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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
May 19, 2014




And hello, everybody. I'm Sherry Shriner. And, a couple things I wanna talk about tonight.
I can't get in the chat room, so. If you're in there, great. But I ca--I can't even tell if it's open. They've been trying to sabotage my show all night. Keeping it from getting on the air, so. I usually have to deal with the problems, and this is gonna be one of those nights. I wasn't even sure I'd be doing a show.


A lot of action around here lately. Probably pretty much the reason I've been pretty quiet the last couple of weeks. There's been a lot going on behind the scenes. And, as usual, we're winning, obviously. If you wanna talk about a war between good and evil, it's certainly around us on a constant basis. Especially around me. [laughs] So--


Last night they had this brilliant plan. Lucifer wanted to bring his Capricorn ship over above my house. And, as everybody in the world already knows, this place is a fortress. Loaded with orgone. And they typically can't even stay in the skies around here very long before their ships will turn yellow, and then orange, and then crash. And this is typically the reaction alien ships have when in the presence of orgone. And that's why, for years, the media will just cover it up and say meteors are crashing when it's actually UFOs. Because they hit orgoned areas, and it'll burn the ships, and eventually they'll crash.


Now some of these starships take a lot longer, obviously. Some of them are the size of planets. I mean, some of them are just incredibly huge. Shema was featured on the V series on TV a couple years back. And that is a huge, monstrous rock of some kind. And that's where they have a huge metropolitan city. It's where they have a huge temple. They have a palace there. Lucifer has a palace. His panel does. Some of the New Agers refer to his panel as the Galactic Federation. Or just call them the Federation of...whatever. Federation of Light. And, they go by various names. But it's Lucifer's panel. It's his top chiefs. And they pretty much rule and direct everything for Lucifer, and so.


Maitreya has pretty much always dominated, uh, being the highest-ranking at Shema, most of the time. And Shema's capable of fielding thousands, if not millions, of fallen angels for armies, their armies, and so.




You know, they reveal a lot to us in science fiction movies over the years. When you start to learn the truth, when you pray to the Father for truth in all things, one of the things you're gonna realize is that there's always an element of truth to fiction. Because they get it from somewhere. They get their ideas from somewhere. And what they've typically done is they take that truth and they put it in a fiction format because they know they can't outright come out and tell people, you know.


I, you know, I deal with that all the time. "What do I tell them, Father? I can't tell them that. They'll laugh me off the streets. They'll laugh me out of the country, the state, the planet." People can't handle truths. Because you box yourself in. When you don't pray for the truth in all things, that means you're comfortable with the views that you have. And you don't want anything rocking that boat. And, you know, just because you've been told something your entire life doesn't mean it's true.


You know, if you're one of the Father's, then being a truth seeker, someone who just wants the truth in all things, should be a part of who you are. You know, you don't feel right about something. "Why is there so much division in the churches today?" "Why is there over 1500 denominations for Protestants?" "Why are there so many various religions itself?" Is religion the way to God? Or is the relationship the way to Him? You know? The last I knew, Yahushua sent His Son on, Yahuah sent His Son, Yahushua, to Earth to die for our sins. He didn't send Him textbooks and manuals to start and create a religion.


Man creates religion to lead people to the Father. But what happens is it gets misconstrued and divided. Lucifer gets a hold of it and spins it out of control. And then you have thousands of interpretations on how to get to the Father instead of just one truth. And that one truth is that you believe on Yahushua who died on the cross for your sins and rose again. Accepting His Son as your messiah, as your Savior, as your Father. That's the one truth. And everything else is just spun out of control.




You know, back in the day, the Arabs didn't worship Muhammad--they didn't worship Allah. But Arabs today worship Allah. And they think Muhammad is their great prophet. And Muhammad is the one who is leading all of these billions of Muslims straight to Satan worship. Allah is Satan. And you wish you could just flip on a switch and make all of them realize that their jihads, and their religious patriotism isn't taking them anywhere but straight to hell. Because Allah is Satan. Muhammad led them into Satan worship.
The original Arabs did not worship Allah. It would be so easy for you to start flipping on truth switches. But the problems is, when you start flipping them on, people start screaming and hating. Because they don't believe it. They don't believe what you're saying is true. Instead of going to the Father and asking Him, they just hate you. That's one of the reasons the Lord is going to destroy America by fire. It's part of His judgments. It's one of His reasons that instead of this mystery rapture before the tribulation, where all the Christians are taken off the earth, it's one of the reasons most of them are put in FEMA camps instead. Because He's angry. He's angry at the apostasies. Angry that they wouldn't listen to the truth in those He sent. And angry because they've always been known for killing their prophets.




America doesn't realize today that they are the true Israel. America is the true Israel. They don't know who they are. That's been one of Satan's biggest games since America was conceived. Since we started as a nation. We started as a nation under God. Why? Because we were part of Israel. The only ones who worship Yahuah are Israel. His people, His children. Satan's kids are always off worshipping somebody else. They got Buddha, they got Mithra, they got all those pantheistic gods in Hinduism, they got outright Satan worship. They don't worship Yahuah, his kids worship somebody else. The ones who worship the Father are His kids.
There's two offsprings on Earth. There's the Father's, through Adam, and Seth, and Noah. And then down to Abraham and Jacob. And then you have--and Jacob had the 12 tribes of Israel and it ballooned from there. And then you have all of Satan's offspring. And then--they dominate the globe. And they're the biggest rejectors of Yahusha as the Son of God that there are. Because it's in their blood to be haters, to be rejectors. They're Satan's offspring.


Now is His salvation open to them? Yes, of course. Some people would debate me on that, and they have. Some people will take whatever they want out of scripture. Literalisms, or symbolics, or however they wanna turn it and twist it. Take a verse out of scripture and say I'm only sent to the sheep of Israel. Maybe at one time, but that changed. His salvation's open to all. Yeah, even Satan worshippers can renounce Satan and accept Yahushua as their Savior. And I've been reaching out to them for years. And New Agers, and the Chinese, and the Japanese, and the Indians, and anyone and anywhere on this globe. This radio show reaches over 180 countries. And I've been reaching out to them for over ten years now. Pleading with people to walk away from evil and accept Yahushua.


If you want eternity in heaven, there's only one person who can give it to you, and that's Yahushua. Because Satan doesn't own heaven. He doesn't have any rights to heaven. He was cast out of heaven. And it's not his to give you. He tells Satan worshippers that he didn't suffer so they're not going to. Well, he didn't suffer because he hasn't been into judgment yet. Haha! In Hebrews 9:27, it says once you die you face judgment. It's appointed unto man once to die. Then you face judgment; heaven or hell.



And some people think the way to the Father is by having all your i's dotted and your t's crossed. And at that point, it becomes a legalistic war of doctrine. And that's basically the number one thing that has kept so many people ineffective for the Father. And to this day still does, because they spend more time fighting against each other about what doctrine and how to interpret it is correct than they do just loving each other and doing things for the Father, building His kingdom on Earth. You know, they're more concerned about who's right and who's wrong, and getting the i's dotted and the t's crossed.


You know, it's OK if you wanna get into debates on eschatology and things. I enjoy that. I don't spend all my time on it. There's things I need to do for the Lord while I'm on Earth, and that's not doing anything for Him. How is debating who's right and who's wrong, and who can shout the loudest, and write the most books, and sell the most books, and do the most conferences, how is that building up the Father, building His kingdom, putting fruit on His trees? How does that help Him? It helps you. Helps your bottom line, your wallet.



People that wanna commercialize the Lord just so they can make a living. He detests that. He hates it. And you know what happens is at the judgment seat of Christ when you present your works to the Father--well, here He knows what your works are because He can just open the books. And He just--everything's written. A lot of those things you've spent your entire life doing, He's just gonna burn. They're gonna account to nothing to Him. Oh, you won't get cast out of heaven. You'll still remain in heaven with Him. But all the fruit and works you thought you were doing on Earth could be for naught.


See, everything comes down to intent. What was your intent to do that? To make a living? Guess what. That's gonna burn. That's gonna burn. If you have any other motive that He would not see as pure, then He's just going to burn it. I've always been mindful of that. That's why when--I didn't even wanna write books. Came out with two books, but all the chapters are on my websites as articles. You can even go to and listen to my books for free. I can't give them out for free because I don't print them and I don't market them. You can go to Amazon and get my books. Publishing companies do that. And they're gonna get their fees back for that. And really, authors, they only get 10 percent of whatever book. So if your book's being sold for $18.00 on the Internet or in bookshelves--book stores--you're only gonna get $1.80 for that book. I mean, it's not like it's a real money game. I mean, especially for me. I don't sell--you know, anybody else. Because your stuff's available for free on the Internet. [laughs] It's available for free.
I don't wanna be guilty of commercializing His name. Or selling truths and revelations that He's revealed to me. I've always told Him, "Whatever You tell me, whatever You teach me, I'll reveal to the people." For the most part, I have. About 90 percent. There's always that 10 percent that you just shake your head. You say, "I'll never make them understand that. They'll never understand it. They'll never grasp it. But whatever He tells me to tell people, I'll tell them outright. I have no qualms about that. I'm not gonna put it in a book form and sell it. To me, that would just be crazy. I would be waiting for the lightning to hit. I know a lot of people do that. "Oh, look. The Lord gave me a revelation. Buy my book." [laughs] I'd be afraid of getting hit by lightning.




But that's the biggest problem today, is believers in the Lord just fighting against other believers over who's in the right church, who's in the right denomination, who's in the right religion. Get out of religion, folks. Get into relationship. You know, that's the one thing, the reason that people go to church, is so that they can fellowship with other believers. And church pastors are responsible for leading their flocks, for feeding the sheep. They do, and they don't. They want you back in the churches every Sunday and tithing so that they can make a living at that, pay the bills. But I sat in churches for 30-some years. They never teach you how to build a relationship with the Father. Have you go to Him direct. Because it makes them unneeded, I guess you could say. People wanna say, "Well, my pastor says this," and, "My pastor says that." I just shake my head. What's the Father say? Don't you just ask Him?
Most people don't realize they can just go to the Lord, Himself, and ask Him. Ask Him any question you have. I've asked Him some of the silliest, outrageous stuff you can imagine. I talk to Him when I take a shower. When I dry my hair. He's got that small voice that speaks to your spirit. He doesn't speak to your head. And it's almost like your own intuition, your own gut instinct, that's speaking to you. It's not a loud, booming voice. I've never had a loud voice from a bush talk to me. That would be easy. [laughs] Sometimes I get in these--haha!--these conversations with the Father trying to tell Him how much easier the prophets of old had it [laughs] than I have it today. It's kind of funny.


You know, I didn't have a burning bush. And I didn't get a whale ride. I didn't have angels visit me, and kill a calf and share it with Him or whatever. And they've just...I didn't have a wife cooking, cleaning, and doing my laundry. You know? I've had to do it all. And carry on a ministry and a war. Lead a war. For the Father in these last days. With so much on my shoulders. Raising four kids in the middle of all this mess is not easy. 18 websites, weekly radio show. I used to have two radio shows on during the week and it was just too much. And I don't have any help. That would've been too easy to have producers and directors in an actual studio with financing. Wow, that would've been luxury.




It's been a long road. It's been a hard one. But we've done it. Look what we've accomplished. When you see meteors falling out of the skies and falling stars. We're destroying Lucifer's forces out of the sky. You know, they were all over here yesterday. There's a portal over here. And I've often talked about it. And I've explained that angels, and aliens, and any kind of dimensional beings, they use portals to access Earth, come in and out of Earth. They use portals. I know it's easier just to imagine that when you go up into the sky you can just, boom, go straight to heaven or wherever you wanna go. They use portals. They use portals.
And so, there's this huge portal over here I've been tending the last few years. And Satan wanted to sabotage this portal. So he brought his Capricorn ship over here. And this thing is about 30 miles high. It's a huge contraption. It's just a huge contraption. And it's one of the Ashtar Command's, or Galactic Federation (whatever you wanna call them), it's one of their main ships. It's Sananda's main ship. The one called Shema's Maitreya's main ship. Well, the Capricorn is Sananda's main ship.


And then there's this other one called Mimas. And Mimas was actually featured on Star Wars as the Death Star. When you look at it though, it's actually an eyeball. It looks like an eyeball. And so, whenever I see all these Hollywood celebrities doing that one-eye salute, covering up one eye, depict one eye, you know, you always think of that--the eyeball. The one eye, the ever-watching. Now, of course, they say it's symbolic of the third eye, which is that invisible third eye in the center of our foreheads. And even that would make you just shake your head because, you know, opening up your third, it would be such a Pandora's Box of a mess. People don't realize it. And yet they spend all their lives on these journies. The New Agers, the Buddhists, the Hindus, 1.5 billion Indians, spend all this time trying to open their third eyes. You know what a Pandora's Box that is? You know, the Lord shut that down for a reason.

You know, when Adam and Eve fell, their bodies were capable of doing a lot of things. But they lost their originally-created bodies when the Lord shut down certain things; their abilities that they could do. And they ended up with bodies that we pretty much deal with now. And so, when people try to activate it, it really just welcomes up a lot of demonic harassment and interference in their lives from the lower dimensions because, you know, the fourth dimension might be higher than the third, but actually it's lower because it's Satan's dimension. It's the dead dimension; demons, demonic energy. And when you open up your third eye, you open up portals to the fourth dimension. So, why would you want to open up your third eye?



Well, you have the fact that the Death Star looks like an eyeball. One of Satan's main battleships, which is now suffering miserably. [laughs] We burned it pretty good last night. That along with the Capricorn. Don't come around me unless you wanna be burned with fire. OK? Because that's my thing. Fire. And if I have to use orgone to produce fire, that's what we'll do.


Orgone is an energy. It's the same energy that the Father had in the Ark of the Covenant. And what happened when anybody would try to touch the Ark of the Covenant that wasn't anointed by Him and authorized by Him? They would die. The priests didn't even touch it. They put it up on sticks to carry it around. There was only one time of year when the most holy, anointed priest could even go in to the Holy of Holies where the Ark of the Covenant was. There's always been a connection with the orgone energy that we make and the Ark of the Covenant. And I've been saying that since I started this orgone war, this aether energy war.
Because when you pray and ask the Father, "How can we tear down Satan's strongholds? How can we defeat Satan on Earth?" And you're gonna need something more than traditional weapons. Because you can't kill dimensional beings with traditional weapons. It's not gonna work. You wanna try shooting a demon with a 12-gauge shotgun? Go right ahead and waste your bullets. But what will kill them is aether energy. Why? Because energy is something every being becomes associated with. Just like oxygen, or hydrogen, or carbon. Energy is something that's--that crosses all dimensional paths. Something every being feels and experiences.
And aether energy that we make in our orgone produces the very life-breath of the Father, Himself. It's His very breathe. And that's why evil beings can't stand being around it. That's why it burns them. That's why you see humans that are possessed by demons get agitated and angry when they're around orgone. That's why demons will run when they come in contact with an area that has orgone.
Aliens do the same thing. They'll start to burn, then they'll run. And they'll only stay around it because they have a mission to accomplish or whatever. And so, they'll try to hit and run. But they're burning and suffering the whole time. You know, I can see in the Bible Codes how much pain their all in in space. Because we've got space saturated with our orgone energy. And they're all in pain. They're burning. But they try to be brave anyway and act like, "Oh, she's nothing to us. We can take her out." And try to come up against me. You know, first you gotta deal with the orgone. Then you gotta deal with the Father. So which one do you wanna worry about first? [laughs] Because He's always here. [laughs] That's why the war about an hour. Not even an hour. It was very quickly over.



They thought they'd sabotage this portal over here and take over it. And now they have deserted this area. They've deserted this place. Because the Father will use this portal to start taking home His Firstfruits. And I use terms other than rapture because people get the wrong misunderstanding. You know, they hear rapture and they're, "Oh, the church is going home. The whole Bride's going home." That's not true. Because many are going to suffer in the coming camps. Many of His Bride, that He's so angry with now, are the ones that are gonna be tested for their faith. You know, they spend all their time now hating and bothering the other Bride. You know, it's like having bullies in the playground at church. Haha! Everybody says they love the Lord, but you have your bullies, and your haters, and everybody else mixed in with everybody else.


Yeah, there's a lot of people, you know, instead of having a humble spirit, they're just contrite. Instead of being gente and kind, they're just argumentative and debatable. Instead of being loving, they just wanna hate. And the Lord's going to put them into judgment. You don't get no free ride into heaven. Calling yourself a Christian and acting like the devil. You're gonna have to prove it. And some of you, you hang on to your apostasies so much, your false beliefs. He sends you people to lead you into the truth and you reject them and try to teach them your apostasies instead. It never occurs to you, "Hey, I'm wrong. And this is the Father trying to reach out to me and teach me the truth." Doesn't occur to you because you're too proud, you're too boastful, you're too heady.
The Firstfruits are the Elect. They're not what the churches want people to think that, "Oh, it's the Christians that--all the Christians up until the time of the tribulation period are the Firstfruits." That's pretty much the general mentality on that, probably. And that's not true. The Firstfruits are the Elect. And the Elect are not the Bride. They're part of the Bride, but they're a different group from the Bride. There's the Elect and the Bride. Two groups of Christians on Earth today. The Elect are His Firstborn; what He calls His Firstfruits.
Firstborn and Firstfruits are hand-in-hand. It's the same term. Now what's the difference between the Firstborn and the Bride? Firstborn are those He created before the world was even created. Before the Earth was even created, they existed in heaven with Him. That's right. They lived in heaven with Him. And they were sent to be born on Earth as humans. That's His Firstborn. That's His Firstfruits. That's His Elect. Angels in the flesh.

I wrote an article on it years ago. []


And I'll tell you what I don't get, from that article, is a lot of feedback. Because people just don't know what to think. [laughs] It's just one of those revelations that just blow people out of the water. And at that point they either say, "She's crazy," and they walk away to hate on me to everybody else, or you hear from people, like I do, often with the Elect, that's how I know they're the Elect, "I wish Father would remind me or teach me what my old angelic name was." Because if you bug Him, He'll tell you, eventually. Some He won't. Some say that He just won't tell them. I have a feeling that they just can't hear Him. They just don't understand it. But if you bug Him, He'll tell you. He told me. He'll reveal it to you. We all had angelic names in the past; the Firstborn. Because we've existed from before time even started on Earth. The reason why you say existed before time is because heaven isn't in linear time. In fact, Earth is the only planet based on time. So when you say existed before time, it's basically saying you existed before Earth was even created. You lived in heaven with the Father.




You know, a lot of us watched Father create Earth. That's what the Elohim are in Genesis, chapter 1, is the angels that were with the Father when He created the earth. A lot of us were there; the Elect. And, see, the Bride...the Bride can't associate with any of that because they just think you're crazy. Because they're not former angels born here on Earth as humans. So they don't have any, uh, any, uh, any reason to think that they were, or they just think you're crazy because they can't associate with that in any way.

And that's why there's so much division between Christians today. Because your mom may be an Elect, but your dad isn't. So he thinks she's crazy and they argue all the time. Hehe! Or say they have a child. Neither one of them are part of the Elect, but they had a child that is. I mean, Elect can show up anywhere. The Elect can be born in an Illuminati family. You could have a child that's a Firstborn Elect born in an Illuminati family. He puts them anywhere He wants.


He puts us here for a reason. We have callings. Missions to do. Things to do. I mean, think about it. We used to live in heaven with the Father. We're sent here on Earth for what? To pump out babies and work 9-to-5's? I mean, there's more to life than just being a slave to corporate America. You have callings on your lives. Things to do. And I found my calling, which was to begin a war here on Earth to tear down Satan's strongholds.


And there's many that were sent to be with me during this war. The ones that never woke up are the ones that were supposed to help us fund it. Because what happened with them is they ended up funding everybody else's ministries except this one. So everybody else that's basically, uh, not very effective, I'll say. I don't wanna say anything mean. Because I really don't have anything nice to say about them. Well, let's just say they lost out on a lot for just throwing money away, rather than putting the funding where they were supposed to, funding the orgone war. Because this is the only ministry on Earth that practically has Lucifer on his knees. We're destroying him. We're tearing down his strongholds. We're destroying his underground bases. We're destroying where they sleep, where they eat, where they torture people, where they hide. Oh, they make a big business to torture humans and enslave them. Put them in cages, and breed them, and feed on them. They do horrible, unimaginable things to the people on this earth. And we're taking it to them. We're just trying to destroy them.



You know, the Bible says the devil has an allotted time. He has things to do. We can't kill him. We're not authorized to kill Lucifer, or Satan, or whatever you wanna call him. Halayel. We're not authorized to kill him. But, we can kill all his little forces. People don't understand that. Satan has armies. Fallen angels, they have armies because they breed. One of the biggest lies the churches put everybody to sleep believing was that angels can't have sex. Some can't, but there's a lot that can. Why do you think they fell from heaven and procreated with human women? Because they couldn't have sex? How do you procreate if you don't have the genitalia to do so?


And people think, "Oh, the flood wiped all them out." Really? They didn't spring back up and start creating cities again? Because who did Joshua and Caleb have to destroy then to reclaim Israel? I mean, what Bible are you reading? Mine says that they had to take out 20 giants--20 cities full of giants to reclaim Israel, Promised Land. Moses led them out of Egypt. If they were wiped out by the flood, how did they build 20 cities in Palestine, in Israel?




It's always been a war. Satan's always been here. And so, you can either sit back and sing about it in your churches or get on your feet and do something about it. And that's what we chose to do was do something about it. Let's destroy his ability. Let's sabotage it. Let's put a damper on instead of just sitting back and giving him a Green Card and saying go for it. We don't resist.
What kind of a believer, a lover of the Lord, are you if you just sit back and say, "Oh, do what you want. I'm not gonna resist." Seriously? It doesn't get under your skin that Lucifer is the biggest enemy of our Father on the planet? And all who love him are enemies of the Father? Was David the only one that it bothered? David hated the Father's enemies. He wanted to destroy them all. Read the Psalms. He didn't sit back and say, "Oh, well. I won't resist. Do what you want, Satan." He hated those who hated the Father. He had a righteous hatred for them. And I'm proud to be of the same heritage of King David. My DNA goes straight to David. He is my ancient grandfather. And I've always said, as he stood against the giants in his day, I'll stand against them in mine.
Satan doesn't scare me. I'll take a war right to his feet. He came above my house in his ship. He didn't come in my house. He'd be too afraid. [laughs] His little ship's on fire. Sananda's ship. He's gonna get all of his people killed. All of his chiefs. He's just gonna get them all killed. But there's a whole war available because we can kill them. We can't kill Lucifer, but we can go after his forces. So why wouldn't we? He isn't gonna sit back and say, "Oh, well, there's too many of them." Really? There's more power in the fingertip of a believer's of The Most High than even what Lucifer has. And the biggest thing that Satan has going for him is they keep Christians so busy hating each other and fighting on each other that they don't do anything effective against him. Except the Orgone Warriors. They're the only ones that'll bring it right to his doorstep and go after him, put a stop to his nonsense on Earth. At least put up a resistance, a fight.


You know, I love the Father. I can't imagine living one day without Him. So I certainly can't imagine just sitting back and doing nothing, while Satan just prances up and down the earth and has his way with it. Hello? This was our Earth. The Lord created it for us. Lucifer corrupted it and he's still corrupting it to this day. We don't have to put up with that nonsense. We can fight against him. We can resist him.




And not all orgone's made the same way, folks. The Lord gave me a specific way to make it. And I have the instructions on my website at You make it that way, and you destroy Satan. You make this other brouhaha garbage stuff they sell on eBay, and you get whatever that produces. Not all orgone is made the same way. It doesn't produce the same things. Doesn't cause the same effects.


Some of it's just pretty painted garbage. People buy it because it's a pretty pyramid. Really? There's no power in pyramids unless you cut the pyramid off--the tip off. I get e-mails from people asking me if my--if a pyramid is good orgone. I tell them no. Because, first of all, none of the Lord's people would ever make orgone in a pyramid form. That's totally New Age garbage. And it wouldn't even have any power to it. Gotta cut the tips off to get any power at all. Need to be in a oval shape. Same shapes we make ours in. People just wanna buy pretty stuff and spend their money on it, and then call it orgone.


But as with everything, this war's gonna come to a head. And Satan is going to be cast down on Earth; Revelation 12. And then he's gonna come after the Lord's people. He has no need to go after his own. They already worship him. They don't resist him. Who does? The Lord's people. And most of them that don't even resist him, but they pray, and that's the number one weapon against Lucifer is prayer. It's always been, it always will be. Orgone doesn't replace prayer. Orgone is a weapon. Prayer is communication. It can also be used as a weapon.


Spiritual warfare prayers are very highly effective. But you've gotta be alert all the time. What happens when you're sleeping? You get harassed by night terrors. Sure, Christians get harassed by demons all the time and it's at night in their rooms. And monsters under their bed, and in the closets, and in the house. You go through all these scenarios of being under demonic harassment. And orgone takes all that away. And you can anoint your house with oil. I used to go that route. But it wears off. At least with orgone you have a constant presence of the Lord's energy in your home. They won't come near it. They'll hit and run, but they won't stay. You'll see an end to night terrors when you put orgone under your bed in your room. You won't be harassed by them anymore.
I used to get taken out of my sleep. They used to take my spirit out of my body at night. I'd end up all different kind of places. I didn't know where I was half the time. [laughs] You talk about a level of night terrors most never deal with. They used to throw me in prisons, under roads, and everything else. As soon as I would become lucid, I'd call out to the Father, and, boom, I'd be right back in my bed. They harass Christians. They'll harass your children. It's why I don't even mess with it with my kids. I always had orgone in their rooms. I didn't want them to go through what I went through as a child. And you tell your mom and everybody laughs at you, "Oh, you've got monsters under your bed." And they laugh. They think it's just a kid thing. Have monsters in the closets. It's where they hide. It's where they stay. They're not gonna come out and stand in the middle of a room. They're afraid that you'll sense their presence, so they hide in the closet. There's always a bit of truth to everything, folks. To all the mockery, and what people think is just fiction, there's always a bite of truth to everything.




Is there a rapture of believers? Yes. Give you a short little run down. I could tell you right now that the Orgone Warriors are going to be home soon. Because the Father is rewarding them for all of their diligent dedication and loyalty to Him. And I've told you guys that that group is precious to Him. The Bible Codes calls them precious. The little faction of Orgone Warriors. They're so precious to Him because they're the ones who risked their lives. Because when you become an Orgone Warrior, you have military helicopters flying over you. You've got the FBI buying houses next door. You become under government surveillance 24/7 whether you know it or not. They have the satellites trained on you.


The harassment is just horrendous. And they've been trying to poison me for 12 years. I drink straight arsenic half the time. I woke up this morning, and Lucifer asked me, he said, "How is it you're still alive?" Because I know I drank coffee yesterday, it was straight arsenic for sugar. The Lord keeps me alive. They've undergone so much persecution, and trials, and tests, and they've stood strong in the Father. They could be beaten down. We get knocked down, but we get right back up.


And so, the Father is taking home this little group. And that's why there was a war over this portal. Because Satan was trying to stop it. He was trying to sabotage the Father from being able to do that.




And then you have the rest of the Firstfruits. You also have what the Bible calls the Philadelphia Christians. The ones who will be spared from the tribulation period because their faith has been found solid in the Lord. This is part of the Bride. Because it's the church of Philadelphia. And the Bride's always associated with different churches, because basically it's churchdom, Christiandom. They're all just part of the whole church system. Where the Elect pretty much are not in the churches today, seeing how apostate they are, they don't deal with them. That's where the Bride is. Majority of the Bride. That's why they're so apostate.
But that doesn't mean you won't make heaven because you're sitting in an apostate church. You need to realize you're in an apostate church. And it's not about what you know. It's not about what doctrines you have right or wrong. It's not about dotting the i's and crossing the t's. It's about what's in your heart. How much you love the Father. Do you love good? Do you renounce evil. Are you a good person or are you a bad person? It all comes down to who do you serve? Who do follow? The Father or the devil? Because he gets you on default. If you don't have any of the qualities that qualifies you as a child of God, then Satan gets you on default.
The Father's people worship Him through the Son. They've accepted Yahushua as their Savior. They build a relationship with the Father. Some of them have a solid faith in the Father. And that's why they'll be protected from the wrath to come. And the Bible says to pray to escape all these things. And He will take them--I've always believed in more like a mid-trib type rapture. Right before the mark of the beast. Because the Bible says that He will save them from the hour of temptation that comes upon the whole world. And the hour of temptation is a period of time--it is not the entire tribulation time--it is a period of time, it is an hour. And it further verifies it is when the mark of the beast is enforced. And He will spare those believers from that time. And the mark of the beast becomes enforced at mid-trib.


So shortly around--right before mid-trib or during mid-trib, right before that's enforced, He will be hiding or taking a group of believers, that we'll simply refer to as a rapture. So, yes, there's hope for those who love the Lord. And those who just need to wake up. Quit spending all your time me-me-me-me-me against everybody else, and do something effective for the Lord instead. It's not about who can win an argument, who can quote the King James the most in a day, scripture wars, doctrine debates. It's silly. It's about relationship, folks.


So, if anything, people need to work on perfecting their relationships because most of them don't even have a relationship to begin with, to start with. They claim they're Christians, and they read their Bibles, but they've never really built a one-on-one relationship with the Father. They'll look at you with that stare, deer-in-the-headlights stare when you tell them, "Ask Him." They ask you something, you tell them right back, "Ask Him yourself." They don't know what that is. They don't know that they could ask the Father directly something themselves and expect an answer. Because their relationships, that they call relationships, is just a one-sided. But when they talk to the Father, they give Him their Christmas list and "I want this," "I want that," [audio cuts out] and then it ends at that. They don't realize they could learn to hear from Him, too. The relationship is two-sided, not just one-sided.



Anyway, folks, I still need your funding and support of this ministry. Every dime I make goes to paying bills and continuing my war against Satan here on Earth. For as much longer as we're going to be here (I have no idea). You can go to my website, My address there.


May be back next week, may not. But until then, folks. Yah bless.
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