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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
February 3, 2014



And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, February 3. I'm Sherry Shriner. Couple things I wanna talk about tonight. If you watched the Super Bowl yesterday, that was year two in a row, you know. Remember last year, the Super Bowl in New Orleans, they had plans to blow it up and we were able to sabotage that. Orgone warrior got orgone around the stadium and saturated the whole area of New Orleans.

And then this year, again, jump forward, with the Met Life Stadium. You know, I was really hesitant, even to begin with for the week. Do we really wanna stop it? Haha! You know, just to get things--let the timeline stay where it's at. But you gotta think, you know, there's like 70,000 people in that stadium. We'd already saturated New York with orgone. And I could see in the Codes, as I'm whittling away in them on Saturday and Sunday, that Korea was upset. And I couldn't figure out, "Why is Korea mad?" You know. What's Korea have to do--What is their stake in all this? And so, I'm reading through my e-mails, and I'm reading this e-mail someone sent out. It was talking about how Korea had made threats they were gonna blow up New York City on February 2. And that the government was keeping it quiet. The media was keeping it quiet, whatever. I was thinking, "OK, so that's the connection. That's why Korea's mad."


And then you have the stadium in New Jersey, which, I don't know how far that is from New York. I think it's...I don't know. East Rutherford. I don't know how far that is from Manhattan. Could be across the water. But a warrior got down there and saturated the stadium with orgone. And for some reason, there's some effect. I don't know if it's the orgone or it's just everything else that surrounds it that happens. But, you know, what is it with orgone that bombs won't detonate? You know, how is it that orgone is preventing bombs from detonating? You know, that one kind of mystifies me.

The same as last year, they had canisters of poison. I didn't see where they were placed this year. I know that last year the Lord showed me that there was these big canisters of poison that had been prepositioned throughout the stadium. That they were gonna blow it up and let the canisters loose at the same time. And, apparently, the plans were the same for this year. They built Met Life Stadium, I guess, with the plans of blowing it up. So it's already got prepositioned bombs in the place.

And for some reason, the orgone prevents that, and so. I don't know if it's because of that, or it's because the orgone saturates the air so if any UFOs come in, which they normally do when there's a destruction, like Katrina, they go in and they start abducting people, you know. Dead or alive they'll abduct them into their ships because humans are their food source. They feast on humans. They just put them up on hooks. And put them in their meat lockers on their ships. And that's what they do.


And so, if the stadium is saturated with orgone, and UFOs were gonna come in and abduct people, they would be threatened to crash. I mean, orgone's been crashing UFOs for the last ten years. And so, ever since we started putting it out, it was one of those things that we learned along the way. Of course, Wilhelm Reich claimed it would. And we've been seeing it firsthand that it does. And so, maybe they were afraid that if they blew up the stadium and brought their ships in to start taking people, that the orgone would affect them and cause them to crash. I really don't know. What I do know is they're mad. Hehe! They're mad. They're mad. And so, they're mad that we prevented it.

I didn't ask the Lord not to do it. I just said, "Whatever is Your will." You know. "Whatever Your will is." You know. Let it happen if it's to happen. And then stop it if He doesn't want it to, you know. Whatever His will is in the matter. I know a--you know, I had mentioned there was a good chance, in the month of January (this month) that the orgone faction could be leaving. And it came down--ends up coming down to the Super Bowl. If the stadium had blown up, the faction would've gone home. Now that it hasn't, we're stuck here. We're delayed.

And so typical for delays. We've been looking at those since 2009. And so, you know, we shoot ourselves in the foot, but that's what I've always said, you know. But are we supposed to sit back and do nothing? Let 70,000 people blow up and become food for the aliens? I think that's what Satan was banking on. "Well, they won't do anything, because if it blows up, then some of them--a lot of them will get to go home." And so, they didn't expect us to do anything. What, do they think we're just gonna sit on our hands and kill 70,000 people?


We're so used to delays, we can put up with another month, two, three four. I don't see anything going past September of this year. I'm looking at September and I'm seeing that whole culling period, that three days of darkness, that, typically, scheduled to--people expected it in December, last year and the year before. And I'm seeing it this year in September.

And I've always said, you know, the 9th, 10th, and 11th, are the three hot dates of September. Because that's always been their September arrival times. And it's looking like those could be the three days of their culling days where they massively cleanse the earth, which is nothing but mass murder. Murder as many people as they can in three days. And there's darkness so that people can't really function and operate. I don't know what probably, most likely, so people can't see them. You know. They like to operate in darkness. Where, of course, Father operates in the light. Nothing He does is hidden or secret. But, of course, everything Satan does, is. Always the total opposites.

And so, I have to backtrack now with the three days of darkness in September to what's gonna happen with the next several months, because I think that the stadium being blown up, they had this whole weekend set. It was the perfect setup. It takes a while for them to prepare, you know. They had a setup back in January. That came and went. Then we had the Super Bowl. And this was a perfect setup. They had the Chinese New Year, the three-day holiday going on. They had their big satanic ritual set Saturday night for the satanic groups across the world. Some kind of holy day of theirs. They had the global reset on the edge, getting ready to go, push the button on that.

And it just seems like the Super Bowl being blown up was part of the whole plan. You know, tens of thousands sacrificed to start the Chinese New Year off whatever. And, you know, it was just a perfect setup. And now we have to wait again for the next thing that comes up, and starts to roll as a perfect setup again, you know.


You're just gonna hear more and more about China. I mean, when, in all these years, has anybody ever cared when China's New Year is? I mean, I don't think anybody's ever cared. And now, all of a sudden, you know, it makes the news. "Oh, it's China's New Year." Why do we care? Because China owns America pretty much, folks. Look at the writing on the wall.

And so, they're also Satan's army. They're his forces. Just think, we got 1.5 billion Chinese. Not to mention how many are cloned. Not even actually human. That's quite a bit Satan's got at his disposal to use as his henchmen, you know. I don't think it's going to be military forces doing martial law roundups. It's going to be the Chinese forces. That's why you'll see things color-coded. Because they can't speak English, but they can recognize colors.

All this kind of gets thrown off because there was a series of events that were gonna happen, that I was seeing. And now all that's gonna get thrown off because it was pretty much based on things that were happening this weekend. But that could be good in a way. Uh...not so much, because when one thing gets knocked out, another thing comes in and it's just as bad as the one that got knocked out, usually.


What I suspect is gonna happen is we're gonna go on into the spring and summer. And I suspect a huge drought is gonna hit. Not just California. I think everybody's gonna see the California drought. I think it's gonna spread to the Midwest. We're gonna have a huge drought here. And there's gonna be a lot of earthquakes and tsunamis coming up. Remember the Father told me, at the beginning of the year, this was gonna be a year of a lot of disasters. And so, it wouldn't have shocked me if the Super Bowl plans had been successful and it had blown up, because Father said there was gonna be a lot of disasters and despair this year.


But we can move on to other things that go beyond a football stadium. I mean, we've got, you know, these planets coming in. Nibiru coming back in. That could really wreak havoc on this planet. A lot of earthquakes, tsunamis. A drought. I mean, they're parading the black horse arrival coming in. And what's the black horse, folks? It's famine. I mean, you saw the...or heard about, their occultic performances at the Grammys. I was surprised that the Super Bowl's really wasn't that occultic. It was actually a halftime you could actually just sit and watch without having to gag at all the satanic crap going on, or even just get up and leave your television sets for halftime because they've always been so gross. And, for once, we actually had a pretty normal one.


What I thought was amusing was the effect orgone has. Like I've always told you, you know, it burns the aliens, they suffocate, they can't stand it, it has a putrid odor to them. To them, it's like smelling death. It's like the smell of death, to us, is gross, that's probably what it smells like to them because it's a putridness to them. And it's the only thing I can relate that's a real putridness to us is the smell of death. Someone's dead body. That putrid smell.

But it also prohibits them. It prevents them from being able to perform, apparently, because the Broncos couldn't do a thing. And, you know Peyton Manning; a sold-out Illuminati devil worshiper. I was just watch a video earlier with his slit eyes. Looks like they've already replaced him. And that's usually what happens when you sell out to Satan, you sell your soul to Satan. Eventually, you get replaced. You know, you get cloned and replaced. And the original person is killed off.

But none of the Broncos could perform. It's because most of them operate, especially if you join the Illuminati, and join into the Masonic stuff, and the satanism, they're given spirits to help them perform better. You know. And with the orgone saturating the area, those demons would not--would've taken off. They would've fled. And so, you're pretty much left with a bunch of guys without their spirits helping them, that have to rely on their own talent and ability without extra help because their demons have left. They won't come in. The stadium's full of orgone. They won't enter it.

And that's why I think they just couldn't play yesterday. They couldn't perform at all because their demons abandoned them, you know. When you see dancers onstage with Beyonce and all these pop dancers, they get spirits to help them dance the way they do. You know, you can get spirits to help you sing. You know, Whitney Houston saying in an interview the reason her concerts had fallen so flat (people were walking out of them), she couldn't hit the high notes anymore because she lost the spirit. And she said that, exactly, "I lost the spirit."

Well, when you understand how this realm works, these Satanists, you know, Satan helps them. And he gives them spirits. Jim Carrey got spirits to make him funny. Movie stars, Johnny Depp, they get spirits to help them perform, to become actors, to know how to act the roles they're given. And then the human part of them just checks out and the demons take over and perform that role. That's what they get in return. You know. They sign the dotted line, and then they're given talents to play instruments, or dance, or play sports, you know. They're given spirits, which is nothing but demons. They don't call them that. They call them spirits.

And so, I think it hugely affected their ability to play yesterday, and not even get anything going, because of the orgone. And it was nice to see a Christian quarterback and a nice team win. The underdogs. You know, I'd asked the Lord to help the opposite team win. That they wanted to win. I didn't know which team, I would imagine the Broncos. But I just asked the Lord to help the opposite team win. The one that they didn't want to win. Just to really rub it in. Haha! That they are not all in control. They are not all powerful. They think they are because they have all the money, and all the power, and all the top positions. You know, all the Satanists around America. But they're not all powerful. The Father is. And I think He'll always keep them in check and balance on that.

I don't think they expected, yesterday, what was gonna happen with the orgone. I don't think they expected it at all. Kind of a curveball at them. And, you know, a shout-out, and a heads-up, and a thanks to the warrior out in New Jersey that got it over there. You know?


And we also could've had disasters with Korea in New York City. And that didn't amount to anything. I spent a lot of time in New York City, two years ago, pounding that place with orgone. A couple of warriors did. You know, we're seeing the fruits of our labors being successful.

You know, look at the Madrid Fault Line. They've been trying to HAARP that, and get that going. And we had warriors going up and down the fault line placing orgone, preventing that, and so. We've done a lot of work to save lives and prevent destructions.

But it's not gonna stay this way forever. Yet, every time we do that, people have bought a little bit more time to wake up, to prepare. You know. And most people just waste the time that they're given. We're on borrowed time, as it is. You know, there's gonna be a lot of destructions coming this year. Especially if you're on the coastlines. If you're on islands, I wouldn't be on an--I wouldn't want to be on an island. I wouldn't want to be near a coastline. Especially when the Father has spent so much time warning people to get away from the coastlines.

Eventually, His warnings just stop. I mean, look at 2008 when I was warning Japan--people to leave the island of Japan. And then in 2012, a tsunami hits it. So they had four years to get off that island of Japan. It'll probably finish going under this year. We may lose quite a few islands this year.


And then we have Obama working on trying to get a pandemic going. From what I can see in the codes, I believe it's rabies. He's trying to pound rabies. And I think what another name for rabies could be the zombie virus. Because--I mean, how is Hebrews gonna--a He--you know, in the Hebrew language, how would you translate that over to English so we could understand it. And so, when I see the term rabies, I often think of zombies. They're describing zombie behavior. Wild, animalistic human behavior would be zombies. And they've been trying to do that for years, and we've been able to successfully stop that for years just with orgone. Just getting the orgone out. It prevents the activation.

You know, they get so far in pounding people with their chemicals, and their nanobots, and their technologies. But they always need that final thing that activates it. And we've been successful in blocking their activations. And so, you know, maybe they found a way around it. I don't know.


I was warning about Black Oil Alien Virus a couple years ago. And Rich started posting things on Facebook about it. And so, I put it in a nice article format so people could just try to understand what he was talking about. But you need to start paying more attention to this, what they call, black goo, or black aetheric energy. It's really the opposite of what our orgone is. Our orgone is a white positive aetheric energy. And this black goo, this black gold, is an intelligent life form, but it's very dark, deep, and evil. It's a dead orgone energy. They call it an aetheric energy.

And just as our orgone transmits and emits the Lord's breath in it, which is why it destroys and pounds against evil so effectively, because it's the Lord's breath, this black aetheric energy is an intelligent form that destroys, and so. Whenever you hear them mention the word intelligent, that means it's alien. It's an alien substance. It's an alien form, life form. And literally, something in it that drives it. It's almost like, you know, it can come alive. And what they're saying about this black goo, is that it can shape-shift within its chemical structure and become organisms. These living organisms, and so.

They showed this on the X-Files. I'd posted videos about it on my website, Mulder and Sculley had an episode on this Black Oil Alien Virus. I remember a hybrid, a couple years ago, warned me about the black goo. They were trying to find it and prevent it. But, you know, it's kind of funny because, you know, you never know what to believe with hybrids. And so, you're always in one ear, and out the other. Chew on it. File it away or whatever. Because it's the aliens themselves that are now trying to find it and dig it up. And that was the whole thing Rich was saying was when you look at the whole reason for the Faulklands War in the 1980s, the Gulf of Mexico disaster several years ago, and now all the rush to the South Pole and Antarctica because they've found it in a lake, Lake of Ostock, in the South Pole. They're actively trying to find and dig up this black goo energy, and so.

What they don't understand is that once released, there's no stopping it. This is a certain plague that could destroy all of mankind, if let loose. And so, they really don't know what they're messing with. But these are the ali--you know, when you look at the British government, you look at the American government, they're all aliens. They're controlled by aliens. So it's the aliens, themselves, that are digging this stuff up. And what's the Bible say? It says in the last days that there's plagues this world has never seen or known before, are gonna affect mankind. You know, almost two-thirds of mankind are gonna be killed off by disastrous horrible plagues and famine and wars.

So you better believe most of that's gonna be these plagues, because, you know, usually when it's an alien virus, alien plagues, they take a while to find an antidote to them. And it makes me think that they must be really confident that they have an antidote to this black goo. That it won't affect them. And so, I've asked the Lord to sabotage all their anecdotes so that they don't work. You know, turn them to water. Just sabotage them. Let them reap what they sow. You know, if they're gonna throw this out on mankind, dish it out, and start destroying people with it, let it destroy them, too. Let them reap what they sow. Every plague, and disease, and cancer that they throw out at us, let them be affected by, too.

I'm tired of these Satanists who laugh and gawk at all the destructions they cause innocent people because they're so haughty that they think Satan's gonna protect them. They have anecdotes. Or it won't get to them because Satan's gonna protect them. You know, I just ask the Father all the time to demolish and to sabotage their protections so they have none. Why should they get to hide. Let them reap what they sow. Let them be in the same boat with everybody else.

You know, the one thing they just haven't experienced yet is Satan's true colors. And when they do, it's gonna be quite, quite, quite vindicating to see, you know. They think when he arrives, he's everybody's buddy, you know. He just does things now to get his foot in the door. You know, he gets his foot in the door and let's people think, "Oh, he's a good guy." He's a charmer, he helps them. Wait till he gets here and starts killing them off, because he doesn't need them around anymore. You know? It's exactly what he's gonna do. So that'll be somewhat vindicating for all the righteous people who have been victims of the satanic scum of this world for the last couple thousand years.


But either way, folks, it really doesn't look good for the coming months. Kind of got a calm before the storm right now. Depending on which part of the country you're in, or the world. I know where I'm at, we're about to get hit with another HAARP weapon storm. They keep pounding the northeast with these arctic blasts. And you know what? It's February, I can deal with that. We're used to winter in the wintertime. Haha! Might be a little colder than usual. But it's wintertime. It's not like it's the middle of July and we're getting pounded with an arctic snow storm, so I can deal with this. I don't like it, but I don't like winter to begin with. I think as you get older you just get somewhat adverse to cold weather. It gets harder to deal with, but so does the hot, so.

Either way, you know, I think we've gotta--I think the next things I'm seeing for datewise for interesting things are end of February, beginning of March. And we're always just waiting for their arrival, folks. I'm mean, it's really the ticket. That's really what we're all just waiting on. Because Maitreya arrives in the Middle East somewhere. And begins his campaign as Ascended Master, or Muhammad, or whatever it is he's coming as over there. That's really the red flag, the signal that crap's about to hit the fan. You know? Because the Father's not gonna unleash His judgments to destroy the earth until Lucifer is here. Until he begins his ministry on Earth through these two puppets; Sananda and Maitreya. And, really, Sananda's just Lucifer in human form. He works and acts through this Sananda form. But he can be at multiple places at one time. Bilocation is what it's called. And so, he's not limited like we are. You know, he's not limited as humans are.

And so, once these two arrive, boy, the destructions on Earth are gonna be every bit of what prophecy reveals. You know, Enoch reveals that in the last days, you know, fruit trees are gonna be growing out of season. We're gonna be getting apples in December. You know, everything's gonna be whacked because of the pole shift. There's gonna be a pole shift. And when that occurs, everybody's seasons are gonna be thrown off. Calendars are gonna be just obliterated. We're gonna have winter in the summer and summer in the winter. And things are gonna be just upside down. Everything's gonna change, if you read the book of Enoch.

And so, we haven't seen that yet. We haven't seen that much disasters yet. Although we're getting a taste of things. But those disasters are gonna happen, but they'll be more or less after the Antichrist and False Prophet begin their ministry on Earth after they arrive. And so, we have some time on that. But I mean, once they do arrive, which could be momentus, at any time, until then, you can consider it a quiet before the storm. But then, don't forget you've got Nibiru coming in. And that's gonna cause earthquakes and tsunamis, and so.

You know, I'm not sure if there's anything left alive on Nibiru. I know the orgone has decimated them. That's why they came in two years ago, high-tailed it, and took off. Because the orgone was burning them. And so, they've been off trying to restore their ship, their planet, and put a shield over it so that when they come back, the orgone won't be able to penetrate this shield they're putting around it. I don't know if that's gonna work or not. But either way, we know it's coming back.

And so, whether it's full of alive or dead giants, the sheer size of this planet, which is, like, three times the size of Jupiter, is pretty much gonna cause a lot of havoc on Earth, and so. And if you read about all the destructions it can cause, it pretty much aligns with the trumpet and bowl judgments in the book of Revelation. If you read those judgments, pretty much aligns with all the predicted catastrophes and disasters that Nibiru's going to cause as it comes closer to the earth, and so.


You know, we've also got an asteroid and comet that will be hitting the earth. Don't think those will be hitting until after their arrival either. And so, I just think all the main disasters, the Lord's judgment on Earth, are going to occur after their arrival. That's why I've always said, when you see Maitreya, run. You know, start getting out of the cities. Get your bug-out bags. Go find a place to crash out for a couple years. Because the disasters are gonna strike just one after the other, and so. You know, just keeping our eyes on the Middle East. See where he's going to arrive. If it's going to be Ethiopia, or Iran. Or he's supposed to gather a 10-nation confederacy together. And he's supposed to show up and say the prayers at Mecca or something, according to Islam prophecy.

And you never know what he's gonna do, you know. They just kind of rewrite everyone's Bibles when they arrive. They're gonna tell everybody they had it all wrong, and then rewrite religion as they're here. It's pretty much what they plan to do.


And they'll sway everybody. Of course, they're very hypnotic. They can hypnotize you. That's why I've told you when they're here, not to listen to them, not to watch them on TV. Because they can hypnotize you. And their signs, their fake miracles, that they're gonna come to prove and show that, "Oh, we're Ascended Masters. We're heavenly beings. We're from heaven." You know, and they have all this power as God and all this. You know, to persuade the gullible. And it is gonna be effective. They're gonna persuade a lot of people. They're gonna be very effective.

I mean, I get asked, every day, questions about, "Well, what do you think of this guy?" "What do you think about this guy claiming he's Jesus from Mexico or Brazil?" People have no discernment. If they can't discern that a person is a false prophet, you think they're gonna discern that this fake Sananda coming that looks like Jesus of the Bible is Satan? I mean, seriously? They're gonna fall for him head over heels. That's what's scary. So many Christians are gonna be so gullible. They already are. They're sitting in beast churches. They're just waiting for roundups, basically. Martial law roundups. And I think that's gonna happen pretty soon.


I think we're gonna see a change of routes to where we've been so successful in shutting them down and exposing all of their plans. I mean, they were furious. I could see this last week, when I looked at my Facebook page and everybody's posting all these warnings about the false flag Super Bowl attack. They get so mad. Because when you expose what they're gonna do, they typically cancel it. That's their status quo. And here we had, surprisingly, a quiet Super Bowl because they didn't do anything. They weren't blowing it up. Whether the orgone prevented it, God prevented it, Himself, or just the fact that it was so overexposed that they decided not to do it.

You know, I thought I had heard that Bruno Mars was supposed to perform a gay marriage ceremony during his performance. They obviously took that out, because I didn't see that. And whatever other satanic things they had planned, they obviously took out, because it wasn't half the satanic ritual it normally is. They scaled it back. And so, you know, they get exposed, and then they run, and so. So I think what they're gonna do, eventually, is just take down the Internet. Start taking control of it. Getting rid of the bigmouths. Shutting them up.


You know, I was looking at this one video, and it was saying everything that I had talked about years ago. How I talked about how this RFID chip was gonna be like an on and off switch. That once you were implanted with the switch, with this chip, that they could kill you instantly if they wanted to. You know? They could just switch the button to off and you're dead.

And Fox News had a broadcast about the Saudi Arabia--this guy's a inventor from Saudi Arabia. He probably listens to my show. And he developed an RFID chip which has been approved by the U.S. and the FDA. And it's a GPS chipping device with a dose of cyanide attached to it. And so, if you disobey the government, they can kill you instantly. They have the GPS. They know where you're at. And they can kill you instantly. I guess they wanna know where you're at before they kill you. Hehe! Because they could just kill you without even knowing where you're at, with the cyanide in it.

And they're trying to say, "This is voluntary. The RFID chip is voluntary." Yeah, for now. But if you read in Obamacare, Obamacare enforces everyone to have this chip implant in their body. And this is exactly the chip that they'd use. So, these things are already coming about. You know, I've warned of this chip years ago. Apparently, before it was even invented. Because it was just invented. I don't know. I see this stuff in the Bible Codes and what the Lord reveals to me. I'm not reading trade journals and scientific magazines and stuff when I do a show. I just reveal what the Lord tells me. And so, I talked about that years ago.

Now they're talking about enforcement of that. I think they were saying by April everybody was supposed to be implanted. That'll probably be pushed back. You know, their timeline gets as warped as anybody else's. Because things get delayed. We cause delays. They cause delays. We've been on a boat ride of delays. But, eventually, this is gonna come about within this year. This year or next. Especially if you see this Maitreya and Sananda arriving.


You know, their whole agenda, especially Sananda, he's huge on chip implants and vaccines. That's his whole thing. He has a whole army of aliens ready to go with vaccinations to go sting people with them. And it reminds me of the locust army of Joel. Because they have stings in their tails. And I see this all the time with Sananda, where he has, you know, they're getting ready with these vaccines that they wanna shove into people, force into people, because they have these chips in them. They want everybody chip-implanted. They don't want anybody to be able to think freely and on their own. Turn them into a hive-mind consciousness, you know.

But that will get much worse when they start the enforcement of the mark of the beast. Because it will tie you into their beast system. Their digital computer. It'll link everybody into it that gets the mark of the beast, and they will be controlled through that computer. They will be tracked, and eventually soul-scalped and replaced. I mean, there's no salvation from that. The Lord has warned, in Revelation, chapter 13:18 about the mark of the beast. And those who get it will be cast into the lake of fire. There is no, "OK, I'm sorry. I don't want this." There's no reneging on it. Once you get it, that's it. Satan owns your soul. And so, this is what this whole chip-implanting is working towards.


You know, you can't buy or sell, or drive a car, or cash a check, without having this chip. And so, people are gonna have to go underground. Pretty much get off of the grid, get away from society, to be able to survive. Hooking up with other groups of people. Other people who refuse the mark of the beast. They can't kill you for refusing the mark of the beast. But what they'll do is kill you for refusing to worship the beast, you know. In Revelation, chapter 13 it says those who refused to worship the beast are killed. They'll probably have this--and you'll see it more and more--televisions popping up everywhere. Throw a picture of the beast up on the screen and enforce people to bow to him or something. I don't know how they're gonna do that. But if you refuse to worship the beast, they'll kill you on the spot. So, most people are just gonna have to get out of mainstream society to stay away from these types of place where they'd be demanding the worship of the beast.


You know, the Father says that He will protect those who seek Him. And, you know, of course, the church has their whole, "Oh, there's gonna be this huge rapture before all this starts." No, it only says He's gonna protect the church of Philadelphia. One out of seven churches. Which means there's a faction of believers today that He will protect, whether He takes them off the earth or leaves them on the earth. But He'll protect them. He'll put them in a place of protection and they'll be protected. A faction. That means the bulk, the majority of Christians today will go through persecution during the tribulation period.

And I know people don't wanna hear that. No, they'll scream up and down. But most people today, and I deal with this every single day, have no relationship with the Lord. None. You know, if they ask me a question, I'll say ask Him. "How do I do that?" They don't even know. They don't expect to ask the Lord a question and get an answer. They've never built their own signature relationship with Him. They don't know how to hear His voice. You know, He says, "My sheep hear My voice and I know them, and they know Me." You know how many people can actually claim they can hear His voice, or can recognize when He speaks to them, or when He's leading and directing them? About 5, 10 percent of the church. 90 percent of people have no idea what you're talking about. You get the deer in the headlights look. That's why only one out of seven churches is actually protected, raptured. The others go through--the bulk go through persecution.

You know, people don't get it. It's not about religion, it's about relationship. If they spent as much time in learning how to hear His voice, and sitting at His feet, and asking Him for the truth in all things, and building a relationship with Him as they did trucking to church every Sunday that means nothing to them. They think they're doing their weekly duty as a Christian. Can't wait t get home. You know, those kinds of Christians? Those are the bulk of the ones that are gonna end up in martial law camps and FEMA camps. Going through persecution during the last days. One out of seven churches. That means a faction of the Bride. Just a faction is gonna be protected.

So how do you get to be one that's protected? You better be one that's seeking after Him. He wants those who seek after Him. Daily. You know, build a relationship with Him. Talk to Him. Ask Him to teach you how to hear His voice. How to recognize when He's speaking to you. The different ways He works. He works in different ways. But ask Him to teach you. Seek Him. Those who seek Him are His.


You know, we're not talking about living mindlessly for six days a week, and then going to church on Sunday, and singing some hymns, and then watching the time on your clocks until you're released out of there. You know, I did that for years, just watching my watch. "Is this over yet?" I couldn't stand controlled religion. I was always such a rebel as a kid growing up, but now I understand why. You know, it just wasn't...there was something wrong with all that.

You had to do it. It's the mind control. You have to be in church. Really? Because you know what? From what I've learned, and what I know, the Lord spends all His time pulling His real people out of them. Because He's not in them today. He pulls His people out of them. In fact, when you start praying for the truth in all things, the first thing He's gonna do is pull you out of the church. And then, people--Satan hits them with a guilt trip. He wants them to think, "Oh, no, you're supposed to be in church. You're bad. You're a bad Christian because you're not in church." That's just Satan because he wants you to get back in church so he can control you. You know, as long as you in those mind-numbing and -dumbing churches, you're never gonna learn the truth about anything.

You know, my church is the Internet. My fellowship with believers is my fellow warriors. That's my fellowship. I don't need to be in a building with four walls. You know? I fellowship online with other believers. That's my church. And I worship and praise the Lord all the time. I don't need a platform to do that. I don't need to sit in a pew to do that. I don't need a hymnbook in my hands to do that.


Just start asking the Lord for the truth in all things. That's where you need to start. You know? That's where you start. You can't jump ahead. There's no shortcuts. That's where you have to start. Because then He'll start--He knows exactly what you need. And He'll start leading you to the truth in all things. You have to keep asking Him. He wants to know that you really want it. Because we're His kids, and kids are always asking the dads for stuff. And pretty much in one ear, and out the other most of the time. But then, when you keep bugging Dad for something, he knows you really want it, eventually He'll give it to you so you'll shut up. Yeah. Think of it that way. Keep asking Him. Because then He's gonna know you really want it. Have to stay persistent.

And He'll start leading you to things. He's leading you to people. There's truth here. There's truth there. There's truth everywhere. You'd be amazed at some of the places I've gotten the best nuggets of truth. And, no, they weren't in the churches. True is everywhere. But you have to learn to discern. Learn what it is He's showing you, what He's teaching you. And He'll keep after you. He'll keep after you. You'll hear that nagging. Nagging in your spirit something's not wrong, or something's not right. You'll catch on to how He leads and directs. Especially when He keeps taking you back to something over, and over, and over, and over again. When does the lightbulb go off that this is something He really wants you to know? You know? Learn how He works, folks. Ask Him to teach you.

Most of the time you learn by trial and error. You learn by getting it wrong. Hm-he! He'll say, "No, it's this." And then you learn. You know, you get a lot of things wrong before you get it right. But, eventually, when you get it right, you know, that you know, that you know it. You've got it down now. You learned it by experience instead of somebody telling you something. You learned it from your own experiences.

But that's what He wants, those who seek Him, seek, s-e-e-k, not those who sleep, s-l-e-e-p, in Him. Those who seek. Actively seek after Him. Those are His. Most don't. Most just don't.


Anyway, what we have is extra time. Seems to be on a stalled route right now. Of course, I could be changing my tune three weeks from now. But I'm looking ahead for missions I wanna be doing in the spring and summer. Places that need orgoned. And I really think I need to be taking a trip back to New York and taking a trip out to Colorado. And so, probably need to start getting busy getting supplies stored up so I can start making orgone in the spring.

Takes incredible amount of supplies to make pipes, and the pucks, and the huge coin blasters that we make with magnets, when we go on missions. I mean, just a huge, incredible number. I know for 8 miles we had 200 pipes, 100 minis, 400 various sizes of orgone blasters, from small to large. That was for 8 miles. We pounded Manhattan. You know, and I'll tell you what. We're gonna go back and pound it on the Borough, like to, just because it needs done.

In Colorado, that northwestern part of the state, that whole corner area, the northwestern part of the state, I know I've got warriors that will get the rivers. Focus on the rivers. We need to focus on that whole northwest corner of the state. I don't know why, what's going on up there. But that's something the Lord alerted me to a little while back. And then it started getting cold, so I just put it to the side. Because we really don't do much when it starts getting really cold out and turning into an arctic blast as it has been. But there's definitely things that I need to get done if we're still gonna be around this spring and summer. So maybe that'll light the fire of people that live around that area can go get. And I drove across the top of Colorado. Where was I? Nebraska? What is that? Nebraska up there? [laughs] I don't even know geography. Because I came from Utah and drove across Nebraska. And then down to Denver, that way. But the whole northwest corner there. Huge chunk of area there that needs done, and so. More cone love, I guess. More cone fruit love.

Anyway, still need donations, folks, so I can get started on all of this stuff. Especially if I have to go back to New York. That's a trip in itself. I think the last time we went, we went through 20,000 bucks. And this one will probably be pretty much half the same, and so. Also if I have to go all the way out to Colorado. That's a hike from where I'm at in Ohio. And just the supplies we have to cart. Stuff we have to do and buy. So, I'm gonna need donations, folks, to start hammering away at these two locations. So.

Anyway, I'll be back next week. And we'll see what the Lord wants me to reveal then.

Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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