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Wednesday, March 22, 2017
And hello, everybody.  Welcome to the show.  Iím Sherry Shriner.  Oh, itís good to be back.  I didnít do a show yesterday.  Father didnít want me to, so I didnít do it.  I had to take last week off, because I had to recover.  They keep pounding me with all their radiation and crap.  I think, half the time Iím about one heartbeat away from being dead.  And so, took the week off to recover, so.  It never stops, folks.  It never stops.
Iíve been on the air for a long time.  Since 2004.  And so, from what I can see, weíre the most valuable resistance on earth.  Our war against the wicked is definitely effective.  And I was having some fun, last couple days, with this whole equinox thing.
A lot of news going on with the death of David Rockefeller, so.  A couple things to say about that.  You know, I was looking at John, hisóJohn Rockefeller, because he was the one from Cleveland.  And he was born in Upstate New York, but he settled in Cleveland.  Established Standard Oil Company.  Because what you learn when you follow these Satanistsóand I donít know if itís all of them, but I know itís a lot of themóbecause I learned this in the orgone war when we were targeting where the underground alien bases are, so we could go pound and saturate them with our orgone, orgone destroys these nests of aliens, folks.  It burns them, it annoys them.
And no matter how far they think they can dig into the ground, they eventually have to breathe our air.  And so, if you get orgone in the vicinity, itíll eventually be sucked down into those bases.  Especially the water.  The water affects them.  Because when you put orgone in water, you know, for us it purifies and cleanses the water, to them, itís like poison.  And so, it burns them.
Various ways to destroy these things, folks.  Tearing down the strongholds of Lucifer.  Itís what Iíve always been about.  Itís why Iím here.  But one thing Iíve learned is that these Satanists all have alien bases underneath their estates.  You know, you look at the Kennebunkport, Maine estate of George Bush, Sr., thereís a alien base under that.  Warren Buffett in Omaha, Nebraska, heís got a base under his house.  [coughs]  Yeah, Crawford Ranch in Texas for the Bushes, huge MILAB [military abduction base] under there.  And the difference between that one and the one in Maine, and the one the rest haveóDick Cheney, he has one out in Wyoming.  He has a human hunting ground property out in Wyoming.  He entertains these Reptilians all the time.  [coughs]
But the one underneath Warren Buffettís house, and the one underneath Bush, Sr.ís house in Maine is that those are like labs.  These are [coughs] some kind of alien labs where they develop bioterror weapons.  Like, they develop vaccines and combinations of chemicals that will hurt and destroy humans.  And so, theyíre kind of like scientist development bases.  [coughs]  They do science research and health research, I guess you could say.  Where the one in Texasótheyíre killing me already.  [coughs deeply]  Here comes the pounding of radiation.  The one in Texas is a MILAB and they haul kids in there.  Which is another reason weíve been taking on the war [coughs] against child trafficking.  Because of these MILABs.  [coughs deeply]  I may have to cut down these shows to two a week permanently anyway.  About dead by the time the weekís over.  Get my train of thought back here.  They donít even hide it anymore.
So, this John Rockefeller, the whole point being, he had an estate in Cleveland, and it had a really long driveway.  And it was right outside the town of Clevelandócity of Cleveland.  Back then it wasnít the ghetto it is now, where heís at.  But, interestingly enough, there was a huge base.  His estate down there sits on top of a huge base in Cleveland.  And the last several years, probably like the lastóprobably still working on itólast six, seven years, theyíve been adding on to the base that was already down there.  And they have this huge underground facility there.  I knew an electrician that was working underneath it.  And itís about a mile wide he said.  I mean, you donít just walk from one end to the other, you have to have a vehicle, because itís so big.  And this is just down in Cleveland.  And theyíve been working on this baseóI think someone said it was supposed to become a communications center.  Some kind of FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] roundup thing.
People think when the FEMA camp roundup starts, itís gonna be obvious and people are gonna be seeing people loaded up.  Itís not gonna be like that at all, itís very hidden.  Itís gonna be very hidden.  The news media will not be talking about it, and a lot of it will be taking place at night.  And a lot of it will be taking place in away places like underground bases, processing centers underneath the ground where they just load people up underneath the ground and then transport them out via 18-wheeler trucks, or they take them to airports, put them on trains.  Itís gonna be very hidden, even in major cities like Cleveland, because they just do it all underground and they do it at night.
And, you know, they were working, for years, on underground hotels and stuff like that.  Literally under the banks in Cleveland for the Republican convention that came in town.  And I did a video on them, Iím not gonna get into that.  Point being, these are all Satanists, folks.  Theyíre all sold out to Satan.  David Rockefeller was no different.
David Rockefeller knew he was going to hell when he died.  He knew it, and he resigned his fate to that.  I remember, back in 2011, I think it was, maybe, somebody I knew had been talkingówas talking to him, and at the time, heíd walk around barefoot.  And heís, like, a hundred years old.  This guyís walking around, no socks, shoes.  Trying to walk around barefoot.  And he told this person I knew he knew how it was gonna be hot, so heís preparing his feet for the texture of hell, the dirt and concrete and whatever he was expecting down there, the gravel [laughs].  Does he really think heís gonna be walking around in hell?  Oh, it was kind of funny.  But thatís what he told him.  He knew it was gonna be hot, so he was getting his feet ready.  And in hell he is.  Heís in hell.
And so, yeah, letís talk about David Rockefeller.  You know, he died several months ago.  And they were keeping his body alive.  Probably like a artificial or induced coma, something like that, so they could proclaim his death as a sacrifice on equinox. And the reason they held him over this long for the equinox sacrifice was because they already lost him and they didnít wanna have to lose another one of their top leaders.  Apparently, they had to sacrifice one of their top leaders.  And so, hanging Rockefeller over to be that top leader on the equinox was enough to make the others happy.  I donít know who these others are.  I have a strong feeling itís the Chinese, because the Chinese were demanding a sacrifice.  And so, when David died, I think back in December, they just held on to his body.  Thatís what Iím getting.  He died back in December.
Queenís dead, too.  Sheís dead.  And so, you really donít kill humans anymore, you just kill characters.  Because the Queenís been just cloned, look-alike for a long time.  And I heard sheísóyeah, sheíd dead.  Theyíll bring her out, eventually, and have her funeral.  When they need another big sacrifice.
But Rockefeller got thrown under the bus for that one, and heís actually the last grandson ofóer, the last son of the Rockefellers.  And he was also rumored to have beenóhis fatherís rumored to have been the son of Rothschilds of France.  And David, himself, spoke fluent French.
But what was funnyóbecause their judgment always comes.  Itís not if, itís when.  And like, typically, they all doóthey all think theyíre gonna go down to hell and own the place.  Or, like, some of them think theyíre gonna die and get a condo on a different planet.  [laughs]  They tell them so many lies.
First of all, letís reiterate that Lucifer has no control of hell.  He doesnít own hell.  Hell is operated and owned by the Most High God.  Those in hell who inflict His judgments are what you might wanna call managers of hell.  Itís all owned by God. Lucifer has no say in it.  So if you die and go to hell, donít expect Lucifer to save you, because he has no control in hell.  He has access, he can go there, but he canít take anybody out.  Once youíre there, youíre there.  He has no authority, no power to take anybody out since he took Lilith out at the very beginning, and it wasnít really a hell.  Itís like what do you do when thereís like ten people dead in the whole world.  It wasnít sealed, it was the place of the dead, but he easily just went down and got her.  And same thing with Eve.  And then, after that, hell was sealed.  And hell evolved over time.  It wasnít like it is now.  It wasnít like that back then.  Itís evolved over time.
So he didnít get the welcome he thought he would, obviously, because Luciferís not even there.  Luciferís been in quarantine since last year.  And people laugh, because I know you hear the New Agers sayóbecause everybody takes my stuff and twists itóbut, yeah, Earth isnít big enough for Lucifer and me in the same place, at the same time right now, so heís been held in quarantine.  He will be released soon.  And then you will see Revelation, chapter 12 commence, because heís being held.  And if you read my book, Interview with the Devil, itís all in there.  I talk about all of it.  Why heís up there, what heís doing.  And what heís gonna do when he comes back.  Itís all in my book.  Iíve talked aboutóIíve got videos.  I have, like, 80 videos on my YouTube channel, folks.  Go listen your heart out.  I donít keep anything back.  You donít have to buy my book, go watch a video.
Anyway, so Rockefeller doesnít get his welcome in hell he thinks he deserves.  Lucifer wasnít there.  He met the managers.  [laughs]  Oh, man.  And you donít wanna meet these managers.  The managers of hell are veryÖvery grotesque.  I mean, just the gatekeepers of hellówe all haveóthat gives you a pretty much idea what they look like.  Because when I saw Star Wars as a kid, and I saw that Darth Vader, I freaked out.  Because Iíd seen those things.  They were stalking me at night.  Tall black things.  Yeah.  And theyíre down in hell, too.  Theyíre demons.  High-ranking class of demons.  And theyíre also used to manage the things of hell, the various tortures of hell the people get put through.
So you know what?  I was asking the Father about it, and He said, you know, Rockefeller lived every day fearing death.  He feared the day he would die and leave earth.  They all do.  It doesnít leave their minds.  Because once you join Luciferís kingdom on earth, you get the shame put on you.  You get the fear put on you.
As much as they tell you the Bible is a lie, itís not true, and they have all this stuff hidden in the Vatican vaults thatópassages they left out, took out of the KJV [King James Version of the Bible] and how they manipulated the KJV, and thatís why none of themówhy they all mock it, and hate religion, and hate the Bible, because theyíve seen what actually was done to it through the KJVóthe Fatherís message is still there.  And the one thing that hangs over their head is what if itís true?  What if itís true that hell does exist?  What if itís true that we do go there when we die?
And they know.  They know they do.  In fact, in 2012, David Rockefeller was given a three-day tour of hell.  He was sat on the outside of the gates of it.  They tried to kill me in 2012, so I had them all rounded up, and we took them through a three-day tour of hell.  Hillary was there, too.  The Queen was there.  They were all there.  It was a Whoís Who of people on earth.  And he had a chance then to repent and renounce of his sins and join the Lord, and he wouldnít.  He wouldnít.  He was hardcore Satan to the end.  Just as Bill Clinton was.
You know, thatís a story thatís never been told.  A lot of things happening in 2012.  But itís probably one of the most busy year.  And it seems like every year the stuff starts to happen in March and April.  Those are the two hottest months of the year. Because remember last year, last March, is when Lilith got put into detainment.  And Lucifer tried to break her free and he got put into detainment.  I mean, it just never ends.  She got put into containment because she was trying to kill me.  Thatís why Iím the most blacklisted and suppressed person on this planet, folks.  They donít want you to listen to me.  They donít want you to like me.  They spread lies about me all over the Internet.  I get tons of haters.  They get paid to just troll my videos.  They get paid to troll everything I do online.  Why?  Why is that?
Anyway, Rockefeller will have no peace in hell.  Heís in the labs.  This area called the labs.  And this is pretty much what Lucifer tried to duplicate at the Vatican.  They have their own mockup of hell at the Vatican.  And itís what they do now.  They bring in people there now.  Henry Paulson was there a couple weeks ago.  Lilith was having some vengeance on him.  But they put you on these tables and they torture you.  Thatís what you see in the horror movies like Pindar [Sherry means Pinhead Ėtranscriber] and Hellraiser.  Those are all recreations.  The kind of stuff you see in hell.
You know when theyíre laying on the table and they start yanking your intestines out, and start pulling them out.  And the guyís laying there screaming and stuff and then it starts all over again.  I mean, thatís what they do.  You donít die, because youíre already dead.  You not just some gray little mist ghost.  You have a body.  You have a spirit body.  Only in in hell, you canít kill it, it doesnít die, it doesnítóyou keep feeling the pain and the tortures over and over and over again.  The labs are everything you probably can imagine, seen on TV, and then canít even imagine.  The tortures on the table.  Thatís justice, folks.  All the kids heís killed.  The people heís killed.  Billions, billions.
Gates goes to hell.  Heís responsible for the deaths of billions.  And when these people who are responsible for the death of billions, they go to the arena.  Thatís a special place designed for them.  And thatís where Rockefeller will be going next. Right now, heís in the lab area, the tables.  And then heíll go to the carnival area.  Iíve talked about that on my show, with the Ferris wheel.  The different carnival-type judgments.  Whole section of hell in there for that.  And the arena, where all the people heís killed will have time to face him.  Yeah, heís gonna come face to face with the people heís sent down there.  And theyíll be allowed to torture and do things to him.  Theyíll be allowed.  Itís retribution, itís whateverópaybacks.
So, yeah, heís not sitting in a bar in hell.  Heís not talking with his dad and his brothers and sisters.  They donít see each other in hell.  In hell, youíre in isolation.  You donít get to talk and socialize and hang out with other people.  Not where heís at. Thereís a different level of hell.  They kind of go by levels of severity.  Especially when youíre talking about people who didnít live very long.  20-somethings, they die.  Or late teenagers or whatever.  And theyíre just put in different places.  Theyíre not in those torment, torture like these other folks who knew better, who had more time with their lives to turn it around to service The Most High and then simply refused.
What I found interesting, from what Iím hearing, Steve Jobs, you know the Apple computers, he found out what they did to Bill Gates, and so, he faked his death and went into hiding.  Because Bill Gates, the real Bill Gates, is being hidden away, and they data-mined his brain.  Heís like a human lab experiment.  And heís being kept in a deep underground alien base.  And theyíre trying to find ways to duplicate his brain, because they wanna, you know, recreate clones and put itóisolate the gene that makes total developmentólike inventors.  Because Bill Gates was a genius.
People think, ďOh, he was stupid.  He formed this thing in his garage.  His parents really did it and he just took the credit.Ē  Bill Gates had an IQ of 180.  He had a higher IQ than Stephen Hawking, the scientist.  And he was also one of Luciferís favorite people, because Bill Gates was developing technologies for him.  I remember he had him someplace in Iron Mountain several years back.  He had some kind of project going on in the Iron Mountain complex [in Pennsylvania] deep hidden away, because they were tying in the chips to the Beast Computer.  They were working on these different technologies, and so.
Heís still alive, but heís prison.  And heís half human, halfóartificially keeping his body alive with robotic parts, because they wanna study his brain.  And so, Steve Jobs found out about this.  He totally freaked out.  Heís totally scared to death of these aliens.  And so, he faked his death and took off to South America.  Thatís what Iím hearing.
Thereís some nasty stuff, folks.  When you sign the dotted line, when you serve Lucifer, itís not a pretty picture, itís not a peaceful life.  Theyíre always in fear.
So, right now, what weíre dealing with is the media, who are the handlers and controllers of the CIA.  The CIA controls them, the Reptilian faction.  And so, the celebrities donít want them mad at them, because whenóyou control people by fear. And so, if celebrities make the Satanists mad who control all the media, they make your life a living hell.  They put smear campaigns on TV against you to humiliate you.  And so, celebrities know this, and theyíre in fear of ruining their careers, reputations, and lives, and losing their money.  And so, they do what theyíre told.  And so, thatís why weíre getting absolutely no rest from this stupid Obama Libtard crowd, and their feminism, and Liberalism, and shoving their transgender agenda down everyoneís throats.  Because itís the CIA thatís pushing all that behind the scenes.  They own the media.  So they force the celebrities to do all this stuff.
Boycott the award shows.  Donít even watch it.  Theyíre just pushing their agendas to the forefront.  And if you boycott Hollywood, weíre not gonna watch your garbage, weíre tired of your lies and rituals on TV, which all they are is rituals.  Bringing out their industry artists; Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye, all of them, industry artists, to perform rituals on TV and initiate you into witchcraft and Satanism.  Donít watch it, folks.  Donít watch it.  Send Hollywood a strong message, ďWeíre sick of your garbage.Ē  And donít watch the garbage networks that keep spewing lies, keep trying to push the Reptile agenda.  [audio cuts out]  CNN, MSNBC, NBC.  Donít watch them.  Let them know weíre sick of it.  Youíre sick of it, not gonna listen to it.
Anyway, the ladyís already singing.  90 seconds left.  Donít forget to support my ministry, folks.  You can go to  You can send your offerings, your tithes, alms, donations, contributions [audio cuts out].
Anyway, folks, be back tomorrow.  Tomorrow at noon.  I got some truth Iím gonna blast out tomorrow at noon.  Itíll be interesting.
Anyway, till then.  Yah bless.






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