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Aired on 09-15-2014


Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
September 15, 2014


And hello, everyone. I’m Sherry Shriner. Welcome to the show. A couple things I wanna talk about tonight. I was just outside checking out the sky. And, of course, they have it totally blacked out. A little intense black. Just every light imaginable blacked out, so. I thought that was kind of amusing because they knew I’d be talking about the sky tonight. Wouldn’t want everybody running out to verify what I’m talking about, right? [laughs] But that’s all right.
You know, um, you know the last six, seven months, you know, I’ve been harping about the moon and saying, “Why is it in the east?” “Why is it in the west?” Because it’s never where it’s supposed to be at the right times. And I’m thinking, “Why aren’t the scientists screaming about this?” “Why isn’t somebody throwing a fit?” “Can’t anybody help me out here?”
Because I’m no scientist, I’m no astronomer, but I know that the moon rises in the east and settles in the west. And the sun comes around and rises in the east on opposite sides of the sky. The sun and moon are always to be on opposite sides of the sky. And if you look at the insanity every night, especially the east coast, the moon is always in the east. And it stays in the east. It doesn’t travel.
Now, every once in a while, you’ll go out at 7 or 8 o’clock at night—and I’ve done this before on my shows before—and you’ll look up at the sky and the moon’s already in the west. [laughs] And you’re thinking, “Why is it all the way across the horizon? Why is it in the west? It’s supposed to be in the east. It travels across the horizon to the west. So it just seems like nothing between the moon has been working right all year long.
And I’ve just been noticing these anomalies, and screaming about them, and nobody says a word. Nobody—everyone’s kind of just oblivious to this whole thing, unless they’re being told to shut up, which is probably the thing. And no one’s gonna tell me to shut up because I’m not gonna listen anyway. The only one who controls what I say is The Most High, and so.
You know, a couple years ago, or last year, I started seeing this star in the southeast sky. And I’m thinking, “What is that, Father? You know, what is that star over there?” And it was earlier this year when I started to see that. So I’m thinking, you know, “Is that one of Dad’s? One of, you know, what is it? Another alien ship?” And so, I’m talking to Dad about it and He goes, “You ought to go over there and orgone that area. And I’m thinking, “Well, what’s over there?”
And so, I look on the map southeast from me and I’m noticing it’s West Virginia. And I notice the name Bethlehem. And I’m thinking, “Why is Beth—Why is there a Bethlehem in West Virginia?” Because I always see Bethlehem come up in the Codes. And I’m thinking it’s Bethlehem in Israel. Well, comes to find out, Father tells me there’s a huge underground prison there that the aliens use. It’s one of their abduction prisons. And, you know, they abduct people, and they take them to their bases, and eventually they become the aliens’ food. They eat humans.
And so, I took off over there earlier this year with another Orgone Warrior and we pounded that place, and we destroyed that base. And so, I hadn’t seen that star in a while. But then, this summer I’m noticing that the moon is now always in that same area in the southeast. And so, I’m wondering, you know—yesterday I’m wondering, “I wonder if that star…they took it and blossomed it into this moon.” You know? It just was like, “Wow, would they really do that?”
And so, I had a lot of figuring out to do, you know. Because I’m thinking, “There’s just something too wild going on with this sky.” It’s usually blacked out so I can’t even see it. I usually only get to see stars about once a week. And during the summer, they we all just going from yellow, to orange, to red, to crash, you know. And I never get to see the exciting crash stuff. Everybody in the northern states got to see it. You know, Michigan and South Dakota, over that way, they got to see the sky wars, all the crashing ships. And now, if you notice it, there’s no red stars in the sky because they’ve all crashed.
But one thing I was missing was all summer long I was looking at what I thought was the Lyra constellation. Because the one part of Lyra is a kite and it’s a three-star triangle formation. And they all crashed and burned. And so, the sky’s been pretty empty for a while.
And I noticed the other day that there’s a triangle back up. [laughs] Three white new stars. [laughs] And I’m thinking, “OK, how long is this gonna take for those things to go yellow, orange, red, crash?” You know. So they’ve got a new triangle. For some reason, they want a huge triangle in this region. I don’t know why that is. And I see it in the Codes that they’re triangulating. And I just—I don’t understand why they’re triangulating. I don’t understand the triangle thing. I guess you’d have to be an occultist.
But another thing I’ve never understood, which is now coming to getting figured out, is the fact that every time I would see dinars in the Bible Codes—and they come in and out, because this is one of their agendas where they wanna revalue currencies. And I’ve always believed the dinars—the Iraqi dinars—would become the beast currency. And this whole revaluation was part of the beast agenda. And there’s no doubt about that because it’s going to—it’s one of the original plans to put everybody in the world’s economies all on the same level.
And so, they’re going to raise third-world countries currencies—everybody to a standard par. But what happens is everybody with strong currencies, their currencies are gonna crash. So America, and Europe, and everybody, their currencies are gonna crash, while 100 and some-odd countries with very little economies, their currencies rise and become valuable. Doesn’t make much sense, does it? But Communism never does.
And so, this whole dinar thing has been in the news, been part of their agenda, for umpteen years now. And I know people always ask me, “When do you think it’s gonna revaluate?” And it’s like, “When the Antichrist is here.” It’s his money. It’s his agenda. When he arrives, it’ll evaluate…uh, revaluate.
But one of the things in the Bible Codes I always saw with it was every time I would see dinar, I’m thinking, this moon satellite would come up with it. It was always mentioned with the dinar. And it’s like, what is it? Is it a satellite out there called Dinar? [laughs] Because I know I’m looking at the Hebrew word for Iraqi dinar. There’s no doubt about it. It’s the original Hebrew word for dinar. I’m talking about the Iraqi dinar. The Iraqi currency. And this moon always comes up with it.
And so, somebody made a post on my Facebook yesterday. I’m not gonna write a name out—er say a name—but made perfect sense to what I’ve been seeing, and why this moon is always associated with the Code—with dinars.
And she said, “Lucifer’s false light in the sky--while his false light present—“--oh, that’s my comment, let me give you hers. “The moon is the false light, or Luciferian light. And the worship of the moon is idol worship or worship of money. The moon represents coin or mooney. And with the shift in the moonetary system, the energy from the moon is shifting or changing in the sky as well. Not just on the earth. As above, so below. The more that people realize this, the more changes will appear in the moon. Look how the moon shines during the daytime now. Never used to. So now the earth will receive the Luciferian false light, not only at night, but also during the day as to amp up the Luciferian false light on the earth. And the earth will be inundated with it. As above, so below.”
Now, this makes sense to me. Because I know I’ve seen the moon during the middle of the day. And I know other people have, too. We’ll have the sun and the moon, and I’m thinking, “Cover your heads. We’re going into a pole flip.” You know, this is crazy. There’s no way they can both be together in the sky, you know. One’s on one side, one’s in the midhorizon. They’re not on opposite sides. They’re never on opposite sides. Most of the time, the moon just goes where it wants to.
I’m thinking, “What is the magnus with this?” It never occurred to me until yesterday. And by then, I was happier than a bug in a rug. It never occurred to me that that’s a fake moon. That’s not even the real moon. Because, see, I don’t get a real clear view of it here. There’s a huge patch of forest trees between me and the southeast. And so, I’m looking at the moon in between trees. Because it’s so low it never rises up very high. Every once in a while it will. But like a day or two ago, it moved over dead east where Shema usually sits. And so that’s how I got a good look at it then. Because it was dead east from me. I got a dead shot east and west of me. And everything else was covered by forest trees, and so. I can see dead east and dead west.
And so, I knew then they’re doing something. That’s not even a real moon. That’s a fake one. That’s the moon I keep seeing associated with the dinars. That’s the Bison’s ship I keep seeing; this huge moon. Because all this time I’ve thought they were talking about, “Oh, it might be Mimas,” “It might be Capricorn.” Capricorn’s always in the northwest. It’s a blue ship.
There’s a red, burning one in the west. I don’t know what it is. All I know is it’s an Anuk ship. And it’s pretty much out every night because it’s stuck. It can’t move. Right now it’s about 50 percent burned. Eventually it’s gonna burn all the way and then crash. But it’s stuck in the west, dead west from here. So, probably, for most of you in the east—because I’m in southeast Ohio…er, yeah, southeast Ohio, down below Canton, um…and for some of you it might be north.
But whatever, folks. We’re being played with. We’re being played. Because what they’ve got going on—I always see partition in the Codes. I always see blackening in the Codes. Painting. And that’s why I was laughing a couple times, saying they ran out of black paint and had these gray paint because the skies weren’t completely black. Because they’re messing with our atmosphere. They’re messing with what we can see at night.
And they’re also putting up these partitions. And that’s what I finally figured out the other night when I was talking to Father about all this. They’re putting up these partitions so that two moons aren’t seen in the sky at the same time. So what they’ll do is blacken one out. Or they’ll put up a box, or divide the east from the west, so that the people from the west don’t see the fake moon we see in the east, and the people in the east don’t see the real one in the west and wonder what the heck they’re looking at in the east. They’re hiding the fact that there’s two moons in the sky.
Now, the one in the east coast is not the real one. It’s a fake one. And, you know, when you look at the moon, you’re gonna see craters and the usual one side of the moon you’ve been looking at since you were in diapers. The one that’s in the east is the one that’s gonna be played in the Middle East for the arrival of their Mahdi, their imam, this Ashtar Command. I’ve been talking about them forever. The patriarchs of the Ashtar Command. You’ve got, you know, Saint Germaine, Maitreya, Sananda. There’s, like, 11 of them. And they’re considered Satan’s patriarchs. Lilith will probably come with them.
And he wants to make a grand entrance to Earth. Now, they had this planned with Shema. And remember, Shema, I’ve been talking about that for years. It was this huge, brilliant star in the sky. And then we caught it on fire, and it’s been sizzling ever since. And it’s getting ready to split in half and one half crash to the earth. That has a huge temple area on it for Lucifer. I believe it’s also the one that they featured in the V series—part of it—because it’s pretty much like a two-part ship. And so, a big rock, huge rock.
But the other night, when I saw the fake moon actually move over into Shema’s position, I knew then, you know, they’re getting ready…they’re getting ready to pull some kind of charade in the Middle East. And that’s why I keep seeing Kenya and Ethiopia in the Codes. Because that’s where they’re going to do their Middle East arrival thing.
You know, they’re gonna probably try to pull off two different types of arrivals and use partitions to block it out so it’s not seen around the world. Because they have to have—come up with an arrival to fool 1.6 billion Muslims, and Chinese, and everything else. And then they have to have a different arrival to fool, 300-, 400 million Christians; Europe and America, you know. And it looks like there’s, you know, one will arrive in Arabia, and one will arrive in America as well. And so, it just gets crazy.
And, you know, I posted an article, over a decade ago, on my website at talking about the Blue Beam Project. And this was something already going around the Internet, warning about the Blue Beam Project, and how they would use holograms and fake technology to bring in the arrival of the Antichrist and False Prophet and their whole entourage.
And so, I think we’re being played with that right now. They’re definitely messing with the sky. You know, you hear a lot of people talk about, “Oh, the moon’s not fake, it’s an alien spaceship.” And you’re thinking, “How can you say that when the Bible says the Lord created the moon?” He created the sun and the moon for—one during the sign at night, one for a sign of light at night…er, one’s the day and one’s night.
So, it’s obviously created by the Father. It wasn’t created by them. It’s not a alien spaceship. Until you realize, “Hey, wait a minute. There is another moon.” There’s two moons out there. Now, I did a video on the second sun. So, why wouldn’t Satan mimic that? Why wouldn’t he—why wouldn’t he mimic a second moon? And he has.
You know, we have the second sun, which is Enoch’s Planet, and now we have the second moon, which is Lucifer’s, you know. So, this is gonna get crazy. Two suns, two moons. But that’s what it’s looking like, folks. I don’t know what we can do to break down the partitions, to destroy their technology so that their partitions and black-out technology no longer works, and just cause this whole thing to cave in on them.
Maybe Brother Rich will come up with some warfare prayers and we’ll get them posted out there for you. But we need to come against this. Because, unh-uh, you know. They think they’re gonna play us, unh-uh. It ain’t flying. We need to come up with some warfare prayers to totally tear down this technology. That’s as simple as asking the Father to just break their technology. That’s all anybody really has to do. Start asking the Father to destroy their technology so they can’t deceive people. And exposing the fact that they have a artificial moon up at night. Hiding the real one from half the country at all times, you know.
When you look at the one, the fake one, it’s just a big ball of light. And I was looking in the Codes to verify that this was indeed an alien ship. And, of course, now the Codes totally make sense of everything I’ve been seeing for months. I just couldn’t figure it out. Maybe the Father got tired of me being so stupid and just turned the light bulb on so I’d realize what I’m seeing. I’ve always said I’m not the smartest crayon in the box. I’m just glad to be in it.
Eventually, I just have to have that light bulb moment where, “Ah, there it is. That’s what I’ve been seeing. That makes sense,” you know. It’s just taken me six months. That’s what’s aggravating. Because I noticed it back in February and March. But—I’m slow, but I get there. Haha! I get there. I’ve got it now. And so, we need to tear it down like everything else.
You know, it’s a starship and they—oh, I was gonna tell you what I saw in the Codes. The fact that they use mirrors. They use mirrors on it and, uh, to amplify it. It’s like Shema. Remember I used to laugh how they used to turn on the Shema light bulbs and increase the brilliance of it and all that and fake light of it? That’s what this moon is. Because it doesn’t have any light of its own. It’s just artificial light. Because it just—really just a huge spaceship in the sky.
And that’s the one other people were talking about. You know? They may not have realized it, but now I figure out what they’re talking about. Because, yeah, we know there’s aliens on the moon, our real moon. We know that. That there’s a dark side, they’ve got all these structures over there, the aliens are there. Uh—[sneezes]. Excuse me. I can’t remember a time where people—you know, they’ll talk about how American’s aren’t—no humans are welcome on the moon. But we have bases all over Mars. That make sense to you?
And why doesn’t anybody ever talk about this? Why don’t they talk about, “Oh,” you know, “humans were scared off of the moon because the aliens would destroy them or kill them or whatever.” “Oh, but we have bases all over Mars.” You know, that doesn’t make sense, and so. Either way, that’s why people were saying it was an alien ship. Because, yeah, there are aliens on the moon, but they also steer and--artificially intelligent, uh, artificially steer this artificially intelligent moon. It’s nothing but a huge spaceship.
And I bet that’s the star in the southeast that started getting my attention to begin with. You know, back when they were building it. And getting the mirrors up, and getting the lights up, getting it all bright and pretty. Grabbed my attention. That’s the worse thing they wanna do. I’m onto it then. [laughs] I’m onto it. I’m slow, but I’ll get there. [laughs] But I’ll bet that was the star I was seeing. And now it’s blossomed into this huge moon thing.
I wish those trees weren’t there. You know, I just, got this, you know, blockage here. I have to get in my car and go down the road to see it good. But, uh, you know, that reminds me of that ship in the west now. Because it’s such a huge Anuk ship that’s in the west, stuck here. I think it’s probably on the border of Ohio and Indiana.
And I’m wondering if that’s the ship that—it was more southwest a couple years ago. About two years ago, there was a huge…huge ship in more like the southwest. And I remember people claiming, “Oh, that’s Venus.” It’s not Venus. “That’s Venus.” Yeah, right. That was not Venus. And I wonder if that same ship isn’t the one that’s over in the west now that’s burnt and on fire and stuck. Because that one just kind of came out of nowhere. It had to just roll over into the west part. Dead west. Because it was more southwest before.
Every night, I can see two things pretty clear. That frying Anuk ship in the west, which I believe is Mimas. I’m really starting to think that’s Mimas. And the Capricorn in the northwest. Now that one kind of gets me angry because it’s not on fire yet, and it’s been over there for three months now. And I asked the Lord to make it stuck there so we could turn it on fire, catch it on fire with the orgone.
It is gonna change colors soon enough. We’re gonna get it. They’re already suffering. And so, it gets stuck in this region and you’re gonna get caught. When they were all coming in, there was a huge avalanche of ships different times throughout the summer. But they’d all come in…into this region. And so, the last big bruha they had, where they were all coming in, I asked the Father to trap them here. Haha! Don’t let them leave. Trap them in this Midwest region here so that we could burn them with the orgone and catch them on fire. [laughs] And it looks like a lot of them are trapped. Haha! A lot of them.
You look out at night, there’s a bunch of starships. And they’re just everywhere. And they’re white. They’re ones that have just come in. And I’m thinking these are the ones that were coming in during the summer. I know Lilith had a bunch coming in. And Ashtar Command had different ones coming in. And I’m pretty sure this is, you know, all of them. And the Father honored my request and trapped them all so we can all just point our pipes up and burn the crap out of them. And see them crashing in couple months. That would be a riot. The ones over summer, boy, it probably took about five, six months to burn all those and see them gone. And so, I’m thinking by the same thing here.
Another thing I was thinking was that now that we’re onto this fake moon in the east thing, this huge Buffalo ship--because they’re actually called Buffalo because they’re the Ascended Masters. And Buffalo is a term used for them because the native Indians talk about the returning Buffalo. You know, they have all these weird prophecies and stuff. And so, Buffalo is one of the terms in regards to these Ascended Masters, which are these New Age Satan-followers. The whole Ashtar Command thing with Maitreya and Sananda, those are the ones that the native Indians worship as the Buffalo, because that’s another name for them. It’s all part of the New Age alien agenda, so.
But what I was thinking was, “What if they—,“--because I know they’re playing with the lights on that thing. Because when I was looking at it last weekend, there was a purple glow around it, and purple aura. And a pretty blue on the top. I said, “What are those pretty lights on it?” “Why is the moon purple?” “Why does the moon have a purple and blue aura?” You know, I’ve never seen the moon with a aura before. Maybe red or yellow, because they start the incinerators on the moon, where they gather all the dead corpes of aliens and burn them on the moon. And then they cloud the earth to hide all the ashes because of the huge incinerator on the moon.
So I’m thinking, “Why would they have such a pretty hue?” I think they must be using this mirroring and Blue Beam tech to turn that thing blue. And then you have this huge Blue Star Kachina that all the natives have been yelling about. That’s trying to—that’s making prophecy happen. Because what if—see, I thought the Blue Star Kachina was gonna end up being the Capricorn of the northwest because it’s just like 30-mile, or 300-mile—I forget which one—it’s 300-miles-high, huge light blue, beautiful sapphire blue ship. That’s Sananda’s and Allah’s and Satan—they’re all three one and the same. But it’s their ship. And if we catch that on fire, they’re gonna have to have a hurried-up backup. They’re gonna have to have a hurried-up backup.
And so, what if they use this blue—this fake moon over here in the east and then decided to turn that blue? And then you’ll have the Blue Star Kachina the natives are waiting for. So, that’s a thought. That’s a thought. Because the only other blue star I know of then is the one on Orion’s foot.
If you’re looking at the Orion constellation, the lower left foot of the constellation is a blue star. And the top right hand, where the hand is in the constellation, is a red star; it’s Beetlejuice, Betelguese, however you wanna say it. But the one on the bottom foot on the left is blue.
I mean, ask yourself, why is red, white, and blue such dominant colors in the world? Especially in America. You know, red, white, and blue flag. Blue and red parties; Republican/Democrat. In sports, it’s blue and red. If you’re boxing, you have the blue and the red corners. And [audio unclear], same thing, blue and the red corners. All these various countries, you look at the Olympics now and it’s like all these nations are changing their colors to red, white, and blue or some kind of variation. Are they all trying to unite with Orion? The red, white, and blue colors of the Orion constellation, which is Satan’s main constellation in the sky? I mean, that’s his main home; the Dracos, the Draconians, and the Reptilians, and the tall Greys. That’s one of Satan’s constellations. One of his home areas. All his faction people.
I mean, people don’t grasp that Lucifer’s everywhere. You know, they think he’s rotting in hell. I wish he was, but he’s not yet. He goes down there to torment people in hell, especially followers of him that die. He loves to go down there and mock them and torment them. But he’s got other things to do than sit in hell all day. And he certainly doesn’t. He has throne rooms on various planets. Has one on Saturn, Mars, all the planets. He has a huge throne room area made of pure gold. And the Shema star.
You know, the Shema star was like the luxury…luxury throne room. It was probably like the walls, the floors, the ceilings, everything in gold, all these precious gemstones and jewels. And just really lavish, spare no expense. And now it’s on fire. [laughs] The front half of it has been. The back half is the temple area. And that’s why they’re so furious about Shema, because they’ve just got so much, uh, so much of minerals and stones and things and metals invested in that…in that ship. That piece of rock.
In the Bible Codes it’s called a lamp. That’s why I always expected that thing to fall; Revelation, chapter 8, the lamp that falls to the earth would be the chunk of Shema that’s getting ready to fall off. The huge chunk of it will come down to earth like a comet. Fall off of it.
But Satan, you know, he’s got a home on every planet. He’s got constellations. He’s got the huge Orion constellation. All the Reptilians, and the Draconians, and Dracos, and the wing-men (the Mothmen), the Greys, they’re all part of his faction. They all have home planets within the Orion constellation.
He’s not limited to anything, you know. He dominates aerospace. And he has the huge Capricorn in the northwest. It’s 300-mile or 30-mile-high. And then he’s got that huge, one of those huge cigar-shaped ships. And, you know, I can hear the church crowd. They laugh, thinking, “What’s Satan need with a UFO?” Well, he can’t—he’s not everywhere like the Father is. You know, you need means of travel.
You know, unless you’re just portaling around—people just think angels just appear in their rooms or their houses, or the churches. Well, how’d they get there? “Oh, they just came from heaven.” Really? Well, you know, you have to travel. You don’t just appear from heaven to earth, wherever they’re going, in two seconds. There’s a time of travel that takes place. Because there’s distance involved. And you have to go through dimensional doorways and portals and things. And space is very, very cold. I don’t know how it affects supernatural beings. I don’t know if they feel that coldness like we would if we were in space. Freezing cold. But either way, you have to travel. You have to have a means of travel. And so, that’s how he gets around; travels.
You know, reading Daniel, when even Gabriel had a message to go give Daniel, and he was captured. He wasn’t just traveling to Daniel and delayed. He was captured by aliens. He was captured by Satan’s people, and delayed from getting to Daniel. Michael had to go free him. OK?
So, this kind of opens up this whole world that everybody else shuts off in their mind to say it doesn’t exist. This is the one I deal with on a constant basis. You know, angels, and demons, and aliens, and wars, and fighting, and getting captured, and then having to go free the prisoners, this is the world I’ve been seeing for ages. I don’t know why they shut it off to the churches and say, “Oh, it doesn’t exists. Doesn’t exist. Don’t think about it.”
They want people to stay in some confined box so that they only know very, very little. And then they come out with these movies--Hollyweird for you—that actually detail things, and how they are. And people think it’s fiction. But that’s how they reveal a lot of truths is through movies and fiction format. That will always be the format they use; fiction. That way, those who are wise and know how they work can know what grass to chew, you know, you chew the grass and spit out the hay, where everybody else just brushes it off completely as a nice fictional story.
You know, we’ve had a space program since the 1950s. Where do you think Star Trek came out with the ideas? We already had space program and space fleet in place in the 50s. Nobody could believe any of that’s happening. It does happen. It is happening. There’s a huge part of reality, of our world that most people just don’t even know exists. They can’t even fathom it.
But, really, why is it the thing now with all these corporations to get involved with traveling to space? You know, they’re all hiring techs and engineers to build them; their own UFOs, and shuttles, and vehicles to where they can go into space. And you can actually pay money to get a ride into space. They’re all doing this in secret. And it’s not being regulated by the government, that I know of. You know, all these different corporations just doing it on their own. It’s like nobody has a corner on space, apparently.
But they want you to stay stupid about it. I always just laughed about the shuttle stuff, where they’d show the astronauts in space and the problems they have with gravity. [laughs] Really? Seriously? That was—that’s like so ancient and archaic. That’d be like 1930s stuff. They don’t have a problem with space with gravity on these ships. I mean, seriously. We wouldn’t have an entire space fleet if there was a huge problem. And everybody had to wear these bulky uniforms with oxygen tanks just to get around. Yeah, much more advanced than people can imagine.
And it’s not just above us, it’s below us, folks. We’ve got these subterranean tunnels underneath our country that submarines can navigate. You know, not just DUMBs and DUABs and things we talk about. There’s a lot weirder things. There’s actually water tunnels under Texas. So you can go from the Gulf all the way to the ocean, underneath. You could go underneath Texas in a submarine and go all the way underneath Texas, in a submarine.
New York City’s the same way. There’s a submarine tunnel entrance from Hudson River over to the U.N. Over by, I think that’s Long Island Sound. So you can just travel underneath Manhattan there. There’s entrances out in California; Zuma Beach off Malibu. Submarines can go from Pacific all the way to Vegas in underground water tunnels. That’s how big those bases are. And Vegas is nothing but a big desert out there, right?
If you look at the desert areas around the world, every desert area you see, at one point in time, preAdamic creation, used to be a huge angelic civilization area. Because when the Lord destroys something, He demolishes it. And they are buried in thousand miles of sand. But those used to be huge angelic civilizations in the deserts we see now, sprinkled around the world. And the sand, that’s the judgment. They’re buried under tons and tons of sand.
I talk about before, how before, the Lord recreated Earth, restored Earth. Because you can’t replenish something that wasn’t already created once before. It doesn’t say He created it, He replenished it, restored it. Because it was sitting here a dark rock. The Lord had judged it. It sat here empty for thousands of years. Why’d it sit empty? Why did He judge it? Because back in the day, back in the way day, Earth was one of the planets that was involved with Lucifer’s rebellion against the Father. And Earth was pummeled with hailstones of fire, just like all the planets were that were involved with Lucifer’s rebellion against the Father. And so, all those angelic civilizations on Earth at that time were completely destroyed.
Now, they had gone from righteous angels to fallen angels, at that point. And so, that’s why you’ll hear about Lemurians, and the Atlanteans. Those were all part of angels who sided with Lucifer and fell with Lucifer. They were part of Lucifer’s rebellion against the Father. You know, the Father didn’t judge Lucifer in a couple days or months, folks. He gave him thousands of years to repent. Thousands of years. And, eventually, His patience ran out, and His judgment came down on him. The Father never does anything without much, much patience. Drives us crazy, but He has much, much patience. More than we would have. [laughs]
But Earth’s, you know, it’s an ancient rock. It’s an ancient—it’s been here forev—it’s been here for thousands of years. That’s why you can’t have any kind of agreements between the creation crowd and the evolution crowd. Because, obviously, the evolutioners are just looking for an excuse not to have to believe in a God. So any theory would suffice. Because they’re Satanists and they’re not going to believe God created the earth or give Him credit. They want the credit to go to Lucifer. So if they have to believe garbage, and come up with garbage, that’s what they’ll do. They just want an excuse not to have to give credit to the Father, the real Creator.
Satan can’t create anything. All he can do is recreate what Father’s already created. He didn’t create any animals, he recreated—he hybridized, he crossbred. You think about that next time you eat pork. Why the Father hates it so much. Why it’s a huge abomination. You wanna know why? Because it’s a cross between a rat, a boar, and a human. Every time you eat a pig, you think of that. That’s why it’s a total abomination. Satan doesn’t create, he recreates.
So, anyway, I don’t know why I got stuck on that rabbit trail. [laughs] I wasn’t even able to get into the chat room until right when the show was starting. Anyway, I told people if they had a question for the show…to post it on my Facebook. Or if you’re in the chat room, and you have a question for the show, you can ask in the chat room. I’ll look through there. Facebook, I don’t even know if I can access it right now. Let me see if I can…
Uh, somebody wanted to know what’s up with the YouTube videos on YouTube talking about anointing sticks and whacking the zombies in their necks to kill them? [laughs] Uh, that’s a really dumb one. Anointing sticks? I already told you how to usually kill a zombie. I’d spray orgone water on them. I’ve been telling people fill up garbage cans, swimming pools with orgone water. You could fill up spray bottles and just spray that—because it’s anointed water, it’s blessed water. And you spray that on them and it’ll kill them. It’s like acid to them.
Makes me wonder what it would be like to walk up to one of these synthetic droids that are dominating our TVs now. All these news reporters, and politicians, and celebrities look like synthetic plastic dolls. Spray orgone water on them and see how they react. [laughs] We’re being invaded by the robotoids. They’re taking over all the television stations, replacing celebrities. When you look at a picture of Nicole Kidman, she looks like a synthetic. Robotoid. Obama’s got his synthetics. They all have their synthetics.
And, you know, there’s clones and there’s synthetics. And the problem with clones, and synthetics, well, synthetics have that plastic wax skin, that Barbie doll skin, and they’re basically just controlled by batteries. Clones…it’s really hard to clone a person and have them come out at the exact same age as the person. So whenever you see a clone of a person, they always look like they’re 20 or 30 years younger than the person they’re supposed to be mimicking. They look much, much younger. And they don’t last long. I’ve heard their longevity is like 2 to 3 years.
They always have a lot of problems with clones. But once they get your DNA, they can clone, and clone, and clone, and reclone, and reclone. They can just keep cloning you. And synthetics, it’s the Barbie doll skin, and then the skinny little Ken and Barbie shoulders. That’s what I was trying to tell you guys last year during—last time during the presidential debates. Because they weren’t even real humans. They had the whole Ken thing going on, the Barbie doll Ken droids arguing politics on national TV. And nobody could figure out they weren’t even real humans other than, “Why are they blinking so much?” I mean, come on, folks. My crowd knew. I’m always talking to my, you know, my choir. [laughs] Everybody else is getting it slow, but they’re catching up. They’re catching up.
People ask me what I think about this ISIS thing. You know, you’ve got a problem. The Antichrist comes—Revelation, chapter 13—and one of the first thing he does is he unites a 10-nation confederacy. Well, how does he do that? Well, look what he did. He creates this army called ISIS, which is funded by America and Israel. And you create a huge problem in Arabia with—unite—as a solution, 10 Arab nations unite against the problem, which is ISIS. So there you go. Problem-reaction-solution.
Now you’ve got 10 Arab nations uniting. Now you’ve got the nations uniting that the Antichrist comes out of and leads. So it’s already gonna be put together—remember it’s a 10-nation confederacy that reigns and rules for one hour. That means a very short time. That means they’re really not players in the international stage right now. But they unite and form together a 10-nation alliance. And then when the Antichrist rises, they become his chiefs, his nation, his confederacy. See. We’re all just seeing setting up. Setting up for the arrival of the Antichrist. Because he’s arriving.
Now, now that this fake moon is really fooling people, everybody think it’s a real moon, it’s really big, it looks like the moon, I’m starting to wonder, maybe it comes out on the days when the dinar is supposed to RV. Maybe there’s some kind of signaling going on with this, since it always comes up with the dinars. I don’t know.
I see that there’s some kind of an annulment. Some kind of revocation between this fake moon and the dinars. I don’t know what that’s about. Some kind of annulment, revocation. Maybe they stop playing the fake moon, now that we’re getting onto it. Or they try to disband the significance between the two; the parallel. But I think it makes perfect sense that if Lucifer’s gonna arrive to Earth, he’s gonna have his own false light. As above, so below. Everything, you know, as above, so below. That’s not just an occultic saying, it’s scripture. It’s very scriptural.
So he’ll have his fake moon in the sky, and he’ll be here on Earth ruling as the Antichrist. Of course, he’s not gonna tell you he’s the Antichrist. He’s coming as God, he’s coming as a world teacher. And, you know, when I try to tell people and warn you that, you know, do you really think Yahushua would come to set up a world economic program? That He would sit and chair a U.N. security council? I mean, seriously. So, just remember, Satan comes first. So don't get deceived by the grandiosness and the stuff they’re gonna pull off to look like heavenly angelic beings. Because it’s Satan. He comes first.
When the Son of God comes back, He’s coming back at the war of Armageddon. He’s going to destroy His enemies. He’s not coming back to rebuild Earth’s economic programs and politics. Coming back to destroy. He already came the first time as the Savior. The next time, He comes in wrath and judgment. And that’s a ways down the road. Because Satan gotta arrive first. And that’s basically what we’re doing. Just waiting for his arrival.
And I see stuff going on in Ethiopia. And no doubt that they’ve had a history. I remember back in the 70s, they Photoshopped some picture of Maitreya, who was supposed to be walking amongst the people and talking to them in Ethopia or Kenya, wherever it was. In Nairobi maybe. And you could tell the picture was Photoshopped. And that’s where they wanted to pull out the Ark of the Covenant and say, “Oh, look, we have the Ark of the Covenant.” They wanna try to claim like that have some kind of legitimacy. So when Sananda comes playing Jesus, he’ll say, “Oh, look, this is the Ark of the Covenant and we’re gonna take it to Jerusalem and build a new temple,” you know.
They’re gonna pull out all the stops. All the deceptions they can think—look how elaborate this one is. Who would’ve thought that they would just build a huge fake moon in the sky. I mean, we see their ships all the time. People just think they’re stars. They can’t even grab that idea, that concept, that most of our stars are just starships.
Now we’ve got a fake moon in our midst. That’s pretty elaborate. That’s probably one of the best ones yet they’ve come up with, because that got me for six months. I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t know what was going on with the moon. Haha! Why it was so erratic. Why it was so crazy. And that’s because they keep the fake one in the east and the real one in the west. And every once in a while they’ll hide one so everybody sees just one. And we’ll see the real one, you know, with craters and stuff on it.
Hmm. I’m sure everybody will start coming out with radio shows and becoming experts on this in just a couple of weeks. [laughs] Expound on what I’ve already exposed. Typically happens. Take my info and run with it. But I’m not a scientist and…but I am an analyst. And that’s what I do is I analyze, so. I could be a little better. I know this.
My head wasn’t even in this stuff. I mean, I’m thinking about, you know, um, everybody wants to hear about heaven and hell, and they want me to do a show and talk about heaven and hell, what it’s like there and what I’ve seen. You know, I started a little bit of it last week, and I was gonna do it this week, and I’m like, no, I gotta talk about this fake moon stuff. Because I never know when they’re gonna blow up my house again. [laughs] And you know they wanna blow up my house. They’re always planning something.
And so, when the Father puts something on my mind that He wants me to get out there, I have to get that out there, you know. I have to…I have to get that out there. I don’t know if I’ll have computer access or a computer, or a house, by the next week. You know, if you looked outside, they’re surrounding all the time, so. I don’t take it for granted. I don’t worry about them either, you know. They wanna come here, I’m gonna be pointing all my pipes at them. They’re more than welcome to come here, and sit above the portal I have here, and get blasted with Yah’s holy breath. I’ve got 12 pipes around a huge pipe blaster in the front yard. Whole portal area ready.
Anyway, folks, still need your contributions towards our orgone missions we’re involved with right now. I’ve got Project Texas I’m working on. And I’ve Phase 2 of the 1500-mile mission I’m working on. And I’m about halfway through both of those. I still have a ways to go. I need more 1-inch crystals. I know people are already screaming, “I sent you a box of crystals.” [laughs] I go through a lot of crystals. I make a lot of orgone.
When I say we’re in a war, we’re in a war. When I say I’m going on a mission, I’m going on a mission. I take a lot of ammo with me. And it, unfortunately, takes tons of supplies. So, I could use 1-inch crytals and contributions for resin so I can get the fiberglass resin we need. I’ve already gone through about 50 gallons. That’s just a ton of resin. And that’s just getting me halfway through now, so. I need more. Always need more. So I need your help. And you can send all donations and contributions to Sherry Shriner, P.O. Box 531, Carrollton, OH 44615.
I need to be on the road before everything starts freezing in the north, because I need to be getting stuff done. I know they’re not real worried [audio cuts out]. We are on a schedule with that as well. And so, I kind of have to stick to these schedules we’re on. So we need to make these deadlines.
Anyway, folks, I’ll be back next week. Maybe we’ll pick up where we’ve left off with—between this week and last week. I don’t know what Dad’s gonna have me talking about.
But until then, folks. Yah bless.


I need your help folks!!