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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner

March 24, 2014


A Lot of People Are Posting Videos of a Massive UFO Fleet That's Coming in Claiming They Are Part of the Galactic Federation

And hello, everybody. I'm Sherry Shriner. Tonight I wanna talk about a few things that are coming up.

I don't know if you've been paying attention. A lot of people posting videos. A massive UFO fleet's coming in. And these ships, as they claim, are part of the Galactic Federation. And this whole thing is part of the Ashtar Command. And I've been talking about this for over a decade.

And this Ashtar Command is the same thing some of the Earth rock bands have been singing about. Led Zeppelin has sung about it. And Kashmir [Led Zeppelin tribute band]. This council that rules above the earth, waiting for the time.

And, what about at that time? And they're making their presence more known to the people on Earth. Getting ready for contact. What they call contact. Making contact with man in a public, visible sense.

We all know that they've been controlling things behind the scenes all these years. They control most of our world governments. Anyone behind this New World Order facade. It's been their puppet all along to bring about their arrival, you know.

They use their children on Earth, their literal offspring, their serpent seedlines to work their agendas on Earth. And then once these useful idiots have done what they're supposed to do, they'll come in as our saviors and get rid of all these evil scumbags.

And, even to them, you know, they call them the dark ones, the wicked ones, the cabal. And they'll remove them all from power. And, of course, they know who they all are, because they're their own followers. Been taking orders from them for years. And replace it with their own, what I've been referring to as the New Age alien agenda.

And this is something the Lord showed me years ago. One of the first truths He revealed to me when I started learning about the New World Order. And He said, "I wanna show you a different aspect of it that's gonna become dominant."

And at the time, when He led me into this alien New Age agenda, people just thought it was crazy. They laughed, they mocked, they rejected. And now look at it. Now look at it. You know, a decade later, everybody is finally coming around to the same things I've been warning about for the past decade. And the only thing they do a little differently is mask the term--they changed the terms. And so, that's what I wanted to address tonight. Because stuff is right around the corner.


An Announcement + Contact = The Event

You know, a couple shows ago I talked to you about their plans to have an announcement. And what they've been calling "The Event." To have an announcement made, and then contact being made. And throwing all this into what they call "The Event" that's coming.

And you can almost catch blurbs of it on CNN stations on TV, even The Weather Channel. Talking about the coming of Maitreya. Talking about The Event. Alluding to these things. And so, it is in mainstream media. They've known about it for a long time. They just keep things quiet. And then they make people like me look like we're the crazy ones. And we're the ones who've been exposing it all along.


Global Reset: Taking from the Rich to Give to the Poor, or in Other Words, Communism

But you've been hearing a lot about the coming global reset. And this global reset that's coming, you know, if you follow their forum boards or their e-mail lists, they've been screaming about this reset for the last 3 or 4 years, and expecting it at any time.

And they've been working behind the scenes. It all stems with Iraq and the rebuilding of their economy. And also rebuilding the economies of third-world countries around the world.

And what they wanna do is bring everybody's economies up to the same par. So the rich economies and the poor economies will meet at a balanced level. And this is what they're calling the global reset, where everybody's currencies, it'll become worth the same. Become one currency--every nation will still have their own currencies, but they'll be valued at the same amount.

And so, this is what they call the global reset. Where the third-world countries will finally become more stable. And the richer countries will become a lot poorer. That's really the way it works. Because if somebody else is gonna become richer, somebody else has to become poorer. Somebody has to pay for this, you know.

But they want you to think they're these magical tricks coming out of the box to where the richer countries won't lose anything. And it's just another way of hiding Communism. Because, basically, what it all amounts to, you don't get something for nothing, you know. Somebody's paying for it somewhere.


Having Political Systems Keeps Everybody Divided - People Don't See That All Roads Lead to Satan Who's in the Center Controlling Everything

And I know if you--if you're in a--no matter what country you're in, the poorer segment of society always wants something for nothing because they don't wanna have to work for it. You know, something for free always is gonna have their approval. They don't care where it's coming from, as long as they get it. They got the gimme--me-me-me-me-me mentality.

You know, they don't spend their lives getting education and training and then paying back those school loans. They just sit around with their hands out and want everybody to take care of them. And, eventually, the problem with that is you run out of money, you run out of everybody else's money, to fund the lazy ones. You run out of ways to do it.

Look at Russia. They crashed. Their system couldn't take it anymore. Of course, it was designed to control--kind of look at the balance of things. Now you see Russia becoming more of a Democrat Republic, and the United States becoming Communist. If you look at the leaders who have been serving as our chiefs of Homeland Security, they've all been former KGB leaders, you know.

And the Democrats and Republicans all work together. They all work the same agenda. It doesn't matter which party you're in. They all serve the same boss. They just use two different roads to get to the one place they wanna get to.

So even having political systems is a conquer and divide. Keeps everybody divided. And people don't see the real dark horse in the center of it all and that Satan controls it all. All roads lead to him.


This Global Reset Is a Huge Investment Opportunity for People with Their Eyes Open - Use This Investment to Get Out of the Cities and Hide

And so, you know, they've been pounding out this global reset that's coming. And, you know, a lot of people are seeing this as an investment opportunity. Buying up these third-world country currencies, so that when they do revalue, they're gonna make a ton of money off the difference of that.

So it's a huge investment opportunity for people with their eyes open. And even I have mentioned, over the last several years, you may wanna invest in these countries' currencies. The Vietnam dong, the Iraqi dinar, the India rupee. A lot of these, when they reset, when their worthless currency becomes worth something, then the people holding their currency, when they cash it in, exchange it in, is gonna make a lot of money with the difference.

And so, you know, I've been telling people to use that investment to get out of the cities and go hide, you know. Go get ready. Because this is all--this global reset is just another way of hiding the word, NESARA. Which is the economic system of the beast.


The Mark of the Beast Will Involve Something That Can Be Scanned at Grocery Stores

And, you know, the Bible warns about the last days, two beasts arriving; the Antichrist and the False Prophet. And they will arise and institute their global economic system on the world. And read further, in Revelation 13:18-20, it talks about how every person will be forced to have the beast name, image or number in or on their right hand or forehead.

And, you know, for years, the churches have battled back and forth, "Oh, is this gonna be a chip implant? Is it gonna be a tattoo? What is the number, name or image of the beast?" And, you know, in this technological age, they can put chips in tattoos. You're looking at grocery markets that focus on scanners. Being able to scan barcodes. So it's gonna be something that can be scanned at the grocery stores.

It's gonna be--it doesn't matter if it's in or on the right hand or forehead. Because either way, even if they try to use deception to trick people into getting the mark of the beast, you already know, "Hey, wait a minute. This is something talking about inserting something with my right hand and forehead. I'm not dealing with it. I'm not going near it." You've already been forewarned.

And so, it doesn't matter, folks, fighting over sematics; tattoos or chip implants. It could be either one. It could be either one. It could be a barcode. It could be a picture of a Pokemon, for all that matters. I mean, it's just--it's the object, itself, in or on your right hand or forehead.


This Whole System of NESARA Is All Tied in with Sananda & Maitreya and Their Arrival to Earth

Now, this global reset has been set to be announced at any time. And, you know, as you go through the years, one thing I quickly learned is that this whole reset thing was tied into their arrival. That when it did reset, it would be because of their arrival to Earth.

And I know a lot of Christians who are getting involved with these currency opportunities not realizing, at first, how it was tied in to the arrival of the Antichrist, and now, could see very clearly that they go hand in hand together. And this whole system of NESARA, the national economic beast system that they're gonna implement, how it's all tied in with Sananda and Maitreya.


America Is Last-Days Babylon and the Old Testament Prophets Told Us the Antichrist Would Be the Leader of Babylon

Now, I know a lot of people wanna argue semantics again about who the Antichrist is in the last days. The Old Testament prophets told us it would be the leader of Babylon. The last-days Babylon is America. It's the most dominant nation on Earth. The largest military on Earth. The most dominant in economics.

If you read all the descriptions of what the Old Testament prophets described about last-days Babylon, every one of them fits America. Doesn't fit the Vatican, doesn't fit the EU. Doesn't fit anybody but America. And I have an article on my website,, America the Babylon. You could read it there.


The leader of last-days Babylon. Now, it could make sense then that that would be the president of the United States. But the one route that I've always been warning about is that the United States president could give allegiance of our country--in fact, his sole position and authority over our country as president could give it to somebody else. And then that person would become the leader of Babylon.

And I've been warning about that because that's exactly what they're going to do. That's exactly the route that they've been working on. Obama, even Bush before him, have been in cahoots with Sananda and Maitreya. They have many pacts and agreements with them. I would expect these two to arrive and take over the U.N. Thus giving the U.N. leader, this leader of the U.N., power, and control and authority over the United States.


Our Presidents, by Writing Executive Orders, Take Powers for Themselves That the Constitution Doesn't Give Them - They've Already Been Piecing Parts of America Over to the U.N.

Now, before you say, "That's crazy. He would never have the power to do that," they've already been trashing the Constitution for years by their Executive Orders. Taking powers for themselves that our Constitution doesn't give them. And he could, very easily, by executive order (one of his illegal mystery things), he could very easily give the power of the United States over to the U.N.

They've already signed over--and this was starting back in Clinton's days and Bush's days--this has been going on for quite a while. They've already signed over all of our fresh lakes and our national parks to the United Nations. They've already been piecing parts of our country over to the U.N., giving the U.N. control over our parks, and our Great Lakes, and our fresh water sources. They've already been giving them the control.

So what happens if this owner wants to take control of his property in our country? They would just send troops in. And so, now you can start to piece--understand why there's troops in our country in the last days.

You know, people have been seeing visions of Russian armies, Chinese, German, NATO troops in our country. And this would pretty much fall under their agenda to take control of what they own. And, eventually, taking control of the people. Because they own anyone who was born with a birth certificate as well. Your birth certificate is actually just a instrument for slavery debt. And every person in this country has been nothing but a slave to this system that they've created. So, things are not going to get any better.


You Will Have to Sell Your Soul to Satan to Participate in the New Economic System by Getting a Chip or Mark in or on Your Right Hand or Forehead

And, you know, I've always warned that, you know, things aren't gonna get better, they're going to get worse. You get rid of one evil New World Order cabal for another. Just another evil cabal that wants to rule and control the world. And they will.

You know, they're gonna dominate--Satan's gonna dominate the world and force the whole world to worship him as God. They're gonna enforce the mark of the beast. If you wanna participate in their new worldwide economic system called NESARA, you will have to join by getting this chip or mark in or on your right hand or forehead.

And, you know, they make it all sound like it's gonna be wonderful, "Oh, it's gonna be a time of prosperity for everybody." And when you look at the points of it, it is something that should've been done years ago.

You know, these things should've been done years ago, but not to the point of having to sell your soul to Satan to get it. Because they were ours to begin with, and Satan stole it from us over the years through his factions and the groups he controls. And now he's gonna act like he's the big savior coming in and pulling everybody out of the slavery and debt they're in.


People Have Been Slaves to the Interest That They Have to Pay on Loans

You know, this whole NESARA thing is focused on appealing to everybody's needs, and wants, and greed. And it's gonna do a very good job pulling people in. Because what they're gonna do is--what they wanna do--what this whole global reset is about--is getting rid of the federal treasury as we know it, the IRS, and bringing in a new currency backed by gold.

Our currency used to be backed by gold. And then the presidents back in the 1930s switched from a gold-backed standard to this fiat worthless paper money we have today. And that's when the Rothschild banks took over America and pretty much most of the world.

And people have been slaves to interest that they have to make on loans. Particular, you have credit card debt, mortgage loans, car loans, education loans, personal loans, home refinancing, home equity. Any time you borrow money from the government, the interest rates end up being three to four times the amount that you pay.

When you buy a house in America, by the time you get that 20-, 30-year loan paid off, you've already paid for the house three times. You not only paid all the money back for the initial cost, itself, but you end up paying back double the amount, triple the amount, in interest payments on that house.

And most people will never get their home paid off before they even die. You know, before they even retire. These 20- and 30-year loans become endless. Because what they'll do is they'll borrow against the equity built up in their loans. And then they owe that money. They owe a second mortgage payment. And it just goes on and on.

You're seeing people pay on houses for 40, 50 years. And then what happens is you don't even own it. You never own it. Because if you don't pay the taxes on that house, the government's gonna steal it. If you don't pay your taxes on the land and the house, the government just claims it back. They foreclose on it and claim it back.

So you never free and clear own anything in America. What you do is you're constantly paying taxes and fees just for the piece of land you live on, or a building that you own--that you rent, you just pay rent endlessly the rest of your life and never own it. Same thing with owning a house. You pay endless fees. Even living in trailer parks you pay lot-fee rents.


Since You're Never Free and Clear of Owing Money on Anything, What They Want to Do Is Bring in This New Beast Economic Program and Eliminate All Debt and Release Prosperity Programs

There's nowhere where you can live in America and be free and clear of owing money on it. You owe somebody money constantly. It's that constant slave tax of just surviving and being on Earth. And they've carved out every piece that's inhabitable for man, especially in America, and you're constantly having to pay taxes on it, fees on it. And if you don't what happens? You become homeless.

So what they wanna do is bring in this NESARA, this new beast economic system, and eliminate all debt. Eliminate all mortgage payments. Eliminate--anything tied to a bank will be what they call debt forgiveness. You're no longer gonna be accountable for your mortgage payments, your car loans, your student loans.

And they're gonna--they have what they call prosperity programs. And shortly after NESARA is announced on Earth, which is part of The Event that's coming, these prosperity programs will be released to the people of the world. And they plan on releasing funds to every person so that they can do what they want with it, basically. Have a shot at a better life is what they're going to push on it.


At the Time the Announcements Are Made, the Financial Markets and Exchanges Will Be Closed, Inflation Will Be Wiped Out, Prices Will Be Adjusted, and Debts Will Be Forgiven

At the time that these announcements are made, the stock markets, currency exchanges, commodity markets, everything will be closed for a period of days, whiled NESARA's being announced. And everything is going to be restructured. The prices of stocks and bonds, the prices of groceries, everything related to banks, all of the inflation's going to be wiped out. And all of the prices are going to be adjusted.

So, instead of paying $4.00 for a gallon of milk, you might pay 40 cents. Instead of paying 4 or 5 dollars for a gallon of gasoline, you might pay a $1.25. Everything is going to be readjusted and inflation taken off of it. And so, that sounds really good, right?

Some things that should've happened a long time ago without E.T. intervention. Personal tax debts will be eliminated and wiped out. IRS will be abolished. Federal treasury will be abolished. Everything just brought back into a monetary balance without inflation. All debts being forgiven.


If the Global Financial Restructuring Is Supposed to Make Our Lives Better, Why Does the Bible Warn About So Much Death and Destruction?

And, you know what? If this was everything that they were claiming it's going to be, then why would the Bible spend so much time warning about the woes, and the problems, and the destructions we were gonna have in the last days? There's nothing in Bible prophecy that says, "Oh, look, there's a blip on the radar screen and everybody's gonna live in la-la land and security and prosperity during the tribulation period." No, it's the complete opposite.

The Bible warns of famine and plagues and death and destruction, and almost two-thirds of the world's population being wiped out. And this is in a matter of 7 years. Two-thirds of 8 billion people. Six billion people killed. That's a lot of people in a very short time.

And so, you have to wake up into your senses, folks. You know, if all these new things are coming about that's supposed to make our lives here on Earth better, then why is the Bible talking about so much death and destruction? Something doesn't jive. Something doesn't fit right here.

You know, they use NESARA as a present to gain entrance on the earth, and make their arrival known. To make their presence known. They've always been attached to this new economic program called global reset or NESARA, whatever you wanna call it. It comes with them. If you want this global reset, they're the ones that are gonna come and bring it to--and announce it to mankind, and try to institute it.

You know, but the Bible says in the last days people will be throwing their gold and silver in the streets because it will be worthless. So what prosperity is there, folks? What prosperity? This is how you separate the truth from the lies. You know something's not right because you know the Bible is sure. And everything it speaks will come to pass.

So who's lying? Who are the liars in all this? It's these cosmic beings, these E.T.'s that are descended on Earth and many are already here. Many more even coming in. And if you look at it, it's March 23 and snowing. Between the northern part of America and the Midwest. Spring was two days ago. Welcome to spring. We're gonna get snow tonight, snow tomorrow.


A Lot of People Say They're the Resistance and Doing So Through Info Warfare, but Only Orgone Warfare Is Going to Affect These Aliens and Keep Them from Arriving - Join the Orgone War

You know, they're coming in and they use the cold weather to suppress the orgone that's in the air. To bring their ships in. Because, see, we've been busy. You know, they wanna la-la and go on about NESARA and the new economic program they're gonna be enforcing on the world through the global reset. We've gone beyond that and we've been preparing for their arrival.

We've been the resistance, literally. There's a lot of people who say they're the resistance, and then do so via info warfare, I guess you could say, putting up websites, sending out e-mails. That's all good and stuff. That's all good. But that's not gonna keep them from arriving. That's not gonna affect them.

If you wanna get involved with the real resistance, then you join the orgone war. Because orgone destroys them. Orgone is what crashes them out of the sky. See all these fireballs around the world? That's the orgone that causes that. That's because mom and pop put orgone in their yard, and then drove around their counties, and their towns, and their cities, and their states and got orgone out in various places. In woods, in bushes, in fields, in trees.

You can throw it anywhere. And it helps the land. Animals love orgone. It's a positive orgone energy. It emits almost the very same properties as the Lord's breath, itself. It's a living, vibrant, healing, righteous energy. Animals love it. Plants love it. Gardens thrive with it. If you're planting a garden, put orgone pucks in your gardens. Birds love it. It's a living, thriving energy.


Their Chemtrail Program Suppresses the Living Energies of the Earth and Destroys Our Health - The Positive Energies Produced by Orgone Have a Rebalancing Effect

This stuff should be all over the world. And it already was, in a natural state. But what happened was they started this chemtrail program 50, 60 years ago to suppress the living energies of the earth.

You know, look at all these planes flying overhead every day. And they're crisscrossing the sky with their toxic chemical poisons. And they put plagues, and diseases, and harmful things in these chemicals to destroy our plants, our farmland, our health, our immune systems.

I mean, how many times have you seen the things crisscrossing the skies, and then the next thing you know the hospitals are full because there's flu pandemics going on? Yeah, it's coming from the air you breathe. From the toxins that these chemtrail planes are dumping onto the civilizations, onto the populations.

And so, what orgone does is it puts--it fights against this unnatural imbalancing that Satan's trying to enforce on the world. With this chemtrail program suppressing living energy, orgone puts it back into the earth, back into our air. Puts living righteous energy back into it. And so, it's a balancing effect.


You Can't Change the Ingredients of Orgone and Expect It to Do the Same Things I Claim It to Do - You Can't Make Our Orgone Better, Because It's Already Perfect


And also what happens is when orgone saturates the air, it emits constantly. It's a constant emitter of righteous energy. And that's if you make it the way I teach people how to make it at I have videos, I have instructions. You have to make it that way.


To make the orgone as effective as everything I say it will do, it has to be made the way we say to make it. You can't just go to eBay, and buy the garbage that's on eBay, and expect it to do the things that I'm telling you this stuff will do.

I've been involved with this orgone war for over a decade. And there's different way you can make orgone to make it do different things. Some people just create junk. Some people do negative--make DOE, dead orgone energy or negative orgone energy. What they do is attract evil rather than repel it.

Make it yourself. That way you know exactly how you're doing it, how you're making it. So you know exactly what kind of orgone you're making. You can't make it better. You can't change the ingredients of orgone and expect it to do the same things that I claim it can do. And if I say use fiberglass resin, I mean use fiberglass resin. I don't mean go buy clear epoxy resin, use that instead. I mean use fiberglass resin. You have to follow the instructions exactly the same. You can't make it better. It's already perfect.


These Huge Galactic Fleets Coming in Use the Cover of Clouds and the Cold Air to Suppress the Orgone So They Can Get Here Without Burning and Crashing

So, our resistance, our war against these evil entities coming in to institute global reset, to institute NESARA, to institute their alien New Age agenda on Earth. We've been preparing. We've been fighting against them for the last decade. And, yeah, it affects them. Causes their UFOs to crash. Fireballs all over the world.

These huge galactic fleets coming in and use the cover of clouds and the cold air to try to suppress the orgone so they can get in here without burning and crashing. That's why it's so cold. That's why it's spring and we're seeing snow. Because, typically, when they come in, they come in through portals in the north. And they open portal vortexes in the north.

And so, that's where all of our cold air is coming from. Jet streams in the north. And they're suppressing it that way. They think they can suppress it.


Satan Is Anointed for a Specific Purpose and Calling, so He Can't Be Killed, but We Can Go After and Kill All the Other Ones That Aren't

The Lord will allow them to have limited amounts of success. Because as much as we hate them and want to destroy them all, He will allow them to fulfill prophecy. You know, Satan has a purpose on Earth. And the Lord's going to allow him to fulfill his purpose.

But it doesn't mean all of his eons of forces get a free pass, you know. Doesn't mean they're gonna get a free pass. We can go after them. And that's what we're doing. You know, if they're not anointed with a specific purpose and calling, then we can go after them, you know.

Satan is the Lord's anointed. He's anointed for a specific purpose and calling. And so, he can't be killed. But you can go after all the other ones that aren't. And that's what we're doing. The more we kill now, the less we have to deal with later.

Because when you look at Revelation, chapter 9, the locust invasion. When you look at Joel, chapters 1 and 2, the northern armies, these are space armies, folks. These are not Russia and China. These are space armies.


If We Don't Defend Ourselves Against the Alien Invasions, There Won't Be One Human Left - Seems to Me That We're Fighting to Protect the One-Third Mentioned in Scripture

We have several different alien invasions coming. And if we don't defend ourselves against them, there's not gonna be one human left on Earth. Not even a third. Right now, that seems to me, what we're fighting for is protecting one-third. Because two-thirds we know, when you look at all the destructions, and total up all the tallies in the book of Revelation, about two-thirds of the world's population will die from plagues.


Putting Orgone Around Your Areas Is Similar to the Jews Putting the Blood on the Doorposts in Egypt So the Angel of Death Would Pass Over Them

Well, you know, most people would rather die from plagues than being eaten by a Giant or an alien. Because they feast on humans. You know, we're their food source. They feast on us.

And so, if you want them in your neighborhoods and your towns, don't do anything. Don't put any orgone there, they'll be there. Because they'll be targeting areas that don't have orgone in them. Because areas that do have orgone become protection zones for those people. And aliens won't go in them.

It's like having the blood on the doorposts. You know, when the Jews put blood on doorposts, the angels of death went over their homes and just targeted the Egyptian homes and they lost the firstborn. It was the plague of Egypt. And this is the same thing in these days. Your orgone's like the blood on the doorposts. "Hey, we're protected. Don't come here." Then they go someplace else.


Look Up the Constellations That Are Supposed to Be in the Sky on Any Given Night So That You Know What's a Constellation and What's There That's Not Supposed to Be

So, these things are coming, folks. They're all around us in the skies. When it's a clear night, and you go out--and I suggest, you know, I do this all the time, I look up all the constellations that are supposed to be in the sky on any given night, so I know what's a constellation and what's there that's not supposed to be.

A lot of these stars in our skies have nothing to do with constellations. They're starships. They're alien starships. Even the ones that are part of constellations, you can look at every constellation and the cornerstone stars of these constellations are alien star planets. They're planets for the aliens. It's where they live.

And so, if you look at Orion, and you see Betelgeuse and, I think it's Rigella. And you look at Sirius, and you look at the other--Big Dipper, Big Bear--which is Big Bear. And the Canis Major, which is Sirius. All of these constellations feature dominant alien star home planets within them.


We Have So Many Different Kinds of Grotesque Alien Races Amongst Us Because They Spent the Last Several Thousands of Years Crossbreeding Themselves

We are surrounded by fallen angels and what we term as aliens, folks. They're nothing but fallen angels. Kicked out of heaven. And then they spent the last several thousands of years crossbreeding themselves. Creating new alien races. And multiple crossbreeding of alien races. Which is why we have so many different kinds of grotesque alien races amongst us. They don't look anything like the fallen angels. They look like groteque, ugly beings.

You know, part of their curse, when Satan rebelled against the Lord, was to lose their angelic looks. You know, Satan lost his angelic looks and became a snake. The Lord cursed him to crawl on the belly like a snake. And snakes are reptiles, Reptilians. That's his whole faction, is the Reptilians. The Greys, Lilith's offspring, they're a faction of her offsprings.


There Are Huge Cities Underneath the Earth, and Shamballa Is One of Them - The New Agers Claim That the People from the Missing Malaysian Plane Were Taken to Shamballa

They're all amongst us. They're above the earth, they're on the earth, and they're under the earth. There are huge cities underneath the earth. Shamballa, you've heard the music industry rock groups sing about Shamballa. Shangri-la. And this is the place, I think it's the Gobi Desert. It's the one out by India and China. There's a huge underground city there. In fact, some of the most loyal, best-known Satanists get to the tops of the ranks--some of them will actually get to tour this city.

This is the same place that the New Agers are now claiming that, you know, they hijacked the people on the Malasian airplane and they've taken them to this city. And they're gonna come back to the world and announce that--how these aliens are our friends and we should listen to them.

You know, they're going on and on with their agenda over these missing people on the airplane. Claiming that they have them. And they're going to hold them as ransom so that the entire world will switch over to the NESARA, this global reset program.

Hey, that's desperation. That'll bring some attention to your cause. That'll wake up the masses. Because, you know, articles that are floating around the Internet for 15 years, like mine, don't get much attention. Buy, hey, if you hijack a plane full of people, and then have mysteries surrounding the loss of the plane, and say, "Hey, these people are with us and we're gonna institute NESARA on the earth." That's a way to get some attention, don't you think?


If the Lord Saved His Best for Last, What Are You Doing Sitting Around Not Getting Involved? - Satan Stands Up Haters Against the Orgone Warriors, but We're Not Deterred

But it's all coming to a head, folks. It's coming to a head. You know, we've had a lot of lead time and delays. I thought for sure 2008, 2009 would be it. And then 2012? And now, look, we're at 2014?

Eventually, these lulls and these delays are gonna stop. Because a lot of these lulls and delays are because they couldn't get their program together. They couldn't get their arrival put together, you know, and exactly how they were gonna come to Earth. And when they did, they started running into the problem with their UFOs crashing. Because through their inability to get anything done we were able to stand up and mount a resistance against their coming arrivals, you know.

If the Lord saved His best for last, then what are you doing sitting around not getting involved? Everybody needs to be getting involved. You don't have to believe me. Ask the Father, Himself. Ask Him if I'm one of His. Ask Him directly. Most people just refuse to ask. They wanna believe all the hate--the haters. They always have something to say about me.

Satan hates me. I deal with Satan all the time and his minions around here. They wanna destroy the orgone warriors. They wanna stop the orgone war against them. And what better way than stand up people all over the Internet to become haters of us, and doubters. And spew lies about us.

And you know what? It doesn't deter us. Because the core of warriors who have grown together over the last years have stuck together. We're family. We know who we are. We know that we're sent here in the last days to be here for the Father. And we're working together to fight against evil and wickedness in all places, whether they're high or low. We're fighting against all evil and wickedness. We're the Father's armies on Earth standing up against Satan and his evil armies and wickedness. And we can destroy them with something as simple as orgone.


The Rider of the White Horse Holding a Bow and No Arrows Symbolizes a Warrior, Not a Politician - The Lord Sent Me Here to Begin This War

You know, if you look at the rider of the white horse, he has a bow and no arrows. What's that signify? You know, people that are guessing--they call themselves prophecy gurus--want you to think it's, "Oh, it's legislation. Represents legislation." Well, it's a good thought. But it's a warrior. It's not a politician. It's an angel with a bow. [laughs] That symbolizes a warrior, not a politician.

It's a unconventional weapon. It also happens to be the symbol, in the astrological charts, for Sagittarius. Sagittarius. A rider with a bow and no arrow. And angel with a bow and no arrow.

You know, the Lord sent me here on Earth to begin this war, you know. I was born on December 11, 1965. My astrological zodiac thing, whatever you wanna call it, because I don't get involved with any of that stuff, but it's the Sagittarius.

If you look at the new constellation that they announced 2, 3 years ago, Ophiuchus, the Sagittarius constellation is pointing the bow at Ophiuchus, which is a serpent. Our war against the devil. Our war against Lucifer. You know, the Lord doesn't create anything evil. Mankind perverts it and turns it into evil. And so, there's a lot of things we can learn from just what's in our sky, the constellations. But it makes a lot of sense.


One of Lucifer's Biggest Achievements Has Been Getting Christians to Fight Against Each Other Instead of Fighting Him - Most Who Think They Are the Bride Anger the Father Greatly

You know, He knew, back before we were even born that most of us, we would all be here in these last days. He would stand us up to do His will on Earth. And many...many would reject it. Many have fallen to the wayside, and fall over to the haters, and the naysayers, and become one of them themselves. And become resistance against us, instead of becoming resistance against Lucifer.

You know, it's always been one of Lucifer's biggest achievements is getting Christians to fight against each other instead of fighting against him. He turns the war inward. You know, he turns the Bride against the Elect. It's what he does all the time. And the Elect is just a minority.

And most who think they are the Bride, they just anger, anger, anger, anger the Father. Those sitting in the churches today. Those with their eyes so closed, their ears so blocked, they can't see truth, they don't wanna hear truth. So they come up against the Lord's Elect. They come up against His people. And cause anger, hatred, and division and backbiting amongst the family, instead of focusing their energy and attention against Lucifer, himself.

We need to unite together, folks. Quit all the bickering, all the naysaying, all the hating. And fight against the real enemy, which is Lucifer. He's above us. His ships are coming in daily.

Eventually, there's going to be a full contact made with Earth. There's gonna be announcements made that are going to change our world economic, political, religious, everything. It's gonna change everything about the world. And then it's going to be an instant drain, an instant flush down the toilet. Everything's going to go to hell quickly.

Everything's going to seem really good, at first. Of course, those who are in the know, and those who are prepared, know exactly what it means. That things are gonna get bad really quickly. And head to the mountains.

You know, the earth won't sustain the arrival of Lucifer on it. The Bible talks about how the earth moans and groans at his appearance. The earth has a spirit. The earth is a spirit. And you read in Isaiah, it talks about how the earth will rock to and fro like a drunkard. There's gonna be a pole flip. There's gonna be earthquakes. There's gonna be volcanoes going off. And there's nothing that their weather weapons, weather warfare against mankind, can do to stop it. Because the earth, itself, will rebel against their arrival.


Jesus Christ, Whose Real Name Is Yahushua, Is Not Coming to Revamp Our Laws, Our Systems, Our Programs, He's Coming to Tear Them Down and Destroy Them

So, almost at the same time that they arrive, claiming, "Oh, we're the saviors of humanity. We're Ascended Masters. We're masters of wisdom. We're here to help. We're here to teach you new things. We're here to revamp your economics." I mean, seriously?

When the Bible talks about the second coming of Jesus Christ--which is Yahushua, His real name--when it talks about His second coming. He's arriving on horses with ten thousands of His saints to rid the world of the wicked that are on it. And He arrives at the battle of Armageddon in Israel.

He is not coming to institute an economic program. He's not coming to revamp our laws, our systems, our programs. He's coming to tear them down and destroy them. In the battle against the wicked. Battle against Lucifer.


Quietly Prepare for the Chaos That's Coming to Earth and Get Your Areas Orgoned - Make Protection Areas for People Fleeing the Cities

So don't buy any of this other garbage that Satan's trying to sell you through his NESARA, through his global reset, through his contact, and his Event, and his arrivals. Don't buy into that garbage. Quietly prepare for the coming chaos that's coming to Earth.

Get your areas orgoned. You can go to You can learn how to make them yourself. You can buy them. Just get it out there. Get it around your homes, your towns, your cities. Go places. Ask the Lord to lead you where to put it. He's had me in deserts and forests. No-man's-land's He's had me to make protection areas for people who are gonna be fleeing the cities and looking for protection in our deserts, and forests, and no-man's-lands.



Satan's People Have Technology--Bracelets, Anklets, and Things--to Make Them Appear to Glow Like the Lord's Angels

It's gonna get ugly. Of course, it's gonna look like, "Oh, heaven's coming down to Earth. Oh, look a the beautiful UFO with the purple and red lights. Oh, look. They look so glowing and angelic." Yeah, don't be fooled by it, folks. It's all technology. It's all gimmicks.

You know, Satan can make a demon's glow and look like angels through technology. They can mimic real angels. The technology that they use. They have bracelets and anklets and things that they use. They can push a button and become a glowing angel. It's all illusions.

And this is what, you know, it's dominant for this spring and summer months that we're gonna be seeing. And at the same time, remember, as soon as they step foot on this earth, destructions are gonna hit it like a whirlwind, a bathtub. Earthquakes, volcanoes, famines.


If You're Not Part of the Resistance Against Them, You're Part of the Problem - The Lord Never Just Handed Israel to the Israelites, He Made Them Fight for It

We have to fight against them, their arrival. We have to be the resistance here. Otherwise, you're just part of the problem. You're just part of the people that are sitting in the churches and on the couches saying, "Oh, the Lord's gonna take care of us. The Lord'll take care of us." Yeah, guess what. He's standing up everybody else to take care of your lazy butt. Get off your lazy butt and get involved. He may just allow you to get chewed by a Giant. You know, eventually He just gets tired of trying to wake people up and spring them forth into action.

The Lord never just handed Israel to the Israelites, He made them fight for it. They had to defeat 20 cities of Giants. And they were grasshoppers in the size of Giants. He didn't just hand them Israel. He had them fight for it. He has us fight for the things we want. The things He wants to give us. We often have to get off our butts and do something for it.

Quit being lazy, folks. This lazy mentality in the churches today is something that I've been coming up against for years, and it's the most aggravating thing. If it aggravates the crap out of me, can you imagine what it does to the Father? And He has way more patience than I do.

Get involved, folks. I have lists. I have a Facebook page. Sherry Shriner on Facebook. I have a orgone list on Yahoo! Groups. You can go to my website, and see the different Yahoo! Groups that I have. And also the Facebook page that I have where warriors can get together and encourage each other, unite with each other.


Time's short, folks. They're coming. They're already here. You can't turn back the clock. You can't make any of this go away. So you can either bury your head in the sand or stand up and get involved, you know.


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Anyway, until next week, everybody. Yah bless.





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