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Sherry on Whatís Ailing America with Dr. Carley


Transcribed by Liz Patton





Iím Dr. Carley and Whatís Ailing America, where our answer today is the Zionist occupied government with my special guest Sherry Shriner. I am so excited to have her on the show. She has so many websites, folks which you must check out. Her main website is SherryShriner.com.  The two that weíre going to be dealing with today are www.TalmudBlasphemy.com and www.SerpentSeedline.com.


Before I bring her on, I want to tell you about another website she has called OrgoneBlasters.com. You must check this out folks. She has developed these devices which she calls Orgone Blasters. I ordered some about two weeks ago and I received them in the mail and I put them around my property and I watched as the chemtrails went running for dodge. It was so dramatic. I had many chemtrails over my property before I started putting these out. I placed them in different spots, as she explained how to do. It took me about an hour to do this and before I even got done planting them around my property....and I documented this on video tape....you can actually see the chemtrails like zooming out of the energy field created by these Orgone Blasters. She also suggests dropping them into water supplies and different things. She has gone on traveling missions to drop these in certain places; like the district of criminals. Itís really amazing, the power of these Orgone Blasters. And they are very inexpensive. So I recommend everybody thatís listening; you must get some of these. She even does sell kits to let them make them yourself if you want to do that and save some money. But this is one of the most important weapons that I have found to protect myself from the powers that be.


Dr. Carley: Welcome to the show, Sherry. I am so honored to have you on today.


Sherry: Hi. Itís good to be here.


Dr. Carley: Could you please start out by telling the listeners a little bit about yourself? And how did you become a warrior for truth?


Sherry: Well I think it changes every time I tell it because itís such a long story, I shorten it.  I just love the Lord. From the time I was born....two or three years old, I was calling His Name. I just knew He existed. I knew He was there. Iíve had this calling on my life to search Him and to search for the truth my entire life. Its led me through various things. Finally as an adult, I was just so fed up with religion and churches and apostasies and errors. I knew that none of them had the truth, so I started searching for Him and asking Him ďTeach me the truth in all things.Ē It became a daily mantra. Just a daily thing; ďLord, teach me the truth in all things. I donít want to be in errors. I want to know what the truth is.Ē He started me on a journey. This is about 10....12 years ago.


Iíve just gone through one thing to the next. Thatís why I have so many websites; so many teaching tools. It goes with the territory; when you start teaching truth to other people that you automatically become a magnet for attack. Our government. Our military. The spiritual world that gets angry. Everybodyís angry at you. So I started telling the Lord...Iím sitting in front of my computer and Iím getting attacked. I didnít even understand what ELF weapons were at that time. I didnít know what microwave weapons were. I didnít know what Tesla was. And the Lord led me to Orgone. I put it in front of my monitors to keep ELF waves off of me. It just led from one thing to another. Then I was discovering what these Orgone Blasters could do in eliminating chemtrails. Which is one of the things I stumbled on. I initially started Orgone to stop the government, demonic and alien attacks against me. I was trying to go to sleep at night and Iíve got demonic beings racing across my ceilings....seeing humans in alien forms in my room at night. This stuff will keep that all out of your house. It burns them. They canít breathe around it. Chemtrails....keeping them off your house, because theyíre pure poison. They have 101 uses for chemtrails, just as we have found, we have 101 uses for Orgone Blasters. So itís really just a war between Satan and the Lordís people on Earth today.


Dr. Carley: I totally agree. As a matter of fact, I want to mention a very important book that I also suggest to all of the listeners to get a hold of. Itís called The Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock. I want to read the cardinal question that this author asks on page 10 of this book.


ďNowhere in the established Christian church can be a found a pastor of evangelist today that has the spiritual wisdom or even the common sense to ask that cardinal question. Who is this synagogue of Satan that God warns about in the Book of Revelation? And nary a soul seems to ask the correlating questions, just who are these wicked imposters that God warns will say they are Jews and are not but do lie.Ē


I just want to point that out. People get very upset. Theyíve been so misled about the Zionists, that they are synonymous with Jewish people and they get offended when you talk about Zionist people. You have to realize that Zionists are not Jews. They are the serpent seedline. They are actually descendents of Cain. These are our enemies and have no respect for human beings and are here to destroy us and enslave us. Can you just tell the listeners in a nutshell....although as Iíve said, I suggest that they go to your two websites, SerpentSeedline.com and TalmudBlasphemy.com to learn more about this? Can you explain to the listeners about this serpent seedline because this is one of the most important things they have to realize; once they understand what these creatures are, then theyíll realize why theyíre able to do the evil they do. It is in their nature.


Sherry: Most Christians today hear the word Zionism and think of Israel and Jerusalem. This was nothing but a clever ploy of Satanís to confuse terminology, which they use over and over again to confuse people with, to fulfill a political agenda with a religious term. Most Christians today - why they are supporters of Israel; because they are taught from the time they are in the churches that we must support Israel at all costs. They naturally, automatically assume that the leaders in Israel today are the same Israelites and Jews of old....our church patriarchs and our fathers. Itís nothing but a lie. They breathe these lies to the seminaries today that are run by Satanists and New Agerís. Christians...when you try to wake them up to realize ďyouíre supporting Satan.Ē Zionism is another term for Satanism. These Zionists in Israel today persecute those who believe in Yahushua the Son of God. They even persecute the Torah believing Jews. I hear it from them all the time in Israel because they are not in any way, shape or form, the real Jews that the people in the churches today are taught that they are. If they realize that theyíre just funneling all this money, time, attention and support to a bunch of Satanists, perhaps theyíll wake up. While theyíre in the churches today, they wonít. Thatís why the Lord leads so many....when you start asking the Lord to teach you the truth in all things, one of the first things He does is lead you out of the churches.


Dr. Carley: I totally concur. Its very important for our listeners to realize that we are in fact....our government has been taken over by terrorists and these are the Zionists. I want to suggest a very important DVD that you can actually download for free on the internet. Itís called Missing Links, Mass Murder to Get Gain. The True 9-11 Criminals Exposed. This is going to blow your mind, folks. It actually shows the number of dual citizens that we have. Israeli Ė American citizens that we have in our government. They have basically taken over. The traders and the district of criminals have allowed this to happen. All of these different hate crime legislations and things that are being formed. This is just a ploy. They used that term ďAnti-SemiticĒ in order to basically tell the people that speak out against the Zionists are anti-Semitic. They arenít even Jewish people; the Zionists. Could you give a little more detail about that, Sherry? The serpent seedline. This is something that the churches do not teach either.


Sherry: Right. The Illuminati today are at the top of two particular races of people known as Edomite Jews and the sons of Cain. Even all of those in the Freemasonry lodges today refer to themselves as the sons of Cain. We have two lineages on the Earth. We have Cainís seed and Yahwehís seed. We have Yahwehís seed through Seth, and Satanís seed through Cain. Most people will tell you, they think that the flood destroyed anything evil at that time. What you donít realize; although Noah and his sons were righteous, the wives they married were not. The seedline was carried through. Not only through Hamís wife, but in Genesis 6:4, you have another intermixing on the Earth of fallen angels coming to Earth to procreate with human women. What we want to talk about today, basically....most importantly is the Esau line. You read the Bible; the Lord says, Jacob I loved, Esau I hated. This whole Zionism-Edomite line that we are dealing with today from the Illuminati is this seedline that was born through Esau. Esau married a Hittite woman. If you study the Hittites back at that time, they were the power brokers and the bankers and those who ran the marketing economy systems even back then. You look at it today; itís the same thing thousands of years later. Itís this Edomite...this Hittite...this Canaanite...this whole line of Cain and Esauís and Satanís that run the banking and marketing systems of the world. Thatís why the Lord hated them. Thatís why weíre at a consistent war between these two seedlines; Esauís seedline and Jacobís seedline.


Dr. Carley: Exactly. A question that I often ask, although obviously there is a reason for everything that God does, but why did God not take these people out? Why were they allowed to continue on to cause their destruction?




Dr. Carley: Sherry, could you please explain this whole serpent seedline? Many people donít understand what that means.


Sherry: Serpent seedline. Because most churches will follow the KJV and nothing else. They have masked the language of what happened in the Garden of Eden. Theyíve covered it up. Theyíve masked it. If you go back into the lost books of the Old Testament, which they found at the cave at Qumran. In the earlier Hebrew writing, it was very clear knowledge in that day that there were two seedlines.  The RCC covered that up when they implemented the KJV, by masking the whole story in the Garden of Eden of Eve eating an apple. It was all to cover a sexual union between her and Lucifer. She was seduced by Lucifer. Her first child, Cain was Luciferís and not Adamís. Thatís why Cain never shows up in Adamís lineage. It wasnít his son.


Dr. Carley: Wow. And that is so important. Itís just amazing to me. When I learned this a few years ago, I was just flabbergasted that this most important fact, which explains everything in the Bible about the synagogue of Satan and the Jews who are not Jews and all of these things. How could they possibly be covering it up? Do the churches today....Iíve never been to a church that actually addressed this issue. Have you ever heard of any pastor or priest that discussed this?


Sherry: No. No. And itís all over the New Testament, but people hide it. The Lord often refers to Cain as the child of the evil one; the son of the evil one. If you do a word search breakdown on the words that were translated into the Greek Septuagint that the English KJV was translated from, it was a literal offspring. It wasnít just saying.....oh you were the son of the devil. It was literal; he was the offspring of the Devil. They overlook it. In the Dead Sea Scrolls confirms that Genesis 4:1 says, ďAnd Adam knew his wife Eve who was pregnant by Samael (another name for Satan) and she conceived and bare Cain. And he was like the heavenly beings and not like the earthly beings. And she said Iíve gotten a man from the angel of the Lord.Ē The angel of the Lord was not the Lord Himself. She was referring to Samael.


Dr. Carley: Wow.


Sherry: In 1 John 3:12, John states, ďnot as Cain who was of the wicked one and slew his half-brother.Ē There in the Greek, it was another term for son or offspring. And you have many different versions in the New Testament with the admonitions; do not be like Cain who belonged to the evil one. Not like Cain who was from the evil one. These are all terms for offspring of the evil one. Cain was Samaelís son. When she bore Seth it was through Adam because he killed Abel. Cain killed Abel. It was through Seth that the Lord established his line for Israel. Through Seth.


Dr. Carley: And how did the churches deal with this? Or they just donít?


Sherry: They donít. They just mask it over. They donít even touch the UFO and aliens issue. They certainly arenít going to touch the apple in the Garden issue. A maskery of a hidden sexual seducement. They donít even touch the alien UFO issue. When you go to churches today, itís a psychology lesson in how to feel good. You donít get the truth of the Word. You donít get meat of the Word. You either get a salvation message, which is very good, but you need meat after that; or you get psychology. How to feel good.


Dr. Carley: Well not only that, but you get the message that Jesus died for your sins, so just keep on sinning. Put an extra $20 in the collection plate and just go out and do whatever you want to do.


Sherry: Itís like a license to sin mentality. They donít teach you how sin can place hooks and roots in your life and leads to all the oppressions. People donít want to hear that. They want a ďgive meĒ God. I want to go to church. I want this, this, this, this. When they pray they give Him their Christmas lists. When I get up in the morning, Iím like, ďokay what can I do for you today, Lord? What can I do?Ē I love Him. Heís my priority. Heís my Redeemer. My Messiah. My best friend. I canít live a day without thinking what I can do for Him. And the churches today teach, if youíre not getting this from the Lord as a give me god, then youíre doing something wrong. Heís not a give me God. Weíre to serve Him. Weíre put on Earth to serve Him. He isnít put on Earth to serve us; weíre put on Earth to serve Him.


Dr Carley:  And youíve got all these preachers like Joyce Meyers. That God is actually named ďDollarĒ and wearing all their fancy clothes and they have their own private jets. And theyíre basically teaching people that God wants you to have lots of stuff.


Sherry: They go through the apostasy that since he rode a donkey into Jerusalem, that he had the best mode of transportation of that that day, so he had to be wealthy. He borrowed that donkey. He was fulfilling prophecy. He didnít have a place to lay His head. The Bible admonishes us not to build our kingdoms on Earth, but to build them in Heaven. Not to seek the things of the world, but to seek the things that are in Heaven. Thatís why the Lord will say today, the churches are not His. He doesnít even claim them as his. Heíll tell me, ďTheyíre not Mine.Ē


Dr. Carley: Exactly. Itís gotten so insane that theyíre now giving vaccination clinics in the churches. And of course, another thing is they donít discuss is demons. There is constant references in the Bible about Jesus casting out demons. So many of the things that medi-sin is doing is now, actually opens doors to demons. This is another very disturbing situation that we have.


Okay, I hear the music again. Weíll be back after the break. I would definitely like you to go into the Talmud and teach people some of the things that are in that book from Hell.


Sherry, could you please share with the listeners about this book The Talmud?  When I first started learning about the Talmud and the things that were in there, I was shocked and horrified to learn about things that they actually teach the Talmudic Zionists. For example, itís fine to have sex with children as long as theyíre under nine years of age, and things of that nature.


Sherry: Itís very satanic. When I first put these articles online at theWatcherFiles.com, one of my main websites as well, there was a whole group of these Mossad and Edomite Jews banning together, trying to get me kicked off of the internet....my website is ďhate speechĒ. I simply told my web host, ďLook, I am Israelite. My ancient grandfather....my own lineage goes straight to King David. If anybody is a true Israelite, itís me and these are nothing but imposters. These are Edomite Jews. Theyíre not even real Israelites and the only reason they are mad and trying to call me anti-Semitic is I am exposing them for what they are.Ē They were trying to get me shut down for hate speech, while Iím just exposing whatís in their book! They got my website banned for a while. I eventually got it back up.


Dr: How did you do that? Did you have to hire an attorney and all that crap?


Sherry: No. I had a campaign against my web host. I had people say, look they took down The Watcher Files. You donít take theWatcherFiles.com without a fight. That is a really loved site by many. Itís just my alien and UFO site. Iíve got readers from around the world for years now that go to that site. Whether they really have any belief in the Lord or not, they love that website. It has a huge following. My websites are getting 3 million hits a month.



Dr. Carley: And weíre going to make sure you get even more, because your information is critical. I would really like you to share some more of the things that are in the Talmud. People have to realize what these Luciferian/Satanic cannibals are promoting. It is so evil. Thatís one of the problems that we have; people of conscience; people that are actually.....people canít even conceive that such evil exists. Thatís why we have to do shows like this. Go ahead.


Sherry: Certainly. The Talmud is one of those books...even the ordinary Jew is told that they have to go to the synagogue and be taught it. Itís very hard to get your hands on it and just read it from cover to cover. Many people have. And what youíll discover; and I have this on my website, tidbits from the Talmud, things that it teaches. It teaches that these Jews are divine. Itís okay to cheat non-Jews. Jews may steal from non-Jews. They may rob and kill non-Jews. They can lie. That non-Jewish children are sub-human. This is the mentality of Israel today....the Zionists that are warring against the Palestinians because they are sub-human. Theyíre non-human. Anyone who is not an Edomite Jew is a non-human and calls Jesus; and I refer to Him by His real Name, Yahushua, refers to Jesus as a sorcerer. That he was executed because He practiced sorcery. It says that Jesus right now is being boiled in hot excrement in Hell. And these are the animals that our churches are supporting today; surrounded by that whole symbolic Zionism. Rally around the Zionism, Patriotic biblical flag and these are the real animals behind it. They call Mary, Jesusí mother a whore. They claim that Jews may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old. That a Jew may marry a three year old girl. No rabbi can ever go to Hell. A rabbi debates God, and defeats him. A rabbi won a debate. Thatís a passage in Baba Mesiah. All these tidbits from the Talmud are on my website at TalmudBlasphemy.com. I have several articles exposing this satanic book for what it is. When I tell people what the Holocaust was really about, it just floors them. People think that Hitler was just trying to get rid of the Jewish race. When they realize what really happened over there...


Dr. Carley: Please do share because itís pretty amazing how sensitive they are. They challenge anybody who questions the 6 million number to begin with. Which of course, anybody that actually researches it knows that there werenít even that many people left in Germany. Most of them had taken off. Please do give you information about the Holocaust.


Sherry: The interesting thing is that Hitler had Khazar Jewish blood in him. He was an Edomite, just like the Bushís do....all of them. All of these Illuminati have this Edomite Khazar Jew blood in them. Most of them can even trace their blood to the tribe of Dan. Either way, the whole thing about the Holocaust was that in Germany at the time, the Torah believing Jews were dominant. So this whole charade from the Illuminati; the Illuminatiís plans from the beginning...they have a whole scripted thing... is to rule and control the world from Jerusalem. So what they wanted to do was get their Talmud believing, fellow serpent seedliners in charge over Israel. So the whole Holocaust thing was a set up to where these Edomite Jews killed off the Torah believing Jews so that when the U.N....and this was all scripted....gave them Jerusalem and the land of Israel back in 1948. The Edomite Jews could take control. So ever since then, itís been the Edomite Jews that are dominant over the Jews themselves and to this day they persecute the Torah believing Jews. It was the Torah Jews that were killed off in the Holocaust.


Dr. Carley: Yes. And thatís what people have to realize. There are many true Jewish people that actually speak out against the Zionists.


Sherry: Yeah, they donít want anything to do with them.


Dr. Carley: Exactly. As a matter of fact, I have a number of articles. There was an interview entitled A Jewish Defector Warns America by Benjamin H. Freedman, which is 18 pages long. He goes into this whole thing; everything that youíre talking about.  Thatís what I want people to realize; the true Jewish people know whatís going on. Iím surprised that there hasnít been some kind of a civil war within Israel itself of these people speaking out against these Zionists. Theyíre going to be enslaving all the Jewish people as well.


Sherry: There are more true Jews in New York City than in the land of Israel. They left. Theyíve been persecuted; theyíre killed off. There are more in America today than Israel. In Israel, itís just a dominant serpent seedline that controls and runs it. Itís the Zionism there. Their Zionism is the same thing in relation to our New World Order here in America. We see our New World Order...the Skull and Bones...secret societies...the CFR. We donít have a whole lot of say in usurping that either and getting that out of our government; just like the Jews in Israel havenít had any success in getting their serpent seedline out of the government. The Zionists and the New World Order NeoCons work hand in hand. The same seedline. It has nothing to do with country or race. Itís that seedline that dominates.


Dr. Carley: Thatís what people have to wake up and realize. We are in a spiritual war and these descendents of Lucifer are the enemy. That is why they are doing all these things like I said; all this hate crime legislation, when they try to take down Sherryís websites. They get very nervous when people actually learn about these truths, and this is also the fact of why theyíve been kicked out of so many countries. This excellent book that I mentioned, The Synagogue of Satan has a whole chapter in here explaining what happened to these Zionists in different countries. This is why theyíve been thrown out of other countries; they go in and start doing all these things weíre talking about. Thatís why nobody wants them.


Sherry: And people think theyíre thrown out of the counties, but they control the money, so they never really are. They control the money. They have the money. If people actually even knew who these Edomiteís were...I donít know how far you want to go with this.


Dr. Carley: I want to go as far as possible. And one thing also is the whole idea of satanic ritual abuse. Thatís another thing that people have to realize; what they do to their own bloodline, to continue to control them and to keep them going forward with this whole New World Order agenda.


Sherry: Satan demands sacrifice because he gives them power. Anybody in these Satanism groups that worship Satan; youíve got the Clintons, the Bushís. Anybody in power today; they have to do their part in giving Satan his power to rule. They do that through ritual abuse.


Dr. Carley: In fact sacrifice, especially with children. I encourage all of you to put the following into You Tube. Hulu Super Bowl commercial. That is one of the most in your face things Iíve ever seen. We have Alec Baldwin going into the bottom of the H for Hollywood...and going down into the lower levels. He starts talking about this hulu technology which is now going to enable people to watch tel-eye-vision on their computers. And he talks about how this is going to soften your brain and make it much more delicious when ďwe get our melonballers and scoop out your brains and eat itĒ. And at the end you see a serpent tail come out of his jacket and fix his tie. It is unbelievable.


Sherry: I have a link for that at my website TheWatcherFiles.com. Like Iíve said, theyíve spent thousands of dollars; the NSA interns trying to discredit me for years....everything Iíve been warning about...reptilian shape-shifters in the White House and they come out with commercials like this that just validate everything Iíve been saying.


Dr. Carley: Exactly.


Sherry: It was kindof amusing, because even these serpent seedlines answer to a higher seedline. They are alien hybrid children. Thatís why itís a pure bloodline. Fritz Springmeier was the first one to print out the 13 Illuminati families that control the world. Even these families themselves answer to a council of aliens that watch over the world. People say, what are aliens? Theyíre just fallen angels. Theyíre Satanís fallen angels and they control the world in the background. The whole alien and UFO agenda is the one the Lord had taken me to years ago when I first started studying the New World Order and the Zionists; this whole serpent seedline. It goes even further than that. He took me and showed me the whole alien Ė UFO agenda. Thatís the one that will be coming in the forefront now, especially with their little pawn Obama in office.


Dr. Carley: Could you talk about that a little bit? I know we have a couple of callers on the line. Please stay tuned callers; Iíll get to you soon. I really want to get out some of this critical information. Could you explain about the shape-shifters and the aliens? Basically explain to people what this really is.


Sherry: There are 13 families, as you pointed out. They interbreed throughout their lines so they can protect the blood; so they can keep this straight up alien hybrid blood in the families which allows them to shape-shift. Itís a different blood type; a different DNA than most humans have. Thatís why they preserve it through interbreeding. Thatís why youíll see all of these Hollywood entertainers all connected to presidents and past presidents. I donít know if youíve seen the stuff on the internet how theyíll all interrelated.


Dr. Carley: Yes.


Itís because they protect that bloodline. Itís these bloodlines...its Satanís seed on Earth. And itís through protecting these bloodlines theyíre allowed to shape-shift and possess people. Thatís why we had Bush and Cheney and Hillary and Condoleezza Rice, where they could be possessed, literally by aliens. Theyíre going to be losing their cloaking, which is another thing. They know their time is coming up. Theyíve got to prepare the world that lizards arenít so bad. Weíre friendly. Weíre cute. Weíre cuddly. Look how cute we are. Theyíre coming out with all these commercials. Talking animals and cute little lizards. So when they lose their cloaking, people donít freak out. Itís going to be Hell on Earth, literally.  Youíre looking at the Tribulation at that time. I donít know how far your audience goes into Bible prophecies.


Dr. Carley: They go very far.


Sherry: Most of my websites...everything I do is based on putting pieces of the puzzle together and exactly how Bible prophecy relates to everything. We are in the last cycle now; the Age of Aquarius. We are in the times of the Tribulation. Weíre heading right into them. Obama Ė heís not even a pure human. I donít know what happened to the real one, but the Bible codes reveal Obama as a lizard and a creature. He is the one thatís going to make these alliances with this Iranian Mahdi; this Maitreya thatís coming. Iíve been warning about that one for years. People said I was nuts. Now look at it. Larry King Live broadcasting commercials during his show about this Maitreya. Headline News CNN Ė call a 1-800 number and learn about this world teacher Maitreya. Iíve been warning about it for years.


Dr. Carley: I havenít seen that. Wow. Thatís really amazing.


Sherry: Itís all coming together. Itís all coming to the forefront. And the biggest thing being is that the cloaking is going to be gone. The Lord is going to lift the curtain and people are going to see the fourth dimension. Theyíre going to be able to see in the spirit realm. Itís not something thatís going to be in the background. Weíre going to see humans as aliens.


Dr. Carley: Yes. As a matter of fact, because the spiritual vibration on the whole planet is increasing; thereís actually more and more people that are reporting seeing these people; these shape-shifters. One of the things that Iíve learned; your take on this is thatís one of the reasons that they have to do sacrifices and drink the blood and eat the organs, especially the brains of humans. That helps them hold their human form so that theyíre not revealed. Is that what youíve learned as well?


Sherry: I know that they eat humans just to survive. Weíre food to them. Weíre low on the food chain here.


Dr. Carley: Doesnít that help them hold their form so they donít shape-shift when they donít want to?


Sherry: Thatís what they claim. That could be true. I donít know if thatís true or not. 


Dr. Carley: One of things I wanted to also wanted to ask you before we start bringing on the callers; Fritz Springmeier. I have many of his books and excellent videos. Have they killed him? I know that he was sent to Federal prison on some ridiculous charge. Do you know if heís still alive?


Sherry: I donít know if heís still alive or not. I remember he had a female partner who had contacted me years ago and wanted me to get in touch with her. She said he was still in prison at that time. It was only two or three years ago. So he was still alive up until then.


Dr. Carley: I just pray that heís able to survive. Before we bring on our callers, I just want to read one very important thing. Itís from the book The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. I suggest that all of you get this book. This is the last sentence in the tenth protocol. Iím quoting it directly.


This is what it says, ďIt is indispensable to trouble in all countries the peopleís relations with their governments so as to utterly exhaust humanity with dissention, hatred, struggle, envy, torture, starvation, by the INNOCULATION OF DISEASES by want, so that the Goyim see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money in all else.Ē


 ďInoculations of diseasesĒ is in capitol letters. When I saw that I was like...Wow! That one sentence explains everything thatís happening in our world today. And these people that say they that this book is basically a farce and itís an invention...another anti-Semitic thing; I strongly suggest that they read this book. They basically are putting right into our face what they are doing.


Dr. Carley: We have Bob from Colorado on the line. Are you there, Bob?


Bob: Good afternoon, ladies. This is a wonderful show today. And everything youíre talking is right up my alley. Iíve been researching these things for over 10 years and Iíve found astonishing things. First of all, Iíve seen the reptilians. I donít know if itís because Iím a Christian or what. I was raised in a good old-fashioned Bible thumping church and learned to story of redemption, but everything else was corrupted and it was wrong. The seminaries have been infiltrated and dumbed down. I think theyíre just plain evil. The Genesis story is all wrong. Iíve taken it and Iíve looked into the Sumerian tablets and the mythologies around the world. The same story from different perspectives is in the ancient cultures all around the world. If you look, where did Abraham come from? He was the son of a Chaldean prince. He had access to these Sumerian tablets and these ancient, ancient writings of the Annuniki. These were the sons of God that came around the polluted the bloodlines and brought mankind all of this technology. We are actually living in a Babylonian civilization. Most people, if you tell them that, they look at you like youíre nuts. But all this technology and everything we have; the politics, the educational system, the legal system. It all comes down to us from fallen angels. A really good clue; if youíve never seen somebody with slits instead of round pupils, hereís a good way to find them. Go to a movie. When the credits are rolling, the theater is still dark. As people walk out the exit into lighted lobby, park yourself next to the doors there. Everybody that walks by you, look directly into their eyes. When the light hits people, thereís like a transition there. You will see eyes with pupils that are slits and they quickly become round pupils. Iím not making this up; Iíve seen it. Theyíre everywhere. Theyíre everywhere.

Going back to the Genesis story; there were the Kenites, the seed of Cain. It wasnít abolished at Noahís flood, so how could that be? A lot of people interpret there was Noah, his wife, their three sons and their wives. There is no way going back say 4,000 years....5,000 years you can get that kind of genetic diversity that we have on the planet from eight souls. God told Noah to get two of every flesh and put them onboard the Ark. You canít get Africans, Asians, and all the different organic tribes of people on the Earth. You canít get that much genetic diversity from eight people.  On the sixth day, God made man in His image and He made them to be hunters and fishermen. I believe these are the organic peoples of the Earth. The tribal peoples. The hunter gatherers. All the different races. And God said it was good. On the seventh day God rested. On the eighth day God wanted a husbandman; a man to till the ground. Thatís when He made Adam. It also describes Him breathing His breath into his nostrils, which is a little something extra. That divine spark. And this was to be the line of people who through Shem and Abraham and Jesus Himself would come. I could go on all day about this, but Iíve been doing deep study in this for years. You read the story of Genesis. There is really no way you can make this corner with scientific knowledge. Iím not talking about evolution and the obvious BS that we get from a modern education. These things didnít happen by magic. God set all these events and things in motion. What we have in the book of Genesis; the creation story. Its kindof couched in mystery, like Jesus spoke in parables. Its kindof an abridged version, but if you do research this out, you can flush out the story and find more facts to it. And understand we are getting the truth from the Bible; though the moderns version. It was written in an entirely different language. It wasnít written in Hebrew, it was written in Paleo Hebrew. So there has been much translations. Many times these translators had a political agenda. They had their own thing going as well.  I believe the truth of Gods Word is intact and you can put faith in it, but it gives you clues to research and find the richness and the majesty of God and all of His creation. I could go on all day like this......I believe there were many races and kindredís of people on that ark. We were taught that Ham sinned against Noah after the flood. So Ham and all his descendents were cursed and thatís where we got the black people, right? Well, how can we tell a black person that he is cursed because of something somebody did thousands of years ago did? I donít believe thatís true. I believe God had Noah put black people on that ark so we would have black people today. I believe Ham sinned and it said he would be cursed and his decedents would be slaves. Well, in modern times, black people have been slaves. There have been a lot of people enslaved over the last 5 Ė 6,000 years if you think about it. I think there is room to apply logic and reason and research and you can piece a clear story together that makes sense. Another thing about the fallen and the Annuniki and Planet X and all that; it talks about in the great Tribulation itself, Satan will be cast out of the heavens and there will be silence in Heaven and then great rejoicing. Well, think of it; the flying disks. I mean, God doesnít, but His angels need vehicular transport to get from space to the Earth. When heís cast out onto the Earth, suppose he comes down a mile diameter gold shining disk and lands in front of the UN and steps up on the throne. That will get everybody to worship him, wonít it? Just some guy coming along of this seedline...and I hear the talk about the Iranian Maitreya. I donít know if I see that. I see this world domination thing. Itís purely Zionist. I see them bringing one of their seedline in and setting up Solomonís kingdom again. Thatís why the rejected Jesus; because He wasnít like Solomon. They wanted a military, economic, glorious, wealthy, princely leader to set them up on a pedestal and Jesus came; the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. He was there. He came the first time to sacrifice Himself for the sin of mankind. Whosoever will. I donít believe in any of this chosen stuff. The people of that day rejected that. A lot of the common people...they walked hundreds of miles to go meet Jesus and hear Him speak. The political entity and the religious entity boy, He just made them furious. They had to kill Him. And they were fulfilling prophecy when they did it. But there is much more to the story than weíve been told.


Dr. Carley: Thatís an excellent contribution, Bob. I hear the music, so weíre going to a break. When we get back, I would like Sherry to comment on what he said.


Sherry, would you like to comment on the comments that Bob made.


Sherry: Well, he covered a whole vast area, pretty much. I donít really disagree with anything that he said. The basic line being; there is a definite seedline running parallel to the Lordís seedline here on Earth today and it is a war and about to commence and break out into the open. In Revelation chapter 13, it talks about how the beast will take dominion over the Earth by war. Itís the same thing we are seeing with the Zionists and the New World Order crowd today here in America. Itís the same seedline where they are taking over the world by war and the beast coming out of that seedline.


Dr. Carley: As a matter of fact, I had to crack up when I saw the new car that Obama has. They actually call it ďThe BeastĒ. How obvious is that?


Sherry: He can very easily be incarnated by Satan himself.


Dr. Carley: One thing I would like you to answer....the difference between Canaanites and Edomites. Are they basically the same thing?


Sherry: They are the same thing. The Edomites are the descendents of Esau. The reason they were called Edomites is because the color of red. Esau was red and ruddy.  They became known as ďthe reds.Ē We associated the reds today with Communism...all of the isms that were created by this serpent seedline through Esau. Nazism, Hedonism, Liberalism, Socialism, Fascism. These are the backbones of the first beast of Revelation 13 who will rise up through these isms that weíre calling governments and economies today. Esau was given a prophecy that he would live by the sword and take dominion over the Earth. We see the same prophecy in Revelation chapter 13 verse 10, where the first beast lives by the sword and takes dominion over the Earth and then dies by the sword. It all just goes back to this whole seedline from Esau and Cain and Ham. I know he said something about the black people on the Earth. People have to realize that Hamís son Canaan was cursed, but we also have intermixed marriages within the Israelites own line. We have Moses marrying a black woman. We have David and Solomon marrying black women. So the whole black race has been around as long as the Israelites have been. Its a very long race. Where it truly got its start, where he says he thinks they brought two of each flesh on board. Very well could have been; because at the time of Yahushua, when He walked the Earth as the Son of God, there were 40 million Chinese on Earth at that time. People donít realize this. Even India had millions. These are the two oldest nations and races on Earth today; the Chinese and the Indians. They have well over a billion in each race now. These are the descendents of Cain.


Dr. Carley: Wow. I have to mention. I have so many things piled up that I would like to bring up. Like Bob said, we could talk about this for days. Thereís actually an article in my local paper today, The Charlotte Observer on page 11a talking about how theyíve discovered that this Dr. Death; this Nazi doctor apparently was living in Egypt. Its pretty funny because they actually say in this article that he was accused of carrying out gruesome deadly experiments such as injecting various solutions into Jewish prisoner to see which killed them the fastest and the discovery of this Himes Arabic secret life throws light on how the Arab world took in members of the Nazi regime after WWII. Its so obvious how the media is complicit also in trying to  blame the Arabs and the Muslims for everything in saying how the Arabs took in Naziís after WWII after you already discussed basically it was the Zionists doing it themselves. But this country brought over many of these Nazi scientists in Project Paperclip and many of them are still alive today, working on vaccinations and biological warfare agents and things of that nature.


I just want to read a little paragraph that was published on Sunday, Feb 1, 2009. A quote by Israeli spokeswoman Tzipora Menache stated that she was not worried about negative ramifications the Israeli onslaught of Gaza might have on the way the Obama administration would view Israel. I quote:  ďYou know very well and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House. You see, I know it and you know it, but no American president can be in a position to challenge us even if we do the unthinkable. What can they (Americans) do to us? We control Congress. We control the media. We control show biz, and we control everything in America. In America, you can criticize God, but you canít criticize Israel.Ē


That was pretty much in our faces as well. It is truly amazing how they....they think the party is over, and that theyíve pretty much got all their ducks in a row.


Sherry: Yeah. And the thing is the war is just beginning, because Iím not sitting back and just allowing things to happen. Iím taking a proactive effort with my Orgone Blasters in destroying this whole serpent seed.


Dr. Carley: I want to mention one other extremely important thing that you have on your website that thankfully one of my assistants found and told me about. This is an article that you have about Monoatomic Gold. The white powder gold. Iím not going to have time to go into this. You have to check this out, folks. This is on your SherryShriner website, I think. It was very amazing. I was drinking this beverage called Vitamin Water. It just happened that it was on sale at my local supermarket. It tastes pretty good and I had a lot of it. It was very warm out during last summer and I was drinking probably like a dozen bottles of this stuff a day! All of a sudden I became very ill. I had unbelievable diarrhea, gastric upset. I couldnít figure out what was going on. I thought I had food poisoning until one day my friend Paulette who helps me in my office once a week because she so much believes in what Iím doing. She came in a saw me drinking this stuff and she told me about your information. Thatís when I put it together. I was like, ďOh my God. Iím drinking this stuff and this is why Iím getting sick!Ē


Sherry: Right. This white monoatomic gold in these drinks; theyíre so blatantly obvious on commercials now with television. Life Water, the lizard energy drinks, the Sobe. These are all designed to tweak and change human DNA.


Dr. Carley: Yes. Thatís a very important thing for people to know.


Sherry: I have it all listed in my article. The can read it at my website.


Dr. Carley: Yes. Please do, folks. Youíve got to learn this stuff. It can save your life.


Okay, the callers are lining up. We have Leo from Massachusetts. Are you there, Leo?


Leo: Hi. Thank you for taking my call. Miss Shriner, Iíve heard you get a lot of flack, so I guess youíre over target. Did you post this on Zionist organized government before Shamir, or did Shamir take it from you?


Sherry: Iím not familiar with Shamir.


Leo: Israel Shamir. He wrote something about Zionist organized government also.


Sherry: I have not idea.


Dr. Carley: There are a lot of people that have written on it. I just sent out an update with about 10 different links to different people. Thatís the good news, if people are waking up.


Leo: I tend to be much more secular. I think the Bible may be a good book of stories, but in a secular world where people know that the miracles are actually translation errors because they are idiomatic expressions. Are you familiar with that?  Jonah was in the mouth of the wall was an idiomatic expression for in trouble emotionally and Lotís wife being turned into a pillar of salt was a euphemism for a barren woman who couldnít have children. I think the secular world is much more predominant. I think the system likes to have this biblical style in your descent because youíre just firming up a minority. Youíre not dealing with the majority of secular people. Look what they did to Iraq. They did in Iraq because it was secular. They wanted a religious theocracy. So with that in mind, I think we really should deal with what we can prove in the modern era beyond a shadow of a doubt. Like the Jesuits being kicked out of 83 cities, countries and towns from 1500 Ďtil 1927 or so. If you read the Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction...have you read that?


Dr. Carley: I havenít read it, but I am aware that the Jesuits and the high level Mormons and of course the Freemasons are all Luciferian.


Leo: Go to reformation.org. A good Protestant website. And look up the Jesuit Oath of Induction. It will blow your mind and everything will become much clearer how they are the generals in the background. The Zionists are just the foot soldiers.


Sherry: Everything goes into a circle. A controls B. B controls C. C controls D.


Leo: Youíre right.  


Sherry: There are very many routes so people canít pin. I donít get into the viewpoints...itís the Jesuits, itís the Black Pope, its Rome, itís the Vatican.


Leo: Start looking at it with a more critical eye...


Sherry: They all work together. Itís what sits at the top and let everybody fight it out underneath them.


Dr. Carley: Theyíre all Luciferianís. The Luciferianís are the enemy. Thatís why this secular stuff....youíre not understanding; this is spiritual war. Thatís what people have to realize. Itís a spiritual war. Itís the Luciferianís against the people of God. And thatís the way it is.


Dr. Carley: We have John from Tennessee on the line. Are you there John?


John: Hello, Dr. Carley and Sherry. This isnít why I called, but Sherry you must be over the target because you just took some flack, I believe. Interesting that he would tell you that the Bible was a good book and then throw blame on the Jesuits.


Sherry: Everybody has an agenda.


Dr. Carley: Thatís why I also like to highlight and I want to say it again. Itís the Luciferianís are the enemy. The Luciferianís include the Freemasons at the high level. The Jesuits. The black masses and also sacrifice children. And as Dr. Ott has discussed, the Mormon Church is also involved in this.


John: And theyíre not alone in it. The reason that I called; this is a program that is exceptional. Like you said earlier, youíre not taught what I call the spooky side of Christianity and church. Itís really sad in the way that you have to come to a radio station with two individuals that are in love with the truth, to find out the truth of this matter; Genesis 6. Itís an attempt as far as I see it, that you have to understand whatís really behind it, or youíre not going to understand the Bible properly. From the very onset, from the Garden of Eden to the flood to attempting to destroy Jesus and the Pharaoh trying to kill Moses was an attempt by Satan to interrupt the bloodline of Jesus Christ. And I donít know why people donít realize, when Genesis 6 talks about the giants in the land that its talking about fallen angels intermarrying, creating Nephilim. I think its Jude verse 6 talks about the angels that kept not their first estate and mingled with the daughters of men. If it were simply Cain and Seth, or the daughter of Seth and sons of Cain, it wouldnít be an intermingling. Thatís Godís plan for a man and woman. It would be intermingling if there was a strange DNA. A son of God is a direct creation of God. Thatís where the term ďthe sons of GodĒ came from.


Sherry: The Lord warned in Daniel, the last kingdom on Earth would be a kingdom of iron mixed with clay.


John: Absolutely. And iron mixed with clay does not mix. I mean, it mixes but hereís what Iím trying to say. Was Adam a son of God? Absolutely a direct creation of God. Am I a son of God? Iím a son of man until I accept Christ, then I become a son of God because Iím recreated. Old things are passed away, all things become new and Iím a son of God. When the Bible was written, when the flood came and all the rest of it, it was God having to cleanse the Earth because of the pollution and corruption of human DNA, in my understanding. And for the previous caller, Lotís wife my friend, turned into a pillar of salt.


Sherry: He did. Amen. These things have already been found scientifically, archeologically, anyway you want to say it. So many things have already been proven. Itís not just a book of fairy tales.


John: And when we look at it....when we look at Greek Mythology. You can take it back that far. They were attempting to manipulate DNA. They made some mistakes. Now whether or not your listeners agree with me, it doesnít really matter. What I know to be the truth....what I believe to be the truth, theyíre doing it now. Look at the chimeraís theyíre trying to come up with.


Sherry: Totally. Amen. Totally. Yes.


John: Look at the human proteins they are putting into rice and taking into Africa to try and prevent malaria. Theyíre mixing human DNA with organic DNA in an attempt to prevent disease. This has been Satanís plan from the onset. God created man in His image. Satan is not God. He is attempting to create man in his image and heís doing it through science and genetic technology. Ladies, why the importance on cracking the human DNA code? The Genome Project and all the rest of it? In my opinion, for what its worth, a curing of diseases is a necessary by-product of an attempt to map and formulate DNA for these elite to obtain eternal life. If you donít die, you donít get God, according to them. Well guess what? Theyíre losing. Theyíre not going to do it and theyíre going to keep trying.


Sherry: Theyíre looking for immortality to escape judgment and itís never going to be done.


Dr. Carley: I just want to mention. I totally concur with what you are saying, John. As a matter of fact, the book Iím writing now, Iím going to prove what you are saying is true. Although they have no intention of curing disease. They are causing disease and then they are making their sorcery, their pharmacia, their drugs to allegedly treat disease, but what theyíre actually doing is of course, is creating nothing more than side-effects making billions of dollars.


John: Hereís what it boils down to; I agree with you and I agree with Sherry absolutely. When you look at the root word....youíve got to....when you study the Bible or when you study any language, if you donít have a proper understanding of what the words mean that youíre reading, whether they are in English or not. These old texts came from an ancient text. You have to look up what the words meant. Weíve seen in the past, they changed the meaning of words. So you go back and look at pharmacia and look where it comes from Ė it is sorcery. It is witchcraft.


Dr. Carley: Of course, itís not just the government that these Zionists occupy. Medi-sin is one of their biggest areas in which they are causing all kinds of death and destruction. I want to encourage all of you to get the DVD The Trial of the Century, which I call the history of medi-sin by Dr. Tru Ott. You can get this by calling 866-989-9876. Dr. Ott is a guest on my show on a regular basis. In this amazing DVD he goes back and gets the true history of medi-sin. One of the things he discusses is how in the 16th century they were making amulets out of mercury and dead animals in order to cause mind control. Now theyíre just calling them vaccines and encouraging people to inject them into themselves. Of course, as Sherry was mentioning with the monoatomic gold which is intended to cause changes in our genetic structure, they are making DNA vaccines which are also altering our genetic structure. The way I look at this is that, thatís one of their biggest blasphemies to our Creator; to alter the very genetic structure of the people that Our Creator created. What do you think about that, Sherry?


Sherry: I totally agree. I think all vaccines are made in violation of Godís Word. He forbids us from putting anything into our bodies; any kind of live substance. Certainly, any kind of tissues or blood from animals or other humans. Youíve talked about the mixture of the things that they put into these vaccinations. Iíve seen it over and over again in the Bible codes themselves that they are pure poison; pure toxic. Iíve always taken the religious exemption and not gotten them for my children.


Dr. Carley: As a matter of fact, one of the things I discovered in the research for my book is that they are now putting the rabies virus in many of the human vaccines. I was amazed when you wrote to me that youíve discovered that in the Bible codes as well. This referral to the rabies virus. Can you tell our listeners anything about that?


Sherry: I havenít seen it in relation to vaccines, but what I have seen is....Hollywood has been telling us for years whatís been coming. Iíve always been amused by that. This whole thing about zombies and this last movie with Wil Smith about these people that are rabid.


Dr. Carley: I Am Legend.


Sherry: This is the kind of thing Iíve been seeing in the codes. These alien beings that are coming; I talk about various alien invasions that are masked in the Book of Revelation that we have coming. These aliens do have rabies and they will be affecting people if they are bitten. When you mentioned rabies, it turned a light bulb on in my head; Iíve seen ďrabiesĒ in the Bible codes in a different aspect, with these coming aliens in what they can do to humans. Weíve been seeing it from Hollywood and here youíre seeing it in the vaccines. Iíve always said the vaccines are pure toxic and poison.


Dr. Carley: Yes, and the important thing about the rabies virus; that virus has the ability to change the neurological structure and make the individual or the animal actually attack people. The virus has this desire within itself to actually continue to carry on and thatís what makes the rabid individual or pet want to bite people. Have you ever seen any references to vaccines in the Bible at all? Obviously, the people that wrote the Bible could not even conceive of the insanity of what we are doing today. Are there any references to vaccines in the bible codes?


Sherry: Iíve seen what youíre describing. Iíve seen cellular changes within people. I donít see the word ďvaccineĒ. I donít know what that would be in Hebrew off the bat, but Iíve seen what youíre describing. Itís all coming. People turning rabid. People undergoing molecular and cellular changes. Iíve warned about....hey there are zombies. Weíre going to have zombies. Weíre going to have people running around cities blocked off because of the people that are rabid. Everything you see in Hollywood and youíve been talking about as results of vaccines, Iíve seen in the codes as events coming in our future. So how we get there, you can connect the dots. These vaccines people are taking...alien invasions coming and these aliens biting people (because they do eat people). They will be going after them as food and obviously affected by that. All of this; playing together in the real events that are coming in the last days. People have no idea. The churches give you an idea...ĒOh the Tribulation Period. Weíre not going to be here. Weíre going to be raptured.Ē Theyíre going to have other things to worry about before that even comes about. Weíre going to have alien and UFO invasions here. Weíre going to have rabid people. Iíve been warning for years, stay away from the flu shots. Stay away from vaccines. Thatís exactly what is going to be causing a lot of this. Itís going to be aliens undergoing changes from having to live in our atmosphere and on our Earth; its people affected by the vaccines. The cure is often worse than the reason was to begin with trying to get a cure.


 Dr. Carley: Itís not a cure at all. Itís an intentional assault on the people of God as mentioned in the Protocols of Zion. Iím fascinated by your Bible codes. Is there any way that people can obtain your Bible codes that youíve developed?


Sherry: HiddenCodes.com. I have a whole website on codes that Iíve done. Every Monday night, I have a radio show at SherryTalkRadio.com and I talk about current events and Bible events; what Iím seeing.


Dr. Carley: I know you also have an MP3 file that you offer where it has many of your shows on that as well.

I strongly recommend the listeners get that. We have other callers coming on. John from Tennessee, did you have anything else you wanted to say in closing?


John: Yeah, I did. I wanted to make a comment very quickly. Sherry, thank you. I thought I was the only one who actually believed that they were (?) incrementally. Dr. Parker has coined the phrase bioaccumulation. I came up with incremental pharmacology. I think that they are tweaking us without our knowledge. And man, thatís something thatís unbelievable when you consider that they are opening...I believe they are opening us up for diseases according to what theyíve put in our food and our water. Theyíre pushing these energy drinks. Look at what theyíre naming them. Red Bull. Monster Drink. Sobe; like you said, with the lizard. Its in your face and everyone of these things has got taurine in them. Taurine is not good for you. It gives you energy.


Dr. Carley: I just want to mention; they are creating diseases. They are decreasing the population. As I mentioned before, if you put ďHenry Kissinger and Memo 200Ē into Google, you will learn about how this top level Zionist actually testified in front of Congress that population reduction is a national security issue. And what are they talking about now? Health care. In Massachusetts theyíve already made it mandatory for people to have health insurance. Theyíre going to do this all throughout the country. When you have health insurance, there is certain things they make you do. They make you get mammograms which cause breast cancer. They will want people to get inoculated. This is another method of controlling. This is one of the most important areas in which we have to stand up and say, ďNo, thank you!Ē


Sherry: Thatís good you brought that up. I donít know how many women that were fine, then they go get a mammogram and find out later they have cancer. They were fine before they ever went and got it.


Dr. Carley: They also have virusí that cause cancer. Yes, the mammograms are key.

Go ahead, John. Finish up.


John: What we have to realize, ladies is that they have gotten really good at what theyíre doing. Look at the importance put on the blue dress. Look at these people that are in Washington that know exactly who they are. I believe that these people that are the elite are actually Nephilim hybrids walking among us. I know I sound like a crazy man...


Sherry: Thatís what Iím talking about!


John: They are walking among us! Iíve met men. I shook his hand with six fingers. You gotta understand where this six finger comes from, folks. Anyway, itís been an excellent program. I appreciate your love for the truth. Both of you. And I know this is a strange program today. People....


Dr. Carley: Itís so strange at the top levels of truth.


John: Youíve got to understand what Genesis 6 is all about. Otherwise youíre not going to get it all.


Dr. Carley: Please tell others, John about the show. They can listen to the archives. Theyíll be up later today. And at the end of the month Iím going to actually have a woman on the show who was a victim of the MKULTRA mind control type of torture that theyíre doing to people in ever increasing numbers. People have to know about all these things. I know this stuff is scary, people, but you have to learn the truth in order to protect yourself.

We have Sheldon on the line from Tucson. Are you there, Sheldon?


Sheldon: Hi Dr. Carley. Excellent show as usual.


Dr. Carley: Thank you.


Sheldon: I heard you mentioning how you had gone to go get some Vitamin water. I just come across this on Frank Waylonís show the other day. There is a pump for city water in Bellaire Ohio where they had accidentally dumped hydrochloric acid into the city water supply. 40 pounds of it. Did you hear about that?


Dr. Carley: No, I didnít.


Sheldon: This happened like February 3rd in Bellaire, Ohio. Anyway, the reason I called in is Iíve been putting out these email notifications. I donít know if you or Sherry have gotten them. Monitoring the activities of these Wackenhut buses down here in southern Arizona.


Sherry: Yes.


Sheldon: I had gotten an interesting email from Sherry Shriner on that. Iíve never heard this before, but She says that these Wackenhut people can apparently cloak and become invisible. There have been a number of radio talk show hosts picking up on this Wackenhut story, thanks to the research that Attorney Ellen Brown has done on it. She had come down here to give some kind of monetary reform speech here in Tucson. She got this information from somebody else and it started spreading over the net. Sherry, can you elaborate more on that please?


Sherry: I thought it was interesting because I read your emails and this Ellen Brown about whatís going on down in Tucson; talking about all these buses driving around aimlessly....and theyíre empty. I was thinking, Wackenhut can cloak. They can become invisible. Iíve dealt with these forces before. Maybe theyíre just moving soldiers around. Thatís what my thinking was. You just canít see the soldiers. They cloak. These busses just driving around all over the place.


Sheldon: I really appreciated your insight into that. I personally do see these busses everywhere I go. Iím a truck driver. I put out almost 400 miles a day, so I see them on the desert back roads. Iíd say that at least 2/3 or 3/4 of the time when you peek in them, theyíre totally empty.


Sherry: The thing is; with them being invisible. They can become invisible, but you can hear them. You may not be able to see them, but you can hear them cough, you can hear them walk. Everything like....someones walking up behind you; you canít see them, but you can hear someone walking up behind you. You can hear them even though they are invisible.


Dr. Carley: How do they become invisible, Sherry?


Sherry: They have this technology. Wackenhut is associated with the CIA. I canít remember the beings name, but there a very high ranking CIA official who has learned how to become invisible. It goes into that meta- technology. These Wackenhut forces are just another arm of the beast; the Antichrist. Very evil forces. Especially considering the people that are controlling and running them. Theyíre also going to be involved with running the FEMA camps during martial law.  Iíve dealt with them before in my own yard. Iíve been under surveillance for years. Itís like a 24/7 thing. Iíve got satellites above my house. I could go on and on...I hear these beings and I canít see them. Thatís how I first got onto it that they exist. I could hear men talking, laughing and I couldnít see anything. Thatís how I first found out about their ability to cloak and hide. You canít see them, but you can hear them.


Dr. Carley: I know this is scary stuff, folks. Iíve had the same things happening to me for years that Sherry is talking about and you see, weíre still here. God does protect the people who are standing in the gap and trying to wake up the people so that we can do whatever we can to protect ourselves. Thatís why its so important to spread the word, folks. We canít just let these beasts continue to do what theyíre doing. We have to try as best we can.


Sherry: Anything that theyíre using is demonic power, so I always have some fun. If I notice theyíre around, Iíll ask the Lord to have his angels of fire come down and chase them out with swords of flame and fire and burn them on their way out. I just have some fun when I know Iím being harassed. I fight back. I donít sit and take it.


 Dr. Carley: Amen. Iím the same. Anything else, Sheldon?


Sheldon: One other thing. I had come across something Janet Phalen had put out. I donít know if it was a narrative or lawsuit, but she had mentioned Sherryís name in this. Do you know anything about this, Sherry?


Sherry: I had Janet Phalen on my show years ago when I took guests. She talked about the water main lines and how they could put Tís in them and poison people. Which made very good sense to me because every time Iíve moved somewhere Iíve always had city workers outside working on the water lines.  I had her on my show years ago, but havenít had any contact with her since.


Sheldon: You might not be aware of this but apparently sheís coming back on you about something. She mentions a few people in this thing Iíd seen. She mentions folks like you and Ted Gunderson and others as dis-info agents.


Sherry: She must be going with the Stew Webb thing; Iím FBI division 5.


Dr. Carley: I think this is what it is and a major factor in why Janet and I parted ways. Janetís mother is Jewish. So she has a problem with this Zionist situation. She cannot face that the Zionist people are causing the problem and are at the top of the food chain. Itís self evident to me. I think thatís what its more in line with. She thinks Sherryís a holocaust denier and things of that nature.


Sherry: Iím not a holocaust denier. Iíll tell you exactly what it was about, like I did on this show.


Sheldon: Dr. Carley, you should bring Artie Wheeler on sometime to talk about the Zionism thing. Heís really adept with that knowledge too.


Dr. Carley: Actually I know he is. Like Iíve said, we can do shows like this for days, but definitely thatís a possibility in the future. We should probably revisit this at some point. Weíre running out of time. Thank you so much for calling, Sheldon and hearing of your good work. We have other callers waiting. Em from Illinois, are you there?


Em: Sherry, would you give your website twice which connects me with the chemtrails to find more about that.


Sherry: You can go to SherryShriner.com. It lists all my websites on the left-hand side of that page. Probably the easiest, ChemtrailAgenda.com.


Dr. Carley: The Orgone Blaster site is the one where you can obtain these Orgone Blasters which I mentioned at the top of the show. I saw for myself what these did. The chemtrails went running. It was amazing and what we need now. In my opinion, this is a very important thing. Thatís why I always say; donít believe anything I say, check things out for yourself. As far as Iím concerned, the people that are actually trying to get the truth out to you; they also give solutions. That is very important. The fear mongers; people like Alex Jones. Those are the people that are trying to create you into an ostrich where youíre going to be hiding under your bed. There are things you can do folks to go against these acts of Lucifer. Thatís what we have to know so that we can protect ourselves.


Em: Thank you.


Dr. Carley: Youíre very welcome.


Dr. Carley: I strongly suggest that you check out her websites, folks. Itíll take you a long time. I would start with TalmudBlasphemy.com. That is one of my favorites. You can read about the history of Jewish human sacrifice and all of these things that we have to know about. This is what is happening in our world. Two other things I want to recommend to you is the movie They Live. Thatís a very important movie and pretty much shows us the way it truly is. Of course, there is more truth in the movies then there is in the news. Another very important book Blood on the Altar: The Secret History of the Worldís Most Dangerous Secret Society by Craig Heimbichner. This is very disgusting, folks. The sacrifice and torture of children especially. I had to face that because of what is happening to my own son who is being satanically ritually abused under judicial order. This is why I am on the war path against these people. What they are doing, especially to the children, is beyond comprehension. But we can stop it if we face it and realize what they are doing.


I want to thank you so much Sherry for being on the show. I was thrilled that you agreed to come on. I know this is going to really spread the word big time. I also have listeners all over the world. Please tell others about this show, folks. The archives will be up later tonight. We have to get the word out. Is there any parting words youíd like to give our listeners, Sherry?


Sherry: Itís like the Lord told me; if you want to understand what is going to happen in the end of the days, you have to understand the beginning. I want to encourage people to really dig into the book of Enoch. I have a link on my website. And read the first 10 chapters of Enoch, then go back and re-study the book of Genesis so you can understand exactly what things are coming ahead.


Dr. Carley: Which website has that link to the book of Enoch?


Sherry: SherryShriner.com.


Dr. Carley: Alright. We have Keith from Indiana. Really quick, Keith. What would you like to say?


Keith: If it has to be quick, I would have to say, Moses did not marry a black woman. He married an Ethiopian which is Cushite. Number 3569 in the Strongís.


Sherry: It was black, and thatís why Aaron was punished by the Lord for mocking Moses. I already know the scriptures.


Keith: Thatís not true. He married a Cushite. She was a white woman.


Sherry: Cushites were black.


Keith: No, maíam.


Dr. Carley: I donít see any point in going into details like this. The bottom line is these Luciferian Zionist devils are causing us all of this suffering and death. Thatís what we have to face.  We might disagree about some of the details or facts or whatever, but the bottom line is we have to be very grateful for this information and Sherry has done a wonderful job on her website. All of us have to discern the truth for ourselves. We have to pray for God to give us discernment because weíve been lied to about everything. And thatís what we need to do.

Anything else, Sherry?


Sherry: I just thank you for having me on. I thoroughly enjoyed doing your show. It was an honor to be here.


Dr. Carley: Thank you so much. Keep up the great work and weíll defiantly be in touch. I would like to have you on again in the future. Like Iíve said, we could do this for days. I know Iíll get a lot of emails from my listeners. Theyíll want to address other issues. So thank you again.