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April 14, 2014


Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon Tonight - Second Blood Moon During the Feast of Sukkot This Year

And hello, everybody. I'm Sherry Shriner. And I wanna talk about a few things. I know I didn't have a show last week and that I'm gonna catch up on some things this week.

Lunar eclipse tonight. And, of course, that signifying a blood moon. First one of this year. There'll be a second one during the feast of Sukkot. And so, this one taking place now.

And these blood moons serve as a sign. And there's two this year, and there's two next year. And so, these are generally warnings to the Lord's people.


When You Stand at the Judgment Seat of Christ, a Lot of Works Will Be Burned

Now, I know the Internet is bombarded by, uh, how do you say it nicely? [laughs] Bombarded by, uh, salesmen trying to sell you their videos, and DVDs, and books on what the blood moons signify and everything. And you know what? I just get so angry when I see all that stuff.

When the Lord gives you wisdom, if you're appointed and anointed by Him, He doesn't put a price on it, you know. He gives it to you and you teach what you know to others. You share what you know. And so, these people that put together books and videos and then sell their knowledge to the people, it just really angers me. And it always reminds me of what the Father said about fruits that will burn at His feet.

You know, when it talks about the marriage supper of the Lamb and the judgment seat of Christ, and you're laying your works, your fruits, at His feet, and your rewards, uh, when you stand at the judgment seat of Christ, a lot of works will be burned. He won't accept them. In other words, He rejects them, casts them aside. He burns them.

And people will realize then, you know, what exactly them did on Earth that pleased Him, and what they did that didn't. You know, people spend their entire lives commercializing religion, making money off of it, making careers out of it. And these are the kinds of works that are gonna burn.

You know, He's told me they built their mansions on Earth. In other words, don't expect one in heaven, you know. They'll have a dwelling place, but I think a lot of people are gonna be shocked that, uh, shocked by the reality of the way He thinks compared to the way we think here on Earth, you know.


I Don't Make Money Off of Anything the Lord's Ever Told Me or Taught Me - It Really Angers the Lord When People Commercialize Him or His Name

And, you know, my radio show, my websites, everything, 100 percent listener-supported. I don't charge for a thing. Had two books that you buy at Amazon, but you could also just read them free on my websites, my articles section. Also,, I have them in audio format.

And so, these are for people that want to buy them. Want to have something to read. A lot of people don't like to read on the Internet. They prefer a book. And that's why it's there. It's an option.

You know, I don't make money off of anything the Lord's ever told me or taught me. And I think others should head the warnings. Because He doesn't--that it really angers Him when people commercialize Him, commercialize His name.


New Agers Picking Up on the Last-Days Theme - It's Interesting That People Could Pick Up Concepts and Terminology, But the Interpretations Are Totally Different

But anyway, yeah, these are exciting times we're in. Even the New Age sites now picking up on the last-days theme. Some of the hogwash they usually have, picking up on the last days, the end times as a time of upheaval and transformation, that's definitely true. Of course, that's open to interpretation; theirs and ours.

Also a tsunami of sweeping energies--hehe!--coming upon the earth on the 15th and the 21st of this month. And I've definitely seen the word tsunami in the Bible Codes, and avalanche. And we know the energies are changing. Just another way of saying things are gonna be happening. Not to them. They interpret these energies as good things.

If you follow the Lord, you love the Lord and you're keenly aware of Bible prophecy, we all know that there's a time of judgment coming. And transformation, yes. Things are gonna transform. Tribulation period is definitely a transforming time.

And so, it's interesting that people could pick up concepts and terminology, but the interpretations are totally different depending on who your rock is. Who or what your rock is. If your rock is the Father and the holy word, then you're grounded in His truths in the Bible. If you're not, you're just kind of grounded in everything that moves, and you just kind of float along to all the terminologies the New Agers use, or the agendas that Satanists use, and you just kind of gravitate toward what your stand's gonna be, what your interpretation is. Because if you're not grounded in the Father, you're gonna fall for anything.


People Wanted Me to Talk About Passover Tonight

Another thing--and I kept thinking today, you know, "What am I gonna do my show on?" You know, I usually start thinking about it a couple hours before the show. Sometimes earlier in the day thought'll come to mind. And I know everybody wanted me to talk about Passover tonight and clear things up.

And, yeah, Passover began tonight. The traditional Passover dinner starts on the 14th day of Nisan, which is our April 14 this year. And the traditional dinner is usually lamb, bitter herbs, and unleavened bread. People vary it. They have different types of dinners. I've never had the traditional.


My Kids Always Recognize This Time of Year As No-Bread Week

And following the traditional on the evening of the 14th (which would have been tonight), tomorrow begins the 7-day Feast of Unleavened Bread. And so, typically, after the traditional Passover meal, people will wait before they go to bed, and you go through your kitchen, you get rid of any kind of flour, any kind of leavening, any kind of yeast, any kind of breads, sweets. Anything that has yeast in it. For the next 7 days, from the 15th to the 22nd, you don't eat anything with leaven in it.

And so, if you're a fast-food junkie, a pizza junkie, you like your sweets and your donuts and your Twinkies, and sandwiches, yeah, you just have to go an entire week without it in honor of the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

And so, my kids always recognize this time of the year as no-bread week. And so, they typically try to get through school cafeteria lunches for the week without having to eat anything with bread or leaven--or yeast--in it. And you know, I tried to tell them, you know, pita breads don't have leavening in it. And corn tortillas and the flat breads don't have yeast in it. And so, you can eat those.

You know, just ask Father if it's okay to eat. A lot of sweets, your donuts and everything, have yeast in it. And so, that's why you throw it out. Anything with flour, anything fried, because flour has leavening in it. And so, you don't eat anything that's fried, deep-fried with flour, and so.


Yahushua Celebrated the Lord's Appointed Times and Feasts When He Was on Earth and This Is What We Will Celebrate During the Millenial Reign

It really is a challenge, the first couple years, when you start to celebrate the Lord's feasts. When you move away from the pagan festivals. Everybody right now is celebrating Easter and the resurrection. And nowhere did the Father, and Yahushua, ever say they wanted us to celebrate His resurrection. He wants us to celebrate His appointed times and feasts. And His appointed times and feasts are feasts of Passover and Unleavened Bread.

And so, this is, if you're following the word, this is what He celebrated when He was on Earth. This is what we will celebrate during the millenial reign. For some reason, the churches have taken it upon themselves to declare that we don't have to celebrate any of the anointed times and feasts during this 2,000-year church age. Which I've said over and over again is an apostate age. They've introduced pagan customs and traditions.

So, for some reason, we celebrate Easter. But then when the Lord comes back and He establishes the millenial reign on Earth, then we go back to His appointed times and feasts. That even sounds ludicrous. So how can you embrace it? The reason you embrace it is because you go to the churches, and everybody's doing it, and you go along with the crowd. But you know something's wrong. Everybody does it because everybody else is doing it.


Korah, a Son of Esau, Was Moses' Nemesis in the Desert - Korah Was Used to Divide the People of Israel

You know, and this is what He was leading me to earlier today. Numbers, chapter 16. He's talking about Korah and his followers. And that is a huge, meaty, chunky subject there because there's so much involved with that. You can put it in so many different applications.

Korah was Moses' nemesis in the desert. He was a son of Esau. And he had all of his sons, over 250--chief princes of Korah and his families. His sons, his families, big part of the Exodus of Israel out of Egypt across the desert. And he was the one who led the Israelites into building a golden calf, and melting their jewelry, and worshipping the Lord.

Korah thought his and his sons were more righteous than Moses and Aaron and the Levite priesthood. He thought that they should be recognized as ones who keep the temple and tabernacle, and not Aaron. And so, he was a hater. And he was used to divide the people of Israel.

Only takes one person. One person who gets into a harmonious fold of people, fold of sheep, and begins to cause division. And it's like a tidal wave. More and more people join it. And by the time Moses got back down from the mountain from accepting the ten commandments from the Lord, almost all of Israel was in apostate idol worship. You know? One man started it; Korah.


It Takes One Person to Get a Ball Rolling to Hate Somebody, and Then Everybody Follows

And this is typical of division and how it begins. It takes one person to get a ball rolling to hate somebody, and Then everybody follows. And they reject the Lord's anointed and appointed, and embrace the apostates, the ones teaching wrong doctrine, teaching wrong things, leading them down the wrong road, they embrace them.

And so, when you read in Numbers 16, the Lord had the Israelites who loved Him separate from Korah and his followers. And he opened up the earth, and the earth swallowed all of them. Consumed Korah, and his wives, all the chief princes. Thousands of them. Just consumed them. Even their tents. Literally just fell down into the earth, down to the abyss to hell.

And that is when there was a fire kindled in hell. Because hell was never created as a place of torment and judgment for people until then, at that point. A fire was kindled in hell because Korah had angered the Father so much. And so, then the earth closed back up. And so, it was a new thing that the Lord did right then and there.


People Always Get Stuck in the Mentality That There's Nothing New Under the Sun and That the Lord Is Not Going to Do a New Thing

People always get stuck in the mentality, "Oh, there's nothing new under the sun. The Lord's not gonna do anything new." The Lord always does new things. The Bible's full of new things. Every time He did something, it was new, you know. [laughs]

And so, when you get into this day and age, and people are saying the Lord's not gonna do anything new, really? Why wouldn't He? Because times evolve, people, uh, people get more advanced, we suffer a lot more attacks from technology. And so, we have to evolve in ways to protect ourselves. And then that's when the Lord led me to orgone, years ago. And that was a new thing. The energy's an old, ancient energy. But it was something we could use to fight modern-day technology even though it is an ancient, old energy, and so.

You know, we have a lot of haters. Takes one person to start the ball hating. And everybody follows the haters instead of just stopping and asking the Father if we're really His. Who were the real ones that are anointed and appointed by Him, you know.

I see a lot of division. We see it every day from people who have already woken up to people who are fighting it. Truth seekers against the pew-sleepers. And you know, even amongst family members, division all the time, over what's true and what isn't.


"Did You Ever Find a Rapture Date?"

One of the things people always ask me about when you tell them, you know, you can decipher Bible Codes, the Lord leads you into Bible Codes, "Oh, did you ever find a rapture date?" Hehe! And that's probably one of the biggest heated arguments probably in the history of the church is the whole question of the rapture.

And there's pretrib, midtrib, posttrib. Good arguments for the last two. The first one definitely has its problems with interpretations. When you have to twist scripture to make something true, then something's wrong. And I've always been in the midtrib camp myself, or posttrib. But the one thing I kept seeing in the Bible Codes over and over was that the firstfruits would be gone. And so, here we go with the matter of interpretation.

Now, prophecy gurus want you to think that that's the Bride. That before the tribulation begins, the Bride is raptured off the earth. That's not what the Bible says.

You throw away Paul's books, the Pauline doctrines, because he misquotes and people misinterpret him to crazy. When you get into the real meat, real scripture, what the Lord said out of His own words and out of the apostles, because they were anointed by the Father. Paul was never an anointed apostle. There was 12 apostles, not 13. He was not one of the apostles names. His name was not on the gates of the new Jerusalem where the 12 apostles are.

But you see a departure of the firstfruits, the firstborn. The firstborn. And they go, "Well, that's the Bride." No. No, it's not. The Bride and the Elect are two different people. Two different groups.

The firstborn--and I wrote an article on this, Angels in the Flesh [] --are angels who have been sent to Earth to be here during this time. And they live and walk amongst us as humans, and live like we do. And the Lord uses many of them to stand them up as announcers, and evangelists, and pastors, and preachers, and teachers. And they don't even know who they are. But they are angels in the flesh here on Earth.



One of the First Truths the Lord Taught Me Is That There Are Two Groups of 144,000; One in Revelation 7 and One in Revelation 14

And so, when you look at the first group of 144,000--there's actually two groups of 144,000. This is truth the Lord taught me years ago. In Revelation, chapter 14, the first group stands before the throne, and He writes His name in their forehead. And they learn the song of Moses. And no one else is allowed to learn or sing this song. It is particular to the first group of 144,000.

Now, when you mention the 144,000, anybody who reads the book of Revelation, or pretty much knows Bible prophecy, will say, "Well, that's the 12,000 from each tribe of Israel." And they're virgins, so, therefore, they think they're all men, and they're 12,000 from Israel from each tribe. And that's actually the second group. Because that group is mentioned in Revelation, chapter 7.

And you could see it right after the sixth seal, where an angel comes and stamps these people on their forehead with the seal of God; 12,000 from each tribe of Israel. Virgins, being they're not defiled by apostate religions. Doesn't mean they're virgins in a sexual manner or anything. It's a religious term. Which means they're not defiled by apostate religions. They're truth seekers. They have the truth.

And so, this group is mentioned. They never--they don't leave the Earth. They have a seal of God stamped on their forehead on the Earth.

And then you read in Revelation, chapter 14 about the first group who's already in heaven. And the Lord, Himself, wrote His name on their foreheads. It's two different groups, folks. And they do two different things.

You need to study those chapters; Revelation 7 and 14. It's one of the very first truths that He taught me after Paul. That what a scoundrell Paul is. And he's not even a real apostle.

The second thing He taught me was about the two groups of 144,000. And shortly after that, about angels being here, living as humans on Earth. And how they were the Elect. The firstborn, firstfruits. Different from the Bride, itself.


I See a Lot of Division Surrounding the Removal of the Firstborn Coming Up

And so, we do have a removal of the firstborn coming up. And I see a lot of division in this because people are gonna be divided into exactly what happened. They're gonna be--we're gonna acknowledge it as the Lord removing part of His children off the earth. The others will believe that aliens took them, it was an alien invasion, that the aliens have them. [laughs]

I've been preaching about alien invasions for over a decade. And now when it's time to get it right, they won't even get it right. But at least they'll be aware. Because, eventually, the Lord'll make all things known to them. Maybe not on this earth, but, eventually, people will know the truth of things that've been going on and will be happening.

So it's gonna be a time of great uproar. And division. Division. Always division, folks. There's always instigators, and haters, and divide leaders. People that are used to just divide the people. And you have the sandbag rollers who start something and everybody else just follows. So a bunch of followers. No one just stops and asks the Lord things for themselves, and so.


There Are Times and Markers for the Firstfruits Removal, But There's No Set Date

This firstfruits removal can happen at any time. At any time. I know I get e-mails every time there's a feast or holiday. And I've been saying it forever, there's no set date. There's times, there's markers that, hey, this is a hot month.

We could go during this time. But then nothing happens. And then you wait until you see the next hot time in the Codes, and there's a marker. I have markers all the time. But that doesn't mean, hey, this date's coming up and this is the date firstfruits are leaving. There's no set--nothing set in stone, folks.

And those close to me know very well. We've seen so many of these dates come and go. And that's why it's hard to even be an announcer and say, "Hey, there's a leave-time coming up," because we've seen them come and go so many times. But that's one of the things the Lord says to do. He says to watch. To watch the signs and the seasons. Because He wants us to watch for His arrival to Earth; His second coming.


Satan Typically Knows Who Each One of the Firstfruits Was Before They Were Even Born, and He Tries to Kill Them

If you're a firstfruits, you can watch for the firstfruits departure. But, you know, a lot of people say, "Well, why aren't I in the Elect? Why aren't I in the firstfruits?" And, you know what? You know, that was up to the Father. He sent people here to be here in the last days. To stand up, to be stood up, to lead the people.

And these are the ones that Satan certainly harasses and targets the most. They don't know who they are, but he knows. He typically knows who each one was before they were even born. I don't know how He does it, he just knows. And then your entire life, you're harassed by him.

And most of them have gone through horrific childhoods of abandonment and rejection, abuse, just unspeakable things. Because he tries to pretty much kill them. But where he couldn't physically kill them, he would try to emotionally kill, so that they could never grow up to be, uh, to fulfill what they were supposed to here on Earth.

And so, it's a huge battle. And most of these Elect, you know, they may not have the fit-in mentality. We don't fit in with the world's mold of what they expect us to be, but we're heck of fighters. We're fighters. Spiritual warfare, not a problem. Took us a while to learn it, but not afraid to use it. And fight in battle. They're the ones who are on the front lines constantly. The ones who would die for The Most High. The warriors. Real fighters.


People Say Firstfruits Can Be Interpreted as Symbolic or Literal

And, you know, the chapter's coming where it's gonna close. And the firstfruits are gonna be leaving. And so, I know a lot of people interpreted firstfruits, well, that can be literal or symbolic.

It could also be symbolic in being firstfruits as in harvesttime. So you can go by dates of when the firstfruits harvest comes in. I guess you'd have to consider when the firstfruits of Israel is, because we're in the United States--we're everywhere, because Israel's everywhere today. Haha!

Or the fact that the firstfruits is the firstborn, the Elect. There's so many different things. That's why there's so many different months where it comes up to where, hey, this is a really hot time for us to be--we could leave, we could go home. And that's why I've tried to teach you about portals and how angels and even aliens and demons and Satan and everybody uses portals to access the earth. Also use them to leave the earth. For the exodus of Earth.


It Always Looked Like When the Firstfruits Are Going Up (Ascending), the Cosmic Beings Will, at the Same Time, Be Coming Down (Descending)

You know, there's going to be--and I've been saying this for years--that it always looked like, when the firstfruits leave, we're going up and the avalanche of Maitreya and these cosmic beings coming down to Earth at the same time. It was like, almost, uh, the events were so close together that it looked like one group's going up and another one's coming down.

Because the New Agers and their Ascended Masters, they're not ascending, they're descending. Because they live in starships above the earth. They're descending to Earth, they're not ascending. What's ascending is the firstfruits. They're leaving. They going. They're going up.

These cosmic New Age Ascended Masters, this Maitreya and Sananda that are coming, and their whole host of Galactic Federation with them, they're descending. They're coming down to Earth. In Revelation, chapter 12, Satan is descending. He's cast out of heaven and onto Earth. They're not ascending. None of them are. They're descending.

The only ones ascending is the firstfruits rapture of the Elect. And then there's other parts to the Bride.


Judgment Comes to the House of God First, That's Why the Lord's Anointed Announcers and Watchmen Have Been Sounding the Alarms on FEMA Camps, Roundups, and Martial Law

But you have to understand that judgment comes to the house of God first. And the Old Testament prophets foretold of a time that the last-days Babylon, the greatest nation on Earth would round up its citizens and cast them into camps, into prisons, and kill them.

And that's why so many of the Lord's anointed announcers and watchmen have been sounding the alarms on FEMA camps, and roundups, and martial law. These things are very true. Not just because a website here or there says so, because the Bible says so.

I have articles on that. America the Babylon []. I have a article on destruction of America in an hour []. Various different articles that the Lord had me write.



Every Article I've Written, I Wrote on Sabbaths and Always Felt the Lord Leading Me in What to Say, So They're Very Anointed

You know, I don't just sit and write because I like to write. It actually takes a lot of my energy and time to sit and focus. I think the older I get, the more ADD [Attention Deficit Disorder] I get. It's hard for me to sit and focus on an article. [laughs] Good thing the Lord had me doing these years ago when I could focus my attention. And I wasn't so swamped and overwhelmed with so much to do at that time like I am now.

But every article I've written, I wrote on sabbaths, and always felt the Lord leading me in what to say. And so, you should pay attention to the articles I write because they're very anointed. I go over them myself and reread them. To relearn what the Lord told me years ago. To remember. To keep things accurate and straight.

If I wanna know the truth about something, I go find it in one of my articles that I wrote ten years ago because I know those are the truth. That's how accurate these things are. And so, I encourage people just to go through and read my articles. The articles I've written.

These are all chapters in my books. Some of them were written after my second book was written. People are asking me when I'm coming out with a third book. And, you know, I just don't have the time. You can read my article right on the page though. You don't have to wait for a book to come out.

But everything's very accurate. And stuff He told me ten years ago, fifteen years ago, stuff that still stand today. Radio shows I did in 2005 are still--still stand today. You can go back and listen to my archives. And they're timeless. They're timeless. Because everything I've ever taught you is things that are coming. And so, even my first shows in 2004.

I also have transcribes on most of the years, not all of them.


When the Lord Gives You a Sign, It's Usually for Judgment, Retribution, or Warning

But this is, uh, you know, we have a sign; the blood moon lunar eclipse tonight. Of course, the sky's black and here they're gonna chemtrail it out so we can't even see it here. But you might be able to see it in other parts of the country. I think around 1, 2, 3 a.m. depending on what part of the country you're in, even the world, I don't know. You might be able to see the lunar eclipse.

But I don't have to see it to know what it is. A red moon. It's a sign. What's it a sign for? Judgment, retribution, a warning. You know? Usually the signs--when the Lord gives you a sign, it's one of the three. Because I've never, in the history of Israel--and we are Israel--I've never seen Him give a sign that said, "Hey, blessings are coming." [laughs]

I know, not funny, right? But our blessings will be coming one day. Just not now. [laughs] Not on this earth. And so, when you're dealing with Earth, it's retribution, and judgment, and warnings.


April Is a Hot Month for the Arrival of the Antichrist, but If Nothing Happens We Go on to the Next Hot Months of July and September

And so, there's a lot of things--April is a hot month for the arrival of the Antichrist. Of Sananda and Maitreya. The two beasts of Revelation. It's the hot month. And so, if this comes and goes, which it very well could, nothing happens, it just drops dead in the water like everything else has the last umpteen years, and nothing happens, then we go on to July, and then you go on to September.

I mean, it just keeps going. It's been this way every year. If you've been a listener of my show, you've been dragging along with it with me. It just goes on to the same hot periods every year.


We're on the Same Page as These New Agers, but for Different Reasons - Information the Church Abandoned, the New Agers Picked Up on and Used It for Themselves

And so, this year--what's been interesting though, over time, as time has developed, is watching all the other agenda websites--New Agers and everybody else--getting on the same bandwagon for their own interpretive reasons, of course. Because they think these clowns coming are really Ascended Masters and teachers of wisdom and they're gonna help mankind and all this garbage.

But even they, they hype same times that I'm hyping. I don't know if they listen to my shows or what. We're just on the same page for different reasons. But they even pound the alarms. They're pounding the alarms right now on April. And so, you know, keep your eyes open.

It just seems like a real game changer from tomorrow on. And I know the 20th and 21st is another hot date of theirs because of energy changes. Some kind of astronomical lineup or whatever. I don't get in--I don't follow that stuff.

They're signs of heaven, but the problem is is that the church abandoned them, and the New Agers picked it up, and, you know, their interpretations are just what kill you. They may be right. Yeah, this planet's lining up with that and that, and it's a sign, but their interpretive of what that sign means is gonna be something totally obnoxious compared to what the church would interpret it as.

You know, the church abandoned a lot. And that's one of the faults that we have. Part of the apostate age that we're in. Losing so much, giving up so much knowledge. You know, the early churches, they watched the signs in the skies. They watched the moons. They knew what those meant. Full moons, the new moons, the quarter moons, the season changes. They watched the skies for all of that.

And now, all we do is turn on cable and go to The Weather Channel. [laughs] We even changed the calendar; the Gregorian calendar. And we're on a different calendar than the Lord gave us to follow. We just gave up a lot, and in doing so, allowed pagans to pick up that knowledge and run with it and use it for themselves and leave us clueless. We've lost a huge chunk of how to discern the times.


The Two Main Things I See Happening Are the Arrival of Maitreya and Sananda Who Are the Beasts of Revelation, and the Removal of the Firstfruits

But, yeah, these are the things that are coming up as far as I'm concerned, that I see, is the removal of the firstfruits. The arrival of Maitreya and Sananda, the beasts of Revelation. What we refer to them as. The New Agers can call them masters, teachers of wisdom, whatever garbage they want to. But they're just beasts. That's why the Bible calls them beasts. They'll be arriving. And those are the main two things that I see happening in the near future.

Now, if you notice, there's a lot of factional fighting between the different factions trying to take over the world and set up the world for the arrival of the Antichrist. One-world government. But we're going out with the old and in with the new.

And going out with the old would be the Bush faction that declared the New World Order back in 1990, 1991. And they're on their way out with their Federal Reserve Board, and their taxes, and their legislations. And they're just on their way out; that whole regime.

And coming in is the New Age alien agenda. And they have their NESARA, which is going to prove to be just as bad, if not worse, than anything the New World Order already put up. People think that they're our saviors, they're coming to help mankind, restore constitutional law, take us out of slavery and taxes. It's going to be probably worse than if we just kept with the New World Order route.

People are gonna be surprised. And the Bible warns, when they say peace and safety, sudden destruction comes. And that's what this whole New Age alien regime is about. They want people to think that they're bringing peace and safety and prosperity.

You know, prosperity is a huge pool for Satan. When you really wanna stroke people, get them to like you, promise them prosperity. I mean, look what it did for the Pentecostal religion the last 20 years. They the biggest megachurches in the country, the biggest television audiences. Because people can get something for nothing. You know, just have faith, and the Lord's going to increase your wealth a thousandfold. Or just donate to this ministry and He's gonna increase your wealth a thousandfold.

People want something. They want something. They don't wanna give something for nothing. If you wanna give something for nothing, then you give to my ministry. Because I don't promise anybody anything. It's not mine to give them. The Lord will bless them, but I don't have a--I have a direct route to Him where I can ask Him to bless people, yes, but He will bless people in heaven. Your rewards are in heaven, not necessarily here on Earth. And He's never promised anybody that.

But if you listen to the prosperity teachers, they goad and strike to people's greed, about the here and now. And that's how they live comfortably. They have mansions, and houses, and beach houses, and whole strips of airplanes, while you're struggling to pay your bill. And you're feeding these wolves every extra dime you can afford because they're so convincing that, "Hey, you're gonna be blessed a thousandfold here on Earth if you do that." And you end up broke, and they end up rich. And that's how that game's played.


Speaking in Tongues Is Not of the Lord - The Lord Doesn't Need a Foreign Language to Speak to Us, and We Don't Need One to Speak to Him; He Hears Us Just Fine

You know, it's a whole apostate age. Pentecostalism started from satanism. It's a branch of satanism. And you can't get through to them. They love their tongues. They love their garbage doctrines. I've been dealing with Pentecostals for 20 years, probably. Hardest people to get ahold of. Because they have that fake holy spirit that works--that warm fuzzy; makes them feel like they're full of the holy spirit. The fake one.

And the only way you could really find the truth in that is to ask the Lord for the truth in all things, and ask Him, yourself, if speaking in tongues is of Him. He hates it. [See Sherry's article, Strange Tongue] He doesn't need a foreign language to speak to us. And we don't need one to speak to Him. He hears us just fine. And when He speaks to you, you don't hear Him in a foreign language, He speaks so you understand Him.


All that Pentecostal garbage is just a rug of satanism. Same as Mormonism, same as Jehovah's Witness, and every other cult that's out there leading the apostates. And these are the biggest branches of religion in America, let alone around the world.

So these are why the Lord's judgment is coming on the Bride. The Elect aren't part of this. And if they were, the Lord would pull them out. Because they sought Him for truth. They're truth seekers. They want the truth. They have a hunger for the truth. They're not sheep and followers. They are to an extent, because they're forced to be, as children. But then they always have a mind of their own, and as they grow up into adults, they know something's wrong and they get out of it. They Lord can pull them out. He can access them. He can lead them.


I'll Might Believe the Lord Led Somebody to Preach When They Open Up a Church and Start Preaching on Saturday, the Seventh Day of the Week

The Bride are just stubborn. They're sheep. They're followers. Their egos get stroked. Their greed. They don't seek the Lord. They're pretty sure that they're in the church they're supposed to be in, and doing what they're supposed to do. And these are the ones that are leading these congregations. They're gonna have most of their works burned up because they're only pastors because it's a career. It's a career choice.

You know, one of the things I can't stand is when people tell me, "Oh, the Lord led me to preach." Really? He lead you to preach and open a church up on Sun-god-day? I'll believe it, that somebody led somebody into going to seminaries and becoming a preacher, when they open up a Saturday seventh-day church and start preaching on the seventh day of the week. Then I'll think you're halfway legit.

Because nobody worships on the sabbath. Everybody ignores the sabbath and preaches on Sundays. That's nice. You wanna preach on Sundays? That's nice. But what about sabbath day, Saturday? You know, so don't tell me that the Lord led you to preach and you're becoming a Sun-god-day preacher.

People choose themselves to preach. They look at their career options and go, "I wanna be a pastor." "Oh, yeah. The Lord's calling me to do that." That's basically what it is. A career choice.


They'll Say the Firstfruits Were Removed and Taken by Aliens, but There's a Huge Portal Above My House Through Which the Father Will Remove the Firstfruits to Be with Him

Anyway, folks, a lot of divisions coming up. People being divided on where the firstfruits went. If they went to heaven or if they went into UFO ships. They're gonna use our own material against us. Because I've been warning about the New Agers because Satan has a rapture coming. And the New Age sites always talk about it. How they're coming to take their lightworkers off the earth. They have a mimic of the firstfruits removal. Satan has one for the whole alien New Age regime coming up.

And I've been warning these people for years to not go to these UFOs. They're gonna be everywhere. They're gonna plaster UFOs, they're gonna have people go to the UFOs, under the guise of taking them off Earth to safety, while the earth undergoes changes on Earth, which is a pole flip. So they're gonna take them off the earth in safety from the pole flip that's coming. But I don't know if they're gonna tell them it's a pole flip. They just say earth changes.

But what they're really gonna do is take them off the earth and kill them, and put them in their meat lockers. I've been warning about these evil beings for years. And they fake that they wanna help mankind. They want to eat mankind. They wanna destroy mankind. They lie. They're nothing but big liars.

So that's what they're gonna do. They're gonna say that the firstfruits were removed by aliens and taken by aliens. Well, first of all, there's a huge portal above my house. And this is the one the firstfruits removal will be using. They'll be coming over here and taken up through the portal above my house.

They're not gonna be taken on UFOs. They're not gonna be meeting in fields, and hoping aboard UFOs, and going for rides in UFOs. They're gonna be taken to heaven. The Father's taking them to be with Him.


The Bride Thinks They Will Be Raptured Off the Earth, but They're Heading into Judgment

It's the first part that is redeemed off the earth; firstfruits. And while they're in heaven learning the song of Moses and the things that they'll be doing, during that time, Babylon is destroyed. And, at the same time, shortly after their departure, there will be a huge earthquake on the earth, and then the second group of 144,000, 12,000 from each tribe of Israel, will get the seal of God stamped on their foreheads. And they will become evangelists around the world for the Father. So, these events coming up. Global earthquake coming up. Martial law, FEMA roundups, judgment of the Bride.

You know, the Bride thinks they're gonna be raptured off the earth. They're heading into judgment. There are a segment of the Bride that will be protected. But it does not say they will be raptured, it says they will be protected on Earth. And so, not all of them will be rounded up in FEMA camps and killed, but many of them will be. While a chunk of them will be protected.

These are things that are coming. A comet's gonna hit the earth. An asteroid's gonna hit the earth. Our coastlines are gonna be destroyed. Just so many different things coming up. And it's pretty much all going to start with the removal of the firstfruits group, and roundups, martial law, and the global earthquake. And then, you know, things are just gonna steamroll from there. Things are gonna steamroll. Go quickly.

And so, what's the sign of the blood moon on the 15th? Tomorrow is the 15th. I don't know. I could only surmise that it's a warning of the judgments that are coming. And, from what I can see, the judgments coming are the arrival of these descended masters. Not even masters. Descended beings claiming they're masters, and their whole agenda that they're gonna introduce on Earth.


They're Really Focused on Setting Off the New Madrid Fault Line, but It Will Blow When the Lord Allows It To, Not One Second Before

So, yeah, like I've said, we've got destructions coming. If you noticed the pounding of all the storms hitting this country, they're really focusing on that Madrid Fault Line, and the southeast section of the United States.

It's almost like they wanna do an L-shape of destruction. They want to destroy from the Gulf of Mexico all the way up through Alabama, and Tennessee, that whole fault line, Madrid Fault line, all the way up to the Great Lakes. And they also want to destroy from the fault line all the way to the South Carolina coastline. So it's almost like a L shape of destruction that they wanna accomplish.

And that just takes out huge, massive amounts of population of people. The destruction would just be huge if there was a major earthquake in those regions. That's what they're trying to do. They're trying to soften up the ground to soften up the plates under the earth. So they pound it with the rain and the snow, and then they dry it out, and then they pound it again.

And, you know, you'll keep seeing that cycle repeated because they're trying to disrupt the plates under the earth. And like I said, that line will blow when the Lord allows it to, and not one second before.


I Believe Sananda and Maitreya Are Signified by Pale and Black Horse

I do believe that the global earthquake is the sixth seal of Revelation, chapter 6. And so, that will happen shortly after--if you wanna go by chronology events--it would be after the arrival of the pale and black horse. And I believe that Maitreya and Sananda are signified by the pale and black horse.

I believe Sananda is the pale horse and Maitreya is the black horse, simply because Sananda is always so associated with chip-implanting and plagues. I mean, that is his huge thing behind his agenda, behind the scenes.

He goes by the name Jesus Esu Immanuel. He looks like Jesus of the Bible that Michelangelo painted. The churches accept it as, "Oh, that's Jesus." It's actually this Sananda character. And he pretty much stays behind the scenes now, but he's very much involved with plagues, and pandemics, and vaccines, and chip implantation, chemtrails. I mean, he is just the one behind plagues. That is just him.

And if you read about the pale horseman in Revelation, chapter 6, the pale horse, he kills two-thirds of mankind with plagues, wars, destructions. I mean, Hell comes with him. It says when the pale horse rider arrives, Hell comes with him--arrives with him. He has a lot of Satan's forces. He is Satan in the flesh on Earth. Of course, it's a manufactured body. But he has a lot of forces with him when he arrives.


The Anuks Are Coming in and Getting Ready Because They Want to See the Removal of the Firstfruits and Arrival of Their Own Coming In

So, shortly after Sananda arrives, you're gonna start seeing alien invasions on Earth. That's how you'd interpret it in our line of thinking here. You're gonna see alien invasions on Earth. Shortly after his arrival.

I see the Anuk ships in the skies all the time. I know today I was complaining about how windy it is. You can't even walk outside. And then I'm seeing this Anuk ships coming in. You know, they're coming in and they're setting up. They're getting ready. They wanna watch the removal of the firstfruits and the arrival of their own coming in. And it's a zoo. It's gonna be a zoo. Maitreya will arrive over in the Middle East. And Sananda wants to sit over here and watch the firstfruits be removed. And so, it's a zoo.

The Anuk are part of his forces; the Annunaki. And all the other different factions of aliens above us, fallen angels, who wanna watch the show. And then they have to being their own, because Maitreya needs to begin his ministry over in the Middle East as the Muslim's promised imam.


Watch the Signs and Discern the Times, Not Necessarily for When Satan Arrives, but for When Yahushua Does

And so, you know, this could be an exciting month where, all of a sudden, things start happening. Instead of always the huge letdowns, "Oh, they didn't do anything. We're stuck here longer now. We're delayed again." And we've been going through this for years. And so, you just kind of watch with one eye. One eye closed, one eye opened.

You know, you're like, do I really have to talk about this tonight? Because I talked about this last year and nothing happened. And it went to July, September, nothing happened, nothing happened. Here we are again.

But that's my job. Whether it happens or not, it's my job to let people know what could possibly be happening. Because it's not if all this stuff happens, it's when. So we know it's going to happen. You just have to be prepared, in case it does happen in April. You know, keep your eyes open. The Lord says to watch. Watch the signs, discern the times. And not necessarily having to discern when Satan's gonna arrive, but for watching when Yahushua does.


Terms in the Bible Codes That Describe the Firstfruits Removal Are Beautiful and Huge Splendor

You know, when the firstfruits are removed off the earth, I know He'll be here. What I don't know if it's a global event where everybody sees Him. You know, is everybody gonna see the firstfruits be removed? I don't know. I just know what's gonna happen, but I don't know how much the world's gonna see.

You know, if it's beautiful and it's a huge splendor and some of the terms that describe it, is that for a limited number of people to see or the entire world? Is it a worldwide event or just a, you know, people in one certain area are gonna see it? You know? I don't know. But that's certainly one of the biggest events coming up. And that's why there's so much interest in this area.

Everything, every animal, every goofball you could think of in the sky in this area all the time, waiting to watch. Different alien factions, also satellites from everywhere, different countries of the world. The military and government doing flybys here. Certainly has the world's attention and notice. They know something's up. And, like us, they wait. They wait. See if this is going to be the time or not. I mean, there's just so much focus on this little area, it's, uh, it's gonna be the center focus for a while.


I Need Your Continued Donations So We Can Continue to Fight Against the Works of Darkness

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Until then, folks, still need your donations to keep this show going. Keep this fight going. Our resistance against the works of darkness, and Satan and his forces on this Earth. [audio cuts out] I need supplies, materials, all that. So I need your continued donations so we can continue to fight.

Until next week, everybody. Yah bless.





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