lucifer's rebellion. You know? The solar system of planets.

People don't understand. They think that there's a floor above space, and it's a top floor, and that's where heaven is. I mean, I used to grow up thinking that. I mean, the pictures you get, that you develop as a believer, based on what pastors teach, and your own assumptions from what you read or hear growing up, from people around you, that influence everything you think you know. You know, when I started praying for the truth in all things years ago, I had to throw out everything I thought I knew. I had to throw everything out and relearn all over again.

You sit at the Father's feet and ask Him, "Teach me the truth in all things." And, of course, it helps to go on fasts at least one or two days a week. I find that when I fast is when the Lord gives me the real nuggets of truth, you know. And people ask me, "What day do you fast on?" You fast on Wednesdays; the orgone warriors always fast on the fourth day of the week. And, typically, I don't because I let them honor this ministry and the Father in their own way by doing that. You know, they'll get their own rewards. You know, I don't wanna cloud that up. That's their thing that they started and I want them to keep doing that, and just reap all the blessings from the Father for that.

I typically fast on Saturday, on sabbath. That's usually my biggest fasting day is the sabbath. Because that's when I just work with him the most, it seems. Saturdays have always been a time where I can feel His anointing all day. You know. And I'd write my articles. I wrote every one of my articles for my two books on sabbath days. That's when I feel the Lord the most. And so--and that's when I'm fasting. And you know what? It really does...just breaks down a lot of barriers. Because if you fill your body up with toxins and junk, when you fast for a day, it eliminates all those toxins and barriers that your body builds up so that you can't hear His voice as clearly. You know.

He speaks to our hearts. And it's such a small voice. You have to strain to hear it. And He doesn't speak to our heads. You know, there's nothing I get--makes me more angry when you hear somebody say, "Oh, God's gonna channel me information to write a book. Well, first of all, God doesn't channel. He doesn't speak to our heads. So, the Father in heaven, The Most High God, is not the God that person's listening to. You know. And I've heard that a hundred times in the last two months. "I'm writing a book." "I'm writing a book." Everybody's writing a book. It's gotta be a government project going on. That's the only thing I can come to the conclusion of. They want everybody to write books so they can do profiles on that person. It's why I'm thinking it's a big profiling project for the government.

I remember, a couple years ago, when there was a project going on, a Enoch and Elijah project, everybody kept claiming they were one of the two witnesses. All these guys. I'm one of the two witnesses. [laughs] I thought I was gonna scream. And now it's the manuscript and a book thing. Now everybody's got a manuscript and a book. Projects! Government projects. You can't tell me these ELF towers aren't effective, because people from various parts of the country just come up with the same stuff. The only way they could do that is all this ELFing in this GWEN tower system they have set up here.


But, anyway, so you can see where our ancient history begins, basically. Right at the Gulf of Aden. Africa and Saudi Arabia. And then over to the Persian Gulf you have where all Satan's people were procreating on Earth, and building temples, and cities. And any humans, because Cain left the garden, going over and most likely intermixing with the Sumerians. Learning their culture. Learning their techniques. That was probably where the main area was, for a long time. That hotbed area of the Middle East. Until the flood.

And then after the flood, which would have completely demolished and destroyed landscapes, most of the beautiful places on Earth now are now deserts, and thousand miles of sand, and silt, and everything else. Or under an ocean. And the land masses were separated. And you can tell where America and Europe were once probably once connected, and then they were split apart. Just land masses broken apart, separated by water.

Well, it will be those same areas that become hotbeds in the last days because they still have those stargates, those portals there that Satan's forces can come down from space onto Earth. And they'll probably use the same routes, same stargates in southern Iraq area, and Basra, and Jordan. There's one in Syria. There's one in Lebanon. Mount Hermon mountains in northern Israel. Egypt, Ethiopia. All these places are probably gonna become the new stomping grounds of the Antichrist and False Prophet when the arrive. So it's gonna be interesting.

And this should be the year now. You know, I've been warning you guys for years. I've been waiting and waiting through all the delays. But the clock's ticking. And their year--this is gonna be their year.


So, anyway, only got about two minutes left in the show. Still need your support, folks. Gotta get the bills paid. Gotta get orgone made. And it's freezing, so if you've ordered orgone, and you're waiting for it, you're probably gonna be waiting another week. I'm in a ice storm, ice bowl right now. It's 10 below zero. Certainly not going out to make orgone in this. But once it warms up, I'll be getting it out.

And, you know, people in the warmer states, you should be busy. You should be busy targeting the rivers. I know it's just after the first of the year and stuff like that, but, you know, this Easter is gonna be a real hot time for the arrival of these morons. And if Easter comes and goes, then we're looking at the summer months; June and July, and then September. You know, they have the four same hot times a year. And so, every year I sound like a broken record. "OK, this is the green-light month coming up." Should look for them this Easter. Would be the next green light months is Easter. Still got a lot of work to do, folks.


Anyway, thank you for all the support, for those who are supporting this ministry. For those who aren't, would ask you to please support this ministry. If you consider yourself an orgone warrior, I should at least know who you are. Since I'm a leader of the orgone warriors, it would be nice to know all of your names when I get to heaven, instead of just recognizing 20 of you.

Anyway, till next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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