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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner

March 31, 2014


And hello, everybody. You're live. I'm Sherry Shriner. Welcome to the show. A couple things I wanna talk about. And, actually, an hour before the show I had no idea what I was gonna talk about. [laughs] And, so, yeah. Just kind of busy all week doing things. And, you know, I walked outside. I was walking over towards the garage. And just telling the Father, saying, "Hey, I don't know what I'm doing the show on tonight. I absolutely have no idea."

And so, I asked Him to guide my thoughts. Put it into my mind what it is He wanted me to discuss tonight. And as I'm looking up in the sky--and it was the typical blah, there was not a thing in the sky but darkness and gloominess--a star appeared. And I just started laughing. It's this same star I've been seeing off and on the past month.

And it appears over the portal that I have maintained and built here the past several years. And so--I knew it was Him. I knew it was His star. And I asked Him and He said yes. And so, I just laughed. And I said, "I can't talk about that tonight." [laughs] And so, if that's what You want me to talk about, I cannot talk about that tonight. People will think I've lost another marble."

And--so here I am. Talking about it. Hehe! I don't think I have any marbles left. People have called me crazy for years. And that's OK because when I looked totally rabid and crazy a decade ago, now everybody's on the same page. And so, all I have to do now is, if we have 10 more years, everybody will catch up to me. [laughs] But fortunately, for us, we won't. And I don't even care at this point.

There are always a handful that understand you, that get you, that the Lord can lead and guide into truth. People who don't block it. People who seek it. They're active truth seekers. And He leads them to my radio shows, my websites. And when they think I've completely lost it, He just keeps leading them back. Because He wants them to know that I'm His. That I'm His mouthpiece on Earth.


They're Opening Up Portal Vortexes in the North to Bring in Their Alien Ships

You know, I started this war against what we call the supernatural aliens. Started this a decade ago. Over a decade ago. And it's culminating. And it's about to just explode. It's past the boiling point. It's ready to explode now.

You can see their ships crashing all over the place. The freaky weather patterns. Yes, they were prophesied by the Old Testament prophets. Especially Enoch, who stated that fruit would grow in and out of season--would grow in seasons not expected. In other words, our seasons would flip. And we're seeing that.

I mean, it's March 31. Gonna be April 1, 2nd, 3rd, 4th. And we had 2 inches of snow Saturday morning. Last Thursday we had 4 inches of snow and a two-hour school delay. And this is in Ohio. This isn't Alaska. Ohio's always been really bad for weather, but this is the cream of the crop. This takes the cake.

I know in the north right now they're expecting 10 inches of snow. They're getting hammered in the Dakotas. And the first day of spring was about 10 days ago. So this is...this is really, really whacked. And what happens is they're opening up the portal vortexes in the north to bring in their alien ships. They're coming in.


The Lord Kicked the Sirius Star Constellation Out of the Portal Above My House That I've Been Maintaining

My area right now is a complete zoo. I know I've been saying that forever. But if you could see it now, it's just shocking. Because the other night, I kid you not, I was looking at the Sirius star in that constellation--it looks like a...the end of it--it looks like a kite. And, of course, beside it was the Big Dipper, the Big Bear constellation.

So, I'm thinking, "Great. Right above my house [laughs] I have the Bears, and the Dogs, the Sirians, Sirius, whatever you wanna call them, Sirians. Could it get any busier?" And so, I'm looking, and Orion has joined them. All three, just boom, boom, boom above my area.

What was even crazier the other day is I was looking outside at the portal area above this area here that I maintain, and I had noticed, the one night, that Sirius, the star Sirius, had taken its place right inside the portal area. And so, I'm thinking, "What's he doing?," you know, "What are they doing?"

And then yesterday I go out there and the Father had kicked that entire constellation west. [laughs] I had to laugh. I'm still laughing. It was the funniest sight. One minute it's north, and the next day it's west. The constellations typically evolve around space in a slow shifting manner. Not abruptly. Haha! Not one minute being, laying north to south, and the next minute be--next day be east to west. It was the funniest thing.

And then I even saw in the Codes where it had been moved. Where the Father had moved it. You know, He's not gonna allow them within this portal area. They can surround it, and they are.


Alien Planets Are Not Inside or Around Constellations, They're the Constellations Themselves - We Have 88 Starship Formations, Not Constellations

Now, I wanna tell you something, because I've been yelling about constellations for years. There's something not right about the whole thing. We've been lied to by our astronomy and our science teachers for years. It's always been a lie. That's one thing I've always known; it's all a lie.

And then today is like one of those light bulb moments. Because even--as much as they'll admit--NASA and other nauseating government agencies--they'll admit that there's probably alien planets amongst or inside constellations. Call them star planets, alien planets, home planets, whatever you wanna call it. But the trend I've been noticing for years is that many of the stars on the constellations themselves are alien planets. They're not inside the constellations and tucked somewhere around, they're the constellations themselves.

I've come to the realization that we don't have 88 constellations. We have 88 alien starship formations. Because that's what they are. They're starship formations. When you look at Orion, each star on the Orion constellation is a alien starship. It's a alien home planet. The same thing with Sirius and the constellation it's in.

The same thing with the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper. I've told you it's the Bears, the alien faction of the Bears that--Chewie of Star Wars, that's the Bears. Bigfoot on Earth we deal with, that's the Bears. They're an alien faction known as the Bears.

So why do they change? The Big Dipper, Little Dip--they used to be called the Big Bear and Little Bear constellations. And then they changed it to Little Dipper and Big Dipper. And now I think they've even changed it again.


Enoch Refers to the 12 Gates That the Sun Moves in and Around - The Gates Have Been Perverted and Renamed as Zodiac Signs

And when you look at the zodiacal, uh, the signs of the zodiac, the constellations themselves. And the zodiac...I'm not real sure about the zodiac starships--stars themselves. But the constellations we deal with is the ones I'm dealing with right now. Not the zodiac, the constellations, the other ones.

Because if you look in Enoch, he refers to the 12 gates. And, of course, you know, the spookheads, and the mediums, and witches, and all that, they changed it over time to zodiacal hodge podge we have now. But Enoch's are gates. And the sun moves in and around the gates. The sun moves. Doesn't say the planets move, it says the sun moves. We've been told, all of our lives, that the earth rotates the sun. Enoch says the sun rotates around the earth. And it moves and travels through the gates. And the gates have been perverted and renamed as zodiacal signs.

The sun moves around us. We don't move around it. And these stars, they can move at will. I've seen it with my own eyes. When you have a constellation that one day is north to south, and the next day it's east west [laughs]. Or even when I was out in the garage. And the garage is about 50 feet from the house. And looking up at the sky and seeing that star appear above the portal here. And it followed me. As I was walking back into the house, it followed me. I could see it moving. Acknowledging, letting me know, "We're already here." They're messing with me.


The Lord Has Often Used Signs in the Heavens

The Father uses stars. He uses stars. He told us in the word. Let's see...Matthew 2. Matthew's my favorite book. Favorite book in the Bible. Matthew. And they were saying,



"Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east and are come to worship him."


Our Savior's arrival and birth was announced by the arrival of a star. The Lord has often used signs in the heavens. And He declares through His prophets that He would use signs in the heavens.



"And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven."


In Luke 21.



"There shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring."


And when I look out--and I've talked about the Royal Planet before, and Enoch's Planet. Enoch describes a habitation, an abode. It was a planet that was built into the northwest. Between north and west. And it was a place for--the saints who died would dwell there. And so, I've typically just call it Enoch's Planet. And, of course, the Father gets a kick out of that.

There's also, uh, they use stars to travel into our necks of the woods, our atmosphere, our aerospace, our area here.


The Heavenly Realms Are Planets, but They're Not in This Dimension

You know, Satan doesn't do anything original, folks. He copies everything from the Father. The heavenly realms are planets. They're not in this dimension, but the heavenly realms are planets. But sometimes it takes us a while to grasp our minds around that concept. Because we think there's just a top floor above the entire universe in the heavens up tfhere, on the top floor. [laughs] So it's a different dimension, but it's planetary just as our solar system is now.

In fact, at one time, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, all of the planets, were part of a heavenly system, before the fall. After the fall it was judged, destroyed. You see the aftermath now. And I've done a lot of shows talking about preadamic--what was happening before the earth was restored and Adam was created. Probably some of the most fascinating truths I revealed.


There Are Two Different Groups of 144,000; the Elect, Which Is Taken, and Part of the Bride, Which Remains on Earth

And so, He very much uses--and the angels use--portals and star planets to travel to Earth. To go to and from Earth to heaven. You know, it's not like people can grasp the concept.

If you look at Daniel, when the angel Gabriel was detained by Satan's angels, he was sent from the Lord to give Daniel a message, and he was detained, held prisoner, being held captive, by Satan's angels. And Michael had to come fight and free him. That's very telling of the type of atmosphere we work in, where angels, and Satan's angels, which we call aliens, often fight against each other in our atmosphere.

And so, I think it's also very telling because I've been warning about the departure of the first group of 144,000. The churches teach that there's one group; 12,000 from each tribe of Israel. And they go on and on about how they're men and they're virgins. And they're wrong about it all.

There are two groups of 144,000. One is the Elect and the other is part of the Bride. There's two different groups. The Elect and the Bride are two different groups. The Elect are part of the Bride, but not all of the Bride are part of the Elect because there's only 144,000 Elect.

Now, the 12 groups--12,000--come from the Bride. They remain on Earth. They're sealed on Earth. You can read it in the book of Revelation, where they are sealed--stamped on their forehead with the seal of God. In their forehead, seal of God.

And if you look at the other group, the Elect, that are taken, the Lord carves--He writes His name in their foreheads. And they are in heaven when Babylon is destroyed.

Two different groups, folks.


I Think the Bulk of the First Group of 144,000 Have Left Earth Already

So, how does this 144,000 leave? Is it the rapture? I know you have all these churches harping about the rapture for years. And that's what makes people so dumbed down to recognizing the times they're in because they believe they're going to be raptured out.

They misconstrue, misunderstand, either purposely or ignorantly, Scriptures. The 144,000 will leave. You can call that a rapture. You can call it what you want. Many, I believe, have already gone. And I believe it's a process that's been taking place for over a year now. He takes them in batches at a time.

But there is no doubt the last remaining ones--and I think I said it last year, that everybody was gone but the ones in America, and Europe, and Australia, and Canada. That most of the nations, in the Western nations, are still here. The Elect there in the Western nations. And it's probably still a few maybe scattered around the world. But I think the bulk are gone already. And there's no doubt the only portal area I know of that they would use to access to leave the Earth is the one I have been maintaining here.

Now you know why the White House is so fixated with this area. They fight over here all the time. Different planes, different times. There's always action over here. There's always a lot of angelic activity.


They Have Satellites That Can Detect Dimensional Beings

You know, they have satellites that can detect dimensional beings. I don't know if they've honed in on dimensional frequencies and all that, you know. If it's like and infrared lighting type thing. But I've heard about it. I've heard, you know--because they ask me questions. I'll get these questions, "What was going on over there Monday night?" [laughs] Because of the huge, huge display of craziness. [laughs] I don't know what else to call it. I'll say, "I had a few friends over during the show." [laughs]

Father often protects my area during the show. And they can detect this. They see it on radars. I don't know how. I've never seen it myself, but that would be interesting. I've been asked questions about it. And so, it fascinates them.


A Portal Is an Accelerated Form of Travel Used by Angels, Aliens, and Even Our Navy

You know, there's portals everywhere. And the first time I'd ever heard about them, Mary K. Baxter, 40 Nights in Hell. Something--Divine Revelation of Hell. Mary K. Baxter. One of the best books I've ever read. It will really wake you up.

Now, I, uh, as to the legitimacy of whether it was Sananda or Yahushua giving her the tour, either way, the information is sound. The Father told me that Himself. The information is good.

So. She describes portals that--souls, when you die, these portals suck them down into hell (for the ones who die and go to hell). It's a means of transportation. It's almost like when you get to a portal, you get to travel in warp speed. So instead of it taking days, or hours, or weeks, it would just take minutes. And so, it's a accelerated form of travel, and that's why angels use them, aliens use them. Everybody and anybody, not from this dimension, uses them. To either gain access to Earth or get off the earth. They use portals.

And our, uh, particularly our Navy has been able to access these portals as well. And I think they create their own portals. I'm not sure. I know that there's a portal right above Lake Michigan. Right outside Chicago, out in the lake. There's a Navy base north of Chicago. And there's a portal out in Lake Michigan. And they use that to travel to and from Mars.

See, that's--our space program and NASA, has always been a lie. It's always been a joke. They don't need shuttles to go to the moon. They don't need shuttles to visit Mars or whatever. They use portals. They travel via portals. And there's also another term they use--jumpgate technology. But we have many bases on the moon. We have bases in Mars. We've been on Mars for 50 years. We've had bases there for a very long time.


I've Opened Up a Portal Here, with the Orgone Energy, So That the Last of the Lord's Elect Can Leave Through It

And so, the whole thing is on just describing portals, um, discussing portals here. As a means of travel. As a method. They don't just pop up anywhere or everywhere. But there's certainly areas based on energy, I would say, that creates conditions that can open up a portal. And so, that's what I've done here with the orgone energy. I've opened up a portal so that the last of the Elect of the Lord's people here on Earth can leave through this portal.

Pretty interesting, huh? Don't hear anybody else talking about this stuff. Of course, they probably will. A couple weeks or a month. Everybody else always steals my info. They never give me credit for it. But they like it, they use it.


This Entire Month of April Is Really Pivotal - They're Promoting the Arrival of Sananda and of Their World Teacher, Maitreya

But this is an interesting month. April coming up. The rest of it anyway. Because this is boiling point month. Boiling point. You've got the New Age alien agenda wanting to arrive and begin their agenda on Earth. And it's been delayed for so many years that now things are actually starting to culminate. Almost demanding the beginning of their agenda. Been culminating last several years. There's no more culminating to do. It just has to get done now. It has to begin.

So this entire month of April is really pivotal. Really pivotal. I've been estimating that this cosmic Maitreya, this fake Jesus, this Sananda. They call him Jeebus as well. Just another for Sananda. Jeebus. J-e-e-b-u-s. Kanye West has a album called Jeebus [Sherry means Yeezus]. And has this Jeebus on stage with him when he performs.

They're promoting the arrival of Sananda. And the arrival of their world teacher, who's going to come and set us all straight. [laughs] As funny as it sounds, it's because it's so stupid. But he's going to arrive, too.

And, you know, I've been predicting his arrival on Passover. And Passover this year is the 15th through the 22nd. Interestingly, I was reading on some off-the-wall site, and they were saying that they expected the world teacher to arrive on the 14th to the 21st. That's pretty close to my 15th to the 22nd. [laughs] That's almost like misconstruing, interpreting one calendar two different ways, which has always been a problem because our calendars are all miscontrued.


People Spend a Lot of Time Trying to Pin a Particular Date Based on Scriptures

You know, people spend a lot of time trying to pin a particular date based on scriptures. And it's like, how can you--it's not even possible. I don't think it's possible. And I've been Bible decoder for over a decade, and I would never put a total belief on anything--that a certain event was gonna happen on a particular date because our calendars have been so misconstrued over the years. Especially when you're looking at a Hebrew calendar that was--started out solar, then switched to lunar [laughs], and then you got introduced to the Roman calendar. Things are really messed up.


If You're a Jew Following the Lunar Calendar, Stop It - No, I'm Not Antisemitic, I'm from the Line of Judah Myself, and David Is My Ancient Grandfather

And if you're a Jew, and you're following the lunar calendar, stop it! Nothing drives me crazier. And when you try to teach them, they call you antisemitic. And I'm, like, hello? I'm the granddaughter of David. David is my ancient grandfather. I sit at the Lord's feet for truth. I study, I learn. I commune with the Father. Don't call me antisemitic. [laughs] It doesn't wash.

I don't refer to myself as Jewish because none of the Israelites did. Jewish is a modern term for the fake Jews. They're all fake. Khazar Jews. There's more real Jews in America today than in the entire country of Israel. If you wanna call them Jews. I don't consider myself a Jew, but I'm from the tribe of Judah. My ancient line. They were called Israelites, they were called Hebrews, they were not called Jews. Hebrews.


The Global Reset Is the Thing to Watch, Because It's Right at the Center of Things

So all this is culminating and about to explode. So what do we expect? An arrival? An announcement? Some kind of contact? You know, it's all three of those things. And this is a pivotal month for that, so.

The global reset is the thing to watch, because it's the last thing they'll do. They'll either--it's either the last thing they do before they arrive, or they will arrive and then push the button for the global reset. But it's right in the center of things. It's right in the center.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, the global reset--they're going to revalue all the nations' currencies.

They're already coming out with new treasury bills to replace the Federal Reserve fiat money, their paper money that's backed by nothing. They're already coming out with gold-backed treasury notes that are backed by gold, to replace the worthless dollars we have now. And that all is part of the global reset agenda, where all the countries return to a gold standard. In and of itself, that's not a bad thing. But consider the sources behind it.


They're Going to Welcome Themselves Amongst Us Through Their Briberies - They're Going to Offer Us Satanic Solutions to the Problems They Created on Purpose to Begin With

You know, they're going to welcome themselves amongst us through their briberies. And it's all deceit and lies. That's how they get their foot in the door. They take something from you, they cause the problem, and then they offer you the solution, see.

See, our money used to be backed by gold. And then in 1913 or whatever, they took it off the gold standard and the Merovian bloodline faction took over as the reigning faction of the Western nations. Took over Europe. Took over America. All goes back to this Merovian bloodline and their seed. And that's what the queen, the whole Royal Family today, almost all of our presidents go back to that bloodline. Most of our celebrities. The Brotherhood, itself, based on that bloodlines. Because it's a satanic seedline. It's a satanic Brotherhood bloodline.

So they created the problem to begin with. And now they're gonna offer us the solution. "Hey, look, we're gonna give you back your gold-backed money." And they have it under all the disguise of the NESARA agenda.

And I've been waiting for that for a long time. When I first put up my NESARA websites, nobody knew what I was talking about. People thought I lost another marble. And now look at it. It's culminating. Coming into fruition.

So this is pivotal. This month is pivotal.


Satan's Little Aliens, Little Fallen Angels, Coming to Claim That They Created Mankind, Is a Total Lie - The Ascended Masters Will Be Coming in Manufactured and Cloned Bodies

Just sitting here. Wondering which direction I should go in. Because there's so many things gonna happen at once. People just don't understand what they're dealing with.

There's gonna be a lot of lies that are brought out. A lot of lies. That these aliens are our creators. They're gonna come and claim that they created mankind. Satan has never created anything. He doesn't have the ability or power to do so. All he can do is recreate from something that's already been created. Because Satan, himself, is a created being.

So his little aliens, fallen angels, coming to claim that they created mankind, is a total lie. But they need bodies to operate here on Earth. And so, they've manufactured, and cloned, and created these superficial human bodies that they can inhabit. So when you look at these what they call Ascended Masters, that's not who or what they really are. Those are manufactured, and cloned, and created bodies.

This Sananda that's coming, this Maitreya, this Saint Germaine that's been working behind the scenes for the past 200 years, guiding nations' economies and world events. They're all part of a group that's commonly referred to as the Ashtar Command, the Galactic Federation. You've seen their long cigar-shaped ships in the skies. You probably hear a lot of their blah-blah garbage on the New Age websites online.


The Dimensions and Who Operates in Them

You know, Earth is the third dimension. It's a third dimension. Operates in the third dimension. Hell and the underworld, these fallen angels, these aliens amongst us, they operate in the fourth dimension. The astral realm operates in the fifth dimension. That is like the ghostly realm. What we would consider as ghosts. That would be, like, the fifth dimension realm. The sixth dimension is like a travel dimension. It's like a covering around the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions. And then you have from the 7th to the 12th dimensions are heavenly realms.

There may be 14 dimensions. Possibly 14, but I know of 12. Some people will already attribute the 5th and 6th dimensions as heavenly realms. I know that the--they want you to think that they're from a heavenly realm; these cosmic beings, Ascended Masters. But they're scumbags. They have to create bodies to even operate on Earth.


The Bible Talks About a Time When the Veil Between Dimensions Will Be Lifted

But the Bible talks about a time when the veil between the dimensions will be lifted. I mean, right now, there's like a block, a blockade, to where humans on Earth cannot see into the 4th dimension. We can't see demons and beings that operate in the 4th dimension--aliens. I mean, they could be standing right in front of most people and they're oblivious, because they're just invisible to them. You don't see them because they operate in a different dimension.

But the Bible talks about this lifting of the veil. When there's no longer going to be that blockage. And it's actually a protective blockage from humans. Because, believe me, you would go nuts having to see aliens and demons. They're ugly, they're pitiful, they stink to high heavens.

But that veil is going to be lifted in the last days during the tribulation, what the Bible calls the tribulation period. This veil's going to be lifted, and people are going to see these beings. They're no longer gonna be visible. They're gonna be very visible amongst us. Very visible.

And when He unleashes the Locusts out of the pit, these Giants described in Revelation, chapter 9, people are going to see them. They're not going to be invisible. They're going to see, feel, smell these beings. Also demonic beings. The dead will literally be walking amongst us because these beings are considered dead, as far as the Father's concerned.


Death Means Separation from God - There's No Such Thing as Being Born and Just Ceasing to Exist - You're Either with the Lord in Heaven or You're Dead

Death means separation from God. When you're dead, you're separated from Him. Those cast into hell are dead to Him. You're either with Him in heaven or you're dead. You're separated from Him. Apart from Him. Cast away from Him. That's what death is. It means separation.

There's no such thing being born and then ceasing to exist, where it's just lights out, no more memory, no more light, no senses, no taste, smell, hearing. There's no such thing as nonexisting.

When a soul is created, a soul is forever. There's no ceasing to exist. But what you do with your soul, it's up to you, it's your choice. Because you're either going to go to heaven to be with the Father, and you'll live in the heavenly realm with Him, or you're cast into the abyss, hell, and you become part of Satan's realm.

That's why the Bible says the road to heaven is narrow. It's very narrow. Few who find it. So that billions of people on this earth since it was created, restored 7,000 years ago, billions of people on the planet, the bulk of the majority have rejected the Father, and have died, been separated, cast away from Him. They're in hell.


There's a Movie out Now on Noah Where They Hardly Get Anything Right - People Will Believe What They See in a Movie Before They Open a Bible and Read

You know, I like how the churches paint the time of Noah. You know, it was one of the first--one of the many, the first truths the Lord taught me, about the times of Noah, preadamic, the whole era. Because He always said, if you wanna understand the end, you have to know the beginning.

And they don't teach you the truth and full realization of the concepts in churches today. They kind of just speed everything along, ignore a lot of things, and paint pictures that are rosy.

You know, they almost minimalize everything. They're minimalists. Because they make it sound like in the days of Noah there was maybe a couple thousand people on Earth, and the Lord destroyed the earth. There was 1.2 billion people on Earth when the Lord destroyed it with a flood. 1.2--well, 1.6 billion on Earth. That's a lot of people.

They have a movie out now on Noah where they hardly get anything straight. And the very people that would run to see it and believe what they're being shown on TV are the very ones who never read their Bibles. They won't even know what they're being misled about. Because they don't even know what the truth is. They'll believe what they see in a movie before they'll believe what--before they open a Bible and read.


The Lord Said the Last Days Would Be as the Days of Noah - We Are in the Days of Noah - Giants Roamed the Land in Noah's Day

We are in the days of Noah. The days--He said it would be--the last days would be as the days of Noah. And the Locusts are about to be unleashed on mankind. That would put it into perspective, don't you think? Because the days of Noah, the Nephilim where impregnating human women. Giants were born because of the gene anomalies between the humans and these fallen angels. And so, the giantism DNA anomaly was a result.

These Giants roaming through the land. You know, when they couldn't eat enough humans--or animals, they'd started feasting off humans. And the biggest problem was food, famines. Because it took a lot of food to feed these Giants. And they roamed the land in Noah's day. And guess what. Revelation, chapter 9, they're coming back. We're going to have a Locust, a Giant invasion.


When Is the Locust Invasion?

So when is the invasion? I'll give you a couple things to watch for, and you'll know exactly when it's coming. First of all, there's gonna be a huge earthquake. I believe it's the Madrid Fault Line. Here in America and the Midwest. St. Louis, somewhere being the epicenter. It could go all the way over the North Pole, affecting the other side of the world, or it could just hover over the Great Lakes there, and all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico, affecting the Midwestern states of this country. The Madrid Faultline blowing. I believe that's the sixth seal; the great earthquake.

It's almost like a duality. And many of the horse apocalypses have more than one meaning. Usually everything in Bible prophecy has. Concepts in the Bible do. There's layers upon layers. Different meanings. Gonna have more than one meaning.

It can also be an economic earthquake. Economic crash. Along with Madrid Faultline blowing. Either way, that's coming. They're you're gonna have a lamp crashing into the sea. Which is a comet or starship huge as a comet. Because comets are carriers. They're alien carriers. Busted up alien planets. Whatever you wanna call them.

But a comet's gonna hit the earth. And then a huge mountainous asteroid is going to hit. My friend had a vision that it would hit in southern Indonesia, over there. Asian part of the world. Which would effectively destroy most of the coastlines everywhere; the United States, Asia, Russia, everybody.

And when that asteroid hits, and the world's suffering much chaos, and misery, and death, then the Giant invasion will occur. One thing right after the next, folks.


These Cosmic Beings Coming Will Tell People What They Want to Hear So They Can Get Their Foot in the Door and Take Over Earth

Once the ball gets rolling and these cosmic idiots arrive proclaiming they're smart, world teachers, ascended ones, illumined ones, it's going to be one punishment and judgment on the Earth after the next.

They're not bringing peace and harmony. Their very appearance brings doom to our planet. It brings anger, and judgment from the Father. It brings death and destruction. And a lot of that, they bring, themselves, too. Because they hate mankind.

They want you to think that, "Oh, we're coming to Earth to revamp everybody's economic systems, to justify wrongs and rights, and make them right, and heal the world, and make it a better place," and blah, blah, blah, blah. That would be great if it was true. Hehe! But it's not. It's just get into the door mentality. Tell them what they wanna hear so we can get our foots in the door, and then come in to Earth and take over.

Because nothing they say--it defies even the basis of logic or reason. If anything they said was true, then it must mean the tribulation period is, wow, another 100, 200 years away. Because everything they say defies biblical prophesy. It goes against everything. And every description the Bible has of what our last days are going to be like.


The Lord Will Protect Those Who Are Truly His, So Call on Him, Sing to Him and Praise Him

So we wait, knowing that once they actually do arrive, we're just sitting ducks for one destruction after the next on this earth. But what can you do? What's the Bible say? The Bible says to call on Him. I saw a verse in Ecclesiates about laying under the wings of the Almighty. Hiding under His wings. He will protect you with His wings.

For those who are His, He will protect. Truly His. I'm not saying those who talk a lot, those who always run their mouths about how holy and righteous they are, and Sunday Christians, and blah, blah, blah. And the rest of the week they're just pure hellions.

Or they're stuck in apostate churches. And they wouldn't be if they had a true relationship with the Father. Because if they did, He would be pulling them out of the apostate churches. The churches' doors would be closed everywhere in this country. Because He's not in any of them. Oh, yeah, you can sing hymns to the Father and feel His presence because that's Christianity 101.

If you wanna feel the instant presence of the Father, sing. Sing. That's spiritual warfare 101. He always inhabits the praises of His people, which means He's there. So you're gonna feel His presence. You're gonna feel happy. You're gonna feel His anointing. You're gonna feel His presence there.

But then what happens when the singing stops and you're sitting in these apostate churches? You no longer feel that happiness, that joy, because He leaves. You're not gonna sit around listening to the apostate garbage spewing out of that pastor's mouth. [laughs] Wake up, folks.


It's Been on My Mind to Get Back to New York Again - A Sniper Shot Blew Out My Tire on the Last Trip

Anyway, I really think I need to get back to New York. It's been on my mind a lot. And I'm thinking, "Not this again. Not this. Not New York." Last time I went to New York, we had so much fun, but it really was not without its problems. [laughs]

I wasn't out of Ohio five minutes on the Pa. [Pennsylvania] turnpike, and they blew my tire out, you know. And as we're sitting there waiting for AAA to show up and replace my tire, you could see the helicopter come and pick up the snipers off the rooftop of a hotel that was up the road off the exit, you know.

I have to say that was a pretty long shot. That must've been a good, at least, mile. Over a mile, shot, to blow out my tire. And I wasn't even out of Ohio yet. I was practically 5 minutes in Pa. when it happened. They were supposed to stop me from getting to New York.

OK, so all that planning and it cost me about an hour delay waiting on AAA. [laughs] Then when we got to New York, we just got our work done. The Lord made us invisible. They couldn't find us. They were standing 3-feet away from me looking for me. [laughs]


Your Donations Are Needed, So Seek the Lord About Helping Us Out

And so, we've gotta do it again. Because there's other areas of New York we didn't get last time that we've gotta go back and get this time. We just didn't have enough time to cover that whole place. There's five boroughs there. We spent most of our time in Manhattan.

So I'm going to need donations to even be able to think of returning to New York again. Because it cost thousands last time. I think we blew through 20,000 to get to New York last time. I probably need at least half of that this time to get to the area we need to go to.

Something to think about, pray about, ask the Lord if you should donate and help us out with this. I'll probably talk about it next week. I'm running out of time. But anyway, folks, for all you who wanna donate to this ministry, you can send donations to Sherry Shriner, P.O. Box 531, Carrollton, OH 44615. I also have my address at I really need your support to get more done with what we need to do with what little time we have left.


Until next week, everybody. Yah bless.





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