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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner

March 10, 2014


The Malaysian Airplance Disappearance Is Not Something the Father Wants Me Focused on Right Now

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. A couple things I wanna talk about tonight.

I know everybody's asking me about the Malaysian airplane that disappeared. You know, usually when it's quiet, it feels quiet about something, they're usually covering up. Trying to figure out who to blame. Figure out amongst themselves which one did it. Because it's probably a inside factional war going on.

And so, I really don't have any thoughts about it. I mean, probably come out that some politician or whistleblower was onboard. Maybe a few bankers. know. [laughs] I just draw a blank when I even start to think about it, and so.

I know it's not something the Father really wants me focused on right now. And yet, everybody's asking me about it. And it's like, "I don't know." You know. [laughs] It's only faction fighting.

If He doesn't want me in something, it's going to be like hitting a brick wall. And that's pretty much what it is. So it's probably just factional fighting.


What Do You Mean by Factional Fighting?

You know, someone was asking me the other day, "What do you mean by factional fighting? What factions are around us?" You know what? There's so many of them all fighting for world dominance and control.

There's the Islamic Brotherhood. There's the Black Brotherhood. There's the White Dragon Society, the Black Dragon Society. You have the Great White Brotherhood. You have the Jews with the Talmud. (The fake Jews with the satanic Talmud; I'll clarify). Then you have the Nazi fascism cabal; the New World Order.

Then you have the New Age alien agenda. And there's several of them just within the New Age group. It's easier just to sweep them all under one rug. Because they're nothing but good cop...playing, uh, good cop and, uh, bad cop aliens. "Oh, we're nice ones. Those are the mean ones. Those are the bad ones."

And that's the same thing a lot of these factions do. Especially from Japan. You have the White Dragon Society and the Black. And they're always pitting each other against each other. "Oh, they're the bad ones." "They're the bad ones, we're the good ones." [laughs]


As Long as Satan Can Keep People Away from the One True Worship of Yahuah, He Wins, Because He Gets Them on Default

You know what? When it comes down to it, there's only two beings on this planet you can worship. One is God the Father, and one is Satan. And if you don't worship God the Father and follow Him, Satan claims you on default.

So it doesn't matter if you claim that you're agnostic, or atheistic, or an Allah-worshiper, or whatever. If you don't worship The Most High God, Yahuah, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Satan claims you.

So he has all these other religions and deceptions in the world to trick and deceive people by. As long as he can keep them away from the one true worship of Yahuah, he wins. Because he gets all them on default. He gets them on default.


The Father Has Two Groups Here; the Elect and the Bride - The Elect Are Angels Sent to Earth to Be Here in the Last Days, Born as Humans

And amongst all these different factions on the planet, fighting for dominance and world control, you have the Elect that are here. You have the Father's Elect and His Bride. He's got two groups here; the Elect and the Bride.

Now, I know when you sit in the churches, they make it sound like the Elect are the Bride. That's it's one and the same group. And this is something the Lord taught me early on, years ago, that these are two distinct groups. And even as I work in the Bible Codes, I always see the difference, terms being used, the Elect, the Firstborn, the Firstfruits, and the Bride.

You know, there's always just a Bride, one term, one single term to describe it. And when it comes to the Elect, it comes up as Elect, Firstfruits, or Firstborn. You're like, "Well, what are the Firstborn and the Firstfruits?" You know?

And if you go back to an article I wrote years ago called Angels in the Flesh [], I talked about how the Lord can put His vessels, born as humans on Earth. And these are the Elect. These are angels sent to Earth to be here in the last days, born as humans.


And Satan does the same thing. Satan can put vessels of dishonor--his own demonic spirits--he can have them born as humans on Earth, too. He can do the same thing the Father does, you see. The Lord gives him that power. That's why you'll have these bloodline families that are just so evil, they're just, like, born evil.

And even amongst us in society, where you have all these pedophilias, you'd have to be insane to want to hurt a child. And that's because they are insane. They're demonic beings. You know, they're born as humans, but they're psychopaths and narcissists. And those aren't traits of anything that is born of the Lord. You know, those are satanic traits as it gets. That is just pure demonic possession, alien soul-scalping, whatever you wanna call it.


You Can Always Sense, When Someone Walks by You, Whether You Feel Peace or Just a Total Darkness - Those in Darkness Recognize the Light in the Lord's People When They See It

And you can always sense the difference in the spirits of people that are around you. Especially if you're sensitive to spirits. I can get that way in stores. I don't like being in public places a lot. A lot of people. I don't like dealing with it. But you can sense, you know, when someone walks by you, whether you feel peace or you just feel a total darkness, and a total dark energy being walking by you. You know.

I know I'll be in the grocery store sometimes and one of those dark beings will just walk by and just make a horrid look at me. I mean, haha, it's almost amusing. It's like their face just starts to contort the second they see me. Just a look of horror. You know, I don't look that bad. [laughs] But I'll tell you what, they're repulsed by the light that emanates from the Lord's people.

I started talking a little about this last time, in the last show, where they know who we are without us having to say anything because darkness recognizes light. They always know light when they see it. When you turn the light on, you see the light. And when you're in the area of a person with light, they see it and they feel it. And they hate it. You know.

And the thing with people that have light is that they also have love, compassion and patience. And so, we're very high-tolerant of being around other people. Even if we know that that person doesn't serve the Father. See, we become passive. Passive-type people. Especially I'm very patient with people. You know.


A Hybrid Came to Earth to Find Me, Because She Was Sent with Orders to Destroy the Orgone War

And I like to have fun. You know, the government's always trying to people close to me, what you would call an inside--which is they're pretty much close. I mean, I only let so many people near me. And I have to be that way because of all the assassination attacks. They never stop.

But a lot of times I'll toy with the people they send. Send to me to try to befriend me and get close to me, just to have some fun. [laughs] See who it is sent them, who they're working for, what their agenda is.

I know, a couple years ago, they were on this binge where they kept sending me all these hybrids. And these hybrids were sent to disrupt and destroy the orgone war. And these kids had been groomed--well, they'd been groomed from the time they were kids.

One came into Earth, literally--if you've seen that, uh, that movie series, um, Resident Evil--literally came to Earth like the redhead that plays that movie. She jumped into a human's body. She was an alien from Lyra, I think it is, or one of those star systems. And jumped in a human body, into Earth, on the Earth here. And from the time she was 16, had been looking for me. Because she was sent with orders to destroy the orgone war.

And so, this is how deep and how far the rabbit hole can go. You know, it took her a long time. She found me two years ago. And by then, she was, like, 26-, 28-years-old. It'd been ten years. Over ten years trying to find me.

I don't think I'm that hard to find. I'm pretty out there, I thought. But that's what happens when you're on the blacklist.


I'm on Every Blacklist Out There - How Is It That These Other Whistleblowers Aren't Being Blacklisted? I Think It's Because They're a Part of the Controlled Opposition

You know, a lot of people ask me about, "Well, what do you think of these whistleblowers? Karen Hudes and Snowden revealing all this stuff?" And you know what I had to say? "Oh, I don't have anything in particular about any government official."

I don't have documents from the government. All I do is expose the alien agenda on this Earth. And teach people how to fight against it. And I'm on every blacklist out there. I can't even get on a show like Coast to Coast, or a TV program, or a, you know, a show with any kind of notoriety, because I'm on the blacklist.

So how is it that these other whistleblowers aren't being blacklisted? When they have all this supposed proof of politicians and world leaders doing all this bad stuff, but yet, they're jumping around from interview to interview. Going on TV, going on radio. They're not blacklisted. And I think it's because they're a part of the controlled opposition. And that's why the Lord never leads me to anybody else for info. Hardly ever does.


You'd Better Believe That Every Major Militia Group Has Been Infiltrated by the CIA - You Can Usually Tell Who's an Intelligence Agent Because They're Bossy and Want to Be at the Top

When I first started asking Him for the truth in all things every day, I would vary around on different websites and stuff with different doctrines and teachings because you could find nuggets of truth here and there. But when it came to listening and following certain people, whether they be known as truth seekers or bigmouths, or whatever you wanna call them, He wouldn't let me have anything to do with them. He wanted me set apart and away from all of them. And I think it's because it plays a huge part of the agenda of controlled opposition.

Not everybody who says they're a patriot is. Especially when I've learned that everything's been infiltrated. Everything from the top down. I mean, I support the militias in our country, but when they organized into chapters and into a big organization that they are today, that was the worst thing they could've done because the CIA controls them now.

And people would say, "Well, they're not in our group." Well, you better believe they're in your group. They're in every major militia group. And they're controlled from our...what is it, Washington? Washington, Oregon out there. And it's all being controlled by the CIA. So they've all been infiltrated.

And they go to top positions, folks. I mean, when you deal with these people that work for intelligence agencies, there's nothing that's humble about them. They're very narcissistic. They're very me-me-me oriented. They wanna be at the top. They wanna be the bosses. They wanna a be the ones giving orders. That's their typical traits. You know. That's how they roll. And that's how you can usually tell them apart. I mean, they're just bossy. You know.

And that's pretty much how our government is. They send in their agent. Called agent provocateurs. And what they do is provoke you to do things you normally wouldn't do. And then they arrest you for it. And their agents walk scott free. I mean, that's how they roll. That's how they work.

And so, the Lord never had me get involved with anything like militias, or organized groups, or anything. Because the government has their pawns everywhere. And they're always at the top. You know what? Take the ones at the bottom and go start your own group and don't let anybody join it. That's what I would say. And then you know you safe, free from government people. [laughs] Take all the ones on the bottom being ignored. Those are the ones you can trust. [laughs]


Sananda Bombed My House and the Government Was Staking Out My House, Because the Lord Stood Me Up to Be the Resistance, to Start a War, Against the Coming Alien Invasion

But, you know, it's coming down to, you know, another springtime here. And another decisive war this time, spring, last year. My house was bombed by Sananda's starship. Hit a beam at my house. Fried all my appliances. If the Lord hadn't deflected it, it would've blown the entire thing up. Just about did, even though it was deflected.

Also affecting the neighbors. Blew out all their appliances. On both sides of me. It was a really hard hit. And I stood up and watched it come in through the window.

And, you know, they had a plan for Thursday. I talked about, on Facebook, how I had seen two low-level planes flying over my house. And, you know, I wasn't home at the time, but I was coming in off the main route to get back into the area where I live.

And I saw two planes coming from the northeast. And the Father was like, "Look. Look." And I'm looking. And I stopped the car and I'm looking as these two planes were coming towards me. But then they abruptly turned west to go straight over my backyard, house, and property. And I knew, from where I was, that's exactly where they were. And, you know, they were staking out my house.

And they had been here last Monday. Tuesday as well, in the evening, they'd been here. I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday. No, it was Tuesday. And then Thursday again. And so, I didn't really didn't think much about it. But, you know, Thursday I was busy. It was my daughter's birthday. I was busy doing things. The Lord wasn't gonna have it, you know. He wasn't gonna let them blew up my house again, on my daughter's birthday.

And so, they'll be back. And I can see that in the Codes. That they'll be back.

The reason being is that when the Lord stood me up over a decade ago to be the resistance, to start a war against the coming alien invasion, first I had to teach people what it was. I had to wake people up to the fact there were aliens and UFOs all around us.

And that took a decade of laughter and mocking. And now everybody agrees. But, hey, you know, that took a long time of suffering and persecution just for that. Standing up and trying to wake people up is never easy. And putting up websites, and doing radio shows, and people just thinking you're crazy.


When I Asked the Lord How to Protect Ourselves from Their Technology, and How to Tear Down the Strongholds of Satan, He Led Me to Orgone

But we started a war against them. You know I asked the Lord, "How do we defend ourselves against all this stuff?" Because, you know, the first thing you're gonna learn, if you're a bigmouth, is that you're getting attacked by the satellite weapons.

You don't figure out right away satellite weapons, but you know you're under attack. And you don't know how the heck it's happening, you don't know where it's coming from. And I learned pretty quick it was ELF [pronounces each letter] technology, ELF [pronounces it as elf] technology. And they also used remote neural monitoring technology. They keep you under surveillance constantly. And when you're sleeping, they run satellite scans on your body.

I mean, they do various, various things on the body, attacking bigmouths and the people they don't like. And so, I asked the Lord, "How do we protect ourselves against this stuff. And how do we tear down the strongholds of Satan? How do we tear them down?" And He led me to orgone.

And this one little weapon has proven to do a thousand different things. It not only protects us, but it also destroys the strongholds of Satan. It does everything that we need it to all in one little orgone puck.

And so, I started this resistance against Lucifer and his minions. And over the years, it's grown and grown. And it's worldwide now. People doing it around the globe. Getting the orgone out. And it's crashing their ships. Crashing them all over the world.


We're Making the Ascended Masters Very Angry, Because They're Losing a Lot of Their Ships to Orgone and Can't Bring in Their Cosmic Christs to Begin the New Age Alien Agenda on Earth

You know, there was several videos put out last week of huge ships going down. I know Wednesday I was laughing with a friend of mine about one that crashed and went down in Michigan. And then there was a YouTube one. One crashing and going down in New Mexico. And then just various places of UFOs being caught on fire and crashing.

And, of course, they just call them meteors or fireballs. They won't come out and say, "Hey, the orgone just crashed another UFO. Here's the video." [laughs] But we know what it is. We know what's going on.

And this angers them. This is making them very angry. They're losing a lot of their ships. And especially a time when, you know, the New Age agenda's trying to spring forward. You know, they're trying to bring in their cosmic Christs of Sananda and Maitreya, and trying to, you know, get the whole ball rolling with the alien agenda on Earth.


I Think They're Trying to Open Up Polar Vortex Portals to Move Ships Out of the Inner Earth and Up to the North Pole

And so, they're trying to come in, bring in their ships. And we've been going through this madness all winter long. Because every time they open a portal vortex in the north, the lower states, the United States in general, will just get plastered with these arctic blasts, freezing air and snow. And it was going on all winter long. It's like every time you got a break here it'd come two weeks later. They're opening up polar vortexes.

I think they're trying to move ships out of the inner earth, is what I think. They're moving them up to the North Pole. Out through the portal that way. Becauase we know there's a opening at the North Pole. The earth is hollow. There's all kinds of cities in the inner earth that these aliens run and control. We know Shamballa is in the inner earth, over in the Asian desert.


I See in the Bible Codes That the Orgone Is Penetrating the Kachina Aglomeration - The Colors of the Orion Constellation, Draco Constellation, Are Red, White and Blue

And so, you know, I see in the Bible Codes that the orgone is penetrating the Kachina aglomeration. The Kachina aglomeration. It was a blue Kachina, Blue Star Kachina. A red Kachina. Aglomeration must be a system with it. Unless they're with the Nibiru system. Because remember they always claimed that when Nibiru came in it was a whole system behind it. The whole system with it.

I never really quite understood this whole Red Star and Blue Star Kachina. I used to just assume it was Capricorn. When you look at Sananda's--one of his ships, his main ship, the Capricorn, it's over 30-miles-high and 30-miles-wide. I mean, the thing is huge. And it's a light blue.

And it's been in Ohio before. I know people have posted YouTube videos and pictures of Sananda's Capricorn ship here. It was the one that blew my house up last year. It always usually parks in the northwest.

And another thing about the Red and Blue Star is that when you look at the Orion constellation, Beetlejuice, Betelgeuse, however you wanna pronounce it, the top left corner star is red. And then the lower right foot (depending on how you're looking at it), left foot, I guess you could say--if you're looking at it, it'd be the left foot. Their right, your left. That blue star. And I can't think of the name of it. I was gonna look that up. And I didn't even know I'd be talking about it tonight. But that's a blue star.

And if you look at everything around us, you have the red and blue. You know, the Democrats and the Republicans. If you're into boxing, you have the red corner and the blue corner. You have everybody's flags, you know, the colors are changing to red, white and blue. That's pretty much the colors of the Orion constellation; red, white and blue.

And the Orion constellation is the Draco, Draconian constellation. There's many stars, ships, within the Draco system and planets where the Dracos live. And this is...first of all, the Orion is, like, the largest constellation in the sky. It's visible from the United States for, like, nine to ten months out of a year. And then it dips below the equator for two months. And then it comes back. It'll disappear this winter--this summer. And then it'll come back about August, September.

It'll disappear soon enough. But you could pretty much see it outside right now in the east every night. Used to be in the west. And now it's in the east. Kind of goes where it wants to. Shows how whacked our earth-tilting is getting. You don't know quite where to expect constellations because they're not where they're supposed to be.

But that what the whole thing reminds me of--red, white and blue--is that know, the whole Draconian faction.


With the Draco System, You Have the Tall Greys, the Small Greys, the Reptilians and the Lizards - Why They're Always Showing the Star Wars Movies on Cable TV

And with the Draco system, you have the Tall Greys, the small Greys, the Reptilians, the Lizards. And the Draconians are Lizards with wings. That's what the Draconians are.

When I think of Draconians, I always think of those black-hooded Darth Vader beings. You know, if you've ever seen Star Wars--and you probably should by now, because, you know, that Spike Network on cable, they're so devoted to showing the Star Wars trilogy, all the movies. I mean, like, six years now. It never stops.

That network constantly plays the whole Star Wars movies. Because there's stuff in there they're trying to tell us. You know, people think movies are just fiction. You know, it's always been a tool of our government to release information to the public so they could say, "Hey, we told you. You just didn't believe it." You know?


It's Always Been a Part of Disclosure Agreements, That People in Classified and Secured Areas of the Government Sign, That They Can Only Release Info in Fiction Format

And it's always been part of disclosure agreements that people sign when they get into classified and secured areas of the government, when it comes from releasing info, that they can only release info in fiction formats.

And so, this is how whistleblowers, mind you, that don't wanna get killed, or sued up the ying for signing NDAs, are very careful in how they do it. They produce fiction movies and fiction books. They give it to you, they give you the truth in a fiction format, and leave it to the public to be able to weed out the truth from the drama or just the stuff that's thrown in for entertainment value.

And they do this constantly. Every summer they're releasing movies with more and more truths they're revealing to the public. And they're pretty sure no ones gonna believe it. And for the most part, nobody does. But when you learn how to operate, you can go watch a movie, and start picking out, "OK, what is it they're trying to reveal?"

They don't just spend 20 million dollars on a movie for entertainment value, folks. And the CIA has always had long-standing contracts with Hollywood to produce and release movies based on certain subject content.


Our Government Doesn't Control the CIA Because the CIA Was an Intelligence Agency Implanted by the Vatican

You know, I was sitting here thinking about this whole mess the other day about the NSA and the CIA, and all the alphabet agencies. And one of the things that kept coming to my mind is something I said a long time ago. And it's that our government doesn't even own or control our CIA.

You know, if you look at the CIA and the NSA, we've always been told that the CIA is covert spying. In other words, spying in other countries. That they weren't allowed to spy on U.S. citizens; that was the job of the NSA. Now, mind you, look at the size of the NSA compared to the CIA. [laughs] [unclear] certainly be much room for a breather there because the NSA is about a hundred times bigger than the CIA. Which means the NSA being tens of thousands of more employees than the CIA. Just employed to spy on us Americans.

But you know what? The government doesn't control the CIA because the CIA was a intelligence agency implanted by the Vatican. And this is how they control America. And they have their own over in Europe. They have the M16 or whatever, M15. It's how the Vatican stays in control, you know.

We don't even own the IRS. We don't own our own banking, our money, the federal Treasury. We don't own the TSA. So these mongrels can do whatever they want to you in the airport. And our government is really pretty much helpless to do anything against any of these agencies because they don't own or control them. They don't answer to our government.

And, of course, they try to hide everything through a web of bureaucracy and deceit so that nobody knows who the real owners are. But, you know, I think it's pretty easy to figure it out in this day and age.


The Biggest Lie Was That America Was Freed in 1776 - We've Been Slaves of Britain, and We Pay Our Slave Tax Called the IRS Tax

We don't control our own money, our own intelligence agency. There's a huge block of the military called the black ops military that we have no control over. The shadow government owns it. Who's the shadow government? Another arm of the Vatican.

See, the biggest lie was that America was freed in 1776. That's the biggest lie there is. We've been slaves of Britain since then. It was all a facade. We were never freed from them. We pay our slave tax called the IRS tax.

And if you look at the IRS, it would be IRS-DBA-Ohio. IRS Doing Business As the IRS in Ohio. That's their fictitious name. The Internal Revenue Service isn't their real name. It's a DBA, Doing Business As.

You know, they mix everything up between the queen and the pope. And they just carve out and enslave Americans to their whims and agendas. And for the most part, for 200 years people have been asleep and not paying attention to anything. Having faith in a government that wants to round them up and kill them. And this is coming right around the corner. People think FEMA camps are a conspiracy theory? Wake up.


I Was Told It Wasn't Just Me They're Coming After - I Can See in the Codes That They're Coming After All the Lord's Warriors, but, First, They're After the Elect

You know, when I was asking my sources about their attempted attack here the other day on my house, I was told it wasn't just me they're coming after. And I've known this. I can see it in the Codes. They're coming after all the Lord's warriors.

Now why are they coming after the Lord's warriors? Why don't they just go after the sheep in all the megachurches? Because they're not very threatening to Satan's agenda. They're in his churches. He has control of them. He has control of the information they learn or think they know. They don't have the real truths and they're not a threat to him.

They hate the Elect. Because the Elect aren't being deceived by any of the lies and the doctrinal apostasies going on in the churches today. And that's how they know. When you're part of the Elect, you're part of the Bride. Because they know the Elect aren't deceived by it.

Now, they don't like the Bride either. Don't get me wrong. They're gonna round them up. Churches are waiting for a rapture, and what they're gonna get is a ride to a FEMA camp by a Chinese U.N. truck. And that's the truth.

And the Lord starts with judgment in His house first. He's gonna let the Christians be rounded up. The Christians in this country will be rounded up. And they will be persecuted, and they will be tortured, and they will be killed. And the Lord allows it because it's His judgment on them.

But first they're after the Elect. And the Elect is a small group. It's 144,000. A lot of them have already left. There's several thousand left on the earth. And those are the ones they're after.


They See You from Space with Satellites, and Know What You Have in Your Fridge or Under Your Bed, but Need Ground Surveillance to Tell Who's Who in a House with Several People

I know a lot of people get harassed. A lot of you see the helicopters. A lot of you have the same stories. I could go on and on about surveillance and being attacked by their weapons. Because they have lists. They wanna know where you're at.

You know, they kind of go down their list and they jump from area to area to go see who so-and-so--what they're doing. They can see you from space. They can point their satellites at your house. And they could tell you what's in your fridge. They could tell you what's under your bed.

But as far as humans, they can tell you how many are in the house, but they don't know exactly which one is who. So that's why they still use ground intel, instead of just leaving everything to satellites. They use ground surveillance.


We Could Start Going Through FEMA Camp Roundups Now, This Summer, or It Could Be Delayed Till the Winter, but They Will Happen

But they wanna start the roundups. And they're going to. And so, this summer's not looking very cheery if we stay on the route we're on. You know, it's almost like this. It's like, OK, it could happen now, it could happen this summer, we could start going through FEMA camp roundups.

Or it gets delayed to the wintertime, which I've always felt is the worst-case scenario. Because then you have Germany and World War II all over again, here in America. Like they haven't been trying to start that up as it is.

You know, you always see the roundups of the Jews in the Auschwitz camps all going in the dead of winter. And people are just so frozen numb they can't fight back, they can't resist, they can't do anything because they're hungry and they're frozen. And that's like the worst-case scenario I could ever think of to happen here in America; to have it happen in the wintertime. And, of course, that's their--they would love to have it in the wintertime.

Or we go delay it again till next year. You know, you can keep wishing it away, you can keep praying it away. All that does is delay it. It delays the inevitable. Because these things aren't if they happen, it's when they happen. When.


The Father Says to Flee to the Mountains So He Can Protect You There - When They Take Over America, It Will Be from the Cities First

You know, the Father says to flee to the mountains when you see these things take place the last days. Flee to the mountains. So He can protect you in the mountains. And so, I've been telling people for a long time to get out of the cities. Make your way to the mountains. And you have a better-off chance of survival yourself, being in the mountains away from the cities. Because when they take over America, it will be from the cities first.

You know, Bush tried his whole time as president to anger Iran off to nuke American cities. And now Obama's playing the same card, except he's trying to piss off Russia and get them to nuke American cities. Or get them in a point where they can blame it on Russia and nuke the cities themselves. And say, "Look, it was Russia. They did this to us," you know.

Because our leaders have no love for America, folks. They're Satanists. They're globalists. Their plan is to destroy America. That's why Obama was put in office. To destroy and dismantle America.

And so, they wanna blow up Washington, D.C., and L.A., and New York, and Atlanta, and San Francisco. They wanna blow up American cities. And dismantle and destroy America to where they can start martial law and FEMA camp roundups.

And it's not if, it's when. I can't stress that enough. Because the Bible has already prophesied these things. And once it's prophesied and written in the Bible, you can guarantee it's gonna happen.


Why Do You Think the Father Judges and Destroys America, This Last-Days Babylon? He Judges America Because of the Wicked and Abominable Things They Did to His Bride

You know, the Old Testament prophets warned about America, Babylon, the last-days great nation rounding up its citizens in camps and killing them. Why do you think the Father judges and destroys America, this last-days Babylon? Why do you think the souls are under the altar in the fifth seal, in Revelation, chapter 6, begging for justice, and He's telling them hang on just a little while and then they'll get their revenge, He'll go after the people who killed them.

He judges America because of the wicked things and the abominable things they did to His Bride. And where's His Bride? In camps. Being rounded up, tortured and killed in these internment camps. And then the Lord will judge America for killing their citizens--killing its citizens. And that's why America the Babylon is judged and destroyed in one hour, which you can take literally 60 minutes or a small area of time. One hour may be a month, maybe two. Small space of time.


The Lord Wants Us Focused on the Orgone War Because Orgone Is the Only Thing We Have That's Effective at Killing the Aliens and Tearing Down Satan's Strongholds

So these things are coming. And these are the things the Lord has stood me up to warn people about all these years. To wake them up and get them prepared. But, you know, we have to--I have to stay true to my roots. My sole purpose is the orgone war right now. Because that's what's effective. That's what's tearing down Satan's strongholds. Their ships are crashing. Aliens die because of orgone. It's the only thing we have that's killing them, that's effective.

And that's why He wants us focused on this, especially for the next several months. Because when they arrive, we need to be mobile. We need to be able to get orgone out to areas that are being hovered over by their ships, or bombarded by the Locust invasion. Orgone will kill off the Locust invasion. But, you know what? It lasts for five months because it takes that long for the orgone to kill them all.

Imagine if there wasn't any orgone at all. You know. The Lord knew we'd start this war and it would kill the Locusts. Yes, we have a Locust invasion coming of aliens. They're not little green locusts, folks. They're giants who eat humans.

And they'll be on the earth five months to torment mankind with a sting in their tail, which I believe is running around sticking people with syringes. Because one of Satan's biggest programs is chip implantation. He wants everybody chip-implanted.


A 6-Foot Orgone Pipe Has Huge Knockout Value, a Huge Punch of Orgone, Straight into the Atmosphere - Start Stockpiling Orgone So You Can Be Mobile and Get It Where It's Needed

So this is what He has me focused on for the next several months is getting ready for their arrive. Being able to be mobile. You know, I said in the last show I wanna start working on pipes, orgone pipes.

And pipes, you can buy them at 10 feet. You can cut them down to 5 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet. Anything less than 5, 6 feet, you're probably hurting the punch value of them. Because a 6-foot pipe has huge knockout value into the atmosphere. I mean, it's just a huge punch of orgone straight into the atmosphere. Where the smaller 3-ounce, or 5-ounce, or 10-ounce orgone pieces that we sell could take a while to saturate an area, pipes just punch a hole right through the skies in one day. I mean, they're very, very effective. And very expensive to make.

And so, that's been on my heart and mind for last couple weeks is just starting to stockpile pipes. And getting them made so that we can be mobile and get them anywhere in the country where they're needed, when they're needed.

You know, you folks need to be doing the same things. Start stockpiling orgone so that you can get it anywhere in your state that's needed, when they start arriving and you know where they're gonna be sitting. Where the places that aren't already orgoned. Because that's where they're gonna be.

They're not gonna sit and hover above orgoned areas. They'll crash. But there's plenty of areas that aren't orgoned, and they're gonna feel safe in them. And so, those are the places we're gonna need to rush to and get orgone in those areas. You know. And not just America, but in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa, Israel, around the world.


The Main Reason They Were Coming Here Last Week to Try to Kill Me Is Because They Don't Want Us Here for Their Arrival - Some of Us Do Have Martyrdom Codes

We need to get ready for their arrival. And that's the one thing they don't want. That's the main reason they were coming here last week to try to kill me. They want me gone before they arrive. They certainly don't want me running my mouth off about them while they're here. They want me gone before they arrive. And that's why their agendas have been on hold all these years. The global reset. They're waiting for us to be gone before they do that.

And, you know, some warrior on Facebook posted a message the Lord gave me years ago. And I do have a martyrdom code. I've listed it on my hiddencodes website before. Backed up by a message He gave me several years after I even found the martyrdom code.

People think, "Oh, it's impossible. He'll never let you die." Well, that's not true. You may not. A lot of the Elect may not. Because He's gonna take them straight off the earth to heaven before America's destroyed, because they're the Elect. First group of 144,000.

But some of us do have martyrdom codes. That's our destiny. That's our future. We're gonna die. We're here to die. And we leave that in the Lord's hands. You know, I embrace that. I know that's been part of my destiny.

And you have to realize that everything works out to His glory. I mean, His plans, the way He works things, are so intricate that it's always the absolute best thing that could've happened at that time. That's how intricate He is. Because I've seen so many plans, different plans, come and go. It's like, well, if it had happened then, then this would've happened. Or it wouldn't have had the impact that it happened, if it happened later. You know, He does things for impact.

And also, in His times of delays, other people wake up and stand up. Because there's still people waking up every day to who they are in Him. You know, just a few days left, a few weeks, a few months, another year or two to accomplish what it was you were born and sent here to do on Earth.


Put Your Focus on the Kingdom of God and What He Wants You to Do on Earth - Our Rewards Come Later

So many people get wrapped up in their riches on Earth. And they spend all their time trying to accumulate things. For what? Can't you read in Revelation 18 Babylon's burned and destroyed in an hour? So there goes all your things you worked all your life for.

Put your focus on the kingdom of God and what He wants you to do on Earth. You know, you get rewarded later. Our rewards come later. You know, He didn't tell us we were gonna be rewarded on Earth and live like kings. Are you kidding? I don't know any one of the Elect that lives like a king or a queen. It's almost like you're born to go through hell to get back to heaven. You know, we have a lot of hard roads that we live through. It's almost like the rite of passage just for being here.


I Want People Who Love the Father, Hate Satan, and Want to Put Their Money Towards a Ministry That Can Actually Do What They Say They Do


So we don't have too much time left. People need to get busy and start stockpiling. And I definitely need support. You know, I always have the same handful of people that support this ministry. I could name their names, and I love them to death. But there's so many more who need to stand up and really support this ministry. []


I mean, there's people out there that could donate 100-, 200,000 and not bat an eye. But they'd rather send it to a wolf because the Benny Hinns are promising them tenfold on their money, their returns. If they're gonna give, they wanna get. You know, it's, "I'll give this, because I'm gonna get that. He says I'll get a hundredfold back. He says I'll get tenfold back." You know. And I can't compete with the wolves.

Yes, the Lord wants you to donate, and He loves you for doing so, but our rewards are in heaven, they're not here on Earth, you know. Every once in a while, you'll get a blessing from Him on Earth, and it's really cool, but the real stuff, the real blessings, are waiting for us in eternity, for the things we did here on Earth. And so, people who donate and bless my ministry will be blessed and rewarded in heaven, not necessarily on this earth.

So I can't compete with these hundredfolders and thousandfolders. And I don't want to. They're liars and wolves. I'm nothing like them. I want people to be a part of our war against Satan because they love the Father and they hate Satan. They wanna destroy Satan. And they wanna put their money towards a ministry that can actually do what they say they do. You know, we're crashing ships all over the world. What more proof do you need?

They try to kill me constantly. Just because I don't get out here and spend every show talking about their latest shenanigans doesn't mean I'm not always dealing with them.


I See in the Codes That We're Being Appointed, Assigned, to Fight Against the Alien Invasions That Are Coming - Orgone Warriors, Start Stockpiling the Orgone and Get Prepared

You know, I was looking in the Codes and I'm seeing we're being appointed, and we're being assigned to fight against their arrival that's coming. And I know it has to do with stockpiling the orgone and getting ready. We're gonna be assigned to this. This is what we're assigned, folks. So if you're a warrior, we're getting our orders to get prepared. Because it's gonna be our job to take down these aliens invasions that are coming in.


If You Have the Finances to Be Able to Really Support This Ministry, Please Stand Up Now and Do So - The Cost of Preparing for an Orgone Mission

Now, people--it's so much easier if you're just a church-pew Christian God will take care of it." And then that's all they wanna hear about it. Well, yeah, but the Lord uses His people on Earth to fulfill His will. He's not gonna just snap His fingers. He's gonna raise up people to take care of that. And guess what. Those people taking care of everybody else and you and me.

There's, like, 4,000 of us with 8 billion people on the planet that we're trying to take care of and protect. With budgets of 100 or 200 bucks at a time. I mean, it's ridiculous, folks. It's ridiculous. I need the people with finances to stand up and really support this ministry financially. [] I mean, I wanna take a trip to the west this summer. And I can't remember ever getting out west and it not costing at least $10,000 just in supplies to get out and get the orgone to take out there.


Right now I'm looking at probably needing about $1000 in clear quartz crystals. 1- to 2-inch clear quartz crystals. And it'll be about a $1000 for copper pipes. Probably more than that, but we'll start with $1000. And probably another 50 pounds of copper wire. And then the resin for all that. I'm not even thinking about road expenses right now. I just gotta get all the orgone stockpiled and made.


Every Dime I Make Goes into Orgone - We May Not Be Able to Destroy Satan, but We Can Take Out His Armies

And, you know, I don't take money for my time. Every dime I make goes into orgone. I don't have a fancy house. I don't drive a new fancy car. My car--I don't think I've had anything newer than 10-years-old. Why would I live in a fancy house? They'd just wanna blow it up. [laughs] You really learn not to hang onto possessions when you live on the front lines. Hehe! I know I hear a lot of amens out there. People who've been there. People who go through it all the time.

I don't hold on to the cares of this world. I'm here to tear down Satan's strongholds. And that's destroy the armies that are coming in. His minions. We may not be able to destroy Satan, himself, but we can take out his followers, we can take out his armies. There's a new thought, huh? There's a wakeup call. Hello?


There Are 4,000 of the Lord's Warriors and We Have 8 Billion People to Protect

And people are gonna be praying and asking the Lord--all these church-pew Christians, the Bride--will be praying and asking the Lord to take care of them, to protect them. And meanwhile, the Father's saying, "OK, I gotta get the Elect out there to protect all these Bride because they're all gonna sit there and pray, and I gotta get the workers out there to protect them." They don't realize, you know, the Lord is not gonna snap His fingers, He's going to send someone to do the work. And so, we're the ones doing the work, folks. There's 4,000 of us and we got 8 billion people to protect.

And I don't even know where all the 4,000 are. I can't imagine it's just 4,000. The Lord told me it was 4400 warriors. I about hit the floor. [laughs] I can't imagine that there is. I guess there is. I don't hear from them all, and I know that. I know they're afraid to contact me. They don't want trails of, you know, the government harassing and spying, and giving up who they are, and for whatever reason, the protection. They just wanna stay anonymous and quiet. And I can deal with that.


We Have a Lot of Work to Do and a Very Short Time to Do It, Because They Want to Arrive at Eastertime

But we got a lot of work to do. And we have a very short time to do it. Because they wanna arrive at Eastertime. And if we block this attempt, which I'm not trying to block their arrivals, because I'm already sick of this. I wish they would arrive already. But if they don't make it in at Easter, it'll be September, and then we go to December again.


I Don't Know if July, Necessarily, Is an Arrival Time, but I Always See Things on Fire in July, Like Washington, D.C.

You know, we got these jump times. We've got Easter, and July, and September, and December. And I don't know if July, necessarily, is a arrival time, but I always see fire in July. I always see things on fire, like D.C. I see fire, not just in Codes, but in my spirit, and so--for that month--and so. Hey, maybe that's when they'll do their V appearance. This avalanche where they \all just show up. Is Playing My Shows on Wednesday Nights on Their Network

Anyway, folks, got about 90 seconds left on the show. The time just flies. It feels like I just started the show five minutes ago. Anyway, I'll be back next week. Same time, same place.

You can also go to [], where they are playing my shows on Wednesday nights at 9:00 [audio cuts out] on their network. And their network's growing through iPods, iTunes, whatever, and AM/FM stations around the country. It's gonna grow to be a pretty big network as well as Blog Talk Radio, and so. The word's getting out there.


Anyway, until next week everybody. Yah bless.