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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
July 20, 2015
And hello, everybody.  Welcome to the show.  I’m Sherry Shriner.  A couple things I wanna talk about tonight.  I know they’re getting under way to have their Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care ceremony tonight.  So we—Brother Richard posted some prayers on my Facebook, combating this ritual tonight.  Of course, we want the Father’s presence known there.  We always pray for the sabotage and destruction of all the satanic rituals.  A lot of them I forget about.  I don’t spend my time following their calendars when I can’t keep track of my own stuff half the time.  But we do what we can to keep up the dates so we can pray against things.
You know, in Psalm 94, the Lord asks, “Who will stand up for me against the wicked.”  And so, we certainly live our lives trying to do that.  We’re not just servants and believers and followers, we’re doers.  We’re warriors for Him.  And so, that’s why they hate us so much.  It’s why I’m on every blacklist around the Internet and TV-land, radioland.
You know, I get a lot of people that ask me about Donald Marshall, so I wanted to spend some time tonight talking about this whole thing with Donald Marshall.  As it is, I pretty much had a run-in with just about everybody on the Internet, at one point or another.  [laughs]  Hat’s off to Alex Jones.  He’s the only one I never had a run-in with.  And it’s because he won’t come near me with a hundred-foot pole.  But he does listen to my show, I’ve heard.  They know better, you know. 
When Donald Marshall was first coming out as, supposedly, a whistleblower, I knew right away—this was, like, wow, three years ago, maybe.  I lose track of time, so seems like it’s been about three years, four years, maybe.  I knew right then it was a CIA setup.  It was a CIA operation.  It was something very wild about the whole thing.  And, had some friends of mine who were good analysts as well look over this letter he sent out.  And, you know, they weren’t buying it.  There was something going on. 
And they’re better analysts than me.  And I’ve always thought I’m slow, but I’m good, you know.  I usually--I’ll nailed it.  It might take me a while, but I’ll nail it.  But there’s others who are usually—can be a lot faster than me.  So, you know, it’s not something I envy, it’s just the way I am.  It’s the way I’ve always been. 
Patience has always been part of who I am.  I’m patient with people.  I let them bury themselves over time instead of having to call them to the carpet.  Sometimes I do right away, if I really don’t wanna deal with someone.  Other people I find amusing, I’ll toy with them for a while before I call them out, because I just wanna have some fun.  So it really just depends. And then some people I just let go, and then as soon as they start opening their mouths then I can see what they’re all about.  It’s usually all it takes with the wicked.  As soon as they open their mouths, eventually they hang themselves, and so.
You know, he talks about—and I’m gonna tell you right off the bat, he does give some good info.  Hat’s off, you know.  They all do.  Because I’m not a insider.  I wasn’t born into a Illuminati family.  I’m not a ex-Satanist or a ex-Illuminati or anything like that.  I grew up in a Christian background.  Went to Christian schools all my life.  Spent two years at Liberty University with Jerry Falwell over there.  And then transferred over to Kent State. 
So, you know, I’ve pretty much had a Christian upbringing my entire life.  And I know you can say that loosely now that you look at Loretta Lynch’s biography and her father was a preacher.  OK.  [laughs]  Same as Katy Perry.  But for what it’s worth, my family was a deeply religious family [audio unclear].  And so, there was that whole control thing that I always rebelled against as a teenager.  And that’s what tends to happen with, uh, I don’t wanna say free spirits, but, like, angels in the flesh who come down to Earth, it--just—control will kill you.  And it’s just really repressive.  And I think we handle it in harsher ways to get out of it.  And that’s why so many of us end up in such battles.  When we’re younger and growing up, we end up with all the battles.  Because we cannot stand repression. 
And so, either way, the way I’ve learned my information about the occult, and the Illuminati, and what we’re dealing with over the years is asking the Lord to teach me.  I’ve sat at His feet.  And so, He shows me things, and He puts people in my path, and sources of information.  And I just follow Him.  He’s taken care of that over the years.  You know, He’ll say, “I’m gonna allow this person to teach you a few things.”  And so, I’ll be in contact with somebody, it could be one day, one week, one year.  And then, eventually, that relationship just ends because they have nothing more to offer me, they’re not one of His people. 
But sometimes you just have to learn from the other side themselves, because there’s not a lot of Christians that have inside information like those who are involved do.  And so, the one thing He’s given me is discernment and enough information to grasp of what’s true and what isn’t.  And you can tell when something jives and something does.  OK, yeah, I was like, “What is jives?  Is that a ‘80s or a ‘70s thing?”  Either way, um [laughs], you know you’re getting old when you’re wondering what era words are from. 
So, uh [laughs]—so I’m looking at this information Donald Marshall has put out there.  And some of our stuff is very similar. One of the things I first thought when I was reading his letters—he was asking for help.  He wants to close what he calls these cloning centers, where they take people at night and torture and abuse their clones.  And so, I’m familiar with that aspect, because I’ve already run into the fact that I have, like, three or four clones out there. 
And so, my view of dealing with clones is much different that his, because they actually—if you’re in the Illuminati—they can yank your spirit out of your body at night—what he calls during the REM [rapid eye movement] sleep cycle—and they put it in a clone.  They take—you end up at one of these centers, and you end up in one of your own cloned bodies that they cloned for you.  They beat the crap out of you all night, do whatever they want, and then you just go back to sleep and wake up like nothing ever happened because you wake up in your normal body, at that point.  Your cloned body is—they throw it in the chipper and wait for you the next night.  They have another cloned body for them waiting.  That I can believe.  People might think that sounds farfetched.  I believe it.  I can believe that.
Another thing he talks about is the process of soul-scalping.  He doesn’t call it soul-scalping.  And it’s something I’ve called soul-scalping over the years.  He explains the nuts and bolts of how it’s done though.  See, I never knew how they do it.  They kind of show you in Hollywood movies.  Because we know these Reptilians are parasites.  And parasites will leech into your body, you know. 
And so, he’s talking about--these Reptilian Lizards have what they call a quill, a proboscis, on top of their head.  And it comes off of their head and goes through a person’s eye.  And they, literally, will just pull the eyeball out of a person and this quill will go through the eyeball, wrap its way around the person’s optical nerve, and bury itself, and intertwine, into the person’s brain to burrow through it to a certain extent.  And then they put the person’s eye back in, and it takes a little while to heal, and, at that point, the person is what he’s called a drone.  I call it soul-scalped. 
And so, that’s how they do it, according to Donald Marshall.  I’ve never said how they do it.  I don’t have those particulars. Uh, but that’s how--but I’ve noticed.  And you can almost ring the truth to that, because when you look at people, there’s always one eye that is off.  There’s always people that look like they took a jar of Dayquil and a jar of Nyquil at the same time.  You know, they have one eye open and one eye half closed.  [laughs]  And it’s because of the anomaly of that drone, their eye—what they had happen to their eye. 
And you always, uh, even in pictures—I don’t know if anybody else gets this, but I can just look at a person’s picture and—something that’s been uploaded to the Internet and has been through various transmissions--you can still feel the evil emanate from people who have been soul-scalped or possessed—whatever you wanna call it—or droned.  He calls it drone. You can always tell, looking at their eyes.  These dead soulless black eyes. 
And so, that’s why we know that’s going on, because most of Hollywood, most everybody we see on TV, has already been replaced.  I’ve been saying that.  You know, it’s been a process over the years.  But, you know, as the Father was telling me several months ago, when I started doing more and more shows on how they’re dominating.  Because that’s something the Father was hitting my spirit with.  They’ve taken over, completely.  I mean, they’ve taken over completely.  And, you know, they’ve been using different types of clones to do it.  They had the organic robotoids, the plastic Barbie and Ken doll—you know, Ken doll-type people, the plastic skin, the fake hair, the organic robotoids.
Then they have these, uh—Donald Marshall breaks it down into four categories; Mark 1, 2, 3 and 4.  And he says Mark 1 is the organic robotoids, which is the primitive model.  They’re moving away from using organic robotoids; the plastic Barbies. He says they’re moving away from it, but I mean, I’ve seen plastic Barbies in the past year on, you know, just on TV and in Hollywood.  So I don’t know how far away they’re moving from it.
Mark 2 is the REM clones, where—this is where the Avatar movie was taken out of.  I didn’t see Avatar.  They take consciousness out of people and put it in robots, or clones, or whatever.  I guess they do this in Avatar.  They also show doing that in that Scooby-Doo movie several years ago.  So they’ve been releasing this info through Hollywood over the years, if you knew what to look for.
The Mark 3 clone is, uh, no REM is needed, no sleep is needed.  It’s a fully operational clone of you that they can just make. And the Mark 3 stage they can just assimilate into society.  Taking over people’s jobs, careers, lives.  Assimilating in society as that person.  You can’t even tell the difference. 
And the Mark 4, the top of the line clones, that pretty much can operate as that person.  Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Sr., Obama; these are all top of the line clones.
But cloning still has its imperfections, because it’s never an exact duplicate of a person.  You can always—there’s differences that you can tell.  I mean, some of these clones, if you look at Hillary Clinton, in some of them she looks like she’s 40-years-old, in others she looks like she’s 70.  Same as Obama.  He’s 50-some-years-old right now.  Some of these clones they put out of him, he looks like he’s 20-something.  His skin looks all nice and pretty, and you think it’s just the makeup.  Then you look at the shoulders.  Little Ken Barbie doll shoulders.  Haha!  That’s what I was laughing about a couple years ago with the presidential debates. With him and Romney.  You know, they just look like little Ken Barbie dolls. 
Look at the shoulders.  That’s what I look at; the shoulders.  And their stomachs and stuff.  Because these clones just do not carry weight well.  It’s hard to, uh, they just don’t look like a normal human.  They look better fit, better in shape, healthier, not as stressed.  They look, you know, young and rejuvenate, and everything we should be.  But most humans have bad diets and bad health, and we stress and we worry about things that we’re not supposed to.  And we pay for that.  We reap what we sow.  And our bodies take a toll for that.  But these clones don’t deal with those kinds of things.  So, uh [laughs].
One of the things that totally discredits—there’s a lot of things that discredits his entire agenda.  Because, you know, he negates the whole shape-shifting phenomena.  You know, he’ll sit there and he’ll say shape-shifters, when their eyes are in slits, “Oh, they just had an overdose of antibiotics.”  He actually said this in a radio interview.  Haha!  Really?  An overdose of antibiotics.  There’s thousands of shape-shifters among us.  Arizona Wilde [Wilder] was killed for revealing that.  Cathy O’Brien has revealed it. 
Everybody—lots of people have revealed the fact that shape-shifters exist.  And that’s totally one thing he tries to hide about the whole thing about Lizards, is the fact that humans shape-shift.  He says that it’s all the droning and it’s all there is.  And it’s, like, no.  You can turn on your TV set, especially with these high-definition TVs, and just flip through the channels and look at their eyes, you know.  And you can’t say it’s the camera, because there’ll be two people standing next to each other and one person’s eyes slit and the other ones’ not.  [laughs]  You can look at Maury Povich every day for two years.  He—you know, probably longer than that.  The guy does not hide it.  He comes out there every day with his slit eyes, doing his show. You can look at people in the audience. 
There’s one thing I get in the habit of doing is looking at audiences.  Because I wanna see who the blinkers are.  Because one of the faults that these organic robotoids and clones have is they blink a lot.  You know, the average human blinks 23 times a minute.  I think that’s what they say.  And these things amongst us, they’ll blink a hundred times a minute.  There’s no way that you can blink and speak at the same time as much as they blink.  It’s inhuman, it’s impossible.  And so, just try it yourself.  Try to speak a paragraph blinking every second while you’re trying to speak it.  It’s impossible.
So, there’s a lot of things going on around us.  It’s like a puzzle and a pie, and everybody has a piece of it and it’s out there. And that’s what Donald is.  He’s a piece of the puzzle, a piece of the pie.  He’s got some info, he’s throwing it out there, and you can chew what you can use and throw out what you can’t, you know, just like everybody else. 
You know, I’ve told you that this whole faction of Luciferians, this Illuminati, they all hate each other.  It’s not like, uh, it’s not like we’re Christians, um, you know, we try to live by the fruit of the Spirit, which is love, joy, peace, all those good things. They all hate each other.  [laughs]  They all hate each other.  And so, you know, for them to step out and say things about, you know, people they’ve seen out other people, and say negative things about them, it’s no surprise, because they all hate each other.
So it was funny that, um, I’d learned about these cloning centers years ago, when I was friends with a hybrid.  And this hybrid was like the whole Resident Evil-type thing where a body was created out of plant, animal, and human DNA.  It was three-party DNA.  This body was lab-created.  And then this spirit jumped into it.  You know, it was like something out of Resident Evil.  So the spirit jumps into this female’s body that was created for her.  And she comes in at the age of a teenager and her goal—she is told that her assignment on Earth is to hunt me down and kill me, and stop the orgone war.  [laughs]  Yeah, I told you I deal with a lot of whack stuff.
And we actually did—we actually did end up meeting—not personally and stuff like that, but she found me.  And, yeah, that was something.  And that was one of those people the Lord let me learn from, learn things from.  Because how else do you learn this stuff if, you know, I don’t leave the earth, I’m not a hybrid, I don’t have these special supernatural powers that some of these hybrids do.  These people wanna call them hybrids.  I don’t know what you call them.  This is how I learn.  This is how I have the info I have.  I’ve had Satanists ask me, “How do you know?  Where do you get your info?” because it’s stuff no one on the outside would ever know.  And it’s, like, “The Lord teaches me.”
You know, one of the things one of them asked me one time was, uh—you know, I’ve been harping about the Ashtar Command and the Ashtar council, and the whole New Age blah-blah agenda that was coming.  And I started this back in, like, 2003.  And I started a radio show in 2004.  And I started the orgone war in 2004.  And I just started a fight.  You know, I’m not gonna sit back and take this crap.  We need to learn how to tear down Satan’s strongholds.  You can’t—you know, we may not be able to stop it, but we can destroy as much as possible before it even happens.  People forget that there’s alternatives.  [laughs]  We do have alternatives.  You know, just because Satan’s allowed to rule in the Antichrist for so many years doesn’t mean he can have all of his forces with him doing it.  Come on.  Where’s your fight?  Where’s your adventure? Where’s your warrior spirit?
And so, they ask me point-blank.  Because I started—I started warning the alarms of Maitreya and Sananda.  And that’s this fake Jesus; Sananda.  And they wanted to know, “How did you know?”  You know, and this is, like, ten years—this is, like, two years ago I get asked this, “How did you know?”  What do you mean, “How did I know?”  I—Father just told me.  He took me out of the New World Order agenda and put me in the alien agenda.  He said that’s what the real agenda is.  And that’s where I’ve been since. 
And He said because there’s three pictures—I think there’s four—I can’t remember the fourth one, I think it’s the Pope.  But there’s four pictures hanging up on the walls of every satanic church in America.  And the satanic churches meet under regular churches.  They may have a permanent place.  Usually under Catholic churches.  Or they may run out a Baptist church somewhere, or a Methodist church.  They meet in the basements to have their Saturday Black Masses they always have.  You know, they have church every week like the Christians do, they just do theirs on Saturday nights and have Black Masses. 
And so, He told me, He said in all of these churches that the Satanists have, they have four pictures on the wall.  They have the Queen, the Pope, Maitreya and Sananda.  So that was known for a long time amongst them.  The Queen, the Pope, Sananda and Maitreya.  The four highest ranking Lizards on the planet because the Queen ain’t human, she’s a Lizard, and the Pope’s a Lizard, and Sananda and Maitreya are Lizards. 
And not to differentiate between Donald Marshall.  He calls them Vril lizards.  And, uh, that might be their technical name. I’ve just called them tall Greys, you know, because that’s what they are; they’re tall Greys. 
You have the Lizards, and have—which are the Lizard Reptilians, they look like the Sleestaks, the ones with the scaly things. And then you have the tall Greys, which are Lilith’s offspring, which are the, you know, the frog-looking things.  The tall frog-looking things.  And so, they’re back-to-back.  They’re together. 
That faction’s--the Draco faction, Reptilian faction, includes the tall Greys and the small Greys.  They created the small Grey race to be the worker bees and slaves for the tall Greys.  And so, they created them to be all in hive mind.  They’re a hive-mind race.  If you look at the small Greys, they have no independent thought.  They all just kind of work together and there’s a puppet pulling their strings, not too far away, watching them all, who speaks to them and controls them all as a group and individual.  They’re a hive-mind mentality.  And they have, like, their handler, their big Grey, who’s up in the UFO directing what the little ones are doing here on Earth or whatever. 
And so, you know, when you look at the system “as above, so below,” that’s what they wanna do here.  They want a hive-mind, worker-bee slave race, which is the humans that are left to live on earth.  Everybody else is killed.  This is their plans. To have 500 million just a worker-bee slave race.  And, of course, they would be used for breeding as well. 
Like I said, you know, all these old men today—Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, Bushes—none of them would be alive, because they’re already too old to—they’re already past the cutoff date.  You know, Clintons wouldn’t be alive.  Rockefellers, Rothschilds, none of them would be alive.  And this is how hypocritical it all is.  It’s like if you’re the 1 percent, you get to grow old.  If you’re not, you get to die.  Well, under Satan’s kingdom, they’ll all be dead.  They’d all be dead.  Well, they’re already dead, they’re all Lizards.  They’ve all long been dead. 
Hillary Clinton died years ago.  So did Bush, Bill Clinton, all of them.  They died years ago.  And their bodies have just been cloned over the years, so that their bodies become their brand.  You know, when you get into this branding thing, because it sounds like they brand their cattle, well, they do.  It’s probably where they got the name brand.  Because as far as they’re concerned, we’re just cattle.  It like Planet of the Apes, when the apes put the humans in the cages.  It was like role reversal, where the apes acted like humans and all the humans were treated like animals.  That’s how the alien—because they’re a alien race—it’s actually an alien race, a Bear race that I’ve been talking about over the years.  That’s how—that’s their plans for mankind, when they come, is the animals are—the humans are the animals.  The cities will be zoos.  Haha!  No one will be allowed in the countryside. 
Everyone’s gonna be herded into cities.  And at, basically, breeding centers.  And then when you get over the age of breeding, you’re killed.  You know, so it’s gonna be not quite what I think the original Satanists who started this whole New World Order thing thought it was gonna be.  And if they found out, and then resisted, they were killed and replaced. 
Because what I’m beginning to understand about this whole brand thing, these stars who sell their soul to Satan for fame, and fortune, and power, and they sign the dotted line—of course, there’s always loopholes.  I’ve told you this before, because I see that in the Bible Codes.  There’s loopholes.  There’s always a loophole.  And that’s what helped us redeem 16 billion in 2012.  Take them out of Lilith’s hand; her offspring.  Because of a loophole.  I found a loophole.  Prayed to the Father about it.  So that’s how the—you know, there’s always loopholes. 
Well, anyway, these Satanists who sign the dotted line forget one very thing.  First of all, they’re supposed to honor what they signed, but Satan doesn’t have to.  Because as far as he’s concerned, they’re mere mortals, and he can lie to—he can lie to them.  You know, he’s gonna lie.  He’s the father of lies.  Another thing is, is he does give them what they wanted.  Most people would say you’re signing your—you’re a Hollywood celebrity and you’re signing on the dotted line for fame and fortune.  Well, guess what.  You become a brand, at that point.  You become a brand and Satan owns your soul.  Those are the two things right off the bat that happen.  And so, these people, these Satanists—they become Satanists, at that point, because they’re worshipping Satan. 
The goat’s really big amongst all of them, because goat means they’re the offspring of the devil.  And they symbolize it by goats.  That’s why you see goats on all these stupid shows on TV.  They’ll bring in a goat for a sitcom or whatever.  Or show them washing a goat, or walking a goat, or something about a goat.  It’s subliminal programming, because they’re telling you, “We’re the offspring of Satan,” “We’re children of Satan,” “Followers of Satan.”  The goat is a symbol for that.
But anyway, when they go through the initiation process—and this is something the Father told me years ago.  I only put it together recently, the full meaning.  Because they go through the initiation process.  They go through Masonry.  They immediately start—they have to learn—start at the bottom and work their way up.  Same thing with the girls.  They have to start the sister side of Freemasonry, which is called the Sisterhood, which is the Eastern Star.  And I have no info, knowledge of Eastern Star stuff.  None.  But I do know about the Masons.  Everybody knows about the Masons.  Nobody knows about the witches in Eastern Star.  I don’t know why that is.  Everybody just picks apart the Masons.
But anyway, they go through the steps.  It’s actually 360 degrees, a full circle of degrees, in Masonry.  But they only tell the initiates that there’s 33.  They think 33 is the highest they can go.  So once these George Clooneys, and Brad Pitts, and LeBron James, and all these sports figures, and all these Hollywood figures, they start to climb the level of degrees of Freemasonry.  And once they get to that 32-, 33-degree level—I don’t know when it happens, it could happen at a earlier level or not, but that’s when they get replaced. 
It’s almost like that vision the Father gave me years ago, where there--I saw this mansion or whatever, and there’s different hallways and different rooms.  And it’s like initiates are going through each one.  Each time they go into a different room, they learn something new, I think it was representative of the different degrees, different levels.  And then when they get to the final level of Illumination, I guess that would be, like, the 33rd degree, because at the 33rd degree the title is worthy of worship, and they get a ring that actually says “Worthy of worship” on it. 
I remember seeing my uncle’s and laughing.  It’s like, “What do you think you are?  Worthy of worship.”  I thought it was the biggest satanic garbage I’d ever seen.  I was just a kid back then.  But I had two uncles in Masonry, and one finally—one got out.  One accepted the Lord and got out.  But the other one actually very high ranking.
But anyway, they go through these different rooms, these different degree levels.  And then when they get to the illumination, there’s a room and there’s a door.  And on the other side of that door—because you could see coming through the cracks of the door—is a huge white light.  A huge—just beaming.  And they’re told to go open the door.  And I don’t know what the opening door represents.  Maybe it’s the final phase, you become illumined, you become one of us.  Maybe they think it’s a door to some different dimensional gateway or they get to go somewhere.  There’s huge significance to it. 
They do all this other work, going through all these different degrees and levels to get to that final—where they can open the door and be illumined, you know.  And as they’re walking towards the door, someone comes up behind them and takes a dagger and just stabs them in the back.  So they’re killed instantly.  And the way--the reason they kill people instantly is because they want that soul.  There’s no way they’re gonna risk somebody having doubts, praying the salvation prayer, anything, to get them out of what, you know, of them getting them into hell.  They wanna make sure they got that soul and can cast it into hell, it’s one of theirs. 
And so, as this person is walking to the door to open up the illumination side of the occult or whatever it is, they’re killed on the way to the door.  And then, you know, I don’t know how literal that is.  It was just something the Father had shown me.  It seemed very real.  I know a lot of these visions can be symbolic, and so.  But that’s what they do. 
And so, at this point, that person, they’re dead, their soul goes to hell.  And their body lives on.  This is where they’re replaced.  They can keep cloning that body forever.  I mean, they can--they clone the person’s body, and then a Lizard steps in and takes over the human’s body, you know.  They reanimate it, I guess you could say.  And then they just use various clones of that body to keep the brand name going, you know.  To keep that name, Angelina Jolie, going.  To keep that name, Miley Cyrus, or Justin Bieber, Kardashians—gotta keep the brand names going making money.
You know, Michael Jackson was killed in 1984.  And look how long they kept his brand name going with clones.  So, they keep it going with the clones, because it’s the brand name.  I always wondered why they would do—have—stars would change their name, you know.  They all change their name.  It’s not their real names.  They change them to become stars.  Because this name is set up.  It’s a brand.  It’s already set up as a brand, and then they dedicated it to Satan, and blah, blah, blah. They do all these rituals, and wave their wands, and spit, whatever they do, I don’t know.  But that brand is all ready. 
So then somebody takes that name and becomes that brand.  Satan owns it already.  He owns that name, that brand.  And that person sells out and they become that brand, act that brand, become the actor or actress for that brand name.  And, eventually, they just get killed and replaced and a Lizard takes over.  I mean, because they’ve got everything set.  The Lizard just needs a body to operate in, you know. 
They do it fairly quickly.  I know—you know, it could take a lifetime to get to 33-degree status as a Mason.  At least at the lower levels.  Maybe it’s speeded up for Hollywooders, celebrities, sports figures.  I don’t know.  You know, it’s like somebody joins the Illuminati, and then five years later, they got that drone look.  Haha!  They got that Reptilian stare. 
You know, we call it the Reptilian stare.  That’s a name Rick [Vizzutti] over at—if you have never been over to that website, you should go check it out.  I used to talk to him a lot.  Haven’t talked to him in quite a while, a couple years now.  But he runs a great website, .  And he always referred to it as a Reptilian stare, when you’re looking at somebody, and that stare that just…you know, pure evil.  Some people say it pierces right through them.  To me, it just bounces off, but I just look at it like pure evil.  Pure evil.  Pure hell.  That’s that Reptilian stare.  And it’s, like, all of these—all of these celebrities get it. 
You know, it’s kind of like that fake aura.  I remember the Lord talking to me about the fake aura of the Pentecostal churches, where, um—you know, He’s at the churches.  When people start singing and praises His name, He’s going to be there.  But then the Satanist wolves like Benny Hinn and all them start calling on Satan, and they use hypnosis and they start operating in demonic and witchcraft spirits, so, obviously, the Lord’s gonna leave.  Because Satan comes in, takes over the services and these people, they just have this fake glow, and they feel like they’re being filled with the Holy Spirit, and it’s that mimic spirit of the Holy Spirit.
Well, when you look at men, especially these men in Hollywood—and it’s really sick when they’re holding their daughters, their baby daughters—and they all just look so at peace, calm.  You know, smiling and—they look peaceful and calm, but there’s something very evil about it.  And they’re holding a little girl and you just know, you just know.  Because the second no one’s looking, if they get mad, all of a sudden, that calm, peaceful smile disappears, and you’re looking at brutal Reptilian eyes staring at you in anger.  They can turn really fast.  It’s like a light switch.  I’ve noticed that amongst all those men. 
You know, David Beckham holding his daughter.  I just wanna puke.  I just wanna cry.  And the same thing with Brad Pitt and his daughter that’s now a whatever.  A lot of these celebrities going into the program because it’s worked so well over the years, of changing sexes of the children when they’re born.  They say Jennifer Aniston was switched as a child, that Justin Bieber was a Justina Bieber, that Serena Williams was a Steven.  Obviously, Michelle Obama became a tranny older—later in life.  But they have this agenda going now, when kids are born, turning the boys into girls and the girls into boys.  And so, that’s been going on for a while. 
You know, you’re just waiting for the announcement that Michelle Obama comes out of the closet and admits she’s a tranny. Probably like three days before they leave the office or something.  I don’t think they are gonna leave, but whatever.  It’ll make for a good scriptwriting, right?  Right before she leaves, “Haha, America!  I spent millions on vacations, thank you.  And by the way, I’m not a real woman.”  [laughs]  Yeah.  You know.  They’re still killing people to protect it, so—protect the secrets.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t have killed Joan Rivers for outing it. 
And the only reason they killed her is because she had so much credibility.  Like, when I say someone’s a Lizard, nobody believes me.  But when she says it, people would believe her.  [laughs]  You know, I’ve been saying this stuff for years.  And they don’t care because they figure no one’s gonna believe me.  They’ll just think I’m crazy.  But if someone like Joan Rivers would come out and say it, people might think twice.  So that’s why they killed her. 
So they’re not quite ready to come out of the closet yet.  I think they still want this Caitlin Jenner thing to warm over the public.  And, meanwhile, everybody’s secretly repulsed, nobody’s saying anything, everybody just wants to puke.  But the political correctness thing is to cheer and clap for him.  Tell him what a good boy he is—good girl he is.  Come on, guys.  This stuff just gets sick.  If I didn’t have…if Hollywood wasn’t my research tool, I wouldn’t even need a TV, I wouldn’t even have one.  But I learned a long time ago—because I never watched TV, never got involved with Hollywood, was never a fan of all that crap, but I also couldn’t warn and tell anybody, teach people anything, because I wasn’t aware of what was going on. How can you be a watchman if you don’t know what’s going on?  You know? 
And I’m thinking, “Well, I’m learning about all this soul-replacement and transference, and all this stuff they’re doing at Dulce Base.  Wonder if they’re doing it on TV, how much in our face is it?” you know.  Dulce Base is one of the key bases they do this at.  I knew there was a place, at night, that these hybrids get sucked into going to.  And Super Soldiers.  They all go.  They’re all—they meet at these places at night.  And so, I knew about them, I just didn’t know they were called cloning centers.  That’s what Donald Marshall calls them.  I just called them—they were some kind of arenas.  The Father didn’t let me see inside.  I was in a hallway outside.  I just—I wasn’t allowed to see it.  He wasn’t gonna show it to me.  Because sometimes He’ll take me to these places and just give me visions of them, you know.  I won’t see it.  And so, hard to explain.
But, yeah, this stuff exists.  It goes on.  You know, according to them, it happens every night.  Every time they hit REM sleep they’re dragged out of their bodies and taken and put in clone bodies.  And then their cloned bodies are abused and beat up during the night.  Boy, aren’t you glad you worship Satan!?  [laughs]  What are these people?  Stupid?  [laughs]  “Oh, yeah, I worship Satan so I can go get beat up, abused, raped, sodomized every night.”  What!?  Why would you sign the dotted line for that?  Because no matter how ugly or fat you are, and you can’t get real women or real men, eventually, you get tired-- you get tired of it.  They all want out.  That’s why they get replaced.  Because a human can only handle so much.  And that’s what the Father was telling me.  He said they break.  They break. 
I don’t know what they do—what do you do with a LeBron James who’s 6-foot-7, totally sold out to the devil.  If he was droned, what’d they call it—soul-scalped--does that Lizard get the talent and the athletic abilities that the human had?  I mean, how does that work?  I mean, I know they do, because there’s singers, they take over their singing.  And for the—for athletes, though, it’s, like, how do they—they get the athletes talent?  They can do all that in the human’s body?  I don’t know.  I don’t know. 
Their bodies seem to break down a lot more once they’re possessed, because they’re always having—seems like they’re always having leg injuries or arm—you know, injuries with their bodies.  I would guess taking over a human body would be kind of awkward to get used to.  I don’t know.  I’m just going on a limb there.  They are athletes, beating up their bodies all the time, so maybe it’s just a natural thing.  I don’t know.
But, yeah, I’ve been watching the countdown with LeBron James, because, you know, he’s a Cleveland boy—Akron boy.  I don’t live too far from Akron.  And, you know, you can watch him when he goes there, what a little worker bee that he is.  You know, he recruited Kobe Bryant in.  And Kobe Bryant never signed the dotted line.  Never wanted involved with the Illuminati. But then, his last divorce—I don’t know if that was his first or his second or whatever, but that was breaking him.  He needed to fill the coffers again, because his wife took a lot of his money.  And so, he signed the dotted line and joined. 
And LeBron is being used as a huge big-time recruiter in the NBA.  Jay Z recruited him in.  And he’s been whispering in the ear of Johnny Manziel, who—Cleveland Browns quarterback, number one draft pick out of Texas A & M in 2014, I think it was.  He’s been a disaster, but he’s been hooking up with LeBron James now.  And so, you see the tentacles reach out, you know.  And you see how LeBron James interacts with the other basketball players.  If he shows you a lot of love, that means you’ve signed the dotted line.  If he doesn’t, he kind of ignores you or is rude, then you’re not in.  So you know who’s not in and who isn’t—or who is, you know [laughs], just by the way he treats people around him.  I don’t know.  They just go tumbling down.
You know, I was reading this thing—watching this thing earlier today about Adrian Peterson.  He’s that football player in Minnesota that they keep dragging through the mud.  And, you know, wonder why they keep dragging him through the mud. And here it is that this guy had signed, like, a 3 or 4 million dollar—3- or 4-year, 33 million dollar contract.  Well, that’s a Freemason number; 33.  That means it was an occultic contract, Freemason contract.  And he signed the contract, but he never joined the Illuminati.  And so, they’re coming back saying, “Hey, you owe us a sacrifice.  Because you signed our contract.”  Apparently, there’s different contracts you can sign.  He happened to sign the Masonic one.  Maybe he didn’t know the difference.  I’m not—I’m sure a lot of people don’t. 
But he refused to join.  He didn’t want to be a part of the Illuminati.  And so, they killed one of his kids.  And then they set him up on fake charges of abusing another.  Because they figured he owed them two sacrifices for that 33-million-dollar contract he had.  You know, this is how it works.  This is how they think.  And so, they come and get you, you know.  No one’s allowed to have big wealth unless you’re one of them.  And so, you know all these football players coming in—I’m anxious to see what happens to [Marcus] Mariota over in Philadelphia.  He was, what, the number one—him and Jameis Winston, top two of the draft pick football last year.  How they’re gonna react to the, you know, being pounced on by the Illuminati to make that big money.  They come calling.  You sign the contracts and then they come calling. 
I just keep my eye out on stuff, you know.  They tell you what to watch for.  And you know what?  It’s all coming down.  It’s all crumbling down.  Judgment Day is coming September 23, 2015.  And all of these people that have spent their lives following Satan are gonna meet their brethren.  [laughs]  They’re gonna meet their brothers, their sisters.  Their fellow demons and Watchers or fallen angels, are coming through the portal.  And this is Illuminati hype.  This isn’t coming from me.  I don’t have no “thus saith the Lord.”  This is the Illuminati agenda.  They have plans of opening up the 9-1 door—what they call the 9-1 door.  It’s IXXI door [actually, can be read as 9-11; IX = 9, XI = 11].  And—based out of Revelations, chapter 9, verse 1. And it says, and he saw Satan like lightning falling from the sky, with a key to the bottomless pit.
And that’s just describing this 9-1 door that CERN is set to open on September 23 of this year.  Opening up a huge portal to allow all of the Watchers who have been imprisoned since Enoch’s day are gonna be released.  This is the 70th generation, the 70th Jubilee year starts on September 14 of this year—or the 15th—the 70th Jubilee starts.  And so, all of these beings that have been imprisoned, that rebelled against The Most High, that were punished during Lucifer’s rebellion and also the Watchers’ rebellion, they’re gonna be released and they’re coming to Earth.  And they’ll be coming through the portal.  And so, you know, the churches are ramping, “Oh, there’s gonna be a rapture on the 23rd.”  And I’m thinking, “Uh, I don’t think so.”  [laughs]  All these—fire falling from heaven with a bunch of fallen angels and stuff.  I don’t think the rapture’s gonna happen at that time, folks.  You know.
The last blood moon is on the 28th.  And if you read Joel 2, that more signifies the beginning of the day of the Lord.  The sixth seal opening, the breaking of the sixth seal.  So, I know that there’s Jewish rabbis stating that the portal opening isn’t until—I know nobody wants to hear this—isn’t until September 23 of 2017.  But that everybody’s hyping it this year.  So I guess that’s their escape date.  If they can’t make it happen this September 23, then they go for it 2017. 
They always have various dates.  I told you there’s multiple dates for everything.  So that’s the escape date, I guess, if something doesn’t happen in September.  But they’re all—it’s all set up.  I mean, the Pope’s gonna be here.  There’ll be a financial market crash on September 13.  The stock market crashes.  On the 14th, the year of Jubilee begins.  On the 15th, the Pope addresses the U.N. and their 69th assembly year begins.  Well, I don’t think he addresses the U.N. until the 22nd, 20th, somewhere around there.  Maybe he does on the 15th. 
But I know on the 22nd is when Yom Kippur begins.  Everyone’s pushing the 23rd.  But remember the Jewish Talmud Satanists going by the lunar cycle, their days are from night to night.  And so, Yom Kippur begins sundown on the 22nd to sundown on the 23rd.  And then it can also go till sundown on the 24th.  Which is why they’re even saying the 23rd or 24th, because they don’t know.  They don’t know the exact date.  It’s gonna be the 22nd, 23rd, or 24th, depending on whose calendar they’re going on; Gregorian or Hebrew, solar or lunar.  So there’s no window of opportunity the 22nd to 24th. 
Either way, they do have the Pope coming in to give a speech in Philadelphia on the 22nd, 23rd.  And there’s a Nostradamus prophecy that talks about the Pope being killed in the city between two rivers.  I don’t know how they get Philadelphia out of that, but.  But then, if they really believed that, then why would he be scheduled to meet with Obama on the 23rd and give a speech to Congress, you know?  He’s gonna come to America.  He’s giving a speech in New York at the U.N.  Then he’s going to Philadelphia.  And then he’s gonna address Congress. 
You know, a lot of stuff going on in September, and I’m gonna talk about it during my next show.  I just wanted to talk tonight about other stuff.  I go on rabbit trails.  Either way, I am out of time.  And so, I’ll have to pick all this up next week on my show.
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Till next week, everybody.  Yah bless.

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