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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
February 2, 2015
And hello, everybody. Welcome to the show. I’m Sherry Shriner. A couple things I wanna talk about tonight. My mind is kind of really scattered at the moment. I hate it when I stumble on something just before the show, and then I’m—my mind’s racing in a million directions. Especially when something hits is true. And so, kind of puts the pieces of the puzzle together for me. As I dig and analyze through Bible Codes for over a decade now. And sometimes just trying to piece what you see together is—just takes a lot of research and analysis.
And so, it’s interesting when you see things fall together that you’ve just kind of left hanging for years. Because one of the biggest things I’ve never quite grasped was these eclipses that the earth has with the sun and the moon. Now, you sit there and you look at it, and you think, “How can that be Earth’s shadow?” Now, I’m no scientist. I’m no astronomer. I’ve never bought into it. And so, haha, I’m wondering if this black moon thing that I just stumbled on is a big reason for that.
Because in astrology, which I’ve never paid much attention to, because it’s witchcraft and evil, and not something we’re to go near as Christians and believers in the Lord. But we’re surrounded by it. And, you know, basically under rule by it. Because all these occultists that dominate our government and societies are all under astrology. And so, either way, they have this thing called the Black Moon Lilith. And somebody sent me information, because they were sending me their interpretation on some of the occult rituals yesterday at the Super Bowl halftime. And I’m thinking, the Black Moon Lilith. I’ve never heard of it, but it makes total sense to me.
It rings of truth, maybe not these people’s interpretation of it. But we’ve heard of the earth’s dark twin. We’ve seen the Black Cube coming in from behind the sun. There has always existed a dark planet between the earth and the sun. They call that the Dwarf. I think they call it the Dwarf Planet. Not the Brown Dwarf. There is a dark one. And, you know, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the one that crosses in front of the moon and the sun that we see and we call eclipses, and they go on and on how it’s the earth’s shadow. Ha! That just never rang, to me, as true. And I’ll just bet it’s this black moon. And they call it Lilith’s Black Moon. BML, Black Moon Lilith.
And I’m going to have to do more research on this this week, because it just makes so much sense to me. Especially when you spend so much time in Hebrew Codes, and the Father just has meticulously laid out these Codes in the Hebrew Torah. And, you know, trying to decipher His artwork and His fingerwork in these can sometimes be really difficult. But He gave me a key to them a long time ago. And understanding them and learning them is part of the anointing that I have.
And so, I’m gonna start looking more into this because certainly the term black is something that comes up a lot. And—lately. Because it’s—we have the black horseman of the apocalypse, which represents inflation, famine, things like that. And since it affects the economy, probably crashing economies with this black horse arrival. And certainly one of the songs Katy Perry was singing. And everybody saw that one coming, because they’ve been promoting this dark horse for a while now.
And she’s an industry artist. There’s artists in the industry, and then there’s industry artists. Industry artists simply sing what they’re told to sing. They’re sellouts to Satan and they sing what they’re told to sing. And that’s Katy Perry. She’s just a pawn. She has sold her soul to the devil. And she’s—so she’s an industry artist. And so, been promoting and championing the cause of the coming of the arrival of the dark horse, the black horse. And people could question which horse she’s talking about, because, apparently, other than the black horseman of the apocalypse, there is the Night Mare, which is a night horse, mare as being horse, who causes nightmares. And this dark horse of the night is Lilith. So I think that was interesting.
And I think I said, a long time ago, that I believe that this Maitreya that was coming was actually just one of her kids. I can’t remember what I said about that. I’d have to go back and check my own transcribes. [laughs] Boy, I say things over the years and I just--sometimes I have to go back and check myself. Because I learn things and then I forget them faster than I learn them. I’ve probably forgotten more things that most people will ever learn. But if I don’t say something over, and over, and over enough, I tend to forget it and not remember it.
And there’s a lot of things that I’ll say, and then just never say it again because I’d just as soon sweep it under a rug. Most people aren’t ready to hear it, kind of thing. Haha! It’s almost like, “OK, made me say it. Now I’m never saying it again.” [laughs] And I do feel this way a lot when the Lord tells me things. Because, you know, when you reveal truths, the backlash is always huge. You know, the more truth you reveal, the larger and bigger the backlash always gets, and you just get tired of it. There’s usually only a handful of people that ever grab and recognize truths when they hear it.
And so, I tend to play that game a lot. But then the Lord will just bring it back later and I’ll be mentioning it more and more as He wants me to. Because I mention whatever He wants me to. Sometimes not joyfully. [laughs] But I do. I do what I’m asked to do. And, eventually, it all comes back. It’s almost like a full circle. And that’s how truth is, because truth sticks. And you don’t have to defend it, it sticks. And it always comes back.
So as I look over this stuff, the dark horse arrival, because—you know, what I’m looking at now all the time in the Bible Codes, of course, is January is just typically a hot month for where they’re always trying to attack me here. And that never ceases to go—that never ceases. It never goes away, really. But Lilith is very…very strong and dominant in the night skies. I’ve tried to describe her trawler. She has this huge spaceship that she flies around in a pattern. One of those—if you’ve ever played the arcade game, Galaga. One of those Galaga shooter planes. That’s what it looks like. So, she’s always around here.
And, of course, we also have Maitreya. And I like this Super Bowl article. I thought I posted it. I think I already posted it on my Facebook last week. And then somebody else reposted it. About how the Super Bowl is always used as rituals. And what it does is it affects things that—events that will happen, that are coming up. But not necessarily just for this country, but events in the Middle East. And it was talking about how the last Super Bowl—how that—all the rituals from the last Super Bowl were used to bring about events that happened in the Middle East during the year.
And so, that’s exactly what I think this Katy Perry Super Bowl thing was yesterday, their rituals, was to bring about events to happen in the Middle East, because, you know, they’re expecting the arrival of Maitreya. And he’s going to be the 12th imam. It’s the Iranians that preach these prophecies of Maitreya, while everybody else—the Sunnis and the Shiites—all—they hate the Iranians. And, you know, they’re all pretty much divided in the Middle East based on their factions within Islam.
But it’s the Iranians you have to watch, because they’re the ones that are correct. Now I’m gonna have all these millions of Shiites and Sunnis—but they all hate me anyway, doesn’t matter. What’s interesting is that, you know, they have been the ones touting that the 12th imam would arrive. And he would arrive during the time of prayers, which is three times a day, pick your time. And—I think it was the morning prayers, which would be about dawn. Which is interesting, because that’s a dominant time in the Codes all the time; dawn.
And he would have an army, a black flag army. And this black flag army is supposed to arise out of Yemen. Now, Yemen is the territory of that King Abdullah who just died. And I believe he was Sunni, uh, believe he was Sunni. There are Shiites in the area. Because Shiites are kind of spread out, but they’re way outnumbered by the Sunnis. And the Sunnis have always been the dominant ones in the Middle East.
Well, the Sunnis…hate to say it—well, not really, because they’re all, you know, all irrelevant to us, but they’re gonna be irrelevant. Because it’s these Iranian prophecies of the imam that are going to come true. And so, that kind of puts the other Arab factions in a—it’s gonna be in a war with Iran.
Because everybody’s always wanting to be the right ones, just like, you know, religions in America. All the Protestants fight over who’s right, which church is right. The Catholics fight against Protestants. Protestants spend more time fighting amongst each other. Everyone’s always fighting about who’s right. Instead of just going to the Father direct. Then He would just lead you out of religion and have you sit at His feet and teach you the truth. Haha!
But all these religions, Satan uses to divide and conquer. And, anyway, what I find interesting about this ISIS army, this, you know, thing, well, it was started by Israel. Don’t try to make sense of anything they do. Because, you know, you have this New World Order faction run by the Reptilians, which King Abdullah was a part of, because he was in the queen’s back pocket. And she’s Queen Lizard. America was always run and dominated by the Reptilians.
But then we had this new breed introduced with Obama. Because he wasn’t a Reptilian, he’s a android. Is it the Reptilians pulling the strings of the puppet we call Obama the president? Who’s pulling the strings? Is it the Reptilians? Because he spends a lot of his time fighting against the Reptilians, see. I’ve always told you, even back when he was elected president he wasn’t human. And you go even further, and he’s part of the alien agenda. He’s always been a part of the alien agenda. He’s always had agreements with these coming beasts, pale horseman and the black horse, which is Maitreya and Sananda and this whole alien New Age agenda.
And they’ve just been bidding their time. And I remember my friend in D.C. telling me, back in 2012, that none of this stuff would start happening until 2015 to 2017. And I told him he was flat out crazy. Because back in 2012, we were waiting for the sky to fall, and the pit to open, and action to actually start. And, of course, nothing’s happened but delays. So, he was right. He was right. 2015 to 2017.
And, of course, all these times have already been preset. Because he told me, back in 2012, so they’ve always known. They’re following a timetable script and they’re on schedule. And so, all these delays—you know, you feel like you’ve just been in one delay after the next since 2012. That’s just because the clock was rolling, the script had to be implemented, things had to happen on the script, events put in place, everything—all the dice set up in order so that things could commence in 2015.
Anyway, what was I saying about Yemen is that this ISIS army—because it’s too familiar with the black flag army that’s coming out of Yemen. And what’s interesting is 50,000 of them are just shipped to the United States. 50,000 of these Shiites, I guess you could call. Maybe they’re the ones who become this Maitreya’s army. We know it comes out of Yemen, according to their own prophecies. And he’s the leader of this black flag army. And he’s Iran’s 12th imam. So, they’re all connected. They’re connected.
The rest of Arabia’s probably just going to go into civil war over the whole thing. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Because when Maitreya arrives, this 12th imam, he builds a coalition of ten nations to rule with him for one hour; one hour is a short space of time. And they just come to power, it’s not like they’ve been superpowers at that point. They’re never a superpower amongst themselves, but with him, they become a mighty federation. The ten crowns of the Antichrist, ten kings that were with him.
And so, very interesting that this whole—you know, I’ve always said it would be Islam. It would be in the nations surrounding the Middle East. Christianity was going off on rabbit trails. “Oh, it’s going to be Prince William.” “It’s gonna be the EU [European Union] nations.” When that got to be above 13, they had to start backtracking. They’re always chasing Europe, and Prince William, and blah, blah, blah, blah. [laughs]
I’ve always [inaudible] sleep when I hear that stuff. Because it’s clearly this, uh, not a re—just a newer form of a religion that’s going to make everybody mad. I mean, it’s gonna make the Muslims mad. It’s gonna make the Christians mad. It’s just a one-world global religion that’s just going to be a global annoyance, and make everybody mad. And so, what they’re gonna do is eliminate all that and just start their own angelic blah-blah stuff on earth. This fake utopian earth.
They’ve been trying to get you ready with Chrislam. And, you know, that’s the very thing that--something like that that would annoy both religions. Because a lot of Arabs—there’s probably 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, and over three-fourths of them will have to eat it. They’re gonna have to eat straw that their prophecies are wrong and they have to accept the Iranians’, and it’s gonna make them very angry. [laughs] And then this fake Jesus arrives, the pale horse, and he’s promoting Islam. I mean, it’s going to be a mess. Truly, truly a huge mess.
If you look at the android Obama, when he came to office, people thought he was a Christian, and they thought he supported Israel. And then, somewhere, abruptly, people catch on he’s really a Muslim and he supports Islam. And then you look at his past records, and he was funded by the Russians, tied to the Russians, kind of like a Russian agent. And so, he’s kind of a blend of everything. Doesn’t have his one foot in anything. He kind of has it in everything.
And that’s how these coming beasts are gonna be. The same way. That’s why there’s no method—no sense of logic to the madness. Because they promote everything at once. I don’t even know how else to explain it. It’s just madness. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. “Oh, we’re supporters of this today, and then tomorrow we’ll be supporters of something else.” That’s how they are. Watching the many faces that Obama has had over the last eight years will give you a good indication of the madness that’s coming.
So, we have the dark horse arrival. Katy Perry [at the Super Bowl] singing are you ready? He’s coming. And what have I been warning of, and everybody else, that there’s blood moons in April. And those little orbs of light on the football field making formations of the eye. At one point, almost symbolizing Easter eggs. I think they’re signaling that this—well, she was on the tiger, coming in and singing Eye of the Tiger. Maybe this was a symbolic reference to Eastertime. Which fits into a time schedule that certainly has been dominant over the years. A Passover, Eastertime arrival.
But I don’t think it’s going to be Sananda. It’s going to be this Muslim, Maitreya. And so—well, they’re both Muslim. Wait till Jesus arrives and he’s Muslim. People are gonna be floored. And it’s not the real Jesus, folks, it the fake one; Sananda. But either way, I would be looking to the Middle East. I would be looking over there for all this Islamic brouhaha stuff to start up with their arrival of their 12th imam. I think there’s gonna be action over there. Seem to be indicating so in their own Super Bowl rituals.
I like reading comments of people’s videos that were interpreting the rituals of yesterday. And one person broke it down. The different scenes that were taking place. And they said they were representing the arrival of the whore of Babylon, then the opening up of the bottomless pit, the arrival of the Antichrist, and the false New Age notion of a worldwide utopia. Which is pretty much what the New Age has been harping on for years that this NESARA, this new economic program, would lead to.
And they’re trying to implement a kingdom of heaven on earth. And all the New Age blah-blah that nobody can ever stomach more than five seconds in a row. Because everybody knows a fly has a thinking brain. But they use this concept of a utopia on earth to appeal to people’s greed, and get their foot in the doorway. People might say, “Well, wanting utopia on earth doesn’t have to deal with greed. It’s a spiritual thing.”
But I sense it is, because you can’t—there’s nothing apart—that we could have spiritually apart from the Father. And The Most High God, the Father, and Yahushua, have no part of this New Age agenda. It’s Satan’s. There can be no happiness, no peace, with evil. It doesn’t coexist. It’s impossible to coexist.
Have you ever seen a happy Satanist? They might be wealthy, they might be very rich. You think they have everything in the world at their feet. They’re not happy. None of them. Because there’s always a price to pay. They have the guilt of their association with Lucifer that they deal with. They have the guilt of death and morality. They’re going to die, they’re going to go to hell. They have the harassment and stalking of demons on them all the time. Hearing voices, being harassed. They drink alcohol to drown out the voices. They become alcoholics and drug addicts.
There’s no happiness with them. There’s no peace. And so, how can they say that, oh, they’re going to bring peace on mankind, they’re gonna wipe out debt, give everybody money, and level the playing field, so there’s no more rich and poor, everybody’s rich? I mean, really? Now, that appeals to the greed. And that’s how they get their foot in the door.
The whore of Babylon. What I think is interesting is a woman rides the beast as spoken of in Revelation 17. The whore of Babylon, apostate religion. Any kind of apostasy is like a spiritual term, and the Lord calls it prostitution or whoredoms. It’s always in reference to the spiritual part of apostasy. And I find it funny that the Satanists would take it literal and have a woman riding a beast. Literally riding the back of a beast, as represented by Katy Perry on that lion, which I thought looked like a horse.
I think I was the only one [laughs] that must’ve thought it was a horse. I did not look at that thing and think it was a lion. I’m thinking, “Oh, there’s a Trojan horse.” Yeah, that sounds more like it. The big lie of the New Age coming in the door. Because the whole stadium was resembling the UFO thing. And here it ends up being a lion. It’s like, “Oh, OK. A lion.” [laughs] I was thinking more of a Trojan horse was more fitting.
Because the whole agenda is a lie, and here it comes walking in the door with Lilith on its back. I’m surprised she didn’t dye her hair red. Because, typically, people who see Lilith will say she has red hair. She likes red hair. She can change her color of her hair by thought. But that’s why you’ll see a lot of people, celebrities and stuff, they’ll dye their hair red. Because they wanna look like their buddy, Lilith.
But they’re revealing things that they have planned coming. The same things we’ve been yelling about. Bottomless pit opening up. Of course, that’ll happen when Sananda comes. The pale horseman. Death and Hell come with him. Arrival of the Antichrist. The false New Age. I mean, we’ve just—I’ve talked about these things for years. And also, the main message the Father’s given me the last three years is the Locusts. The Locust invasion, the Giant invasion.
What I found interesting—someone was asking, “Well, what’s the significance of having the Patriots and the Seahawks in the Super Bowl?” And someone sent an explanation of what they thought the reference is for the Patriots and the Seahawks were. But what I thought was interesting, what struck my mind, was that, you know, constantly in the Codes, it refers to our orgone war against Satan and his strongholds. And you have to understand that in the Bible Codes, the Father shows me the spiritual wars that are taking place.
I don’t necessarily always see, “Oh, there’s gonna be a bomb in this building,” “There’s gonna be a bomb in that building.” Sometimes it’ll come up. But, typically, I don’t expect to see faction events in the Codes. Typically, what dominates them, that He shows me, is behind the scenes. The spiritual wars that are taking place. And who the players are, and all that kind of—what’s going on. And so, that’s how I know our orgone war is so effective. Because it dominates the Bible Codes.
You see all these meteors, all these UFOs crashing everywhere, starships burning out of the skies. It’s the orgone that’s defeating them. So one of the things that I see all the time is that—how they’re being cheated and robbed. OK? They had Plan A a long time ago, where they were going to descend from heaven as the—an angelic host, a choir. They were gonna have a big announcement, some kind of big, huge microphone announcing their arrival. And, you know, there’s all this stuff. Looking like a heavenly—that’s how Sananda wanted to arrive to earth.
He wanted to arrive to earth like you would expect Jesus, the Son of God, to arrive. Only they have it all wrong. Because He doesn’t arrive that way, He arrives on a horse at the battle of Armageddon. But they just wanna make something up as they go along, and make Sananda look like he’s a heavenly angelic being descending down to earth.
Well, the orgone has saturated the air to the point where it’s burning them, it sets them on fire, they can’t breathe. Asphyxia is dominant. Scabies is dominant. Rabies. Different things that it does to them is dominant. And so, I often see the terms cheated and robbed in the Codes, because we’ve robbed them of being able to utilize their huge plans of coming in as angelic beings. They’ve been cheated and they’re very angry.
And so, what I thought was funny was right before the Super Bowl, the Patriots get accused of cheating. Anyone who’s familiar with Deflate-Gate now, where they said they were taking the air out of their footballs, I just thought that was, you know, look at the correlation. You’ve got the Patriots being accused of cheating, and at the same time in the Bible Codes, you have the Orgone Warriors, a branch of the Lord’s believers and warriors, cheating and robbing this entire alien faction trying to come to earth as Ascended Masters. Crashing their ships, crashing their UFOs. So, I like the correlation. I thought that was kind of amusing.
And then, here comes the dark horse. Everybody prepare, here comes the dark horse. And we’re already looking at Easter with the blood moons. And there’s another one September 28, which I always thought was interesting, because I’ve always thought that Sananda would arrive September. Around September 11. And I’ve always said Maitreya would arrive before him, several months before him. So if he comes in April around Easter, he’s here for several months before the pale horseman that arrives.
And that ties in, believe it or not, to harvest time, because…I remember when I wrote that article, The Day of the Lord. The Day of the Lord begins somewhere around September/October. Because the harvest is never harvested. The food is left in the fields. It’s already planted, the crops are already growing, they’re ready to be harvested, and there’s no harvest, they’re left in the field. That’s one of the descriptions of the day of the Lord, is the harvest is ready and doesn’t get harvested. So you’re looking at the months September/October. It kind of ties it in.
So it’s looking like a promising year. The Lord did say this would be the year of sorrow. And we’re just waiting for things to commence. It almost feels like the quiet before the nuke bomb goes off. The calm before the storm. The quiet before the chaos begins.
Another thing the Lord’s been pointing out to me is the death squads being unleashed. I think I posted someone’s article about Obama having death squads. I don’t usually post something with a big red flag and say, “Hey, look what the Lord just told me about death squads.” I just find what’s already written out there and just post it. Bring it to people’s awareness. Because they’re gonna use death squads. They’ve been using them for a long time. This is not new. The fact that it becomes more bold and in our face probably will be, probably will be new. Because they’re going to become a lot more emboldened. Because before martial law, their goal was always to round up the bigmouths. And…they’re the biggest threats.
And so, I certainly think that, you know, these death squads and, you know, I’ve been dealing with them for years. The Lord will protect whom He protects. So it doesn’t matter how many death squads they send with someone the Lord’s protecting, they’re not gonna be able to hurt them. It would behoove patriots with big mouths to want to seek the Lord’s protection. You know, I can’t imagine, having started this war, going directly after Satan just to make him mad, over ten years ago, without first having the Lord’s protection and blessing in doing so.
Some of these people, these patriots with the big mouths, that have died, yeah, they did a good thing, they stood up against evil. But they didn’t have the Lord’s protection to do so. Now, I don’t know if they were Christians or not. I can’t tell you if they were or not. But I highly doubt it. I just don’t think that the Lord would allow—when He stands somebody up, He protects them. And so, sometimes people stand themselves up. And then they just die as martyrs. Other times it’s just people who don’t even believe in the Lord.
A lot of patriots don’t believe in the Lord, but they’re bigmouths. They need to get off the fence, and get over their stubbornness, and just believe in the Lord and accept Him. It really baffles me how some people are just so defiant. They don’t want a Savior, they don’t wanna worship Yahushua as Savior, they reject God. It just baffles me. Maybe it’s because I deal with the dark side so much that—they all believe in God. They know He exists. They’re just very confident in the fact that they think they can beat Him. Yeah, it’s stupidity, but they acknowledge the fact that a true God exists, a Creator. And they just acknowledge Lucifer as well. And they’re on Lucifer’s side. Children of Cain.
So Katy Perry’s yelling the world—preparing the world for the coming world leader. Is she announcing that Lilith is gonna arrive? Lilith can’t operate in this realm. She cannot—and when she tries to operate in this realm, she is just a demon, she is a demon body. And so, unless she gets a human’s body and comes in a—well, that’s the only way the others are coming either. Yeah. Because I’ve said before, she’s coming. She’s coming as part of the Ashtar Command.
It’s interesting they’re announcing this—they take it literal, the whore of Babylon as Lilith. This whole Black Moon Lilith thing has me curious. I bet you that is her moon. I know Shema is. Shema’s Maitreya’s moon, but Lilith is associated with it because she’s always coming from there. I mean, her trawler, her ships at night, they always come from Shema. Even though Shema’s on fire.
That must be huge there. It’s a divided place. It’s in two different parts. And one part’s on fire. Eventually, it’s going to fall and crash to earth. But I know that’s one of her strongholds. It’s a temple of Satan’s. They have a pure gold temple of Satan’s on Shema. And then this Black Moon Lilith. Lilith’s black moon. That’s interesting we know. The black moon. I’m gonna find out—have to see what else I can find out about that one. Because it ties into Lilith. And if you’re one of these church people that still doesn’t believe Lilith exists, dig your head out of the sand.
So April’s looking to be interesting. We took the Hoover Dam thing away from them. So people that are wondering why they didn’t blow up the Hoover Dam, it’s because we took it away. We saturated the place with orgone. And if they had come through the portal at the Hoover, it would’ve fried them all. [laughs] And we did that—a Warrior went and did that last summer. Well, no, it was in September when we had one push, one last hoorah, to get ready and get stuff done. One last month. And I was telling people, “Get stuff done. Let’s get it done now.” September and October.
They wanted to blow up the Hoover Dam as the birthing ritual. And come through a portal above that area, because that’s all part of some parallel line. Probably the 33rd through there. It’s part of something in through there. And we took it away. So, the patriots cheating and robbing them, yet again, of one of their planned events. This is why they hate the Orgone Warriors so much. And why we’re so effective. So the Hoover’s out.
They could’ve just blown up Phoenix. I never really saw that one coming. But they could’ve as a fire ritual. And they still could. It’s always been a plan of theirs. Because out of the fire, out of the chaos, out of the ashes, would arise their new agenda. They could still pull that one out of their hat. I think if they were going to, they would’ve done it yesterday, when the world’s focus was on Phoenix. I think they would’ve done it, if they were going to.
Maybe it was because—well, let’s not get all loyalist, because they’re not loyal to their own people. I was gonna say maybe it’s because all of their little elite people were in Phoenix. A bunch of Satanists. All the celebrities were there. The Illuminati were there. It’s not like they would care. They would just blow it up anyway. [laughs] Satan doesn’t care. He doesn’t have favorites. He tells them he does, he acts like he does, but he doesn’t care about any of them.
So nothing’s changed. We’re just rolling along. There’s nothing, anything really new going on. We’re just kind of rolling along with time. Waiting for something to happen. Now, on the global scene, all you’re seeing is positioning. The BRICS alliance getting stronger and more built up. Putting everybody else, this whole dollar alliance, this whole New World Order faction on the run. And I’ll tell you what I saw years ago. And I even listed it in the Bible Codes. Because I haven’t posted a Code on my hiddencode site in years. I thought that one was interesting about, uh, and I said, it’s not Prince William you need to be watching, it’s Prince Harry. Because Prince William won’t be the leader, it will be Harry.
The reason being, because when the whole Reptilian faction goes down, and Lilith’s Grey faction rises, which could be a reason they’re signifying her. Because she’s the mother of all these Asian almond-eyed races, whether they’re human or alien. Because if you look at aliens, there’s, like, 50-some-odd races of almond-eyed type factions. Those are her kids. And when you look on the earth, there’s over two billion Asians. Those are her kids as well. Her faction is the tall Greys. Those are part of her kids.
She is aligned with this, what they call the Galactic Federation, the Ashtar Command, the Ashtar Council. They are all tall Greys, theorhetically. Without their human bodies on, they are tall Greys. The tall Greys are going to dominate the earth. And who do the tall Greys, even in UFOlogy now, uh, they’ll tell you that the tall Greys dominate and control the small Greys. That when the small Greys come to earth, people have seen small Greys, aliens, four-foot-tall, five-foot-tall, and they abduct humans, and they take them off for breeding experiments, and all this other stuff. And it’s always been the tall Greys that have been in the background, leading and controlling the small Greys in what to do.
Well, ta-da, here we come toward the end of the age, and you have the tall Greys in the background dominating the Asian races here on earth, which would symbolize the small Greys. Well, there’s no room for the Reptilians now. There’s kind of two factions fighting and dominating for control. And so, the tall Grey faction’s eventually gonna win. They’re sending the Reptilians on the run.
And the Reptilians are the ones dominating the Western governments. Well, the queen’s part of this Reptilian hierarchy in the Western governments that rule, she’ll be chased out of there. And I said this years ago. She’ll be chased out of there. And that’s why she bought that land and built that huge base under the Denver International Airport. They’re also looking for other places to run to.
If you wanna believe some of the gibberish that’s going out there, they’re trying to take over Ukraine. So these false Khazar Jews and this Nazi faction of the New World Order has a country they can run to, live at. They’re being chased out of America, this whole Rothschild and Rockefeller network. And it will include the queen. They’ll all be chased out of power. And William is part of this Reptilian faction. He’s part of the queen and the whole Reptilian thing. Harry never was. Harry joined the Japanese faction years ago. He’s part of this alien agenda that’s coming out. And so, he will be the one that becomes—out of that family—the leader. I’m not saying that family, that Royal Family’s gonna stay in power in Europe, because they’re eventually just gonna be obsolete. They’re gonna be irrelevant. Europe’s gonna be irrelevant.
When push comes to shove, and we start to see last-days prophecies hitting the fan, the power players are not gonna be the Western nations in any way, shape, or form. America’s going to be under destruction. First, it’s going to be martial law. Then, it’s going to be just nuclear destruction. The earth will—the Father will destroy America. He destroys Babylon by fire.
Europe will, most likely, uh, the eastern chunk of it will be under—or, the western chunk would be under water, if an asteroid hits the Atlantic. Which is another thing they were fearing. Which is why they wanted to go inland and go to the Ukraine. Because, you know, you’ve got the asteroid of Revelation 8. You’ve got a lamp, and you’ve got a comet, and a asteroid. One of them’s gonna hit the Atlantic. They’re pretty banking on it. I think one of them’s gonna hit over there in the Pacific Ocean by Indonesia. And then one of them’s gonna hit in the Atlantic.
And then something’s gonna hit in the Great Lakes. I’m not sure what’s gonna hit in the Great Lakes. I’m thinking it’s Shema. Shema might not qualify to be the comet that hits. But it might be. But, either way, I don’t think it’s gonna hit the Atlantic, but they do. Because it would sink New York City. If an asteroid hit the Atlantic Ocean, New York City would go under water. And the Bible says that the great city that reigneth over the world, this Babylon, which is also not just a city, but also a nation, is burned by fire, not flooded by water. We all know it’s Manhattan. We all know it’s United Nations building. And it’s burned by fire, it’s not drowned by water.
But let them think, you know, that they’re gonna sink. Let them run somewhere. Get them out of our hair, right? Either way, they’re gonna lose power. And the whole Reptilian faction’s going to be on the run. Just bidding time right now, fighting it. Because this alien agenda is going to arise. And it’s dominated by Lilith. Not that’s she’s gonna be the dominating force, but she’s the queen, certainly the mother, of most of them.
In the front will be Maitreya and Sananda. And they’ll have the Ashtar Command with them. They’ll have a council. Leading also the council on earth. Because they take control over all nations, tongues, and countries. Which would be the U.N. They take control of the United Nations, so to speak. So, whether it’s in New York or in Belgium--where they wanna move it is in Belgium, Brussels—or whether it stays in New York, they will be in control. That’s pretty much the known world, at that time, when they arrive, so. Yeah, Western nations pretty much losing any kind of power or influence by the time Bible prophecy really begins to happen.
Anyway, folks, I’m being told I have 90 seconds left. Time goes quick. Still need your support to pay bills, keep this war going. I know it’s cold. And I’m delayed on getting orgone orders out. That’s because it’s so cold. I’m in blizzard [audio cuts out] ice now, so give me some time on that, patience with that. Anyway, I’ll be back next week, folks. Same time, same place. Yah bless.


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