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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
May 12, 2014




And hello, everybody. I'm Sherry Shriner. A couple things I wanna talk about today.


You know, been looking at Codes for this week since last week, and some dominant days coming up with Thursday and Wednesday this week. Wednesday and Thursday. Both dominant days. Seems like there's gonna be a lot of announcements, and speeches, and reactions, and that kind of thing, so. Different things they have going on in the background. So I'm still digging and trying to figure out exactly what is it they got going for Wednesday and Thursday. Is this gonna be public? Is this gonna be stuff in the background?

You know, a lot of times I'll see this stuff and it'll only be, you know, speeches Lucifer made at a ritual or something, you know, so. I don't particularly care what he has to say at his little rituals. I know they had a huge one the other weekend. April's just a hot month for rituals and satanic activity.


Seems to be pretty busy this May as well. You know, they've been trying all night to bring in a massive storm across Ohio. And I've been watching it. They're trying three different ways to get to Canton by now. Haha! They've got it coming down from the north, over from the west, up from the south. They're gonna be late. Probably won't even get here until morning, so. Try to take out my show. Not gonna happen.




Uh, let's see. Um...yeah... forgot what I wanted to mention. I didn't do a show last week. Just decided to tick them all off. Not do a show. Let them stew for a little bit. Seems like a pretty good night not to have had a show, too, if I really wanted to tick them off.  Sometimes timing's just impeccable. You know, I think more of them probably listen to this show than more of the Lord's people. We seem to be in such a minority. And it's amazing how a tiny minority can have such a huge majority on the run half the time. They really can't do anything unless the Lord allows it. Unless they have permission. They're not all-powerful. They're not omniscient. They're not omnipresent. And they know who we are. And so, it scares them. Terrifies them. Horrifies them. Immobilizes them. And I don't answer to them. I don't answer to anybody. Just the Lord.




You know, I've gotten a pretty good view, and inside into this whole satanic cabal that operates this earth. Of course, it's ancient. It goes way back. The only thing that really changes is time and names. Names change over time. Tactics pretty much stay the same. But they're either in public or hidden. Operating behind the scenes. And in this day and age, what normally starts behind the scenes just eventually gets exposed and brought to the light. You know, so much of what they do and who they are has already been exposed all over the Internet. People call it conspiracy theories, but what do you call it when it's been proven true, you know? It's all around us.

You know, this satanic regime that controls the world, that tries to govern and enslave the rest of us 99 percent.


You know, they try to operate so that they're not detected amongst us. But then when they get with each other, which is all the time, they're just very evil, very hideous. Most of them are so demon-fillled they have very little of human qualities left in them. You know, the more evil that you partake in, and the more evil you invite in--a lot of these people invite demons that will give them power, and talent, and skills, and wealth, and money, and all that kind of stuff. The more evil you take in, and the more darkness you fill yourself with, the more light you push out. And so, a lot of these people, there's just no light in them left. When you look at people and they're just pure evil. They're pure evil. There's no light in them left.


You know, it's almost like when back to what they refer to as the God Particle. That God Particle that's present in every human that's born. That God presence. Light. And they've been trying to use science to alienate it, what causes the light, this God Particle, to be in humans. They're trying to target it so they can alienate it and eliminate it. So that people aren't filled with light, they're just dark, evil beings in shells. They're just full of darkness.




You know, Satan often appears to his people--Lucifer--he appears in various ways. There's two different parts to his realm, his kingdom, and I wanna talk about those tonight. I just wanna bring this out into the light because most people have no real understanding of who they are and how they operate.


Lucifer can appear as a soft, lovable, likeable person. And this is the person I saw in a vision last weekend appearing at a ritual. I'm not gonna say what city it was in. A lot of notables there. And he was giving a speech. And he was in his human mode, I guess you could say. He looked like a handsome human. But people don't realize Lucifer used to be a beautiful angel at one time. He was an angel of the Lord's and he was very, very high-ranking. There was not very many that outranked him. And he was a master musician. He was adept at music. He could play anything. He was the master of all the instruments. He would compose music and write it. He was very, very, very talented in music. That was his main gift from God and to God. Using his talents for God was in his music. And that's why he dominates music in the world today. To affect people. But not for good. He uses it to affect them to sin. Or to drown in sympathy and sorrow.


You know, it's hard not to get involved with music and letting it affect your life. Rockers, people who get into the rock scene, they end up doing drugs and alcohol. Because that music, and the chords that are used, and the influence of it, they just push you into drugs and alcohol abuse. Same with rap music. The gangster mentality, the rebellion mentality, puts you in prison. Because it alienates you from being able to live a socially-acceptable life amongst society. You know, it's encouraging you to steal, rob, and kill. Beat up people. Disrespect authority. Music can affect the kind of person you are and become. And Lucifer knows this. That's what he was the master at. But, you know, back in the day, in heaven, it was used to praise the Father. You know, praise Him, and uplift, encourage. It was used for good things.




I know, in Isaiah, the Scriptures say he was a light bearer. And I really think that's some kind of a mistranslation because, first of all, all angels have light. And you don't need someone to carry light because there's no darkness in heaven. It's really just some kind of mistranslation thing. People think, "Oh, this verse means light." Well, yeah, because he was an angel. They're all light. There's no dark angels. There's no darkness in heaven. So you don't need somebody to bear light. They are light. Kind of takes away, I think, from his sheer mastery and skill at who and what he was before he rebelled against the Father.




You know, he wanted to be worshipped as God. He wanted to lead a rebellion away from the Father. And he led a third of the angels in a war. And this war lasted a long time. I know people get, uh, you can kind of, uh, get boxed into an area of thinking that, "Oh, it was over in a few hours or a few days." This war lasted a long time. The Lord gave him a long time to repent and come back to him. He was the prodigal son. And the Lord--the Father gave him a long time to repent. He just got worse, and worse, and worse. It's how he is. He's--he is--he puts the capital "N" in Narcissist. It doesn't get much worse than his narcissism. He doesn't care about anybody else but himself. And if he acts like he does, it's fake. It's totally fake. Because he doesn't. He doesn't care about anybody but himself. He turned his back on everybody that loved him and he loved in heaven to rebel against the Father.


And not only that, he led the whole heavenly realm into a war. And this involved the entire heavenly realm system, solar system at that time. Many planets were involved. But the Lord won. Father won and cast him out, or just ended his time. Cast judgment on those who were with him at the time. And he escaped. He escaped judgment at that time because the Father was going to use him. He was gonna use him. He had a plan. And so, the planets that were involved during the war, the rebellion, were destroyed. And a lot of his people were also judged and condemned at that time. But Lucifer was not. He was allowed to escape. And, see, this is where his followers today just really get the whole historic significance messed up. Because Lucifer tells them that they're not gonna suffer for following him. That he has--just as the Father has a place in heaven for His people, that Lucifer has a heavenly realm place for his people.




See, his followers think that Lucifer's gonna take them to, I guess you could call it Lucifer heaven. Because they have a fake heaven that they built on Venus. And I've been warning people about near-death experiences for years because I know where all this goes. It comes from Venus. Venus, uh, they use the whole landscape there. And they've manipulated a fake heaven scenario there. And so, when people die, they typically end up at Venus. And they run into Jesus.


But that's not the real Yahushua, the Son of God. It's Sananda. Because when you ask them to describe the person you saw, they'll typically describe the person that Michelangelo painted back in the 15--, 1600's that's Sananda. And say, "Oh, look. This is Jesus of the Bible. And the churches adopted it. And they put it in their churches, and on their bulletins, and in their homes. And they go, "This is Jesus. This represents Jesus. No one really knows what He looks like, but this represents Him." Well, why would you put a picture up, if you're not really sure that's what He looks like? This just represents Him? Because these people are putting a picture of Sananda up. And Sananda is just another personification of Lucifer. That's Satan.


And so, when people tell you they've had near-death experiences, and they describe Sananda, they actually just were with Satan. And they have this all set up at Venus.




And so, when he meets with all of his little followers around the world, and they have their meetings, they have church services, black masses and rituals. They meet for all kinds of stuff. But he will tell them that they're gonna go to heaven with him. Because he didn't suffer, so they're not gonna suffer for following him. Well, hello, his judgment hasn't be set yet. His judgment you can read in Revelation, chapter 20 where he's bound and chained by an angel, and cast into the abyss for a thousand years. And he's let loose for the third rebellion, because, right now, he's working on the second one. We're onto the second one right now. He'll be loosed again after a thousand years. But he will, ultimately, be cast into the lake of fire. That is his ultimate judgment. He doesn't tell his followers that. Because then he wouldn't have followers.


I mean, one of the biggest fears of Satanists today is what if what the Bible says is true? What if? Because they're told it's not. They're told the Bible is a lie and that it was created by the governments to control the masses.

And for a large part, religions always have been created by governments, created by Satan, to control the masses. To lead them into Satan worship. And that's exactly what we have today in the churches across America. They lead people into Satan worship. They don't lead people to Yahushua, the Son of God. It's because they're preaching Jesus, which is not even His name. They're plastering Satan's picture all over their churches, which is Sananda, which is Satan. It's not Yahushua. It's not the real Jesus, the real Son of God.


And they teach doctrines of demons. Doctrines--things that Yahushua never taught when He was on Earth. Yahushua is His real, given Hebrew name. And it's not hard to say. It's not difficult. Why do we need to use a fake false name, Jesus Christ, when His real name is Yahushua? How hard is it to say Yahushua? They don't want you to know His real name. There are things they manipulated in the KJV. Because the people who wrote the KJV were Satan worshippers. And so, they put books in and took books out. And created a 66-book Bible for the masses to be controlled by it. So they could lead them away from the true message of Yahushua and into doctrines of devils. And what does the Father say, and Yahushua and His apostles? They warn over, and over again about doctrines of devils.


And so, the Satanists today know that there have been things manipulated in the KJV and it was put together by their own occultists. And so, this gives them enough confidence they need to believe that the Bible is false and wrong. And that what they're told, that hell doesn't exist and it's not real is true. But the one thing about the truth of the Father, and the truth of the Lord, is that it always stands. The truth always stands. And they've been fighting it for thousands of years. Otherwise, it would've been swept under the rug a long time ago and forgotten about.

But the one thing they can't dismiss, and fight, and get rid of is the fact that Yahushua was the perfect sacrifice for our sins. He died on the cross. He arose again. And then He ascended up into heaven. His grave is empty. You can go to Muhammad's, Buddha's, all them. They all have graves. Yahushua's tomb was empty. He defeated death. He offered the ultimate sacrifice for our sins and gave salvation to mankind for those who would accept him. They can't sweep that under the rug.

They can't ignore it. They can throw 13 books of Paul into the New Testament to try to sideswipe people into believing false doctrines that Paul taught. But they can't ignore the other books. The other, uh, 12, 14 books.




There's 27 books in the New Testament. They can't ignore the other ones that have the truths, the message, of the Son's birth, life, death, and resurrection and ascension. They have the truth. There is the truth there. And what does He say? He says it's appointed unto man once to die, and then there's judgment. So you're either gonna be judged in heaven, and rewarded or not rewarded, but you're still in heaven. Or you're gonna be condemned and judged in hell when you die. There's no running off to a Luciferian heavenly realm. That's the biggest lie out there. And they all fall for it. And that's why they have no fear. And when they do get fear, guess what happens. They get killed and replaced. Get replaced by a double.


And they've been working on this doubles thing forever. I think I'm up to 3 now. I've got a double in D.C., New York, and Chicago. I don't know if the one in D.C. is still there. But I know I've got one in Chicago now and I've got one in New York. They've got doubles of me. Clones. And clones, you know, obviously, there's issues with clones, you know. They're good copies of who you are, but they're not exact duplicates. They're not your same age. They don't have the same health issues you have. There's just not--no hundred percent, you know. That's why a president can have 12. President Obama, Bush. Carter was the first one to be cloned. And then they went through so many of Carters trying to perfect the clone. You know, they're up to Obama now.


And with Obama, they can just put a control device in his brain and control what he says and what he speaks. And these are the ones that they've been using. This is the latest tech. If you watched the debate last election with Obama and Romney, they were both droids. Neither one of them were humans. They were both androids. What we call androids. Robots. Clones with--clones of Obama, but android tech. Computer tech that runs and operates them. And they look very human. You couldn't tell them apart. People couldn't tell them apart. People didn't even notice that both of them were 50 pounds thinner from the morning to the evening debate. They didn't even notice them standing there in their little Barbie-suits. Because they looked and operate so perfectly human. And, of course, the audience is all hand-picked and filled in so that it could all be controlled.


But this is what they do. That's why celebrities look so strange. It's funny when they come out with, "Oh, look what the plastic surgery did to her," "Look what it did to him." Yeah, because they were replaced with a clone that's not so perfect. Hehe! Not an exact duplicate, is it? They're younger. Usually skinner. Usually healthier. If you watch the beginning of the season of The Voice, Usher wasn't even--it wasn't him. It was some clone.

And then the real one joined in several weeks later. I remember commenting on that when the season first started. Sitting there watching, flipping through the channels, I'm thinking, "That's not Usher. Who is that?" And then, about a month later, the real one showed up on the show. People don't even notice this stuff. Or this really angers me because I know that, uh, what they do. And the reason they have clones of me is so that they can beat her up and abuse her because they can't get to me. And so, they pull out a clone of me during their satanic rituals so they can beat her up and abuse her. Because they hate me. They take it out on the clones.


But this is why they do what they do. Because they don't fear hell. Because they don't believe it exists. It exists. There's only heaven or hell. There's only two places you can go. One or the other.




And they use this other thing. I've talked about this years ago. How the Father had told me that the spirit used these Pentecostal churches. It's fake, it's not His Spirit. It's a fake light, a fake spirit. And that's why you go to Pentecostal churches and you'll see people falling all over and acting all crazy, insane, or just comatose, knocked out, whatever.
It's not His spirit. It's a fake spirit. And you know what they call it in the satanism circles? They call it Bliss. It's Bliss. And they actually showed that on the V series a couple years ago. Where they would have Bliss. And all of a sudden--it's almost like, uh, this light, airy, happy feeling, euphoria takes over you. And everybody's just so happy. They're happy. They're totally euphoric state. They call it Bliss. And this is how Satan gets them to worship him at all these rituals. They get Bliss. He gives them Bliss.


And these rituals are very huge. There could be thousands of people at one ritual. Or even hundreds. They're not these little 12-man coven groups you see on TV.  There's hundreds. Even thousands of people attend them. At the main ones. When they're all required to go or whatever. But they use this Bliss. He uses this Bliss, this fake euphoric state, so that they all feel like they're in the presence of a God. Which is him trying to be one with all his fake spirits and technology. And he promises them this fake heavenly realm, that he doesn't even get to go to because he's gonna be chained and cast into the abyss for a thousand years. And then he's ultimately gonna be chained and thrown into the lake of fire.


It's all a lie. But he wants people to think, "Oh, look how much I'm taking care of you. I give you what you want." They have all the money. They have all the jobs and the power positions. But it's all temporary.




Satan's always controlled the money. That's how he's always gained control of the world. Even back in the day. He's always controlled the money. From the earliest time of this planet. That's why the Father was so wrought with Esau for marrying Hittite women. Because they were all part of that Canaan satanic clan that controlled the money, and the banking, and the commerce. Because He knew where it was ultimately gonna lead.


And it's always Satan's people that get in charge of all that stuff, so that they can control world events, and eventually control the world. Because they have to establish a global government here, and system, for when Lucifer comes to power, he can rule over the entire world. And the Bible warns He's going to come to power. It says in Isaiah 14, the king of Babylon is called Lucifer the Antichrist. Who is Babylon? Babylon is America. [Sherry quotes from her article, America the Babylon]
Babylon labored in the occult from her very inception (Isa 47).
Babylon is a nation of religious confusion.


A world government entity will rise up to rule the world from BABYLON THE CITY.


This entity will rise up and use the military power of Babylon the nation to RULE THE WORLD.


The people of Babylon would think they are God's elect and eternal.


The nation Babylon dwells carelessly before the Lord.Babylon deals in the occult, in sorceries and drugs.
Babylon (America) would be the center of a one world Luciferian religious movement (Jer. 51).


Babylon would be the youngest and greatest of the end time nations (Jer 50).


Babylon would be the most powerful nation in the world.


Babylon's skies are filled with the whisper of aircraft wings.


Babylon has a huge space industry; mounted up to the heavens.


Babylon fortifies her skies with a huge military aviation program.


Babylon is portrayed as a leader in high tech weapons and abilities.


Babylon was born as a CHRISTIAN NATION.
Not Muslim. We're not talking about Babylon Iraq. We're not talking about some Muslim city or country somewhere, folks. We're talking about the youngest and greatest end-time nation in the world. They mount themselves in the heavens in space. They have a huge military aviation program. It says,
Babylon turns upon its heritage and destroys it all in the end.
What's it's heritage? Christian roots. What's Obama been doing? Leading our nation away from its Christian roots. In fact, he declared we're no longer a Christian nation.
Babylon's Christian leaders lead their flock astray in prophecy and salvation.


Babylon's Christian leaders are strangers in the Lord's Houses of Worship.
They're strangers. They're not His. They're not His people. They serve and worship Lucifer. And they're put in positions as pastors of the megachurches we have today to lead the people astray. To lead them away from true scripture, true doctrine, and salvation. They lead them away from the Lord. They don't lead them to the Lord. If you're celebrating Easter bunnies and Easter eggs and you don't see a problem with that, if you're decorating Christmas trees and putting them up in your homes and you don't see a problem with that, guess what, you've been duped by Babylon's religious leaders. Their Luciferian leaders. You've been led away from the real truth of Scriptures into the pagan lies that the countries sheep have fallen into.
Babylon turns totally antichrist and is the leading antichrist power at the end.


Babylon sets up detention centers for Jews and Christians and rounds them up for extermination.
It doesn't say it sets them up for Russians, or Chinese, or Musllims, or Arabs. It says that Babylon sets up detention centers for Jews and Christians. FEMA camps, martial law roundups. You've been warned about all of this. Now if you wanna know where all these scriptures I'm pulling out of, they're in my article, America the Babylon.




I also have an article, Destruction of America [].

My website,, just go to the article section. Revelation 18, it talks about how Babylon is destroyed by fire. When?

 Well, I could give you a timeline. First there will be a total falling away from their Christian roots, which is where we're at now. Because we have these godless abominations that are our presidents. Leading our country away from its roots. Its historic roots with the Constitution, the Bill of Rights. Its Christian roots. They reject it. They're moving this country away from their roots. The second part is they'll start rounding up the Christians and Jews who established this nation. They'll start rounding them up and putting them in camps.

And when that is somewhere near complete, because millions will be killed in these camps, then the country'll be destroyed by fire. Because part of the reason that the Father destroys Babylon, this end-days America, is because of the fact they rounded up their people and put them in extermination camps and destroyed and killed them. That's part of the reason it's being judged by fire and allowed to be destroyed by fire.


You should really read my articles back to back, America the Babylon and Destruction of America in One Hour. Don't ever let anybody tell you America is not in the last-days prophecy. It's all around us daily. We're being controlled by a 1-percent, deeply satanic, Luciferian religious regime. They worship Lucifer. They sacrifice their children to the god of Molech. They worship Baphomet, which is the symbol for Lucifer and the Church of Satan. It's all around us with their goat of Mendes, which is Baphomet. Their hand signs. They have their 666 signs, their circle signs, their A-OK, because you don't notice the other fingers are actually representing 666 when they put their hand in the circle. And the circle represents eternity. So they're actually saying "666 forever," with that one hand sign. Or covering up their one eye for one eye, all-seeing eye.




And what's this all-seeing eye thing? Everything else is, like, in our faces constantly. The pyramid, which also represents the all-seeing eye. And the fact that it's on our dollar bill. But the capstone hasn't been set on top of the pyramid yet. Look around you. There's video cameras going up everywhere.

You can't step outside and not be watched. If you're in the city, you've got video cameras on every corner. If you're in the country, you've got satellites that just beam down from space. They could tell you what color shoe laces you're wearing. They could tell you if you're wearing tennis shoes or sandals.

Everywhere you go technology is getting to the point where they can capture you at any place on this planet and tell you what color shoestrings you're wearing or if you're wearing sandals. All-seeing eye. It's technology. They're watching you.

Satan's not omnipresent. He can't be everywhere at once. He's not God. He needs to depend on technology.


 And so, this all-seeing eye, supposedly representing him, but it's actually a network. A network that spies on people. And, eventually, the people that set up this network and run this network will be replaced by Lucifer's people. And they're not human. He's the king of demons and the fallen. He has a twofold purpose. All the demons, he rules over at default, because they're part of hell and he rules over hell. And he also rules over the fallen that are above us in space. Fallen angels. And the various alien factions.


And so, all those positions--this networking--spy network that is encompassing the globe, the whole world will eventually--all these people will be replaced by demons and aliens. And they will be watching every single human on this planet. And they also have these big plans with mind-link technology where they're linking people to the beast computer system via chips. And it's almost like wearing one of those parolee bracelets, I guess you could say, where they put bracelets on felons and let them stay in their house instead of sitting in prisons. But when they leave their house, the police departments are alerted to where they're at. They can find out where they're at at all times and where to locate them. That's what this whole mind-link technology is. It will be able to locate anyone and everyone at the instant of a second. They will know where you are.


And they already have that going on through chip implantation. They've been doing it to their own hybrids and those that they pull into their mind-control programs; MKULTRA programs, Project Monarch, Super Soldier programs. They've got different ones for boys and then different ones for girls. And they have them all mind-linked into the computers. But, eventually, it's all going to be--come down to chip implantation and getting the mark of the beast, which is a chip implant. Because then everybody will be linked into this beast computer. And they can follow you at all times. And they can even replace you.




At this point, when you get the mark of the beast that Revelation 13 warns about, Satan owns your soul. There's no cutting off your right hand to get rid of the mark, or the symbol, or the tattoo, or whatever they do, however they mask it. He doesn't have to be honest to you and tell you the truth to deceive you, because that's why it's deception. By deception he deceives the whole world. That means he's not telling the truth about anything. Stupid people need to wake up. And those who are already awake need to speak up. Because they're gonna be dead. They're either gonna be hidden by the Lord and protected or they're going to be rounded up into these FEMA camps and killed. So you might as well speak up while you have the chance. Because you're on a list anywhere somewhere to die. Either you're taken by the Lord and protected, or you're gonna die.


When you get the mark of the beast, you join his kingdom, he owns your soul. He can kill you and take over your body. Demons can't operate in our dimension without a body. And so, they're always looking for human bodies to take over. That's another big reason for their cloning programs is the fact that they can put demons inside those cloned bodies. They can have a body to operate in. But you know what? The time's coming where the veil's gonna be lifted and the dimensions are going to merge. And they will no longer need a body to operate on Earth. They'll be amongst us. On Earth. That's what the Bible calls time of Jacob's trouble. 42 months, 3-1/2 years of the worst catastrophes and disasters the world has ever seen. It will last for 3-1/2 years. And almost 6 billion people will die.




And you know what I wanted to point out tonight that I didn't get a chance to get into the Bible and dig out the scriptures about, but if I mentioned them, you'll know where they're at. You know, the Bible talks about the rich men. How they're brought to low. Brought to nothing. So we're gonna have all these famous, powerful people brought low. In other words, they lose their wealth, they lose their status, and they become a commoner. Just like one of us. We're commoners. Everything's very British, you know. After all, the queen still rules over America (if people would wake up and smell the coffee). We pay taxes to her. But we're all commoners.
But what's the Bible say? It says, in the--during the tribulation period, which is coming upon us when the Antichrist comes to power and Lucifer takes over as leader of the world, he doesn't protect any of these people. So all of his little cheerleading and all of his little lies are gonna fly right out the window then and there. Because all of the rich men are brought low. And they'll be throwing their gold and their silver in the streets. Because no matter how much they try to acquire now in wealth, it can't buy them a loaf of bread if their isn't any. And they're not allowed to stock up on food.


I mean, if you really think there's freedom in Satan's kingdom, think again. They may have $1,000,000 Black Cards from Chase Bank, but they're watched on how they spend it. Oh, they can go to clubs, and they can drown themselves on alcohol, and they can lavish themselves in fancy homes, and cars, and houses, and food, and wine, and vacations. But start buying survival gear and see how much attention you raise.  They don't think they're watched? Think again. They even know they're watched. All because Lucifer says he's gonna protect them. He's gonna protect them. He'll protect their money when the economy crashes so that they don't lose all their money. And they'll always have plenty to eat and drink because he's protecting them, you know. He's stocking up and storing it in all these places for his children, right?


He tries to act like he's the father, you know. And they're his children. He's gonna take care of them. He mimics our Father in heaven. And so, when you look at what the Bible says, it's a totally different picture of what he gives his own followers here today. Those people will be throwing the gold and silver in the streets. There's gonna be no food.

 Famine is gonna be one of the number one killers on the planet. Famine and starvation. Famine which leads to starvation. Total chaos, anarchy. Because of all the destructions that are coming to Earth. I mean, we've got a comet coming, an asteroid coming. These are gonna hit the planet. Coastlines are gonna disappear. There's gonna be massive earthquakes. There's gonna be chaos everywhere because of the natural disasters, the judgments from the Father that are coming, that Satan has no control over, and he can't stop.


He's quickly not gonna be thinking about his children anymore when he actually comes to power. Because he just needed them--they were useful idiots--to get him to power. To set up a one-world global government. They're useful idiots. They set it up. Then he comes in and sits down in his seat, his throne, takes over power. And then guess what. He doesn't need them anymore. Guess who's red-listed all of a sudden. See, there is justice in all this irony. He'll kill all of them. He'll take everything they have away from them. The rich people who brought him to power--the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Soroses--they'll have nothing. They'll be lucky to have their lives. They'll lose everything.

And then what do they have to look forward to? They're all going to hell. They've all rejected the true Son of God. The worship of the true God and Father for this fake, Lucifer. He's a total fake. And the only thing that they could hold on to is, "I hope it's not true. I hope the Bible's not true. I hope what they say is right, that it's all a lie." Well, guess what. It's not all a lie. It's very true. Yeah, you had your way with Paul. And leading people astray into doctrines of devils. And away from the true worship of the Father and the Son. But the message is still there. The truth is still there. It doesn't mean everything else is a lie. Because there's always a remnant who has hold of the truth.




Even in all of Israel's history when they fell into idolatry, which was because of these 1-percent idiots amongst us, who always lead the nation into adultery, there's always a remnant who holds on to the truth, and who preaches it and spreads it no matter how much they're hated and beat up for it.

 And what do they do to us today? They hate us. They beat us up. They don't wanna hear the truth. They don't want us taking away their Christmas trees and Easter bunnies and putting them back into the true worship of the Father, which is celebrating His anointed times and feasts with mankind. Honoring Saturday as the sabbath. Seventh day as sabbath is a sign for His people.


There's always been a remnant that hangs onto the truth and knows what it is, even though they're hated by the majority. And this has been going on for thousands of years because it's happened in every age. Every age.

 And the reason we still have the truth today, that I preach to you week, after week, after week, after week on this show, is because there are people, last century, and the century before that, that were tough and stood their ground. And stood in the truth. And they taught it to their kids, and they taught it to their kids. Truth will prevail. And it's prevailed through every century.


No matter how hard Satan has tried to wipe it out, stomp it, kill the Lord's people, it's prevailed throughout the centuries. That 1-percent just can't knock out that other 1-percent of that 99-percent that is so stubborn and bullheaded they can't be swayed by their lies, they can't be swayed by the church lies. They just stand alone and they stand their ground with the Father. They have a name. They're called the Elect. They're called the Elect.




See, the church is broken up into two groups; the Elect and the Bride. And the Bride's always hated the Elect. They've killed them over the centuries. The Elect are alw--the prophets are always part of the Elect. We're here down in the day and age now where the Bride is gonna go into extermination in FEMA camps, and the Elect is gonna be raptured off the earth. They're gonna be separated for a little bit. And they won't have what they consider naysayers. And they consider us as idiots. They don't like us.


Well, we won't be around. [laughs] Firstfruits is gonna be raptured off the earth. That's the Elect. The Bride will be stuck here to go through judgment from the Father for their stubbornness and hatred towards the Elect. And they'll be tried in extermination camps. See, it's not just all Lucifer. The Father allows it. Because He uses it to judge His people. He's always used Lucifer as a tool of judgment. You can worship Me, or you can worship that bum. And the people that worship that bum are gonna go to hell.


So he's always been a useful tool. That's why the war's lasted for thousands of years, for as long as it has. We know who'll win. Father wins. But along the way, there's countless billions of souls that have been lost and died along the way. And where did they go? It all comes down to who do you serve? Who do you follow? If you serve Satan, you're gonna go to his kingdom in hell, not his little paradise on Venus. You can't even live on Venus. You can't even breathe on Venus. It doesn't even have an atmosphere inducive for humans to live on. They think they're gonna die and go to Venus. Go to Satan's little realm and...[laughs softly] He doesn't tell them it's Venus. I'm just telling you what it is because I know what the game is. Well, they're all, yeah, different dimensions and all this other blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.




Anyway, folks, the war continues. And our orgone is destroying them. You know, we can expose what they're doing. And we can also fight against them. And we do that through our orgone war. You can go to and get involved. We need your support. You know, we spend our days fighting against and tearing down the strongholds of Satan.

So, I need your support. For me and to keep other Warriors doing the same. You can send donations to Sherry Shriner, P.O. Box 531, Carrollton, OH 44615.

Until next week. Yah bless, everybody.
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