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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
January 27, 2014


And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner, and it is January 27. We're kind of rolling through January. I figured it'd be pretty quiet during this month. Looked like it could get interesting towards the end of the month and into February. And also the latter part of February and into the first week of March. Seems to be the turn of the month times that--seem to be the most interesting in the Bible Codes; the first week of every month. And the last weekends, and so.

It's been arctic cold here. And so, if you've been waiting on orgone orders...the ones I had are all out, finally. I mean, it's just been so brutally cold. I don't know how I'm supposed to go out in zero-degree weather and make orgone. I don't have a warehouse where I do this stuff. I make it as I get the orders. And sometimes it's just too cold, orgone won't even set. And it takes forever to dry in the winter so I usually--typically takes a little longer till I get a nice day where it's at least 20, 30 degrees outside.


But a few things I wanted to talk about tonight. I was looking on Facebook, and somebody had posted that tower, that clock tower photograph for the Illuminati card game. And I remember that card because back in the 2008 Olympics they had plans to bomb--have a bombing set off at the London Olympics. And nothing happened. It was pretty quiet. And, of course, naturally now, for the Sochi Olympics, they have another false flag planned. Whether it goes off or not, I don't know.

But what's interesting about that clock tower, is there's at least three different places that have a tower with a clock in it. And I'm pretty sure I seen one a couple years ago of Sears Tower in Chicago. I don't know if that was it or not, but I'm pretty sure it was someplace in Chicago that had a clock tower. And then, there's one in London, right on the wall, the top of the palace. Somewhere over by the palace there's a huge clock tower thing there. And that's why they thought, you know, that it would be London. Because if London had that clock tower--people were saying, "This card was just found. It just came out." I remember seeing this thing years ago. And then, there's one in Sochi. it's in one of the buildings in Sochi there's that clock tower.

And what they want--you know, gonna blow it up. Gonna blow up that particular area. So I guess the moral of the story is if you find yourself walking around a building with a clock tower, stay away from it. And like I said, you don't know if they're gonna do it or not. They had a bombing planned for London and it never went off. So now the one in Sochi in Russia peaks my interest a little more because, you know, they don't like Russia, they hate Russia, and so probably would wanna...just for spite. But, you know, they, you know, they're all involved with planning the one in London.


You know, they don't have any patriotism towards the people, folks. The lizards that control the world, in the American government, in the British government. And they're spreading it to all the other countries that if they won't conform, they just take them over. Look at, you know, Libya, and Egypt, and Syria. So they can install their own lizard governments in those areas. They don't have any patriot--those leaders being installed don't have any love for the people. I mean, you think Obama loves Americans? Obama hates Americans. The only person Obama loves is himself. And you can look at it in every photo he takes. He loves himself. He doesn't care about anybody else. And that's consistent with narcissistic psychopaths. And they're all the same. They're all the same. Year after--election, after election, after election.

People don't elect officials, they're appointed in. And they're all narcissistic sociopaths. Psychopaths. And it's pretty much what you turn into, particularly when you're not, one, fully human. You're just a cloned being. And, two, when you get soul-scalped; taken over. And being involved with satanism. You know, these people that sign the dotted line, and sell their souls for fame and fortune, slowly get taken over. The more and more evil they become, the more and more good they are in the eyes of their controllers, the Satanists, the top Satanists of the groups they're in. The more evil they become, the more soul-possessed they get. Eventually just killed outright and taken over. And so, you can see it in a lot of their photos.


They were posting pictures of the Grammy lizards, those celebrities there. And look at their eyes, folks. Look at their eyes. And look at their facial features. The usual giveaway is the eyes. The eyes mirror a person's soul. And so, if you see darkness and wickedness, and just something's not right, the pupils aren't right, they're slit, they're slanted, they're offset. One of those things that, typically, is that the pupil, itself, the iris of the eye, is too small.

Usually it's the variations of the defects of eyes is how you can tell apart a human from a fake human amongst us. It's very easy. They've been doing this since 2005. They have the technology now. Within two days they can make a replica of anyone in the world. And so, their goal is to replace everyone. And so, where would they start? They would start at the top to the bottom. Because they want control of all the governments. Then they want control of anybody famous. Anyone who's seen on TV.

And the way Hollywood's been turning, Hollywood's satanism group used to be a small niche. And you were invited into the club. It would pick and choose. And now it's gotten to the point where you can't even get a role in Hollywood, be seen on TV, get much attention, unless you're one of them. This group has become all encompassing to where it controls everything about the media. That's why the news reporters you see on TV shapeshift. Their eyes aren't human. Their eyes aren't normal.

Like Al Roker, they just--they mess up. They screw up and freeze. I don't know if anybody saw the YouTube video of Al Roker doing a live shot in the morning and he just froze. His clone froze. They have defects.

And I know it's a lot easier just for people to continue on their daily lives thinking, "All this stuff doesn't exist. She's crazy." People trying to warn people, are crazy. It's much easier to think nothing that I'm saying is true. And go on with your daily lives like you're gonna retire and live comfortably and then--till you die, right? I mean, come on. You throw that out the window, folks. Throw that completely out the window.

Nobody's--if you're my age--I'm 48--no one's gonna live to retire. The world's gonna be in such shambles by then that there's just gonna be no retirement. You know, it's gonna start this year. There's gonna be a lot of destructions starting this year. And that's the very thing that the Lord had told me the first of this month. He said destructions, one after another, that will sap the energy of the people and leave them to despair.


And so, interesting that not too far from where I live, somewhere over in Mansfield, Ohio, they were showing these photos of pillars of lights. And then, apparently, the same phenomenon was over in Michigan. And they look like sticks of lights coming up from the ground. And they're all different colors. Pretty rainbows. And the weathermen, and all the know-it-alls say, "Oh, those are clouds." They're a certain form of clouds or ice crystals. It's so cold out, I almost believe that one. Hehe! But more specifically, you can read elsewhere where they've often been associated as a warning of an earthquake coming. And that's the very thing I've told you guys is there is an earthquake coming.

And interesting if we're seeing the lights in Michigan and Ohio, they may be trying to activate the Madrid Fault Line. Now, they've been nonstop really trying to activate the Madrid Fault Line for the last two years. And we were able to put a stop to it back in 2011, I think it was, maybe 2010, just getting orgone up that Madrid Fault Line. And that's a huge fault line. A couple warriors going out and getting that done. A huge chunk of it.

But, eventually, you know what? The Lord's gonna allow that thing to blow. He's gonna allow it. Earthquakes are coming. Destructions are coming. The Lord's judgment on this earth. Being wicked and rebellious, you know. And it's almost like we're being led by a bunch of robots with no humanity in them. And they become big cheerleaders over the populace to do evil. To abandon the Bible, to abandon morals, abandon marriage, abandon families, and just become this one huge wicked society.

And people think, "Oh, that's a celebrity!." And they become social engineers to where they would influence people on how they think and what to wear. And these celebrities, most of them are just robots. They've been replaced. The real ones have been killed off and replaced by these robots. I'm just gonna call them robots. It's easier.

And when they're not social-engineering people's attitudes and trying to affect everything, they're in their underground parties, eating poop and drinking urine. And praising Satan. And that's the biggest thing they do. You know, they have these underground parties all over L.A. and Chicago, and everywhere else. And, you know, obviously, you have to know where they're being located. You're allowed entrance in. And just everybody involved with these satanic groups, and all the little robots, they go to these parties. You know.

And it's just getting really tiresome. I know, if you love the Lord, you've been tired and sick of it for a long time already. And it just continues on and gets worse, and worse, and worse.


Somebody asked me, the other day, and I thought it was interesting, they said, uh, they asked me what voodoo curse was being used on celebrities because some are simply not aging. They've stopped aging. And I'm thinking, "What are you talking about? [laughs] What voodoo curse can stop aging?" The only reason people stop aging is because they've been replaced by a clone. You can look at the Barbie skin a lot of these people have. Perfect, um, you know, perfect skin. No wrinkles, just perfect skin. Look at the Obamas. You know, look at Michelle and Obama. Obama's skin hasn't changed in eight years since he's been in office. He's got that perfect Barbie skin.

You know, you can have moles and things like that. Those are trademarks of the DNA of that person. And when they clone, make the clone, that clone's gonna pick up that birthmark or birth mole or whatever. But look at the skin. Look at their skin. Other things to look at.

I noticed when you look at some of these politicians, they have those weird bulges under their skin. And it's like, almost like they just take human skin and put it over an alien body because it's really just an alien host within that human. It protrudes through that human skin. And so, you end up with all these weird-looking bulges. And there's so many races that've been doing it.


You know, I get e-mails from people, and they're asking me, you know, "Are the bad galactics coming first, and then the good ones are coming?" It's like, whoa! What a minute. As soon as you say the word galactic...folks, you've gotta understand, they're all evil. There's no nice ones. There's no good ones. They're evil. They're evil. They play Satan's agenda. What they do is they play bad cop and good cop. You know, they set each other up. And the humanoid ones come in acting like they're gonna be our saviors to mankind. And they're not even actually humanoid. Those are manufactured bodies. Those cloned bodies they're coming in; these Ascended Masters. They're actually tall Grey aliens and Anuks is what they are. But they manufacture human-looking bodies.

So you've got what they call Ascended Masters that are coming to Earth. One looks like Jesus. One is Maitreya. And you have Saint Germaine. You'll have Lilith coming in, taking a body. And things like that. They have to create bodies to come into this dimension. Because if they don't, we can't see them. They're invisible to us. Because any other dimension but Earth's third dimension, is invisible to us. And so, if they wanna operate here, they need a body. And so, that's why they clone so much. They've been doing this for ages, for years. And they've really perfected their technology down so good people can't even tell they're clones or androids. I mean, they'll put them on TV and have a huge national public debate and you're looking right at androids, clones. And nobody knows. Nobody suspects. But the blinking gives them away. Their mannerisms. The fact that they look 50 pounds thinner since the media coverage of them in the morning. And you see them at night giving a public debate, political debate, and they look 50 pounds thinner. Hel-lo!


So people have got a lot of waking up to do. But, unfortunately, a lot of destruction's gonna start hitting before a lot of them wake up. You know, one of the things I see in the Bible Codes all the time is that the Lord is going to allow, He's going to silence the power of orgone for a little bit to allow things to happen, to allow some destructions to happen. And then He'll crank it back up to protect the people. And that's one of the things that Satan and his forces are so fuming furious about is the fact that orgone protects people. You know, it really burns them to come into this dimension and try to get near an area that has orgone in it. It burns them. They hate--they can't breathe. They break out in hives, boils. They have a lot of health problems coming near an area with orgone. And that's why I've been pounding the pavement, for the past ten years, for people to get orgone in their areas.

It may not seem so significant right now, but when you've got tornado winds heading into your area and you've got a wall of orgone up, those tornadoes are gonna abruptly turn face and head to a different direction. That's protection, folks. When you've got 200 million locusts coming towards your area--and the Joel 2 army will happen, prophetic. People say it's the Chinese. It's not the Chinese. They're misquoting scripture. It's the locust army of Joel. And Revelation, chapter 9, the locust. And these are not Chinese people. They come from the extreme north, which is space.

And so, when these locusts hit the earth, and they start heading towards your area, are they gonna feast or famine? You know, I put walls up all the way around my county. I put orgone pucks every mile, all the way around my county, so that when they come near Carroll County, they're gonna hit a orgone wall, and they're going to flee. They're not gonna come near here. That's protection, folks.

The Lord is giving us protections. Now, I know you can call on His name, and ask for His protection when you need help, in dire need, and He'll answer. But what are you gonna do when you're not paying attention? It's a day when, all of a sudden, things just hit in all directions and you haven't been paying attention. Or you're sleeping. Orgone works in the background, even when you're not. Even when you're relaxing, you're taking a break, you're not paying attention to things. Orgone's always working.


And it's not gonna be too much longer to where people will have time, or even the means, to buy supplies, to make orgone, or to order orgone. The time will come when all that ends. When all of it just stops. And I think that the Lord will just stop it before they even start making public announcements publicly banning orgone. You know, I see this in the codes. Because, you know, they've been trying to ban it for years. The Pentagon has a orgone chamber set up in the Pentagon. And it's a air-sealed-tight chamber, and they have scientists inside disecting our orgone, trying to figure out why it works the way it does. Because of all the orgone that's being made by people around the world, our strand is the most effective. Our strand is the one that destroys them.

And so, they've been trying to dissect it and figure out how it works and everything, but it's, you know, science can't explain spiritual properties. Our orgone is the very breath of God. That's why it destroys them. And that's why nobody else's orgone is going to. Because they're not making the Father's breath, His orgone, they're making their own creations. You know, people ask me all the time, "Can I add this?" "Can I add that?" "I put this is my orgone." "I put that in my orgone." Then you're not making the Lord's orgone!

Don't expect it to work the way I say it will work, if you don't make it the way I say to make it. You can't outdo the Father. You can't make it better. You can't one-up it. You just do it the way He says to, plain and simple. And it couldn't get anymore simple than it is now. Very basic ingredients. But, eventually, those ingredients are gonna be hard to come by. You know, if we start seeing a lot of disasters, this spring and, particularly, summer, trucking routes are gonna be closed, distribution centers could be closed. You know, you take it for granted that you can go buy things at the stores now. And what are you gonna do when all that is just shut down overnight because a huge earthquake just split the country in half? Or a huge tsunami put most of the east coast or the west coast underwater? Or the radiation is so bad in the west coast that everybody has to flee or die of thyroid problems and radiation problems?

Things could get really bad. And I say could because, you know, for so many years, it's been delayed. All this should've been started in 2009. And it was delayed. And so, now it's 2014. We've been given a lot of time in delays. And I think this is gonna be the year that, all of a sudden, all these delays just stop, and things start happening. The Lord has patience. You know, He has unending patience, but He eventually His patience stops. No matter how much His patience drives us crazy, because we wanna go home, we wanna get out of here [laughs], we just have to hang in there. Because we're here for Him. We're here to serve Him. We're not here to put in 20 years of work, and build up 401Ks, and go into retirement. You know, that doesn't even exist in five years. That will be unheard of. It's not gonna exist in five years. The world's gonna be drastically different, and it's going to start this year. I really believe it'll start--all the delays just finally stop.


So, this summer, and this spring, and even in the early wintertime here, coming Easter, you know, the best thing to watch for is the arrival of Maitreya and Sananda, or the transformation of Obama into a light being. You know, that's another route. I've made it so difficult for extraterrestrials and terrestrial beings on this planet and in this universe, in general, they're having a really hard time being able to materialize and survive in our dimension. And so, watch if they have to turn around and transform Obama into this light being. Thus proclaiming he's god and becoming the--fulfilling the role of the Antichrist.

Remember, I told you it's the leader of Babylon. The Old Testament prophets told you it's the leader of Babylon. Babylon is the United States. Doesn't necessarily mean it's the president of our United States. I've said to watch out for the routes where the UN takes over control because of these Ascended Masters, these cosmic beings coming down, that are a bunch of fakes, and frauds, and liars, and they take control of the country. And Europe and several others all start taking control. It's whoever is the leader and the controller of Babylon. And the last days Babylon is America.

So they have their routes, they have their little cosmic liars, and then they have Obama. And so, I remember that, you know, back in the Bush days, he was always the route where he would become the transformed light being, because he qualified. And Obama qualifies because he's a mamry. George Bush, Jr. qualified because of his genes. His bloodline or whatever. From his father. His father, truly not human; George Bush, Sr. None of them at the very top are, folks. They serve Satan. They worship him.


And a lot of people gonna get caught up believing the lies of the New Age movement. I see it every day. You know? I get all these e-mails from people asking questions. It's, like, how can people even not spend two seconds reading the Bible, and spending time in prayer with the Father so that they know who's not of Him? If you don't know someone, how can you defend them? If you don't know someone, how can you know what they would do or wouldn't do? Or what's of them or what isn't?

So the biggest thing people need to do is start focusing on building relationships with the Father. Now, you don't have to have the head bowed in prayer 24 hours a day. I talk to Him all day long. I talk to Him constantly. I know He's there. I feel His presence. If He's not, I'm like, "OK, what's going on?" [laughs] It's gotta be an attack. It seems like His presence always leaves before there's an attack on me. I don't know why that is. I guess He wants to see how I'm gonna handle it. He tests me all the time. I mean, I've been going through tests for years. 20 years. 30 years.

So, get to know Him. Then you know who isn't of Him or who--you know. And that's the biggest thing that's gonna be the slap up the head of most of the people in this country, because they're gonna be accepting these fake cosmic beings as angelic beings. Not realizing that they're fakes, and frauds, and liars. By deception Satan deceives the world. There's only a minority that is saved from his deceptions. A minority. A handful. Not this huge tens of millions of rapture gone and then everybody else on Earth left wondering what happened, where'd they all go. It's not gonna be that dramatic. And it's not gonna be that much of an impact. Because it's a minority.

And in the Bible, the church of Revelation, the other church, they were spared, they were protected. But it doesn't say they were lifted off the earth. You know? Now, I believe some will be. We have the 144,000 that will be lifted off the earth. You have the other 144,000 that will be sealed on the earth, becoming evangelists for the Lord.

But the biggest part that the churches overlook, because it's just--it's gory news and not the good--kind of good news that they want, the feel-good news they won't be here for all that's coming--is the fifth seal with souls under the altar. All the Christians who were killed and martyred, wanting revenge for their deaths. Now, that's where your millions are. And that's why the Lord's watchmen, for so long, have been standing up and screaming, "martial law," and "FEMA camps." Because the Old Testament prophets forewarned you of that.


And everybody hates the messengers. You know, look in the Bible. Read the message. I have articles on my website about America. Why America is Babylon, and the destruction of Babylon in the last days. How America is destroyed in one hour. All the scripture references you need from the Old Testament prophets, regarding FEMA camps, martial law. Things that are coming to this country. All this stuff is true. It is true.

They try to smear the name conspiracy theorist and brand the Lord's watchmen with that brand of, "Oh, that's a label. That's a conspiracy theorist. That means they're crazy." No, that just means they're thinking outside the box, and they see what's coming and they're warning people. They're asking questions. They're finding answers. And when they find the truth, people don't wanna believe it.


Stay away from the labeling, folks. That's their game. That's their toy. They like to label people and lie, and mock and discredit them. I mean, there's stuff all over the Internet about me that I just laugh about. It's all lies. But they put that out there so that people search my name in a search engine, that's what they'll find. They'll find all the lies. The webpages, the videos, the chat rooms, whatever. They want people to find the lies. They don't want you to know the truth.

And if you're sitting in my shoes, there's nothing you can do about it. That's protected by free speech. People just need to ask the Father, Himself. You know, ask the Father, "Is that person of You? Is that person Yours?" You know, I have to do that all the time. People wanna play their games, play their charades around me, and I'll just ask the Father, "Is that one of You? Is that one of Yours?"

Usually, if I have to ask Him, they're not. Sometimes I'm not sure. And I have a lot of patience with people. I have a lot of patience. Drives some people crazy because I'm so patient. Just to see what their true colors are. Just to let them expose and reveal themselves for who they are.

You know, most of the time, the Lord's people, you just feel, uh, you feel a link to them. You feel their spirit, you feel a connection, you know it's the Lord's person. You can just feel and know that someone is the Lord's. And then others, who just play the game, they say the right words, quote some scripture, act like--play church, and they're devils in sheep's clothing. I see a lot of that in chat rooms and in social media.


Anyway, folks, if you have a question for the show tonight, you can call in; (877)245-5648. That's (877)245-5648. If you have a question for the show, call in. I can't get in the chat room, so, uh, being blocked out of that tonight. So I won't be able to go in there and see if anybody asked questions. Tried for the hundreth time to get in there, but doesn't seem to be working at all. I've been trying for an hour. All right, I'm gonna take a question from a caller.


SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hello, Sherry?


CALLER: Hey, I wanted to know, how does being does your role as ambassador differ from being Lord's mouthpiece on Earth?

SHERRY: [pauses] What's the question? Ambassador--

CALLER: How does your role as ambassador--yeah, ambassador.

SHERRY: Ambassador.


SHERRY: OK, it's not that I can't hear you. It's that I can't understand you for some reason. I'm hearing this noise. It's through my telephone. So, repeat what you said.

CALLER: In one of your previous shows, you had talked about how your role here on Earth had gone--not gone, as the Lord's mouthpiece, but had--you'd become ambassador.


CALLER: And I would like to know what that means. Like, on your end, you know.

SHERRY: Well, you know, the Lord always has, like, with Enoch, He's always had one person in every time of era. He had Moses, He had David. He's always had one person that He could speak directly through, and that person served as His ambassador on Earth. Someone that He could use. And in these last days there's so many fake...people going around with titles. There's a whole movement that calls themselves apostles. You know, the last apostle died--

CALLER: Mm-hm.

SHERRY: --in 78 A.D. There's no--that office is closed. People give themselves titles. I was never looking for this title. The Lord put me into it. And, simply because there's so much going on with contact with terrestrial races and things like that that I'm often used as a mediator between God and them, I guess you could say.


SHERRY: So I do a lot of mediation.


SHERRY: Classic point, in example, 8 years ago--about 12 years ago--and I don't think I ever told anybody this--there was a group of Nordics that were humanoid aliens, that wanted redemption from the Lord. They didn't want to be part of Satan's kingdom. They wanted to be redeemed by the Lord. But there was no set redemption for the fallen angels. But these were the offspring of the angels that fell. So they were guilty by association only. They hadn't committed the sins directly, themselves. And the Lord allowed it to where I could mediate between them and Him. And they were actually set aside, and kept safe and away from Satan's kingdom, put together with an angel, one of the archangels, and they began to work over the earth for the Lord, Himself. Directly to be protected by Him. And so, there's a lot of mediation that goes on. I don't talk about it. I did talk about the redemption of 14 billion a month ago. That wanted a way away from Lilith, and Satan, and everything. And so, there's a lot of things that go on behind the scenes. People can't believe in a New World Order, let alone half the stuff that goes on. And I certainly don't reveal it because I don't just even want to listen to it. [pauses] Do you have any other questions?

CALLER: Yeah. I wanted to know if [says something but the audio breaks up].

SHERRY: Hello? [pauses] I'm not hearing anything. I don't know if anybody else is. Hello? You still there? [pauses] He might've got cut off. [pauses] Yeah, it looks like he got cut off. He'll have to call back in.


Anybody else have a question, just call in at (877)245-5648. I mean, even Yahushua took the apostles to a private room and would tell them the truths of the parables He spoke to the people, because people cannot grasp truth. They can't grasp meanings. There's layers to things. When He says something, one parable can mean ten different things. There's layers of truth. And most people can grasp the top layer, but then He would teach the hidden meanings and deeper truths to His apostles. He would take them aside and teach them. Because He knew they could grasp it. They could understand the truth.

You know, it's the same way today. People can't...people can't believe in chemtrails. They can't believe in a global conspiracy, Agenda 21 by the UN, to kill 6-1/2 billon people on the planet. They can't believe any of that stuff exists. So why would I have to spend--why would I...why would I even begin to really go into some of the backgrounds of things that happened in the background, you know, some of the things that I do for the Lord here on Earth? I wouldn't even know where to start. Haha! I wouldn't know where to start. I wouldn't do it. And sometimes that's simply why I just get quiet and sit back and let things happen. So that people can see for themselves, and also just let time pass. Because, you know, like, January's a quiet month. I knew it was gonna be quiet. From people, for the most part. And then things were gonna kick up. And so, yeah, last couple weeks, I've just kind of chilled back. Relaxing. Waiting for the...this is the calm before the storm, so to speak. Enjoy the calm.


You know, it hasn't been so calm because we've been bombarded by the arctic blast, you know. Heading into a mini Ice Age. I can't wait for global warming to hit. You know, I think Al Gore should start explaining himself about his little global warming. We're all waiting for it. Right now, it feels like we're under the deep freeze. And it's gonna keep on until after the Super Bowl.

There's some significance with the Super Bowl weekend, and that's why they want it this cold. And so, this is all by design, folks. I know you're shocked.


I'm gonna take a call, see what this caller has.

CALLER: Hello?

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Yeah, hi. Sherry?

SHERRY: Hi, yes!

CALLER: Yeah, hi. My name is George. And I discovered you about a year ago. And about three years ago, I woke up, and have since then been spending my time in the wilderness. And I feel like the Holy Spirit brought you into my life as confirmation of many things He's been showing me. Just to give you a quick background of myself, I was born and raised Roman Catholic for 23 years. And then I got married. I'm 55 right now. Spent the last, oh, about 30 years as a Protestant. Raised my kids Protestant. But I can't say that I really had the type of fellowship with Christ that I have today, Yahshua.

SHERRY: Right.

CALLER: And, um, because one of the things I constantly asked for was, you know, God's truth on all matters. His viewpoint on all matters. And He kept moving me closer and closer to subjects. Even some of your subjects, which were confirmations. Others were from your articles. Somewhat shocking to me. And maybe in the process of just testing what you have been trying to share with others, you know, God continually kept bringing me confirmation through many other sources. For lack of a better term, just spent time at the foot of the cross with Him. And no third party.

SHERRY: Right. You don't need one.

CALLER: I found out the truth about the modern Bibles. And, you know, personally, I found myself very offended by the changes that've been made to God's word. And, of course, I'm learning more about the power of His word in my life. One of the things that I discovered, quickly, was I had to worship in spirit and truth. And that became so important to me that I couldn't, any longer, sit in churches. I, for a year and a half, visited over 25 churches. I would confront pastors face-to-face with things that were contradictory from, let's say, the original Authorized King James or Geneva Bible to the modern Bibles today. And some would just look at me in anger and walk away. Or some would--I mean, I got to see the living proof of the sword.


CALLER: Some would say the veil had been lifted. But they'd never have an intellectual or peaceful discussion with me. It would turn into anger on their part. And I could see it. So I've been out of churches for quite a while. And that's OK because, you know, nothing replaces my fellowship with Him. And God's provided people like you in my life that have totally, uh, I just can't--I can't wait to meet you in heaven. Haha!

SHERRY: [laughs]


CALLER: But I'm on the route of orgone. I'm an engineer. I have a good appreciation of electromagnetics, and energy, and even, you it relates even to the power of prayer. But one of the things that you brought to me, that I really questioned for a while, I don't any longer, because I feel it's so true, but you'd never hear me talk about it, is some of the people I listen to online would also speak--quite often, and particularly the Protestant churches will use the Pauline doctrines. And, of course, as came to understand more about Bible numerology, and numbers, and see the number 13, you know, I understand what it stands for, and 33. And, of course, how, you know, Satan's agents will ridicule, uh, will ridicule anything of Christ any way they can. I, at times, wondered, is there any--and I just don't believe in so much denominations as I do being a follower of Christ--is there any denomination out there who, in your opinion, is worshiping in spirit and truth, and, you know, understand the Pauline doctrines? I mean, I guess I'd just like to hear you speak a little bit more about the apostle, Paul, and how he has, so much, faked out the current church today.

SHERRY: You know, it's hard. There's no denomination that does. If there is, it's a home church. It's a livingroom church. You know, I've known pastors that walked away from the churches and started their own in their livingroom again. Simply because they couldn't get their congregations out of the apostate teachings they'd been taught all their lives, and embrace the fact that, "Hey, we need to stop this Pauline stuff in this church." You know, the churches would chase the pastors out. They'd chase them out. They'd fire them. And so, pastors would start their own livingroom churches and start from scratch again. You know, the biggest thing is people who always say, "The Lord called me into the ministry." Lie number one. Probably didn't because they had no--attempted to go to a cemetery [seminary], learn all the teachings that the Satanists and New Agers want them to learn, that they teach in the seminaries, and then start a Sun-god church. They don't even honor the seventh day as Saturday.

CALLER: I know, I know.

SHERRY: So the first thing--

CALLER: And, uh--

SHERRY: --if you really want to find a church that worships in spirit and truth, find one that meets on Saturdays, and find one that doesn't mention Paul.

CALLER: I started looking for that--

SHERRY: And keep the focus on Yahushua.

CALLER: --and it's very rare to find. And, of course, I have, you know, something in my own family--of course, I felt an awful lot of rejection because of what I stand on today.

SHERRY: Oh, yes!


SHERRY: Oh, I know. I've been--


SHERRY: --living that my whole life.

CALLER: And even some of the men I listen to, or have listened to, like yourself, I believe they have some truths, and they have some good, but then they'll get off quoting Paul's stuff.

SHERRY: Yeah, you know, that's what the Lord told me about all of the churches, and all of the religions in the world today. There's a bit of truth in all of them. Most of them. There's a bit of truth. There's truth here, there's truth there.


SHERRY: But hardly anyone's been able to pull it all together and put all the truth in one puzzle. There's a little bit of truth--there's truth in satanism. You wanna learn truths, you ought to hear what they teach.


SHERRY: They tell you how it is.

CALLER: Yeah, he did the same thing in the garden with Eve. Haha!

SHERRY: Yeah! I mean, they mix truth with lies. There's always that 10 percent poison that will damn your soul. Or could damn it. And it's the same thing with the Pauline doctrines in the churches today. It's that 10 percent poison, where people embrace it and follow that and move away from worshiping Yahushua. It could lead them into trouble. Now, you know what? Our salvation isn't based on what we know and what we don't.

CALLER: You know--

SHERRY: Our salvation is based on our relationship with the Father--


CALLER: Since Satan--everything Satan does--seems to do- mimics--he mimics Christ. He counterfeits. It's so obvious. Why wouldn't he come as Paul in the flesh? And, of course, your article that discusses, you know, the road to Damascus and the different stories told, I mean, which one's true?

SHERRY: Yeah--

CALLER: And then again, why would God contradict Himself? You know?

SHERRY: Well, with Paul, he was telling different stories. Pathological liars do that. They can't remember what they say. In one chapter, alone, he gives three different versions.

CALLER: Yeah, in one chapter he had a witness--

SHERRY: --not one soldier was ever found to verify his account.

CALLER: Well, in one chapter, he had a witness. In another chapter, he didn't, and it's like--

SHERRY: --and he was on his way to a safe city--

CALLER: Yeah. Haha. It's like he almost spoke whatever he had to to please the crowd.

SHERRY: Right. Well, you know, he says he was on his way to Damascus to persecute Christians. Damascus was a safe city. Christians weren't being persecuted in Damascus at that time.

CALLER: Well, yeah, and know that the first martyr of the church--and you know this better than I do--but I came to discover--God showed me that the first martyr of the church was Stephen. Did he ever repent for allowing the murder of Stephen?

SHERRY: He doesn't say about any repentance. He boasts about his sins.

CALLER: I know.

SHERRY: He boasts about persecuting Christians. He's proudful of it.

CALLER: And all my life I'm Catholic--

SHERRY: He's very boastful--

CALLER: --you know, I grew up an altar boy, went to Catholic school. All that good stuff. I even thought one time of going to the seminary and being a priest. But, of course, I married a Protestant and became that route, raised my children that way. But I, until now, I certainly didn't realize how much deprogramming and lies I'd been told to believe. But I think to myself, uh, you know, when you look at the fact that in heaven it talks about the 12 foundations and the 12 apostles. Well, Paul was number 13. We all know what 13 is, in terms of the number of the occult, and death, and all that. How come he doesn't have a foundation in heaven? If he's so much quoted today. And--

SHERRY: You know what the Father told me a long time ago? If a person can't grasp that there were 12 apostles, and there's 12 foundations in the New Jerusalem, they'll never get anything else. They'll never understand another thing about Paul.

CALLER: I agree.

SHERRY: The whole thing about Paul.

CALLER: But what'd they say? If you taught that to even people who went to seminary today, they wanna put the dagger in you. [laughs]

SHERRY: Oh, I know. And you know what? That was the first truth that the Lord revealed to me on my road, uh, journey to begin to know the truth in all things through Him, directly. It was the first thing He revealed to me. Talk about blowing me away. Because Paul was my favorite apostle.

CALLER: I had to ask myself, "Am I crazy, Lord? Are these thoughts crazy?" [laughs]

SHERRY: Yeah. Yeah, and for years He would just send me confirmations after confirmation, and strengthen my belief that I wasn't crazy,--


SHERRY: --it was straight from Him. Haha!

CALLER: Me, too. You start seeing the mystery He wants to reveal and--

SHERRY: I had to do through deprogramming for a long time.

CALLER: Yeah, yeah. Well, there's no doubt he's revealing hidden mysteries to His remnant, because, you know, you find out, when you meet others and God confirms that you're not the only one that you thought was nuts out there. [laughs]

SHERRY: Right. You know, there's a couple of us nuts all banding together now, and forming one powerful army for the Lord on Earth.


CALLER: Yeah, absolutely. Well, I'm getting ready to help you out with the orgone. I wondered one thing. I've just recently bought my supplies and just wondered one thing. Looking at your cross-sectional view in one of your articles. After you wrap the copper wire, and, also, you cut up your aluminum, do you also show it's OK to go ahead and put extra pieces of copper in there?

SHERRY: Oh, yeah. You can do extra copper. Pre-1984 pennies.


SHERRY: I look for those--

CALLER: And what about putting in scripture verse? Something to do with the dunamis of Yahshua.

SHERRY: The what?

CALLER: The dunamis power. You know, the power that David had when he slayed Goliath. The Greek word, dunamis, which I understand means miracle strength, might, virtue, and courage. And those are the things we need today, obviously.

SHERRY: Yeah. And what I find interesting, the pepples he picked up out of that creek, that river, were orgone. They were a certain kind of quartz--

CALLER: Oh, wow.

SHERRY: --that has copper in them. I can't think of the name right now.

CALLER: Really?

SHERRY: Yeah. So, really interesting. Smooth pepple. They were...they were, uh, rutigated quartz [actually, rutilated --transcriber], I believe is what it's called. Very expensive to buy. And--

CALLER: Would you ever--ever at all--you see any harm in including a Bible scripture that's personal to you inside your orgone?

SHERRY: I don't simply because the paper could have chemical properties, themselves, that would react differently to the orgone. We're trying to create pure Yah's--pure His breath. I don't take away to, or add anything to, what He told me to do. But there's things--

CALLER: OK. So it might dilute the purity or something.

SHERRY: Yeah. You could add extra crystals. You could add extra copper. Anything that's in the original recipe, itself. But don't add something that's not in there.


SHERRY: You know.

CALLER: Well, thank you so much for taking my call. It's a pleasure to meet you. I pray for you every day. You're on my prayer list. And like I said, I cannot wait to meet you in heaven one day.

SHERRY: It'll be soon. It'll be soon.

CALLER: OK. God bless.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks, brother. Thanks for calling in.

CALLER: You bet. Bye-bye.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.


Let's see. I think. The other one's trying to call back in. I'll see if this is him.

SHERRY: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hey, Sherry.

SHERRY: Hey! Who is this? Somebody I know?

CALLER: [inaudible]

SHERRY: You don't have to say. [laughs]

CALLER: I already said it.

SHERRY: Your phone keeps going in and out, in and out. You must be on a cell phone.

CALLER: Yeah. Is it fine now?

SHERRY: Yeah I can hear you.


SHERRY: You just disappear on me. You go silent. I don't know what's going on.

CALLER: Ah, it's weird. Um. Well, I don't know if you caught my last question, but I thought that--thinking back now, it might've been a little too much. Because I know it might direct people away if they, you had to do with, as per your role here on Earth, you have to sometimes physically engage in contact with Satan.

SHERRY: I don't physically engage in contact with him, if he comes around here, and I sense his presence. He stays in his little fourth dimension.

CALLER: As it--

SHERRY: You know, I have seen hoof marks in the yard, and stuff like that. But, I've never been in a face-to-face confrontation with him. It's always through the Father. If Satan is here, you better believe the Father is. And Michael and everybody else. I'll tell you that much. They're all here if he's--

CALLER: But then, as mediator, you don't ever have to really, you know, talk to him or do anything like that, right?

SHERRY: I can talk to him, but it doesn't have to be through face-to-face confrontations. The Father will tell me Satan was, you know, at the throne whining and complaining I wouldn't accept this, wouldn't do this, wouldn't do that. And then I'll tell the Father, you know. Because what is agreed on on Earth, is agreed on in heaven. And back and forth. And so, if the Father wants something done here, and Satan's mad about it, he'll go to the Father. He doesn't come to me, he'll go to the Father. The Father will tell me, "Satan's disputing something you want to do." And we'll go back and forth through the Father. But when I agree on anything the Father wants to do, I'm an ambassador, I agree with heaven, always. Always. And so, the Father's will is done on Earth.



SHERRY: Oh, I see him all the time. He's got his little trawlers up in the sky. And, eventually, there is going to be a face-to-face confrontation, coming up soon, which is why I've just kind of been quiet and sitting back and bidding time. But, it's--you have to understand, he operates--when he operates in this dimension as a person, he has to take a body. And when he comes in this dimension, takes a body, it's usually--he has a zillion different--he's a chameleon. He can appear in any way he wants to. He can appear as a woman, as a child, as a athlete, as a businessman. He often appears as a woman. He can appear any way he wants to. But he has to take a human body. But he doesn't have as much power because he can't put--he is such a powerful being that if he put all of his power into a cloned or human body, it would explode.

CALLER: [laughs to himself]

SHERRY: And that's why he has to use his generals to be the, you know, come as the Antichrist and False Prophet. You'll see in Revelation, chapter 20 the Antichrist and False Prophet are cast into the lake of fire. Satan, himself, is bound and cast into the abyss for a thousand years. They're separate beings because he can't truly encompass a body. He's too powerful.

CALLER: That's does sound pretty crazy that he'd explode like that.

SHERRY: Yeah. Well, it's happened. I mean, I've heard things, and it's like...whatever. But, that's where they get that whole thing of Tammuz. Where Tammuz exploded and his body parts were everywhere. And Semiramis was trying to piece him back together or whatever. I mean, stuff like that.

CALLER: Mm-hm.

SHERRY: Supposedly, when she had a baby, Satan tried to possess it and be born as a baby on Earth. And it blew up the baby. I don't know. That's--

CALLER: [laughs softly]

SHERRY: --a lot of stuff that you think is totally fiction and crazy actually has a little bit of truth to it.


SHERRY: You just have to wade through all the fiction and chew the grass and spit out the hay. Hehe! I don't get into all that--the mythology stuff simply because it's just so difficult to comprehend. All these different places--


SHERRY: --and nations different names for the same beings. And it really gets hard to follow after a while.

CALLER: But it is in your archived shows--

SHERRY: --[inaudible] people on Earth. Lilith and Lucifer [audio cuts out]. OK. Well, I have to get going. I have 90 seconds left. But thanks for calling in.

CALLER: No problem.

SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.

CALLER: Thank you, Sherry. Bye-bye.


Well, I wish I had more time to take calls, folks. But I'm running out of time. 90 seconds.

Hey, I need your support. I need your financial support to get through this next month. It's gonna be really difficult. And a lot of things to do. People wanna get busy. Just because we're freezing in the arctic on this side of the country, the other side of the country's getting busy. Glad to hear from a lot of California warriors standing up and getting orgone out. So we need to get busy. And there's people all over the world that want free orgone and my hands are tied, I can't financially do it. But if I had a lot of financial donations, I'd be allowed to, so help me out, folks. Help out this ministry. Let's get the bills paid. Let's get the orgone out. Time is on a crunch.

Anyway, until next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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