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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
May 26, 2014
And hello, everybody. I'm Sherry Shriner. A couple things I wanna talk about tonight.
I didn't know if I was gonna do a show tonight or not. Everyone is taking the holidays off, and so. I'm here. A lot of things going on in the background. And one of those things where you wish the Father would just pull everything out so people could see with their own eyes what's going on. Because there's just always so much that we miss. Because it's a spiritual battle around us. And unless you can see and hear into the spiritual dimension, you're gonna miss a lot. And, of course, that's what happens. But we're living in days where the spiritual and physical dimensions are combining. You know, most of our government officials are spiritual entities in human bodies. They're demonic beings, alien beings, fallen angels in human bodies, and so, it kind of combines both dimensions into our world.
I know people have been hearing about, you know, how our leaders are Lizards, they're Reptilians, and they laugh, and they mock it. But it's very true. You know. If the conspiracy nut cases are the ones that are speaking about this stuff, then count me at the top. Because I've been warning about this for over a decade. Because it's truth, folks.
But I'm not talking about Reptilians and Lizards tonight. I have other things to talk about. [laughs] I've been waiting--the last couple of weeks been kind of quiet on my end here, because I've just been going through so much in the background. But on the front of it, we have the Festival of Firstfruits coming up on Sunday, June 1, 2014. Now, if you count 50 days from Passover until Shavuot, it's supposed to be 50 days. It doesn't always work out that way. Because the Festival of Firstfruits has to be, according to Scripture, on the first Sunday following the sabbath. And so, the sabbath is Saturday. And the Sunday following that is the first day of the week, and so, that's when in has to be celebrated. And so, we're looking at this coming Sunday, June 1, as the Festival of Firstfruits.
This year, this festival has huge significance for me. Now, the reason being, is because I've been warning you guys--telling you guys about the Firstfruits leaving the earth. That they're gonna be leaving. And who the Firstfruits are. That they are the Firstborn, that they are the Elect. That there are two groups in the Bride; the Elect and the Bride. The Elect are part of the Bride, but the Bride are not part of the Elect. The Elect are only 144,000 and they are the Firstborn. Now, what's the Firstborn? The Firstfruits. If you've read my article, Angels in the Flesh [], this is a truth the Lord revealed to me over a decade ago. How He has put His Spirit in people to be born here on Earth. There have been angels that have come from heaven to be born on Earth during the last days.
And Satan does the same thing with his chiefs and princes. He'll take His chief demon and put it in a human body.
If you look--classic example--if you look at George Bush, Sr., he's not even human anymore. He's been taken over by a serpent. And when you watch him do his little commercials with Bill Clinton on TV, if you're good enough, you can see the slither--that forked tongue--come out of his mouth. You can see it on YouTube video. Other people have caught it. But he's just so nasty with his lips and his tongue. Because he's a serpent. He's about the only one in the Bible Codes I have ever seen, besides Satan, himself, that comes up as a serpent. It's Bush, Sr. Everybody else'll come up as a alien, or a Lizard, or whatever. He comes up as a serpent. And when the Lord, uh, um, when He signifies something, and separates something--because you would think a Lizard and a serpent are probably the same thing. For some reason, they're not because--but they're one and the same term. The same terms will come up for the same people. So it's very interesting. But, um, so he does the same thing. He puts his chief demons inside of people, which are nasty alien, demonic-looking things.
And, first of all, aliens are just fallen angels who lost their original glory. They lost their forms. I mean, Satan was transformed into a reptile, a snake. Now, he has the ability to shape-shift. And this is where you get a lot of the children's cartoons about chameleons. He's a chameleon. He can shape-shift into anything he wants to. He can come as the--he can be the god of Pan, the Egytian god on hoofs. He can arrive as an angel of light. You can see him as regular human-looking. He appears as a woman on many instances. I remember I was sent a video from one of my government sources a couple years ago, back when the queen was doing her jubilee in England, and there was a woman in a red dress sitting back behind Prince William and Kate. And I was told that that was Lucifer directly. And so, he often appears. And I've often laughed. And I've told you he's got an office at Goldman Sachs in New York.
He can appear on a basis as a human. But he's the chameleon. He can appear in any form he wants to. And the Illuminati bloodline can often shape-shift into Reptilians, Lizards. That's why they have that coveted DNA. What they call coveted. To them, the rest of us have bad blood. So that's a compliment coming from them, because I wouldn't want to have their blood. Their blood is serpent blood. It's Satan's offspring on Earth. And they can shape-shift into Reptilians and Lizards. And people have seen President Clinton, or Bush, or other people turn into Reptilians and Lizards. Their true forms. And so.
But I don't wanna get into that right now, I wanna get into some other stuff; this Festival of Firstfruits coming up on Sunday. Because I have been waiting for a departure date for so long. You know, it began several years ago. Most people think this is gonna be instantaneous. And for the first group of 144,000, it has been a process. You know, it started two years ago. And slowly this list has been gone through. And they're almost--the Father's almost at the bottom of it. Or at the top of it, depending on how you look at it. I guess, at the top of it. Because there's only about 50 names to 100 left on that list that still remain on Earth. Everybody else has been taken. And it will culminate on the day of Firstfruits. They will all be gathered together; the ones that are still left on Earth and the ones that are already in heaven. And so, I look to that this year at Feast of Firstfruits just because of the correlations. Just because in the Bible Codes I see banquet, I see feast, I see Firstborn, I see Firstfruits. And I know all of those are in relation to the Elect. The Elect.
Now, pay attention to something that the Father wrote, er, that John wrote, in Revelation, chapter 14, verse 4. And I start off this question, on my article on the 144,000--two groups of 144,000--"Who makes up the first group of 144,000?"
4 [They] are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits [first ones taken] unto God and to the Lamb.
This army, folks, is a mixture of men and women. They are virgins in the fact they're undefiled by the world's Jezebel system and all of its prostitutes. All of the spiritual adulteries in the world. They are undefiled by them. The Father often uses feminine terms in relation to spiritual terms. They were not defiled with women, being religious whores and abominations. Because if you look at the churches today, what are they? They're whores and abominations. What was Babylon referred to? The great whore. Why? Because of its religious adulteries and abominations.
The Firstfruits, the first ones taken. And I've been talking about that. How the first group of 144,000 is the first group taken. Now, what made me question the whole thing--and most people stumble on this--because if you read Revelation, chapter 7 it talks about the 12,000 from each tribe of Israel being sealed by God. OK? But then when you read in Revelation 14, you see a crowd in heaven, and the name of the Father is written on their foreheads, and they're taught the song of Moses. And they're the only ones that are allowed to sing it. Now, do you catch the differences? You know, I've been a student of Bible prophecy my entire life. I've read Revelations millions of times. And then that one time, it caught my attention. "What a minute! There's a group on Earth that's sealed by an angel with the seal of God in their forehead. While there's another group in heaven with the name of God written in their forehead by Him. He writes His name on their forehead."
And guess what. There's not one of these people that are arguing about what His name is, on Earth. They know His name is Yahuah. And they call Him by His name, Yahuah. While the rest of the Bride yells, "It's Jesus!" [laughs] Well, that's His Son. We'll talk about Yahushua, Son of God. The different names. But we know His name. We know their names. While the church argues, and they wanna use these Greek translations. That's the difference. Maturity. Maturity. They have knowledge. Because they know who their Father is. They have a relationship with Him. They can say, "What is Your name?" and He will reveal it to them. You know, it's like I did years ago. "Are you a man or a woman? Are you a Father or a Mother? Because they all go on about Mother Earth." And He'll tell you, "I am your Father, not your Mother." And I'll tell you, as a daughter of the Father, that He thinks like a Father. [laughs] He totally thinks like a Father. And He talks like one. He is not your Mother. He is not your Mother. He thinks like a Father. And people out there who have close relationships with Him, you're probably laughing because you know. And the things that are important to Him are as a father would think for his children. Not necessarily the things we want to be important to Him. But the things that, as a Father, that are important to Him. Safety, security, things like that. It's how fathers think. They wanna take care of their children. That's how He thinks.
The Feast of Firstfruits. It's the spring harvest. It's the firstfruits of the spring. And it all just correlates. It all correlates to that first group of 144,000. And I wanna show you something that He just showed me right before the show. And I was shocked. Because all these times, I've never caught it. Sometimes you just have that light-bulb moment. I had one right before the show. Because He always leads me to the church of Philadelphia. That's my favorite church. You know, there's different groups of the church, of His Bride, throughout the years. And this group of Bride, this group He refers to as the church of Philadelphia, He breaks it down into seven different--people say it's seven different periods, seven different types of churches. It's actually--we have all these churches operating amongst us at one time, these seven different particular types, and everybody resembles that one type of church, you know. It's like there's just particular groups everywhere, and this church of Philadelphia, which is a symbolic name, uh, I'm gonna read it. And it says,
[Revelation 3:]
7 And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth;
8 I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.
9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.
10 Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.
11 Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.
12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.
What does He do with the first group of 144,000? He writes His name on their forehead. What does He do to this group that comes out of the church of Philadelphia? He writes their name on His forehead--on their forehead. It has to be the same group. It has to be the same group of believers. The Elect, the first group of 144,000, and this church of Philadelphia. And He--what does it say? He will keep them from the hour of temptation, which comes upon the whole world. And I've asked Him--I asked Him a long time ago, "What is the hour of temptation?" When you see "hour," you know that that signifies a short amount of time. A short space of time. And He revealed to me back then that it is when the worship of the beast is enforced on the world. So you're looking at mid--if you're a 7-year tribulation student--you're looking at midtrib. Midtrib. When they start to enforce the worship of the beast and the mark of the beast (Revelation, chapter 13), those events come hand in hand. He will keep them from that. So He takes them before it even happens. He takes them before that even happens.
Most of today's Christians, about 95 percent of them belong to the church of Laodicea.
[Revelation 3:]
15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.
That's most of the Christians today. Sitting in all the whore, prostitute churches. The spiritual adulterated abominations today. That's most of them. And these are the ones that are gonna be tested by fire. These are the ones that are going to be sent to the FEMA camps. Rounded up and sent, and tried and tested for their faith. Because they love the delusions, they love their errors, they love their apostasies. You try to teach them truth, and they laugh at you, and they mock you. You know, just because you've been told something your entire life, folks, doesn't mean it's true. When you start asking questions is when you'll start learning.
You know, sometimes you just have to walk away from everyone you know, and everything you've learned, and go to the Father and say, "You teach me what the truth is. I don't know what it is." You know, you've grown up in your church your entire life. You've gone to the Christian schools, the Christian colleges, you've done everything the right way, and boom, it's just religious mind control. It's not what the truth is. And you've been controlled. Congratulations. Because I went through the same thing. I went through the same thing. They teach you what they learned in seminary. Who owns the seminaries? The Satanists. Satanists and New Agers run all the cemetaries. Our pastors are coming out of these cemetaries. I don't call them seminaries; they're cemetaries. They're places for the dead.
That's one of my biggest pet peeves. I go over it on this show all the time. People telling me that, "Oh, the Lord led me to preach." Yeah? What day you preaching on? [laughs] Don't tell me He led you to preach and then led you to a Sun-god church on a Sunday, and you don't observe the sabbath day. Sabbath day is the seventh day. I'm not a Seventh-Day Adventist. People ask me that all the time. I just believe in the commandments. If the Lord wrote it, it's true. He says honor Him on the seventh day. Seventh day is Saturday. It's not the first day of the week, which is Sunday. You wanna worship on the first day of the week, fine, but better not ignore the seventh day, which is Saturday. That's the one you're commanded to worship on. So, anyway.
Pentecost. I hate how they change it to Pentecost. Because it's the Feast of Shavuot. It's the Firstfruits Festival of Reaping. Also known as Feast of Weeks. The Festival of Harvest. Festival of Firstfruits. That's what it's about. Reaping, harvesting. Interestingly enough, I was trying to find a correlation, before the show, between the two blood moons this year, because the first blood moon was on April 15. And the Festival of Firstfruits is June 1. But what's interesting is the Festival of Firstfruits goes all the way--because people were required to bring in--they would bring in sacrifices of their spring harvest to the temple. And they would do that--it was a process. Didn't all happen on one day because it was, you know, thousands, tens of thousands of Israelites. It was a process. And it would go all the way up to the Festival of Sukkot, which is October--this year--October 10 through 15th. Which also correlates or aligns with the blood moon this year is on Sukkot. Because I've said, if you don't--if you're not involved with the Feast of Firstfruits rapture or redemption--the Lord doesn't call it a rapture, He calls it redemption. He calls it redeemed. And that's the Firstfruits that are going. That's the Firstborn. Those are angels in the flesh that were sent here, and they live on Earth as humans. And somewhere along their lives they'll figure out that there's something not normal about them. And they learn the truth. And it starts to click. While everybody else thinks they're crazies and nut jobs.
But there is another--I believe--because I've always felt that they're back to back, that shortly after the Firstfruits leave, the Firstborn leave, the Elect leave, that there would be another rapture for everybody else under redemption. For those who qualify for the kingdom of heaven, and so. I believe that will take place on Sukkot this year; in October. Because I've always felt they're close together. They won't be that far in-between. And, interestingly enough, it's a blood moon this year. During the Feast of Sukkot. It's also known as the Feast of Tabernacles. I know that there's gonna be a lot of surprised people.
But interestingly enough, the next two years, this year and next year, there's two blood moons. And both at Passover. And both at Sukkot. Here's a shout-out to all you believers out there who said following the Lord's anointed times and feasts was done with. Hello!? It should be a wake-up call. They were never done with. They were never done away with. They teach you the law was nailed to the cross. We're still to observe it. It's nailed so you could read it. [laughs heartily] Read it! It wasn't done away with. You need to learn it. Why would the Lord stop, for 2,000 years? Why would we stop obeying His appointed times and feasts, and then pick them up again during the millenial reign on Earth, which is His 1,000-year reign on Earth, and start obeying them again? Hello!? Because it never stopped. According to your teachers, it stopped. Because they want you all apostate and doing the wrong things. Celebrating Easter bunnies and Christmas trees. While the small majority recognizes what hunky-crap that is, and they try to stay with the truth, celebrate the feasts and appointed times the Lord's given us.
And a lot of us are the blind leading the blind. I mean, it truly appears that way. It is that way. The problem is it becomes so overwhelming. Because when you try to learn about the feasts and the appointed times of the Lord, you just get so overwhelmed by the Hebrew language. You know, it's like I couldn't learn a second language if somebody wrote all the words on a bat and beat it in my head. I just cannot learn a second language. I can recognize Hebrew because I work in the Codes every day. But it's really annoying if you're just one of these strictly-English type of people, like I am, to go to a website and try to learn when it's all in Hebrew. All these Hebrew words everywhere.
And I don't need to learn Hebrew. I just need to learn what to do. You know, the Father doesn't care if we know Hebrew or not. He was Aramaen. They don't care. Just someone, make a website, speak it in English, spell it out in English. Don't throw in all those Hebrew confusing words. So we can learn. We don't have a priesthood, we don't have the Levites. We don't have teachers. That's been a huge problem. And so, the first step is just grabbing what festivals it is we need to study and celebrate, and learning them.
You know, I had a buddy, years ago. Years ago. And he was a scholar. He used to study the Qumran calendar. He always said that that was the most important calendar. The most accurate for our day was a Qumran calendar. And the last I ever heard from him, he was telling me he was being followed around by the Mossad. And I never heard from him again after that, you know. But he had posted a website about the true calendar. Apparently, angering the serpent-seed over there in Israel. But this is the one truth that I posted on my website at A paragraph off of one of his pages before they took his website down. And he said, "Which ones do we have to keep today? Which ones are relevant to today?
Moses commanded the Israelites to keep two appointed times: the sabbath and the Passover. And the three pilgrimages: the Festival of Unleavened Bread, the Festival of Weeks, and the Festival of Gathering (which is also called the Festival of Tabernacles, which we call Sukkot). What all these have in common is their observance is not dependant on the existence of the temple and the priesthood. Because we no longer have a temple and a priesthood. And so, these five feasts are the only ones we're really commanded to keep. We keep sabbath, Passover. Passover and Unleavened Bread are back to back. Then you have the Feast of Weeks, and the Feast of, uh, Festival of Gathering. So it's really not all that complicated.
If you go to my website,, it's not an all-inclusive, but you can learn pretty much. And I have links on here that will take you to other places where you can learn. It looks like it's Yahweh--Y-a-h-w-e-h--but it's actually pronounced Yahuah. And so, what happened is over time, we started evolving and just spelling His name like it sounds--because people will call Him Yahweh and it's Yahuah. Because they were calling Him Yahweh because of the way it sounds. Y-a-h-w-e-h. But it's pronounced Yahuah. So it's easier if you just spell out His name, Yahuah. Y-a-h-u-a-h. I started doing that because in English we tend to spell our words the way they sound. Some people would argue against that. Some of our English is pretty funny. Why we use words the way we do and stuff like that. But for the most part, I've just kind of evolved myself with His name over the year. I know how it's pronounced. Just always not--in our language--the proper way to spell it. And then sometimes you're just, like, "Oh, who cares? I'm gonna spell it this way." [laughs] And you just spell it so people could understand it.
You know, it's--one thing I've always tried to do is keep things simple. Teach at a third-grade level so people could understand what I'm talking about. I don't use the big words and the big meanings. You know, I have three college degrees. I'm not illiterate. But I teach so that people can understand. You know. I teach at a level for everybody. This radio show is global. 176 nations listen to this show. This place is on islands that listen to this show. It's just amazing that there's even Internet access on some of the islands. I never even heard of them. I'm probably one of the most [geo]graphically illiterate people on the planet. Just because there's so many places I've never heard of. And then when you try to place where they are, I mean, most of us...most of us would probably fall in that box. [laughs] We wouldn't know where they are if they were right in front of us on a map. And most of us never leave the country. We're not world travelers. I mean, I don't even have a passport. I've never left the country, so.
You know, there's always double meanings and several layers of truth to when the Father reveals something. There's always layers upon layers of one thing that He says or that He teaches. There's always multiple layers to anything. I see that in the Codes as well. You know, one meaning can mean different things. There's multiple events that can be tied to one meaning. One layer of truth. And so, you always have to watch for that. It's always a learning process. You never get to the point where you know it all. There's just too much to know. There's just too much to learn. And it's always evolving, and so. You know, it just amazes me that so much has been hidden. The amount of truth that's been hidden from people. And so, I try to--trying to peel that back. Peel the layers back and reveal the truth. People don't always like that. They kind of like being in the box. Because it's cozy there. They can just live their lives under the illusions that they had. Instead of coming out of the box and realizing there's a whole reality to things that you didn't know were there. I'd rather take the red pill [referring to the red and blue pills in the movie, The Matrix]. I'd rather...I rather just know what the truth is. Than be comfortable in the lies that are given.
You know, when I look up at the sky, I see 88 alien star formations. I don't see constellations. There are different factions of aliens above our heads and they're divided in 88 different factions. And we call them constellations. You know, they just put people to sleep. "Oh, there's a nice little constellation there. And it's the Big Dipper." Guess what that's full of, folks. [laughs] You know? You wanna know where Bigfoot comes from? Right there. The Bears. Bigfoot. Big Dipper and Little Dipper. That's their home star systems. Stars are planets. You know, unbeknownst to most people, they're not just gas balls. Most people think stars are just booming gas balls. And that's a lie. They're planets. When you look up at the stars and you see all those stars, they're planets. They're catacombs. They're--they may not be livable on the surface of the planets, but you better believe that the aliens have carved out catacombs in the centers of them. They live inside of them. Just as they do Mars. And all the planets we have now. Acknowledged planets, that we have now. Our solar system with--we had 12 planets, we're down to 9. But they're homes. So who's living in them? Hmm? You know, it's the fallen angels live above us, below us, and inside our own earth. We call them aliens. And that's what they are.
If you could see things in the spiritual dimension, now these dead planets may be a little bit more lively. But you can't see that in earthly--in our 3D dimension. When you look at something, it might look dead. But when you look at it in a different dimension, you could see life on that place. I don't know. Hard to explain. I know, I'm a nutcase. But it's amazing what just going in and out of dimensions can do to perception. I guess I'll just throw that out there because perceptions change depending on what dimension you're in. What level of reality you're in. And trust me, for the most of us, the third dimension is just fine. Hehe! It is just fine. Most of the other ones out there are just land of the weird and the lost, and the fallen, and so.
So, Sunday we're looking at a possible redemption of the Firstfruits, the Firstborn, off the earth. And then, in October, a redemption of others who qualify for the kingdom of God. The, I guess you could say, the Firstfruits of the Bride. Those who qualify. Because there's many parts of the Bride. There's the qualified, and those who will become qualified. They think they're all that. Oh, they'll say a million amens, and they'll worship the name of Jesus, and go to this church, and then the rest of the week they're living unholy lives, they're not living for Him. Those are the ones that are not qualified. Their works are not pleasing to the Lord. And they'll be tested at the camps and the roundups that are coming. But those who are qualified will be taken. And, I believe, also next year. There will probably been two more different departures. Because of, you know, why would the Lord have back to back blood moons, two years in a row? Why? Because I think there could be up to four different departures of His Bride off the earth.
And departures, uh, you know, when you say rapture as taught by the Masons, themselves, through TBN and their pawns, people think that before the tribulation even begins the entire church is gonna disappear in a huge pretribulation rapture. And that's what I was taught from the time I was a child. And I knew something was wrong with that. I knew that there's something wrong with that. And there is. It's not true. It's not true. There's not millions leaving at any one time. There's small departures here and there. Because the Lord's people truly are a minority.
And wait until you see all the people that are killed for His name's sake. The ones who will die for Him. There's gonna be more of those than there's gonna be the ones that are redeemed off the earth. There'll be more people that die for Him. And that's the souls under the altar in the fifth seal. Those that were beheaded. Those that were killed for Him. Those who wouldn't take the mark. Those who wouldn't worship his name, worship the beast. The ones who were beheaded. There's gonna be a lot, a lot, a lot of those.
But there's gonna be a lot of backsliding, too. Because when these cosmic beings arrive, this Maitreya and Sananda, the world's just gonna be google-eyed over them. Because they're gonna be charming. They're gonna put on the let's-be-charming facade. And they're gonna create wonders and miracles. And people are really gonna think that they're God, Son of God, Muhammad. Really gonna think that they're heavenly beings. And they're gonna be deceived by them. By deception Satan deceives the world. He can't deceive you if it's not good. How many of you read Paul? How many of you worship Paul? See how good that one was? How many did he, alone, deceive? The majority of Christians today hate me because I exposed and revealed Paul for the scoundrel he is. They think I'm an abomination. They think I'm teaching heresy and blasphemies for exposing what a scoundrel Paul was. So if deception's not good, people aren't gonna fall for it. So, obviously, it's gonna be really good. Look how many Christians fell for Paul.
A handful didn't. A handful are waking up. They're, "Wait a minute. Something's not right about this Paul scoundrel in the New Testament. Why does he teach opposite what the Lord and the apostles taught?" And they start to question things. Religious mind control. The churches have you under such condemnation--threat of it that people are afraid to question anything they're taught because they're afraid they're gonna go to hell. They're afraid they'll die and go to hell if they question anything.
Go to the Father and question everything. It's what I did. Go to Him. He's the source. It says to knock on the Door. And He is symbolic for the door. It doesn't say go to church and ask your pastor. Because, guess what. He came up out of a cemetary. Trained by cemetarians. Haha! To teach you untruths and apostasies. So why would you go to them? Go to the Father. Knock on the Door. He's the Door. I can't wait to see the look on people's faces when they realize everything I've ever been teaching for the last 20 years is true. [laughs] Won't they be shocked, huh? Either love me or hate me, but you're gonna be shocked, I can guarantee you that. It's not me, it's the Father. How much do you love Him? How much do you love truth? Don't be a sheep that just follows blindly. Be a sheep that is aware of your surroundings. Be a sheep that you know why you believe what you believe. Follow the Master.
You know, there's a group of sheep that follow the Master, and there's a group of sheep that follow the one dumb sheep that's leading them off the cliff. Which group are you in, folks? Choose a group. Start questioning what you believe and why. Not just because you've been taught it your entire life. Paul was not one of the Lord's apostles. There were 13 apostles. Matthias replaced Judas, not Paul. Matthias replaced Judas. When you throw out Paul, the New Testament makes sense. If you don't read any of his books, the other books all make sense and they jibe together as one. When you throw in Paul, you have nothing but conflicts. One conflict after the next.
Aren't people gonna be shocked? Can't wait for the day, actually. Coming up soon enough. You know, our war on Earth has been a hard one. I've been eating poison for 12 years, at least. My body's about had it. [laughs] And I'm still kicking it. [laughs] They come in my house, and they poison my milk, they poison my sugar, they poison my coffee. They poison all my food. They've been doing it for ages. Every once in a while, I have to go on a detox. Just to get rid of all the poisons out of my body. They can't kill me. The Lord won't let them. It's not fun being on the top ten kill list. But when you are, you get to see first hand how great the Father is, and how truly protective He is of His people. Because only He has kept me alive all these years, I can tell you that much.
They wanna start a war against the Orgone Warriors. You know, the last I heard from my government sources, they wanted to set me up on credit card fraud charges. And have it announced on Fox News. You know, and bring awareness to Sherry Shriner and her orgone. And I was charging people's credit cards fraudulently. And they had this whole spew planned thing, planning out. Problem is, I don't take credit cards. Ha! And so, uh, stopped taking credit cards last year when Google, Google Checkout went out of business or whatever. And so, that wasn't gonna work. So back to the drawing boards. So they came up with plan B, which is to raise awareness of orgone so they can discredit it and call it a cult.
They're always trying to frame me as being a cult leader. And I really don't understand that one because, first of all, we all live in different various areas of the world. We don't live together as a commune. I don't lead anyone--I lead leaders. You know, I teach. I'm not a communal leader, I guess you could say. I'm a faction leader. You know? And so, it just blows my mind that they always want to frame me as being some kind of cult leader.
But you can see what they're doing with these mind-controlled kids in Hollywood. That Jaden and Willow Smith, who you look at them and it's the light's on and no one's home, because they don't have control of their own brains. They've been totally MKULTRA'd to death to where they can't even think for themselves. And so, they're using those two mind-controlled pawns along with that one Kardashian kid. They had a article, a Hollywood article about these kids joining a orgonite society.
Now, as far as I know, I think Don Croft is the only one that copyrighted the term orgonite. That's why nobody else can use it. So it has to be one of his groups. It's gotta be Don Croft. And so, uh, and they're making all this junk orgone. I mean, they show pictures. And they're making these pyramids and they're junk, they're garbage. They're worthless. Pyramid orgone is completely worthless. It has no power to it. You could take an electrical energy tester to them and you will get no charge, no power off of them.
If you wanna make real orgone, you have to use clear quartz crystals, fiberglass resin, copper wound in a clockwise direction. It might look counterclockwise to you, but when you wind it in a clockwise direction and snip it, it's still clockwise. And so, uh, because the motion's still coming forward. And you use the aluminum shavings. It's very simple. Has 4 or 5 ingredients to it. I have directions on my website.
So on this news story from Hollywood, they actually posted some snippets off my webpage about my orgone blasters. And gave my link in the middle of their story. Of course, they were mocking the fact that you could keep demons, aliens, and zombies away from your home with our orgone blasters, but it's very true. Even though they were mocking it. But you have to wonder why they would even mention my website. And the simple reason being because they wanna raise awareness of who I am.
They have spent the last, uh, you know, ten years suppressing who I am. I've been on the no-blacklist, er, the blacklist. People aren't allowed to have me on their shows. They're not allowed to interview me. They're not--you know, I'm not allowed to be publicly addressed or anything, I guess you could say. I'm on the blacklist. Everybody has to ignore me. They're not allowed to come near me. No media exposure whatsoever.
And so, now it looks like they need to backtrack and say, "OK, wait a minute now. We need to raise awareness of who she is so that we can blast and condemn this orgone she's making, as bioterrorism." That's the new thing now. They wanna label orgone as bioterrorism. Well, ours isn't. The junk they're making might be. The stuff you see on eBay and 99 percent of the Internet is total garbage. But we make pure aether energy orgone blasters. And it does exactly what I say it does. But they want to ban it. Because it's causing the UFOs to crash all over the world.
You see lightning, the meteor showers? They're the UFOs crashing everywhere, folks. We're not talking about lightning expected in a usual thunderstorm, but when you're sitting outside and, all of a sudden, it's a nice night out and you're seeing flashes of lightning out of nowhere, it's usually a huge starship crashing somewhere. We're crashing them out of the skies. And they wanna ban orgone. And so, the only way they can do it, first of all, is to raise awareness of what it is, discredit me, and then try to ban it. That's the plan. So, it'll be interesting to see if they keep trying to pump up orgone.
Of course, they want people to make the garbage, because it's worthless. But they want, in particular, to get people to stop making my orgone, which is the Lord's orgone. Because He's the one who taught me how to make it. His is pure aether energy orgone. It repels evil. It repels the Giants, when they come, the Locust invasion. It'll keep them off your roof. It'll repel aliens and demons; keep them out of your yard, your house.
You have night terrors? Put orgone under your bed in your room and night terrors will stop. And that's important for children. Because children always have--are more susceptible to seeing things in the spiritual dimension. And as they get older, they kind of lose that doorway, that access to the spirtual dimension we have as children. And they'll stop seeing it. They'll stop having night terrors. Some adults never outgrow it. You just never outgrow it. Because you have that doorway open into the spiritual dimensions. And so, the only way to stop the harassment is to keep your home anointed with oil. And if you're a person who anoints your home with oil as much as I used to have to, you know you have to keep doing it because it wears off. Orgone is a constant presence, a constant emitter. So it never wears off. You don't have to worry about it wearing off. It's a constant emitter of orgone energy, which is the Lord's breath. His very breath. And it's His breath that destroys the evil that's around us. That will protect you, if you're still here on Earth during the coming Locust invasion, the Joel 2 army, the different invasions that the Bible talks about I've written many articles on.
It will keep you safe. It's the Lord's protection. And that's why they're fuming. That's why they're furious. Because they realize it, they see it. They've had much proof of what protection it is from the Father. And now they wanna ban it. They wanna ban it. So you better print the directions off my website and get busy making it. I don't know what more proof you need to how effective it is when the world leaders are conspiring together on how to get together to ban it.
They've been trying to do this for the last ten years; figure out how to ban it. But first they were just trying to kill me. Kill the leader and the rest will run away, was the mentality. But they haven't been able to kill me. The Lord won't let them. And so, now they're looking at ways to just eliminate and ban the orgone. I don't know how much proof you guys need. Get out there and make it. It's obviously hurting them if they're banding together to fight against me. And I'm just--who am I? I live in a cow town. [laughs] I live in a cow town, but you know what? I lead a lot of smart people. I lead a lot of people that love the Lord. And they're doing amazing, amazing things for the Father. And it's angering them. It's angering Satan and his offspring on Earth.
So I don't know if I'll have a show next Monday night. I hope I'm not here to have one, to tell you the truth. Should be our last weekend here on Earth. [laughs softly] If I'm back here Monday night, then we just go to our next departure date. But this has been probably the best one I've seen in ten years. Everything's lining up. Everything is lining up. And I've seen tons of departure dates. And I've told you guys before, "Hey, you know, we've got a departure date this month. I don't know if it's gonna happen," and we're still here, six months later. But you know what? This one has me hyped. This one has me excited. Why? Because the Father has a star in the sky and I wave to it every day. [laughs] I know where it is. He has His star here. You know, He had a star to signify Yahushua's birth on the earth; the star in the east. And now He has a star to signify our exit. And so, very excited about that.
Anyway, folks, if I'm back next week, so be it. If not, you've got all my archives and articles and truths to go through. All my websites to learn, and brush up on, and rethink what the truths are compared to what you think or thought you knew what they were. Still need your support to get through this week.
Till next week, everybody, then, I guess. We'll see what happens. Yah bless.
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