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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner

February 10, 2014


Illuminati Phoenix Symbols on the Jerseys of the Russian and German Women's Olympic Hockey Teams


And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And I don't know about you, but I've been spending some time watching the Olympics this week. And one of the things I noticed--I didn't really watch the opening ceremony. That's pretty occultic without saying. One of the things I noticed, I was watching one of the women's hockey games. I don't like men's hockey, but I like the women's hockey. I think it's more exciting. Probably the same reason guys won't watch women's hockey, but they watch men's hockey. So don't tell me I'm sexist. I enjoy women's sports a little more than men's.

But I was watching the women's hockey game. And it was the Russians against the Germans. And the Russians had on a symbol on their team jerseys. And it was a double-headed phoenix. And then the Germans had a single-headed phoenix on their jerseys, but it was looking to the left. And I'm watching this and I'm thinking, "I've seen that before." Where the bird's looking left instead of right like it typically does.

Hillary Clinton and all them always wear these lapel pins. And it's the phoenix bird looking to the left. Now, most people that have their heads in the sand think that they're wearing the eagle representing America. But they're actually wearing the phoenix, which is a very deeply occultic Illuminati symbol.

And so, I wanted to figure out--I was figuring out, well, what's the double-headed phoenix and what's the single-headed. I knew the single-headed, when it's looking to the left, it means that they are going in the direction of the dark side of the occult. When it's looking to the right--and this is your right, not theirs--when you're looking at the bird, it's head's going to the right, that person favors the good side of the occult. When the head's facing to your left, it means that person favors the dark side of the occult.

So, no surprise that the people in our government are favoring the dark side of the occult. They've been in the occult for a very long time. Of course, the Illuminati's always been here since the beginning of our nation. But the double-headed phoenix that the Russians wear on their jerseys symbolizes that they are awaiting for the arrival of the Antichrist and the False Prophet. Because they have their satanic trinity to mock the holy trinity of Father, Son, Holy Spirit. They have Satan, Antichrist, False Prophet.

And so, I'm thinking, "Boy, that's just right in your face," as everything they do is anymore. They don't hide anything. But you gotta wonder how many of these girls on these teams realize what the symbols mean that are on the jerseys that they're wearing and touting very proudly. You know, you've gotta wonder if they even know what it means.


The Phoenix Bird and Babylonian Worship - America Is Last-Days Babylon


So I just wanna talk about that, uh, mention that. Maybe I'll get back to this and talk more about what this phoenix represents. But it actually represents life, death and resurrection. It's a ancient Egyptian symbol for life, death and resurrection. And this is a bird familiar with Saudi Arabia area. It's an Arabian bird. And it was one of the symbols that they all--from the early days of our history, that the occultists worshipped. And so, you know, when you read in Jeremiah and in the book of Isaiah, it talks about how the last-days Babylon, great Babylon nation, is steeped in the occult from the days of its inception, how it brings over the mysteries of Babylon and worship it, this is all part of that.

I've had shows before where I've talked about their ancient Babylonian worship. And, you know, you see it all around you with the one-eye symbolisms, the "V," the pyramid, all that. Everything they do, their hand signs, satanic signals, corporate logos, all showing their worship of these ancient Babylonian religions. You know, there was a--the ancient Babylon. And the Bible describes what would arise as the last-days Babylon, which would be the greatest nation on Earth at the time of the last days. And this nation is America. This nation, Babylon, is America.

And that's why I was always stumped. Because you have these so-called prophecy gurus get on TV and tell you America's not mentioned in Bible prophecy. And I'm thinking, "What?" In fact, I wrote an article, America the Babylon []. Over a hundred scriptures that detail America as this Babylon. There can be no question. There can be no question America's this last-days Babylon. With all the requirements.


And so, we're strumming along right into the last days. And, of course, the end result of this last great days--great nation is it's burned with nuclear fire. And that's coming very, you know, soon, folks. We don't have time to worry about retirements and pension funds. There's gonna be so much stuff that begins this year, it'll start to wake people up.

And if things do start--and they're already starting to be delayed, don't get me wrong. [laughs] We always have delays. But, eventually, these things are going to kick in gear. And when they do start, you can practically count down on the clock how much time is left.

Now, if you're a 7-year tribulationist, you'll have 7 years. If it's 3 and a half year--if you're a 3-and-a-halfer, then they'll be 3 and a half. I don't think most people will realize we're in the tribulation until it begins. And some people believe at the point that the Antichrist and the False Prophet arise that there will be 7 years. And so, if we go by that, even that's not a lot of time, folks, because by the time that 7 years is up, two-thirds of mankind is dead.

So where is--what is all the money and greed in the world gonna get you? Is it gonna buy you safety? Is it gonna buy you health? That's what they sell to the Illuminati crowd. They tell them, "Join us, and Satan will protect your money. He'll protect you during this time." Really? Really? He's gonna steal your money, then he's gonna kill you. That's what he does. These people are so stupid to worship and follow him. But they don't listen.


Super Bowl Weekend Was Their Perfect Storm for Several Things to Happen, But It Went Bust Because of the Orgone


I was looking at various predictions around the Internet. News articles, things like that. Not people saying, "I have a prediction," but news articles. And getting together a little timeline here. February 7 was supposed to be the day the debt ceiling was reached. And, of course, they delayed that till the 27th. So that's been moved to the 27th of this month. And remember I told you that in the Bible Codes all of the action always takes place at the end of the month and the beginning of the month.

You know, right now, since the Super Bowl disaster, chaos--I guess you could call it disaster because it didn't turn out for them the way they wanted it to, and that kind of threw everything into a delay. Because that whole weekend, it was like the perfect storm. They had everything brewing. And everything was gonna hit and be celebrated and just so many things go right for the occultic world in that weekend. And then it just went bust. It just, boom, went bust.

And people are wondering what happened. Well, we happened. [laughs] The resistance. The group that always makes things happen. Whether it's one warrior or a team of them working together. And that's usually the case. That makes these things go bust. We're always one step ahead of them, folks. And our orgone in that area, especially throughout Manhattan, blowing over. The stadium was within 10 miles of Manhattan. Also, a warrior, from New Jersey, going and getting the stadium area with orgone. It saturates the air above the stadium. And that affects the UFOs that are cloaked above the stadium. They have to leave. They can't stay in that area.

And I think it's pretty vindicative because the Broncos couldn't even play. And like I said on my last show, so many of them join the Illuminati and then get demons as spirits to help them perform as players. And it was vacation time. The demons didn't even show up. Why? Because of the orgone was in the area. They won't show up where there's orgone. They hate it. It burns them. And so, the players were left without their help. They didn't know how to act. They didn't know how to play. They forget how to play when they don't have their spirits doing everything for them. And so, that was a bust.

And it also ruined China's plans. That was their three-day New Year's--they have a three-day celebration for their New Year's. And that was taking place that weekend. And so, you know all the occultists were having all their sacrifices and everything going on during that time as well. And the stadium blowing up, and all those people were going to be killed, was supposed to be part of the sacrificing. They were supposed to be part of the sacrifices. And so, all that went bust. It was a perfect storm.

There was some good things that would've came out of that for us. But we're used to delays. We can handle it. We cause these delays. We get angry all the time because, you know, it's like, "Why are we still stuck here?" We shoot ourselves in the foot all the time. Because we delayed it. And we always cause delays. When you expose their plans, they relent. You know, that's why it's important, when you hear of their plans, the things they wanna do, to expose them. Because they like to operate in secrecy. And when their plans come to light, then they run. They don't do it, and so. So that was delayed.


The Global Reset Is Tied in to the Arrival of the Antichrist and False Prophet


And now we have the debt ceiling fiasco scheduled for February 27, pushed back. I ought to say pushed down a few weeks. This weekend, February 15 and 16th, which is Saturday and Sunday, they're supposed to be practicing--this is a drill [laughs]--it's supposed to be a drill for worldwide cyber banking.

And, you know, how do you do a drill on worldwide cyber banking? Exactly what is that? Does that mean you throw viruses at all the banks and crash their computers? I mean, that's what it sounds like to me. That they're gonna try to crash everybody's computers on that weekend. Or they're going to attack the digital currency that they call Bitcoin. Maybe try to crash that completely.

Either way, this is supposed to be some kind of worldwide cyber bank drill this weekend. And if it crashes, the ATM machines, you won't be able to use them so you might want to make sure you have cash on hand to get you through the weekend in case that happens.

Now, I can already see the global resetters jumping up and down and saying, "They're gonna do a global reset! They're gonna do a global reset! And that's why this whole banking drill is being foisted on us. Because they're really gonna reset all the computers and the global reset will be announced."

And that's possible. I just get really tired. Whenever you wanna know if something's gonna happen, whenever they have something big planned, go to the dinar boards and watch what's going on. Because they're the biggest giveaways that there is. Because every time a disaster or something is planned, the dinar boards are on there banging, beating their drums that the dinars are gonna be reset, revalued. And this is the dongs, and the rupees, and 127 other nations. Because they're all gonna be reset at the same time.

And what I know from watching the Bible Codes that this reset is never gonna happen until there's a huge disaster, somewhere. And the arrival--it's tied into the arrival of the Antichrist and False Prophet. And so, until you see their arrival, uh, this reset's never gonna happen. Because it's one of their--kind of like, "We're here...we're here to help. Look what we're gonna do. We're gonna reset everybody's currencies." You know, it's part of their bragging rights when they arrive. And so, we've always tied that in with their arrival.

But anyway, so there'll probably be a lot of chatter this weekend about the global reset. Now, is it gonna happen? I don't know. It changes like the wind. It's almost like the arrival of Maitreya, and Mecca--or Iran, or whatever you believe as a Muslim. Whenever he's gonna arrive over there in Saudi Arabia.

He's already over there. They call him Marduk. And the leaders of the nations have their meeting over in Africa secretly. For a while, they used Nelson Mandela's death as an excuse for all of them to go out there and do rituals with him. He's already over there. But he's supposed to make--according to Muslim prophecies, Islam prophecies--he's supposed to make his arrival during prayers--prayer time at Mecca, and so.

You know, I don't care where he arrives. Let's just get the ball rolling. [laughs] Just have him arrive somewhere. I don't care if it's on a United Airline. A train, plane, automobile. Just get the--just go. Just get here. Let's do this thing. And so, [laughs] watch for his arrival because that's when the global reset will happen. They're tied in together. Now, if it resets before then, then good. They just wanna make me look like an idiot. And that's fine. I don't care. Just get something going. Anything. I don't care.


The Washington Times Predicts a Dollar Crash Any Time Between February 26 and March 4


We've been on a two-month lull now. Actually three months. Four months. Because things were supposed to happen back in November. And, oh, no, they got cold feet. And then December they got cold feet. And January they were just knocked off their feet. February knocked off their feet. So, here we are, heading into March, which I hope has been more exciting than January and February. I feel like I've been on vacation for two months.

And, of course, it's been brutally cold. Snow and ice hitting everybody. The northeast has just been hit with one storm after the next. The south is in the process right now of getting hit with the weather we usually get. So it's just been a real strange arctic HAARP winter. And probably gonna have another five weeks of it, so.

But this weekend, a debt ceiling fia--er, wait, uh, the cyber bank drill fiasco. Then you go into the 26th. And from the end of February, February 26 into March 4, they have several events that they're looking out for to happen.

They're looking for the dollar to crash--the Washington Times predicts a dollar crash, currency crash is gonna happen anytime between February 26 and March 4. So if the dollar's gonna crash, that means the global reset would have to happen sometime before that because they've always said that it's the global reset that will cause the dollar crash, if that holds true.

They could just, you know, the debt ceiling on the 27th is reached, they start shutting down parts of the government, and that's the end, with or without a reset. I mean, really. I don't--I--you know, with or without a reset, there can be an economic dollar crash. OK? Because we're like trillions of dollars in debt.

They're also predicting FEMA's attempt to contaminate the world's food supply. Seriously? From February 26 to March 4? Because they've been doing that for years through GMOs. So that one's kind of silly to me because they've already been contaminating the world's food supply. There's a lot of countries that won't even accept American imports with their food.


There's Going to Be an Earthquake Drill, Involving 14 Nations, at New Zealand


And they're also predicting other--they're gonna have a drill. There's that red flag word again; drill. They're gonna have a drill involving 14 nations at New Zealand. And this is on the premises that there's a 9.0 earthquake. So there's gonna be an earthquake drill involving 14 nations at New Zealand.

So that kind of raises an eyebrow because that's the Pacific Rim. That whole area on the west coast, over to Japan, down to Australia and New Zealand, up the coast of Central and South America there. That's all the Pacific Rim area. And they've always been waiting and expecting for that whole rim--they call it the Ring of Fire. And earthquakes just setting that whole area off.

Remember, I told you that I wouldn't be surprised if islands were sunk this year. Because remember the Father told me, the first of the year, that there would be a lot of destructions this year. So I knew, at the time, the Super Bowl was gonna be 50/50. It could blow or it couldn't. Because He said there was gonna be a lot of destructions and despair. And so, that one was spared. But the coastlines are not gonna be spared. And I've been warning about coastlines for years. I was warning Japan, in 2008, to get off Japan, get out of Japan.

And now you're looking at all these different islands; Hawaii, the rest of Japan, what's left of Japan, any kind of islands in the Pacific area there. And, of course, if that Ring of Fire were to go, were to blow in a 9.0 earthquake, that would severely affect New Zealand and Australia. Probably destroy what's left of Japan. And it would also hit the west coast of America, which could trigger the big one in California.


All Our Water and Seafood Is Going to Be Contaminated and Destroyed; Part of the Arrival of the Black Horse


This year seems like it's a year that's just kind of slated for a west coast evacuation one way or another. You know, it's either gonna be Fukushima and the radiation. They found in the kelp, which is the seaweed, off the coast of California. Which means all of that has radiation in it. All their seafood, unsafe to eat. Anything coming out of the Pacific. So we no longer have seafood from the Pacific that's safe to eat. You no longer have seafood from the Gulf of Mexico that's safe to eat.

Only thing left is the Atlantic. And they've got that covered. Trust me. Because I was just looking at a NASA photo last week. And there's a big--we've been talking about the Black Oil Virus. The Black Oil Alien Virus. How it's a black goo. And there's a big glob of black goo. A huge circle of it showing on the maps coming up from the south Atlantic. And it looks like just this lake of black goo in the ocean.

So that'll be coming up towards the...hitting us on the east coast, eventually. So, yeah. We're not gonna have water to where we can even eat seafood anymore. Everything is going to be contaminated and destroyed.

And this is all part of the arrival of the black horse. And what have they been telling us in their occultic symbols, and signs, and performances? The arrival of the black horse. That was what the whole Grammy thing was about. Or whatever award ceremony that was. The arrival of the black horse. Katy Perry; she was singing about it. And, of course, the black horse is famine. That's the third horse of the apocalypse.


Sananda Is the Embodiment of the Devil, Himself - Lucifer Can Occupy Two Beings at Once


Famine, and then the pale horse, which is Death. And Hades, which is Hell, follows after him. And he is a rider--a rider, r-i-d-e-r, not a author, a rider. [laughs] And that's Sananda. That's the one I've been warning about. I've said, if anybody embodies this pale horse rider, it's this Sananda that I keep seeing in the Bible Codes.

And Sananda, of course, is coming as the Antichrist. And he is just a personification of the devil, himself. He's just in a, um...bilocation. Being in two places at once. Being able to occupy two beings at one time. That would fit Sananda and Lucifer to a "T." Because when you see one, it's like looking at the devil, himself. Because he is, and personifies, this body of Sananda.


The Picture of Jesus That Michelangelo Drew, That People Hang in Their Churches and Homes, Is Actually a Picture of Satan


And Sananda is coming to be embraced by the Christians because he looks like Jesus of the Bible, the picture that they've adopted as him. It was never the real Son of God that's hanging in the churches today. That's a picture of Sananda. That's Satan.

And the Christians are so deceived by that. They all have this picture that Michelangelo drew of Jesus. And they have it hanging in their churches. That's Satan. What's even sicker is when you walk in people's homes and you see that picture, and you're like, "Uck!" [laughs] You just wanna gag. Do you know who that really is? And people worship that like that's Jesus the Son of God.


The Lord Always Said He Would Keep Me a Step Ahead of the Satanists Who Know I Speak the Truth About What's Coming


So we've got the two horses. And, you know, I've told you the white horse is already riding. The red horse is already riding. The two horses to arrive are the black and the pale horse. And, you know, the Christians always think I'm off, I'm crazy. They don't know if what I'm saying is true or not.

But look how many ribbons I have from the satanic crowd. They all know I speak the truth. Why? Because even they will reveal to you what the truth is. And it always aligns with everything I've been saying for the past 12 years. What did I tell you? The white horse and red horse were already riding. We're waiting on the black and pale horse.

Guess what they're doing. Coming out with public displays of initiations, and rituals, and announcements proclaiming that the black horse is coming. You know?

The Lord always said He would keep me a step ahead of them. And I've always been. That's why they listen to this show. That's why they hate this show. They hate it, but they need me. Because they know I reveal the truth.

And it helps them to know what they're doing. Because half of them don't even know what they're doing. They're so fragmented, there's not a decisive leader amongst the Illuminati, other than the banker, himself, which is Rothschild. And everything gets trickled down from the top.


Satan Doesn't Appear to All the Satanic Groups Personally, but Will Meet with Rothschild Who Will Tell His Underlings What He Wants Them to Know


Satan doesn't appear to all these different satanic groups, personally. Everything appears down from the top, from Rothschild. Because, supposedly, he'll have dinner dates where he'll meet with Rothschild in France at his home. And then everything trickles down to the top circle, which would be the elite circle of the Illuminati, the top kingpins. And then, whatever they feel like telling the underlings, they'll tell them.

You know, they have a real...a real disdain for anybody underneath them. So they lie to them all the time. They keep them in the dark. And so, none of them ever know what's going on. They actually have their own little...I don't know what you wanna call it. Like a little newsletter or something that they keep amongst themselves at the very tops. So that they all know what's going on, they're all on the same page. The very, very high levels.


The People in the Bottom Ranks of the Illuminati Are Always Kept in the Dark and Always Lied To Because the Top People Hate the Bottom People


Now, the people in the bottom ranks of the Illuminati, what the Brotherhood call the Satanists, they're always kept in the dark and they're always lied to. You know. So they get angry when they find out they're lied to. But it's the norm. They're always lied to. And it's because there's so much hate involved.

The top people hate the bottom people. And it's not gonna change. Because in their world, their world is about money and position. And so, if you're not from the right family with the right blood, and have tens of millions and billions of dollars, then you're not considered one of them. You're not considered at the very top.

Everybody else, to them, is a wannabe. If you're not one of the original 12 families, you're a wannabe. And it's the wannabes who do all the grudge work. You know, they do all the rituals, all the sacrifices. They do all the parties. They do all the grunge work.

You know, if Satan wants death, they go and kill people. They're always looking at ways to kill people. They all have ministries to Satan. You know, like Christians have ministries in the churches--you know, they have Sunday School teachers, and the choir. Different things that people do for the church. Well, that's how they are.

But the things they do is look for ways to poison people. Look for ways to give cancer to people. Kill and destroy people. That's what they do. That's their ministries.


They Always Have These Voodoo Circles When I Do Shows, To Attack My Internet Service or My Ability to Speak


They're gonna attack me all night because I must be talking about stuff that ticks them off. [referring to her coughing because they're choking her] They don't want me talking about them, they want me talking about everything else. They don't want information about themselves. They always have these voodoo circles when I do shows. And I don't mention it very much, but I'm very aware that it goes on, exists. And they try to attack my show so I can't do the show.

If they can't attack my Internet service, they try to attack my ability to speak. Which is why my air gets cut off and I start coughing, and all this weird stuff happens. It's because of these circles. Either way, I don't get phased by them.


They May Be Trying to Implement Some Kind of Chemtrail Operation That Affects the World's Food Supplies


So this is what we've got going on. Got the debt ceiling fiasco at the end of the month. We have a drill of a 9.0 earthquake. We have the dollar crash. And worldwide contamination of the world's food supply. I can't imagine what else they could do to the world's supply they haven't done already.

You know, their chemtrail program, which is half human, half alien, by the way--it's not just one of either one, they both do it--has already destroyed the soil that we plant our crops in. You can blame Monsanto because they're a target and they're doing it, too, but also the chemtrails are just destroying our soil. It's gonna destroy our ability to even grow crops, even if we got rid of Monsanto.

So they may be trying to implement some kind of chemtrail operation that affects the world's food supplies. They're already destroying the oceans. The Atlantic, and the Pacific, and the Gulf of Mexico will, probably by the end of this year, be effectively destroyed from being able to eat any seafood out of our oceans. So, minus delays on these events, they're still scheduled to arrive, they're still scheduled to happen.


The Sixth Seal Earthquake Is a Worldwide Earthquake and Could Happen Before the Arrival of the Antichrist and False Prophet


We know the earthquake is coming. And if you ask me, they'll probably, uh, they could pretty much set off the Ring of Fire as something separate. That's always been scheduled to happen. Earthquakes in the Ring of Fire, that west coast area.

We also have the sixth seal earthquake that's coming, folks. So, don't forget that one either. That's a worldwide earthquake. And that's going to...if we go by the timeline I believe is accurate, it goes by--it happens before the black horse even arrives.

And so, wow. If we're looking at Eastertime as a good arrival time for the False Prophet to arrive, or Antichrist to arrive, that would mean there'd be a global earthquake before then. The sixth seal. It's a huge earthquake.

So, that starts to put things more in perspective when you look in the biblical timeline. Because I believe that the six seals happen in order. Before the seven trumpets sound. And then those happen before the seven bowls sound.

There is the school of thought out there that say the six seals happen over the period--the tribulation period, the seven years. That it scans the whole time.

And, you know, the way John wrote it, he said there's these seven seals, then there's a space of quiet, which means it may be a month of quiet on Earth, and then, boom, the seven trumpets begin. And then there's quiet, and then, boom, the seven bowls begin. So it stands to reason that that'll all happen in sync. After one, after each other, so.


The Sixth Seal Could Either Be a Global Earthquake or a Global Economic Crash


I think I wrote an article, mentioned it in one I'd written years ago, that the sixth seal could either be a global earthquake or a global economic crash. Could be either one. So, there's always different routes. There's always more than one meaning. You know.

And the Bible says it's layers upon layers, and precepts upon precepts. Which means there's hidden layers of truth in these Scriptures. You know, ten people could read one verse, and read the same thing, but then find the hidden truth within that one verse, that one passage, that other people don't pick up.


Lilith Is Not Jewish Folklore, She Does Exist


You know, I was looking at this video. One of the people sent it out on the list, about Lilith. And I've been talking about her forever because it's just a truth that's out, you know, that the Lord led me to, years ago. And what He teaches me, I teach you guys. How you handle it and accept it is up to you. She does exist. She's not Jewish folklore and myth. She does exist.

But when you look at people's comments--this guy does a video talking about Lilith and proof she exists, and stuff like that--the comments below it from other Christians is just crazy. And that's the same kind of stuff I go through, where they just blast the guy. You know, they're calling it lies, they're calling it myth, you know, because her name's not written, specifically, in the KJV. So it's not in the KJV, it's not true. [laughs]

That's what kills me about this Christian crowd. Oh, they're such sheep. Heads in the sand. They would need forklifts to lift them out of the sand. It's not in the KJV.

Well, she has a million different names. You know, it's not Lilith, and Lulu, Lilutu. She has a zillion different names. She's also referred to as the night owl. And what is Molech? Molech is the owl. Who do they worship in the Bohemian Club? The owl. It's Lilith!


The Christian Churches Today Are of No Threat to the Illuminati and Satanists


So, uh, hm. Anyway, just interesting to see all the hateful reactions he got because, you know, I get the same stuff. When you try to reveal truths to people, they don't wanna hear it. And they're afraid because they're under such mind control. They're afraid to believe anything outside the box. Anything that's not in the KJV can't be true. It's not true.

That's why the Illuminists and Satanists have such control over the Christian crowd today. They're no threat to them. The Christian churches today are of no threat.

The only ones that are a threat to them are the ones who pray. People who pray are a threat to them. That's the reason they hate the churches, because people pray in them.

And even more dangerous, and to be put on a martial law roundup red list are Christians who don't go to the churches. Because they're more dangerous to them than the ones who do go. Because the ones who don't go to churches are at a higher level of truth of the Father.

They know He's not in the churches today. They know the Satanists are running the churches today. That they're fully under Masonic control. And that the only way they can have a real relationship and true religion with the Lord is to be sitting at His feet. They've figured all this stuff out on their own and they've left the churches.

They're the ones that are dangerous to the Illuminati. Because they're the ones who are the true prayer warriors. They're the ones that are hated. Those are the ones on the red list.


More and More People Catching On to the Fact That There Are UFO Starships in the Skies


So, anyway, where was I? [pauses] I was talking about Lilith. I don't wanna get into her too much today. Oh, I was reading this article. And it was talking about all the ships in the skies. You know, and I've been talking about these for years. There's more ships in my skies than stars. And they flash red lights, and blue lights, and green lights. And some nights they just look like orange and yellow and they're gonna crash at any moment.

But, you know, people have been arguing, "Oh, that's Venus." "Oh, that's Jupiter." "Oh, that's Neptune." They--you know, planets don't flash red, blue, green lights. And the planets and everything else are so high, we typically wouldn't get a good view of a star. They're too high.

But ships, alien ships, are just hovering right above Earth. They're very low. And that's why you can see them very clearly. I don't need a pair of binoculars to count UFO ships, starships above my house. I can see them perfectly. I can see the lights. You can see red, you can see yellow, you can see green. And I'm not talking about UFOs hovering over and flying over, I'm talking about the starships, themselves, that are basically small planets, they're so big, that are up in our atmosphere.

So, more and more people catching on to that. And if you go to the New Age sites, they even claim, "Hey, that's our ships. Do you see us? We're up here." Hehe! Andromeda. They say that they're Andromedas--Andromedeans, Galactic Federation ships. They're Anuki ships. I can tell you that. Almond race ships. I don't care what they wanna disguise themselves as. "Oh, look, we're the Galactic Federation." They're a bunch of fallen angels, ugly aliens, condemned, unable to be redeemed because they're so evil.

I told you all the almond race ones were unredeemable. And there's a ton of Anuk ships. I ask the Lord all the time what they are and He'll tell me. They're a Grey ship or an Anuk ship. Ask the Lord what they are when you see one. You don't have to go into guesswork. Ask the Father directly. Learn how to hear His voice.


It's Our Job to Get the Orgone Out So That the Father Can Do with It Whatever He Wants To Do


So I'm encouraging people to get the orgone out because that's what destroys these ships is the orgone. Now, the orgone saturates the air and it causes them to crash. And, apparently, the Father has been cranking it up lately, because I can see they've been in a complete panic.

And it's been so cold, and dingy, and cloudy I haven't seen any meteors falling lately. I don't know if anybody else has. Media calls them meteors. But there's gonna be a lot of crashing going on, because they're in a panic. And it's because the orgone gets cranked up.

You know, all we have to do is get it out there. And that's like a switch for the Father. He can crank it up and destroy them. Or just turn the switch off and let it sit and not do anything. It doesn't affect them. So then they get a false feeling of confidence. And lures them in. And then He can crank it up and burn them. You know, whatever He wants to do. It's just our job to get it out there. You know?

Roseann Barr, in Exposing the Illuminati, Says Faith Without Works Is Dead

I was watching that video earlier, Roseann Barr giving her expose of the Illuminati, and this Saudi Arabia family, and how they're tied in with the Vatican, and the Royal Family of Britain, and the Nazis who run America. And she was right about everything, but I loved her one sentence, because she's quoting James. She goes, "Faith without works is dead."

So, Roseann, apparently, claiming, one, she has faith in the Lord, two, her works are exposing the works of darkness. She's exposing who they are. And that's what we're su--that's what it's about. Faith without works is dead. So do something. Show that your belief is in the Father, in the Lord.

You know, most people do. They have ministries. They have a--they post articles. They try to wake people up. You know, sometimes it's like screaming at a concrete wall. It's never gonna change. They're just gonna sit there like a concrete wall forever. That's what it feels like trying to wake up family members and friends. You're just shouting at a concrete wall.

But you know what? Every concrete wall, in time, starts to crumble. You know, they crumble and they fall. So they're either gonna wake up or they're just gonna fall over with the wind and be caught unaware. And they'll be the ones tested and tried in the FEMA camps, because they're coming. They're coming. That's not a conspiracy theory. It's scripture in the Bible.


How They Will Get the Christians to Embrace Sananda, the Fake Jesus, and to Start Calling God Allah


If you read my article, America the Babylon []. I give you the exact scriptures. It talks about the last-days nation Babylon, which is America, creating internment camps and imprisoning their citizens. That's not a conspiracy theory, it's scripture.


And who do you think's gonna be in these internment camps? The Christians. Everybody's gonna hate the Christians. Even Sananda, when he comes, he hates the Christians. And it's so funny because he's coming to be Jesus of the Bible, first of all. The Christians are gonna embrace him as Jesus, and he hates them. [laughs] It's like, "What?" Not gonna be very charming, is he?

I mean, because he's gonna try to say, "Oh, hey, look, your KJV, it's all wrong." Which, you know, parts of it are. But the message is still there. But the Lord's salvation is the one thing that you need to grasp out of the Bible. And it's the message is there.

But he's gonna come in with his worshiping of Allah, because they worship Satan, and tell the Christians they have it all wrong, and they need to start worshiping Allah. And I think that's pretty much gonna start a riot within the churches, themselves.

Because as much as the Benny Hinns, and the Joel Osteens, and the whole Satanist Pentecostalism denomination among us, they have all of the wolves in the right places. They have all their wolves pastoring our megachurches. And they're all gonna be telling the people, "Hey, listen to this guy. He's right. He's right. And you know what? Allah is just another name for God, so we need to embrace Allah." That's what they're gonna say. You know, stuff like that.


They're Going to Mix Christianity with Some Kind of Eastern Religion in Order to Get the Atheist Chinese to Accept the Fake Jesus and the One-World Religion


They're going to try to disarm the anxiety of the Christians in their churches and get them to worship Allah. That's their job. That's what they're gonna do. Even China, now, is laxing its atheistic view of--and I've said before, China's atheism is not going work in the world they're trying to build for Lucifer. Because you have one-world religion, you have to have religion. And atheism is not a religion. It's just ignorance. It's a way out of religion. And so, now even China's rethinking it's thoughts on religion.

And I was reading this article, that they're considering introducing a mixture of Christianity, and Taoism, and something else. I don't know. I don't wanna say Buddhism. It was something I'd never really recognized before. But Asian blend with a little bit of Christianity mixed in. Why Christianity? Because they want them to recognize Sananda when he comes, as the Jesus of the Christian Bible. That's his whole role to play. And they wanna improve the moral stature of the people in China.


Because There's No Morality in Islam, Maitreya Will Tell the Muslims They're Interpreting the Koran Wrong and Being Immoral, and Straighten Them Up


You know, just one thing religion brings, it's morality. Except if you're in Islam, because there's no morality in Islam. They just rape and kill babies. It's just a boys' club to be mean to people. So there's no morality in Islam.

But what's gonna happen is, Maitreya, when he arrives, he's gonna tell them, "Hey, hey, you guys, you know, you're interpreting the Koran all wrong. And you're being immoral, and you're killing innocent people. And we're gonna straighten this up."

And then Jesus is gonna come and try to be embraced by the Christian churches. Which he knows he won't be. But the Chinese will embrace him, because they haven't had enough time to wake up and learn about all the nonsense that's coming, being thrown at them. They won't have enough time to recognize it.


One of the Reasons They Haven't Arrived Yet Is Because We've Shamed and Slandered Them and Made Too Many People Aware of Who and What They Really Are


And they're gonna take care of the American Christians. They're just gonna put them all in prison camps. That's one of the biggest reasons they have not arrived yet, besides the orgone, is because we've primed too many people. We've shamed them, we've slandered them, we've blasphemed them.

People know who and what they are. And they're real hesitant on arriving because they know as soon as they do, they gotta put up with bigmouths like me exposing them for who and what they are. And I've already been doing that for years. And they know this.

So they may try to have some kind of martial law shakedown here in America shortly before they even arrive so that all the bigmouths are rounded up and pushed out of the way, so. I wouldn't doubt it. I don't think that's gonna happen...well, it's not gonna happen this week or next. Put it that way. We're kind of like in a lull right now. We're kind of in a calm before the storm.


Out of All the Interesting Things That Could Happen the End of This Month, a Dollar Crash Would Affect Us the Most


End of February--what's interesting, because, you know, like I said, I was looking at the 25th, 26th this month, thinking, "Oh, this looks like it's gonna start getting interesting at the end of the month." And then I start looking around the Internet, and they have all their little plans for the end of this month.

Dollar crash, earthquake drills, contaminating food. So that'll be interesting toward the end of the month. I don't think the earthquake drill is really gonna affect us much unless the earthquake hits--actually hits the west coast. Then it would affect us. But if they all wanna take their little submarines and play over in New Zealand, go right ahead, you know.

I think the one thing that would affect us the most is a dollar crash. And they're looking to do that on the 27th. Simply because the food stamp program will be shut down. And I always said what's the fastest way to cause riots in America? Shut off the food stamps. And so, that would definitely cause rioting in America. Especially when you got half the population on them, you know.

I love how they try to suppress the numbers. They try to say, what is it, 60 million Americans or 90 million are on food stamps. That's probably heads of households. Because there's about 350 million Americans. And when you've got 100 million, let's say that's probably the real number, a third of Americans are on food stamps. Think of all the kids and wives that are with that. You know? So the number is much bigger. It's affecting half the population of the country.

And if you shut off all their food stamps, there's gonna be riots in the streets. I mean, what happened in Wal-Mart when, uh, I don't know. That big riot in Wal-Mart several months ago because the food stamp cards wouldn't work. They rioted the store. Can you imagine whole cities?

And the Lord's been warning people to get out of the cities. Get out of the cities, get away from the coastlines. Eventually the warnings stop, and the action begins. You know, there's just no more warnings. The action just begins.


As Soon as It Starts to Warm Up, I Need to Hit the Ground Running with Missions, So Please Send in Your Financial Donations to Help with That


Anyway, folks. Almost time for the show to end. I was gonna take calls tonight, but I just kind of ran out of time. Maybe I'll do that next week. Take calls towards the end of the show.

Still working on things for the week. Still need your donations to stay on the air, pay bills, get things done. We're gonna have a heatwave next week. I think it's supposed to be in the 30s or [audio cuts out] be getting busy. As soon as it starts to warm up I need to hit the ground running this year with missions. A lot of areas that need covered. Orgone walls that need put up across this country. So I need your donations and your financial help getting this stuff done, folks. []


Anyway, until next week, everybody. Yah bless.