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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
July 13, 2015
And hello, everybody.  Welcome to the show.  I’m Sherry Shriner.  A couple things I wanna talk about tonight.  Just being some technical difficulties going on.  I know Blog Talk Radio switched over to a hi-fi format.  So, it should sound a lot better.  I don’t notice.  You guys will have to let me know.
I was looking outside a couple days ago.  I actually got—was driving into town and noticed stars in the west.  And so I had to laugh.  A couple weeks ago, they were making a big bruha about how they were trying to recreate, I guess you could say—they’re just saying that the alignment of--what was it--Venus and Jupiter—and it was gonna mimic the star of Bethlehem and all this stuff.  And, folks, I’ve been telling you forever, that star in the west is not Venus.
And I have described Enoch—Enoch’s description of a star, a planet that the Father had created in the north and west.  And if he’s sitting in the Middle East, his north and west is typically gonna be the same north and west as if we’re sitting in Europe or America.  And he described a place where the fathers would go.  In other words, the early followers of Yahushua, when they died, they would go to this place, this planet, this heaven, this home that was created in the northwest from where Enoch was sitting at the time when he wrote it.
And I first noticed this planet back in 2008.  Probably been there much longer.  I think even then, in 2008, I got it wrong, for the most part.  I went along with, “Oh, that’s Venus,” or something.  The north star, Venus.  And went along with the status quo.  And would learn, several years later, that was not Venus, that was the heavenly planet that Enoch wrote about in hisbook.  And so, I started calling it Enoch’s Planet.  Because I told people that was the heaven the Father created for the early patriarchs.  They wouldn’t know what you were talking about.  They would think you were crazy.  Because the KJV version took the book of Enoch out. 
The original KJV version, what they call the Ethiopian version, has the books of Enoch in it.  But when King James, led by the Masons, hired Shakespeare to rewrite what we call the KJV version, they left valuable books out.  They left out Jasher, Jubilees, Enoch, the Maccabees; these books that had long been embraced by our early church fathers.  They’re even referred to in the New Testament.  Enoch was referred to as the greate—uh, the man who walked with God.  He was known as the greatest—one of the greatest men on earth.  The man who had walked with God.
Yahushua, himself, and the apostles refer to Jubilees and Jasher; those books.  And they were not included in the KJV version.  Why not?  Why were they left out when they were referred to, directly, by our own church fathers, our own Savior, even Himself.  And so, you really have to go out of the box of conditioning that the church wants to put you in, and say, “Look, these are the 66 books, and these are the only ones that we accepted as legitimate.”  Really?  [laughs]  Who appointed them?  Who appointed them?
You know, I often hear from people—and, you know, they’ll die for the Bible.  And that’s all good.  That’s, you know, that’s just being loyal and loving to the Father and stuff.  But, folks, there’s so much information that has been kept away from us. And you have to realize that King James was not a Christian.  And so, why would we have a pagan, someone whose loyalty was to Lucifer, why would we let him stand up and become the end all, speak all, and authoritarian over what we would later adopt as the Bible?  Why would we let pagans?  They don’t worship the Father.  In fact, they were very steeped in secret society worship just as they are today.  It would be like allowing George Bush to rewrite the Bible for all Christians, and then embrace it.
Now, the message of God is in the Bible.  Don’t get me wrong.  You know, the books that are there, except for Paul’s.  There are some books put in to lead you astray, keep you contradicted.  Most people can’t read the New Testament because of the style of writing, the Shakespearean language used.  The Father does not speak in Shakespearean British English.  He does not speak like that.  I’ve hear demons speak like that.  But the Father does not speak in Shakespearean British English.  And as many years as I’ve been talking to the Father and have built this relationship with Him, not one time has He ever quoted to me or had me read a verse, passage, scripture from any of Paul’s books.  Not one time.
I see a lot of people online, they post up the YouTube videos.  And I really don’t even watch the videos because I know it’s not gonna be from Him.  But what they’ll do—in the past, when I used to waste my time watching these things—is they would get a word from the Lord, and then on their own, they go and add to it.  They go and pull out scriptures of the Bible to try to give legitimacy, to say, “Look.  The Father was quoting this to me, and this, and this.”  And they’ll pull out scriptures from the Bible.  I really wish they wouldn’t do that, because it really just blows the legitimacy—if they actually had gotten a word from Him--by adding things to it.  You know, when He gives you a word or message, you don’t add to it.  You don’t take away from it, you don’t add to it.
I know when He speaks to me, I don’t always get the word-for-word, but I usually get the gist, I always get the gist, not always the word-for-word.  Sometimes it can be really hard to hear and understand Him and be writing at the same time.  And you’re, like, “Wait a minute.  Say that again.”  [laughs]  “What was that?”  I gotta, you know, strain to listen.  And it’s really hard because He’s got that, that small voice that speaks to your spirit.  He does not speak to your head. 
You know, a lot of these people writing down messages from the Lord, they’re just channeling demons, and aliens.  And military, even; voice-to-skull technology.  Because the Father doesn’t speak to our heads.  So if you’re hearing a voice in your mind, and you’re writing down what you’re hearing from your mind, that’s not the Father.  That’s not how He speaks to us. And so, so many people giving out false messages and things like that, because they’re just channeling.  They haven’t learned the difference between how the Father speaks to us and how the others deceive us.  And it’s a learning curve.  But you can also look at the type of language that’s used.  The style of sentences and phrasing.  Style of—I would say style of writing, but it’s the person writing.  It’s the style of speak.  How He says things.
You know, there’s so much garbage from Sananda on the Internet.  98 percent of it is from him.  And people think they’re getting a word from the Father, and it’s just Sananda.  It’s the fake, the fake Jesus.  So I don’t waste a lot of my time on it, folks.  I don’t go looking.  If I wanna know something, I ask the Father direct.  I just sit at His feet and wait for an answer.
But anyway, back to—I get on these rabbit trails.  Was looking at EP [Enoch’s Planet] in the sky, because it sits in the west and it’s very low.  It seems a little bit way farther—over more west that it usually is.  I used to be able to just see it here at my house.  And I actually have to leave my house to see it, because it’s so far west I can’t get a good view of it here.  Most people’s sky is usually clouded and blacked out at night anyway.  But sometimes if you travel further west, you could see it, if you’re on the east coast.  I guess, if you’re in the southern states, you can look north—northwest, and see EP.  Brilliant white star.  They tell you it’s Venus, but it’s not Venus.
But, anyway, as I’m driving home, I notice there’s this other starship, planet, whatever it is, that had pulled up not too far away from EP, what I call Enoch’s Planet.  And I’m looking at it, and this thing is huge and it’s totally on fire.  I mean, this thing is red.  It’s just--you know, typical stages of these ships burning out and dying when we set them on fire with the orgoned air is they get yellow, and then they turn orange, and then they start turning red at that point.  And then they’re typically really red for about three or four months, and then they just disappear.  Sometimes they’ll crash and people will get YouTube videos of them, or they’ll bust up, they’ll explode.  You know, the media calls it meteors.  “Oh, there’s a meteor fell to the earth.  You know, they call them meteors, but it’s alien starships and planets that we’ve been blowing up all over the sky for the last ten years.
So this one next to EP, I’m thinking, “What is it?”  You know, what would have the gall to pull up that close to EP?  And this thing was shooting red flames.  It’s totally melting.  And from what I understand is that the Capricorn had been in the west. Did not see it myself, but others had seen it, and the Capricorn is Allah’s ship.  And, allegedly, this thing was about 30-miles-high.  I’ve seen it myself, when it comes closer this way.  It’s been in Ohio a lot.  It’s a real pretty—I think they call it an azure blue.  Just a huge structure and a real pretty blue to it.  And if it’s not too dark, and if you catch it right at dusk, when stars start to appear, you can see this—this huge blue—oh, it looks like a planet or something.  Looks like a blue planet in the sky. 
And it’s this Capricorn ship that’s 30-miles high.  It’s Allah’s home base, Sananda’s home base, because they’re one and the same.  Allah and Sananda are one and the same people—beings.  And this is, like, the flagship, the main ship of this Ashtar Command of Ascended Masters that are coming to the earth.
And I know a lot of people’s eyes just start to roll into the back of their heads when they hear the word Ascended Masters and New Age.  It’s how I always was.  Still am, but, you know, the Lord has stood me up to teach people about these beings. Because, other than being New Age lala-blah-blah, it’s actually an agenda.  This is how the Antichrist and the False Prophet are going to come to Earth.  This is the political agenda they’re going to play out and fulfill on Earth.  This is how they’ll make their entrance here. 
They’re coming as Ascended Masters.  There are 11 of them.  This is where the false Mary will come from, with Sananda when they arrive, playing his mother.  And the rest are men.  Saint Germaine works in the background already.  He works with all of the global government’s leaders to implement the new global government that’s coming, going to be implemented.
Now, they’re saying Christine Lagarde and the MMF—or IMF [International Monetary Fund] are stating that a new global currency will become in effect in October of this year.  And so, this is all tied into this whole New Age Ascended Master political agenda, you know. 
And you’ve got Saint Germaine who’s been leading all these G20, G8, G-idiot meetings for the last umpteen years.  He’s always been involved in the backgrounds.  He’ll become more in the forefront.  He is Irish-looking.  He’s got the red hair, the red beard, the mustache.  Likes to wear purple.  Typically called Saint Germaine.  Then there’s Maitreya, who is the 12thImam prophesied in the Muslim religion.  Then there is Sananda, the Christian, fake Jesus, who’s coming.  There’s 11 of them guys.  There’s 11.  And so, I’ve been trying to warn people about this agenda for over ten years now.  If you go , NESARA is pretty much the, uh, the main piece, the legislation of their new economic program they’re gonna be instituting, trying to institute in the world.
But this Capricorn is their main flagship.  You know, Satan’s people, they’re not all hunched in hell, burning in hot coals.  You know, over the years, I’ve tried to give you a realistic picture of what goes on behind the scenes; what we don’t see.  How they live, what they do. 
You know, when I grew up in the churches, I always just had this view of Satan that he was a hoofed goat trapped in hell, you know.  And, you know, even as a kid you draw your own conclusions based on the things you hear.  Even as an adult you grow up with these misperceptions of who and what’s going on.  And so, I try to unravel that with people and give you a grasp of how things really work, you know.  And the only reason I know as much as I do is because the Father has showed it to me over the years. 
You know, when I was a child, my spiritual eyes and ears where open.  And most children do have somewhat of what they call spiritual eyes and ears open, where they see into the 4th dimension.  That’s why, when they’re asleep at night, you hear them screaming about monsters, and boogeymen, and things like that.  They have night terrors because, when you’re a child, you can see into the dimensions.  And you tend to outgrow that, so that as you’re growing up and turning into an adult, you remember all the times you were scared as little, and you laugh it off.  “Oh, yeah.  I used to think there was a monster under my bed.” 
But there’s some people who never outgrow that.  You just always kind of see into the other dimensions, or you hear things. When I was older, I would be able to put that together with the prophetic calling that I was given as a seer, one who sees. And I would get visions and messages from the Father, and He would teach me things and show me things.  And so, that’s how—that’s how I roll.  That is what my relationship with Him is like.  I could sit and talk to Him at any time of the day. 
I don’t feel like—when I was younger and in the churches, I used to feel like there was a huge barrier between me and heaven, you know.  You feel like God is this big all-powerful and all-knowing being, and if you do something wrong, He’s going to hit you over the head with a baseball bat.  I mean, this is the kind of perceptions we build.  That’s He’s just this big, powerful, omniscient, all-knowing being, and He’s way up in heaven, but He’ll live in our hearts if we ask Him to.  And, other than that, we’re always fearing Him because we’re always screwing up and thinking we’re gonna get in trouble.
When you walk away, and start tearing down the walls you’ve built up of perceptions, you learn that the most valuable things, the most valuable truths you can ever learn are not the ones you learn in church.  You know, it’s kind of like the churches put walls around you, and when you walk away from them, that could be—the first thing He did to me, when I started praying for the truth in all things, was pull me out of the churches.  He just took me out of them.  You know, instead of singing about putting on the armor of God, you actually learn how to have a relationship with Him.  And you start to learn that religion, itself, is man’s attempt to find God and please Him. 
You know, religion, in the eyes of the Father, is just doing the things He said.  You know, He instituted feasts and appointments with mankind.  It’s like a reminiscent—remember when this happened and what—you did this, and I did that. It’s reminiscing of events in the past.  Each one of His feast days reminisces about something in the past, or the present, or the future.  It’s about relationship.  You know?  And that’s the biggest thing that religion misses is that just building a relationship and knowing that you could just sit and talk to Him.  You can sit and talk to Him every day. 
You know, people think they have to be formal and go into these long prayers.  And that’s fine, especially if you’re a Prayer Warrior.  They spend hours in prayer.  I know that.  But I’m talking about just everyday Joe and Mary.  Uh, you know, you can just sit and talk to the Father throughout the day, and learn how He answers back, and different ways He works.  Learning to hear His voice in your spirit and how He works.  It’s just relationship fine-tuning, folks.
But anyway, but this ship—and it’s moved next to Enoch’s Planet—what I call Enoch’s Planet, the heavenly planet Enoch described, is on fire.  This 30-mile, massive—what we call the Capricorn—not we, the New Agers call it the Capricorn.  And this thing’s gonna get ready to crash.  Now, this is the home base of Lucifer.  This is his home base planet, his starship.  It’s not a planet, it’s not a star, it’s this 30-mile-high structure.  I don’t know what you call it.  But it’s getting ready to crash.  And I highly suspect that when this thing crashes, as far as he’s concerned, there’s gonna be hell to pay.  [laughs] 
You could see how worried I am.  [laughs]  He’s going to be furious, because over the last ten years, we’ve been crashing their UFOs everywhere, we’ve been pulling and planets—their star planets—the Bible Codes refers to them as boulders—out of space.  Pulling them out of there, catching them on fire.  They’re gonna—crashing all over the place, blowing up.  By the time they get here, the media’s like, “Oh, there’s a meteor shower.”
We’ve been targeting their underground bases, their underground prisons, where they hoard tens of thousands of humans in cages.  And they use them for crossbreeding experiments, sacrifices, food, breeding.  We’ve been targeting all of these underground areas that they have.  I mean, we have just literally taken our resistance war against Lucifer to levels he could never comprehend until now.
You know, when I spoke, years ago, of what the orgone could accomplish and what we could do, who would have thought that we’d be sitting at the pinnacle of the catalyst of time when we actually just set his own home base on fire?  [laughs] And, no, they don’t like the heat.  People think Satan loves [audio unclear], they—I don’t know about him, but his people hate heat.  They hate heat. 
So I have a feeling, when that thing crashes, craps gonna hit the fan.  He’s gonna want retaliation.  He’s gonna be coming. He’s gonna want retaliation.  As if he hasn’t tried, all these years, to get it.  I mean, he about blew up my house two years ago with a beam strike from the Capricorn, itself, as it sat in the northwest.  And I’m standing, and I’m looking out my window, and I see—I saw it sitting in the northwest.  And the next thing I know, this huge beam came right out of that ship right at me.  I thought I was dead.  “Oo, I get to go home.”  I had two seconds to react, and I just stood there and watched it. That’s how fast it hit. 
I don’t know how far up in the northwest that thing was, but that beam came fast.  It was like a lightning strike.  And that was a hit.  And if the Father hadn’t reflected it—it reflected it about, uh, just five feet from where I was standing.  Because I was standing towards the edge of our house and it landed in the yard.  It actually put a huge crater across the yard as it struck. And, of course, the impact blew out all the appliances and everything.  Not just my house, but other houses in the area.  It was crazy.  So, two years later, I get my laugh from watching that thing on fire.  [laughs] 
I’ve been warring against him since I was three-years-old.  It’s been a war between me and Lucifer since I can remember. They know who you are when you’re born.  You may not know who you are, but somehow, they do.  And somehow, they know that when you grow up, you’re gonna do this, this, and this, and this.  And they try to prevent it.  And so, they try to kill you as a child or a teenager, before you can reach that age where you start becoming a threat and adversary to them. 
Doesn’t mean they’ll succeed.  They’ve been trying to kill me all my life.  Father’s always kept me alive.  And He protects His own.  It’s why I have no fear is they wanna come rounding up the bigmouths and people who are a threat to them in their little Jade Helm exercise that they kicked off July 4.
They’re stating it kicks off on the 15th, which is Wednesday.  It think the 15th is simply the day that they start showing up at the Bohemian Grove in San Francisco.  And they’re there for two weeks.  I think they’re there from, like, the 15th, um, to the 30th or something.  I don’t know.  Maybe to the 25th or something.  15th to the 25th.
But either way, the Bohemian Grove is one of the biggest satanic, sexually perverted places on the planet, where all the leaders of the world flock to.  It’s a men’s club.  It’s a boys’ club.  And they all flock there to discuss their plans and strategies for the next year.  Whose economies are gonna crash, whose are gonna thrive.  Their banking, and politics, and military strategies.  Somehow, they discuss all this while they’re raping children, and sacrificing people they hate, and drinking themselves into oblivion, and taking drugs out the ying.  I mean, it’s just a place of crime and debauchery.  And every world leader goes there.
So that’s taking place the next couple weeks.  And at the same time, they have this Jade Helm operation in Texas and Arizona.  It’s supposed to be starting up and taking place.  And at the same time, they’re in a crisis point…[audio unclear] Hallayel is I don’t know how much he’ll tell the humans that he deals with on Earth.  I don’t know how much truth they get, how much they know.  But he’s in a crisis point right now because of the Capricorn being on fire.  Because not only is that on fire, but the Saturn Black Cube is on fire.  The Draco-Reptilian constellation, the Orion constellation, where all their star planets are and home bases for the Reptilians, that’s on fire.
Folks, we have taken over space.  We own it.  Our orgone war, that produces energy, positive orgone energy, that is a righteous and holy energy, becomes fire to the wicked and the unholy, and it burns them.  Doesn’t burn people, it burns wicked beings.  You know salt, we eat salt.  But if you put salt on a window sill, they say it’ll keep demons from coming into your windows, through your windows.  See?  And this is just an energy.  It was an energy defense, now it’s just an energyweapon that we’ve been able to use to tear down the strongholds of Lucifer and the New World Order, and their New Age alien agenda planet, or agenda all over the world. 
And the orgone has been catching their extraterrestrial, satanic, alien technologies.  Not just planets, ET planets everywhere and starships, but also, what, the entire Air Force F-35 Raptor series.  They can’t fly it, because when they get in orgoned air, those planes will crash.  Billion-dollar planes.  Because we melt the circuit boards.  It’ll melt their circuit boards.  We own space.  We’re pretty much dominating it right now.
I think, right now they’re in crisis and panic mode, and they’re emptying out—I mean, how fast can you empty out a 30-mile-high structure.  God knows how wide it is.  How many billions of beings live in the thing.  But you gotta evacuate the place. Gotta evacuate.  Same thing with the Cube.  You know, NASA got pictures of that a couple years ago, when it was coming in. They got pictures of the Black Cube by the sun.  That’s that Saturn Black Cube.  See, these things actually exist.  That’s been on fire for a while.  I’m not sure where it is.  I thought it was probably the Cube next to EP, but people are saying that Capricorn was in the west, and now it’s on fire, it’s the ship that’s on fire next to EP.  Because, clearly, when you look at EP, there is a huge ship next to it on fire.  There is no mistaking that.  It’s one of the funniest sights I’ve ever seen.  [laughs]
And when you’re driving—and EP is usually a brilliant white, but if you get—if you catch an angle of the thing that’s burning behind it, EP will show a brilliant amber light because of it.  It’s a amber.  It’s like an orangy yellow-brown.  It’s a real pretty color.  Depends what angle you see it at.  It’s that thing behind that’s burning.  Otherwise, it’s typically just a brilliant white. And so, you know it’s a Father—heavenly planet at night, star at night, because anything not of the Father is just burning and crashing.  I mean, it’s gonna turn yellow, turn dark orange, turn red, and then crash. 
And so, anything—when you look up at the sky, you see a white star, and it’s staying white, that’s a heavenly star.  I mean, that’s just a real, real elementary way to know what’s of the Father and what isn’t.  Because these alien starships have come by the millions, surrounding Earth, and people don’t know what they are because they just think they’re stars.  They look up at night and think, “Oh, it’s just a star.”  Stars don’t move into position at night.  You know, they don’t roll into position and sit and observe all night. 
And what’s worse is when you have all these scientists and astronomers who have gone along with the lie.  Who have pushed the lie about how stars are mini suns, and our constellations are just all these billions of light years away and they’re uninhabitable.  You know, constellations are alien star formations.  Different factions.  You know, different constellations are a different faction of--types of extraterrestrials that are above us.  If people knew the truth, I mean, I think a lot more would be getting involved with our orgone war, and helping us destroy them out of the skies before they decide to come to Earth and feast on mankind, because a lot of them already are.  A lot of them already are.  Millions of people missing a year. Becoming food.  And no one’s questioning where are these people are disappearing to?
You know, one of the things the Father pounds on my mind all the time, lately, is—what I was trying to teach people as well—is how it’s all energy.  How we’re surrounded, and everything we deal with is energies.  Is energies.  You have a positive energy, you have a negative energy.  You have light, you have darkness.  Those are energies.  When you feel a light—when you walk outside in the sun, you feel peace, you feel warmth.  People can describe many different emotions you feel being in light, being in the presence of—the warmth of the sun.  And then when it gets dark, you go outside and there’s no light. There’s no—the moon’s not shining, no sun, no moon, no lights.  It’s creepy. 
You know, darkness has its own energy.  And a lot of times when you feel that, it’s an evil, a creepy—darkness is the absence of light.  And so, it’s going to be the total opposite of anything that light is.  OK?  So when you’re in spiritual warfare, you know, you’re singing the praise to the Father and you feel at peace.  And you go throughout your days and you’re at peace. And all of a sudden, that peace gets disrupted.  You know, there’s something going on.  All of a sudden, there’s a disruption in your peace. It’s usually a way you can tell you’re being under attack.  When you’re under attack by demonic or outside forces. 
You know, learn to recognize energy patterns just by the way you feel, you know.  When you’re around genuine believers in the Lord, you can feel their spirits, and they’re genuine lovers of the Father.  And when you know what that feels like, you know what it feels like when a fake is around.  Because you can feel their spirit and you feel negativity, evil.  Maybe you can’t put your finger on it, but something ain’t right. 
Learn to recognize patterns in energies, folks.  That is how you can discern.  You know, and that’s people’s biggest problem is they can’t discern things.  That’s why I try to teach people how to discern.  If something doesn’t feel right, trust your instinct. If you know what it feels like to be at peace, and you know what to be loved feels like, then you know what hate and anger feels like.  No difference between a person who’s the Father’s and a being or person who isn’t. 
Because I know a lot of times these alien beings show up to people, and they try to turn on the charm and play like they’re angelic beings, but their spirits and their souls—their essences, because they’re beings--they can’t hide that.  You should be able to feel the difference.  That something about that thing isn’t right.  They’re very narcissistic beings, so all you have to do is purposely try to get it mad and see how it reacts.  [laughs]  Get it mad.  People start cussing at you or something.  Very hot tempered, you know. 
When you see an angel—and, you know, sometimes when you see angels, they don’t always have the big wings, and however fairy-looking type of harps that you perceive them as.  They come in various ranks, various sizes, various looks to them.  But there’s one thing you won’t mistake is that they’re righteous beings.  They’re just good righte—there’s no evil in them.  You know, they would never harm you, curse you out, say or do something evil.  It’s not in their natures.  They’re just very, very good-natured, righteous beings.  Compared to when you see an ugly, evil demon or even alien being.  Something of Satan’s world.  Very dark, depressing and oppressive world.  Because there’s no light in anything that Satan has.  And light is good.  It’s essence of the—it’s love, and light, and life-giving energies.
When I’m around evil people, I get nauseous.  I just get nauseous.  It’s a physical—it’s not a adjective.  I’m not saying, “Oh, they make me nauseous.”  They physically do.  I get nauseous around them.  Because there’s a complete absence of the Father’s light in them.  See, when the Father said, “These are—“—when He told Israel He was going to put His name on them, literally when He created Adam and Eve, they were His children.  Because His DNA blueprint is on every cell of their children.  His DNA blueprint. 
And that’s how you can—they can look at a person and know if they’re a son of Adam’s or a son of Cain’s.  Cain was not Adam’s son.  Cain was Lucifer’s son.  They all know this.  They all laugh because the people in the church don’t know this. It’s just a truth that was always…always just part of the day until they decided to hide all the truth.  Limit you to a KJV, a very limited KJV version, and say that’s all you need to know.  They don’t want you to know who or what they are.  Because working in silence is what’s gotten them to where they are today.  To where they dominate every aspect of our societies and our world. 
And it had to be so, because, you know, right now we’re not living in a kingdom of God of heaven, the god of this world, Lucifer rules over this earth, and he’s going to have a specific time on earth—42 months—to where he will personally rule on earth over mankind.  That’s what the Bible calls the time of the great tribulation.  Because as soon as he steps his feet here, it’s literally gonna be hell on earth.  And one of the reasons is because the light of the world is removed.  Yahushua said He is the light of the world.  And as long as He is here, the world will have light.  And His followers have His light.  And when you remove this light off of the world—out of the world—it is pure darkness.  It’s going to be darkness.  Just pure evil, more than anyone can imagine, evil. 
And you look at the reasons for Jade Helm, and people are correct in saying that they’re setting it up for martial law and FEMA camps.  One of the major things about it being is that, you know, it’s time to start segregating.  You know, the aliens who are coming to dominate the world and rule over it with Lucifer—those are all just fallen angels, aliens are just fallen angels, folks—they’re culling the earth’s population.  And when they cull it, they’re going to do so as procedure. 
You know, first you go after—they’re gonna be culling America.  Let’s use America as an example.  First you go after, and you round up, all the veterans.  Because these guys know how to shoot and load guns.  And they could be resisters against the tyranny that’s coming.  So you get all of the veterans, because the government knows who they are.  They’ll round up all the veterans.  Then you figure you better round up all the bigmouths, so nobody knows—they’re not telling people what’s going on.  And people that have influence over other people, and can influence what they think.  And so, you go round up all the bigmouths.  Round up all the Christians who have been eyesores and pains in the butts to them.  Hemorrhoids on their butts, I guess you could say.  And you start rounding up all your enemies. 
And this is what they’re gonna do.  They’re gonna round up everybody they hate.  And you just start and put everybody on lists.  And you start culling the population.  And when it starts to get to the bottom, maybe by this time, everybody will realize exactly what this culling is, this segregating is, because it’s gonna get to the point where they will know.  Because pure darkness recognizes light.  They will know who has light in them, and they will round you up and kill you just because you have light.  You’re not one of them.  You’re not a hybrid, you’re not demon-possessed, you’re not soul-scalped, you’re not a synthetic, a clone, not an android.  Every one of these things that they’ve been filling our society up with for the last 20 years, 30 years.  It’s gonna become a war between humans and the fallen angels, the aliens.  And they’re gonna be culling, rounding up, humans like they’re cattle, just because they’re humans.
And I mean genuine humans.  I know it sounds funny, but I mean, seriously, there’s just a lot of people, moreso recognizable in the cities, that are just not real humans.  They act and talk like us.  And they move around, they do the same things we do, but they’re not real humans.  That’s what they’ve been doing over the years is replacing real humans with fakes.  Because it will make their war much easier, when they come to rule over mankind, less humans to resist against them.  They’re already gonna have control of three quarters of the world’s population, because they’re already not even human.  You know, they started this in the Middle East, and then started bringing it over to America in, like, the ‘40s or ‘50s.  And slowly started assimilating [audio cuts out] hybrids and fakes.  Taking real humans and replacing them with look-alikes, so people don’t know who’s what, who’s real, who isn’t.
Anyways, that lady’s telling me, “You got 90 seconds.” 
All right, so I need, uh, I need your donations, folks, so I can keep this war going.  More targeting to do here on earth.  I suspect by the middle of [audio cuts out] gonna start getting ugly.
Anyway, till next week, everybody.  Yah bless.

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