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March 17, 2014


It Takes Years, and Guidance by the Lord, Himself, to Really Be Able to Decipher and Understand the Bible Codes

And hello, everybody. You're live. I'm Sherry Shriner. A couple things I wanna talk about tonight. And, hm. A couple things catching my attention.

So, you know, I've been digging through the Bible Codes, as usual. Spent many years learning how to decipher Bible Codes. People think it's something they could learn by getting a program off the Internet. And it's not that simple, folks.

It's a first step, but it takes years, and guidance by the Lord, Himself, to really be able to decipher and understand the Codes. And it takes a lot, a lot of work. And even, you know, 14 years later, I'm scratching my head at times wondering what it is I'm seeing. And the Lord tends to put other pieces of info in my way during the week, and I can start to make sense of what I'm seeing.


Malaysian Airline Mystery, Alabama, and the Bible Codes

And I was reading this article on the Malaysian airline's mystery. I know that's been on everybody's minds. When it first happened, everybody wanted to know. Everybody was assuming it was a alien abduction-type thing, it was over in the Devil's Triangle area, and all this.

And so, you have to piece together fact from fiction. And you find both in everything you read, everywhere. And so, it really comes down, for me, is what I'm seeing in the Codes. What's jibing with what I'm seeing.

And remember I told you I kept, uh, I often see the term Alabama in the Codes. I could never figure out why Alabama is in the Codes. I knew Obama hates the state. I know him and--Queen Elizabeth's the same way. She hates the religious south. She hates the Southern Baptist states. But I could--never been able to figure it out.

And it could always mean two different things, like, it was talking about a state, in one instance, and in another instance, what I was just learning reading this article, is there is a flagship container, U.S. flagship container, which is probably some kind of cargo ship for the U.S. It's called Alabama! And I'm thinking, "Oh, that makes sense." Hehe! Flagship container. I'm just starting--slowly starting to piece together what's going on with this Malaysian air flight.


The Malaysian Air Flight Was Targeted, Jacob Rothschild Had Something to Do with It, and It Was Clearly a U.S. Operation That They're Trying to Help Cover Up

And so, I know that it was targeted. It wasn't something that just happened out of thin air. Because I was also reading this other article today about how those employees of that Austin, Texas group, the RFID chip--there were 5 employees on the plane that were killed.

So, that would benefit Jacob Rothschild because he had a patent pending with these other five. And if they were killed, he's the sole patent holder. So, obviously, they were put on the plane to die. So they already had reasons, targeting this airplane, putting people on it they wanted to die.

Clearly marked as a U.S. operation. Of course, they're the first ones yelling, "We're gonna help."
Because they wanna help cover up anything that points to them. And so, clearly, clearly. And the more I look into it.


Being a Believer in The Most High, Being an Avid Decoder, and Being His Mouthpiece on Earth, I Analyze Things and I Speak What He Wants Me to Say

I gonna talk about this article that Sorcha Faal posted now. Sorcha's stuff is way out there. But then other times, she'll post a lot of things that jibe with what I see in the Bible Codes. You gotta remember, all these journalists, everybody--everybody has an agenda. Everybody works for somebody, you know.

I'm just a mouthpiece for The Most High. He's my Boss. That's my agenda. That's the only one I work for. Everybody else, you know, they'll slant info to make their factions look good or whatever, and expose everybody else's. You know, it's like Satan fighting Satan half the time.

And then I just sit back and I analyze everything. And, you know, of course, being a believer of The Most High, and being an avid decoder, and being His mouthpiece on Earth, I analyze things and I speak what He wants me to say. And I ask Him to guide me in what the truth in all things is.


Cargo Offloaded from the Ship, Alabama, Was Transferred to the Seychelles International Airport, Then Loaded onto the Plane in Malaysia - 2 Navy Seals Guarding Cargo Found Dead

And, you know, I don't know--can't profess to know all the truth about what's going on, but there's some things that are making sense to me. As soon as the flight was supposedly, uh, vanished, disappeared, they obviously knew where it was because they flew four airplanefuls full of American and Chinese disease scientists to Diego Garcia.

Now, why would they fly disease scientists to an area--they've already, you know, they're saying they don't know where the plane is, but, "Hey, we're gonna send all these disease specialists over to Diego Garcia, which is basically where the plane, the people, I guess you could say, are the cargo. And I'm gonna talk about this cargo. Because it's not the people I think that they're worried about, it's the cargo.

Look at the history of the plane. It was also marked this China Southern Airlines flight. That's the other name for it. And it was actually going from Malaysia to Beijing. And so, that's a pretty good flight. That's a pretty good haul. If you look on a map of where Malaysia is underneath, Indonesia--Inda--Indian Ocean all the way up north to Beijing.

So it's going from Malaysia to Beijing. But there was cargo that had been offloaded in the Republic of Seychelles from this ship, Alabama. And it's this cargo that's kind of like the center of attention here, because it was actually taken from the ship, Alabama, transferred to the Seychelles international airport, then loaded onto the airplane in Malaysia. And the two Navy Seals that were guarding it were found dead.

So what's in this cargo? What's worth killing two Navy Seals over? Well, if you look at the company the Navy Seals are from, the Trident Group, it's a security firm. And they're used to protect vital transfers of both atomic and biological materials throughout the world. So kind of like security guards. They're there to protect whatever it is. It's either nuclear or plagues and diseases.


There's a Unseen War Going on Against the People of the World, Usually Using Vaccines - They've Been Trying Different Viruses to Get the Zombie Virus to Go, but It Bombs in America

And that's a huge, huge unseen war that's been going on for years against the people of the world through--usually using vaccines. I've been talking about the zombie pandemic, where they've been trying all these different viruses. They were trying to get the airborne zombie virus to go. And it works in Africa, and it works in eastern Europe, but they can't get it to go in America.

It bombs every time it comes over here. And why is that? It's because of the orgone. We have America so saturated with orgoned air that whenever they try to unleashed one of these zombie pandemics, we find out ahead of time, and we bombard the area with orgone, and it simply fizzles out.

They had the test run a couple years ago in Miami. You know, the guy who ripped the other guy's face off. He was a pawn. And what they did to him was they put it in something he ate. He had attended a party on a beach, and eaten food there. And then when he was leaving, he started to get sick, and that's when he turned into this flesh-eating zombie and attacked the homeless guy.

They put it in the food he ate. I said this back then when it happened. He ate it. And they've been trying it in the water as well. All these flesh-eating instances down in Georgia where people were getting this disease, and they're losing their limbs, their arms and their legs. That was contaminated water from the zombie viruses.

They tried it through the water, and it only affected people that had, like, open wounds on their skins. And so, that wasn't gonna be the mass carrier they're looking for either. And it wasn't infectious. It was just tearing off, uh, eating--flesh-eating--the people's limbs. Same thing with the guy in Miami. It didn't become infectious. You know, the guy he attacked--and destroyed his face--never got the virus himself.

And so, they've never been able to duplicate it here. But they've been working on it. I mean, this is the same virus that they've successfully used in Africa. You'll never hear about it in the media here where there's zombie plagues, and people becoming infectious just like the movies.


They May Have Been Trying to Ship Some Kind of Zombie Viruses, or Even Real Zombies, to China in the Cargo of This Malaysian Airplane

But anyway, let's go back to this airplane, because what I'm believing that was in this cargo--and this is just by my whatever opinion for now--is that they had some kind of zombie viruses in this cargo. And they were sending it to China. China found out about it. And what they did was they were diverting the plane away from China. And so, then it was headed, uh, it was supposed to go to the Hainan Island. But then it got, uh, took a sharp detour and headed toward Diego Garcia.

It has to do with this cargo. And I believe it's because of the zombie virus, from what I've been seeing in the Bible Codes. And why else would they send all these scientists to Diego Garcia?

Now, there had to have been some kind of disaster. Because why would you send a bunch of scientists to go check out stored zombie viruses? That doesn't make any sense, right? Because it's our virus, to begin with. Probably made up in the labs here in America. One of their underground bases.

They, possibly, could have been transporting real zombies. You know? Think about it. Why were the two Seals killed? Why were they killed, guarding this cargo? Now all these scientists are taking off to Diego Garcia.

Something happened with this cargo. It was either in containers, in viruses mode, or they were actually trying to ship infected zombies, themselves, over into China. And that's when China found out about it and stopped the airline from entering into its airspace.


Why Would They Want to Infect China with the Zombie Plague? Because China Is Supposedly Arming and Working with Iran, Which Would Align Them with Russia

Now, why would they wanna infect China with the zombie plague? Very easy, because if you look at some of the other stuff going on in the background, they've been very mad at China, because China is supposedly arming and working with Iran. Giving them nuclear weapons, and the know-how, and the secrets, and the scientists, and all that kind of stuff. So China's been working with Iran, which would align them with Russia in helping Iran develop nuclear weapons.

So the United States is mad at China. And the factions are all fighting in the background, and wanna teach China a lesson or something and start a zombie plague in China. Hm, you think? I think so. That's exactly what I think happened.


The New Age Boards Are Claiming That the Aliens Abducted the Passengers Off the Flight Before It Landed in Diego Garcia

Now, as far as the people goes, where the passengers go, if you look at the New Age boards, pretty much the same stuff coming out over there. They're claiming that the aliens abducted the passengers off of the flight before it landed in Diego Garcia. Which they would've had to feel there was something going on, there was some kind of chaos going on during the flight. Maybe they were starting to turn into zombies.

I don't know what was going on. Either way, the aliens talk like they rescued these passengers. They abducted them out of the airplane. And--which they now claim all these passengers are spending time in hollow earth, which we could assume is probably Shamballa or one of these alien cities underneath the earth.

And they're claiming that when they come back, they're gonna have a story to tell, they'll be interviewed on TV stations all over the world, how wonderful these aliens are, you know. They're probably soul-scalped by now.


The Aliens Are Using the Passengers as Leverage to Insist That the Governments All Over the World Turn Over Their WMDs and Start Enacting NESARA

But they're claiming that they volunteered to be used as hostages to create leverage. The aliens are using them as leverage to insist that the governments all over the world turn over their WMDs and start enacting NESARA, which is the beast economic program in every country.

And I have a website on NESARA; Been warning about NESARA for years. And so, it's kind of mind-blowing that, you know, these aliens above us--which are fallen angels--they're are above us, below us, and amongst us acting as humans--that they would think that hijacking 278 people from an airplane would cause all the governments of the world to lay down their weapons.

Are you serious? 278 people? Our government wouldn't do that to save 278 million people. There's no country in the world that would give up their--why would you give up your weapons knowing that alien invasions are coming? That they're prophesied. They're biblical prophecy.

I've been warning about it for over a decade. Why would you give up your weapons then? "Oh, sure, we'll give up our weapons. Come invade us. Come eat on us. Come destroy mankind." Because that's exactly what they're gonna do. They use all this hodgepodge New Age la-la land garbage to sound like they're nice and they wanna come and help mankind. They wanna help themselves to mankind.

So far, mankind's been standing their ground. They may be on the same side as the aliens in a lot of their agendas, but no one's been giving up their weapons. So why would they think aliens would think that abducting 278 people wouldn't be seen as a hostile act of war against Earth? I mean, seriously. That's exactly what it is.

I mean, they want us to think, "Oh, we're helping these people. They're gonna come back from Earth and tell everybody how good we were to them." Yeah, because you soul-scalped them. You know, you took out the actual humans that used to live in those bodies and you put your own alien hosts in them. You know, sometimes they kick themselves in their own feet is what they do.

And they wanna enact NESARA. They don't need to, you know, abduct--do a hostile act of war against mankind to enforce--they should give everybody a heads up that NESARA's exactly what I've exclaimed all these years. That it's gonna destroy the global economic, uh, global economies around the world.

They want everybody to think, "Oh, we're trying to help mankind." You do that by terrorizing and abducting 278 citizens? [laughs] They're so dumb, it's pathetic. But this is what they do. Because they're not that smart. Sometimes they can do really brilliant things. And other times they just operate stupid things. And this is one of their stupid things.

Because they're really more brilliant when they try to hide it and they work more subtly, you know. When it comes to the music, and the entertainment, the movies, and the preachers, instead of doing something just outright hostile. Subtly is always more brilliant.


I Think They Wanted to Hit China with the Zombie Plague

Anyway, so here we are in week two of this missing airliner. The people, themselves, I don't think they're on that island, Diego Garcia. I think the cargo is, but I don't think Diego Garcia is. Maybe it affected residents on the island. I don't think the passengers are there, but I don't know if they're with the aliens, or where they are, at this point.

And I just have that hit to my spirit that they're not there, they're not at Diego Garcia. I don't know where they are right now, but they're not there. But there is something going on and it involves around this cargo and the zombie plague. The zombie plagues. I think they wanted to hit China with it.

And seeing that China is the second largest listening audience to my radio show [laughs] this could start a war right here. But you know what? Their intelligence community, which is the one that listens to my show, probably already knows that it was headed toward Beijing.


The New World Order Faction Doesn't Want to Lose Control to the New Age Alien Faction

And it's not America that's against China. You've got Satan's faction that controls America going against the factions that control China. And we're all just fodder in the way, you know. The people of this world have no say in what's controlling their governments.

And what's even crazier is that different alien factions are fighting because it all comes down to the aliens fighting amongst themselves. Because we already know that our government is nothing but androids. They're RIC, Robots in Charge. They're not even human anymore. They're all robots. And so, you've got the robots in America fighting against the robots in Russia. The robots being controlled, in Japan and China, by their own New Age la-la crap. I mean, it's just a mess. It's just a mess.

But the old Reptilians that have been dominating our government for the last 60, 70 years don't wanna lose control. Rothschild doesn't wanna lose control of his foothold on the money of the world, the banks of the world. And NESARA, which is the economic program the aliens want to institute on the earth pretty much ends the control of the Federal Reserve. So that takes Rothschild's money away. He already has hundreds of trillions. How much money does he need?

So what they wanna do is end one regime and begin another. You end the New World Order regime and you start the alien agenda. That's the way I've always split them apart. The New World Order regime, the alien agenda.

And so, all this is going on. And I'll talk about it more next week if I get more info on exactly what's going on with the people, themselves, that were on the plane.

And it reminds me of that miner thing where--the West Virginia mining disaster a couple years ago. Miners stuck down in the mine for a week or so. They got them out. And when they came up, they didn't even look human anymore. I mean, their eyes were like "lights are on, no one's home." They had that Reptilian black stare. All of them. And they had run into some kind of trouble down in the mines. They probably ran into a whole clan of Reptilians down there or something.

But it's very easy for aliens to take over human bodies. And that's the one thing I'll be looking for if these passengers were to surface again. That they've been taken over. So, this'll get interesting. It's not life-changing, life-threatening. You really just got factions fight against each other for control of what's going on.


Why Would the Lord Give Us a 2,000-Year Break from Celebrating His Feasts and Then Pick It Up Again During the Millenial Reign of Christ When He's on Earth?

I wanna talk about something else that's coming up. April 15 is the first day of Passover. Every year, I have to update my site, You can go there and look at different tips and ideas on how to celebrate Passover. If you're a first-timer--I feel like a first-timer every year. I don't think I've ever gotten it right. You know, go to that website and start learning.

I know a lot of people coming out of the churches. Can't ignore the gnawing anymore that hits your spirit that something--you're not--something not right, you're not doing something right. You're celebrating Easter bunnies and the Ishtar goddess, instead of celebrating the festivals the Lord told us to celebrate, you know.

Why would He give us a 2,000-year break, and then pick it up again during the millenial reign of Christ when He's on Earth, ruling on Earth for a thousand years and we're celebrating the feasts? You know, the church gurus, church wolves, they're Satanists. They want you to believe that all this time since Yahushua was--since His resurrection, that we haven't had to follow the law. That the law's dead, the law was nailed to the cross. Can't you hear Satan's whisper in any of that? Because that's all it is is Satan's whispering.

And so, yes, you do need to cover--you need to start celebrating the feasts and get peace. Because you're never gonna get true peace as a believer in Christ until you start following His commandments and stop being a hypocrite against the commandments. You know? Honor the seventh day. What's the seventh day? Saturday. Following His feasts that He told us to follow.


There's a Lunar Eclipse, a Blood Moon, on the Night of Passover, April 15, and It's a Sign That Destruction Is Coming

So anyway, April 15 this year starts Passover. You have your Passover meal on the 15th, then it goes for 7 days where you go without bread. And it all symbolizes when, as Israel had to hurry up and leave Egypt. Their exodus across the desert. You know, you can read about it on the website. I have all different information materials there.

But it starts on the 15th, and on the 15th there is a lunar moon that night. And then again, during the festival of Tabernacles, which is also called Sukkot. It's usually held the end of September, somewhere in October. I think this year it's being held October 8. I know this year's Passover is the 15th.

There's going to be lunar eclipses, or what they call blood moons on both of these holidays. Which is a really rare occurence. This kind of thing--the last time it happened where there was back-to-back in one year two blood moons, was the destruction of the temple of Jerusalem. And the Lord often uses signs in the sun, moon, and stars to His people. He uses them as signs.

You know, in Genesis 1:14, I believe it is, and it says that they were created to be used as signs. Also talks about how the moon will turn into blood. So it will be dark, and the moon will turn into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord [Joel 2:31]. That would signify another lunar eclipse. He's using these eclipses as signs that destructions are coming. Great destructions are coming. So they've always been used as signs.

Interestingly enough, both 2014 and 2015 are both signified with having lunar eclipses on Passover and Sukkot of both years. This is both years. And I wrote a article on day of the Lord, The Day of the Lord [], people should read. Might get into that a little bit tonight. I don't know. If I don't, go to my website, and look on my articles page [].


The Lord Me Years Ago That I Was an Angel of Woe - In the Bible Codes One of My Titles Is Announcer

These are signs, because what I'm seeing--and like I said, I always like to correlate what the Lord is showing me in the Bible Codes with what's going on around us. And somebody posted a prophecy that I had written years ago. Something the Lord had told me. It wasn't a prophecy, it was something the Lord had told me.

I used to post His messages online and I stopped it because people would steal them, and mimic them, and look like a prophecy from the Lord on all these little Baptists boards, and Pentecostals. And they all do that. They steal your prophecies and put their names on them, and so. I just aggravates me when they do that.

But somebody reposted it the other day. Another warrior reposted it. And the Lord was telling me that I was an angel of woe. And an angel of woe was an angel of judgment. And, you know, one of my many titles. I have a million.

But, tonight I'm sitting here and I'm thinking, "You know what? What is it I've been warning about? What have I written two books about, spent all my radio shows, my articles, my time preparing people, preparing this country, preparing the world for coming alien invasions. In particular, the locust invasion and the Joel invasions. And these have been such huge primary focuses of my entire ministry for the last decade, 10, 14 years. And it's because I'm an angel of woe. I'm an announcer on these.

You know, Announcer's another one of my titles. Trying to get people prepared because these things are coming. And I'm always seeing it in the Codes. And people wanna know, "Well, when is it gonna happen?" And it's like we've been going through so many delays. Delay, delay, delay, delay.

And as you get angry about the delays, other people get happy because they're not ready for the world to go to crap yet, and they need time. Or they have young ones they wanna raise and get them to be a little bit older, more independent. I mean, people have reasons out the ying why they don't want the world to just shut off in one day and become a total disaster. But these are, you know, eventually, the delays are gonna stop. The delays are just gonna stop and the Lord's gonna say it's enough.


The Orgone Will Protect the People from the Coming Aliens If They Find Orgoned Areas, So Get It Out There

You know, for ten years we've been putting orgone out around the world because we know that orgone will protect people from aliens. It does a lot of things. It'll stop night terrors. It'll block chemtrails from being in your area.

But the biggest thing is the protection of it. It protects you. It's like having your home anointed constantly. Sure, you can get oil and anoint your own home, but the thing is, it wears off. And you have to keep anointing your house. With orgone, you don't have to keep anointing anything. It's a constant emitter of the Lord's very breath, His energy, His essence, and it keeps emitting that, constantly. And so, you don't have to worry about it wearing off.

And alien and entity--and demonic beings hate being near it. They hate it. And this is the one weapon that will protect people from the coming avalanches of aliens, and assaults and attacks from them, that are coming to this earth. That's why I've been telling people get it out, get it in your homes, get it in your yards, get it around your neighborhoods, your towns, your cities.

And, for the most part, several thousand of you have. At least you did enough to get your own yards. Many others have stood up and have been going on missions across their states, across this country, and getting orgone out.

And it's not always going after all the cities as much as, you know, just going as the Lord leads. But most of the time He's leading us into forests, deserts. Places you wouldn't normally think, "Why am I out here?" you know, "Why am I putting orgone out here?" And when you think about it, when the aliens invade the cities, that's pretty much the first places they go. Everyone will be fleeing the cities and going into the country. And the orgone will protect the people, if they find orgoned areas.

I couldn't even begin to tell you all the areas in this country, alone, let alone what warriors have done in their own countries around the world, where the orgone is. We have it everywhere. But the aliens know where it is, because it burns them. And they can't breathe around it. And they have very negative reactions to being around any area that has orgone in it. And so, they won't go in it. And so, those people that find these pockets of protection areas where orgone is, they'll be protected from the aliens.


When Satan Arrives to Earth, Cast Out of Heaven, Is the Second Woe - The Locust Invasion Is the First Woe

Now the one thing I see in the Codes all the time is the locust invasion. And, you know, in the Bible Codes they're called Locusts or Philistines. The Philistines I always equate with Shema. And we know the locusts come from the north. Army from the north, or the abyss. And these are the things that the Lord always has me focused on because it's my job. It's what He anointed me to do.

This is what most people are gonna have to deal with in the near future. See, everybody thinks that this stuff's gonna happen after the Antichrist arrives, after Satan arrives to Earth. And that's the second woe. You know, when Satan arrives to Earth, cast out of heaven, that's like the second woe. This locust invasion is the first woe. So this happens before Satan even arrives to Earth.

Now, you can think are we talking about the arrival of Sananda, who is Satan in alien form, here on Earth, posing as Jesus, or his literal Baphomet, goat-looking self, Reptilian self, you know. He has different forms that he appears in.

And Revelation 12 talks about the stars being cast to Earth. And these starships, we're surrounded by them. Millions of them. And they're all gonna be cast to Earth. That's when Satan's cast to Earth. And then he knows he only has a short time then, that's when he goes on the rampage. He has three and a half years, or seven, depending on what school of thought you're in.

But either way, you know, I can't dismiss the fact that the things I see next and the things I always feel so focused on, is the fact that Sananda--these cosmic beings--Sananda and Maitreya are arriving, and shortly after, hell just unleashing on Earth because the locusts are coming. This locust invasion.

And I'm not talking about little green crickets, folks. Locusts is just another term for Giants in the Bible Codes. These are giants. They're 9- to--and in the days of Noah, giants got up to 33-feet-tall. They found skeletons. In the book of Enoch it talks about brothers 30- and 33-feet-tall. Giants were huge. And they're returning to Earth. And the Bible talks about it in Joel, chapter 1 and 2. And Revelation, chapter 9 talks about the coming of these Giants.


The Day of the Lord, the Time When He Begins His Wrath on Earth, Begins Some Time Around Summer to Fall

Now what are these--this lunar eclipse on April 15? Is it a warning sign? The blood moon? There's one on April 15 and there's one on October 8. And both of these could be warning signs of events to come. Now, that's kind of a jump. That's going from spring into summer, into fall.

If you look at the day of the Lord article that I wrote, the Lord refers to a particular time as the day of the Lord. And it's after the crops are planted and growing, and then laid to waste. Because the day of the Lord is begun. They're laid to waste. And, you know, you plant your crops in the spring, you harvest them at the end of summer.

But if the crops are laid to waste--there's two different harvests. There's a summer harvest and there's a fall harvest. Depending on which harvest He talks about. Israel's a little bit different than America as far as weather goes. But we're pretty much aligned the same. But either way, the crops are laid to waste.

So the day of the Lord begins some time around summer to fall. That would be the time when He begins His wrath on the Earth. And when He begins His wrath on the Earth is when you see the locust invasion of Revelation 9:6.


I Think That the Blood Moon on April 15 Is a Warning Because That's Exactly When They've Been Planning to Arrive and Begin Implementing NESARA

But remember that when the pale horse rider in Revelation, chapter 6 arrives--and they're already letting us know. The black horse, the pale horse. I mean, Hollywood, Katy Perry's knocking herself out with this black horse arrival stuff. Both of them are arriving. Both of them are Sananda and Maitreya playing horsemen roles.

When he comes, he brings Hell with him. Hades follows after him. Hell is with him. He has forces with him. And so, we're looking at multiple different appearances, different factions and arrivals, folks. And I think that the blood moon on April 15 is a warning. Because that's exactly the time that they've been planning to arrive. It's one of their targeted times. You know, they've had their target dates in March, and in April, and in May. And you've got July also, and September.

But we're in a heavy time now. Just in the month of March--the month of March and April----where they've been targeting to arrive. Because they wanna begin the global reset. They wanna begin implementing this NESARA agenda on the Earth. One economic global world program, where everybody lives in prosperity. Yeah.


They're Using Money, Greed, and Prosperity as Bribes to Join NESARA, and Once People Join, They Will Demand That They Become Chip-Implanted

If you vote Democrat, you'll love NESARA. If you think for yourself, "Wait a minute, nothing comes free," then welcome to the Republican side. Haha! "But, wait a minute." They will not--I mean, they're using money, and greed, and prosperity as bribes. And once they get people to wanna join their program, then they're gonna demand that you become chip-implanted. And then you're looking at the soul-damning chip-implantings and taking the mark of the beast that the Bible warns against.

But they're gonna appeal to everybody's greed. And so, you might as well brace yourself because although you might be a sound, knowledgeable, thinking believer in the Lord, a conservative or patriot, it's going to be a mad rush, I think, of people demanding that this NESARA get instituted. Because they're gonna be looking at all the free stuff they get.

"Oh, look. We're gonna get a payment of 7,000, 10,000 a month. 100,000 a month. I want the money." People are gonna be thinking about all the things they can buy. All the materialistic things they can get. Instead of looking at the ramifications. You're gonna join the beast kingdom for that, you know.


It's Going to Turn into One Biowar After the Other

The New World Order side has the Luciferian initiation where nobody enters into the New World Order without taking an oath of initia--a Luciferian initiation oath. The alien agenda side, nobody gets in without being chip implanted. And they're gonna--you know, they chip-implant everybody anyway.

That's one of Sananda's biggest things. Yeah, you better believe he's involved with this whole zombie plagues. Because they develop this stuff. They develop it in space and they send it down to Earth.

And that's why bioweapons are gonna become such a nasty thing to deal with. Because, you know, they don't wanna blow up and harm the earth's atmosphere with nuclear weapons. They would just as soon kill everybody off of it and leave the earth intact. And so, that's why it's going to turn into one biowarfare biowar one after the other.

And that's how scripture depicts the pale horse rider. We're almost--two-thirds of the earth are killed by war, famines, and plagues. Biowarfare is war, folks. And then you have the ones that--the infectious viruses and diseases that people will catch just because they're airborne. Passed on by other people.


They Want to Arrive During Passover or Easter and Fool the Christians, but if Their Arrival Is Delayed, There Still May Be Some Significance with Having a Lunar Eclipse on Passover

It's gonna be a mixture of disasters. This is what he brings. Not peace and prosperity. What's the Bible warn of when they say peace and safety, sudden destruction comes? Yeah, because when they say one thing, they do another. You know. This is local politics. It's human or alien. They both act the same way. They say one thing to get your approval, and then once they've got your approval, they do another that bites you and stabs you in the back. It's all politics, folks.

Last-days prophecies are no different. And they're coming on us. You know, if April 15 is a warning they're coming...they'll probably already be here at that time. I wouldn't be surprised. Because they've always wanted to arrive during Passover or Easter.

You know, they wanna fool the Christians. You know, this Sananda, he looks like Jesus of the Bible. You know, and their Easter, I don't even know when Easter begins, but it usually begins a week after Passover. So it's probably somewhere in the middle of the month--or over towards the 20th or 22nd.

And so, it's usually a week after Passover. That's probably when they arrive. And that's probably when there's a blood moon. On that 15th. It's a warning sign, "Hey, they're coming."

And if we stay on the route we're on, this is the stuff that's gonna happen. Unless it changes. And, you know, it has changed yearly. I sound the alarms on things that they're planning to do, and then delays happen, and things change, and they don't do it.

And this year could be no different. I mean, we could be delayed. But still, you have to think that there's some kind of prophetic significance with having a lunar eclipse with the day of Passover. When the Lord has always used them in the past to signal destruction's coming. And there's also one in October, which means destruction's coming.

And, you know, if the go-date in spring and summer don't work out for these aliens, you better believe they'll be back for their December 25 charades again. You know, I warn about that every year at Christmastime.


Types of Biowarfare to Expect from These Cosmic Beings

So you have the cosmic beings arriving. You have all these biowarfares coming against us. Biowar. Zombie plagues they wanna unleash. Flus. The Bible says there will be things on Earth we've never seen before. Plagues that are so horrific we've never had then on Earth before. They're new.

And look at this flesh-eating stuff that's coming out. This, what I've been warning about, the black goo alien virus. And Ebola. I think Ebola comes about the closest to that black goo thing as anything else because that just--Ebola is just when your organs just incinerate. They just--you just turn to mush. And you have blood squirting out all of your orifices from your rotted organs.

And black goo is just about the same thing. Instead of being blood, it'd be black goo. It'd be the black goo oozing out of people. Things that are coming. These things are coming.


It's Our Job to Prepare - If You Don't Want Aliens in Your Living Room Feasting on Your Limbs, Put Up Orgone Walls as Barriers Against Them

And so, you know, it's our job to prepare. It's our job to prepare. How do we prepare? Get the orgone out, first of all. Because you don't want aliens in your livingroom, feasting on your limbs. They don't kill you first. They just rip your limbs off.

You know, I've had visions of giants coming down to Earth. And, I get lost for words it's so horrific. I mean, people are running, they're screaming. Giants, they travel in swarms. So they come in as big groups, they land somewhere, and they just eat the entire area clean.

You know what? Let's say they land in Kansas. Kansas City. And they eat everybody in Kansas before they take off to St. Louis. And then they come on over to Cleveland and go to New York. And then--and there's some over on the west coast. I mean, this is what they do. They pick an area clean before they leave it, and find another area. That's how locusts are. That's how these giants are. That's why they're called locusts. It's all symbolic. It's how they act.

Now, if they come into your city and state, orgone puts up, like, a barrier, a wall against them, and they won't go through it. But they'll look for the places where there's no orgone. Because those will be free access to them. And those will be the areas they all go and target and pick clean. See what I'm saying, folks?


Biblical Prophesied Events Might Get Delayed, but They Don't Get Cancelled

I know people say that will never happen. Really? The Bible's been warning about it. John warned about it 2,000 years ago. He knew he wasn't gonna be here to see it. Yahushua warned about it. The apostles had prophesied it. And I've been screaming about it. And it's coming, folks. There's no more, "Oh, it's 2,000 years down the road." We're looking at 2014, 2015.

When I see things in the Codes as much as I have--and I've been seeing Philistines and Locusts for about 2 years now. And so, it's time, it's due. I mean, usually, when I start to see something in the Codes, it usually happens within 2 to 3 years.

I've already been harping about it since 2012. I mean, as much as I have been. I've always been harping about it. But, it's been in the Codes since 2012 as Imminent, as Next. And so, it's not gonna be delayed much longer in the Codes. It's either gonna disappear completely or it's gonna happen.

And this is not something that's going to disappear completely, ever, because it's a prophesied event. This isn't like, uh, Bush sitting in his office as president and trying to figure out a way to get Russia to bomb our cities. And that route was eventually cancelled. And now we have Obama pretty much trying to do the same thing.

These aren't man events, these are prophesied events. Biblical prophesied events don't get cancelled. They might get delayed, but they're not like man's plans where they'll just move on to something else, cancel their plans.


Get a Map of Your County and Throw One Orgone Puck Every Half-Mile, Then Get the Counties Around You, and Your Family's Counties

So, to keep your area from being picked clean, put up orgone walls around them. Get a orgone puck--you can learn how to make it at my website, You can buy it or make it. I would suggest, get a map of your county, start here, start there. But first start with your own yard and neighborhood.

But get a map of your county and throw an orgone puck, one every half-mile, all the way around your county. That will put up a very tight orgone wall all the way around your county and protect your entire county from these Giant invasions that are coming. And when you do your county, get the one next to you, get your mom's, get your dad's, get your family's, you know.

That's the easiest way because states can take forever. I mean, you know, there's a handful of us targeting Ohio, that's taken years. And I know California's the same way, and Texas. These are huge states. They're huge states.


If We Had Not Put Up an Orgone Wall Around Manhattan, It Would Be Sitting at the Bottom of the Hudson River Right Now from the Hurricane Last Year

You know, if we hadn't put up an orgone wall around Manhattan, it'd be sitting at the bottom of the Hudson River right now. Because they targeted it last year with that hurricane to destroy Manhattan, sink it. And the orgone wall held and protected it, and sent it off to Staten Island and New Jersey. Because we didn't orgone those areas.

I tried to get out to Staten Island. Actually, I did. I got out to Staten Island. I didn't get to the Statue of Liberty. So, either way. We got Manhatten. We didn't get the other ones. We didn't get the other areas in New York.


They Hate Me So Much, and Get So Mad About My Radio Show, Because I Teach People How to Protect Themselves with Orgone - Be Prepared for a Total Society Breakdown

So, even against hurricanes, orgone can hold up a wall against them. And you better believe it'll hold up walls against Giants that are coming. Because it's one of the things why they hate me so much, why they get so mad about this radio show. Because I teach people how to protect themselves. Because the orgone works and they don't want people to know. They wanna feast on mankind. We're gonna take their feast away.

The problem is you're still looking at anarchy. Because, you know, distribution lines are gonna be disrupted, and people won't wanna go to work. It's gonna be a total breakdown of society. So you have to be prepared. Having food and water available, medicine, things like that. Especially if you have to stay in your areas. Because if you leave, you don't know if the place you're heading to has been orgoned.

And if you have time, like now, you can go orgone all your driving routes. All the areas you go to. So, you know, when you go to the store, it's gonna be a safe route there. It's gonna be a safe route around town.


The Lunar Eclipse on April 15 Is a Bad Sign, a Huge Warning Sign of Destruction, So Prepare - The Alien Agenda Is Vicious

How much time people have, I don't know. But I'm telling you what, that--[coughs heavily, and has been, sporadically, throughout the show]. They always start attacking my chest when I do shows. get that ELF [extremely low frequency] hitting you. They like to hit and run.

I'm telling you that that lunar eclipse on the 15th is a bad sign. It's not a good sign from the Lord, it is a warning sign. It is a huge warning sign. And the other one is October 8. And so, we are looking at the next umpteen months as just not being very cheery, folks. They're huge warning signs of destruction. So prepare.

I know you're not gonna hear this on mainstream media. They're gonna act like everything is, "Oh, so rosy and peachy. Aliens are coming. They're our friends. They wanna make everybody rich. They wanna bring in NESARA." Don't be fooled by it, folks. If you get fooled by that for one second, you would be a total fool. So don't be fooled by it.

Global reset. Yeah, it would end the Federal Reserve and take the banks away from the mafia group that's been controlling our country and world for the last 60, 70 years. But it just puts it into the hands of even much worse. People think it's gonna be better. It's actually gonna be much worse. Much worse.

This alien agenda is vicious. Because they come with charm. You know, they wanna charm you. "Oh, we're gonna stop 40-hour work weeks. People only need to work 20. We're gonna end all debt. Gonna pay off everybody's debts. Because they wanna eat you and kill you. Look at the real side, folks.


You Won't Be Able to Get Supplies to Make Orgone Later, So Make Orgone Now and Stockpile It

Anyway, I still need support to keep this radio show going. And get some more areas covered with orgone. The Lord has told us to stock up on it. And so, everybody needs to be getting stockpiles of orgone so that when these things start happening, um, like, areas aren't protected that are around us that need to be, to protect other people, then you can get out and get orgone to those areas.

You won't have time to sit and make it. Because there won't be supplies being shipped at that time. Stores will be closed, looted, whatever. So you need to stockpile it now. And that's what we need to do. It's what I need to do. And if the stuff does get delayed through the spring and into the summer, into the later months of the year, then we need to be on the road. I need to be on the road so I can get to other cities, and towns, and areas.


There's Nobody Else Getting People Ready for the Things That Are Coming Like I Am, so Please Send in Your Financial Support so I Can Be Able to Keep Doing That and Also Get on the Road

So, anyway, folks. There's nobody else getting people ready for the things that are coming like I am. So, I need your support. You can send contributions to Sherry Shriner, P.O. Box 531, Carrollton, OH 44615. [For other ways to donate, go to] And that keeps us going through the spring and the summer months, hopefully. Like I said, this lunar eclipse on the 15th is a bad sign that's coming.

Anyway, until next week, everybody. Yah bless.




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