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March 3, 2014


The Revolution in Venezuela Is Just Another CIA Revolution

And hello, everybody. I'm Sherry Shriner. A couple things I wanna talk about tonight. And everybody's probably been paying attention to the news lately about the CIA revolution in Ukraine going to bust. And also the one in Venezuela.

And so, the Venezuela one is a long time coming, when they've had that planned for a long time. You're not hearing a lot about it here in the news. But that's just another CIA revolution. They've got Argentina and Venezuela targeted. They wanna install their own puppet dictators there.


To Install Western Democracy in Ukraine Means to Install a Satanic Government There That's a Puppet of the New World Order

And now we're seeing the one in Ukraine. And that one has like a million different outcomes that they could do with that one. Several different plans going on with that one, so.

You know, good for Putin for saying no. Because the one thing that always comes to my mind is the verse in Isaiah where it talks about in the last-days Babylon as spreading their abominations throughout the earth. And all I can think of is, "Oh, great. They're gonna go to Ukraine, install Western democracy."

And what that basically means is install a satanic government there that's a puppet of the New World Order, so Rothschild will have another bank. Same thing with Venezuela. And then they move all their Satan worship and Satan garbage into the area like they've done here in America.

And so, I feel sorry for the people if they think having an American way of life is better than what they have now, because the Satanists have taken over our country. They 've destroyed our country.


They Don't Care If We Expose the Illuminati, Shape-Shifters and Clones Because They Feel That They Have Everything in Their Hands and That There's Nothing We Can Do

They're destroying the very fabric of this country. And what was once a great nation--we had our Constitution and Bill of Rights, we stood as a strong republic--is now crumbling as nothing but this Egyptian and Babylonian occult.

You know, they flash it in our faces every day. You know, fourteen years ago, when I started putting up websites exposing all of this stuff, people thought I was just crazy, I'd lost my mind. They'd make fun of me all over the Internet.

And now, the very people who used to make fun of me have their own websites and videos out now. Trying to expose the same things I've been yelling about for over a decade.

So you can practically go anywhere on YouTube and look up the Illuminati, look up shape-shifters, look up clones. You know, I'm even amazed that when I go to the New Age garbage websites to see what they're babbling about, they even starting to talk about the clones and expose the whole clone deal, you know.

And so, this isn't something that can be kept quiet any longer. But the thing is, also, like I said last week, they don't care anymore. Because they feel that they already have everything in their hands. That they control everything. That there's nothing we can do.

And so, they don't care if it gets out there and gets exposed that the curtain rises and all the props on the stage are exposed. You know, they no longer care.


Their Soonest Target Dates for Arrival Are March 21 (Equinox), April 15 (Passover) and the End of May

But it does send them running a bit because of the alien faction that's coming towards them. And this is something the Lord alerted me to back in 2003. And I was getting involved with exposing the New World Order and He pointed me--He said, "I wanna show you a different direction. Something else that's gonna be coming up." And that's when He moved me into the alien agenda. And so, that's where my focus has been over the last 10, 12 years.

And so, it's in our faces now, folks. You know, their target date--and I posted on Facebook earlier this week, and on my lists, is they have about three or four times a year where they plan to arrive. And the one for this year, obviously, coming up at Eastertime. That is their--their target date is Passover.

And so, I know you're hearing a lot of chatter on the Internet about, "Oh, they're gonna come in March." And they possibly could. But their target date is Passover. And that coincides with the pagan Easter holidays, usually, in timing. And so, somewhere in that neighborhood. Somewhere around April 15. Probably the middle of the month. If they hit their target date, which they hardly ever do.

Now March 21 is a huge target date for them, also. That's an equinox. And you go into May. The end of May, and so. They've got a three-month-long hot spot going on right now with March, April and May. The next one then is usually July and August, September. And then you move into November, and December, and the beginning of January.

Those are their hot target times of every year. Seems like every year, I'm going through having to announce that, "Hey, they're targeting for their arrival." And they start hyping it.


The Illuminati Bloodline Is an Alien DNA Bloodline That Has Been Nurtured and Protected Since the Days of Cain

And there's been a lot of warnings about the global economic collapse coming. And that's part of their agenda to take down the New World Order regime and begin the alien agenda on Earth.

You know, it's all such a farce because when you read the babble websites, the New Age websites, you know, let's get something straight. The Illuminati families are 13 bloodline families, but this is an alien DNA bloodline. This is not Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and all the subsidiaries from the tribes of Israel.

This is an alien bloodline that has been nurtured and protected since the days of Cain. You're saying, "Oh, well, that was destroyed at the flood." No. Because Ham's wife and the wives of the boys carried corrupted DNA. It was Noah and his sons that had uncorrupted DNA.

And so, you see that with Noah's son, Ham, and his wife. And his son was cursed, Canaan. And it all started all over again. Ask anybody in the Illuminati today and they'll tell you they're sons of Cain.


The Illuminati Referred to Solomon as One of Their Founding Fathers - Solomon Kept Books of All the Knowledge the Lord Gave Him

They also refer to themselves as, uh, Solomon as one of their founding fathers. And it's because King Solomon, the wisest man on Earth, was given much wisdom from the Lord, and he kept books of all the knowledge the Lord gave him.

And when Jerusalem was under attack, one of his chief builders, Hiram Abiff, stole all of Solomon's books. And, of course, this all went through, from that point on, the Vatican. And the secret societies had charge of that. And they had all this knowledge and wealth from Solomon. And it could be used for good or for bad. And naturally, you know, they only use this stuff for evil.

So they've had, you know, they've always marked their beginnings as secret societies from King Solomon. And it's through these secret societies that they've masterminded this whole takeover of the world, what they call the New World Order, which is nothing but the Old World Order revised. Revamped for later days. Because there's nothing new under the sun. They've done this stuff before. And so, that's basically where their roots are coming from.

But these Illuminati families, these bloodlines, they're alien. They're not--they weren't the Lord's bloodline, they're alien offspring and seed on the earth. And so, these New Age websites, these Ascended Masters they call them, which we know them as Sananda, and Maitreya, and Germaine of the Ashtar Command. And I have a page on my website at gives a description of all of them. Shows some pictures of what they might look like.



They Completely Ignore the Fact That the New World Order Cabal, Which They're Going to Call Evil and Destroy, Is Their Offspring, Their Bloodlines

They had the gall to say that this New World Order satanic cabal is evil (which they are), and they're gonna destroy them, and establish a better life on Earth for the people on Earth. You know, they completely ignore the fact that, "Hey, those are our kids. That's our bloodlines. That's our kids. We ordered them to do everything they did, and now we can call them evil and say they're bad and replace them." Because that's basically what they're doing.

You know, they play good cop/bad cop, and so. Because all these offspring are from this Ashtar Command and their seed on Earth. So I'm sure they're very confused, at this point, that they're being rounded up and ostracized as being evil beings that they are--Bush, and Cheney, and all them, and Obama and all them, they're all the same ilk--by their very parents that were telling them to do the things that they do. So it's kind of amusing when you sit back and you just look at the entire picture of things that are going on.


Usurpers Have Taken Over Our Government and It's Their Job to Destroy America, and Through It's Influence and Military Strength, Take Over the World


But I can remember, years ago, and I posted a list on And it was a terror list. It was a target list. And it brought it to my mind today because this whole thing with Ukraine, and several of the different routes that they can take.


I can remember, years ago, I saw this list, this plan of theirs, and they were talking about having Russia bomb 4 U.S. cities. To nuke 4 U.S. cities. Because they wanted to nuke their own cities. And so, Russia was gonna play the bad guy and do that. And if Russia wouldn't do it, the United States would bomb their own cities and blame it on somebody.

And for that particular year, they had it planned in December. And it didn't happen, obviously. But it's always sitting back there on a burner. When something gets cancelled, or it doesn't happen, it doesn't mean it's cancelled, it's just delayed. You never know if they're gonna bring it back.

Because, you know, I've warned every year, especially in July, because that always seemed like their hot date that they wanted to blow up D.C. That's still what they wanna do. You know, people say909, "Well, why does our government wanna blow up D.C.?" Our government is not a government for Americans. It is not for the people. It is not "we, the people." It is us against them.

They are usurpers who have taken over our government. Their job is to destroy America, use the West, the strength that they have of their military, and their influence over the world, to take over the world and infiltrate and dominate, with their satanic garbage, their New World Order, and then destroy the West, the very ones that built this New World Order.


They Want to Blow Up Washington, D.C. Because They Don't Need Congress Anymore - Every President Has Signed Executive Orders to Make Their Own Laws; They Want Dictatorial Power

And so, they wanna destroy D.C. You know, it's always been one of their targets. Because they don't need Congress anymore. Congress is nothing but a bunch of useful idiots. And you can see with every president, you know, when they sign in Executive Orders, there's no place in our Constitution that allows the president to write laws, to make laws. It's not even constitutional.

Every Executive Order they sign should be null and void because it's totally unconstitutional. The president cannot make laws. But they've been doing it.

Every president has signed in Executive Orders trying to make their own laws. Because they don't want Congress. They wanna run by a dictatorial power here in America. And Obama takes the bold strides of coming out and saying that, you know. Probably worse than anybody else.

I remember Bush saying, "America won't be so bad run by a dictator, as long as it's me." He made that comment. He wanted to be the dictator. And, of course, he came and went. And now we have to deal with Barack Obama, who is nothing but an android.


Obama Is a Clone of Barry Soetoro - They've All Been Replaced in Washington, D.C.

Obama is not Barry Soetoro. Barry Soetoro, uh, let me rephrase that. Barry Soetoro, the original human, is not Obama. Because Obama is a clone of Barry Soetoro. He is a clone of Barry's.

And so, you know, they all have their origins from somewhere, right? And that's why Obama has about ten clones. And even, you know, websites all over the net, people you would't think would be on to this, catching on, are finally catching on that Obama is nothing but a clone and an android, you know.

And they've all been replaced in Washington. I've warned them, when you see your replacement, run. Because they're gonna kill you and just replace you with a clone. And that's what they've been doing to celebrities who go against the grain in Hollywood. They just kill them and replace them with a clone.

They want yes-men. They want people to just take orders through chips in their brains. And they use to have battery boxes on their backs that they could be controlled through and spoken through. But now their technology has gotten so advanced that they don't need those battery packs anymore. Their technology has improved by leaps and bounds just in the last couple years.


You'll Always See a Possible False Flag Coming Because a State or City Always Stays on the Terror List - Eventually the Lord Will Let the New Madrid Fault Line Go

But some of these states that they've been targeting and they have plans to take down and take out. And that's why you'll always see a possible false flag coming. Because it seems as though, even though something doesn't happen, something gets delayed, that that state or city always still stays on the list.

And I call it the Terror List. Charleston, South Carolina; Columbia, South Carolina; Lexington, Kentucky; Richmond, Virginia; Phoenix, Arizona; Houston and Dallas, Texas; Washington, D.C.; Miami; Boston; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Chicago; and St. Louis.

And the reason St. Louis being on the list is because it was planned to be the epicenter of when the Madrid Fault Line blew. And so, if you're around the St. Louis area or north or south of St. Louis, that's not where you wanna be.

In fact, if I was anywhere near the fault line, from probably, what is that, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan up there by Chicago? I think it's Lake Michigan. All the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. You don't wanna be anywhere within 50 to 100 miles of the Mississippi River. Because when that fault line goes, about 50 miles on each side of that river will probably be destroyed and even sunk because of the water from the Great Lakes rushing down into the Gulf of Mexico.

And so, that affects quite a few states. Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee, Alabama. You know, you just visualize where that fault line is, and about 50 to 100 miles on each side of the Mississippi River, where it is now.

And they've been trying to blow that line, that Madrid Fault Line, for the last several years. And we were able to put a orgone wall all the way up it and delay it. But eventually, you know, the Lord's gonna let it go. He's gonna let it blow. I do believe it's the sixth seal, the great earthquake. And then, you know, everything is just gonna hit the fan.


I See in the Bible Codes That They're Planning Some Kind of Announcement - There's Going to Be Some Kind of Contact Event

Now, with their arrival that they're planning at Eastertime, I could probably just hit rewind to shows I was doing last year at this time. [laughs] They're planning some kind of announcement. I've been seeing that in the Bible Codes. And I believe Sananda's gonna show his ship.

There's gonna be some kind of contact event. And all the New Ager websites online are hyped about "Event." They're calling it The Event. And I believe this is when Sananda will show one of his ships. He has many. Probably--I don't know which one. I know the Capricorn's coming in, and that's a 30-mile-high blue ship.

People have already got videos of it at YouTube about this strange object near Jupiter that's coming in. It's blue. And that is the Capricorn. That's Sananda's ship. Probably some kind of event. I don't know if he'll just take a UFO off of the ship. Or if he would dare bring the Capricorn into our atmosphere.

I don't know what his plans are. But it reminds me of the V scenario, where they bring in these huge UFOs and plant them--hover them above several cities throughout the world. That's what I, pretty much, I think of when they talk about this event.

But I don't know how long that's gonna last before the full-out invasion begins. Because there's going to be a huge invasion that involves thousands of their ships. You know? Kind of like, uh, I think Day After Tomorrow was the weather--the abrupt weather change, and the floods took over in New York. I don't know. They have all kinds of movies out about this stuff. They try to forewarn people of the plans that they have and the things that are gonna happen. Because there's different routes that can happen.

And so, you know, the one with the invasion where there's thousands of ships involved, that's the one I've always seen. You know. And then that's the one I saw, you know, 12 years ago when I started writing my book, Bible Codes Revealed: The Coming UFO Invasion. And that's when it's gonna get really bad. Just total anarchy and chaos on Earth, affecting every country.


The Lord Has Warned If You Stay in the Cities, You're Going to Die, Because They're Going to Target You for Death - Our Government Planned to Have the Chinese Take Over 10 or 20 Cities

And, you know, the Lord has warned if you stay in the cities, you're gonna die. And I talked about that last week. Because they're gonna target you for death.

And this standing plan--what I was told last year by one of my way up sources, was that the Chinese, you know, they've been shuffling the Chinese in in underground bases for the last several years. Last year, two weeks before Christmas, they were bringing in 20,000 to a underground base in Studio City in California. You know, they bring them over there, and then they shuffle them out throughout the country to other underground bases. There's underground shuttle networks they use. So that could pretty much be a drop-off point. Bringing them in by ship and then shuffling them into the base underneath Studio City.

But their plan was to have the Chinese take over 20 cities, 10 cities. And then this is our government, folks. They're in cahoots with the Chinese on this, OK. It's not like we're gonna be surprised. They're gonna be surprised. They've been helping them do it.

Their plan was to help the Chinese take over 10 to 20 cities, and surround them, lock them down, declare martial law and begin roundups. And then it would spread out to the rest of the country from there. You know, they're gonna target the main cities first. And then they'll move out into the countrysides. But they're gonna take control of cities first.

And what they would also do is have NATO come in. Have Russian troops here as well. And German. The different NATO troops.


What They Fear Most Is Orgone and Guns - The Aliens Coming in Are Afraid to Die Because When They Do, They Face Immediate Judgment and Hell

And what they fear the most, folks, is orgone and guns. And that's why there's such a push to destroy the Second Amendment and take everybody's guns. Because these aliens that are coming in this huge invasion, they're afraid to die. They fear death. Because they know when they die, they face judgment. Immediately. They know they're going to hell.

And so, they don't wanna risk their own lives taking over the world, and especially this country, until they get everybody's guns. So what they wanna do is send in the Chinese troops and the NATO troops and risk their lives taking away our guns. Because they know people are gonna be fighting. Fighting back. And so, that's pretty much--use them as fodder. Use the human militaries as fodder. Let them die. Let them do the dying. So that they don't have to. The aliens don't wanna die. But they want people to know they're here and they're in charge.


The Ascended Masters Want to Bribe People to Like Them and Want Them to Come Here - The Bible Says That When They Come, Two-Thirds of Humanity Is Going to Die

And so, you know, I don't know if they're--the Bible talks about the pale horse rider in Revelation, chapter 6. And with him comes Hel--comes Sheol. It says Hell follows after him. And that's what it reminds me of because when he arrives, and he has his huge ships, and, you know, a pretty quiet--not a quiet--but a contact at that time, where everybody can see their ships in the skies, then it gets--then the chaos comes. Because all these other thousands of other ships follow after him.

I don't know what the timing is on that. I don't know if it's the next day, the next week, the next month. It's shortly afterward. Because they follow after him. They come with him. And then the pure chaos begins, and total anarchy, and so. You know, shortly after.

And then it talks about how, you know, two-thirds of mankind being killed by wars, disease, famine, pestilence, plagues the world's never seen before. Now, what's the number one garbage talk that the New Age movement puts out when their Ascended Masters arrive?

The number one thing they claim is, "We're gonna bring new technology to Earth. We're gonna heal all their sicknesses. We're gonna take away all their debt-enslavement, so they don't have to work anymore, and they don't have to be a slave to the corporate system that's been set up." Here in America, especially.

But it's the number one bait things that they use. You know, they try to bribe people to like them and want them to retur--want them to come here. Because they talk about all the good they're gonna do for humanity.

What's the Bible say? When they come, two-thirds of humanity's gonna die. So it's not changing an evil New World Order for a better alien agenda, they're both evil, they both together. They're hand in hand.


A Lot of the Viruses and Vaccines That They Develop Are Created Off-Earth and Sent Down Here to Infect Mankind and Make Them Sick

And I've been screaming for years that Sananda's been behind this whole vaccine program. You know, we've got Shema. That's still on the border of Ohio and Pennsylvania. And it's always been a place where they've been used to develop vaccines.

You know a lot of the stuff that they develop and create is off-Earth. They do it in space and then they bring it here. Just like a lot of these viruses that hit. They're not worldly viruses. They're not something that's coming from Earth. They're brought here by the aliens. They're sent down here to infect mankind and make them sick, so.


I Want to Explain to the New Listeners the Information I've Been Giving Over the Past 14 Years About the Alien Agenda and Their Plans for Depopulation of the Earth

You know, I know I'm preaching to the wall here. Everybody knows what the agenda is, but there's a lot of new people starting to listen to this show. And that's just why I wanna re-explain things. So new people can understand the information I've been giving over the past 14 years. People are more willing to hear it now than they were before. Before, they just had their ears blocked. They didn't wanna hear about aliens and UFOs. And you still run into that. But moreso, at the same time, a lot of people are waking up, so.

You know, it's my pet peeve to sit here and listen to these New Agers claim how things are gonna get so much better. [laughs] The old cabal, the evil, satanic cabal is gonna be taken down. And they're gonna institute a new, better regime here on Earth. [laughs] Right. What's the Bible say?

You know, you talk about Agenda 21 and depopulation of the earth. The U.N.'s plan already being enforced. Malnutrition. They wanna kill of a billion in the third-world.


Yes, They Will Be Successful in Killing Billions of People with the Plagues They've Been Creating - The Vaccines Are Just as Deadly as the Plagues You're Trying to Prevent

Are they gonna succeed? Yeah. Yeah, you know, I hate to say it, but a lot of these things that they've planned over the years to destroy billions on the planet are gonna happen. Either because they do it or the new regime does it. But it's gonna happen. The end result is the same. Two-thirds of mankind within a 7-year period is going to be killed. That's about 5 billion people.

So, yeah, I'd say they're a little successful. No matter which regime is in charge. Whether it's the regime or regime that's coming. They're gonna be the one's to take the credit because they're the ones bringing in all the deadly stuff.

The plagues that can kill billions of people. They've been creating them for years. H1N1, all these different viruses, they're all alien-created. They're not from this earth. They're not earthbound viruses. They're brought in.

And then the solution, the vaccines, they're just as deadly as the plagues you're trying to prevent. Vaccines have never saved anyone. Vaccines are totally unnecessary. You know, when people go get flu shots, the first thing they do is get the flu. Hehe!

I've been screaming about it for years. Because every year, elderly people are lining up to get the flu shot and then they're in the hospital in a month or two. Stay away from the flue shots. You're carrying live viruses. You're making everybody else sick around you. The ones who are vaccinated are the ones who are dangerous. And then you've got the Bill Gates Foundation who's intent on wiping out the third-world with their vaccination programs.


Why Is George Soros Funding the Legalization of Marijuana Across the Country? Because It Destroys People - Most People Are Not Interested in Marijuana for Its Medical Benefits

And then ask yourself why's Soros funding all this legalization of marijuana across the country. You know he's the one behind it. George Soros, he funds the terror groups in Africa, of Muslims, that go around killing Christians. He's behind all that in Africa. And he's behind the legalization of marijuana here.

You know, it almost makes me sick because everywhere you go people are happy. They're almost in glee that their drugs are being legalized. It's like, seriously? When you're on the outside looking in at these people that are on drugs, it's clear why George Soros is in a push to legalize it. It's because it destroys people. It destroys them.

And I'm not talking about the cannibis oil that's used to heal people from cancers. I understand that it can be used to heal. But most of these people are not in it for the healing. They just wanna be wasted all day. Face it. And it destroys people.


The Music Industry Wants to Feminize All the Black Men - Obamacare Funds Gender Reconstruction or Abortion, but Not an Operation for a Bad Gallbladder or Cancer

You know, you're looking at a society where Satan says, "I want more destruction. I want the families torn apart. I want the people morally bankrupt." And so, they push in destruction of the family by pushing the homosexual agenda. You know, and now it's really hitting the music scene where they wanna feminize all the black men. Turn them out into transexuals.

I was reading that there's a place in Obamacare that funds gender, uh, what do they call it? Gender reconstruction. They wanna make transvestites out of people. You're gonna be paying for it with Obamacare. Oh, yeah, you can't get an operation for a bad gallbladder or cancer or something, but, hey, if you want gender reconstruction surgery, they'll do that. You want an abortion, they'll pay for that. It's your money paying for it if you sign up for Obamacare. You're becoming privy to Satan's agenda, helping fund it.

Why don't these black men wake up and real--you know, they smell the coffee, they know what's going on, they know they're trying to feminize the black race, turn them all into a bunch of women. Why? So AIDS can wipe them out? Is that the ultimate goal? Because they know AIDS will eventually kill all of them off? Don't they understand that the Illuminati's not their friend? They're just killing them off.

And look what they're doing to the rest of society. You know, the new norm is supposed to be broken up homes where homosexuals are raising kids. And probably wasted ones. Because eventually you're just gonna have a bunch of disrupted homes, fractionized homes, with a bunch of potheads. I mean, seriously?

And it wouldn't take much to start destroying what kind of marijuana these people are actually smoking. Especially if it's government-approved, you don't know what you're smoking. Their lab-created GMO weed?


Is It Wrong to Smoke Marijuana? When You're Smoking Weed, You're on Satan's Playground, Not the Lord's

You know, people all the time ask me about marijuana. Is it wrong to smoke marijuana? You know what I tell them? I was a kid once. I used to smoke pot when I was 12, 13-years-old. Ask the Lord what He thinks. They don't wanna hear that. [laughs] They don't wanna do that. They don't wanna ask the Lord because they might not like the answer.

Well, I tell you He gave me a straight up one. It took me a couple years to learn it real good. But when you're smoking weed, you're on Satan's playground. You're on Satan's playground. It's not the Lord's. So whose corner you gonna be in? You gonna be one of the Lord's people or are you gonna go play on Satan's playground.

Now, I understand people do it because of pain and medicine, whatever. You know, I'm not against pain, and medicine, and cures. But face it, 95 percent of people out there just wanted to get high. I'm not stupid. I wasn't born yesterday. I went down that route 20 years ago, 30 years ago. I was a kid once, too. And you're entering Satan's playground with that stuff.

The Lord would've said, "No, go ahead, Sherry. I totally agree with it. I put it on Earth. Go ahead, enjoy yourself." That's not what He told me. And it's not what He showed me.

It got to the point, when He was really trying to get my attention, where every time I would even go near the stuff, I would start to hear sounds from hell. I would hear millions of people screaming. And it sounded just like those tapes, you can go to YouTube and hear online the oil people, or whatever, drilling into the earth, and then stumbling into a section of hell, and hearing thousands of people screaming.

That's exactly what I would hear. It was like the Lord telling me, "Keep smoking that crap, and you're going right there with them." It was a wakeup call for me. A huge wakeup call. And I was just a kid. And you can't even reach adults now. They're so stubborn and hardheaded. They don't wanna walk away from it. They don't wanna give it up.

I can't even stand being around it now. I can't stand being around people that drink or do drugs. And so, my circle of people can be really small. [--] Because that's two things I can't tolerate. because I know how the Lord feels about it.


No Matter What Part of Satan's Playground You're On, You're Being Accessed by Demons - They Can Literally Take People's Souls Out of Their Bodies and Put Them in Jars

And no matter what part of playground of Satan's you're on, you're being accessed by demons. Because when you're on his playground, you're not gonna have the protection of the Holy Spirit. You're gonna have the Lord's anger against you.

And when people are drunk constantly, when they're on drugs constantly, when you overdo anything, you become an access point for Lucifer for demonic possession. And what's happening in this day and age with demonic possession is it's reaching all new levels to where you go beyond being possessed to soul-scalps. They just completely replace you. You know, they take out your spirit, and they put in a demonic host or alien host occupy your body.

You know, I posted a link on my Facebook--somebody else did--about Scooby-Do. And they were showing--because I never watched the movie. I don't watch a lot of movies. Unfortunately, for me, I watch about five years later, ten years later, when there's a point to be made, and then I go back and look at it.

But Scooby-Do, it's a YouTube online. This part about Scooby-Do, where all the people are changing who they are, like, they're switching people. Like, Scooby's spirit went into one of the girls'. And one of the girls' went into his. And everybody was playing somebody they weren't because their souls were being swapped amongst each other.

They can do that. You know, remember me talking about Dulce Base, many years ago. And one of the things that the Lord had showed me that was inside Dulce Base New Mexico was these jars. These containers on shelves. Just rows, and rows, and rows. And in those jars was people's souls.

Because they take your soul out of your body and they would just put it in a jar. And they would take the person's body and put a alien host or demonic host, whatever, in it. And that being, that entity would become that person from that point on.


They Can Download All Your Thoughts, Memories and Feelings into a Chip and Put It in a Clone - Clones Don't Know They're Clones

And, you know, when they take over your body, they have full access to your brain. They have all your memories. They can also download them into a brain. I mean, they do that to clones all the time. That's why so many people have a hard time figuring out how clones actually work because they're so much like the original person.

Well, they can put all your thoughts, memories, feelings, they can put it all on a chip. That's what our technology has gotten to now. They can put everything on a computer, save it in a program, and then when they create your clone, they download all of that into the clone's memory. Into his brain. Into his chip. And so, that clone doesn't even realize he is a clone.

Clones don't know they're clones. You know? They think they're just like you and me. They don't realize, "Hey, you just popped on Earth a couple days ago." [laughs] And you're already 35, 40-years-old. They don't start from babies. You know, their cloning technology is so good now that they can clone a person at almost the exact same age they are right now. And in a couple hours, you can have a clone that's exactly almost your age, and looks 9990almost exactly like you.

They're not perfect. When you look at the originals, and you look at the clones, you can see differences. You know, study all the pictures they put out. Study all the Hillary Clinton pictures that are plastering us. And Obama, and Nancy Pelosi, and all of them.


America Is Being Controlled by the Robots in Charge - We're Being Taken Over by Alien Races

Study the pictures. Various clones. We're starting to call it the RIC, Robots in Charge. Because we're being controlled by robots. Humans don't control America, robots do.

Now, who's the puppet masters? Who's controlling these robots? Because they're the ones who are really in charge. They're not human either, folks. We're being taken over by these alien races. And the ones that control Europe and America is the Reptilian faction. You have the Reptilians and you have the Vulcans. That's why you have people doing the V, the peace sign. The two fingers, the peace. That's the V. That's a V for Vulcans. Because we're being dominated by the Reptilians and the Vulcans here.


Churches Are Signing Up to Be Cheerleaders for Satan's Agenda and Starting to Preach Chrislam

And the ones in charge, and the ones that are gonna be singing the praises of the coming alien cosmic blah-blah garbage coming will be the Hollywood. They'll use all the musicians and the politicians.

And then you have the churches that are signing up and gonna be used for cheerleaders for Satan's agenda. I mean, I was looking at a list the other day, and they have all these churches listed of...who are now starting to preach Chrislam. Which is an abomination in itself. It's a blend of Christianity and Islam. They call it Chrislam.

And this was the brainchild of Clinton and Bush years ago. Bush, Sr. You'll find him behind just about everything that goes on in this country. And he's pretty much one of the master controllers. But he's totally not even human.

And the reason it's such an abomination is because, first of all, the Muslims don't accept or acknowledge Yahushua as the Son of God. They claim He's just a prophet no greater than Muhammad. You know which one they worship, which is Muhammad. That's their main one. They relegate Him to just another being, you know, another being, basically. They call Him a prophet, but they have no respect for Him as a prophet. They have no respect for Him at all. They worship Muhammad and Allah.

You know what? I try to get through to them. Allah is another name for Satan. Look at the cube in Mecca. You're marching around in Mecca, some holy site. That thing is a replica of a cube on Saturn. You know, there's so many tie-ins with Saturn and Islam. And it all comes back to one name: Satan. Allah is just another name for Satan. Allah is another name for Sananda.


Christianity Today Is Nothing Like It Was 2,000 Years Ago - Paul Destroyed the Teachings That Yahushua and His Apostles Established When They Were Here

They worship Satan. And so, now you're gonna blend Christianity in with Islam? But face it, Christianity today is nothing like it was 2,000 years ago. It's not what the Lord established when He was here with His apostles.

Paul infiltrated, took over the church. King James, putting most of Paul's garbage in the New Testament. Paul was never an apostle of the Lord's. Matthias replaced Judas, not Paul. Paul came in his own name and said he was an apostle. What'd the Lord do? He warned us of the one who'd come in his own name that they would accept. That was Paul.

Now, the early Christians never accepted Paul. And that's why they had persecutions going on. Kept them going on. Because they had to get rid of all the astonished church believers who stood against Paul.

See, Paul tried to kill James. Threw him down the temple steps. Paul tried to take over. They excommunicated Paul from the church. Those are the real books that should be in the New Testament. That the Masons behind King James conveniently left out when they put the KJV together.

And so, he's destroyed, destroyed the teachings that Yahushua and the apostles had established when they were here. You know? How many people today celebrate Easter instead of Passover. Celebrating Christmas trees and Easter bunnies and Halloweens. They don't celebrate one of the Lord's appointed festivals.

And they all quote Paul's lies. And you can always hear Satan's hisses in Paul's lies. "The law dead nailed to a tree." And who preaches that? The churches today. They repeat his lies. "We operate by grace, not by law." "The law stopped. It was replaced." Really? When? When? Because Paul says so?


Who Is the Church to Say We Don't Have to Celebrate Passover? Why Do They Go Overboard Celebrating the Pagan Holidays of Easter and Christmas?

You know, the apostles were still going to Jerusalem on pilgrimages. Celebrating Passover even after Yahushua arose from the grave. So who is the church to say, all of a sudden, "Oh, no. We don't have to celebrate Passover. We got Easter here. We got it covered. We got Easter bunnies." [laughs]

They're celebrating the fertility goddess, Ishtar, who was Lilith. They're celebrating a fertility goddess with their eggs. What does bunnies and eggs have to do together? Bunnies don't lay eggs. It represents fertility. The fertility goddess was the ancient Babylonian goddess, Ishtar. What does that have to do with Passover? "Oh, but it's the day we celebrate the Lord rising from the grave." And so, you mix it in with fertility eggs? And Ishtar Babylonian worship? What's that have to do with His resurrection?

They do the very thing Jeremiah said not to do. Cutting trees down from the forest and decorating them with lights and decorations. Go not the way of the pagans and the heathen. It's what Jeremiah warned. And so, what do we do? We have churches putting up Christmas trees. They have plays at Christmastime. They really go overboard celebrating paganism and everything Jeremiah and the prophet told them not to do.


Did the Lord Die for Our Sins so That We Could Unify with the Muslims and Compromise with the Pagans Around Us?

You're better off not even stepping foot in a church today. Now, especially, their gonna start preaching Chrislam. "Oh, we need to unify with the Muslims." In other words, we can't beat them, so let's join them, because they outnumber us.

Really, you think that's why the Lord died for our sins, and arose, and all that, so we could compromise with the pagans around us? That kind of puts all the deaths of the early Christians to naught, to shame. I mean, they died for their faith, because they wouldn't compromise.

And now you have the wolves in the last days leading the big megachurches all over this country saying, "Oh, we're gonna compromise." You people should be running out of those churches. Not walking, running. And not giving them one single penny of yours.


We Need to Stand Up, as a People, for Righteousness - We Can Shut Down These Satanists by Ignoring Them and Turning Our Backs on Them; Boycott Them

We can shut them down, folks. If people left the megachurches in groves, they wouldn't have the money to stay in business spewing their lies and garbage and keeping people in apostasy and away from the true faith. They'd have nobody to listen to their lies.

If we stopped going to concerts, and supporting satanic Hollywood, they wouldn't be making anymore money. They'd shut down, too. Maybe they'd get the point. We're tired of the satanism, and the lies, and the garbage.

We need to stand up as a people. Stand up for the righteousness. Say go back to hell with the satanic satanism. We're sick of it.

You know, whenever you see somebody flashing the pyramid signs, and the V signs, and the satanic horn signs, they should be targeted for boycotting. Put them on a list and boycott them. Stop buying their music, stop going to their movies, stop watching them on TV.

Don't even watch those satanic award shows. If they don't have an audience, they're not gonna make money on those either because, you know, they charge advertisers by the amount of audience they expect to have.

We can shut them down by ignoring them and turning our backs on them. And giving them a strong statement, "We have nothing to do with you. We want nothing to do with you." And so, they lose, by power of persuasion. Because that's all they use it for; persuasion. They wanna persuade everybody, "Oh, look. Being in the occult is fun. Look at my devil horns. Look at my tattoos. Look at my piercings. Look at my dress." All these transgender freaks.

And, you know, a lot of them such under mind control, you know, you feel sorry for the kids. What they're doing to the kids. Saw Will Smith's son with a dress and shorts underneath it the other day. I mean, seriously? They're really trying to just destroy the fabric of this society. And the only way we can win it is to ignore it, and to not let them persuade us. Don't watch the network shows. Don't watch the alternative-type shows. Just shut them down. Boycott them.


Do More of What They Hate: Keep and Buy More Guns & Make, Buy, and Get Out More Orgone

Keep your guns. Buy more, because they hate the guns. They hate the orgone, so buy orgone, make orgone, get orgone out. They hate guns and they hate orgone. Orgone crashes their ships.

You know, the one thing we need to be planning to do is having a bunch of, you know, I've got 5- and 10-foot pipes. And they take hundreds of dollars to make. Have pipes ready to go. So when they do start bringing their ships in and parking them over the cities, then we could put our orgone pipes up. Erect our pipes so we could crash the UFOs.

Orgone will burn and crash UFOs. We've been seeing it for a decade now. Fireballs across the sky that supposed meteors. There's all the UFOs we've been crashing with our orgone.


Make More Power Pipes - Have a Surplus Stash of Orgone Pipes Ready to Go to Point at UFOs Once They're Hovering Above the Cities

So you know they're coming to New York City. And we have a lot of orgone there, but we--I don't think we have any power pipes, what I call them. The bucket blasters, the power pipes. We don't have anything there like that. We just have walls of orgone around Manhattan. And so, they'll probably veer off at a angle of New York City. Maybe go over to Brooklyn, or Long Island, or whatever. D.C.

See, the problem is we got orgone in every major city, but we don't have any pipes erected there so that they can blast straight up at the UFOs once they're hovering above the cities. And that's what we need to do. We need to have a surplus stash of orgone pipes ready to go. And be able to hit the road and get to these cities, and point these pipe blasters up at these UFOs.


I Have a Handful of Pipes Now, but I Could Get More with Your Financial Help - I Think I Burned Through $20,000 Just Going to New York City

You know, I've got pipes sitting in my garage. I think I've got about six. I could get more if I had more funds. But I also need funds to make the pipes. You know, the crystals. The crystals are the biggest thing because I like to use large ones for the pipes. You're looking at 2-inch round pipes, you need about a good inch, inch and a half crystals. I like big ones and long ones. All the longs ones. 2-, 4-inch-long. About a inch wide. Inch and a half wide.

You know, those pipes take a lot of materials. And so, I need your funding, folks. I need donations. You know? This is [unclear] we have. I mean, you're not gonna shoot down a UFO with a gun. The orgone's already proven to be effective, so let's stick with it. Plan to get pipes in every city. Which means, you know, going on missions, getting on the road. That takes a lot of money.

I think I burned through 20,000 just going to New York City. We had so much supplies. And, you know, the hotel fees just for that week were astronomical, you can imagine for New York City. Probably about 4 or 5,000 for 8 days, hotels.

And in New York, everything's small. We had these tiny rooms fit for a mouse. Hehe! New York cracked me up. It is. Everything is smaller in New York. Everything's tiny. You know?

But we had a blast. I had a lot of fun. And I was able to witness a lot of the Lord's power over there. Being transported to places. I mean, I've never experienced anything like that before. That was a riot. Being made invisible. I know He'll do it. Again, when we hit the road.


144,000 Are Going to Be Sealed on Earth After the Madrid Fault Line Blows

Christians are hitting the road. And fighting back, and witnessing for the Lord. I mean, 144,000 are gonna be sealed after the Madrid Fault Line blows. They're gonna be sealed on Earth. And they're gonna become evangelists throughout the world. And He's gonna do miraculous things with them. Transporting them, making them invisible, things like that.

No, they don't know who they are ahead of time. They'll be told then.


Think of What You Can Do to Get Prepared, and Do It - And Send in Your Donations Today So This Ministry Can Get Prepared

But I've got about 90 seconds left. So I just wanna close with get prepared, folks. Think of what you can do, and do it.

And fund this ministry so we can get prepared, and get pipes prepared, and get ready to hit the road if we have to. [] I hate sitting here thinking my hands are gonna be tied. They're gonna come and we're so broke [audio cuts out] pay attention.


All right, folks. Till next week. Yah bless.