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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner

February 17, 2014


A Long-Lost Friend and Prophet Shared a Vision with Me


And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. A few things I wanna talk about tonight. Got hooked up with a long-lost friend. About two weeks ago I ran into her. She contacted me on the Internet. And she shared with me a vision that she had and I wanna talk about that tonight, because I've known her for a long time.

I know she loves the Lord. She's not one of these wannabe Christians playing Christians on the Internet, stealing other people's visions and then rewording them a little to make them as their own. I mean, you go to those religious forum boards, and you just wanna gag.

And so, she's actually legitimate. She's a real prophet. She's gotten dreams and visions for years. And it's interesting because a lot of times we can confirm each other's visions and things. We usually see a lot of the same things. And so, she gave me a vision of what she'd had recently. And it just--you know, when something hits you as true, and you just don't doubt it when you hear it. You just--it hits you as true. It hits your heart. And it was one of those things.

And it just amazed me because it goes so in line with everything I've been talking about pretty much. And kind of jumps ahead a little bit. I'll give you a--set up a scenario here.


Once the False Prophet and Antichrist Arrive, Events Are Going to Happen Quickly


You know, after the False Prophet and Antichrist arrive--this Sananda and Maitreya--and I've been preparing you guys for this for years. The arrival of the False Prophet and Antichrist. And I've warned you, when they arrive, crap is gonna hit the fan faster than a toilet bowl can flush. Things are going to go bam, bam, bam. Events are going to happen quickly. Because the earth will ultimately rebel at their presence here. The Father will be angry and judge the earth for their presence here.

And we head into what has long been prophesied as the day of the Lord. Which is the last three and a half years of this tribulation period. 42 months. Depending on how you look at it. If you look at it as just the last half-day of the Lord or a whole 7-year period.

But, the time that they arrive, things are gonna happen very quickly.


The Prophecy Gurus Want You to Think That Once the Antichrist Arrives, You Will Have 7 Years to Prepare or That There Will Be a Huge Rapture


And I know the churches--and I--eww--I hate mentioning that word anymore. The whores of Babylon, is more like it. They wanna put you to sleep. They want you to think that--and they misinterpret and stretch scripture. And they have their own little beast prophets in the pulpit calling themselves prophecy gurus.

And everybody buys their videos and books. And then when things they claim were supposed to happen, they come out with more books and videos. And people keep buying it. They keep funding the wolves.

But they want you to think that, "Oh, once you see the Antichrist arrive, you're gonna have 7 years to prepare." "You're gonna have--you know, there's gonna be a huge rapture. And the church will be taken." And they won't be here to suffer any of the catastrophies and calamities coming upon the earth.

And so, everybody buys into this huge rapture thing where the church is gonna be gone, despite scripture that says to the contrary. That there are believers here.

There are groups that will be gone. There will be the majority of the Bride here. Because they're apostate. You know, they're apostate sitting in the churches, in the whores of Babylon, thinking they're all that. Thinking that they're the Lord's chosen. And they don't hear Him. They don't seek Him.

They're basically just Sunday sheep. They're not the Lord's sheep, they're Sunday sheep. They're sheep of Sundays. Going to their churches. Sitting in the pews and becoming spiritually dead. Because, to them, it's what their pastor teaches. What the pastor says. They don't learn to go to the Lord, Himself, and seek Him for the truth in all things.


You Don't Have to Be in a Building with Walls to Worship and Be in Fellowship with the Lord


And I know a lot of people miss the camaraderie of churches. You know, my experience having to grow up in the church, I was forced to, as a child. Yeah, you do meet other people. And there's a camaraderie there. But you really don't miss all the posturing, and the backbiting, and the drama. It's just as much crap that goes on in churches than anywhere else. Put all that aside, you're just all worshiping the Lord. That's always a good part.

But you know what? You don't have to be in a building made with hands, and walls, to worship the Lord. To be in fellowship with the Lord. You know, I talk to Him every day. Talk to Him all day. Best friend I have. And I don't need man for that. I don't need other people involved with that.


When They Arrive, You Can Expect the New Madrid Fault Line to Blow


But anyway, when they arrive, like I said, events are gonna happen very quickly. The bathtub effect. Some people call it the whirlwind effect. A tornado. I've heard various messengers and prophets call it various things. But it's all the same timeframe of when they arrive.

And, you know, I've been talking about Revelation, chapter 8 a lot throughout the years. The comet hitting the earth. And the asteroid hitting the earth. And these are shortly after their arrival.

They're going to arrive. And pretty much, it could go along the same time it's gonna be a huge earthquake. And what I believe is that when they arrive is when the Madrid Fault Line will blow. I just--that always hits my spirit. I always feel that and think that. And usually when I think or feel something over and over again, I'm pretty much about 99 percent of the time correct. If not 100.

So, when they arrive, you can expect the Madrid Fault Line to blow. And you can see the pattern already.


When the Lord Pronounces Judgments on Earth, He works Through People on Earth to Fulfill His Judgments


And remember, when the Lord pronounces judgments on Earth, He works through people on Earth to fulfill His judgments. You know? It's not always some, uh, angelic heavenly thing where He pronounces something and, boom, it hits the earth. He can also use people. And in this instance, we have this seedy New World Order. It's a shady group of people. And we have the alien agenda people on Earth, working against each other for control of the world.

And they have been trying to blow the Madrid Fault Line for the last three years. We went to work on it couple years ago. I, personally, made about 1200 orgone blasters. And I had help from another warrior making pipes and orgone. And sent these to warriors to go get--cover the Madrid Fault Line. You know, you're protecting that fault line. So they couldn't blow it. It wasn't time.

Now, when it is time, I know the Lord will cease to protect it like He is now, and let it blow. But it'll blow at His time. We've simply protected it so that it could withstand all the attempts from the evil ones, right now, to blow it.


The States and Areas That Will Be Affected by the New Madrid Fault Line When It Blows


And if you look at the weather patterns right now, the snow-bombing, ice-bombing of the southeast states, it was always their intention, when they blew the Madrid Fault Line, which would start from Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, the Great Lakes, and come all the way through that corner of Michigan and Ohio, all the way through down to St. Louis, splitting the Mississippi River all the way down into the Gulf.

So that would affect quite a number of states. Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, St. Louis, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, and just go all the way into the Gulf of Mexico there. And some predicted that it would--that if that line blew, it would widen the Mississippi River by about 50 miles on each side of it. Which pretty much means it would destroy...St. Louis would be under water. And all the way down, taking out the northeast corner of Arkansas, the northwest of Tennessee. And just coming all the way down through the Gulf of Mexico.

At the same time, they wanted to swing it from Arkansas and Tennessee to go all the way through the southeast to the Atlantic Ocean. Which would take out, uh, you're looking at more of Tennessee being affected, the Carolinas. All the way through, to South Carolina to the Atlantic Ocean.


They Have an Earthquake Machine in the Ocean Near Charleston, South Carolina to Cause Destruction of the Southeast States


And, they--you know, years ago, I was talking about--and I've talked about it--they had a device in the ocean there, just right off Charleston, South Carolina. Earthquake machine. So that when the Madrid blows from north to south, the earthquake machine sitting in the Atlantic, off of the coast of South Carolina, would pound it all the way through across east to west, through the southeast states there. They wanna cause massive, massive destruction with this earthquake.


I Believe the New Madrid Fault Line Blowing Is the Sixth Seal Earthquake Which Comes Shortly After the Arrival of the Black and Pale Horses


And so, this has been their plans for years. And they've been trying to get this going for years. And the Lord's blocked it. But I believe that this is the sixth seal earthquake--the Madrid Fault Line blowing--because it could literally go all the way up, across the Great Lakes, over Canada, over Alaska.

It can go pretty much around the world, at that point. The fault is a huge fault line. It goes around the world. And very well could just affect more than--you know, our limited view of, OK, the Great Lakes all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. It could go clearly over the North Pole.

So, depending on how big this earthquake becomes, it would cause massive destruction. And I do believe that's the sixth seal. And it comes shortly after their arrival. The black and pale horse of Revelation. They're already parading the arrival of the black horse, which is famine. And we know pale horse comes shortly after the arrival of the black horse.

They probably could ride together. They just kind of ride all at once, maybe just a month or two in between. If they arrive separately, one will be known as the False Prophet. The other one, the Antichrist. And then, shortly after they arrive, the Madrid Fault Line going.

And then there's space in heaven for a small season. It says a half hour, which means, you know, maybe a week, maybe a month. Depending on how this--how short--long this half hour is. It's just a really short time of space. And then the seven trumpets begin. And these are the judgments that immediately hit the earth after their arrival.


One of the Visions My Friend Had Was of the Asteroid Coming


And so, I know when you look in Revelation, chapter 8, you see the comet and an asteroid hitting the earth as soon as these beasts arrive. And so, this is one of the visions she had. She saw the asteroid coming.

Now, I've seen the comet, this lamp; what I refer to. I believe Shema is the lamp that's being referred to. I've always believed that that thing would crash into the Great Lakes. Maybe somewhere in the Atlantic. But I always believed that this huge celestial palace-type star planet that sits in the sky on the border, the east border of Ohio and Pa [Pennsylvania].

Because it's been on fire. We've destroyed it years ago. It can't move. It's just kind of stuck there. They've been trying to restore it all these years. And I believe, eventually, that's going to crash. Now, which direction it goes, Great Lakes or Atlantic, I don't know.

You know, the definition can change. Depending on what the Lord feels like doing with it. But she saw the asteroid coming in. And so, I thought that was interesting. And that's what I'm gonna talk about. What she saw as this asteroid came in.

She's on--in this vision--and oftentimes, when you're given visions, you're taken--you're, like, in two places at once. You know you're sitting at home. But also, all of a sudden, you're somewhere else. It's like bilocation. The Lord told me it's called bilocation.

And I remember it well, because there's a lot of visions where I end up in water. I'm always in water. I don't know what it--why. And when I saw L.A. going under the water, being destroyed by water, I was actually in the ocean, floating with the debris. Watching the waves going towards L.A. destroying it. So I know exactly what she means when she says she saw it happen. She was literally there. I know exactly what she means by that.

And what she saw was, uh, she was on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. She's in California. She's sitting on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. And she looks out into the ocean, and she saw a huge steam cloud billowing up, and up, and up. Way up past the outer atmosphere. She could just see huge steam clouds.

And she started looking towards where the source of this huge white steam cloud was coming from. She thought maybe it was a volcano going off. But what she saw was that there was a huge asteroid, the size of an island. And it hit the ocean southeast of Indonesia.


Areas of the World That Are in the Path of Destruction, or Destroyed, When the Asteroid Hits the Earth


And so, this huge asteroid, the size of an island, slams into Indonesia, the southeast of Indonesia. And, instantly, when it slams into Indonesia, the earth was molten, instantly, and the ocean had been displaced by megatons of water, instantly. Instant destruction of all of China, most of Russia, all of Japan, Korea, Australia, India. Two-thirds of South America, a half of North America, and Alaska, are all in the path of the destruction or destroyed.

And as she's sitting there watching the destruction hit, she saw two very tall waves making their way towards America, at about a thousand miles an hour. And the waves were two miles high. And they swept into the U.S., slammed into--all the way toward Mississippi, and they're going up North.

So you can see, practically coming up from our south. Coming up through the Gulf of Mexico, slamming into the east coast of Mexico, and the Gulf of Mexico. And also on the west coast. Slamming into that side.

She said half of America, at this point, is destoyed. Because, like the Father has said for years, get off the coastlines, get away from the coastlines. These waves that are two miles high going a thousand miles an hour slamming into all of our coastlines here in America. And taking out much destruction from other countries before it even hits America.

I was reading this, only one city in Russia was left. And Russia's pretty big. So this impact from this asteroid, phenomenal destruction of our planet and our countries. The steam was caused by the ocean water. It was turned into instant steam from the heat of the impact of when the asteroid hits.

And so, the Great Lakes, at this point, she said all of them but one become salt water. She believes one was left OK, but the rest become salt water. Some of Ohio survives, which is most likely the middle to the southern parts of Ohio, away from Lake Erie.


Two-Mile-High Waves and Fervent Heat from the Impact of the Asteroid


The thing about the water, itself, was that the water heats up so hot that, you know, the initial impact of two-mile waves hitting--two-mile-high waves hitting, that there is a heat. And she called it a fervent heat. Like a molten lava. And I looked up on the [] and it described fervent heat as hot, burning, and glowing. And the Lord also describes...Peter describes the day of the Lord,



But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.



That's 2 Peter 3:10 and 12. This fervent heat becomes like, like a fire on top of the water. And so, after the two-mile waves hit, you have this huge clouds of waves coming that where this heat overtakes the water. And it's like waves of flame and heat hitting the land. And so, the initial reaction is being hit by water. And then right behind that is an avalanche of flame and heat hitting the land, and so.


Benjamin Fulford, John Kerry, and Threats to Put Jacarta, Indonesia Under Water


This is a impact of an asteroid hitting the earth. Now, I'm just--you know, she told me about this last week. And I knew I was gonna talk about it during the show. I knew it was something I wanted to bring up and talk about.

And then, I'm reading this blog. Uh, who is the guy? Um, Benjamin Fulford. And he posts this--he typically posts the alien agenda's view of things. As they're doing things. Fighting against the New World Order crowd. Both agendas fighting against each other constantly for control of the world.

And he talks about Jim [Sherry means John] Kerry. And Jim [Sherry means John] Kerry, Secretary of State, he's been traveling the world begging for money and gold. Because they're supposed to make some kind of payment to China of gold, or whatever. I don't know. I don't understand it all.

But anyway, he's off on a begging mission. And, uh, because they wanna delay the debt ceiling and all that, and so they need more money, more gold to do that. And so, he's on a begging mission. And he makes concessions with China and some other countries, Korea probably, to get gold or money from them, whatever, so they can stave off the debt ceiling.

But he runs into a stumblingblock with Indonesia. So, immediately, I'm thinking, "Oh, here we go." Indonesia doesn't want to help him. Because Kerry's trying to get gold to support the Federal Reserve Board. The Federal Reserve Board, obviously, is run and owned by the Jewish bankers of the New World Order agenda, their crowd.

And so, he starts making threats against Indonesia. And he threatens that if they don't help him, that he's gonna unleash weather warfare. And what he says is, "...In a sense, climate change can now be considered another weapon of mass destruction, perhaps even the world's most fearsome weapon..."

You know, they're claiming the most fearsome weapon of destruction is weather warfare. And he threatens these countries, and Indonesia, by saying just one meter--one meteor is enough to put half of Jacarta under water. Just one mete[o]r would displace hundreds of millions of people worldwide and threaten billions in economic activity.

And this is John Kerry threatening them under desperation because the conditions in the world are becoming more of a threat to hold onto the stability of the Zionist Nazi agenda, the New World Order. Their Fascist economy and New World Order's collapsing. As you can see, 8 bankers already being killed in the last week or so.


They're Bombarding America Right Now with Constant Snow and Ice to Soften the Ground and Make It Inducible for Earthquakes


And so, he's threatening to use weather warfare, crash a meteor onto Indonesia, taking out Jacarta. And this is one meteor. And so, I know that they can hurl things towards the earth. They can use weather weapons to hurl things. They can cause earthquakes. They're softening up our entire country right now with snow-bomb and ice to soften the ground to make it inducible for earthquakes.

When you have slushy, soft ground, softens up the plates underneath the earth so they can try to induce earthquakes. That's what all this nonsense is about. Slamming Atlanta, Mississippi, Alabama, the entire southeast of the east coast with constant ice and snow storms. What they're doing right now. Trying to soften up the earth for earthquakes.


John Kerry May Be Bluffing About Hitting Indonesia with a Meteor, but What He Doesn't Realize Is That's Exactly Where This Asteroid Could Hit


And then here's John Kerry threatening, "Hey, if you don't give us gold to fight off this alien agenda so we can keep the Federal Reserve Board propped up for a little longer, we could, we could use a--we could strike a meteor on your country. Cast down a meteor and destroy it."

So I thought that was interesting because the vision from my friend, being--she had this, uh, a little while ago. Just telling me about it last week. Because it lines up with Revelation, chapter 8 about the asteroid hitting the earth. Now, I don't know if their weather weapons could cause an asteroid the size of an island to slam to the earth. But you know the Lord can. [laughs] There's no doubt of that. [laughs]

You know, John Kerry may be bluffing. But what he doesn't realize is that's exactly where this asteroid could hit. Bam, slam right into Indonesia whether we have them doing it, or the Father just taking His pinky and casting it down towards the earth. This kind of worldwide destruction is going to happen.

And he's saying they could take, you know--because they did this to Indonesia just a couple years ago with a tsunami in Indonesia. Slamming it. Using underground nukes like they did in Japan to cause earthquakes under the ground, the water, it caused tsunamis to hit. They're responsible for that one a couple years ago in Indonesia. They were responsible for the one that hit Japan. So they've had practice.

I don't think what he realizes is that the huge destruction that--he might be bluffing, saying, "Oh, we're gonna cause hundreds of millions in damage and destroy economies." But nothing like my friend saw in her vision where all of China, three-fourths of Russia, all of Japan, all of Korea, Australia, India; all of those countries completely destroyed. Two-thirds of South America. Because you look at South America, and unless you're in the center of each of those countries, you're close to the coastlines there.


The Patriots Run to South America to Be Protected from the Police State, but These Countries Are Right in Tsunami Highways


You know, I like how these patriots or whatever, they run to South America to think they're gonna be protected from the police state that's coming to America. And they head down to South America, and they go to Costa Rica, and they go to Panama. They go to these countries that are right in tsunami highways. You know, those places aren't even going to exist when the earth starts rocking to and fro like a drunkard, like Isaiah said it was going to.

This tsunami hits in Indonesia, it's gonna take out huge chunks of coastlines. Islands disappearing. Half of North America. It's talking about the Great Lakes becoming salt water, which means it comes straight over the north as well. Straight over, down from the north.


Even Though I Moved Away from Lake Erie, I still Feel Water Coming Towards Me


You know, I used to think I was just crazy because years ago I lived up towards suburb outside of Cleveland, almost 30 miles out of Cleveland. I was at least 30 miles away from Lake Erie. And I kept feeling water. Water coming towards me. You know, from the lake. And I had to get away from there.

And I've had those feelings ever since I moved down here to the more central part of Ohio. I'm southeast. I feel the water coming towards down here this way as well. Maybe not right towards us, but it'll stop shortly north of us.

But would take out a huge chunk of the whole Cleveland metropolitan area. Maybe even affecting up to Youngstown--down to Youngstown area. I don't know if it reaches Youngstown. I don't know if it, uh, if it'll reach Akron and Canton. But, you know, you just could feel it's coming. I always feel that water, you know.


The Day of the Lord Is at Hand


And so, we have huge...huge destructions that are coming. And that's another thing. I was looking at this article I wrote last year or the year before, The Day of the Lord []. Joel 1:15, it says,



Alas for the day! for the day of the LORD is at hand, and as a destruction from the Almighty shall it come.



You know, The Most High refers to a particular time in scriptures as the day of the Lord. And we're given a time frame in Joel. After the crops are planted and growing. And then they're laid to waste. So it's somewhere around the end of summer, if not before. He doesn't give us a year, but there are things we can watch to know when this time is coming or near upon us.

It literally begins with a bang. And it says, described in Revelation, chapter 9, and Joel, chapters 1 and 2, a monstrous invasion of alien creatures without number described as giants in various sizes.


The Aliens Love Destructions Here on Earth Because They Use Them as Opportunities to Abduct People and Fill Up Their Freezers


Now, this is another thing why they love destructions here on Earth. Because they zoom in like Katrina, you know. Wars. One thing soldiers will tell you they see, or people who have lived through a cataclysmic destruction, they see UFOs.

And it's because these aliens, they just target in in destruction and destroyed areas because they abduct people. You know, it's easy for them to just grab people. Especially if they can get them right before the waves come. They can just abduct thousands of people at once, and then the waves come, and people assume that these people were just washed out to sea, or destroyed, and never to be seen again or whatever.

They abduct. They use this as a opportunity to fill up their freezers. They feast on human flesh, folks. And so, they come in like vultures. Abducting humans. They're not saving them from death. They'll wait till they're dead and they'll pluck them off the earth. Save them having to kill them. They'll take them dead or alive.


Smoke of the Pit, Locusts and Abadu


And when you read in Revelation 9:6, it says,



And there arose a smoke out of (the bottom) of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit [verse 2].



And it also aligns with this, you know, billowing white clouds of fervent heat that she was describing she saw in her vision. She could see it going all the way up into the--space. You know, as far as she could see up. It was going up into the skies. You know, I think it was this smoke. Smoke of the pit.



and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.



These things could very well be aligned. You know, you could be looking at, uh, several things happening at once here.



And (at this time) there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power [verse 3].

And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit. whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon [verse 11].



In the Greek tongue he's called Apollyon. In the Hebrew tongue, he's called Abadu. And I do see this Abadu in the Bible Codes [] which tells me that, you know, when I start seeing names and events in the codes, it could be, uh, you know, a couple months, it could be a couple years. The point being, it's there, it's coming. It's coming.

It's not something ten years down the road, 20 years down the road. When I start seeing something coming up in the codes, it's around the corner. And, you know, I've come to realize that around the corner can be two, three, four years. But these things are coming a lot sooner than most people are prepared for and most people expect.


The Coastlines Are Going Under - America Destroyed in One Hour


I just imagine all this destruction of, you know, if you're looking at east and west coasts, then you're losing hundred, two hundred miles inland. We would lose entire states on the east coast. Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York. You know, so much destruction.

All those would be under water, or hit with the second waves of fire. Because right behind the first initial shock of being hit with waves comes the billowing clouds of heat. That fervent heat. That hot lava heat. A glowing burning. You know, the flames, fire. And so, you know, the Lord talks about, in Revelation, chapter 18, how Babylon would be destroyed by fire.

We also know that the coastlines are going under. Because He's been warning that for years. The coastlines of the earth will be affected. Isaiah talks about the earth rocking to and fro like a drunkard. Other people, scientists, will probably call this a pole flip.

So imagine all this happening at one time. In particular, Babylon being destroyed in an hour. It doesn't actually mean--doesn't have to mean--it could be literal 60 mintues. Or symbolic, meaning a short time of space that it would be totally destroyed.

But when you have all these pockets of methane gas underneath our country, like we already have, then you have this, out of nowhere, flames of heat coming across the oceans right into our states. Burning anything they touch and see. I mean, that would be a significant amount of damage, and so--and destruction.

I know a lot of people who spend a lot of time prepping for the end days. You know. Some of the safest places you can be, except under the wings of the Almighty, are in a cave in the mountains, in caves. That's where the rich men, the mighty men are hiding. In the mountains in the caves.

Because if you're under the low-lying areas, you're not gonna survive all--you know, survive a lot of the destructions that are coming. Especially in a pole flip. You know, that asteroid striking probably about the time you would have a instant pole flip. And the earth rocking to and fro like a drunkard as Isaiah saw it and described it.


Sananda's Vaccination Program and the Locusts with Stings in Their Tails


And then you have locusts, giants, and alien invasions happening on the earth at the same time. And not just going after the dead, but they're gonna torment the living. You know, they have stings in their tails. And their power is to hurt men for 5 months. And this sting, I've always believed--because one of the dominant things I see in the Bible Codes was Sananda, who is the fake Jesus, the Antichrist that's coming, is his vaccination program.

So they're going to use this, as Rahm Emanuel says, "Never let a good crisis go to waste." They'll use this to enforce on survivors to get vaccines. And, you know, mankind's not really gonna have a say in it right then and there because this is Sananda's agenda. These locusts that are coming in, they're all aligned with him.

And he's the pale horse rider. And when he arrives, Hell and Death arrive with him. And who's that? That's all these locusts. That's all these different fallen angel races that are littering our skies in starships and UFOs that they do now. They're coming with him. And they're gonna torment mankind for 5 months with the stings in their tails, with these vaccinations.

They're just gonna chase people down and shoot them with vaccines is what I think. They're not gonna ask you if you want one. And ask you to roll up your sleeve. They're gonna chase you down and just stick it in you. Because they want everybody chip-implanted. Chip implantation is a huge agenda of Lucifer's whether you're willing or not.

Doesn't necessarily mean it's the mark of the beast of Revelation 13. It's something separate, is what I believe. And so, for 5 months, they're chasing down, they're tormenting, mankind.



And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them [Revelation 9:6].



People will want to die. They'll envy the dead.


Imagine If Everything Just Stops Because We Lose the Bulk of Our Populations


You know, just imagine if everything stops. All of a sudden we've lost our east coast, our west coast, our south coast. And Australia and America are built pretty much the same way. Where you have the bulk of your populations on the east side, the west side, and underneath on the south side. That's pretty much the bulk of the populations of how both countries are; Australia and the United States.

Of course, we have a huge midwest area and bulk populations through there. And they have desert in Australia where the natives are. But pretty much the same concept where the coastlines around the countries are just where the bulk of the populations are.

So imagine if all those populations are gone. It disrupts everything about societies everywhere. There would be no more distribution. There would be no more stores. Food would be the one thing people would be scavenging for. Also fresh water to drink. Medicines to help those who have been harmed or hurt. You know, everything just coming to a halt. It would just be anarchy and chaos. You know?

And so, these things are coming. The kind of atmosphere.


The Reasons for All the Judgments Hitting the Earth


I know that they preach, "Oh, we're gonna come. And we're gonna teach everybody how to ascend to godhood." And blah, blah, blah. It's their very coming, the reason all this destruction is coming. They don't tell you that. They don't tell you, "Oh, invite us to Earth. And so, we can destroy it by all these...the asteroid hitting, and the comet hitting, and Wormwood, and everything else." They don't tell you that they're the reason for all those judgments hitting the earth.

And mankind is also a reason because their wickedness has just filled the cup, and it's boiling over. Mankind is purely wicked. And you know, you just sit here and you shake your head as you watch the Satanists of Babylon try to push their agenda on every country of the world.

You know, good for Russia. Anti-gay agenda--you know. Good for them. You know. And Obama pretty much boycotts the Olympics because of Russia's anti-gay stance. Absolutely the worst president we've ever had. No doubt. I thought nobody could get worse than Clinton or Bush. Obama takes the cake.

They're spreading the filth and their abominations around the world. Now they're attacking countries in Africa. They're having anti-gay bullies. You know, all Muslims have anti-gay bullies. What's he gonna do, take on 1.5 million Muslims? But they spread their filth and their abominations around the world. And they use the pop stars, and their entertainers, and their sports stars and figures to do it. And you see it now, here in America. You can't turn on the TV and not see somebody with their satanic hand signs.

And so, when you read Revelation 18, it just gives such new meaning. Because when you look around at our country, at how evil and wicked it is, it's gonna get a wakeup call. It's going to be judged. And half of it's destroyed, and put under water and flame. What the water doesn't destroy, the flames will. Because the flames are gonna be riding, pretty much overtaking, the water. And spreading throughout the states as well. That fervent heat, that glowing hotness, that flame.


What's Left of the World for Lucifer to Rule After the Asteroid Destroys It?


And this is all from an asteroid the size of an island being slammed into the southeast part of Indonesia. Pretty much destroys the whole world, at that point. So what's left? What's left of the rubble that Lucifer gets to control? He gets to rule the world. What's left of it?

The only parts I haven't seen completely affected by this asteroid hitting,is the Middle East. I'm sure the coast of Africa will be affected. But when she gave me the names of the list of the countries that she saw, she didn't name one Middle Eastern country. She said all of China, most of Russia. She said one city in Russia was left. All of Japan, Korea, Australia, India. Two-thirds of South America. Half of North America. Alaska. So what she's pretty much speaking about is the whole Pacific area. That whole Pacific area.


Before the Asteroid Even Hits, You Have the New Madrid Fault Line Blowing


So before that even hits, you have the Madrid Fault Line blowing. Working in conjunction with their earthquake machine in the southeast. They're working on taking out all the southeastern states. And all the states on the Madrid Fault Line going all the way up the Mississippi, up into the Great Lakes area. Causing all of that east coast destruction. And then, boom, you get slammed on the west coast with all the destruction from the asteroid that hits just a few months later. Shortly after, some time.

You've got a half hour of space, of time, which is, like I said, could just--could be weeks, could be months. But relatively close to each other.


There's a Lot of Destruction Coming, but Seek the Lord, He Protects His Own - Before the Destruction, There Will Be Martial Law Roundups


That's a lot of destruction coming, folks. That's why the Lord always says to seek Him. To stay in Him. Because He can protect His own. He'll protect His own.

Yeah, and before that even happens, there will be martial law roundups. So it kind of puts it into perspective. You know, because part of...part of the destruction of Babylon is justice. It's paybacks. For them rounding up and persecuting the Christians around the world and here in America. Israel. They don't know who they are. Here in the real Israel. They start rounding up the Israelites. Casting them into FEMA camps.

I'm not talking about the Jews, I'm talking about the Israelites. Israel. The lost sheep. The north and the south--northern tribes and the south. We're all mixed here. Most people just don't know who they are.

They'll be rounding them up, throwing them into martial law camps. It's FEMA. One of the reasons America's destroyed. You know, I wrote an article, The Destruction of America in One Hour []. America the Babylon []. The reason the Lord's anger comes against Babylon. Not because of its own wickedness, and its promotion of satanism and Lucifer's agenda around the world, but because of the fact that they were rounding up the people in camps and killing them. So that will happen. That's not a conspiracy theory. That's Bible prophecy.


We've Blasphemed and Shamed the Coming "Gods" and They Cannot Stand to Be Ridiculed


So that gives you perspective of crunch time, don't it? Because things are gonna happen quickly. You know, martial law roundups, these FEMA camp roundups, they can begin before the Antichrist and False Prophet ever step foot on Earth. And I know they want it to. Because they're ashamed.

You know, they hate being what they called blasphemed. They wanna think they're gods. So they think our rhetoric and our speech against them is blasphemy. It's a righteous hatred. They think it's blasphemy.

They wanna round up all the blasphemers and shut them up before they arrive. Because they're tired of being ridiculed, and mocked, and belittled by the bigmouths. Which I certainly would qualify as a bigmouth on that one, and many maybe listening to this show.

They can't stand...they cannot stand to be ridiculed. You know, when you're looking at narcissistic sociopaths, like Obama, they can't stand ridicule. Look at the resignation of Jay Leno. One two many jokes against Obama. They can't stand to be ridiculed. He gets rid of them. He punished Madonna for speaking out against him several years ago. And now he's going after Jay Leno. He went after Jay Leno. You know, it's nothing to us. Just because those Satanists get punished by their own, others just stand up in their place. You know?


I Believe That the Sixth Seal Earthquake and the Madrid Fault Line Will Go This Year, as Well as the Martial Law Roundups


So these things are happening, and I believe they'll start this year since the Lord said this would be a year of calamities and destructions. I, no doubt, believe that, if nothing, the Madrid Fault Line would blow this year. Doesn't mean the asteroid will hit this year. Could be next year. But I do believe that the sixth seal, the huge earthquake, and the Madrid Fault Line, will go this year. And the roundups. Martial law roundups. Because, like I said, those could be signaled and started before Maitreya and Sananda will even arrive.

And if they're looking at a Eastertime arrival, then they would want the haters rounded up before or shortly after. Because they know if they arrive after, when they arrive, all the haters are gonna be running their mouths against them. And they just cannot tolerate ridicule. And so, that would certainly be the time that they would start FEMA camp roundups. Shutting down the bigmouths.


Their Main Focus Seems to Be the Eastern Section of the Country Right Now


So that's a glimpse, kind of a glimpse of timelines we're looking at. Like I said, you know, we're in a calm before the storm, folks. And, you know, we're gonna go from one extreme to the next. It's gonna get--you know, we're looking at a lot of snow and ice now. Because they're softening the earth to try to stir up those earthquake plates underneath the North America continent to get this fault line to go.

The earthquake machines that they have ready from the Atlantic from South Carolina, all the way to Alabama. They wanna blast it, and they wanna rip up the fault line north to south, from the Mexican gulf all the way up to the Great Lakes, and over, so.

They're working on the eastern section of the country right now. Seems to be their main focus. And they'll use martial law, you know, FEMA roundups as an excuse.

I think they'll start doing it and not even tell people what's going on. Start rounding up people on the eastern half of the country. Throwing them in camps and killing them. You're not gonna be there to serve time, folks. They're holding tanks. They put you in a FEMA holding camp till the next train comes and picks you up and takes you to a incinerator.


Let's Not Lose Sight of What We Need to Do - Send in Your Financial Support to Help Me Get the Orgone Out to Destroy Them


Anyway, just a few more weeks of winter. Can't lose sight of what we need to do. And that's still get the orgone out to destroy them. Still need your support for this ministry. Gotta pay bills and get things done here, folks. Need your support. [] And I thank those who already have supported this ministry.

Until next week, everybody. Yah bless.