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Wednesday, August 16, 2017








And hello, everybody.  Welcome to the show.  Iím Sherry Shriner.  Iím gonna answer questions today.  So if you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648, and then just press whatever number that is, 1 or 2, to ask the host a question.  And Iíll do that today, because, you know what?  Iíve been busy this week.  Itís gonna be a busy week for me.  So Iím just gonna take questions today.




Letís see.  All right.  Letís see if this is a question or Iím just messing this up.




SHERRY:  Hello, caller.  Youíre on the air.  [pauses]  Hello, caller.  Do you have a question for the show?




CALLER:  [no reply, just audio feedback of what Sherry already said, on callerís end]  Letís see if this is a question or Iím just messing this up.  Hello, caller.  Youíre on the air.




SHERRY:  Hey, how ya doiní?  Whereíre you calling from?  [pauses]




CALLER:  [no reply]




SHERRY:  All right, we lost that one.  [laughs]




I havenít done questions in a long time.  Itís been a while since I opened up the show for questions, because itís really just difficult to hear people.  And as much problems as they usually give just trying to call in to do the show, I could imagine the torture they give people trying to call in to the show.  So [laughs].








I was looking at information on the false flag in Virginia.  One thing I noticed, the guy that was driving the car, obviously not the same guy they arrested.  Hello? Where did I see this already?  You know, Iíve been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for Steve MineoísóI canít even think of heróafter all this, I canít even think of her name.  Uh, Barb Rogers.  The one he was dating and the one who killed him are two different people.  And no one will answer my question, ďIs that the same woman he was dating?Ē  Why is that?  Why wonít his family answer a simple question?  Is the one they arrested the same one he was dating?  Because they look like totally two different people.




Then you look at the Virginia false flag.  And the guy driving the car is obviously not the same one they arrested.  Different face, different shirts.  You know what he looks like, the guy thatís driving the car?  He looks like the guy they were looking for back with Timothy McVeigh.  Back with the Oklahoma City bombing.  And the first thing they did was post three pictures of guys they were looking for, and one of them was Timothy McVeigh, one of them was a Middle Eastern-looking dude.  And then there was a third one, and thatís who this driver looks like.  The third one that they were looking for in Oklahoma City.




I donít know.  Just one of those coincidences.  You get someone to do the crime, and then you set up a patsy to do the time.  And the person who does the crime gets away.  Thatís what makes me mad, because I want the original Barb Rogers on trial for the murder of Steve Mineo, not a patsy.




And why doesnít her name come up in the PA [Pennsylvania] database for inmates, the inmate locator?  You can go to the website.  And her name has never come up.  Any one of her aliases names have never come up.  You can go to Vine Link, and theyíll give you her name, and her inmate number, and the fact that sheís being held in PA, and blah-blah-blah.  But you know what?  When you check that inmate number, it doesnít come up in the PA database.  Itís not even the same number system as the PA database.  Itís a totally fake number.  So why is Vine Link giving out fake inmate numbers?




And then you look at the two inmate pictures of Barb Rogers, and they look like two different women.  Like, oneís ten years older than the other or whatever. They look a lot similar, but thereís slight differences.  One doesnít even look human; one looks totally synthetic, like theyíre using one of their temporary synthetics.  And if you know how they play the game, then you know what Iím talking about.  Otherwise, you just think Iím crazy.








I got a question in the chat room.




LISTENER:  Sherry, do you think the chip card will replace the mandatory RFID chip?




SHERRY:  Yeah, eventually.  I told you guys thatís what it was gonna lead to.  They get everybody acclimated to the chips in the cards, which take ten minutes longer to check out than just swiping your card at a machine.  The old swipe was so much faster.  I hate these chip cards.  I didnít want a chip card, they just sent it to me in the mail.  Sent it to everybody in the mail and said, ďHereís your new card.Ē  I didnít want a new card.  Especially one with a chip in it.




But, yeah, theyíll aggravate everybody with these chip cards.  And then theyíll say, ďOh, weíre gonna make it easier.  Weíre gonna put the chip in your hand.Ē  And you know what I was saying on my show Monday night.  What happens when the electrical grid goes down?  And waving your hand isnít gonna do any good.  So you sell your soul to the devil to get the chip implant in your hand, and you canít even open a door.




The electrical gridís going down, folks.  You know, theyíre gonna go door-to-door.  Theyíre gonna use these NATO troops, these UN troops, and theyíre gonna go door-to-door.  And theyíre gonna ask to see the chip on your hand.  And if you donít have the chip, theyíre gonna throw you out of your home.  Theyíre gonna throw you out.  Theyíre either gonna enforce you to get a chip to own property or to have a place to live, or theyíre gonna throw you out.  And, most likely, what theyíll do is throw you in a truck and take you to a FEMA camp for refusing to get the chip.  Now, this is coming when they start enforcing the chip of the beast.








So, yeah, I mean, I know this stuffís coming.  Nothing new under the sun.  People donít realize what all entailed Satanís first rebellion in heaven.  He tried the same stuff back then, folks.  He tried to switch the entire system that heaven runs on and turn it into the market economy-type thing.  And it angered a lot of the angels, because nobody wanted changes, nobody knew what money was, it was no setup for money.  There was no banks, there was no cash registers.  There was none of this stuff.  And this is the kind of system Lucifer wanted to implement, but he went right straight to the putting his picture on their hands.  And, of course, the angels just threw a fit.  And that was the huge part of the rebellion in heaven.  The Bible says nothing new under the sun, because heís done all this before, folks.




And one of the reasons some of the angels went ahead and took Luciferís side instead of leavingóbecause all the angels were leaving at this point.  They were just leaving their planets, because they wouldnít join Luciferís kingdom that he was trying to set up.  At this point, he had fallen, and everybody was leading all the angels away from him.  One of the reasons some of them would take it is because they didnít wanna lose their homes.  They didnít wanna be kicked out of the communities they had known all their lives.  And it was intimidating to them.  They didnít wanna lose what they already had.  The fear of the unknown, the fear of something new, having to leave.  I donít know if itís even them.




And so, nothing new, folks.  And this is what itís gonna come down to when they start the mark of the beast, the enforcement.  Theyíre not gonna wait for you to show up at the license bureau and get your chipóor the bank.  Theyíre gonna be going door-to-door, which signals, to me, that, hey, the electricís probably gonna be down.  So why do you need a chip if the electricís down?  Because theyíre gonna do you then, huh?




Thatís why you load up.  When you see a little truck of Chinese soldiers coming up your driveway, start shooting, folks.  Shoot first, ask question later, because theyíre gonna come for you.  Donít just give up.  Donít just throw your guns down, your weapons down, your pride down, and walk to get carted off to a FEMA camp.  Defend yourself, defend your families.  Because if they get you into a FEMA camp, theyíre gonna torture you.  I wouldnít go alive.  I wouldnít let them take me.








Anyway, folks, if you got a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648, and be sure to press number 1 or 2, whatever it is to ask a question.  I notice that the people that say, ďWhy donít you ever do a listener call-in?Ē probably arenít even listening to this show.  Isnít that the way it goes?  Then you do have listener call-in, and the ones who want it arenít paying attention.  [laughs]  So Iím sitting here, scribbling throughó




Why would they have a white supremacist rally?  Thatís so George Soros.  Thatís so George.  Stir up the hate.  Stir up the hate.  You canít have it both ways.  You canít have the NAACP, and then scream, and cry, and throw rallies and fits about a NAAWP.  You know, you canít Black Lives Matter because white lives donít, and then yell at white supremacists.  You canít have it both ways, folks.  So everybody gets their five minutes of fame.  Everybody gets their protesting time.




Personally, I run into a lot more racists from the black community than I ever have the white community.  And Iíve been in the white community a long time.  Iím fifty-one years old.  And Iíve had so much more hate and racism from the black community than any other community, ever.  Especially the e-mails I get.  A lot of hate from that crowd.  I donít know what their problem is.  Actually, I just donít even wanna deal with it.  I donít even debate them, I donít talk with them, I just ignore.




The Father doesnít care what color skin you are.  He doesnít care what color race you are.  His salvation is open to all.  And that Black Hebrew crowd online is just pure hate.  Itís just an excuse to hate and fight with racism.  I mean, thatís just all it is, folks.  But if youíre white and you complain about racism, they donít wanna hear it.  Theyíll still call you a racist, because youíre white complaining about beingóhaving to deal with racism.  See how mixed up it is.  Twisted and stupid.




Anyway, I donít care about being politically correct.  I just care about being correct, and sitting at the Fatherís feet, and asking Him for the truth in all things.  And thatís all you guys should be worried about.








Isnít it weird that Trump says, ďIím going on recess for three weeks,Ē when Congress is going on, and all you see in the news is trumped up news stories showing the same politicians and the president?  And I donít think itís them.  I think the clones are out.  Maybe they just get bored with their own paranoia and hype.




They always have these events where they pull the congressmenóďOh, thereís gonna be a bombing!  Everybody get on the plane.  Weíre taking everybody to safety!Ē  They do this every time thereís, like, an election in D.C. and you get all these new congressmen in there.  And then they get them on the plane and they soul scalp them all.




I first noticed this back when Condoleeza Rice was hired asówhat was sheóNational Security Advisor for Bush.  And they had all of them on a plane.  Because they had to take them to safety, you know.  There was something going on in D.C.  There was a bombing or something.  And they soul scalped them on the plane. And then they get off the plane and theyíre not themselves anymore.  Theyíre soul scalped and replaced.  You can look at their eyes, and theyíre slit eyes.  Just different people.  Thatís what happens.  Thatís what they do to D.C. all the time.  I guess when they need new clones, they could do the same thing.  ďOK, everybody get on the plane so we could replace your clones.  [laughs]  Recharge the batteries, fix the wiring.Ē  Itís a dog and pony show, folks.








ďWhat about our pets if we donít come home.Ē  I donít know about pets.  Iím not gonna answer that.  I mean, know the Lord lovesóthereíre lots of animals in heaven.  [coughs]  Lots of animals.




I donít know if this person has a question or not.  I get a lot of people that like to sit on my line during the show.  But ďmuteĒ is lit up, so Iím thinking they just wanna sit there.  Iíve been dealing with that for years.  Truckers who canít access the show on computer, they call in on cell phones and sit on my lines during the show.  [coughs]




Hmm.  Crunch time, folks.




Could you imagine heaven if everybody got their pets there?  Iíd be like [coughs] a cazdrillion.  Everybody has more than one pet, usually.  I donít know.  I donít know.  I know people would as soon to see their pets there.  I donít know.  Iím not gonna say one way or the other.  I like the animals Iíve seen there.  [coughs] You know, some of that stuffís pretty cool.  Weíll leave that till youíll find out, whenever.








Today is August 16.  [coughs]  Yesterday they wanted to roll out the RV.  I donít know why theyíd do it on a Tuesday, because Thursdayís always their big hype dates.  The 21st is the back door.  So itís kind of interesting that their backdoor date to get the world currencies revalued is August 21.  And a backdoor date is the absolute last date.  They try to get it implemented before then on previous goal dates.  An absolute back date is August 21, on the eclipse day.  Interesting.  And this is all being run by the Chinese, folks.




When you see this happen, it means the dollar is no longer the world currency.  The dollar is now backed by gold.  Itís no longer a fiat, worthless currency, which means the Rothschilds donít control the U.S. dollar anymore.  It also means America doesnít control their own dollar anymore.  Because when you see the currencies revalue, itís China and Russia, pretty much, that will be taking over the control and ownership of America at that point.  Itís what Iíve been screaming about.




I always said weíre gonna see Chinese in our streets.  Now weíre gonna see them in our banks.  And itís not if, itís when.  Itís when.  [coughs]  I mean, their agenda is worse than the Christiansí raptureówaiting for that.  Because their agenda is a good 20 years strong now.  Everybody waiting for that date, constantly, of when the countriesí currencies are gonna revaluate.  Especially since 2012.  Itís been a total rollercoaster.  [coughs]




Itís getting hot in here.  I get pounded just for sitting here saying not much of anything.  [coughs]  They GPS in your location.  They GPS you.  I need a Faraday cage.  I need to be underground with a Faraday cage, is what I need.  They need to stop heating me up and blasting me.  Iíve been putting up with this since I started radio shows in 2004.  And if you move to a new place, itís just a matter of time before they find you.








So, anyway, folks.  You all wanted a question day.




SHERRY:  Hello, caller.  You got a question?




CALLER:  Hey, Sister Sherry, this is Dana.  How are you?




SHERRY:  Dana, Bro.  Whatís up?




CALLER:  Well, I felt sorry for you not getting any questions, so I gotta try to ask you at least one.




SHERRY:  [starts speaking at same time as caller does]  Yeah, you know, these Wednesdays shows areó  Yeah, go ahead.




CALLER:  Wondering about children.  And whether theyíll be joining us when we leave.




SHERRY:  Well, the children, my understanding is that the righteous parent justifies the child.  And so, most peopleóI know youíre notóbut most people are divorced, and their kids are with the other one.  And the righteous parent, whether you have control of that child or not on this planet, will justify the child to go with them for the rapture.  So whether you--




CALLER:  [starts speaking at same time as Sherry does]  What about the grandchildren?




SHERRY:  Grandchildren, they may get grandfathered in, so to speak.




CALLER:  Mm-hm.




SHERRY:  It may go with the grandparents.  Iím not 100 percent sure on that.  But I am 100 percent sure because parents have complete ownership of their child before the age of accountability.  Like, I hear from a lot of people tható




CALLER:  Whatís theówható




SHERRY:  --their children were taken away from them, and their spouse is involved with the Illuminati, and they donít get to see their kids.  And I just tell them, ďYouíll get them.  Youíll get the right to them at the rapture.




CALLER:  What is the age of accountability?




SHERRY:  Uh, Iím thinking about, well, we obviously know 12, 12 and below, is considered a child.  And thereís kind of a gray area of ages, 13 to 17.  So, you know, it could be 13.  It might go 17.




CALLER:  Well, thank you for all you do, Sister Sherry.  You are so strong.  You really set the example for us.  And we love you.




SHERRY:  All right.  Thanks, Brother.  Thanks for calling in.




Yeah, a lot of people I hear from that [audio cuts out] worried about children.  You will justify your child if theyíre below the age of accountability.  If you are a Christian and you are taken, you will have your children with you.




Anyway, this show is over.  Iíll be back on Friday.




Yah bless, everybody.








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