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February 24, 2014


Instead of Blowing Up the Clock Tower at the Olympics, They Went to Ukraine to Start a Revolution in Kiev

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Sherry Shriner. And a few things to talk about tonight. Olympics are finally over. And there was another thing--you know, they're always warning about a false flag during the Olympics. The government was gonna do something. Everyone expected the Olympics to be blown up. The clock tower there.

Instead, they went to the Ukraine. And started a revolution in Kiev. And so, you know, I think a lot of people are saying, "Oh, good, they're getting the scoundrel out." Well, you know what, folks? How much of a scoundrel is theirs compared to what Western democracy brings to a country? You know.

Now Rothschild has another bank. The Satanists that dominate and control America and Israel are now gonna dominate and control the Ukraine. I mean, how happy can you be for these people? I mean, they may have thought that they wanted something different and better than what they had.

But how much better are they now? You know, they're gonna be pulled into the same satanic alien system that's been drowning the United States for the last 50, 60 years. And now they're gonna be pulled under the same thing.

You know, it's the constant toppling of other countries so they can instill their own satanic New World Order everywhere. You know, how many more countries are there gonna be to flee for Americans. You know, most Americans who flee America wanna go someplace where it's gonna be safe. Where the New World Order regime isn't dominant.

And, you know, other than South America, there's not many other places available. You know, they're everywhere. It's getting global. You know, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, the last sebastians [Sherry means bastions] of places you can go that aren't dominated by a Reptilian Lizard alien regime.


Ten Years Ago, I Wrote How Hybridization Would Become Dominant and a Force to Be Reckoned With; and It Has

You know, the New World Order is satanic. You know, I was looking at stuff that I wrote ten years ago about the New World Order. And it's all here. You know, I wrote about how hybridization would become a reckoning force to deal with, how it'd become dominant.

And here we are, ten years later, and cloning is rampant, soul-scalping people is dominant. We have tens of millions of hybrid Americans, let alone, worldwide hybrid human aliens. People that don't even know what their bloodline really is.

This supposed junk DNA, it's alien DNA. R[h] negative. You know, people talk about their own certain bloodlines that the Illuminati have. That's why they only breed amongst themselves. Inbreeding, to keep their DNA. And there's millions more offshoots of them, you know. They're what they call the blue bloods.

But they also have the lesser ones spread throughout the world who have been born of women, born of Americ--you know, Americans or Europeans. Born of women. But somewhere along the process...see, what they can do is they can take a woman's DNA, her husband's, and then introduce a third--alien--third-party DNA to the mix and then impregnant the women.

That's what they do. That's why there's so many abductions. That's why there's so many people who go to sleep, can't remember a thing they dreamed about the night before; it's a total loss. Or they have weird dreams of being taken and seeing either doctors, people in lab coats, maybe aliens. Think it's alien abductions. It's dominant, folks.


A Lot of People Being Mixed with Alien DNA, Which Is in Our Food and Drinks, Our Water, Our Air - You Must Take Special Precautions to Constantly Detoxify Your Body

I can drive around Canton, Ohio and, wow, I think Massillon's one of the most Lizard-infested places of hybridization, I've ever seen. You just look at the kids. You look at the people. You know, it's like, you look at their features and you're thinking, "Where are they from?" You know? People with the weirdest features.

A lot of people being mixed with alien DNA. It's in our food. It's in our water. It's in our drinks. It's in our air. We have to take special precautions to detox constantly, folks. Constant detoxification. Getting rid of the metals that are in your body. We breathe, we inhale metals just from the chemtrails.

The food you eat, the processed junk, the fast-food, the GMO, introducing toxins into your body that change your DNA.


As In the Days of Noah: A Time of Mass Hybridization and Corruption of Human DNA by Fallen Angels Also Known as Aliens - I Heard the New Movie, Noah, Is Quite Blasphemous

You know, in the times of Noah--in the days of Noah, it was a time of mass hybridization and the mixture and corruption of human DNA by fallen angels also known as aliens. It's the same thing we're having now.

Noah and his family--and interesting they're coming out with a movie, Noah. I heard it's quite blasphemous. Probably not the one I'll even go see. That one or the Son of God coming out. They're putting things with their own spin version. And people don't read their Bibles, so they won't know. They won't know what's truth from the lies.

Noah and his family were the only ones left with pure human DNA. It wasn't because he was a holier-than-thou Bible Joe. Him and his sons were the only ones left with pure human DNA. Everybody else had been so corrupted that the Lord destroyed the world with a flood to start over again.

And the Lord always said if you wanna know the last days, you gotta know the beginning. If you wanna know the end, you have to know the beginning. And here we are, in 2014, with stuff I wrote ten years ago trying to wake people up to what's going on. And although a good handful of people have woken up, I don't think our population has yet grasped it.


Alabama Comes Up in the Bible Codes - They Hate and Want to Destroy Alabama and All the Other Bible Belt States in the Southeastern United States

You look at the TV, and you have all these celebrities replaced with clones. You have sportscasters, new announcers, celebrities, weather people. Oh, they love The Weather Channel. It's all alien. They go in total glee when there's a tornado or a hurricane coming. You can see the glee on their faces. They love destruction. They plan all this stuff.

You know, I warned last week, two weeks ago, that this whole pounding of the southeast with snow was to soften up the ground to instigate earthquakes. They want to attack, they wanna hit the southeastern states with earthquakes.

Now, they hate Alabama. Alabama is a key target state of theirs to destroy. Obama hates Alabama. So does the queen. And so, it's like they all wanna destroy Alabama. And in so doing, they'll get the surrounding states around it.

You know, I often wonder why I see Alabama in the Codes. And I'm thinking, "What more do we need to do down there? You know, we've got orgone down there. We've got orgone warriors there.

They wanna wipe out the Christians. What they hate are the Christians. They hate the Bible Belt. They want to destroy the Bible Belt. South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi. All those Bible Belt states. Oklahoma. Probably Arkansas with it. They hate the Bible Belt states.

And they've been trying to set off the Madrid Fault Line. And also the southeastern portion of the United States all the way to the Atlantic. They want to destroy that whole area. So they've been pounding it with these weather weapons. These arctic blasts. Pounding them with snow, pounding them with ice. Now everybody's experiencing floods.

And what this does is it softens up the earth. And it affects the plates underneath the earth so that their earthquake machines and devices can work more effectively. They wanna hit us with earthquakes.


They're Always Trying to Target Ohio, Because I'm Here and They Hate Me

You know, they're always trying to target Ohio. I can always see in the Codes they're trying to unleash a plague, or they're trying to unleash a earthquake here. They're always trying to target Ohio. That's almost a given. That's why Ohio and New York City are the two most common places that are always mentioned in the Bible Codes. And it's because I'm here in Ohio and they hate me.

The Lord stops a lot of their nonsense. Won't allow it now. But, eventually, He's gonna pull the plug on our levels of protection, and things will happen.


AMFM247.Com Is Going to Be Rebroadcasting My Shows from Blog Talk Radio onto Their Network Starting March 1


I wanna let everybody know that starting on March 1, there's two weeks, next Saturday, and I don't know which date my show will be on, but the network is going to be rebroadcasting my shows from Blog Talk Radio onto their network. And they have a network of AM/FM radio stations. They do talk shows and music. And so, they'll be broadcasting my shows.


So that should be able to reach a little bit of a larger audience. Maybe get it out there on AM/FM radio. I'd love to do a AM talk show. Late-night. You know, Coast-to-Coast won't let me on their show. I'm on the blacklist. I should start my own. I should have my own show. Everyone always asks me, "Why aren't you on Coast-to-Coast?" Because I'm not one of them.

I mean, don't you get it? You have to be one of them to get on their show. I'm not one of them. I'm on the blacklist. And I've done very well being on the blacklist for ten years. Media blackouts. Government assassination lists. I'm still here. I'm still running my big mouth. Actually going on about 12 years now.


There's Going to Be a Dollar Collapse and It Will Be Replaced by Gold-Backed Standard, Which the Federal Reserve Removed and Replaced with Paper Money in the 1930s

And we're heading into the spring. And I've warned that this spring could be very telling with all the events that they have planned to come up. Now, a lot of people...they're playing the divide game. You know, they wanna get everybody hyped, "Oh, there's gonna be a bank shutout. And there's gonna be a run on banks."

Why would there be a run on the banks if the dollar crashes and becomes worthless. Wouldn't people just be throwing their dollars out in the streets? Why would there be a run on the banks, take their money out of the banks, if it's gonna become worthless?

You know, they always play this divide game. They want people not to know which, you know...bombard them with so much that they won't even know how to react. Yeah, there's gonna be a dollar collapse. It's gonna be replaced with gold-backed standard. Which we had, until they changed it over and introduced the Federal Reserve in the 1930s. The Federal Reserve removed the gold-backed standard and started printing paper money.

Where's the outrage? Where's the outrage from the politicians who will stand up and say, "Why did we ever allow these mafias to co--"--that's basically all it is; the New World Order mafia--come in, introduce their bank in our country.

The Federal Reserve's not owned by the federal government. People think because it has Federal in front of it, it's government. It's not owned by our government. It's owned by an elite and blueblood core of aliens, known as the New World Order. The Illuminati. They're the ones who run it. We've been slaves to the Illuminati. And we're never gonna get away from that, until the Lord comes back and destroys them all. We can help. There's pockets of resistance throughout the world.


There's So Much Junk on the Internet That People Call Orgone - Reasons Why Their Orgone Is Not Effective

You know, one of the things that kills me the most is, you know, you go on these different orgone sites. And people put me on their orgone lists all the time, and in their groups. And you happen to stumble on them, and see what they're promoting, what they're doing. And there's so much junk on the Internet that people call orgone. It's just--I don't even know why they call it orgone.

People think they're part of the resistance and fighting against aliens, and EMF attacks, and ELF. And they're making garbage that they're calling orgone. It's not helping them. You cannot use clear epoxy resin on anything and call it orgone. Because the clear epoxy resin doesn't put enough pressure on the crystals to emit to the frequency of positive orgone energy.

Epoxy resin looks pretty, but it's not effective. Now, you see people putting in orgone in molds of pyramids. If you put a energy meter, like a hot-wire meter--electricians have those tools. They'll put it up against a hot wire to see if it's hot or not.

If you put a energy meter up against a pyramid, they have no power. They don't have power unless you cut the tips of them off. That's why I make my orgone with oval shapes, other than the blasters. All my molds have an oval top because the pointed tips have no power.


If You're Not Using Fiberglass Resin, Clear Quartz Crystals, Copper Coil Wound in a Clockwise Direction, and Aluminum Shavings, You're Not Making Orgone, So Don't Call It Orgone

Another thing is, natural earth orgone that people wanna use to prevent night terrors, get rid of chemtrails, stop ELF attacks through their computers and monitors, EMF attacks, all these different attacks that the government throws at us, the only orgone that's gonna stop that is made with 5 ingredients. It's fiberglass resin, clear quartz crystals, copper coil wound in a clockwise direction, aluminum shavings.

Did I say 4 or 5? But you use the fiberglass resin. And you have the clear quartz crystals, copper coils, and aluminum shavings. If you add anything else to that, you're not making orgone, you're making something else. So don't call it orgone. If you're not using fiberglass resin, don't call it orgone. If you're not using clear quartz, you're putting other things in it, don't expect it to produce the results that orgone can.

And people say, "Oh, you can use brass shavings." No, you can't. Aluminum shavings are a conductor. Every ingredient has a purpose. When fiberglass resin puts pressure on the crystals, the crystals are inside a wound copper coil, clockwise direction, it spins that energy into a frequency that is for positive orgone energy. It all has its own frequencies. And it creates--and the aluminum is just a insulator for all of this. But it creates a positive energy. It emits it constantly.


The Geologist on the TV Series Ghost Mine Confirmed What I've Always Said About Orgone

You know, it's interesting. I was watching a show last night. Wasn't really watching it, but it caught my attention. I was sitting here working on Bible Codes and there was something on TV. I think it was a Sy-Fy Channel called Ghost Mine. And I guess it's an old series. Or I guess they weren't renewed. So they were showing an entire series all night long.

And it's about these miners in Oregon working at this haunted mine. And there's two paranormal investigators there with them trying to make sense of why this mine is haunted, and what's going on.

And if you ever wanna pull the hair out of your head, watch paranormal investigators on TV. [laughs] You know, as you sit here and you go, you know, how easy could it be to throw some of our positive orgone energy blasters throughout that place and get rid of all the evil entities in one day. You know? But they have to make a series out of it, you know.

But they had a geologist on there. And he completely confirmed everything about orgone. But what I thought was interesting was his connection to gold. Because he said quartz crystals and gold go hand in hand. Because when these miners, when they go up into these mountains and they're either looking to dig out a new mine, or work in one that was previously closed down, they look for a vein of crystals. And when the find the vein of crystals running through the rocks, they know that there could be gold there. The guy said crystals and gold go hand in hand.

And what he told these investigators was that the pressure of the rocks on the crystals produces piezoelectric energy, which is what I state on my website, It's what we create with our orgone blasters; piezoelectric energy.


And displaced spirits or demonic spirits will use this energy to manifest in this realm. You know, it gives them energy. That's why people's--their power tool equipment and all that would shut off or burn out. Because these displaced spirits and demonic entities would suck all the power out of their energy lines and blow their equipment.

And what he said what that it's because these crystals operate at--this piezoelectric energy operates at a certain frequency. And it emits constantly. So it's a constant source of energy. That's what I've always said. It's a constant source of energy. It never stops.


When We Wind Our Copper Coils in a Clockwise Direction, We're Directing It to Emit a Positive Frequency - Positive Energy Burns and Suffocates Evil Entities and Displaced Spirits

You know, you can anoint your home, your windows and your doors. The thing with that is anointing wears off. And you have to reanoint your home and your windows. And go through the whole charade of anointing your house. Or you can put positive orgone energy in your house, constant emitting. And it keeps away evil entities.

Now, when you're in a gold mine, like that, and you're with--any place where there's crystals, and the rocks are putting pressure on them, and they're creating piezoelectric frequencies, there's nothing to direct that energy that says, "OK, we're going to make this a positive energy," so that it only emits a positive frequency.

See, right then, you know, when you go in these mines, you're looking at a neutral energy. Because crystals are a conduit of power. They're a source of energy. They're conduits.

You know, before the microchip came along, technology was used by crystals. They used crystals. They've even used diamonds. And now they use chips. Computer chips. But the older computers all have crystals on the boards. They're conduits of energy.

You can program crystals. You can say, "I want you to behave this way. I want you to do it this way." And that's what we do when we wind our copper coil clockwise. Take copper coil and wind it clockwise. We're saying, "We want this energy to spin in a positive frequency." Emit a positive frequency.

And what happens to evil entities and displaced spirits when they come in an area, into contact with an area that has positive energy? They run. They run. They don't like it. It burns them. It annoys them. It suffocates them.

Same thing with holy water. It's a positive energy in holy water. It does the same thing. That's why they don't like holy water.

Or if you anoint your home, that anointing is a positive holy energy. Same thing as the energy we create with the orgone.


You Can Expect to Have the Demons in Your Home React Angrily to the Orgone, Because They Hate It and They Have to Leave

And so, you have people all over the world trying to duplicate what we're making and doing here in America, but they're being persuaded by charlatans to make junk orgone that produces no energy, or that produces dead orgone energy that actually helps evil entities.

You know, I've had people buy orgone from me before and then say, "Oh, I had a really bad experience. There was a bunch of demons here and they were all angry." Uh, yeah. Because you brought positive orgone energy into that home and they react to that. They react. They're angry. Because then they gotta leave. Now they gotta leave. You know?

You can always expect that initial reaction of anger. Because they're mad. They hate it. And then they leave, if you keep it there. They'll leave. And then what? You have peace. Because they won't come back. They won't come back.

But you can expect to have a negative reaction the first time you have it in your house. It's not like they arrived. They were already there. They're just sleeping. They're all stacked up in your house having a good old time. And when you brought positive orgone energy into there, it awoke them all up. Made them angry. But leave it. Let them leave. Make them leave. And they will. You don't have to do anything. Just set positive orgone energy around the place. They'll leave. They can't stand it. They hate it.


People Who Are Possessed by Demons When They Die, the Demons Don't Want to Go Back to Hell, So They Tend to Stick Around the Area Where the Body Died or Was Killed or Buried

So all these paranormal investigators, who deal with haunted houses and stuff, I would just throw POE blasters, positive orgone energy blasters into these haunted places. Most haunted places are abandoned. So what's the real point of chasing them away?

I mean, the thing about this is, people who die, who are possessed by demons, when they die, the demons don't wanna go back to hell. So what they tend to do is stick around the area where that body was deceased, where that body was killed, where it died, where it was buried. They tend to stay in the same area that--of the person who died, whose body they possessed. Because they don't wanna go back to hell and be reassigned somewhere else. They just wanna be left alone.

That's why cemetaries have always been known as a place of haunting grounds. Homes that people have died in. Typically, these haunted houses you hear about all over the place, people have died in those houses. They've either died from sickness, it's an old house, people maybe died of Bla--you know, the Black Plague or the plagues of the 18- or early 1900s, or somebody was killed. Killed there, sacrificed, murdered. And then you're dealing with the displaced spirits that had possessed these people that died. They don't wanna leave the area.

You know, there's always an explanation for the paranormal. You know. But there's always an easier way to deal with it. It's not like it can't be done, you can't deal with these things. I've been dealing with Satan since I was five-years-old. The dark side. Most people have. Most people have been dealing with things their entire lives. They just don't wanna talk about it.


Stop Buying and Making Junk Orgone - Learn How to Make the Good Stuff at OrgoneBlasters.Com - Most Orgone Sites on the Internet Are Run by the NSA and the CIA


So stop making the junk. Stop buying junk orgone. I have directions on my website at You can make your own. And you've got videos on there to show you how to make it. You can make the good stuff. You don't need garbage.


People ask me, "Well, what's this site? What's that site?" They're usually government-run. Most orgone sites on the Internet are run by the NSA and the CIA. Because they want you to make junk. They don't want you to make positive-producing orgone. They want you to make dead orgone energy, DOE orgone, that will actually attract demonic entities and produce energy for them to suck up the energy on their energy vampires.

You're helping the wrong side, at this point. "Oh, they seem so nice." Really? You don't really know these people. If they don't make it the way I tell you to make it, then run. You don't have to like my website. You don't have to like my ministry. But if they don't make orgone the way I've told you how to make orgone, then run. I don't--you know.

Most people say, "Well, we're the resistance. We hate the New World Order." Then make the good stuff. I don't care if you like me or not, but at least learn how to make orgone the right way. Make it so it can be used by the Father instead of by Satan's minions.


The Best Way to Defeat the New World Order Is to Stop Funding It

You know, they have every area on the planet covered that they're trying to run and control. Government, religion, entertainment, music, sports. Everything. It's becoming dominant with the men's sports, and now it's creeping over into the women's. And that's what makes me really sick.

You really have nowhere to go where you don't have to look at people wearing their ponytails in the form of horns, or sticking out their tongues to look like demons, destroying their bodies with tattoos so they can become possessed, because tattoos are access points for demonic possession. And people giving the demonic hand signals everywhere.

The best way to defeat the New World Order is to stop funding it. Stop buying their albums. Stop going to see their movies. Stop paying to see their concerts. Boycott them. Let them know you're sick and fed up of all the satanism thrown in our faces on a constant basis.

Don't watch the family-tearing agenda for the homosexuals on prime-time shows that are, one way or another, all promoting homosexual agenda. That's Satan's plan; feminize America, feminize all the men. It's been happening in Europe for a long time. Now it's coming into America and becoming dominant. All the men are being feminized.


Everybody Has a Clone, and They Can Pull It Out Whenever They Need to Kill and Replace Somebody

Satan wants to destroy the world. And he's not leaving one avenue out. Watch all the infamous, and the famous being replaced one by one by clones. I was watching The Voice earlier tonight. I happened to start seeing the beginning of it sitting here. It was in the background noise. And I look at the clone of Usher on there. I'm thinking, "What happened to Usher?" They got one of his clones on there now.

They clone everybody. Everybody has a clone. And they can pull it out whenever they need to kill and replace somebody. That way there's no disruption in the continuity of their agenda taking over America.

Now, when the kill somebody outright, you know, like the drug overdoses get a lot of attention because they're sacrifices. That Hoffman guy, he was a sacrifice. They usually make a lot of attention about their sacrifices, like with this Hoffman, and, uh, Whitney Houston. She was a sacrifice. Michael Jackson, he was a sacrifice.

They usually give a lot of media attention on their sacrifices. Intentional sacrifices. "We murdered this one. This is a sacrifice." And then when the stars who join the Illuminati have to make a sacrifice, you hear very little about it. It's kind of swept under the rug. It's kind of mentioned in the media, and then it's forgotten about. You know, because these are these celebrity sacrifices.


When You Join the Illuminati, You Have to Sacrifice Somebody from Your Family

You know, when you join the Illuminati, you have to kill somebody. You have to sacrifice somebody from your family. And so, most of them will kill sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers. And it's always looked like a suicide, a drug overdose, a freak accident, or a home invasion. You know, they come up with something. And there's never really any investigation because it's a sacrifice. And they all sweep it under the rug.

And look around you. You know, the last couple of months of celebrities who have lost loved ones. Julia Roberts losing her half-sister. That's Kardashian guy, Scott Disick, or whatever his name is, losing his mom, and then his dad within a year. And, of course, they're always somewhere else. Because they tell you to go somewhere else when they plan to kill, sacrifice your family members. It's their blood requirement.

There's quite a few. I was reading a list the other day of all the celebrities who've lost loved--who've sacrificed loved ones recently. And this goes on constantly. They always want a blood sacrifice. Satan's never happy.


People That Are Born Into the Blue Bloodlines, They Don't Have to Have Sacrifices, When They're Children, They're Married to Satan

You know, people that are born into the blue bloodlines, the Illuminati, they don't have to have sacrifices. It's because, when these children--you know, they got Miley Cyrus, and Christine Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson. These kids are born into these blue bloodlines. And when they're children, they're married to Satan.

You know, I was looking at this picture of Michael Jackson the other day. And he was about 9-years-old. He was giving a satanic sign. And on his hand was a wedding band. He had a wedding band on his finger. And I've seen that picture a million times, but I think it was the first time I ever noticed he had a wedding band on his finger. And it's because he's married to Satan. They marry their children off to Satan when they're very young.

So they're initiated into the Brotherhood. They don't have to join it. When you're an outsider, and you join for fame and fortune, then you've gotta deal with the blood sacrifice requirement. But the initial blue bloodlines, they...they have to attend rituals, but they don't have to kill off their own. Some of them will. Some of them will dedicate a child to Satan for power. Some of them will do that. But it's voluntary. They're not forced to start killing off their family members because their bloodlines, to them, are too valuable to lose, and so.

You start to see all these people that have joined recently. The Kardashians joined about two years ago. Kim and them. Because I know that they hadn't joined. They were invited about two years ago. And the next thing you know, she's off with Kanye West, and blah, blah, blah.

And then you have LeBron James who joined about two or three years ago. Kobe Bryant joined right after LeBron James did. I think LeBron was instrumental in recruiting Kobe Bryant in. And so, all these people, these newcomers into the Brotherhood, what they call the Brotherhood, the Illuminati, they're gonna have to have blood sacrifices.

So you'll start to see, eventually, you'll start to see them losing people. You know, losing loved ones around them. Family members. Kanye West gave up his mother. Beyonce, I think it was her first child she gave up. She was pregnant before she got together with Jay Z.


All the World's a Stage, and Now They're Raising the Curtain to Let Us See What They've Been Doing Behind the Scenes

Now, it's not like I keep up with all this Hollywood gossip. I just do so to inform you guys of what's going on. A lot of my information comes straight from my government friends, my government sources. People that are in these groups. And you can go online, on YouTube, and pull up these videos, and they're right on. They're smack on. It's the same info I get. So there's a lot of truth-telling going on.

And it reminds me of the cliche I read about a year ago. And I wish I'd kept it, because it was so good. It was a simple analogy. That when the gig is up, when you can no longer hide it, then you just raise the curtain on the stage, and let the audience--let everybody see all the props and toys. Everything that was used during that production, that stage production.

To them, the earth is like a stage production. And behind the curtains they have all their props, and all their agendas, and all their systems and ways they use to destroy us, and encapture us, and enslave us. And then when the gig is up, you just raise the curtain so everybody can see it for what it was and what it is.

And that's what they're doing now. They're raising the curtain. They're allowing people to come in now and glimpse how these secret societies have operated all these years. How these celebrities and politicians, and blue blood families have been worshiping the devil all these years, doing all these blood sacrifices. How all these child-pornography rings, pedophile rings all connected to politicians and celebrities. All part of the Brotherhood. They believe that they get longevity and energy by raping babies. And the more evil they are, they higher they climb. So their status, in their world, becomes higher.


They Always Said John Kerry, Secretary of State, Was in Charge of Snuff Films

You know, they always said Jim [Sherry means John] Kerry was in charge of snuff films. That's how he rose in the ranks of the Brotherhood. That's why he's Secretary of State today. You can't get a position of authority without being the worst of the scum.

You know, he was in charge of snuff films. Tens of--hundreds of millions of dollars worth of snuff films. And what are those? That's when they take and they rape babies then they kill them. And it's all on videos for the blue bloods to enjoy. They get off on this kind of sick stuff. He was in charge of that. That's how he rose in the ranks of the Brotherhood. Snuff films.

Where do all these missing kids go a year? They end up in Jim [John] Kerry's snuff films. Where they rape them and then kill them. It's big business for all of them.

But the gig is up. And they're exposing all of this. They're allowing all this information to come out now. Why? Because they care? They want people to wake up? No, they know the gig's up. Because everything's about to come crashing down. We're at the end of the rope here. There's nowhere else to go. They don't have to operate in secrecy anymore because they dominate and control everybody. They have everything set to where they can come in now and just take over. Completely take over.

The last part of their plans were the elimination of dissenters. You know? That's where we're at now. I mean, they're probably sitting back just enjoying all this. "OK, we'll show them how we did this. We'll let them know how we did this." They're telling us how they've played their game all these years. Because the game's over. The game's about to end. That's why they don't care.


If the Ukrainians Understood That Western Democracy Was Satanism, They Wouldn't Be a Bit Happy

The elimination of dissenters, martial law, roundups, FEMA camps. They're all around the corner, folks. They control everything. And short of mass protests, and getting the cahoonas to march on Washington and storm the White House--you know, you read about this in all the other countries where the citizens rise up and they storm the palaces and demand the government change. Where is the gumption in Americans today to do the same thing? Storm the White House. Not like he's there, but it would be a symbol of our anger.

You know, they hide in bunkers underneath the White House. They've got underground bunkers underneath Washington, D.C. where they all go and hide every day. They all go and sacrifice babies and do satanic rituals every day.

And it's not just these satanic holidays. They put those out there. "OK, we'll let people know that we do satanic holidays on this day, and this weekend." They do them every day. Every day. Over 4,000 a year, of children a year, are killed just in Wall Street. Probably 4,000 a week. They sacrifice kids constantly, people constantly. They breed. Underneath these underground bases, they breed people just to have children so that they can sacrifice them.

And this is what they call Western democracy? And they wanna bring this to the Ukraine. I wouldn't be waving flags and being a bit happy if I was any of these Ukrainians, if they understood what Western democracy is. That's the joke of the name. That's what they call it. It's satanism.


I Got an E-Mail the Other Day That the Black Dragon Wants to Meet with Me

And I got an e-mail the other day. Black Dragon wants to meet with me. And I had to think for a minute, "Who's the Black Dragon?" [laughs] Let's see. The red one's Satan. The white one's something in Japan. I knew the black one's Japan as well.

I'm thinking, "Why does a Black Dragon wanna meet with me?" You know? We have nothing to discuss. I'm never gonna go to his side, he's never gonna come to mine. We have nothing to discuss. In fact, what I told him--and I figured out it was probably Rothschild. Evelyn Rothschild's the Black Dragon. This Earth--this planet isn't big enough for the both of us. Seriously. It's not big enough for the both of us. So it's gonna be constant war.

You know, I've been on their top-ten death list for a long time. It's not gonna change. And this planet certainly gets smaller. But all this is coming to a head. The game's almost over, folks. That's why they're telling you. That's why they're raising the curtain and saying, "Look what we've done. Look how we've been operating." They're telling you. They don't even hide it anymore.

And so, what can people do about it? You know, it's pretty much what are you gonna do? Well, you can boycott Hollywood. You can get the orgone out to destroy them. It should anger people enough to wanna get these parasites off of our planet. It should motivate them to not just be church-pew Chrisitians, but to be soldiers in the Lord's army. Those are two different things.


A Previous Message from the Lord: "A Worldwide Invasion Has Begun."

You know, I'm gonna read something the Lord told me years ago. Seven--no, eight, nine years ago. We were talking about the aliens and how they're soul-scalping people. At pretty much back then it was just beginning. At the beginning stages. And now it's just a dominant phenomena amongst us.

He said, "Yes, child, they are here. In many numbers. A worldwide invasion has begun. It has been going for some time, but it was a select targeting of those who were already theirs."

And this, basically, they were cloning Carter. Carter was the first president they started cloning. And after Carter then they had Reagan. And then the Clintons, and the Bushes, and now Obama. But it started--the cloning started with Carter. And their own blue blood families.

He said, "Now it's reaching out to mankind and affecting the populations in every country. This has been going on for quite some time in a limited amount. But now it is time to sound the alarms and warn My people. They have targeted their own before and I allowed it. Now they are targeting Mine and I am warning them."

Why is He warning us if He can stop it? Because He's not going to stop it. Those who are not with Me and have their spirits prepared and strengthened in Me will be overcome by them. And I will allow it. I will allow it because I have reached out to those who call me by My name, to lead them into the truth of their errors and deceptions, and they have refused to listen to Me, or to those I have sent to them. They have refused to listen to My instruction and My warnings. Now I will no longer strive for them. I will give them over to their own ways."

The Lord is walking away from hardheaded, ignorant, dumb, blind believers in Him. People who call Him by His name. Usually it's the wrong ones. He doesn't care what name you call Him by, it just shows maturity. But they refuse to seek, listen to His instructions, and truth. So He's gonna allow them to become victims of this soul-scalping and cloning technology.


"Prepare My People to Head to the Mountains to Flee the Cities. The TIme Will Come When They Will Not Be Safe for Any of My People"

And He says, "I have much patience. And if they repent of their ways and return to Me, I will forgive and heal them. But they must repent and seek Me. There has always been a silent invasion of their own. But it will increase now and engulf many peoples of many countries and nations to prepare for the coming literal presence on Earth."

The literal presence on Earth is the alien agenda. The same ones I've been warning about for the past decade. The coming of Maitreya and Sananada. And all these aliens coming as Ascended Masters and cosmic beings. All the garbage that's coming with it.

And He says, "Prepare My people to head to the mountains to flee the cities." Where do you go? The mountains. Where do you get out of? The cities. "The time will come when they will not be safe for any of My people. They will be hunted by those who are here and are coming to target and destroy them. Yes, they will be looking for My people. My people must flee to the mountains where I will protect them. Now is the time to prepare. Tell them and warn them of the time that is coming. Tell them."


The Lord's People Have a Light in Them That Those in Darkness Will Be Targeting in the Cities; Flee to the Mountains Where the Lord Will Protect You

He says they are coming to target His people. Now how do do they know who the Lord's people are? Well, I could tell you about the Lord's people, compared to Satan's. The Lord's people have light. Satan's people have pure darkness and evil. And they can sniff out light like it's a roast on a Sunday morning. They know light. They can look at you and see if you have light in you. And those are the ones they're coming after to target.

And they can spend a lot of time, and they've been doing that, the last umpteen years, building up their data banks and gathering info. And learning who's tithing to charity organizations, churches, religious groups, the Red Cross. Because tithing and giving money to charities is typically a Christian thing to do.

Now, you'll hear from Lizards, "Oh, we tithe to this charity." They're just trying to be examples so other people will do it. Because really it's--the biggest scams on Earth are charity organizations. But it's a thing someone in the light would do. Caring about someone else. Because those who are dead don't care about anybody. They have no love in them. Love is light, you know.

People who pray. People who would care and be offended that a animal has been treated cruelly. People who care and are offended that people are treated cruelly. There's a light from the Lord that fills His people that the dead and the darkness can see. And all they have to do is look at you and see your light--your aura. The Lord's people have an aura. A light aura around them. And they know that you're of the light and not of the darkness.

And they're going to be targeting them in the cities. That's why the Father was saying get out of the city. Flee to the mountains. And He will protect them there.

I think this is going to be one of the last years that sounding off any of these warnings over the years is gonna do a bit of good, because people will have to...people will be experiencing it by the end of this year. They're gonna know...they're gonna know the tribulation is upon us.


Their Cloning Technology Is So Good Now

How many more people can they possibly clone and replace? I mean, by the time people wake up to this, the [unclear] is gonna be in the last stages. Because their technology is so good now. You know, when Bush was president, they had a box on his back. And you can see many videos and pictures online of Bush and his box. Called a mic [audio cuts out] battery pack or whatever. No, it was a box to control him. They don't even need that anymore. Their technology has increased so much. You know, you'll never see Obama with a box on his back. And he's total android. Controlled by them.


I Need Your Support to Help Pay Bills and Get Orgone Supplies


Anyway, folks, down to 60 seconds. Need your support. Got a lot of bills to pay. They're really gouging us with the electricity and everything this winter. And just getting supplies [audio cuts out] for orgone. Get them going. Need your support. []


Till next week, everybody. Yah bless.